All of the ususal legal disclaimers apply. This story is fictional and does not imply anything about Jonathan Taylor Thomas or his sexuality.


Jonathan held my hand in the police car much to the disgust of the young officer who sat beside us to make sure that we didn't try and jump out or something. He kept looking at us as if he wanted to say something but he didn't. It felt weird that people knew I was gay but because Jonathan was with me I didn't feel even slighly embarassed. In fact, it gave me quite a big head to have someone as beautiful for a boyfriend and I didn't care who knew it.

Detective Mulroy had casually tapped me on the shoulder as I sobbed on Jonathan's shoulder in the airport. I'd forgotten his words in the car when he said if Jonathan didn't get on the plane he wanted to know. Even before I'd looked around I knew who it was. Jonathan had his eyes closed so he didn't know anyone was there at all.

"Jonathan", I whispered in his ear.
"Yeah?", he asked.
"The police are here".
"Behind me".
He opened his eyes and fell staight into the glare of Detective Mulroy.
"You were meant to be on a plane", he informed Jonathan.
"Yeah, well I changed my mind didn't I", Jonathan said sarcastically.
"And what do you think you were doing, running off like that", he asked me like he was talking to a five year old who'd got lost in a supermarket.
"I came to get Jonathan", I told him.
"Well, you're both coming to the station with me until we sort this out", he said grabbing Jonathans arm which Jonathan immediately shook off.
"I can walk by myself", Jonathan snarled, "Put your hand on me again and you'll regret it".
I was surprised that such a big and powerful man like Detective Mulroy could be intimidated but obviously when it came to fame and money like Jonathans he was. He backed off straight away and instead Jonathan took my hand and we made our way towards the door where two younger officers stood guard. No chance of escape.

Once we reached the police station we were herded into a small room.
"Now for a few questions boys", Mulroy said.
"You're not going to try and interrogate a minor without his parents present. are you?", Jonathan quickly snapped.
"This isn't an interrogation", Mulroy said glaring at Jonathan.
"Well I refuse to answer any questions without my lawyer", Jonathan said.
"Well get him here then", Mulroy roared.
"Sure", Jonathan said and then he smiled, "It might take him a few days to get over from the states though".
Mulroy looked like he was going to burst a vein his face went that red. He knew he was beat though. So he turned his attentions on me. I wasn't scared though. I knew that Jonathan would defend me.
"He's the same as me", Jonathan interrupted before Mulroy had a chance to speak.
"And I suppose your lawyer is in Ireland?", Mulroy asked rubbing his eyes.
"My lawyer is Nicky's aswell", Jonathan said smirking. Of course this wasn't true but I knew one phone call from Jonathan and it would be.
"I've just about had it with you kids", Mulroy erupted, "Who they hell do you think you are? Well I'll tell you kids something. You Nicholas are being escorted in one hour to your Aunts house. Wev'e been in contact with her and she has agreed as your closest relative to take you in. You Jonathan will be taken to the airport and it will be seen to that you get on your plane this time".
Jonathans satisfied grin was soon replaced by a frown and his tanned skin turned white. I on the other hand just felt sick. Sick because they were breaking us up and even sicker because they were taking me to my Aunts house.
"I want to speak to my lawyer", Jonathan demanded.
"Theres a phone outside the door, be my guest", Mulroy said sarcastically. Jonathan left me on my own.

Mulroy just stared at me while while Jonathan was gone. I think he was scared to ask me anything in case I told Jonathan. I needn't have worried cause Jonathan came back in straight away.
"My lawyer wants to speak to you", Jonathan said and Mulroy after a pause got up and left the room.
Jonathan rushed to my side. "Listen Nicky", Jonathan whispered, "We don't have much time. My lawyer is going to tell Mulroy to let me walk out of here immediately. Theres nothing he can do about you because your Aunt is now your official guardian. He will act as your lawyer though. But theres no need for that now. Listen you are going to go to your Aunts".
"Jonathan you can't leave me, please", I begged.
He put his finger to my lips.
"I'm not. I told you, as soon as Mulroy comes back I'm out of here. I can be at your Aunts before you are".
"She'll never let you in", I said anxiously.
"You can let me in when you get there and we can plan our escape, now where is it your aunt lives", he asked. I gave him the address and the directions to the house which I reckoned was about half an hour from here. He leaned accross and kissed me on the lips just as Mulroy came back in. He looked embarrased but not for long.
"Right", he said to Jonathan, "You're free to leave, as your lawyer has in no kind words informed me".
"Can I have a minute with Nicky before I go, alone?", Jonathan asked.
"Do whatever you like", Mulroy snapped, "You will anyway". Jonathan grinned at me as Mulroy left the room slamming the door.

