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Jonathan woke me up when the plane was flying over California. I leaned over him and gazed out the window at the vast land below me. The land of opportunity and freedom it was called in our history books. I'd never cared if that was true. Now more than ever I hoped it was.
"We're home", Jonathan said taking my hand and squeezing it gently.
I grinned at him. It was the widest I'd smiled in weeks. I finally felt happy. I knew we weren't going to suddenly fall into a perfect life, but it had to be better than the one we'd been living. Things couldn't get any worse. They just couldn't.
"From now on Jonathan", I said enthusiastically, "We are going to have fun".
"You better believe it dude!", Jonathan said in a goofy accent.
I hoped this was a sign of things to come.

I never even thought about Passport control until I'd walked through it without being stopped. Jonathan smiled. We were home free, for now anyway.
"My lawyer is picking us up here", Jonathan said gazing around him, "There he is".
I followed Jonathan toward a tall smiling man. They hugged briefly and then the lawyer turned to me holding out his hand. I shook it.
"Nicky, I'm Jeff. I've heard absolutely nothing about you except you're the love of Jonathans life. I didn't even know he was gay, but heh, if he's going to sneak you into the country then it must be serious. I can't say I approve of passport fraud, but Jonathan said he wasn't coming back without you, so what can I do? What age are you Nicky?".
"Just turned 15", I answered, leaving out that I'd been unconscious in a hospital bed from a drug overdose on my birthday.
"Jesus Jonathan, he's not even old enough to smoke", Jeff said annoyed.
"Well he better not start smoking then", Jonathan said lightly.

"You do know we're not going to be able to hide him here forever Jonathan", Jeff said when were in the car, "We'll have to bring an official...".
"Jeff please", Jonathan interrupted, "We've been on a plane for ten hours. You wouldn't believe what we've been through the last few weeks. All I ask is that we leave this until tomorrow".
"Sure", Jeff said, "Sorry. I'm just worried about you".
"I know that Jeff", Jonathan said, "But Nicky staying here is the only option we have. Any other suggestions are out".
"Ok Jonathan", Jeff said, "Theres just one more thing though. The papers here have been running stories on you for the past couple of days".
"What kind of stories?", Jonathan asked without worry.
"Stories about your sexuality. They must have got a hold of something from England".
"It was bound to happen sometime", Jonathan said.
"Yeah, but your agent was on to me. He's not happy. He want's you to make a formal statement denying the rumours".
"I won't do it", Jonathan said.
"Why not?", Jeff asked.
"Because they're not rumours", Jonathan said, "It's true and I don't care who knows it. We're not going to run anymore. Not from the police, or social welfare, anyones parents and certainly not from the truth".
Jonathan and I were in the back seat and I saw Jeff look at us in the rear view mirror. He didn't look very convinced.

Jonathan told me we were going to an apartment that Jeff had arranged for us in the centre of California. On the drive there, I gazed out the window at the tall buildings. I still really couldn't believe that I was in America. I was happy that Jonathan and I were safe, for now, but being 15 and so far away from home really scared me. I suddenly thought of my parents. I hadn't had time to think of it before but suddenly I could think of nothing else. I kept hearing my Mothers voice on the phone that time Jonathan had made me call her. She had said she loved me and that she was sorry. I knew she'd meant it and now I missed her. It was true she'd been such a bitch to me, but my father had made her like that. I hated him for that. He ruined her life and by doing that he'd taken away the love that I should have got from her. I deserved to be loved, didn't I. But Jonathan loved me, and without him I had nothing. I turned away from the window and buried my head in Jonathans shoulder. He put his arm around me and held me close to him. He probably thought I was tired or something but really I was trying not to cry. I was scared that if I started I wouldn't be able to stop.
"You Ok?", he whispered.
I smiled up at him and told him I was great. He didn't look convinced, but just when he was about to speak Jeff announced we were there and he pulled up outside a tall building.

