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I made my way sobbing down from the anchor control room into the deck below. It was a long corridor of cabins. I ran right to the end of it and fell against a door crying. I was mad as hell but I was more hurt than anything. My face was stinging and I brought my hand up to it, cringing at the pain. A constant reminder of what he'd done. I looked up through blurred eyes to see Ryan making his way towards me.

"Are you OK Nicky?", he asked sitting down beside me.
"No", I answered.
"If it's any consolation, Jonathan's in pieces up there".
"God yes, that's just what I needed. I feel so much better now. Whatever was I upset about?".
Ryan hung his head.
"I'm sorry Ryan", I said, "it's not your fault".
"That's alright. But listen Nicky, he really didn't mean it. He's never raised his hand to anyone before and he...".
"Did he send you down here?", I asked.
"Yeah, whatever".
"He didn't", Ryan insisted, "He couldn't speak if he tried. He's just sitting there staring at the wall and shaking his head. I tried to speak to him, but he wouldn't answer. I'm scared for him".
"Yeah well, I'm scared of him".
"No you're not".
"He hit me".
"He didn't mean to Nicky. He was mad and when you grabbed his shoulder he didn't even think, just lashed back. He was only mad because he got a bad scare".
"Well I got a scare too, and I didn't go in and hit him".
"He didn't mean it".
"Whether he meant it or not it proved to me that he can't really love me".
"Right, I've had it with you", Ryan said standing up, "Jonathan doesn't love you? That's ridiculous. Do you have any idea what he's given up for you. He's given up a good home, he's given up his career".
"He doesn't have to give up his career", I said.
"Oh no?", Ryan roared, "You're 15 Nicky. The police are going to know you're with him. What's he gonna do? Sneak in somewhere and make a film. You think he hasn't thought about all this? He has, and he chose you. He gave up everything, for you".
"Well he shouldn't have bothered should he?", I said getting up, "Now I suggest you go up there and tell them to come down. We have to find somewhere to hide".
He mumbled and frustrated stamped his foot on the floor before heading back.

I led them down below to another cabin area and went into one of the rooms.
"Won't anyone come in here?", Michael asked.
"It's a three hour journey", I said, "I don't think anyone is going to need a cabin, do you?".
"Lay off him Nicky", Ryan said glaring at me.
"It's alright Ryan", Michael said.
"No it's not. He shouldn't be..."
"I said leave it".
"No I won't leave it Mikey".
"Don't call me Mikey Ryan".
"Why not Mikey?".
Mikey, I mean Michael just shrugged and left the room going into the cabin next door.
"Baby", Ryan said.
Jonathan was staring at me.
"What are you looking at?", I asked him, "My black eye? Nice piece of work isn't it".
He looked really hurt and I felt like a bit of an asshole, but nevertheless I stormed out of the room and went into the cabin with Michael.

"They're both assholes", I said to Michael.
"Yeah, tell me about it", Michael replied, "But I don't really mean that. And I don't think you do either".
He was absoloutely right. I didn't. My heart was breaking. Every word I said to Jonathan that made his face cringe, made me feel sick. I felt physically like I was gonna throw up. But pride more than anything stopped me from forgiving him. I couldn't forgive him.
"Michael, can I ask you something?".
"Sure", he replied.
"What are you doing here? Why did you run away with us?.
"Because I wanted to have some fun".
"If you wanted fun you could go to an amusement park, or go to the beach. You know, fun stuff!".
"Yeah, I could I guess, but Ryan wouldn't be there would he?".
"No he wouldn't".

With that Ryan came into the room.
"Nicky, I'm sorry for biting your head off. Forgive me?", Ryan asked genuinely.
"Of course I forgive you Ryan".
"Could you forgive Jonathan too?".
"Ryan, don't", I said.
"Ok, sorry. I'll mind my own business. I'm not trying to throw you out, but can me and Michael be alone?".
"Sure no problem", I said getting up and leaving the room.
At least someone would be getting some tonight.

At this stage it was about 6.00 am. I walked up and down the corridor for a while. All the other doors were locked. Just my luck I thought. I couldn't stay out here. The crew would be getting back on the ferry soon and I had to hide. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Jonathan was sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. He was crying. He looked up when he saw me and smiled.
I just threw myself down on the other bed facing the wall.
I didn't answer.
I covered my ears.
"What?", I screamed.
He flinched at my anger and started crying again. Jesus I thought, as I tried to drown his sobbing out. He'd obviously taken it hard. His eyes were practically raw from crying. I felt sorry for him, but I felt sorry for me too. I was so confused. I knew deep down he never meant to hurt me, but I just couldn't let him away with it. Could I? "Won't you speak to me Nicky?", he asked.
I din't answer and he got up and left the room. I felt like my heart had gone with him. I felt empty when he wasn't near. I did what my heart told me, and I followed him.

