All the usual legal disclaimers apply. This story is totally fictional and does not reflect any true description of the actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas. To the best of my knowledge he is not gay. I hope he is but we all live in hope.

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"Well just don't stand there, open it", I whispered to Jonathan.

"Just stay quiet and maybe they'll go", he said quietly.

"I don't think that that's going to happen", I said as the banging on the door got louder.

"Right, I'll open it. But you gotta come with me".

I agreed by holding on to his outstretched hand. He smiled quickly at me and we walked towards the door.

"Jonathan!", his mother squealed when she saw him.

She jumped for him locking him in an embrace and knocking our hands free. An older boy who I guessed was Joel appeared in the door behind her and looked at me with disgust. His mother had yet to acknowledge me.

"Mom", Jonnathan said, "This is Nicky".

"I know exactly who he is", she said without looking at me, "I read about it on the internet".

"The internet!", Jonathan asked surprised.

"Yes the internet", she scowled, "The English have all the pictures and everything. I didn't know whether or not to believe it, but here he is large as life".

"Mom, if you would just...", Jonathan began but she cut him off.

"You have done quite enough, you can stay here tonight and tomorrow you're coming home and he is going back to Ireland".

I opened my mouth to protest but Jonathan came and stood beside me taking my hand in his again (Joel looked away) and turned to his mother.

"Either you take back what you just said or I won't be here tomorrow".

He said it so sternly and with such feeling that I knew she believed him.

"Jonathan", she said more sweetly now, "When Jeff told me you were here...".

"Jeff! I should have known", Jonathan said, "Is there no one that we can trust? Not even my own mother...or brother", he said looking past his mother to Joel. Joel looked away.

"Jonathan, I just want you to...".

"Mom just go. I'll call you tomorrow".

"Don't...", she began.

"Just get out", Jonathan screamed.

"Don't speak to her like that", Joel snapped stepping forward.

"Oh it has a voice does it", Jonathan said turning to Joel, "Well let me tell you something, I don't want to hear it".

"Don't shout at me you little faggot", Joel shouted.

The whole room went quiet. Jonathans mother swung round to Joel and daggers shot from her eyes. Jonathan just hung his head. I could see his eyes filling up. I thought I'd better step in.

"I think it would be best if you go", I said in my most polite voice, "I'll make sure Jonathan calls you tomorrow".

His mother looked at me and something in her eyes seemed to melt. She nodded at me and then leaned forward and kissed Jonathan on top of the head. He turned away to hide his shame and then they left. I heard raised voices as soon as the door had closed. I reckoned it was Joel getting a earful. Well he deserved it.

"You Ok?", I asked Jonathan.

"I am now that they're gone", he replied.

"Your Mom doesn't seem so bad really", I tried.

"She's not, but from now on I have no brother. The way he spoke to me...what he called me..".

His voice broke off. He wiped his eyes and smiled at me.

"There's just one thing I have to do", he said and picked up the phone.

"Hello Jeff?", he began, "Yeah it's Jonathan. I just called to tell you you're fired. I'll put it in writing tomorrow".

He put the phone down as calmly as he had handled the call.

"God it makes me hot to hear you fire people", I said as he came back to me.

"You want me to fire my agent too?", he asked.

"Does he deserve it?".


"Well don't then", I said, "You could call Jeff and fire him again though. Or tomorrow we could go over there and I could watch you do it in person. You could shout...".

Jonathan looked at me to see if I was serious or not and when he saw the start of a smile creeping across my face we both fell onto the couch laughing.

"You want to fool around?", he asked.

"We just fooled around, right before your Mom came in".

"I thought I made you hot", he asked.

"Not as hot as Brad does".

"Brad who?", he asked, "Oh Zac".

"I'm just kidding, but he is pretty hot".

"Enough already", he said planting his hot mouth on mine.

I parted my lips allowing his tongue to slip into my mouth. My heart started to pound loudly as it always did when he was near me. That was how I knew I was in love and, how I would know, when it stopped, that it was over. I allowed myself to completely melt into his strong arms as he pulled me towards the bedroom and our bed. All thoughts of his mother, Joel and Jeff and all the other worries that occupied my mind were safely swept away by his warm breath. I loved him then so much it hurt. It hurt because at the back of my mind, and deep within my heart I could feel that it was going to end. I couldn't think about this. I just had to make the most of the time we had left. I knew it wasn't much.


