"One Big Time Direction"

One Direction & Big Time Rush

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It was just another ordinary day. All the guys were in the bed calming down from the last night's concert. The boys were pretty use to sleeping on top of each or with one another. Louis was laying on Harry's chest while Niall,Liam,and Zayn were spooled together in the other bed. To an outsider it would appear that the boys of the band were just playing, but deep down the band One Direction was secretly gay and they were all together.

It was more of a 5 person relationship, fuck who you want and do what you wanted. It was decided when the boys hooked to do it this way so no one would be left out. The boys all loved each other and would never do anything to hurt the other intently. The yellow rays of the sun began to shine through the window into Harry's face causing him to move his body causing his sleeping lover to move also. It was at this point that Harry turned his body and his lover Louis's head fell from his chest to his crotch. Louis continued right on sleeping as a tour can drain a lot out of you, but Harry felt the weight of his boyfriend's head and couldn't help but get horny, after all it had been over a week since his last release.

He slowly picked up his head and snuck a peak at his sleeping lover. He rubbed his back and whispered,

"Oh Louis, you don't know how much I love you."

Since Harry wasn't really watching Louis's face he didn't see the boy light up when he said those words. When Louis heard his lover say those words he felt his heart flutter and couldn't help but to smile. Louis slowly began to move his head over the crotch of Harry. Louis was fully aware of what was happening now. He began to move his mouth over Harry's hardening cock.

As Louis moved his mouth over the dick Harry began to let out small moans of enjoyment and excitement as he hadn't experienced anything like this for a week. Harry wanted every second to last but he wanted to get on with before the other guys woke up. Louis looked up into Harry's big brown eyes and saw the lust and couldn't help but feel the need to pleasure his lover. He leaned up and into Harry mouth, stealing a small peck, slowly turning into a full blown make out session. The boys slowly battled for dominance, Harry letting Louis win.

As Louis attacked Harry's mouth with his lips and tongue his hands made their way to another important piece of the puzzle. Louis let his hands travel to Harry's hard dick. His hands were slowly moving to the inside of the cotton waistband of the orange boxer briefs Harry wore. In the process he was moving over the head causing Harry to moan and kiss him even deeper. Louis saw the need of his services and pulled off Harry's mouth and began kissing the boys neck leaving behind purple marks. From there he kissed over Harry's shirtless chest. He licked over the nipples slightly biting them causing Harry to become even harder if possible.

Louis continued to tease the nipples causing Harry to moan a little louder. Louis kissed his way down Harry chest before coming to the waistband of his lover's boxer briefs. Louis slowly pulled them down revealing a hard thick uncut cock that looked great for sucking. Louis slowly lowered his mouth over the head of the dick and began to lick the shaft from tip to base causing Harry to moan screaming,

" awww Louis, don't tease me anymore."

Louis smiled as he heard his name come out of his lover's mouth. After hearing Harry Louis took the 6 inches and began to work it. He was sure to move his mouth and tongue over the head and piss slit running his tongue right behind the foreskin of the dick. Harry was so turned on that he was willing to try something new. He grabbed Louis's body, ripped the boy's pajamas and underwear off and brought the boys hard 7 inches to his mouth in a 69 position.

Harry was quick to take all 7 inches of the dick into his mouth. Harry was horny and he didn't care who knew it. Both boys began to bob on one another causing a room full of loud moans. Moans loud enough to wake the other members of One Direction. Niall was lying on Zayn's legs close to a region that was all his. He turned his head and saw Louis and Harry sucking one another and instantly got horny and hard.

Niall was about to get his prize when Liam stopped him by grabbing the Irish boy right in the crotch causing Niall to let a moan of pleasure. This caused Harry and Louis to both turn their heads. The boys saw their band mates were up and knew it would a while before the crew went back to sleep.

Liam now had Niall bent over taking a hard 7.5 inches up his ass while the Irish was taking a hard 6 inches into his mouth. That's the secret that no one knew about Niall. He loved being dominated by his band mates. He would do anything that involved him being sexually abused. Zayn was ramming his 6 inches into Niall's mouth while jacking him off.

"Oh Baby, I'm about to cum!" shouted Louis.

"Cum in my mouth" hummed Harry causing vibrations to travel up his lovers dick.

Harry took the dick one last time down his throat and that was it. As Louis let out his load of cum Harry released. Harry sent 4 shots of cum down Louis throat, over his face and the walls of the hotel in which they were staying. Watching those boys released caused a chain reaction because Niall released 4 shots of his sticky white fluid all over Zayn's hand and his bed. Zayn was next to cum. He sent 6 shots right down Niall's mouth causing the boy to gag and then Liam let out his load. Liam was horny and he hadn't done anything in the past 3 weeks. He rammed into Niall causing the boy to moan loudly and let out 6 shots of hot cum. As he was filling Niall the cum started to fall out of the ass crack and was going to waste. All the boys of One Direction got underneath Niall and collected the hot cum that fell out of his ass crack. As the boys finished up the slowly got up and kissed each other saying good morning to one another.