"You're on the tenth floor", Jeff informed us.
"Cool", I said as we made our way toward the door. This place didn't look cheap. There was a doorman on the door who glared at us as we walked past. I was glad when Jeff handed us the key and told us our room number.
"I'm sure you guys can manage from here", Jeff said before turning to go.
"Bye Jeff", Jonathan called after him, "And Jeff...".
Jeff smiled as if those had been the words he'd been waiting to hear since he picked us up.

"It's great", I told Jonathan as I roamed around the apartment. It was all painted in white. There was a kitchen and lounge area separeated by a breakfeast bar. Then there was a huge bathroom, tiled in black and white, with a huge round bath. The bedroom was huge, with a balcony overlooking a park and there was a huge bed.
"It is nice", Jonathan said flopping down on the couch exhausted.
"It feels weird having our own apartment, doesn't it?", I called out from the kitchen.
"Yeah, it's like we're married", Jonathan said laughing.
"So I guess the next step is kids then", I laughed.
"Yeah, well we could invite Ryan to stay, he's a big kid", Jonathan laughed.
"How far does he live from here?", I asked Jonathan.
"About two hours away".
"I feel sorry for him".
"Cos he must be missing Michael".
"Yeah, I guess", Jonathan said yawning.
"Let's call him", I said suddenly.
"What?", Jonathan looked surprised.
"I wanna speak to him", I said.
"Why?", Jonathan asked.
"Because I just want to say hi".
"Can't it wait until tomorrow".
"Why should I wait until tomorrow, just tell me his number".
"Just leave it Nicky".
"Why don't you want me to call Ryan?", I asked confused.
"I just don't think it's a good idea", Jonathan said.
"Why not?".
"Because then he'll want to come over here".
"And what's wrong with that?", I asked, "I like Ryan".
"So do I, but I just thought that it would be nice to have a few days together, alone".
I wasn't sure whether or not to believe him. For some reason he sounded kinda like he never wanted Ryan to come over. I didn't want to start a fight though so I just sat beside Jonathan on the couch and told him I agreed with him. What else could I do?

It was about 9pm at this stage and I don't think Jonathan was happy when I decided I wanted to go for a walk. He came with me though and we just strolled around the streets. It was a really warm night and there was a cool breeze which I really enjoyed. When the street was deserted we would hold hands. We laughed and chatted and I felt good. I felt free. But I didn't know when to keep my mouth shut.
"I think we should ring Ryan tomorrow just to see how he is", I said.
"What is it with you and Ryan?", Jonathan snapped.
"What...What do you mean?", I asked shocked.
"Do you still have feelings for him?".
"What do you mean still?", I asked, "I never did".
"You slept with him didn't you".
"Yes but...".
"You wouldn't sleep with me until you were sure about your feelings".
"That's why I wouldn't sleep with you at the start, because of Ryan. I was stupitd to do that. He took advantage of me. Maybe I let him, but that's why I wanted to be sure with you. And I was sure. God, I can't believe you're saying this to me. After everything we've done. Everything I've said to you. Things I've told only you".
"I'm sorry", he said quietly, "I guess I'm just tired".
"Yeah well I'm tired too, and my parents just died and the last thing I need is you getting pocessive over absoloutely nothing".
"I'm sorry", he said putting his arms around me. I pushed him away.
"Lets just go home", I said and started walking away. I was mad as hell and I didn't care who knew it.
He ran to catch up with me and when he took my hand I didn't push him away. I couldn't. When it came to Jonathan my attempts to stay mad never lasted long.
"You can ring Ryan tomorrow", Jonathan said smiling.
"Gee thanks Dad", I said sarcastically. The words Dad stung as they left my lips. I had no Dad now. But I didn't care. I was glad he was dead. Shit, did I just say that. Of course I wasn't glad. I wasn't sad either though.

When we got back to the apartment Jonathan made us sandwiches. I turned my nose up at the salad sandwich he handed me and went to the fridge to add some sliced ham. We sat on the couch the only light was the glare of the TV. The news was on. Jonathan nearly choked when his agent came on.

"Yes Jonathan is back home after a holiday in Ireland and no he is not gay. That was just some unfounded rumour created by an English newspaper".