I'd been in America for two weeks now. It had been pretty uneventful since that night Jonathans Mom had come over. He'd talked to her every day on the phone since and she sent a dinner invitation. To both of us. I felt a bit nervous about going but Jonathan told his mother he would only go if Joel stayed away. She had protested to start with but Jonathan was adamant and she gave in. It was nice that she was trying her best to accept all that had happened. She would lose her son otherwise.

Apart from that we just messed around the city. We went shopping and to the movies, and we spent a lot of time in bed too. It was like a honeymoon, but like all honeymoons it had to end. Jonathan had hired a new lawyer. It wasn't a big shot lawyer like Jeff but a woman who worked for a small firm, and helped the poor and homeless, among other things in her spare time. Jonathan had liked her straight away and so had I. She was Kate O Neill, about 28, very smart, and Irish. She didn't flinch once as we told her our story. She just smiled and filed a petition that day for me to gain American citizenship on the grounds that I was an orphan and Jonathan was the closest thing I had in family. She was truthful though and told us that she didn't think our chances were good. My feeling of losing Jonathan got stronger. We were up in court in two days. Jonathan couldn't adopt me because he wasn't old enough so the chances of the judge letting me stay in America were very small. We thought about asking his mother to adopt me but that just sounded too sick and we had laughed it off. So for the last two weeks we just forgot about it. The papers didn't though and they were having a field day with it. Jonathan was under pressure from his agent to go on TV and deny all allegations of being gay and dating a 15 year old Irish boy, but he refused and told his agent that if he went on TV he would tell the truth. So his agents new aim was then to keep all cameras away from him. He was doing a pretty good job of it. Lying on the couch beside Jonathan in the warmth, I thought it was a good time to talk about the court case.

"Will it be a jury?", I asked him.

"Yeah", he replied, "Kate says because it's so unusual the judge had to accept her petition for a jury".

"We have a better chance with a Jury though right?".

"Kate thinks so. If we can warm their hearts. If we get 10 straight males you can forget it though".

"I hope not, but if they do send me back to Ireland, you can come visit".

"Visit. I'll be coming with you".

I knew that now wasn't the time to argue that point with him.

"Hopefully it won't happen", I said.

"One thing though", Jonathan said seriously sitting up, "Don't ever tell anyone that we had sex. If they ask you we just kiss and hold hands right. They could lock me up for anything else".

I lay down with my head in his lap and closed my eyes. He stroked my hair gently, banishing the demons that wailed inside my head. How can I leave him I cried to myself. I don't think I could live without him. Could he live without me. I knew this was silly and that through time we would get over it.


Michael looked out the window of the plane as the ground drew closer to him. He couldn't believe that in minutes he would step foot on American ground. His heart thudded with excitement. He also felt fear at having to tell Ryan it was over. He knew Ryan would handle it Ok. He hoped he would anyway.

He lugged his heavy suitcase after him as he approached the arrivals lounge. He saw Ryan straight away. He was waving his arms madly and his smile stretched across his entire face. God he's hot Michael thought but quickly shook the thought from his head. He was with Nathan now and he wasn't going to start cheating on him. God it was going to be embarrassing. He'd have to tell Ryan quickly before he tried kissing him or something.

"Michael", Ryan screamed running to embrace him.

Michael returned the hug quickly a bit embarrassed with Ryan's parents there.

"We meet again young man", Ryan's' father smiled shaking his hand. The last time they had met he and Ryan had been huddled together in the back of a social welfare car. His face went red at the thought.

All the way home in the car Ryan kept touching his leg. Michael kept pushing it away. He was nervous because one his parents were right there, and two, he was getting a boner.


Jonathans mother met us at the door and smiling led us into the house. It was strange to be in Jonathans home and I looked around trying to imagine Jonathan here. Lounging on the couch watching TV maybe, or practicing his lines in front of the mirror. Jonathan held my hand as we sat on the couch. His mother took a deep breath.

