***This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the athletes mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.***

Jason Lezak is getting a bit bored with Brendan Hansen. Lezak has been fucking his 27-year-old roommate since the US swimming team got to Beijing. At first it was thrilling to dominate the 189 pound Texan, who fought vigorously every night to save his hole from the sever pounding from the 32-year-old muscle daddy.

Standing at 6' 4" and weighing 205 pounds, Lezak was certainly no match for Hansen. The first night of them rooming together, at lights out, Lezak spotted Hansen falling asleep on his stomach, wearing nothing but a pair of jogging shorts. Staring at Hansen's broad shoulders and well-defined back, Lezak got hard. It was when Hansen shifted in his slumber and kicked off his sheets that Lezak decided he needed to fuck this man. Hansen's legs were spread, with his shorts riding up the large mound manly ass, revealing Hansen's thick thighs and legs covered in a light coat of light brown fuzz, and size 12 feet. That mound of ass proved too tempting as Lezak  crawled into Hansen's bed and held Hansen's neck down with his right elbow and gripped Hansen's left wrist with his right hand.

"What the fuck?!" Hansen jumped, only to be weighed down by 205 pounds of hot naked flesh.

"Shut the hell up...," whispered Lezak into Hansen's right ear, holding the boyish man down with his more muscled body. Before Hansen cold react, Lezak's tongue was raping Hansen's right ear and continued sloppily to taste Hansen's neck nape and shoulder.

"Jason... stop...!" Hansen struggled for air and his body wriggling underneath Lezak.

"Shut. The. Hell. Up..." Lezak pulled down Hansen's shorts with his left hand, revealing two plump mounds of white flesh.

"Jason... seriously...!" Hansen felt Lezak worm his powerful legs between his own and push them roughly apart. The shorts tore at the strain.

Continuing to chew on Hansen's right ear, Lezak forced his left hand underneath Hansen, feeling up the struggling man's hard pecs and tense abs. He zoned in on Hansen's right nipple and squeezed hard.

"Oh god... ughn... you asshole... ughn...!" Hansen struggled to protest, still gasping for air while getting his nipple abused. He pivoted his hips back into Lezak, hoping to push the larger man off his bed.

Lezak gives up the now hard nipple and reaches down lower, and finds Hansen's rock hard cock.

"You slut..." Lezak whispered as he begins pumping Hansen's hard cock, standing at nine inches and now dripping with precum.

"Fucking hell, Jason... ughnnn... you're out of your fuckin' mind... ughn..."

Lezak continued to rape Hansen's ear with his tongue and pumped Hansen's cock roughly, slowly, and deeply.

"Don't cum..." Lezak felt Hansen whimpering underneath, with his legs desperately kicking about.

"I... can't hold it.."

"Don't cum..."

"Jason... ughnn... I can't hold it... ughnnn... seriously... fuck!"

"Hold it..." Lezak commanded under his breath and let go of Hansen's raging cock.

"Oh god, oh god..." Hansen panted and sweated desperately, writhed his glistening body and tried to get off by humping the bed. Lezak pushed Hansen's legs further apart hoisted Hansen onto his knees, with his swollen cock suspended in the air and dripping a long stream of sticky precum.

"You little whore..." Lezak growled as he scoops the precum off of Hansen's trembling cock with his thumb.

"Suck my thumb."

"What?! Ughnn... no!" Hansen whipped his face down into the bed.

"Fine..." Lezak dove his tongue back into Hansen's ear and wiped Hansen's precum on his exposed asshole. He pushed his left thumb into Hansen's virgin ass.

"Oh shit!!" Fuck! Ughnn! Stop!"

"I asked you to suck it..."

"I'll suck it! I'll suck it! Take it out!"

"Too late..."

Lezak drilled Hansen's asshole deeper with his thumb.

"Oh god... ughn! Oww stop!" Hansen felt the pain of Lezak violently assaulting his virgin hole. "Please!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Lezak shoved his thumb all the way inside Hansen, who continued to struggle underneath Lezak's muscles, kicking his legs and feet in the air.

"OH! Ughn!!" Hansen moaned. His legs pounding on Lezak's thighs and ass. Toes curled. With his thumb deeply buried inside Hansen's hole, reaches forward with his fingers and grabs Hansen's still rock-hard cock with his fingers, pulling the throbbing cock back and points it down towards the bed.

"OH! Ughn!" UGHN!"

Lezak felt Hansen buckle underneath him. Hansen, now covered in coats of both men's sweat, instinctively pushed his ass back, wrapped his legs around Lezak's ass, and came.


Streams and streams of hot cum erupted from Hansen's red cock onto the bed. Lezak, still clasping the base of Hansen's cock and balls continued to roughly massage Hansen's inside, licking Hansen's neck and ear and face. Lezak felt Hansen twitching, trembling, and spasming from his orgasm. He removed his thumb from the abused hole and continued to pump Hansen's cock for any remaining cum.

"I told you not to cum..."

"I'm sorry, oh fuck... ughn... I'm sorry!"

"I told you not to cum..."

"Oh god... ughnnn... stop it! stop it!" Hansen, still pinned down, felt Lezak continue to jerk his now very sore, red and still swollen cock. He couldn't take the pain from Lezak's rough hands on his sensitive cock and resumed to flail his legs on Lezak, desperately trying to wrestle free from his deviant roommate.

"I told you not to cum..."

"Jason...," panted Hansen. Hansen was pissed, furious that he let Lezak jerk him off and angry that Lezak knew exactly what turns him on, his nipples, ear, and being treated like a little bitch.

