***This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the athletes mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.***

Jason Lezak had just fucked Brendan Hansen for just about the 2,000th time this morning. Hansen has learned to love Lezak's rough pounding and dominance, and his hole is now well trained and oiled for any big cock.

Lezak, however, got bored. Yes, Hansen is hot. Yes, Hansen has got a great ass. And yes, Hansen loves to get pounded and get slapped around like a little bitch. Lezak needed a virgin boy.

After lifting weights and turning in a late night workout, Lezak spotted Alexander Artemev in the corner of the gym, stretching on the mats. Artemev, 23 years old and standing at 5' 6", looked like he could be 14 from across the gym with his bright blue eyes and short blond hair.

Spread out on the mat, Artemev was wearing red shorts and a wife beater. Lezak noticed the tight little ass on the boy as he maintained a split on the mat, with his bare toes pointed in opposite directions. Damn, Lezak thought to himself as he walked over to the mats.

"You need a hand there? Shouldn't you be doing that with your coach or something?"

"Oh, hey..." Artemev looked around. He was covered in sweat from an obviously long night of workout. "No... my dad didn't get to fly out with me..."

"That's too bad. I'm Jason, by the way."

"I know," Artemev grinned as he got up from the mat. "I'm Sasha."

"I know," Lezak smirked as he walked pass Artemev to the locker room. He slapped Artemev lightly on his ass as he walked by, leaving Artemev looking a bit stunned.

Stripping off all his clothes, socks and shoes, Lezak wrapped a towel around himself and waited around a few minutes, expecting Artemev to take the hint and follow him inside. Five minutes later, annoyed that this boy was so clueless, Lezak marched back out to the gym in only his towel. He found Artemev in the same corner in some bizarre yoga position with his perky little ass in the air.

"What the hell do you call that?" Lezak mumbled roughly underneath his breath, as he moved in on the boy. Artemev jumped up to attention as he felt a man's hand run down his ass crack.

"What the fuck?!" Artemev withdrew himself and backed into the wall, bewildered that anyone, let alone someone like Jason Lezak, had just touched his ass crack.

Lezak smirked at the jumpiness of this boy. Yup, definitely a virgin.

He leaned in on Artemev, who at 5' 6" and weighing only 134 pounds, appears to be only half of Lezak's 6' 4" 205 pound frame.

"Dude you need to chill the fuck out," Artemev exclaimed. Lezak moved in quickly and grabbed Artemev's wrists and pinned Artemev face first into the wall.

"What the fuck! Let me go you perv!" Artemev grunted, gasping for air as Lezak sandwiched the boy between himself and the wall. Lezak drew in a deep long breath as he inhaled the sweaty scent of Artemev. Yup, definitely still a boy, Lezak thought to himself.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you..." Lezak growled into Artemev's right ear. "And you're going to cum with me inside you..."

"Get the fuck off me you fuckwad!" Artemev screamed as he desperately try to wrestle free from Lezak's hold. "Fucking piece of shit asshole perv... UGHN!!"

Artemev's tirade turned into an unwilling moan as he felt Lezak's tongue penetrate his ear. Lezak continued to devour Artemev's neck, ear, and Adams apple. "FUCK! Cut it out Jason! UGHN! Ooooh....!"

Satisfied with the long "ooooh", Jason quickened his assault on Artemev, now slurping sloppily in and out of the boy's ear, and savoring the stink of the sweaty boy. From behind, Lezak wrapped his left arm around Artemev's neck and grabbed both of Artemev's wrists in his left hand as he right hand violated Artemev's sweaty and tight torso under his wife beater.

"Oh God, ughn! OW!" Artemev moaned as he felt Lezak's large hand roughly feeling up his stomach and pecs. He grunted as he felt Lezak flick his nipple repeatedly. "FUCK!"

"You like that, little bitch? I'm going to make you my little bitch boy..." Lezak panted into Artemev's ear as he pinched Artemev's left nipple hard and gave it a few quick twists.

"OWW FUCK! UGHNN!" Artemev, bewildered and panting heavily in the rough embrace of Lezak, felt Lezak's towel drop to the floor. Lezak then pulled down Artemev's red shorts, revealing a pair of tight boy ass cheeks and a pair of white jockstrap. Lezak was instantly turned on by the jockstrap as he rubbed his now fully hard 11-inch cock between the exposed ass cheeks.

