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I woke up after a great sleep. Jonathon was still lying against my back. His lips were touching the back of my neck, and somehow he had managed to get one of his arms under me and his hands were closed around my waist. It felt weird, to be honest. But good weird. I lay there for about an hour, then I heard the door to the suite opening. I jumped up.
"Shit!" I whisered.
Jonathon stirred then looked up sleepily. His hair was all ruffled and he had lines all over the side of his face from the pillow. He looked dead cute, but there was no time for that now.
"What's going on?", he asked.
"Someone just came in", I replied.
"It's probably Ryan. His folks were picking him up this morning."
He flopped back down on the bed.
"Aren't you worried he'll come in and catch us?", I asked.
"I don't care", he replied, "I've never actually told Ryan anything, but I think he knew. Besides, we didn't do anything."
"Yeah, but..."
Just then the door opened and Ryan came in. He looked shocked.
"Don't you know how to knock", Jonathon asked.
"I knew it cousin. Youv'e been holding out on me. Think of the fun we could have been having!", Ryan said with a sly look on his face.
"I don't think so cousin. And, aren't you mad that I'm in bed with your boyfriend?" Jonathon asked.
"Hell no, he's not my boyfriend anyway". I felt a slight pang of hurt.
"Anyway", Jonathon said, "We didn't do anything. Nicky was having nightmares and I offered to...".
"Yeah whatever cousin. Hey Nicky I don't blame you for running off. Your Dad called to see you, and boy was he mad."

We went out into the sitting room and after Ryan had filled us in on the conversation between him and my father, I turned to Jonathon and said.
"Now, do you see. I told you he'd send me away."
"Yeah, I see. Well listen. We're here for another two weeks. So I say we just have fun, you can stay here. And when you feel ready, you can phone your folks, and see what they have to say. After they've been worried for a few days, they might feel differently."
"He can't stay here", Ryan said, "What will I tell my folks?".
"I don't care what you tell them. Don't tell them anything".
"He's not staying. We don't even know him", Ryan shouted, before storming into his room. Jonathon looked mad.
"Excuse me a minute", he said giving me a quick smile, before storming in after Ryan. I couldn't help myself, I snuck over and put my ear to the door.

"What is your problem?", I heard Jonathon ask Ryan.
"Your'e my problem. Since when did you pick up boys you don't know from hospital beds. Come to think of it, since when did you pick up boys at all. You kept that quiet cousin. I told you that I liked boys. You could have returned the courtesy."
"And have you trying to get into my pants at every opportunity. I don't think so."
"Well cousin, your'e hot. You know that. Could you blame me."
"Yeah I could. You're my cousin Ryan. I don't think of you like that. Your'e my best friend. That's all. Have you got no limits."
"So the object of this is for you to get into Nicky's pants, is it?"
"No it's not", Jonathon was mad now, "This kid tried to kill himself. he's messed up. And what do you do? You seduce him."
"Hey, he didn't take too much seducing", Ryan shouted back.
"Maybe not, but he was vulnerable. You took advantage. I've only know him for a day. But I already know there's something special about him. I've been waiting for someone like that for a long time and I'm not going to turn my back on him and let him..."
God, he was crying now. Jonathon Taylor Thomas was crying. Ryan's voice softened then.
"Ok, Jonathon. I'm sorry. I didn't know. He can stay. You dry your eyes. I'll go out and tell him."
Shit he's coming out. I ran back and jumped into the chair just as he came out the door.
"Nicky, I'm sorry. I was just jealous I guess. But Jonathon wants you to stay, and that's alright with me. The only Jonathon you know is the one that has the brothers Brad and Mark and the Toolman for a father. But he's nothing like that. He's scared and he's lonely and he needs another friend, besides a sex mad cousin like me."
"Thanks Ryan", I answered, "And...can we just forget about the other night when we...well you know."
"It's forgotten. Say no more. Now are you hungry, cos I'm ordering breakfeast."
I smiled and shouted for Jonathon.

