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The knock on the door brought us out of our daze. I looked to Jonathan for instructions.
"What will I do Jonathan, quick", I asked.
He looked panicked. "I don't know. I can't think", he said, "Just go and hide. You too Michael. Go."
We jumped up and ran into Jonathan's bedroom.
"Quick, in here", Michael said running into the small bathroom. I followed him in and we closed the door.
"Why do I have to hide anyway?", Michael asked.
"Because you have a big mouth", I said, "And my father is very mean, and if he asked you a question you'd probably tell him".
"No, I wouldn't", Michael replied defensively.
He looked a bit put out so I said I was sorry.
"That's alright", he said perking up straight away. I was shaking wondering what was going on out the front. I was half expecting my father to open the door any minute and drag me out by the ear. That's a favorite of his, pulling me about by the ear.
"Ryan told me about you and him in the hospital", Michael said smiling.
"I don't want to talk about that", I said sternly.
"He told me that you and Jonathan are in love", he said.
"And what would he know", I asked.
"Jonathan told him. He told him aswell that he wanted to stay with you forever.
"Did he just. Look Michael, Jonathan warned me and now I'm going to warn you. Ryan is bad news. He's fun and all but he has no feelings for anyone he sleeps with. You're just a nice ass to him".
"You think I have a nice ass?", he asked.
"I'm not even going to answer that", I replied, "besides, I only have eyes for one ass, and it's out in the living room arguing with my Dad".
"Look", Michael said, "I'm not soft. If Ryan wants to use me for sex then that is fine by me. I've had about 20 boyfriends myself. I'll admit that Ryan is the cutest of them. And how do you know that I'm not using him for sex?"
"God, the two of you suit eachother", I said disgusted. It was all or nothing with me. There could be no sex without love. Ryan was a mistake. A mistake I wasn't going to make twice.
"Want me to suck your dick while we're waiting", Michael asked.
"What!!!!", I sad shocked.
"You know, give you a blowjob, suck your knob, lick on your lolly".
"Come here then", I said.
He came crawling across the floor and stretched his hand out towards my zip. When his fingers were a centimeter from my dick I grabbed him by the wrist.
"Right", I said, "That is the nearest that you will ever get to my dick again, and you count yourself lucky I don't tell Jonathan about this".
"OK, OK", he said pouting and sitting back again, "You wanna suck mine?". I just laughed.

After Michael and I had safely hidden Ryan went over and answered the door. My father came storming in.
"I was just in with your parents", he said to Ryan, "And they said I could ask you a few questions".
"Sure Sir, fire away", Ryan said a bit cheekily.
My father walked into the room and stopped when he saw Jonathan sitting on the couch.
"I know you", he said, "You're that kid off the TV. Roseanne or something.
"Well actually Sir", Jonathan said standing up, "It's Home Improvement, and I'm not a kid".
"Sure kid, whatever", my father said, "My son watched your show all the time. All googly eyes over you. Some of this is your fault you know. Putting ideas in young boys heads".
He was a successful businessman, probably had more money than Jonathan did, and he certainly wasn't the type who was impressed or intimidated by teenage stars.
"I don't put ideas in anyone's heads sir. I met your son in the hospital when I was visiting Ryan there and he seemed like a nice kid".
"Nice kid, nice kid!", my father roared, "I'll give him nice kid when I get a hold of him. His mothers had to cancel her trip to France because of this".
Jonathan was mad now aswell.
"Oh how awful. I've seen your wife. She could feed the starving with what she's wearing around her neck, and as for you, have you stopped to wonder why your son ran away? It was because of you, you and your hatred of gay people. All you want to do is send him to England so your Nephews can beat some sense into him. Well it's not on, so you get the hell out of this hotel room and you go and think about what your son means to you, or you'll never see him again".
Jonathan was spitting fire. His face was red and he'd lost his temper completely. My father just looked shocked. No one had ever spoken to him like that before.
"Do you know where my son is?", he roared.
"No I do not", Jonathan said.
"Tell me where my son is", he roared again grabbing Jonathan by the throat.
Jonathan leaned his head back and spat in my fathers face.
"I will never tell you, never", Jonathan screamed.
My father raised his hand in the air and brought it down fast towards Jonathan's face. He never even saw the vase coming that smashed into the back of his head. He slumped onto the floor and Jonathan looked at me in shock.
"You're meant to be hiding", he said.
"I..I heard the shouting. I know what he's like. I was scared you might get hurt so I...I".
"I'm alright", Jonathan said holding me in his arms, "See, not a scratch".
"Where's Ryan?", I asked.
"I don't know", Jonathan replied.
Just then we heard Jonathan coming down the hall with his parents. He was talking and crying at the same time and telling them to hurry, that my father was going to kill Jonathan. My father was starting to moan and stir.
"Hide Nicky", Michael said from the doorway, "I'll say I did it".
"No", I said, "I can't let you do that".
"Just do it", Michael said. I looked at Jonathan and he nodded so I ran into the room just as Ryan came in with his parents.

