"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Dan moaned as he shot his last load of cum into his son Lucas' ass. It was his first time fucking another boy in nearly 20 years and it was Lucas' first time to be fucked. Dan smiled to himself as Lucas got off his cock and sat down beside him. Dan pulled off the condom he was wearing and through it on the floor, his cum covered cock going soft on his leg. He rubbed his hand up and down Lucas' stomach before catching his breath and talking again, "That was the best ever Luke, I don't know how many times I sat here on this couch jerking off to your basketball videos, Did u like that"

Lucas breathed heavily "Loved it, I cant believe you out of all people popped my cherry"

Dan laughed before getting up "Anyway Luke I better get back to the garage, maybe i'll see you tonight" Dan winked at his son, pulled on his clothes and left again

Lucas sat back down on the couch and felt his ass, he couldn't believe Dans cock fitted in his tight hole, he then got up and headed for the shower

The next day Lucas headed down to the river court to shoot a few hoops with his step brother Nathen

Nathen was tall and athletic with short black hair and an athletic body, he was tall and broad and Lucas always fantasized about him aswell as Dan

"Hey man" Lucas said as he ran onto the court and grabbed the basketball off Nathen

"Whats up?" Nathen replied, giving his step brother a high five.

The weather had picked up a lot since the last few days and the sun was blazing down on Tree Hill.

After half and hour of playing, Nathen whipped off his jersey "Man its so hot today"

They continued playing but Lucas could feel himself getting hard just looking at Nathens amazing body and six pack, just like Lucas his body was hairless and the sun caused him to sweat more, the sweat glistened over his abs.

Lucas pulled off his shirt too and the boys continued playing but Lucas' mind was no longer on the game.

"Hey man you might want to take care of that" Nathen said stopping the game and looking at Lucas' growing hard-on.

"Shit sorry dude, cant stop thinking about Peyton" Lucas laughed it off

"No problem, haven't been getting any off Hayley recently either, I've got a huge load built up in me now" Nathen said grabbing hold of his crotch and laughing "You wanna head back to mine and watch a porno, I mean its not gay for guys to watch a porno together, I do it with Tim all the time and besides Hayleys off recording so the house is free"

"Yeah sure" Lucas jumped at the chance and they both went into Lucas' truck

A few minutes later they arrived at Nathens and Nathen threw the video in the machine "This is some hot shit man, you'll love it"

The two sat down and relaxed after a while Nathen took his cock out of his trousers and started wanking, it was about the same size as Lucas'. Lucas couldn't stop staring. Lucas then took out his own dick and started stroking, the two kept stroking through out the film but neither came.

"Ah it doesn't matter, Hayley will fuck me soon" Nathen sighed, he got up and turned around to Lucas "You wanna shower, we got a new one it'll fit two people easily"

Lucas got up and followed his brother into the bathroom and the both stripped and got in. Nathen put his back to Lucas and Lucas couldn't help but stare at his brothers ass, he couldn't resist himself and slapped it

"Man , what you doing" Nathen jumped around and he was semi hard, so was Lucas

"Let me help you out there Nathen" Lucas got to his knees, he couldn't believe how open he was being about it all

"No, I'm not gay"

"Neither am I, I'm just helping you out"

"Ok....But when I come I want u to swallow it all"

Lucas was shocked by how controlling Nathen was but started sucking Nathen hard and fast. After ten minutes of Nathens heavy moaning, he shot a huge load into Lucas' mouth. Like Nathen demanded Lucas swallowed every sip. Nathen pulled Lucas head off his cock and then got on his knees "stand up Luke"

Luke stood up his huge cock facing Nathen in the eye, Nathen looked up "Ok Luke, I want you to jerk off your cock in my face and when you cum I want it all over my face". The hot water fell over the two boys as Lucas wanked his cock in his brothers face

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH FUCK YEAR" Lucas shot his load all over his brothers face and Nathen stood up to face him

"Man that was hot, thanks a million" Nathen said as he turned off the shower " I needed to burst my load so bad and I always dreamt of a guy shooting in my face, hey hayley' will be home any minute but sometime would u be interested in proper fucking

Lucas nodded as he got dressed and left the house

He couldn't wait to tell Dan what had happened

But first he had to jerk off again in his car

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