Ryan went in to see his parents and Jonathon was on the phone speaking to his mother. I looked at him while he was talking. He was two years older than me, yet he was only about an inch taller. We had about the same build, but he was much sexier. He was really tanned with really thick full red lips. My heart thuded at the thought that those lips had touched my skin. His eyes were really sexy too, dark and mysterious looking. He was still only wearing his boxers and I couldn't keep my eyes off his sexy body. His chest was perfectly smooth and his stomach really flat. His nipples were dark and quite big and he had the cutest bellybutton. His legs were tanned aswell and really strong looking. I wanted him more than anything. I was getting really hard and as I was only wearing my boxers at the time I shook the thoughts from my head and picked up a magazine. Damn, he was in the magazine aswell. it was an article about his new film and there was a full page picture of him wearing the sexiest white shirt.

"Jonathon Taylor Thomas in Speedway Junky"

Teenage sex symbol Jonathon Taylor Thomas plays a gay street hustler in his latest movie...

That was interesting, I thought. Can't wait to see it. He got off the phone then and came and jumped in beside me on the couch. Our arms and legs were touching again and I felt my dick twitch.
"Come on Nicky", he said, "I'll give you something of mine to wear. I noticed you haven't much with you."
"That's great Jonathon", I replied, "I couldn't exactly go home and pick something up".
We went into the room and he started digging in his wardrobe for clothes for us.
"We're about the same height and build right?" Jonathon called from inside the wardrobe. He pulled out a pair of blue jeans, a tight white t-shirt and a short sleeved blue shirt for me, and for himself a pair of cream coloured combats and a black shirt.
"Alright?", he asked holding up the clothes, "We'll be the coolest guys on the street!"
"That's great Jonathon", I said, "I don't know how to thank you, how I'll ever repay you."
"Listen to me Nicky", he said, "This is very hard for me to say. I'm not used to this like Ryan is, but I'm not just doing this for you. I'm doing it for me aswell. I want us to be really close, more than friends, but I'm not going to pressure you into it. We'll know when the time is right for something to happen, and if it doesn't feel right to either of us, then we'll just be friends. Ok?".
"Yeah, that's Ok", I replied, "I really want that too."
He came over then and put his arms around my neck. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "I never sleep with someone on the first date."
We both looked at eachother and then laughed.
"You use the shower in here and I'll use the one in Ryan's room", he said heading for the door.

I sat on the bed for a minute thinking about things. I was happy now, but for how long. Jonathon would be gone in less than two weeks and where would I be then. Where would I go? I heard the shower start up next door in Ryan's room and I got up, stripped off and stepped into the shower. I turned the water on and let it run down over my face. I thought of Jonathon next door, naked in the shower and my dick got hard. I reached down and took my 5 and a half inches in my hand. I started to stroke gently, closing my eyes and imagining it was Jonathon who was jacking me off. I leaned back against the wall of the shower picuring it as leaning back against my stud. I imagined him kissing my neck and stroking my hard shaft up and down, faster and faster, harder. My foreskin was sliding over and back accross the head of my penis and the feeling was great. I was really horny and then I felt the tingling in my balls and I moaned as one shot after the other hit the wall of the shower. I opened my eyes to the brightness, away from the world in which me and Jonathon got to do it in the shower. but, if he wanted to wait then that was fine with me. It would make it all the more special. I used the shower head to wash my cum off the wall and then I washed myself using Jonathons shower gel. When it comes to washing my hair i'm a bit of a baby and can't stand to get soap in my eyes. I had my eyes all scrunched up as I opened the door to the shower and started fumbling on the rail to find a towel.

