It was summer in Tree Hill but unlike other years the weather was awful, there was no sun just pouring rain and to make matters worse. Lucas Scott had to stay with his father Dan while his mother Karen went on a much deserved holiday. Lucas hated Dan but wanted his mother to have a break and knew it would be the only way for her to enjoy herself if she knew he was safe.

One afternoon Dan returned home early from work in the dealership. The house was quiet and Dan figured Lucas was gone out for the day with his girlfriend Peyton. Dan made himself a drink and walked into the lounge to watch some telly but he wasn't expecting to see what he saw next, his son jerking off.

"What the f..." Lucas quickly jumped up off the couch and went to pull up his basketball shorts

"Don't be embarrassed Lucas, its perfectly normal" Dan said with a cheeky smirk on his face

Dan looked down at Lucas' huge monster which was making a tent in Lucas' baggy shorts.]

"You obviously get your big dick from my side of the family"

"Shut up Dan" Lucas was getting very impatient and also very embarrassed. Lucas quickly scrambled to get the remote control but Dan grabbed it first.

"So what are we watching" Dan said as he sat down where Lucas had previously jerked off. On the TV was two men fucking. "I wasn't expecting this, sit down Lucas"

Lucas sat down beside his father but couldn't look him in the eye as he was so embarrassed at what had happened. What would his father think of him, a top basketball player being gay.

"It's perfectly normal to feel this way Luke, You do know that don't you?" Dan then moved his hand and started rubbing the crotch area of Lucas' shorts


But Dan could see that Lucas was getting hard and he was getting very stiff himself. "How big are you Lucas, dont be embarrassed"

"9 inches"

"WOAH!! I am bigger but thats huge for someone your age"

"How big are you?" Lucas replied

"Why dont you guess?" Dan unzipped the crotch area of his suit and his hard thick cock sprung out

"Damn thats big" Lucas started to feel a bit more comfortable in Dans presence "9.5 inch?"

"10.5 inch" Dan replied as he stroked his hard member "you ever been with a man?"

"No, you?"

"Back in college"

Lucas couldn't keep his eyes off his own fathers cock he could feel himself getting ready to drool.

"Why dont you show me yours" Dan said]

Lucas pulled off his jersey showing off his well toned athletic hairless body and tore off his shorts as fast as he could and was left standing in a pair of CK boxers

"Very nice" Dan complimented him as he tucked his cock back in his trousers and started to strip

First he took of his jacket, then started unbuttoning his shirt, Dan was a very attractive and athletic man and had a great hairy body to compliment that. Lucas got harder watching his dad strip and soon they were both standing there in their underwear, Dan in some tight black briefs

"You take yours off first son"

Lucas removed his boxers slowly his 9 inch cock bouncing up and his balls hanging under. he had no pubic hair as he shaved it off

"Yummy" Dan exclaimed as he took his briefs off revealing his monster dick and huge balls. Dan sat back on the couch and spread his legs. Lucas stood in between his legs. "Do what you want Luke"

Lucas started rubbing his hands over dans hairy nipples.

" I always wanted this" Dan said "Did you"


"Let me see your butt"

Lucas turned around and let Dan play with his tIght bubble butt

"Do you want to suck me Luke"

"More than anything" Lucas replied as he got to his knees.

Lucas took his dads cock head in his mouth and sucked it. Dan moaned loudly as he stroked his fingers through his sons sexy blonde hair.]

"Go down" Dan moaned

Lucas did as he was told and took more inches in his 18 year old mouth. It was the best thing he had ever felt in years. He loved every second of it. Going up and down on dans dick made him so horny. He had 8 inches in his throat when he began to gag. He wondered how his ex girlfriends were able to do this. Dan moaned louder and pushed Lucas' head down further. Lucas kept sucking hard, moving his tongue up and down Dans giant shaft. His nose was against Dans black pubic hair and his bottom lip was touching dans ball sack which was beginning to tighten. Dan moaned so loudly and stiffened his whole body. He pulled Lucas' head off his cock and shot his load all over his sons face. 7 shots to be exact. Lucas got some on his tongue to and then sat up and snogged his father. Dan could feel the cum on his sons tongue and face and loved it.

"My turn now" Dan said.

Lucas lay back as Dan got on the ground. He started jerking Lucas off as Lucas moaned "suck me ... Dad"

Dan dived straight down on his sons cock. Lucas loved it, it was the best blowjob he ever got. He jerked off thinking about this moment for months. Then suddenly dan stuck two fingers in Lucas' ass. Lucas screamed with delight, So dan stuck 2 more in and fucked his son with his hand while sucking him. Lucas quickly shot the biggest load of his life into Dans mouth. Dan swallowed it all before telling Lucas to bend over