"Bastard", Jonathan mumbled, "Tomorrow I'm going to go on TV and make my own statement".
"You wouldn't", I said shocked.
"I would, do you not want me to?".
"I don't mind. I was thinking of you. Won't it affect your career?".
"I don't care", he said.
"Well you should care", I said.
"Why?", he asked.
"Because you have me to support now", I laughed.
"What do you think about going to bed?", Jonathan asked grinning.
"To sleep?", I asked.
"That's not what I had in mind".
"I thought you were tired".
"Not that tired".
I leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ryan switched off the TV and threw the remote at the wall. He couldn't believe that Jonathan was back and he hadn't called. He had to hear it on the news. He didn't know if Nicky was with him, or what had happened after he and Michael had been caught. He thought Jonathan was his friend. He picked up the phone and dialed Michael's number. It was nearly 2am where Michael lived but Ryan had worked out a system. He would let the phone ring once, then hang up. Michael had a phone beside his bed and this one ring would wake him without disturbing his parents. Then Ryan would wait 1 minute and as soon as the phone rang Michael would lift it.

"Hey Ryan", Michael whispered.
"Hey, sorry for ringing so late again, but I miss you".
"Yeah, I miss you too".
"Yeah me too", Ryan said, "But listen, Jonathan is back".
"Is Nicky with him?".
"I don't know. The first I heard of it was two minutes ago on the news".
"Christ that sucks".
"You're telling me. He didn't even bother phoning me. I hope Nicky isn't with him. He just has no time for me anymore".
"You don't mean that".
"I do. I mean I love Nicky and all but I miss Jonathan".
"You'll see him soon".
"I wouldn't hold your breath. But listen, enough about them. What have you been up to?".
"Nothing much. Just messing about with my mates".
"Any boyfriends?", Ryan asked hoping he would hear what he wanted to.
"Me either. I couldn't even look at anyone else".
"I'm sure".
"So have your parents given you an answer yet about coming to stay here?".
"No, but I don't want to push them. They know I'm gay but they don't want to encourage me. I think that they'll let me though".
"Well my parents said it is cool. Don't forget to tell your Mom to ring mine".
"I'd like to come to America though", Michael said sighing.
"Shit yeah. I miss you so much", Ryan said.
"How much?".
"So much that I'm going to jack off now".
"What ya going to think about?".
"I'm gonna think about you and me and a jacuzzi. What are you gonna think about?", Ryan asked giggling.
"Me, a jacuzzi...and Nick Carter", Michael joked.
"Heh!", Ryan said pretending to be mad.
"Only kidding".
"Ok, I better hang up now", Ryan said, "And tell your parents I expect you here in two weeks, Ok".
"Ok, I'll do my best".
"I love you ok. Bye".
"I love you too Ryan. Bye".

Ryan put the phone down missing Michael again already. It kinda scared him how strongly he felt for Michael. He was seriously in love with him. He'd never felt this way for anyone in the past. He could only pray that in two weeks Michael would once again be by his side. He couldn't wait any longer to see him.