"Here you go", Jonathon said handing me a towel.
I reached for it suddenly bashful, covering myself quickly. I mean I'd walked around starkers in the showers at school in front of thirty other hot teenage studs without a problem. I dried my eyes and got out of the shower. Jonathon was wearing only his towel aswell. There were little beads of water all over him and drips were falling from his hair and down accross his face and chest. He looked sexy, really sexy.
"Ryan was in the room perving on me, so I thought I'd come back in here and perv on you", he said laughing, "Besides, I left my clothes in here."
He went over to a drawer and threw me out a pair of calvin klein boxers, white, and an identical pair for himself.
"I take it you have no clean ones", he said.
"No I don't, thanks", I answered. Even if I'd had twenty clean pairs I'd have taken his.
He turned away and started to dry himself. Now who was being bashful I thought. I was about to turn around myself when he took the towel from around his waist and started to dry his hair and all. His bare ass was in full view. It was a perfect ass. Really smooth and tight. It was really white compared to the rest of him, but I guess he can't sunbathe in the nude. I started to dry myself then, afraid he might catch me looking, but I took the odd glance up again. Maybe it was because I wasn't watching what I was doing but I stood on my towel and kind of twisted my leg and fell backwards banging my head on the ground. Jonathon rushed over to me, asking me if I was okay. My head was kinda spinning and I was seeing three of him, but I soon came around again.
"Shit", I said, "I was seeing stars there for a second".
My head was pounding, but I could see straight again. I realised then that I was lying on the floor completely naked. Jonathon reached out his hand and I took it and he dragged me up off the floor. We were now standing face to face and I realised that he too, was naked. I couldn't help it. I took a quick glance down. It looked incredible. It was about 4" soft and with a nice patch of dark pubic hairs. I couldn't really see his balls but they looked big. That was all I saw in the split second before I looked up again and our eyes met. I went really red.
"I suppose it's only fair", he said, "I got a good enough look at yours when you came out of the shower and when you were lying on your back on the floor."
We laughed and then he picked up my towel and handed it to me before going back for his own. I watched his tight ass as he walked accross the room. Even if I never saw his perfect body I think I'd still be in love with him. But then how could I be in love with him, I only met him the other day. Maye I was just in love with the idea of him. I was dressed at this stage and so was he, and he must of saw the confusion in my face because he came over and held both my hands in his.
"Don't be worrying about anything Nicky", he said, "All in good time."

We went out then into the living room to Ryan.
"So what are we going to do today?", Ryan asked, "My parents are gone sightseeing for the day."
"Come on Nicky, you live here. What can we do that's fun?" Jonathon said looking at me.
"You want fun?" I asked looking at Jonathon. He nodded. "You want fun?", I asked Ryan.
"Oh yeah", Ryan replied.
"Right, lets go!", I shouted.

So we had fun. First I took them ice skating. We skated for an hour and a half, slipping and falling on the ice. We laughed, and once after a pretty bad fall, Ryan cried. Then we went to the amusement park. We went on all the white knuckle rides and screamed for about three hours. Jonathon would place his hand on top of mine when we were holding onto the bars on the roller coasters. Ryan looked a bit jealous, but spent most of his time eyeing up the young studs in the park. He even ventured over to a few of them. So it wasn't much of a surprise when he came over to us with a really cute lad.
"This is Micahel", he said, "He's from Scotland, and he's staying at our hotel.
Michael was cute. Blonde hair, long on top and shaved at the side, baby white skin and a cute bod. He looked about 13.
"Michael, this is my cousin Jonathon, and his friend Nicky", Ryan went on. Michael never even looked in my direction. His eyes were bulging out of his head staring at Jonathon.
"Oh my God, you're...you're...", Michael stuttered.
"Yeah, yeah, keep it down would you", Jonathon said looking around him.
"Your'e Jonathon Taylor Thomas", michael shouted.
The whole area we were standing in seemed to go dead quiet as about 30 teenage girls stopped and stared. His sunglasses and cap that he was wearing had kept his identity a secret. Until now.
"Oh no", Jonathon said.
Then it was like a stampede as a crowd rushed at him screaming.
"Runnnnnnn", Jonathon shouted grabbing my hand.
And we ran. Ryan and Michael were right behind us as we ducked and dived through the people and the stands. Adults stopped and looked at four boys charging about with 30 girls chasing them, well chasing him. They probably thought we were up to some mischief or other. We ran out of the park and onto the street. We were gaining some distance between us and the girls. Down here I shouted pulling Jonathon down a side ally by the hand. A couple of turns and corners later and we were alone, no girls.
"Thanks a bunch", Jonathon said panting and looking at Michael. Michael was looking at us funny and I realised that we were still holding hands. I jerked my hand away, embarrased and Jonathon looked at me. He had a strange look in his eye that I'd never seen before. Then I realised it was hurt I saw. I felt really bad, so I said screw it, and slipped my hand back into his. He squeezed my hand and smiled.
"What are you two, boyfriends?", Michael asked.
"You mind your own business. You nearly got me mobbed. I can't go back to that park now", Jonathon said madly.
"Yeah, I'm sorry. But if Ryan had warned me...And I didn't mean anything about you two being boyfriends. I think it's cool. I can't believe I'm here talking to Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Your'e so cool. Can I have your autograph? What are you doing here?".
We looked at his eager face and all burst out laughing, except Michael who looked confused.