I found him easily. He was up on deck staring out at the sea. I looked at him. His hair was blowing in the wind.
"Jonathan", I shouted.
He swung around. We were a good distance apart. He looked so hurt and so ashamed. My heart melted and I held out my hand to him. He smiled and ran to me, hugging me tight and kissing my face.
"Nicky, do you forgive me", he cried desperately, "I love you. I never meant to hurt you. I'm so sorry and I'm ashamed. I feel like scum. You've already been through so much, and I...I...I did this to you", he said stroking my cheek.
"It's alright Jonathan. I forgive you, but it can never happen again. Never, or it's over".
"Nicky, it will never happen again. I nearly lost you and my whole world collapsed all around me. I was stupid. Your'e my whole world Nicky. You can never leave me".
"How could I ever leave you", I said smiling, "I love you".
We kissed passionately for what seemed like an hour, until my face could take no more. I pulled away, holding my bruised cheek. He hung his head in shame. I took his hand in mine, our fingers intertwined. He looked up at me and I smiled. That reassured him, and we went downstairs hand in hand not speaking. Who needs words when your'e in love.

"Show me your arm", I said once we were back in the cabin.
He rolled up his sleeve. It was black and blue. I lifted it up and gently put my lips to it, kissing his bruises softly. I felt guilty. I know I probably shouldn't have but it was because of me this had happened, that everything had happend.
"Jonathan", I said, "Ryan told me you were giving up your career".
"I told him not to tell you that", Jonathan said madly.
"It doesn't matter, he only told me to show me how ungrateful I was being. And he was right".
"No Nicky, you had every right to be mad. What I did was...disgusting. If you knew how ashamed I feel, every time I think about it, every time I look at your beautiful face. But I will never, could never do that to you again. If I lost you I'd...I never want to lose you again Nicky".
"Bruises heal Jonathan", I said, "But you only have one shot at a career and I can't let you...".
"Nicky don't", Jonathan said, "I've made my decision. I can't have both. If I appear somewhere to make a movie then your parents will find you. I could star alongside Robert De Niro in the biggest movie of all time and I wouldn't be happy, not without you".
"Maybe when I'm 16 you could go back to the USA or make a movie in the UK. My parents can't force me to do anything when I'm 16", I said.
"They can do what they want until you're 18 Nicky".
"It's so unfair. If only my parents would let me go and lead my own life".
"I don't think that's ever going to happen, do you?".
"No, but what are we going to do for money, where are we going to stay?", I asked.
"I have a few ideas", he replyed, "I'll tell you when we get there. Now lets forget about talking shall we?".

He grabbed me pushing me back onto the bed bringing his lips to mine in a passionate embrace.
"I had no idea you felt like this", I joked, "I thought we were just friends. Are you sure your girlfriend won't mind?".
"You are my girlfriend", he laughed.
"No way", I roared, "I'm the man in this relationship, I'll bring home the money and you can clean the house and mind the kids".
"Or", he said, "We can both be men, both bring home the money and as for cleaning the house, we can hire a maid".
"What about the kids?", I asked seriously.
"You're watching too many movies Nicky. Men can't actually have children", he laughed squeezing my dick, "Can you imagine pushing a baby out through this thing?".
"Oh just shut up and kiss me", I said pulling him on top of me.

He groud his hips into me, pushing our now hard dicks together.
"Nicky", he said, "I want you to make love to me, the way you let me make love to you. I want to feel you inside me. I need you inside me.
"Ok", I said, "But we have no lubrication".
"Oh yes we do", he said smiling reaching for his back pack, "I packed this!".
It was the cream of course.
"You were planning ahead", I laughed.
He just smiled and pulled his top up over his head revealing his smooth flat stomach and firm pecs. He wasn't exactly Mr. Muscles, but he sure had a sexy body. He proceeded to remove his shoes and socks and then his jeans, which he kicked off and into the corner. He was only left in his boxer shorts, with his hard 7" dick straing against the fabric. There was a bit of a damp patch on the front where he'd been leaking precum, and when he pulled his pants down, I leant forward and licked the precum off his hard dick. He moaned with pleasure. I wasn't long getting out of my clothes and he pushed me back and onto the bed. He poured some of the hand cream onto my hard organ, and massaged it in, squeezing hard as he ran his hand up and down my shaft. He poured some into my hand and raised his cute bubble butt over my face. I rubbed the cream into his virgin butt, genlty pushing my finger into his hole. he gasped in pleasure. When he felt he was ready, he moved back down again until the tip of my dick was touching his tight hole. He started to lower himself onto it, very slowly. The head of my dick slid in slowly. The pressure of his ass was great squeezing my dick. I'd never felt such pleasure in my life. His face was screwed up with pain, but he kept pushing down, enveloping my cock until he was sitting on my lap, my pubic hair tickling his ass.