"Morning all my babies" Niall said.

The other boys looked at him and laughed before throwing pillows at him. Niall didn't understand what was going on and picked up one of the pillows and began playing with his boyfriends. The boys were having the best time of their lives until their manager came in and told them they had to leave for their next show in London.

The boys moaned and screamed "That another 15 hour flight" I'm sick of all this traveling."

Their manger sympathized for them but quickly got back to her job. She wrote some stuff down on a clip board and told the boys to pack. They all jumped up and picked up their bags and began to pack them with all their things. All the boys packed their thongs and their speedos for those special moments that they may encounter on the plane. They all went into the bathroom and took a quick whiz before heading out the door to the airport.

At the airport the boys walked to their private jet stepped on and instantly went to sleep. For 15 hours the boys didn't have anything to do but sleep. They had food carts that could come around but none of the boys wanted the airplane food knowing what it would do to the other. As the boys were on the plane no one saw the need for their thongs or speedos. The boys were all just cuddled up together sleeping on one another. When the plane touched down in London the boys awoke stretching and yawning and walked to the car that would take them to their hotel. It was a quiet ride to the hotel. Most of the boys were still sleep and didn't want to be moved. Once at the hotel management took care of the room. The boys grabbed their thing and rode the elevator to the penthouse suite. When they arrived at the door and opened it all the boys were surprised to see their idols standing there. It was another boy band that all the members loved and wanted to spend the day with and maybe the night. The boys walked in with a smile on their faces and locked the doors and windows.

As the boys of one direction walked into their hotel room, they were surprised to see their all-time favorite band there. Inside their room stood Big Time Rush. All the members of One Direction looked towards one another before walking in and introducing themselves to Big Time Rush.

"I'm Niall" Niall said to his favorite member Kendall.

"I'm Liam" "I'm Louis" "That's Harry" and "I'm Zayn" The rest of the members announced.

Logan of Big Time Rush being the friendly one walked up and introduced One Direction to Big Time Rush.

"That's Kendall, I'm Logan and that's Carlos and he's James" stated the dark haired boy.

All the boys smiled and greeted before setting into their room. One Direction brought in their bags and began to settle in while talking with Big Time Rush.

"What are you guys doing here" asked Harry looking at Big Time Rush"

"Were going to be opening for you at your concert" stated Carlos in his Latino accent causing Harry to melt.

What Big Time Rush and One Direction didn't know was that they were both in love with each other. Kendall wanted the sexy Louis to himself, Carlos wanted Niall, James wanted Liam, and Logan wanted the sexy Harry while Harry wanted Kendall, Louis wanted Logan, Zayn wanted James, Niall wanted Carlos, Liam wanted Kendall. The boys were all smiling towards one another. Once all the bands' things were loaded up in the room Big Time Rush said their goodbyes and made their way to their room having a small conversation about their dream band.

"Did you see how sexy he looked" Carlos said.

"Him, Did you see how Liam looked". Kendall just smiled at his friends thinking about how Louis looked.

Big Time Rush made it into their room and began to strip down for the night as it was nearing a dark hour. The boys slowly began to undress. Kendall pulled his shirt up revealing his smooth and sexy chest and abs. Logan couldn't help but look and Kendall noticed this. He turned his head and asked the boy

"You see something you like" Logan just smiled before Carlos blurted out "I do, I see James's hard cock and I want it".

That caused all the boy to turn their heads to James who indeed had a hard dick in his dark One Direction boxers that he had recently purchased. Before long Carlos had pushed the tall boy against the door and dropped to his knees and was palming James through his underwear. James was slightly moaning from the pressure. Carlos used his hands to cuff the waistband of James's boxers and pulled them down revealing a hard 7 inch dick. The dick was long and hard and about as thick as a red bull can and the head of the cut dick was glistening with precum.

Carlos used his thumb to collect the precum from the slit causing James to let out a low moan causing the Latino boy to smirk. Carlos removed his hand from the dick and instantly took it into his mouth. Carlos took the dick in and sucked on the head before kissing it. He pulled it out and licked it from tip to base. James let out a moan. Carlos then took the dick all the way down his throat. He sucked hard on the dick causing James to let out a loud moan. Loud enough for Kendall and Logan to hear through the walls and shower. The two were in the shower together and Logan was bent over and Kendall was pushing his hard 7.5 inches up the boy's tight ring of muscle.

Logan was moaning a little as he hadn't been stretched that far but was enjoying every moment of it. Kendall forced his dick in and began to gyrate his hips. Kendall could feel Logan tight heat enclosing his dick.

