***This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the athletes mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.***

Alexander Despatie was the one who got away.

After leaving a bewildered Sasha Artemev in a sweaty and cum-covered heap on the mats, Jason Lezak took a piss in a his hotel bathroom. Washing his hands, Lezak glanced over his shoulder and spotted the toilet stall in which he found Alexander Despatie...

...two weeks prior...

Jason Lezak stood over a urinal, pissing. As he jiggled his cock dry, he heard a light shuffling from one of the stalls. He stood for a few moments and listened.

"...ohh..." A muted moan emerged from the stall. "...ughn..."

Lezak froze still and tuned in keenly. Yes, there was light panting and definite rhythmic friction. Lezak's cock got hard.

Lezak flushed the urinal, washed his hands deliberately, and checked out the stalls in the mirror. All he could see were a pair of shorts around ankles and two feet adorned in flip-flops. Toes flexing and curling. Feet moving together and apart slowly.

Lezak pretended to walk out the bathroom and closed the door audibly from the inside. He stood silent for a minute and heard the moan get suddenly louder.

"...ooohh...! ...ughn!" More rhythmic pumping. Whoever inside the stall spit loudly, resulting in quicker and sloppier pumping sounds aided by the natural lubricant.

Lezak moved silently back towards the stall, which was not easy to do with a full hard on ready to burst out of his jock strap and gym shorts and flip flops. He reached under his tank top and roughly flicked his left nipple with his right thumb. His left hand readjusted his hard cock.

Standing on the other side of the stall door, Lezak could smell the boyish scent emanating from the other side – sweaty, dirty, with a tinge of cum - supplemented by the groans and moans of self-pleasure. Whoever inside must be completely in a state of ecstasy to not notice Lezak's looming presence just a couple of feet away. Lezak knew his hotel's bathroom stalls do not have locks.

Lezak turned the door knob gently and cracked the door slightly open. The panting, the moaning, and the smell, instantly became visceral.

With his head thrown back and eyes tightly shut, Alexander Despatie, sitting on the toilet, was furiously pumping his thick and meaty uncut eight-inch cock with both fists. His wife-beater was pulled up over his chest, revealing his well-muscled chest, tight abs, and worked-over nipples. His little-boy briefs were around his ankles on top of crumpled red gym shorts. Next to it on the floor was an open Playboy. Alex was gyrating his hips, fucking both his fists and flexing his muscular thighs, imagining he was fucking some big-boobed bimbo from the magazine centerfold. Alex rubbed his cock head with his palm, coating it with a sticky stream of precum and held it to his lips. He stuck out his tongue and licked his palm clean.

"Ughnnnnn..." Alex groaned loudly as he tasted himself. He raised his left leg out of his undies and shorts and rested his bare foot up on the toilet paper dispenser, revealing his fuzzy ass crack and pink anus. He continued to pump his glistening cock while he rubbed his palm over his left nipple, coating it with saliva and remnants of precum. He licked his index finger and proceeded to tug at his nipple roughly, moaned and stretched his other leg out towards the door and Lezak, toes flexed. "...ohhh..."

Lezak nearly came right there in his shorts when he saw that move. Sexy little bastard, he thought to himself. Alex was oblivious, and Lezak wanted to fuck his brains out right there on the toilet and cum in his ass. Lezak rarely sucks cock, though, the longer he stared at Alex's boyish face, biting his lower lips in pleasure, dripping with sweat, moaning, all he wanted to do was suck Alex's thick cock and make this little boy stud cum. Lezak wanted to taste Alex's cum, and see his facial expressions while he orgasms.

Lezak waited and spied on Alex pleasure himself until when he thought Alex was getting close to climaxing. He pushed the door open, startling Alex, who was on the brink of cumming.

"Oh shit! Fuck!" Alex exclaimed as Lezak closed the door behind him. Alex closed his legs and started pulling up his briefs and shorts over his red, rock-hard cock. "What the hell!"

"Shhhh, Alex..." Lezak whispered as he lowered onto his knees. Alex flinched as he felt Lezak's large hands rubbing his calfs. Lezak loved the feel of Alex's muscular calves, covered with a light coat of dark hair.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Alex yelled as he stood up abruptly and continued pulling up his shorts.

"Sit back down!" Lezak commanded as he roughly pulls down Alex's shorts and briefs, revealing eight inches of hardness right in front of his face. Before Alex could react Lezak had already wrapped his lips around the young stud's cock and started deep throating Alex.

"Oh shit oh shit! Ughn!" Alex moaned and threw his head back involuntarily as he enjoyed Lezak's throat and mouth tighten around his cock. He hands grabbed against the walls of the stall, attempting to keep himself standing despite the overwhelming pleasure he was experiencing from Lezak. He legs tingled from the amazing blowjob and his knees buckled. Alex sat back down on the toilet like Lezak had commanded.