I was in Jonathans arms straight away as we locked in a passioante kiss. It was urgent, full of need. I'd heard people saying before that the best bit about breaking up was making up. I knew now what they meant. I could feel myself getting hard as his soft fingers travelled up my leg. I broke the kiss before we got too carried away. Afterall, we were breaking the law - in a police station! It would be a perfect excuse for Mulroy to bring charges on Jonathan, something I knew he'd love to do. He left his lips so they were just barely brushing mine and looked into my eyes.
"Nicky, you won't do this again, will you?", he asked softly.
"Do what?", I asked.
"Decide it's best we break up".
"Are you sure?".
"Never been more sure", I smiled and kissed him once more, softly.
"Good. My lawyer is wiring me money to the bank down the street. I'll get that and get on a bus. When you get to your Aunts I'll meet you somewhere. Where?".
I thought about it for a minute.
"Theres a forest behind her house. No one ever goes there. You can hide out until I get there".
"Ok", he said just as Mulroy came in.
"Alright then Mr. Thomas. You can leave now. We'll take your little friend here to his Aunts in a while. I'm quite sure that you've swapped phone numbers and all that but I must tell you that your Aunt has informed me that there is to be no contact between you and she has two fine sons who'll keep an eye on you". He was grinning and I felt sick.
He was being really mean to me. Had he forgotten I was an orphan, or maybe he realised that I didn't really care. It wasn't that I wasn't sad but Jonathan made me strong. I hope he finds his way to my Aunts house I worried as he hugged me and left.

My voice almost broke into a panic when the Police car turned off the main Motorway that led to my Aunts house.
"You're going the wrong way", I stammered.
"No we're not", Mulroy said.
"But my Aunt doesn't live this way".
"Yeah she does. She moved a few months back. Didn't your folks tell you?".
"No they didn't tell me. Oh God. Shit. Why didn't you tell me earlier".
"What's the problem?", he smirked, "Did you arrange to meet your little friend at the wrong address".
He started to laugh, proud that he'd got one over on Jonathan. He didn't laugh when I grabbed the wheel.
"Jesus kid, stop that", he roared trying to fight my hands off the wheel.
"Stop the car", I screamed at him.
"No way kid", he shouted, "Your'e not getting away from me again".
I kept pulling the wheel and the car swerved as Mulroy fought to keep it on the road.
"Are you fucking nuts?", he screamed at me.
"Stop the car", I screamed back.
I gave the wheel another tug and we flew off the road. I braced myself for the crash as Mulroy fought uselessly with the steering. We crashed into a ditch and I slammed forward hitting my head a right crack on the dashboard. I was fine though which was more than could be said for Mulroy. He lay there moaning and there was blood on his face. I decided to steal his mobile phone and call him an ambulance when I was well clear of him. It was a fairly deserted road so I didn't think anyone would find him sooner than that. I ran like the fires. It was ten minutes to the motorway. I got there in five. I had no money so I had to hitch hike. I knew this wasn't the safest thing to do, but I also knew that as soon as Mulroy came around he would have officers searching for me and the first place they were going to look was at my Aunts old address.

With my innocent face I got a lift quick enough with a man and his two sons.
"You shouldn't be hitch hiking", the man informed me, "As you can see I have two sons and I would hope that if they hitch hiked someone like me would stop for them and not a pervert. That's why I stopped. Where you going anyway".
"To my Aunts", I said and gave him the address.
"Whats your name?", he asked.
"Daniel", I lied.
"Nice to meet you Daniel", the man said, "I'm Gary and these two brats are Brian and Rick".
The boys grinned at me and I grinned back. They looked about 13 and 14, both little studs, and whispered to eachother.
"Boys, that's very rude", their father snapped.
"Sorry", Brian the one who looked 14 said to me.
"That's alright", I grinned.
"So are you Irish or what?", Rick asked.
"Yeah", I told them.
"Dad says the Irish are...".
"Rick!", his Dad almost choked. I didn't care what he thought of the Irish. A free ride is a free ride, no matter who's giving it to you.

