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He wouldn't tell me what was going on until I was dressed. While I got dressed he threw all our clothes into a bag. By our clothes, I mean his clothes, but what was his was mine now.
"Where are we going?", I asked.
"I don't know", he replied, "Anywhere away from here. As far away from the airport as we can get".
"We can't run away Jonathan. What will we do? How will we live?", I asked scared.
"Nicky, I don't know. All I know is I can't go back to the states without you."
He grabbed my arms and looked into my worried eyes.
"You'll just have to trust me", he said, "I'll think of something. Now are you coming or not?", he said zipping up the two rucksacks and offering one to me".
I just smiled and threw my arms around him.
"I love you Jonathan, I'll go anywhere with you".

We snuck out of the room quietly.
"Quiet or you'll wake...", he began, "Ryan, What are you doing up?".
Ryan was standing by the door.
"Where are you going?", Ryan asked madly.
"Away", Jonathan said.
"And you were just going to leave without saying a word. I don't believe you Jonathan. I thought we were best friends, and now you only have time for Nicky. Do you hate me or what?", Ryan started sobbing.
Jonathan went to him.
"Of course I don't hate you, you're my cousin. I love you, but I'm in love with Nicky. You have to understand that, don't you? I need him.
"I understand and I'm coming with you", Ryan said.
"No you're not", Jonathan said, "You're too young. You can't come. Your parents would kill me. My parents would kill me".
"I don't care. I'm coming. If you don't bring me I'm gonna tell my folks".
"You wouldn't", Jonathan said.
"No I wouldn't, but can't you just trust me?", Ryan said.
"Why should we trust you?", I asked.
He paused.
"Because noone ever has", he said sincerely.
"Alright", Jonathan said, "You can come for a few days, but then I'm sending you home. Get your stuff and your passport. They won't let you on a plane without it".
"Michael's coming too", he said.
"Jesus", Jonathan said, "No way. Ryan he can't. We hardly know the kid".
"I know him as well as you know Nicky", Ryan said.
It was a good point.
"Do you love him?", Jonathan asked.
"No. But I think I could", Ryan said sincerely.
"He might not want to come, have you thought of that?", I asked.
"I'm coming", Michael said standing at the bedroom door.
"Shit", Jonathan said, "This wasn't the way I planned things".
"You have a plan?", I asked.
"No, but if I did this wouldn't have been in it".

So the four of set off into the night, not knowing where we were going. We walked through the streets aimlessly while Jonathan thought. We held hands, but whenever anyone passed we let go. Not because we were embarrassed, but at 3.00 a.m you didn't walk around holding hands with a boy. You could get beat up easily for that.
It was cold and we clung close to eachother.
"What are your parents going to say about this Michael?", Jonathan asked.
"They're going to freak, but who cares", Michael said.
"I care", Jonathan said.
"I have an idea", I said.
"What is it?", Jonathan asked stopping and looking at me.
"Lets go to England", I said, "Michael's from Scotland. We can get to England and put Michael on a bus back to Scotland".
"Your'e forgetting something Nicky", Jonathan said, "England is accross the Irish sea, we can't get a bus there. We'd have to get a plane and you or Michael have no passports".
"Forget about a plane. We get a ferry. The harbours about 30 minutes walk from here. Past my house. Me and a couple of guys used to sneak on the ships when they were docked and explore around them".
"Don't you need a passport for that too?", Jonathan asked, "And besides I have about 20. My cash cards don't work here.
"Your'e not listening Jonathan", I said smiling, "We used to sneak on and off those ships easily. So this time we just sneak on, but not off.
Jonathans eyes brightened.
"He's not just a pretty face huh? That just might work, what do you think guys", Jonathan said turning back to the other two, "Wanna go to England and see Buckingham Palace".
"What?", Ryan asked breaking off a kiss from Michael.
"Never mind. And stop making out all the time. This is serious.
"This is an adventure", Ryan said.
"No Ryan it isn't", Jonathan said seriously, "Your'e going home in a few days but I can never go home, not until Nicky's 18 and can get a passport".
"But we have passports, and we're not 18", Ryan said smartly.
"Yeah well, our parents authorised ours. Do you want to stop off and ask Nickys' Dad to sign a form for him?", Jonathan said.
"I guess not", Ryan said defeated.
"Right, lets go catch a ferry", Jonthan said, and off we headed.