Lezak was voracious. Alex tasted better than he had ever dreamed. He slurped and sucked on the cock like there was no more cocks left on earth. He threw to the side Alex's briefs and shorts and groped and fondled Alex's well-defined and meaty legs. Lezak looked up for a second at Alex saw Alex tugging at both his own nipples, eyes rolled back, panting irregularly and completely in heaven.

Lezak began nibbling on Alex's large balls, stuffing his mouth full with both of them. Lezak pulled them down with his mouth as low as they would go and felt Alex's cock grow stiffer and harder.

"Ughn! Ughn!! UGHNNN!" Alex grunted as he felt Lezak devouring his balls. And grunted even louder as Lezak started stroking it. Long, slow strokes.

Lezak's hand and mouth felt so good Alex couldn't even process what was happening. He instinctively stretched out both legs wide, rested his left foot back on the toilet paper dispenser and resting the other over Lezak's shoulder.

Lezak noticed the boy in near spread eagle and absolutely had to taste his ass. Lezak pushed Alex's leg that was resting on his shoulder back towards Alex, revealing Alex's perfect little ass hole. Lezak dove right in, sucking and licking on Alex's hole.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck god yeah!" Alex grunted and moaned in pleasure, never ever experiencing this new sensation before. Lezak proceeded with the slow stroking as his tongue penetrated Alex's straight boy virgin hole. "UGHNNNN!"

Alex was loving it. He was biting his lower lip as not to scream too, too loudly as Lezak was assaulting his hole. Lezak's free hand was exploring the rest of Alex's body – his tight stomach, the perfectly sculpted chest, his smooth skin, waist, the muscles of his right thigh, hairy legs, foot, and toes. Lezak's hand found its way to Alex's nipples and brushed Alex's own hand aside.

Lezak took charge of Alex's now swollen and raw nipples and twisted them roughly. He felt Alex's ass clench as he inflicted pain and pleasure on the boy. He stuck his tongue in deeper inside the tight hole and tightened his grip on Alex's cock and nipples.

"UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHHNN!" Alex's right leg is now wrapped tightly around Lezak, and Lezak felt Alex's hands on the back of his head, pushing him roughly into his ass, moaning at ever inserting of Lezak's tongue into his ass.

Now, Lezak does not like to be dominated, even if the guy is a hottie like Alex. He stopped devouring Alex's hole and slowed his stroking of Alex cock to a painfully slow milking pace. He grabbed Alex's balls and pulled them down roughly, stretching and pumping his cock and balls to the max.

"Ow fuck! UGHN!" Alex grunted in pain as he clenched his ass and toes, all the while trying to fuck Lezak's hand in search of a wet mouth. "Come on! Ughnnnn! Su... suck me! Please!"

Ignoring Alex, Lezak flicked his tongue on Alex's swollen cock head, tasting his precum and teasing him, milking him. "Oh god! Just suck... ughnn... suck me!"

Lezak began licking Alex's abs, his belly button, climbing up higher and higher onto Alex, tasting his sweat and devouring his body. The stroking remained slow and deliberate, keeping Alex on the edge of cumming.

"Wait wait wait, ughnn..." Alex protested as Lezak progressed up his body with his mouth and tongue, his hands attempting to push down Lezak's broad, muscular shoulders. "This is getting too weird... ohhhh! OW! UGHN! UGHNNN!!"

Lezak's mouth found Alex's nipples, and he began sucking on each one, biting and chewing like an animal. "OH GOD! FUCK YEAH!" Alex's fingers dug hard into Lezak's shoulders as Lezak fed off of his nipples, panting and moaning, desperate to cum.

Five whole minutes later, still slowly milking Alex, Lezak abandoned Alex's swollen nipples and climbed higher, savoring the boy's chest, licking his sweaty arm pits, neck and ear. Alex clawed tightly onto Lezak's still-clothed back as Lezak raped his ear with his tongue.

"OHHH GAWWWD!! UGHN UGHNNN!" Alex grunted, panted, and clawed at Lezak, his legs now wrapped tightly around Lezak's waist. "OH GAWD! Let me cum! UGHN! Just let me cum!" Alex begged and pleaded as the sensation from Lezak's hands and tongue was almost too much to bear.

"WAIT STOP! FUCK!" Alex suddenly tensed up as Lezak moved in to kiss him on the mouth. "I'm not like that..."

"Shut the fuck up..." Lezak growled as he shoved his tongue into Alex's unwilling mouth. Seconds later Alex was moaning and tasting Lezak, gasping for air as the larger man continued to kiss and stroke him deeply.

"OH SHIT! UGHN! What?! What are you doing?! UGHNN!" Alex broke their kiss in protest, gasping for air, as Lezak inserts his middle finger into Alex's virgin hole. "OWW! OWWW! Stop stop stop stop! Wait I gotta stop this is fucked up!!! UGHN!"