He started to move up and down, his movement becoming more fluid as the lubricant did it's work. He was doing all the work as I just lay there. It must be love I thought. He raised himslef up, until just the head of my dick remained inside him, and then right back down until I was completely inside him. The thought that my hard dick was inside his ass was driving me completely wild. It felt really warm, wet and tight. He bounced up and down on my lap, his hands on my stomach. I watched his hard cock and balls bouncing up and down as he flew with speed. I was dying to suck it but I couldn't as I was lying on my back and I didn't think I could be that flexible. If I was that flexible I could suck my own dick. It wouldn't be as good as this, but in an emergency I would take great pleasure in it. He was flexing the muscles in his ass, tightening the grip on my shaft. The sweat was pouring off him and he was moaning with pleasure at having his virgin hole filled. I knew it was great, having had him do the same to me. I concentrated on the pleasure rising in my groin and I was almost going crazy with lust. it was too much for me and I screamed, pushing my dick up into his ass and blowing the biggest load I'd ever blown in my life. I felt my hot boy juice fill his ass and cover my dick. He stayed sitting on my dick until I'd got my breath back. He slid off it then sending jolts of pleasure through me. His dick was oozing with precum at this stage and I knew he was dying to come, so I pushed him back, taking his thick meat into my throat in one gulp. It jerked in my throat as I began to suck and lick, sliding it in and out of my throat. I was surprised I wasn't gagging with it shoved so far down my throat. I went at it like a mad man. I slipped my finger up his well oiled ass and he was thrashing arounf like crazy, as I massaged his balls, fingered his ass and sucked his hard dick all at once. It didn't take long until he was shooting load after load of hot cum down my throat. I pulled off him a bit so that I would get some in my mouth and savour the taste more. it jerked in my mouth for another few seconds before going soft and with one last lick I allowed it to slide out of my mouth. I fell on top of him kissing him passionately. He ran his hands down over my back and onto my smooth butt pulling me close to him as we both shared the taste of his hot sperm.

We lay exhausted for about an hour, talking and joking about nothing in particular. He stoked my hair affectionatley, which I really liked. He said things that made me feel special. He was so mature and so wise for his age. He was my idol, and I was head over heels, crazy in love with him. The voice echoed through the intercom.
"Attention please passengers, we are now departing from the harbour. we should reach England in approximately four hours. The sea is calm and I'm happy to say that our journey should me a calm one.
"Lets go up on deck", I said.
"Won't we get caught?", Jonathan asked.
"No. Theres a couple of hundred people on board. Noone will notice us. you better wear your cap and sunglasses though, or everyone will notice us".

We got dressed and went to get Michael and Ryan. Jonathan just barged in the door without thinking. There was Michael sitting on Ryans face with his dick in Ryans mouth. He slid it out when he saw us standing at the door. Ryans dick was sticking straight up in the air and he just smiled, not the least bit embarrased. Michael having got over the initial shock stood up to show off his hard little dick. It was about 4.5" long, uncut and he had a cute pair of balls. He had little strands of blonde hair and the cutest little butt.
"You guys want to join us?", Ryan asked stroking his hard dick.
"I don't think so", Jonathan said embarrased, "There's only one boy whos getting his hands on this body".
"Wanna watch then?", Michael asked.
"No that's alright", I said, "We'll see you guys up on deck in ten minutes alright".
We went out and closed the door.
"That was embarassing", Jonathan said.
"Lighten up", I answered, "They're just kids. But I definitely don't want to see that again".
"Sure Nicky", he said in a deep voice, mocking the fact I was calling them kids, "We're much too old to act like that".
"Not too old", I said, "Too smart".
He laughed and we made our way up to the deck.