We had to pass by my house on the way to the harbour, and I was dreading it. What if my Dad was driving home or something. Three in the mornig wasn't an unusual time to expect him home. When we were in front of my house, I turned to Jonathan.
"Well that's it, my house".
"You going to miss it?", he asked.
"No way. But listen, I have 200 hidden in my room that I've been saving. I could go in and..."
"No Nicky. It's too risky".
"Jonathan 200 is nearly $400. We have no money. We have to eat and find somewhere to sleep. We need this money".
He looked worried.
"Alright", he said reluctantly, "Michael, Ryan, you hide in those trees. No arguments. Nicky, I'm coming with you. My nerves couldn't stand waiting out here for you to come out".

We headed up the long drive. Dads' car was missing, so that was something. There were no lights on in the house. It would only be Mom in there. She'd never hear us. We went around the back way and I reached for the key under a flower pot".
"Original", Jonathan smiled.
I turned the key in the door and we stepped inside. I didn't want to turn on the lights so we crept through the house and made it upstairs to my room. I closed the door behind me and turned the light on. My room is at the back of the house so noone would see it from the road.
"It's hidden in about 20 different places", I told Jonathan, "Start looking".
We had uncovered about 180 of it when I turned to see Jonathan opening a drawer in my desk.
"Theres none in there", I said plunging at him knocking him to the floor and taking a lamp with me. The noise echoed through the house and we lay in silence for five minutes until we were sure we were undiscovered.
"What have you got in there Nicky?", he asked laughing, "Porn?".
"No, theres nothing in there", I replied.
"Show me then".
"Alright then".
I was absoloutely embarrassed as I reached into the drawer and pulled out about 30 cutouts of Jonathan from magazines and printouts off the net. He looked at my scorching red face and sniggered.
"You think this is funny?", I asked.
"Yeah", he answered.
"Well I don't", I replied.
"Oh, come on Nicky. I can totally understand. Everyone has cutouts of me in their drawers".
"Quiet", I said when he started to roar laughing, "Do you want to wake my Mom?".
"No, I've seen your Mom. She's so ugly, that when she was a child her parents had to tie a steak around her neck so the dog would play with her". He fell onto the floor laughing, but he stopped just as quick when he saw my face.
"Nicky. I'm sorry. I didn't mean...".
"Yeah you did Jonathan. But shes still my Mom and she loves me in her own way. She wasn't always like this you know. She used to take me everywhere when I was little. For walks in the country, to the beach, everywhere. And every night she'd sing me to sleep.
"What happened?", Jonathan asked.
"My Dad happened. His hours got later and later, and my Mom got madder and madder and I suppose when she wasn't getting any love, she forgot how to give it herself.
"That sucks", Jonathan said.
"Yeah it kinda does I guess, but I have you now, and don't stop loving me like my Mom did".
"Nicky I would never...I could never stop loving you. I've never felt like this before".
"I know Jonathan, it's just...", I began.
"What was that?", Jonathan jumped up.

The front door had slammed. It was my Dad.
"Shit", I said, "It's Dad, quick turn off the light".
Jonathan jumped up turned off the light and then fell over me crashing on the floor. The noise was terrible, worse than the lamp.
"Shit", Jonathan cried out, "I think I broke my arm".
"Quickly", I said, "In here".
I pulled him into the closet shutting the door behind us. I could hear Dad running up the stairs. Jonathan was clutching his arm and sobbing with pain. I stroked his hair trying to soothe him. My bedroom door opened.
"Nicky?", my dad called out, "Are you here?".
I covered Jonathans mouth with my hand. He was shaking. Probably in shock. My Dad was walking around the room. I heard him go into the bathroom.
"Nicky", he called again.
He was routing around the room, looking for signs that I was there.
"Nicky!". God, he was right outside the closet door. He was going to find us. The knob started to turn and I pulled Jonathan further into the closet as though the shadows would hide us.