Ryan's mother gasped and put her hand to her mouth in shock when she saw my father lying on the floor.
"What happened?", she gasped.
"He attacked me", Jonathan said rubbing his neck.
"Attacked you?", Ryan's father said in disbelief.
"Yeah", Ryan said sobbing, "He started shouting and then he attacked Jonathan. He said we knew where his son was".
"Do you?", his mother asked.
"No we don't", Jonathan spoke up, "We haven't seen him since the hospital".
"Call the police George", Ryan's mother said to her husband.
"No", Jonathan said, "Just get him out of here. He's upset is all, and besides, we're going home tomorrow, aren't we?".
"Yes, Jonathan, we are", George said helping a confused looking father off the floor and taking him out of the room.
I was listening at the door of course. I hadn't had time to think about the fact that they were going tomorrow. Am I never going to see Jonathan again, I thought. I shook it from my head. It was too awful to think about.

"Who knocked him out", Ryan's mother asked about my father.
"It was me", Michael said stepping forward.
"And who are you?", she asked turning on her heel to look at Michael.
"I'm Ryan's boyfriend", he said matter of factly.
She threw her head back and laughed.
"I don't know where you children come up with these stories, but I for one don't find them very amusing".
"It's true Mom. He is. I love him. We're getting married", Ryan said seriously.
She stared in disbelief at Ryan then at Michael and she looked very pale. Ryan and Michael looked at eachother and burst out in fits of laughter.
"Had you going Mom", Ryan said.
"Ohh, you kids are too much for me", she said charging out off the room, but Jonathan said he thought he saw her smile.

I came out of the room when I heard her go.
"I'm so sorry", I said crying, "I should never have come here. This would never have happened and now Ryan's crying and my father tried to kill you. I'm causing you so much trouble. What am I going to do?"
I broke down completely. It was too much for me. I couldn't take it. I wasn't strong like Jonathan, I couldn't even stand up for myself. It was so messed up. Jonathan looked at me sitting on the floor, hugging my knees to my chest and sobbing. I thought I saw pity in his eyes.
"Don't pity me Jonathan", I cried, "Please. Don't pity me, I couldn't take it".
"What?", he asked getting down beside me, "I don't pity you Nicky. I would never pity you. You're amazing".
"You looked at me with pity", I cried, "Please Jonathan, don't do it. Help me. Please help me".
Ryan and Michael were standing watching me, but I didn't care. I was an emotional wreck. All I could see was Jonathan. All I wanted was him. He rocked me in his arms.
"I didn't look at you with pity", he said, "What you saw in my eyes was pain. I feel pain not pity. Your pain is my pain".
"Don't leave me Jonathan", I looked at him desperately, "Please don't leave me".
"I won't leave you Nicky. I promise I won't leave you".
"But you have to go home. You have to go home. And my father, my fathers going to send me away. Don't let him send me away".
"I won't", Jonathan said crying. I clung to him desperately.