"Look guys", she began, "I won't pretend that I'm absolutely comfortable with this, but I am trying. And I promise that I will get used to it".

"Thanks", I said.

"Yeah Mom", Jonathan said, "All we ask is that you keep an open mind".

"I always used to plan what I would say to you when you started getting serious with a girl, but I guess saying them just wouldn't sound right now. The only advice I can offer you is not to forget Jonathan that Nicky is only 15".

"I know what age he is Mom".

"I know you do son".

We sat down to dinner and enjoyed a nice meal. His mother kept looking at her watch nervously.

"You got a date or something Mom?", Jonathan asked laughing.

"Now don't get mad Jonathan", she began, "But I asked your brother to join us for dessert".

"What...", he almost screamed, "I told you that...".

"I know what you told me, but it kills me to see you boys fighting. You always got on so well...".

"Mom, I don't have a brother as far as I'm concerned", Jonathan said getting up to leave.

"I'm sorry for what I said", a voice said from the doorway.

We all swung around to see Joel standing there. He walked towards me and I cowered in my seat. He held out his hand.

"Nicky", he said nicely, "I'm Joel, Jonathans brother. It's great to meet you".

I looked at Jonathan and then cautiously held out my hand. He gripped it tightly and shook it. Then he turned to Jonathan.

"I'm very sorry for what I said to you Jonathan. I was angry that you hadn't contacted me in so long. I regretted it the minute the words left my lips. I've known you were gay for a while now. I'm not stupid. It never bothered me and it doesn't bother me now. I just hope you and Nicky can forgive me".

I watched Jonathan closely trying to read his face but it was impossible. Then he stood.

"You ever call me a faggot again Joel and I'll never look at or speak to you again, you understand?".

Joel nodded and all was forgiven.

We sat down to dessert.


Michael and Ryan messed around in the room for a while after they were sent to bed. Michael had kind of hoped they would put him in his own room but they had him sharing with Ryan. Plenty of room in my double bed Ryan had said. Michael was finding it more difficult by the minute to resist Ryan. It was easy when they were separated by thousands of miles. But sitting less than two feet from him was a different story. He studied Ryan's face and his soft skin. He was wearing only shorts and his smooth legs were crossed beneath him. There was a slight crease in his stomach where the last traces of puppy fat were disappearing. His dark nipples stood out from his chest his delicate hands shuffled through the cards he was holding. Michael could feel his dick getting hard and his breathing deeper. Just looking at Ryan then made him want to cream his pants. He almost did. He looked at the small bulge in Ryan's boxers and then when he looked back at his face he saw that Ryan was looking at his not so small bulge. Without a word and without resistance from the well intentioned Michael Ryan pushed him back on the bed running his hand up over the smooth white skin of Michaels chest. Ryan pushed his now hard boner into Michaels and kissed him passionately. Michaels hands found there way into Ryan's boxers cupping the silky smooth butt under them. His fingers roamed to the hairless hole that he had so many times longed to kiss. He pulled Ryan's boxers all the way down and they both moved so that he could get rid of his. Michael blew his blond hair out of his eye as he pushed Ryan down on the bed and took the head of his hard dick into his mouth licking the slight drop of precum that had former there. Ryan gripped his head and started to shove his dick into Michaels eager mouth. Michael pulled off long enough to reposition himself so that his own dick hung over Michaels mouth and he had Ryan's back in his. Both boys sucked on each other like their lived depended on it and there bodies were drenched with sweat. As they got closer both boys started to buck into the other ones mouth. Seconds before they came Michael jumped off Ryan and jumped on top of him kissing him passionately as they ground their hips against each other furiously cumming together in loud moans. Michaels head spun dizzily and he collapsed against Ryan's shoulder gasping for breath. He wondered how he would tell Nathan it was over.


I answered the phone when Kate O Neill rang the day before the trial.

"You have to come to my office", she said urgently.

"What is it?", I asked in a panic.

"Your parents will has just been read and lets say it has some interesting points".

"What points?", I asked.

"It's too long to go into now. Come in as soon as you can both get here".

I put the phone down and looked at Jonathan.

"What is it?", he asked seeing my worried face.

"I don't know", I replied, "But it doesn't sound good".


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