We'd pulled in to a petrol station half way there and Gary got out to go to the shop and the toilet. The boys turned to me immediately.
"You were in the paper", Brian said, "With Jonathan Taylor Thomas".
"Yeah so?", I said not seeing the point in denying it.
"I think he's hot", Brian said eagerly, "Is he really your boyfriend?".
I was amazed at how open he was.
"What makes you think that?", I asked.
"There was a picture of you, holding hands in the paper today", Rick piped in.
That damn photographer, I thought. Oh well no point in denying it now. I thought of the people back home where I lived and at school. Little Nicky gay, and dating a superstar. I suddenly thought of Rosa, god what had happened to her now my folks were dead. I made up my mind to find out.
"Well is he or isn't he", Brian asked.
"Yeah, he is", I said proudly.
"Wow", Brian said gobsmacked.
"What's he like? In real life I mean", Rick asked.
"He's the best", I told him.
"So do you like have sex and all?", Brian wanted to know.
"Hey that's private", I said nicely.
"Oh come on. Me and Rick do it all the time. Not with eachother like. Ok well sometimes together but mostly with two other friends".
"That's nice", I said sarcastically.
"Come on", Rick screamed.
"Ok, Ok", I gave up, "Of course we do it. We're teenagers aren't we!".
"I am sooooo jealous", Brian shrieked.
"Yeah, he's the hottest", Rick said.

Gary came back then clucthing a paper.
"You poor kid", he said when he got back in the car.
"What?", I aksed him.
He showed me the front page which sported a picture of me and Jonathan holding hands.
"Oh", I said, "I guess you're going to call the cops then".
"I'm sorry about your parents", he said, "And no I'm not going to call the cops".
"Thanks", I replied.
"So where are you going?", he asked me.
I broke down and sobbed my way through the whole story. Brian took the opportunity to put his arms around me and comfort me. I have to admit that I didn't mind. As long as that was all he did.
"I can give you both a bed for the night", he told me, "I don't know what my wife will say, but I do know that if it was ever my boys I would hope someone would help them".
I didn't know whether to trust him or not. Afterall we'd trusted that doctor and look what he did, called the Social Services on us.
Brian saw the confusion on my face and leaned over to me.
"It's Ok", he whispered, "You can trust my Dad. He knows we'd never speak to him again if he did something horrible. He's pretty cool. So's Mom. They pride themselves on being caring understanding parents and they are most of the time".
"So what do you say?", Gary asked, "I bet a hot meal, a warm bed, and a friendly family sounds nice just about now".
I had to admit that it sounded great.

They dropped me off at my Aunts old house. Brian got out aswell to bring me back to their place after I'd gotten Jonathan. Rick grudginling went home. Brian was hyperactive at the thought of meeting Jonathan and I told him to calm down. We made our way through the woods and I called out for Jonathan. He was sitting on a rock when I found him and he got up smiling but then looked confused when he saw I wasn't alone.
"This is Brian, I got a lift with their Dad", I told Jonathan.
"Why? I mean I thought the Police were bringing you here?", Jonathan asked.
I filled him in on the story and when I got to the bit about crashing the car he shook his head sadly. I guess he was sorry that I had to do such bad things. He didn't like that I'd put my life at risk either.
When I'd finished he hugged me, pressing me against his firm chest. I needed that. I was amazed that I hadn't cried during the story. I felt proud of myself.
"Thanks, Brian is it?", Jonathan said to Brian.
"Yeah, and no problem. Like I told Nicky, I'm gay too. I've been following the story in the paper and I really admire you guys. And Jonathan, you are afterall my idol".
Jonathan blushed at the compliment, but said nothing.
"Yeah well hands off", I told Brian laughing, "He's well and truly off the market".
Brian held his hands up in mock surrender.

When we got back to Brians house Rick rushed out to meet the star. After a few introductions we went inside to where their Mom already had dinner started and she began fussing around us. Obviously she was Ok with having two young lovers to stay, one being an orphan and the other a hollywood star. We chatted through dinner. Jonathan told stories about Hollywood and some of the stars there. His words fell on eager ears as they lapped up the gossip on their favourite stars. They were hypnotised, as I always am, by Jonathans sexy voice.