"What's going on?", my mothers voice asked from the door.
The door knob was released.
"I thought I heard a noise...".
"And you thought it was Nicky?", she said, "He said he's be home tomorrow. You actually thought he'd come home early. Here! When you've made it so clear that you can't stand him".
"Oh no Christine, you are not going to blame this all on me. This is your fault. If you hadn't treated him like a little girl all his life then maybe he wouldn't be...".
"Wouldn't be what?".
"You know what".
"Go on say it, you can't, can you?".
"You know what I'm talking about".
"That he's gay".
"Yes gay!", my father shouted, "Gay. There are you happy now".
She laughed, well it was more like a scream.
"Happy? No Martin I am most certainly not happy. I'm not even slightly amused. Should I be? Should I be happy because you're torturing our son?".
"Me? You stormed out of the hospital when he told you, and then when you caught him in bed with this other kid".
"The one you attacked!", she screamed.
"I didn't attack him. It's the other one who he's...involved with. That boy off the TV. John whats his name? Him!", my father exclaimed seeing the cutouts on the desk.
I heard my mother shuffling through them.
"Jonathan Taylor Thomas? You attacked, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Well it was the other one who he was in bed with. What makes you think he's seeing this Jonathan.
"I knew", my father said, "I saw it in his eyes when he spat on my face. His eyes were evil. Those weren't the eyes of someone sticking up for a friend. They were the eyes of someone who is...someone who is in love with our son".
"He spat in your face", my mother laughed, "I'd have paid to see that. Well Nicky, you've done well for yourself".
"You condone this?", my father said disgusted.
"No I don't but I'm not going to drive him out of here. He's my only son and I love him".
"Love him or not, he's going to England to live with his Aunt. He doesn't know it yet but he's going".

My father stormed out of the room and my mother followed him shouting. They slammed their bedroom door and I couldn't hear what they said anymore. "Are you alright?", Jonathan whispered.
"Never mind me", I said wiping my eyes, "I'm OK. How are you? Is it broken?"
"I think I might have over reacted a bit", he said embarassed, "It's not that sore now".
"Right, lets get out of here", I said.
We creeped past my parents bedroom. They were still shouting and they didn't hear us leave. I could do pretty much what I liked when they were fighting. They never heard me, never even noticed me.

When we got back to Michael and Ryan, they were more than glad to see us.
"Where were you?", Ryan shouted, "We saw the car going in. We heard shouting. We thought that...".
"Don't worry", Jonathan said, "We're OK".
"Did they catch you?", Michael asked.
"No", I said.
"Who was he shouting at?", Ryan asked.
"My mother", I answered.
"Oh, heavy", Ryan said.

We made it to the harbour after about 20 minutes of walking in silence. I ran over to the wall to check out the schedule.
"Theres one leaving at 8.00 am", I said.
"Cool, how do we get on it?", Jonathan asked.
"Follow me", I shouted running across the car park. "I know a way in".
We ran accross to the large fence surrounding the docking area. I smiled when I moved back a sign to see that there was still a hole in the fence. We climbed through and made our way through the deserted yard, between crates and cranes. It was about 4.30 am and there wasn't a soul in site.

"How do we get on the ferry?", Michael asked.
"Like this", I said running accross to the edge of the pier where the immense ships loomed above us, "We climb".
"Up the anchor?", Ryan asked going pale.
"Yeah, see that hole at the top where the rope comes out. Well a grown man could fit in there".
"But it must be a hundred feet", Michael said.
"I thought you guys wanted adventure", Jonathan replied.
"Ok we'll do it", Ryan said determined.
"We weren't going to ask you", I laughed, "You have no choice in the matter".
"Isn't there anyone on the ship?", Michael asked.
"No, they have rooms in that building over there for the crew. Most of them live near here anyway", I answered.
"Right, Michael and Ryan, you go first", I instructed, "Then Jonathan, and I'll go last. Put your rucksacs on your backs and wrap your legs around the rope. Youv'e done this in PE a hundred times, haven't you?."
"What's PE?", Jonathan asked.
"Gym. We call it PE here, for Physical Education".
"Right, all aboard", Jonathan shouted.