"Please stop! Please!!" Artemev begged, as he felt a hot, hard rod dripping all over his ass crack. He had never felt another man's body heat so intense and overwhelming. He had never even stuck a finger anywhere near his ass hole before. "Please..."

Ignoring the pathetic whimpering, Lezak thrust his greasy cock between Artemev's thighs and began rubbing against Artemev's pernineum. Artemev freaked out as he sees the tip of Lezak's cock emerge from between his thighs. Lezak is now dripping streams of precum.

"I'm going to fuck you so good, Sasha baby..." Lezak is so turned on by Artemev's tight little body. He could feel every inch of Artemev's defined and lean muscles struggle against his body. "I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to cum..."

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god!" Artemev in a state of panic, felt something hot and hard push into his ass. "UGHNN! GAH FUCK TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!"

"Don't clench... it's only going to hurt more..." Lezak warned as he spit a few times into his right hand and rubs the saliva on Artemev's hole. He then pushed his middle finger all the way into Artemev's clenched anus, hitting pass the sphincter.

"UGHNN! OWW FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Artemev instinctively lowers himself to his knees, trying to wrestle away. That pissed Lezak off as he withdrew his middle finger and rammed his thumb back into the boy. With his thumb deep inside Artemev, Lezak grabs Artemev's balls with his free fingers and squeezed hard.


"Where the fuck do you think you're going?!"

"I'm sorry I'm sorry you're hurting me...!" whimpered Artemev. He was trembling all over. Lezak knew Artemev would be a wild fuck and smirked to himself.

"Baby, I'm going to make you feel so good..." Lezak began tasting Artemev again, now licking Artemev's neck, biting roughly every now and then. He began probing Artemev with his thumb.

"Ughn... ughn...!" Artemev moaned as he managed to enjoying Lezak's talented tongue on him.

"You don't want me to stop do you," Lezak growled into Artemev as he sucked on Artemev's neck.

"Fuck..." whispered Artemev, now completely red-faced and dripping in sweat, breathed in heavily.

Lezak let go of Artemev's wrists and began exploring passionately Artemev's torso, all the while thumb-fucking the boy and licking everywhere his tongue can reach. Lezak peeled off Artemev's wife beater, revealing a defined gymnast' lean glistening body.

"You're a fuckin' little hottie, Sasha..." Lezak growled and moaned into Artemev. "You're going to feel so good..." Lezak forcefully rubbed every inch of Artemev's torso, ending. Lezak felt Artemev's little hands cling onto his arms. "That's it, enjoy it..."

With that cue, Lezak lowers himself and Artemev onto the floor and flips Artemev on his back. Before Artemev could react, Lezak dove in and began kissing Artemev passionately and sloppily on the mouth. He felt Artemev groan and moan into his own mouth as he attacked Artemev's tongue with his own. Lezak weighed his entire naked body into Artemev, grinding his leaking cock into Artemev's little jockstrap. Lezak felt Artemev's fists land punches on his back as they kissed, and Lezak knew he had to pause otherwise he'd cum right then and there.

Lezak broke the kiss and gazed down at the sweaty mess beneath him. Artemev was so fucking adorable, his muscles lean and glistening with sweat, and his now erect cock poking out of his jockstrap The boy also looked terrified and pissed off.

Holding down Artemev's wrists, Lezak began tasting Artemev's nipples, now totally erect, biting them, sucking on each one, and flicking his tongue all over and blowing air on each nipple. He felt Artemev's body buckle with pleasure underneath. Lezak bit and sucked harder and let go of Artemev's wrists. Artemev instinctively clung on to Lezak's broad muscled shoulders.

"OHH! UGHNN..." moaned Artemev, as he felt Lezak's strong hands exploring his shoulders, arms, waist, thighs, and legs. Lezak slapped Artemev's ass hard a few times and Lezak turned his attention to Artemev's sweaty armpits and dove nose and tongue in, tasting the boy's scent and sweat. He knew he had to have more of that smell as flipped Artemev over on his knees.

"Stretch out like you were doing before, babe..." Lezak commanded. Artemev obeyed as he leaned forward on his elbows, raised his ass to the ceiling and kicked his feet far apart, exposing a little boy's pink tight hole framed by the jockstrap.