It was about lunchtime when he calmed me down. He ordered food and said we could get a video. He sent Ryan down to rent a video and I made them get one with Jonathan in it. Jonathan looked embarrassed but never said a word. They got Wild America. I was happy.

We never spoke the rest of the evening about anything that might have set me off again. I felt a bit embarrassed about my display earlier, but Jonathan told me not to worry about it. So we sat and watched the video and Jonathan kept covering his face. I on the other hand, never took my eyes off the screen. It was about the tenth time I'd seen this movie but I'd never grow tired of it. He looked a lot different in that. Cuter definitely, but he was a lot sexier now. And I was going to lose him.

When the movie was over I asked could I use the phone and I rang my parents.
"Hello", Rosa the maid answered.
"Can I speak with my parents please?", I asked.
"Master Nicky. Oh thank goodness", Rosa cried, "You're safe. I was so worried. I though the worst. I prayed every night".
I like Rosa, she'd practically raised me herself. I suppose she thought of me as one of her sons. She had ten.
"I'm OK Rosa. Honest".
"Who is that Rosa?", I heard my father asking in the background.
"It's master Nicky sir, he's safe".
"Give me the phone Rosa. Nicky?".
"Yeah Dad it's me. Why did you attack Jonathan".
"Jonathan? Oh Mr. Superstar. Well maybe I shouldn't of done that but he made me mad. Is that where you are?".
"Right I'm coming to get you".
"No you're not. I'll be home tomorrow".
"Tomorrow. Do you know what you've put your mother through? You will get home right now, if I have to come over there and drag you out by the hair".
"You come over here and you'll never see me again. Now I'll say it once more. I'll be home tomorrow. Come here and I'll have Jonathan press charges for assault".
"Now you listen here young man, I won't listen...".
"And another thing", I interrupted, "I refuse to go to live with that evil bitch you call a sister and the two thugs that she calls sons. Goodbye".
I hung up.
"Well done", Jonathan said hugging me, "Well done".
I saw another new look in his eyes. He didn't pity me. He was proud of me.
"I love you", he said.
"I love you more", I replied.
"Yeah well, we're getting married", Michael called from the couch.
We all laughed.
"Shouldn't you have gone back to your own room Michael?", Jonathan asked.
"No. My parents are gone out to dinner. They said I can stay here again tonight".
Jonathan rolled his eyes and Ryan grinned.

Ryan and Michael went to bed early. I didn't need to ask why. Jonathan and I sat up for hours talking. We knew that when we woke up the next morning that we would be parted.
"It'll be alright", Jonathan said, "You'll see. I'll ring you every chance I get and I expect an e-mail every day. I'll come back in a few months for a visit and maybe your parents could even bring you to the US for a holiday".
"I know Jonathan", I said, "I mean we knew it was only for two weeks. It's just not fair that now we don't even have that. I just wish...I wish there was some other way".
"But there isn't Nicky", Jonathan said stoking my hair, "You want to go to bed", he said smiling.
"Yeah", I replied, "And we better make it good, it'll be our last time for a while".
"Just looking at you is enough for me", Jonathan replied.
"Well, if you don't wanna...", I said.
"Did I say that", Jonathan said grabbing me around the waist and dragging me off the couch onto the floor.
"You're eager", I said.
"Just making up for lost time", he said kissing me.

Once in the bedroom I pushed Jonathan onto the bed and climbed on top of him.
"Promise me, you're not going to run back to America and find yourself a new boyfriend. Some model or something, or Mark!"
"Mark who?", he asked.
"Mark Taylor, your brother, you know, Brad and Mark".
"Ooh, yuck, that's disgusting", he said laughing, "He is definitely not my type. Now Zachary, that's a different story".
"Don't even dare", I laughed hitting him in the stomach.
He faked being winded clutching his stomach and scrunching up his face.
"I'm sorry", I said, "Are you alright? I didn't mean it...I just meant".
"You're not that strong Nicky", he said jumping up and knocking me onto my back and sitting on my dick.
"Sneaky, very sneaky", I laughed.
He stopped laughing then and leaned over and kissed me on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth.
"Wanna take a shower?", he asked.
"What is this? One of your sick fantasies", I asked.
"Yeah, why?"
"No reason, lets go".