When Logan moaned "Faster, Harder, I want to be your bitch" Kendall began to work.

He pulled in and out slapping his balls across the boy's ass checks. Kendall picked up his hands and began to spank the boy.

"You've been a bad boy, and Kendall is going to punish you" said Kendall before he popped Logan right on the ass causing the boy to let out a loud moan of pleasure and pain.

Logan truly loved every minute of it and loved Kendall's dirty talk. Carlos was still on his knees taking James's dick down his mouth. James was now face fucking the boy bringing rise to Carlos's 6.75 inch uncut meat. James saw this and pulled the boy off his dick before pushing him to the bed and stripping him down. Carlos was left there in nothing but his black boxer briefs. James began to suck the dick through the cotton material. Carlos was now moaning sending vibration up James's dick as he still had the hard rod in his mouth.

James pulled down Carlos's boxer briefs and devoured the hard meat that was in front of him. He kissed the head first before sucking hard on it. He used his tongue to fiddle with the piss slit and Carlos's sensitive skin right behind the head. He pulled the foreskin down with his hand and began to bob his head on the hard dick. The boys were up in a 69 position taking one another's dick deep down their throat. While in the bathroom Kendall had Logan up against the wall ramming his dick into the boy's pussy.

Logan was deep into it. Kendall was going so hard that when Logan began to moan as Kendall had found his prostate that Logan began to cum without touching his dick. Kendall noticed this and said

"You going to cum before I finish" before spanking the boy causing him to clench his ass giving Kendall an orgasm.

Kendall slammed back into Logan hitting the boy's prostate sending both boys into an orgasmic high. Logan let out 3 more shots of hot cum and Kendall filled Logan to the brim with 7 shots of his hot sticky fluid. Kendall pulled out of the boy and stepped out of the shower grabbing Logan and the 2 got dressed. They kissed before walking out of the bathroom to a site that wasn't expected at all.

On the bed was Carlos and James asleep with one another's cock in their mouths. Kendall and Logan smiled as they jumped in their bed. The 2 got into bed and Kendall wrapped his lover in his arms. In the room a walk down the hall the boys of one direction were in a similar state. Louis had one arm around Harry and the other around Niall and all 3 boys had their legs entwined and in the other bed lay Liam and Zayn wrapped up together. The boys looked cute as ever in nothing but their Big Time Rush shirts and underwear.

The next day the boys' manger walked into their room and smiled she saw them all together with smiles on their face. She awoke all of them and said that they needed to prepare for their show. In Big Time Rush's room the boy were awakening. Logan and Kendall were the first to awake noticing that James and Carlos still had the others dick in their mouths. Carlos was next to awake. He awoke with a fright as he felt something in his mouth. He thought about it and realized that he and James didn't finish from last night. Carlos closed his mouth around the hard dick in his mouth and began to suck as he moved his hips James awoke and took Carlos's dick into his mouth. The 2 boys sucked one another until the both came releasing their seed into the other's mouth. Kendall turned around and asked

"You guys done yet; we have to get to the stage"

. James and Carlos smiled towards one another before throwing on some sweats as their real clothing was waiting for them in their dressing room. One direction was wearing something similar but their shirts said I Love BTR on them. All the boys walked out of the hotel together grabbing the eyes of all the paparazzi. Niall who had a semi boner caught the eye of a specific person in the crowd of people that stood outside the hotel waiting to get autographs from the members of One Direction and Big Time Rush. The boys stepping into the black limo that was waiting for them and made their way to the stage. The boys immediately ran to their dressing rooms. Inside their dressing rooms the boys played a little and then had to meet up to rehearse their songs and dance steps.


As the boys began to dance as the opening bars of Kiss You started Harry began to get hard from the smell of sweat and stink from his fellow band mates, this didn't go unnoticed by the members of Big Time Rush that were sitting in the audience watching. Lucky for Harry Kiss You was the last song they had to do. Their set director told them to take a break and told them to make it a long break as the concert wouldn't begin for another 3 hours. Harry made his way back to his dressing room and was surprised when he walked in. There on the couch was Big Time Rush jacking off to the boy's dirty underwear. As Harry stood there quiet the rest of One Direction walked into their room and was shocked and stood in the same position as Harry, mouths opened and jaws on the ground.

Kendall looked up and smiled before he said "Their mouths are open, so they must want something".

Harry smiled before running to the older man's dick and closing his mouth around it. Kendall let out a sigh of relief as he needed his dick sucked. The other boys at the door were instantly hard and were dragged to a couch. Everyone except Niall had a guy. Niall was left out and could that there would be no fun in staying there he walked out and got in his car and went out for some lunch and to the London Eye.



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