After dinner Brian and Rick showed us to our room. I was a bit embarrased to find that their Mom had made us up a double bed. Considering their were two beds in the room. Rick chuckled to himself and Brian punched him in the arm.
"Well, I guess we'll see you in the morning", Brian said smiling.
I felt a bit bad. He was a nice kid, but both Jonathan and I knew that by the morning we'd be long gone. They said goodnight and left. I could almost picture the two of them going at it in their room, both of them imagining the other one to be Jonathan.

"Time to make up Nicky", Jonathan said taking me in his arms, "I need you".
I wasn't scared of being caught as we were upstairs and their parents room was downstairs at the other end of the house. For privacy the boys had told us. I clung to Jonathan tightly as he kissed me deeply on the lips pushing his tongue into my mouth. I surreneded completely pushing my fingers through his thick hair. He really needs it cut I thought. I felt his hard dick grind into mine and I moved my hands to his firm bubble butt. He pushed me back on the bed. I was lieing so that my legs hung over the end of the bed with my feet on the floor and he lay on top of me between my legs. He kissed his way down over my neck his hands roaming accross my chest slowly unbuttoning my shirt. I moaned as he pinched my nipples. He moved his face so it hovered over my hard dick and reaching down with his hand he undid my zipper. He dived in head first, nuzzling my dick through my open fly, sticking the tip of his tongue into my piss slit. While he did this I removed my shirt and he reached down undoing my shoes and removing my socks. I arched my back off the bed, long enough for him to pull my trousers and underwear off. I was completely naked and I didn't think it fair that he had every stitch of clothes still entact. And my desire to see his smooth naked skin and hard dick was greater than any other desire in my mind at that time. I sat up grabbing the hard dick that was hidden behind his clothes and he moaned pushing it into my hand. I started undoing his fly and he pulled his shirt off over his head revealing his smooth stomach and dark nipples. He kicked off his shoes and his trousers and boxers fell in a heap on the floor, revealing his thick dick. I leaned forward and licked the single drop of precum from his piss slit. He moaned at the touch. I drew him into my arms again and he fell on top of me as we kissed softly grinding our hips together. I rolled him over so I was on top and went straight for his nipple on which I began to suck and nibble. He gasped in pleasure and I went back to his neck, biting and sucking. I knew there would be a mark but I didn't care. I knew he didn't either. I moved my way back to his hard dick again and put my mouth over the head sucking gently. He was curling his feet and whimpering, trying to keep the noise down. I lowered my head slowly over his dick until I could feel it touching the back of my throat and his pubes were tickling my lip. I left his dick alone then and pushing his legs back I moved to his ass. It was just so beautiful I couldn't leave it alone. I gently licked his hole wetting it and then I pushed my tongue in exploring the inside of his ass. This scored home with him and he moaned loudly. I kept tonguing his hairless ass while I slowly jacked his dick and massaged his low hanging balls. He was in heaven but my aching penis needed attention too so I climed back on top of him and rubbed my dick against his. He got the message and pushed me onto my back plunging his mouth onto my dick. His now expert tongue knew the right spots and it wasn't long before I was shooting my cum into his eager mouth. I shot a bit more than he could handle and he nearly choked pulling off my dick, the rest of my load hitting him on the chest. He scooped it up and grinning rubbed it over his own hard dick making it slick. He rubbed some more into my smooth ass hole and I smiled at him knowing what was to come. He positioned himself carefully and pushed his dick towards it's target. There was a bit of pressure and then his big dick head slipped in past my opening and he pushed until he was all the way in. He hit the spot and my semi hardon grew to full size again. His face was screwed up with pleasure as he shoved in and out of me, his thrusts becoming more urgent with every stroke. The inside of my ass squeezed his dick tightly and the pleasure of the tip of his dick hitting the back of my ass was driving me mad. I came for the second time without even touching it, my dick jerked wildly shooting cum onto my chest. My ass tightened and with one last thrust Jonathan moaned, his hot cum gushing inside of me. He collapsed on top of me his soft dick sliding easily from my ass, and lay sweating and panting. I wrapped me legs around him squeezing him as tight as I could.
"I know I've said this a hundred times before Jonathan but I love you. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in my life or ever will. You'll never know how sorry I am to have broke up with you. I never want to leave your side again. Not even for a second".
"You won't ever have to Nicky. Cos I love you too, and I'm not going anywhere".
We got under the covers and cuddled close, and I thanked god for the first time in my life for answering my prayers and sending me my angel.