He started the shower running and then came over and started to undress me. I felt like a little baby being undressed for bathtime and I started to giggle.
"You think this is funny?", he asked seriously.
"No. Sorry. I just thought of something funny".
"What was it. Ryan's dick", he asked.
"Oh, cheap shot", I laughed as he slipped my boxers down over my knees and I leaning my hands on his shoulders stepped out of them. Then it was his turn. I opened his shirt and pulled it down trapping his arms. I kissed him, enjoying the feel of his thick lips against mine. I let him tug his shirt off and I moved my hands up over his flat stomach, and nipples, still kissing him. I dropped down and undid his belt buckle, opening his trousers. His dick was hard and pressing against his boxers. he was wearing black Calvin Klein's, the same as mine. Isn't he sweet I thought. I pulled his jeans down and when I'd dragged his shoes off he kicked them off his feet. Then there was just his boxers. I had to have a close up of this so I knelt right beside his dick and slipped my hands down the back of his boxers cupping his ass in my hands. I kissed his dick through his boxers and then I sucked on his dick through the material. I pulled his boxers off and kissed the tip of his dick once before standing up.

We got into the shower, the hot water pouring over us. He looked like a vision, with his hair all wet and drips falling down over his face. He hugged me close to him, our dicks pressed together, kissing me passionately. He stopped kissing me and reached for the shower gel pouring some onto his hand. He rubbed it into my chest and spread it up over my shoulders the soap frothing up. He moved it down my stomach, gently massaging my smooth skin. He knelt down, the water splashing over his back and rubbed my legs with the soap, moving his hands up until the tips of his fingers would touch my balls. Then he turned me around and started to rub my ass, moving his hands right down the backs of my legs. My legs were tight together and he pushed his hand through my legs under my balls, cupping my dick in his hand and bringing his hand back again. He made a fist around my dick and started to stroke it slowly, hardly touching it, and the pleasure ran through my body. I was in heaven. He turned me around to face him again, my rock hard dick touching his nose. He lifted his mouth to my balls, sucking them between his thick lips. Then he plunged straight onto my dick, and I felt it slipping down his throat. The heat of his mouth was amazing and I nearly fell over with pleasure. The hot water of the shower ran down my chest and past his lips, as he sucked like his life depended on it. His hands were squeezing my ass and he allowed his fingers to wander to my hole, as he applied pressure. My butt was still all soapy and it was easy for him to slip his middle finger into my pink hole. He wiggled it about a bit, still sucking on my dick furiously and with this combination I was going over the edge, shoving my dick into his mouth, feeling his thick lips gliding over the smooth skin of my shaft. I was gasping, the pleasure overwhelming me and I was pushing my butt against his finger. He was circling my head with his tongue and with his free hand he was stroking my leg. My whole body stiffened, I yelled and came in about 6 spurts, the feeling of relief amazing. I was so dizzy I nearly passed out falling against him, leaning my hands on his shoulder. it must have been the combination of the hot water and the pleasure he was giving me, and the fact that I was crazy in love with him that made me so weak at the knees. He stood, holding me up while I got my breath back.
"Jonathan", I said, "I want you to..".
"What?", he asked.
"I want you to do it, you know", I said embarrassed in case he thought it would be disgusting.
"Are you sure you're ready?", he asked, "I mean I want to, but I wasn't gonna cos I thought maybe you were a bit young. There is two years between us, I mean...".
"Jonathan", I said, "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I'm not scared. I want to show you how much I love you. I want to have this bond with you".
"OK", he said, "Lets go".