So we watched as Michael pulled himself up the rope. He was quite agile and made it up really quick and we saw his feet disappear in through the hole. He poked his head back out.
"Come on Ryan", he shouted, "That was easy. I'll be here to pull you in".
"Oh, I feel so much better now", Ryan muttered as he pulled himself onto the rope, looking down at the deep water below him lapping against the pier in an eerie sound.
"Don't look down", I shouted, "Just keep climbing".
It was a struggle for him, but he made it up OK and Michael dragged him in through the hole.
"Right Jonathan", I said, "You're next. Hows your arm?".
"It's OK".
"I'll come up right behind you, just in case".
"You don't have to, I'll be fine".
"No I want to", I answered, "It'll give me a good chance to look at that cute butt of yours".
"Yea, you'll get a good look at it if I come crashing down on top of you".
"It wouldn't be the first time, would it?", I reminded him.
I don't think he knew if I was talking about sex or about him falling in my bedroom. I meant the sex.

Jonathan made it up with me right behind him. He was in a lot of pain but he struggled on. When he got to the top Michael grabbed his bad arm, and his reflexes caused him to jerk back and the rope swung violently, and he kind of swung around it on one arm, before I caught him around the waist with my free arm and steadied him. That was close I thought. He said nohing and just climbed in through the hole. When I climbed through myself he had knocked Michael onto the floor and was holding him by the neck.
"Are you stupitd", he shouted, "I nearly fell. Nicky would have fallen too. I should break your jaw for this".
I ran over. Michael was pale and shaking and obviously terrified. I grabbed Jonathan by the shoulder and he threw his arm back catching me right in the face with the back of his hand. The pain stabbed through my face and my heart, as I fell back on the ground.
Michael started crying and Ryan stood with a look of shock on his face. Jonathan stood up, looked at Michael lying on the oily floor sobbing and then he looked at me behind him, holding my face. But for once I wasn't crying. I was hurt and I was mad. I couldn't believe he'd hit me. If looks could kill, he'd have been six feet under.

"I'm...I'm sorry", he said. His eyes were wide and beads of sweat ran over his face.
I got up off my ass and walked past him without a word, and picked Michael up off the floor.
"It's alright", I soothed him, "He won't try and hurt you again". Michael sobbed against my shoulder for a minute before running into Ryans' arms.
I turned to Jonathan.
"He didn't know Jonathan. We never told him you'd hurt your arm. He's only 13 for gods sake. What were you doing?"
"I...I don't know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry".
"I'm sorry too Jonathan", I began, "I thought you were the sweetest boy in the whole world. I didn't think you were capable...capable of actually hitting me".
"I'm sorry, I don't know what happened".
"I thought you loved me", I said.
"I do Nicky. I love you more than anything", he said rushing to my side.
"No Jonathan", I shouted jerking my arm away from his touch, "You don't hit someoe you love. This isn't love. I loved you and I would never have hit you".
"Loved?", he asked confused, "You said loved Nicky. you said it in past tense. Don't you love me anymore?".
"What are wemon always told when their husbands beat them up? They're told to leave, get out, not to put up with it. You did this Jonathan", I said pointing at my cheek which was now turning black, "And I hate you for it. Love? you don't know the meaning of the word".

I turned and ran to hide the tears which I knew were coming. I couldn't believe it. I felt used, cheated and so alone. I'd thought he was perfect. I wouldn't have minded if he'd had flaws. No one is perfect. I'm not, and I never expected him to be. He was shouting after me crying loudly. It took all the strength I had left not to turn and run into his arms. Of course I still loved him, but it could never work. I would not be hit by him, not by him.

I decided that when we got to England I would put Michael on a bus to Scotland, and Jonathan and Ryan could go their own way. My heart was breaking inside, but this time I listened to my head. He didn't love me. He never loved me. I felt bitter and my anger took over, making all the decisions for me. It was over. The craziness had gone on long enough.

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