"I'm not through with you yet, baby..." Lezak moaned into Hansen's ear. Hansen felt Lezak let go of his cock. "You don't cum until I say so..."

"I... ughnn... I won't... I won't..." Hansen struggled to speak. "Let me go, now... okay?"

Not letting Hansen out of his hold, Lezak scooped up the cum on Hansen's sheets with his left hand, kicked Hansen's knees apart even further with his own knees, and rubbed cum on Hansen's throbbing hole.

"Take it easy, baby..." growled Lezak as he rubbed his own cock with Hansen's cum. "Take it easy... you'll love this, Brendan..."

"Oh god..." Hansen whimpered as he felt Lezak's large, hot and greasy rod anchor at his sore asshole. "Oh god Jason, please..."

"Just so you know, I'm 11 inches hard..." Lezak taunted as he dove his tongue once again into Hansen's ear. "You'll love it..."

Lezak pushed in his large mushroom head and felt Hansen's warm wet hole tighten up.

"OH GOD!" Hansen whimpered as he clenched his teeth down on the bed sheet. Lezak held his cock head inside Hansen's hole.

"Shhhh baby..." Lezak whispered, as he reached down and began jerking Hansen's hard cock. He stuck his tongue deep into Hansen's ear and tasted every inch of Hansen's ear. Hansen moaned as he slowly kicked his legs up and curled his toes.

Suddenly, Lezak pushed six inches of his cock inside Hansen, pushing past Hansen's clenched sphincter.

"UGHNNNN!" Hansen screamed into the bed and started kicking around. Lezak let go of Hansen's cock and slapped Hansen's plump ass cheek.

"Shut the hell up, Brendan..." Lezak growled as he slapped Hansen again. He let go of Hansen's right arm and stated pinching both of Hansen's nipples. With his arms free, Hansen pushed up on both arms, gasped for air, as Lezak's tongue assaulted his other ear.

"UGHNN!!" Hansen moaned aloud as he felt Lezak's rough hands twisting his hard nipples and tongue continued to assault his ear. Hansen got even harder and moaned louder. "UGHHNNN!!"

"That's it, baby..." Lezak growled as he enveloped his long muscular arms tightly around Hansen's chest and shoulders. Lezak forced in the remainder of his cock in one thrust. Eleven inches in, Lezak's cock head hit Hansen's g-spot. Hansen's cock started leaking more precum.

"UGHNN!! UGHNN!! OH GOD JASON!" screamed Hansen as Lezak tightened his hold and pulled his cock out and shoved it all back in.

"OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!!" Hansen panted, desperate to cum, felt Lezak speed up his fucking.

"OH GOD YES!" Hansen screamed as Lezak fucked him doggie style. "YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM!!"

"Don't cum..." moaned Lezak into Hansen's ear as he slapped Hansen - hard - a few more times. "Don't cum..." Lezak sped up the fucking as he felt Hansen back his moist and hungry hole back onto the eleven inch cock.

"I... I... UGHN... I..." Hansen whimpered like a little slut bitch bottom as he grinds on Lezak's hot cock. Sensing Hansen is going to cum soon, Lezak pulled out of Hansen and threw the flimsy bottom back down on his back.  Lezak grabbed Hansen's wrists and pinned them down above Hansen's head, leaned in on the sweaty mess that is Hansen and started sucking and Hansen's nipples, alternating between biting and licking them.

"OW! UGHN! OOOH!!" Hansen loved getting his nipples bitten, and started thrusting his red cock up into Lezak's belly, desperately trying to cum again. Hansen wrapped his legs around Lezak's muscular waist and locked his ankles.

"You little slut..." Lezak groaned as he abandoned Hansen's now raw nipples and dove his tongue into Hansen's panting mouth. Lezak sucked on Hansen's tongue and lower lip as he thrust his cock back inside Hansen's hole. "Fuck, Brendan... you hot little piece of ass..."

Lezak wrapped his arms behind Hansen and continued to fuck him, deep and slow. Hansen gripped his hole around Lezak's cock and wrapped his legs tightly around Lezak.

"OH GOD FUCK ME!" Hansen groaned as Lezak began fucking harder and faster. Hansen started pulling on his own nipples and whimpered like a little puppy. "HARDER!!"

Lezak dove in, deeper and deeper into Hansen's hole. Hansen's eyes rolled back, toes curled, each hand twisting his own nipples and grinding his raging cock into Lezak's stomach. "OH JASON! UGHN! CAN I... CAN I CUM?!?"

"Cum Brendan, cum with me..." Lezak panted into Hansen's mouth as he felt Hansen's body tighten once again under him. Hansen's sphincter tightening was too much for Lezak as he shoved one last time deeply into Hansen, erupting deep inside him.

"OH BRENDAN FUUUCKK!" Lezak roared and continued to fuck Hansen, filling the hole with cum.

"OH GOD UGHNN JASON OH GOD!!!" Hansen moaned as he felt Lezak's cum gushing inside him. He curled his toes, shut his eyes, and came for the second time all over his and Lezak's stomach. "Oh god..."

Lezak collapsed on top of Hansen, keeping his cock buried inside Hansen and rubbing Hansen's cum between the two of them.

"You little slut bag..." Lezak slapped Hansen's as gently and gave him a deep kiss. "You can't get enough of my cock ever since I fucked you 10 years ago."

"Yah... I'm addicted... what can I say..." Hansen gasped. "You're a good lay..."

So this went on nightly, until Lezak spotted Alex Artemev stretching in the gym in nothing but his little boy shorts...


Part II - TBC...

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