There were people everywhere and it was impossible we would be caught without tickets. Jonathan grabbed my hand, holding it lightly in his.
"Someone might see Jonathan", I said embarrased looking around me.
"I don't care", he said looking at me, "People can think what they want".
I decided he was right. We walked around the deck hand in hand. noone seemed to recognise him as Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but we got a few strange looks, a few smiles and a few sniggers. Noone seemed to be totally disgusted. I gaged peopled reactions to two teenage boys holding hand, and all in all it wasn't too bad. I had half expected to be thrown overboard. There were even two men of about 25 sitting together at the side of the deck who smiled at us and winked giving us a sign of approval. We went into the cafe to get a drink and watch for Ryan and Michael. We had just sat down at the table when a news flash came on.

"Police are investigating the disappearance of four boys from a hotel in Ireland yesterday. It is thought that they left between 11pm and 7am. They are aged from 13 to 17 and have been idetified as Jonathan Taylor Thomas, American Actor, his cousin Ryan Gibbons, Irish native Nicholas Cullen, and Michael O' Kane from Scotland. Police have ruled out kidnapping, but as yet have no leads on the runaways. Thomas who was holidaying with his cousin, aunt and uncle was due to return to the states this week and an anonymos source has informed us that he is running away to be with a loved one. This girl or her whereabouts are not known. The father of Nicholas Cullen, top business man Martin Cullen has offered a reward for any information on his son's location. The public are asked to call...."

"Shit", I said to Jonathan, "They know we're gone already".
"Yeah, but they're never gonna know we've gone to England are they?", he replied.
"I guess not", I said, "But maybe we should call someone".
"Yeah your'e right", he answered, "Call your Mom".
"What?", I asked shocked, "I can't call her".
"Come on Nicky. You heard her last night. She really sounded worried, and she didn't sound like someone who hates her son".
"Alright, I'll call her", I said getting up and walking over to the phone. I nearly chickened out but Jonathan came over and held my hand.

"Hello", my mother answered.
"Hi Mom", I said.
"Nicky. Oh thank God. Where are you? I've been so worried".
"I can't tell you Mom, but don't worry I'm safe".
"When are you coming home".
"I'm not coming home Mom".
"Nicky, you have to...".
"So Dad can send me to live with his sister. No way. I'm in love Mom. I'm sorry, but I can't leave Jonathan".
"So it is this Jonathan Taylor Thomas you're involved with", she asked.
"Yes it is and I love him. I can never leave him. I'll die without him".
She started crying on the phone.
"Nicky", she said, "I love you. If you come home, things will be different. I'll handle your father."
"I'm sorry Mom, I can't".
She cryed and begged for another five minutes and then I think she realised I would never come home again.
"Ok Nicky", she said, "I'm letting you go. But promise me one thing".
"Yeah Mom?".
"Where ever you end up, you'll contact me and let me know. Wherever it is I'll come and visit you, and I'll never force you to come home."
"Ok Mom", I said, "I promise". And I meant it.
"Is Jonathan there now?", she asked.
"Put him on the phone. I want to speak to him".
"Mom, you can't".
"It's alright son, I'm not going to argue with him".
"She wants to speak to you", I said handing Jonathan the phone.
"Hello", Jonathan said in his sexy accent.
"Hello Jonathan. I hope I'm not embarrasing you", my mother said to him, "I just wanted to tell you to take care of my little boy. He's only 15 and...".
"I love Nicky mam", Jonathan said, "I'd never allow anything or anyone to harm him".
"Thank you Jonathan. And make sure he keeps in touch with me. I couldn't bear it if I never...I've made mistakes with Nicholas and I'm sorry, that's why I want him to be happy, and if that's with you then...". She broke down crying again.
He handed me the phone and I told her I loved her and hung the phone up. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I had my mothers blessing. Dad would never give his. That's why I could never go home.

The boys joined us and we got some breakfeast and messed around for a while. After a couple of hours, Michael jumped up excited.
"Land", he shouted pointing to the horizon.
Jonathan and I got up and walked to the front of the ship staring at the land in the distance. He stood behind me with his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder and we looked out over the sea.
"Why do I feel like Kate Winslet in Titanic", I joked.
He just laughed and kissed me on the cheek.
"There it is Nicky. We made it. We're free. No one will find us here. Nothing can go wrong now".
I don't know why, but when he said that last bit a strange chill travelled up my spine and I shivered.
"You alright", he asked hugging me close.
"Yeah, I guess. I just had this strange feeling is all".
"Nicky, don't worry", Jonathan began, "Nothing is going to...".
Ryans shouts brought us running to see Michael been dragged kicking and screaming into some private offices. "Nothing can go wrong heh?", I said to Jonathan.
He just shook his head and sighed.

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