As I expected, it was still dark when Jonathan woke me from my sleep. He woke me with a kiss on the forehead, the nicest way I'd ever been woken in my life. He didn't have to speak. I knew it was time to leave. At first light the police would be looking for us. I'd forgotten to phone an ambulance for Mulroy but I was quite sure he'd gotten help. At least I hoped he had. But there wasn't too much I could do about it now. We got dressed and Jonathan waited long enough for me to write a note for Brian which I left on the bed. I couldn't just leave without a word. I just told him to thank his parents and I thanked him most of all and I made Jonathan sign it too. We snuck through the house like thieves and went out through the back door.

"What time is it Jonathan?", I asked him.
"Four O' Clock", he told me taking my hand in his. It was really cold and we walked close together.
"Where are we going?", I asked.
"America", he told me.
"But how?", I asked, "I have no passport".
"You will have soon", he told me.
My heart almost leapt into my throat.
"But how?".
"I'll tell you", he said, "But you might not like it".
"Just tell me", I demanded.
"Ok", he began, "Yesterday after I went to the airport, I was all set to get on the plane when I saw this man. He was selling fake watches and stuff. I asked him if he knew where I could get a fake passport. He looked like a real gangster so I thought it was worth a shot. He said no way at first, probably scared I was trying to catch him out or something. But in the end he agreed that he could get one today for 500 pound. My lawyer wired me the money and I'm meeting this guy today".
"Your lawyer knows about this?", I asked shocked.
"Yeah, he says if I can get you into America he'll do the rest. I don't know what he meant by that but he's a cool guy, not afraid to break a few rules. That's why I hired him".
My heart was racing. Could I really be going to America? Would it work? I was scared of being caught with a fake passport. Jonathan saw the nervous look on my face.
"Just trust me Nicky", he said.
"I trust you Jonathan, but are you sure you want to go home with a illegal immigrant. You could get into trouble".
"Well you see, that's the best bit Nicky", Jonathan smiled, "The passport I'm getting you is American. So as far as the airport there is concerned you're coming home to America".
"If it works", I said.
"Nicky you have to stay positive. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But it's our only hope, so as far as I'm concerned it has to work".
I felt good that Jonathan was going so far to keep me. If I'd ever doubted how much he loved me, I could never doubt it now.

The trip that had taken us less than half an hour in the car took us three hours to walk. I was exhausted but I didn't complain. When we finally made it to the airport I'd have been happy to lie down and sleep for a few weeks. Jonathan dragged me over to a photo booth and put me sitting in it while he slotted the money in. I looked straight ahead for the first two flashes, then I pulled him onto my lap pressed my cheek against his for the second two. He didn't mind. We only needed one photo for the passport.
"What time do you have to meet this guy?", I asked him.
"I told him early, eight o clock", Jonathan said, "Theres a flight to California at ten, I want to be on it".
We went and got some breakfeast. I had a bacon sarnie and Jonathan of course was disgusted, being a vegetarian and all. If he'd asked me never to eat meat again I never would but I knew he'd never ask me to do that.

When it came to eight o' clock Jonathan went to meet the man. He wouldn't let me go because he didn't want me involved. My heart beat a lot quicker the whole half hour he was gone. I had visions of Mulroy in a plaster cast dragging Jonathan out of the airport in handcuffs, but eventually he returned grinning.
"Well Nathan", he said throwing my passport onto the table, "You are now 18 years old and a citizen of the United States".
"Nathan?", I asked, "Did you choose that?". I studied the passport. I had to marvel at it. It looked so real. But then I wasn't used to looking at passports.
"I've booked us two tickets at 10.00. First class of course. People ask less questions to those travelling first class", Jonathan said proudly. He seemed so calm while I was one step away from a complete panic. When he squeezed my hand though his palms were sweaty.
"Stay calm Nicky", he whispered, "We're going to be Ok".
"I'll try not to blow it Jonathan, I promise".
"Good Nicky", he said, "I know you've been acting really strong lately. We've been through a lot and now with your parents...well anyway you don't fool me Ok. I can see you're ready to have a breakdown. But I'm going to take care of you".
"It should be taking care of you now Jonathan", I said seriously, "Now that I'm older than you". I held up the passport which made me 18 and we both laughed. I knew that when we got to America, if we got to America, that we could laugh all the time, and not have to worry about things that boys like us shouldn't have to worry about yet.