After that we went to get something to eat at Mc Donalds, then we went to the movies. We went to see "I still know what you did last summer", and Jonathon gave me all the dirt on the cast. We held hands, (something which seemed to be happening at every chance), and watched the film. I felt really safe with Jonathon. He was two years older than me and this gave me a real feeling of protection. Like somehow, cos he was more wise and sensible he would know what to do. And when to do it. He started nudging me then.
"What?", I whispered.
"Look at those two", he whispered back.
I looked over at Ryan and Michael, who were now holding hands aswell. Michael had his head on Ryans shoulder and Ryan was storking his soft blonde hair. It was lucky we were sitting right at the back, and it was dark.
"He's a real fast mover heh?", Jonathon said, "I don't know how they all fall so quickly for his charm. They need their heads examined."
He looked at me, then realised that I was one of those that needed their heads examined.
"Um, I didn't mean you. Well I suppose I did, but I don't now", he said looking really apologetic.
I just laughed and told him it was okay.

We messed around for another couple of hours and it was 9.00 by the time we got back to the hotel. We went straight to our room, and Michael went to his, to tell his parents he was staying in Jonathon Taylor Thomas's suite tonight! I didn't know if they'd believe him or not, but apparently they knew he was in the Hotel and agreed. It would give them peace for the night and they could go out. Ryans parents were nowhere to be found. Probably still out sightseeing. We sat watching movies for a while laughing and talking. Then after a few minutes of whispering between Ryan and Michael, Ryan gave us a sly smile and the two of them headed off to his room.

"Ugh, that is so disgusting", Jonathon cringed, "Well, not that it's disgusting but you know what I mean".
"No you're right Jonathon, it's disgusting", I said laughing.
"Well it's bad enough that we know theyr'e doing it", Jonathon laughed, "But we don't have to hear it too". He got up and put on the CD player.
A song came on that I really loved. The one of Dawsons Creek from the start. You know.

"I don't want to wait, for our lives to be over,"
I want to know right now,
How it's gonna be."

"Dance with me", Jonathon said smiling and taking me by the hand.
"I don't know", I replied, "I mean...".
"Oh, Come on", he said pulling me up off the couch.
We moved into the middle of the floor and he put his arms around my waist. I wasn't quite sure what to do so I put my arms around his neck and leanded my head against his shoulder so our cheeks were touching. I felt a bit funny dancing with a boy, and my heart was thudding. I could feel his heart beating really fast too. We never spoke. He pulled me closer to him and we turned slowly as the song played. He moved his head and kissed me on the cheek, so soft. My heart beat faster as he lay little kisses on my forehead, then my nose, then my cheek. Then it happened, our lips met. They just brushed together ever so slighlty and he pulled back a bit. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek and we went back to dancing again. He started to kiss my neck, moving up slowly over my chin. My hands, which were still around his neck, moved up into his blonde streaked hair. Then his lips were on mine again, but this time they lingered longer and he opened his mouth taking my bottom lip between both of his, and kinda sucked it, just for a second. Then he moved his lips to mine again and we kissed. At first it was just the pressing together of lips, but then he opend his mouth and parted my lips with his tongue. He slipped his tongue inside mine and for the first time our tongues touched. It wasn't a mad passionate kiss, it was gentle and slow, not one of lust but more of love. Tingles moved through my body like never before. It was never like this with Ryan. Jonathons hands moved lower then until they were touching my ass. He broke our kiss and gently leaned toward my ear.

"Nicky", he whispered, "Are you ready?".
"Yes", I said with confidence but inside my heart was beating and I was so scared I thought I would pass out. Then without a word, he took my hand in his and smiling he led me into his room.

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