Alex groaned as Lezak shoved his middle finger deep into his hole. Suddenly, Lezak lifts the 5 foot 8 diver off the toilet and pins him against the stall wall, his tongue violating Alex's mouth and finger in and out of Alex's anus. All Alex do was hold on tightly with arms around Lezak's neck and legs tightly around Lezak's waist. The slow stroking continued.

"SHIIIT FUCK!!! UGHNNNNN!!!" Alex screamed into Lezak's mouth as Lezak inserted his index finger alongside his middle finger into Alex.

"Like that? Like that, baby? Huh?" Lezak spat into Alex's mouth as he withdrew his fingers long enough to slap Alex's perfectly firm and round ass a few times.

"OWW! FUCK stop seriously stop!!!" Alex begged as Lezak shoved his fingers back inside Alex, finding Alex's prostate and began massaging it roughly. Simultaneously, Lezak lowered his lips and tongue back onto Alex's nipples and began sucking hard.

"Don't you cum baby I'm going to fuck you so good you're going to cum with my cock buried inside you baby!" Lezak grunted between slurping and chewing sessions on Alex's nipples.

"I can't hold it! I can't hold it!! UGHN!! UGHN!!" Alex groaned and grunted, his left foot now planted against the opposite wall to keep himself from falling down. His other leg and arms still wrapped tightly around Lezak. "YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUMM! UGHNN! OH GOD!!!"

The pain from his nipples, the burning sensation in his ass, and the painfully slow milking was too much for Alex. He came violently, screaming and moaning as he shot spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum onto Lezak and himself. "UGGGHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! OHH OHHHH OHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lezak felt Alex's cock tightening up and loved the sensation of the young cock erupting in his hands. Alex's ass clenched down on Lezak's two fingers, but Lezak kept milking and fingering him, searching for every last drop of his boy juice. Lezak lowered Alex back down on the toilet and began licking up every drop of cum on Alex's body. He withdrew his fingers from Alex's ass and caressed Alex's thighs, ass, and legs while savoring the salty taste of Alex's cum. There was a lot of it, as Alex's chest and abs, and wife-beater were covered in white cream, and most of the cum shot into Lezak, saturating and staining his shirt.

"Oh god oh god oh god!" Alex rubbed his palms into his eyes as he gasped for air, sweaty and feeling Lezak's tongue licking his body all over.

"I'm going to fuck you so good..." Lezak growled as he leaned in and kissed Alex, pulling out his very, very large and very hard, dripping cock. He positioned the cock head at Alex's anus and pushed.

"Wait wait wait fuck stop STOP!!" Alex panicked. He's not even had time to react to what had happened. He felt the pressure on his asshole, and then the taste of his own cum from Lezak's kiss, and he completely freaked out. "Back OFF!!!"  Alex pushed Lezak off him, grabbed his shorts and ran out the bathroom.

"Fuckard..." Lezak didn't expect that. At all. Nobody's ever retaliated against him so much. He watched the boy run bare-assed out the door, the only thing still on Alex was his sweat and cum-soaked wife-beater and his pair of shorts he'd managed to snatch on his way out of the stall. Damn, what a fine ass that kid had, Lezak thought to himself as he spotted Alex's white briefs remaining on the floor.

Lezak sat down on the toilet seat and wiped the cum from his shirt with Alex's boy briefs. He held the briefs to his nose, breathing in the boy's scent – his sweat, cum, and ass – and jerked himself off in the bathroom.

...and that was two weeks ago.

Remembering what had happened in the bathroom, Lezak felt his cock harden against the bathroom sink. Alex was the only one who ever got away.


It was late. He knew Alex stayed next door to him at the hotel, and ever since their encounter Alex had been avoiding Lezak and any chance of running into him at the hotel, in the gym, or at events. Lezak walked out on his balcony and noticed Alex's curtain was open. There was a bottle of wine on the table outside on the balcony, with two empty glasses. Lezak couldn't help but lean over.

All he could see inside Alex's room was Alex's body, glistening in the dark with sweat, pounding a girl doggie style. Damn boy, Lezak thought to himself. Alex's ass is so perfect in the dim light of the night sky, and Alex was fucking this poor girl hard and rough. Lezak could barely hear it, but he knew she must be screaming by how hard and rough Alex was fucking her. He saw Alex slap her ass repeatedly as he thrusts his entire body into her. Suddenly, Alex shoved his cock inside her deeply, holding it in for a good five seconds. Lezak heard a scream from Alex – he could never forget Alex's moaning and screaming. Alex then collapses on top of the girl in a sweaty heap.

Damn. Lezak knew he had to have Alex right then, that night.




Will Lezak finally fuck Alex?!? To be continued soon!

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