Jonathan took me to the bathroom about ten minutes before we had to board to calm me down. I was in a cold sweat and I was shaking like a leaf.
"Nicky, calm down", he said sternly.
"I can't, I'm going to get caught", I choked.
"No you're not".
"How can you be so sure. I mean you said yourself that it might not work".
"Well now I say it will work".
I was starting to hyper ventilate. God I was such a baby. Jonathan grabbed me and kissed me long and hard. That calmed me right down.
"Nicky, I can't pull this off if you don't stay calm".
An old man came out of one of the cubicles and eyed us up with disgust. It was obvious what he thought Jonathan was going to pull off. I think he even glanced down to see if I still had it in my pants or was Jonathan just going to do it there and then. When he left we both starting roaring laughing.
"You Ok now?", Jonathan asked kissing my forehead.
"Yeah, I think so", I answered truthfully.
"Right lets go".

We only had his bag. Mine was at the police station. I was really paranoid that they would be suspicious of this. We made our way to the check in booth and joined the cue. I looked around nervously half expecting to see us surrounded by officers but there were just people rushing off to catch their various planes or meet relatives. I felt kinda strange. I didn't really feel like I was going to America, probably because I was so scared of being caught. Oh shit I thought, it was our turn next. I was sure they would take one look at my face and drag me off to an interrogation room. Jonathan handed the man our passports and tickets. He opened our passports and looked at them and then he looked at us.
"Can you hold on one second sir?", the man asked before taking off into a back room.
"Oh god we're caught", I whispered to Joanthan panicking again. He looked pale which did nothing for my confidence. We could see the man talking to someone else and pointing out at us.
"I'm sorry Nicky", Jonathan whispered close to tears, "I thought it would work. I'm sorry...I...".
The man came back and my legs went to jelly and I felt Jonathan grasp my hand.
"Could you come into the office for a moment please", the man asked.
"Um...sure", Jonathan muttered.
We followed the man in and Jonathan whispered to me to run as soon as the words fake passport left someones lips.
"This is difficult for us to say Mr. Thomas", the man said seemingly embarrased that he had to charge a hollywood star with passport fraud. I positioned myself to run, "But could you wear these sunglasses and hat onto the plane".
"What?", Jonathan nearly choked.
"I know it's not a very nice thing to ask", the man continued, "But we have 60 teenage girls going on a school trip already on the plane and you'll have to walk past them to get to first class. We don't want to put your safety at risk is all".
I nearly fainted in relief.
"That's no problem at all", Jonathan said giving the man his biggest grin.
The man handed Jonathan the hat and glasses, his eyes pausing for a second on our hands which were held so tight together that our knuckles were turning tight. He handed us our passports and we walked towards the plane.
"Wait", he shouted after us. I froze.
"What is it?", Jonathan asked.
"Disguise or no disguise", he smiled, "I don't think it's such a good idea to walk past 60 screaming teenage girls holding hands with a guy. Not that I have anything against it but you know what girls are like".
"No I don't", Jonathan smiled, "And I never have any intention of finding out".
The man looked embarrased but said nothing as we walked out the tunnel towards the plane hand in hand.

It wasn't until we were in the air that I allowed myself to breath again. I looked at Jonathan and smiled. "Didn't I tell you it would work", he said to me.
"Oh come on, you were as scared as I was", I laughed.
"Yeah Ok, but you showed it more".
"What are we going to do when we get there?", I asked him.
He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
"Whatever you want Nicky, I don't care as long as we're together".
"I love you Jonathan", I said.
"I love you too Nicky", he smiled.
"How sweet", Mulroy said standing beside us his head all bandaged up.
I woke up with a jump.
"What is it Nicky", Jonathan asked.
I looked around. We were still on the plane and there was no Mulroy. I laughed with relief.
"You don't want to know Jonathan", I said.

He put his arm around me and I lay against his shoulder closing my eyes as he gently stroked my hair. Whatever the future held for us I knew that as long as he stayed with me and didn't get sick of me I would be happy. We'd done so much since we met in that hospital room. It seemed like a lifetime ago. A time that I would happily have lived over and over again if it was the only time I could have spent with him. And every time I lived it would have been better that the first. I fell asleep in his arms and dreamed of life in America and what it would hold. I was happy enough knowing that it was going to be with him. To the world he was Joathan Taylor Thomas, Teen Superstar. Not to me though. To me he was just a boy that had fallen in love with me and who I'd fallen in love with. I wouldn't have cared if he was a waiter. Teen Superstar? What's more important is that he's my hero.


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