Michael lay in bed for a while thinking about Ryan. Sure he loved him, but he wasn't in love with him. The truth was Michael had been seeing another boy. Nothing serious of course, just fooling about and stuff. He didn't know how to tell him on the phone, he had to do it in person. Ryan was getting a bit serious for him. Michael felt a little bad because he had been in love with Ryan, or thought he had. He hadn't been shy about telling Ryan that either. He'd led him on. And now he was going to do to Ryan what Ryan had done to Nicky and every other boy he'd ever dated. Thanked them for the sex and said we can be friends.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jonathan and I never made it off the couch. I lay on top of him as we kissed and ground our groins together. I could feel his hard dick pushing against me and I pushed down on him hard making him moan. I ran my hand up under his shirt over his smooth skin and to his right nipple. I pinched it and he jerked. He pulled my arm out from under his top and I started to undo his shirt to reveal his smooth and firm stomach. Jonathan sat up then and removed his shirt and I sat on his knees, my legs wrapped around either side of his waist. I wrapped my arms around his his neck and he pulled me close to him kissing me hard on the lips, his tongue probing my mouth. I broke the kiss and placed my mouth on his neck sucking gently at his soft skin and running my hands through his hair. I pushed my butt against his lap and I felt his hard dick straining through the fabric of his jeans. He reached down between us tugging at the zipper of my jeans to release my aching tool. While he did this I pulled my t-shirt off over my head and then I held onto his naked shoulders as his hand reached into my boxers and grasped my swollen cock. His touch sent shivers through my body as he squeezed and pulled my dick. I let him do this for a minute until eventually I thought I was going to burst so I pulled his hand out and stood up removing my jeans and boxers to release my throbbing tool. He followed my lead and lifted his ass off the couch long enought to drag his jeans and boxers down over his firm lings and kick them onto the floor. I knelt down on the ground in front of him and took his throbbing dick in my hand. A couple of drops of precum glistened on the head and I stretched my tongue out gently taking it into my mouth. I paused a second enjoying the taste of the salty but sweet precum. I licked my lips smiling up at him. He smiled at me then lay back with his eyes closed waiting for my warm mouth to surround his hard dick. I massaged his balls in one hand and sucked the head of his dick gently. He let out a soft moan as tingles ran through his shaft. I took my mouth off his dick again squeezing it to release a squirt of precum which I caught on my finger and then as I took his dick into my mouth again I massaged the lubricant into his soft hole pushing gently until I had one finger all the way in. I probed with one finger up his ass feeling his insides as they clenched around my finger. I'd read somewhere that a boys most eroctic place to be touched is up his ass. I knew this was true by the way Jonathan was moaning and moving around on the couch. I had his dick the whole way into my mouth now, and he held onto my head as I sucked on him for all I was worth. I gently fucked him with my finger at the same time. He was really moaning now and I knew he was close, but I wanted him inside me when he came so I stopped sucking and got up on the couch lying on my back. He immediately got up on his knees and leant over me. I swung my legs to the side to reveal my hole which he quickly guided his hard dick to. I watched as his dick disappeared out of view and entered me. It slid in easily as it was well lubricated from the sucking I'd given it. He started to stroke in and out of me furiously and it didn't take long before his warm juices were filling my insides. He collapsed on top of me, sweat running off his smooth body, and he panted heavily trying to catch his breath. I wrapped my legs around him as his semi hard dick slid from my ass. I kissed him gently on the head and when he'd caught his breath he moved down and began to suck on my dick. The pleasure ran through my body as his tongue explored my hard dick. He pulled my foreskin back over the head of my dick and my body jerked as his tongue licked the most sensitive part of my cock. He sucked with all his power his hands gently stroking my inner thighs and balls. I could feel his nose on rubbing against my pubes as my dick slipped further into his hot mouth. I felt my balls tightening as I got ready to shoot my load. The sweat lashed off me as I got really close. I would have killed to come at that moment. I gave one final jerk before sending spurt after spurt of my hot juices straight down his throat. He sucked for another second cleaning up every drop and then he climbed up on top of me resting his cheek against mine while it was my turn to catch my breath.

"Nicky", I'm sorry about earlier, "I guess I was just cranky".
"That's Ok. I only love you though Jonathan. Haven't I proved that by now".
"Of course".
"All you need to know Jonathan is that I love you and I have no desire to leave you...but I'm only 15 years old, and I can't deal with anything else now. I don't know how much more unhappiness I can take". "I understand. You won't have any from me...".

We were interrupted by a banging on the door.
"Who could that be?", I asked Jonathan.
"I don't know. Just ignore it".
"Jonathan, open the door", a voice yelled.
Jonathan sat up in shock.
"Who is it?", I asked.
"It''s my Mom", he said quietly.
"What are we gonna do?", I asked scared.
"I don't know", he said, "But she doesn't sound happy, and that can only mean that I'm in deep shit".

That is the end of Part 1. The next part will be longer I promise.

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