He led me out of the shower and grabbed a towel drying me off while I dried him. His dick was still hard and I spent a couple of minutes drying it.
"Careful", he said, "You don't want me to come in your hand do you?"
"No, I don't", I said dragging him back into the bedroom.
He grabbed a bottle of hand cream of hand cream or something.
"Hand cream", I said.
"Well, I didn't exactly plan on this", he said, "I didn't have a chance to go shopping".
I lay down on the bed on my back. He looked nervous.
"Shouldn't we like be using a condom or something", he said.
"Jonathan don't worry", I said, "I trust you. You're not going to hurt me".
He smiled, leaning down and kissing me. His dick was rock hard and he rubbed some of the cream on it and then parting my legs he rubbed some on my tight hole, slipping his finger in. I moaned.
"Are you ready?", he asked, "you don't have to".
"I'm ready, and I want to", I replied.
He knelt between my legs and pushed them up towards my stomach revealing my tight hole. He positioned his hard 7" dick so it was just touching my hole. The feel of the tip of his dick touching my hole got me really turned on. I looked up. I guess most people would be thinking, I'm gonna be fucked by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, teen superstar. But I just thought, I'm gonna make love to Jonathan, the boy I love. Fucked, was such a dirty word I thought, I'm not gonna use that anymore. We were going to make love, not fuck. And I didn't think of him as a superstar anymore anyway, I kinda forgot he was most of the time. Even if he worked in a fast food restaurant, I wouldn't have loved him any less.

He started to push his dick forward. My hole was really tight and his dick was really thick and I cringed as pain shot up my spine. He looked at me worriedly but I smile and he kept going, moving it in a little, then pausing while I got used to it, then pushing again, stretching my small ass to it's limits with his hard dick. After a few minutes I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass and his balls pressed against mine. It felt great. I felt so full up, so loved. We were joined, I'd never felt closer to anyone in my life. I suppose you couldn't get much closer than this. He started to slide in and out, drawing right back until only the tip of his dick was left in me and then sliding back in until his balls were pressed against mine. The pleasure rippled through my body, and I could tell by the look on his face that the experience was just as good for him. His face was scrunched up, and I could tell he was having trouble not coming there and then. I was really turned on and I was squirming around under him. Every time he touched me it was heaven and he was moving in and out of me furiously, his balls slapping off mine. He was sweating furiously and panting and moaning.
He kept saying, "Oh god Nicky, I love you, I love you".
My dick felt like it was going to burst, and he hadn't even touched it. His dick seemed to swell inside me, the pressure was amazing and I came arching my back, my ass tightening around his hard dick. He shoved in once more, moaned and I felt him explode inside me, filling me with his sweet cream. He collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath, his now soft dick still inside me. His eyes were filled with tears, his lips pressed against my neck, his chest heaved up and down.

He slipped his dick out of me and moved up kissing me on the lips.
He was shaking so I pulled the covers up over us holding him tight.
"Nicky", he said, "That was...amazing, incredible, I love you so much".
"I know", I answered, "And I love you too".

I got up to go to the toilet and when I came back he was lying on his side asleep, the light of the lamp shining on his face. It was lucky he was asleep, because when I saw him lying there like that, so peaceful, so beautiful, I burst into tears. In a few hours we would be torn apart. How could I let him go? My heart was breaking and there was nothing I could do to stop it. My whole world, everything that made life worth living, was getting on a plane tomorrow morning. I climbed into bed, hugging my sleeping love, and cried myself to sleep.

"Nicky, wake up", Jonathan's whisper woke me from my sleep.
I looked up. He was dressed but it was still dark.
"What's going on, what time is it?", I asked.
"It's 2.00am", he replied.
"2.00am?", I asked, "You're not going now are you?".
"No Nicky. Your wish just came true", he said throwing me some clothes onto the bed.
"Wish. What wish?", I asked.
"You wished there was some other way. There is another way Nicky. It's the only way there is. I refuse to let you go. I won't let you go".

I looked at the determination in his face and the anger in his eyes, and I got up.

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