"Yes..." Lezak growled as he dove his tongue deep into Artemev's asshole. It smelled like sweat and precum.

"Ughnn... OHH!" Artemev whimpered as he spread his legs even wider apart. Lezak began devouring the hole savagely and violently, spitting into it and digging his tongue deep into the orifice, slapping Artemev's ass roughly. "OHHHHH...!"

"That's it..." Lezak moaned as he pushed Artemev roughly onto his stomach. Artemev winced and groaned as he landed on his hard cock, which is now halfway out of his jockstrap. Lezak pins Artemev's wrists above his head on the mat and feels the boy writhing and panting beneath him.

"UGHNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Artemev screamed as he felt the head of Lezak's cock push into his hole. Artemev's cock is now leaking precum onto the mat.

"Shut up bitch..." Lezak purred into Artemev's ear as he pinned Artemev down harder. He felt Artemev clench and kick his legs up behind him as he inserted two more inches of his cock.

"OH GOD OW FUCK!" Artemev is in pain. Never did he expected Lezak's cock to tear him apart this badly. "STOP FUCK I CAN'T I CAN'T!"

"Shut up bitch!" Lezak growled as he slapped Artemev's ass a few times, roughly, and pushed in even more.

"NO! JASON I CAN'T I CAN'T YOU'RE FUCKING TOO BIG!!" begged Artemev, now flinching wildly under Lezak. "GAAAAAH!!"

Lezak is now pissed off and shoves the remainder of his cock inside Artemev. All 11 inches, in one thrust.

"AHHHHH!!!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! FUCKKKKK!!!! UGHNNNN!!!" Artemev is now screaming and crying into the mat, desperately trying to get away as Lezak began pounding away deeply and roughly, his legs flailing wildly and helplessly. "OWW! UGHN!! STOP! UGHNN!"

"I said shut up bitch!" Lezak roared at the boy, slapping his ass violently as he rammed his cock inside Artemev again and again. He raised Artemev to his knees and elbow and began pounding harder doggie style. Suddenly, he felt Artemev clench tight under him. Toes curled, body spasming.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!" Artemev screamed as he felt Lezak's large hand tighten around the base of his cock, pulling down his balls, and the other milking his swollen cock head roughly.

"OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!!" Artemev had never experienced such pain and pleasure before. He desperately wanted to cum and raised himself up on his elbows and held on to the bar mounted on the mirrored wall. He felt Lezak standing up behind him, hoisting him along onto his feet by pulling him up by his cock and balls.

Once both guys were on their feet, Lezak continued plowing Artemev as deep as he could. This position presented more problems for Artemev, as he is a good deal shorter than the massive Lezak. Every time Lezak pounded into Artemev his cock basically spears Artemev and pumps him up into the air with each thrust. Desperately hanging on to the bar and balancing on his toes, Artemev felt Lezak growl and pant wildly into his ear and felt Lezak's hard cock swell even bigger. Artemev moaned in pleasure, "UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNN!! UGHNNN!!"

"OH SASHA!! OH SASHA YOU'RE SO FUCKING TIGHT!!" Lezak is now pounding the boy like a wild animal and stroking him roughly. Artemev is now completely suspended in air, held up by Lezak's large cock and holding on to the bar. His legs now wrapped tightly around Lezak's waist and thighs.  "UGHN! UGHNN! FUCK ME HARDER JASON FUCK ME HARDER!!! OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM!!!"


"UGHN... UGHNN... UGHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Artemev couldn't resist Lezak's milking and pounding any longer as he ejaculated five huge spurts onto the mirrored wall. "OH FUCK!!!! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!!!" Artemev felt Lezak's entire body shake behind violently him and suddenly felt his now overstretched hole overflowing with hot cum as Lezak orgasmed into him.

"FUCKK SASHA!!!" Lezak groaned as he slapped Artemev's ass hard and reveled in the warmth and tightness of Artemev's hole. Both Lezak and Artemev collapse to the mat and Lezak pushed his cock in deep inside Artemev, not wanting to give up the hot hole of the boy and the feeling of Artemev's tremors and shivers underneath him.

"Damn boy...!" Lezak chuckled as he looked down at the quivering boy. Both lay there panting – sweaty and wreaking of cum.


Part III ?

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