OrdoFraternalisLignum Ilex


   Prologue: The first Order has fallen, and a new one has emerged like a phoenix. Always under the all-seeing eye of the media, members meet in secrecy - forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and fulfill their desires. With new rituals of star power the fraternity keeps the same oath of seduction, sex, and silence...

         "Gentlemen, since taking leadership of the Fraternal Order, I have seen much growth in membership and in strength," Zac Efron spoke. Efron approached each of the four young men before him and inspected them as much as he could in the darkness of the room only lit by candlelight. Zac wore a white robe with the hood pulled over his head. Each guy was clad only in white briefs and tight white t-shirts. Before him stood Jesse Eisenberg, Andy Samberg, Justin Bartha, and Logan Lerman.

"I have invited you all here today for a special ritual within the Order." Efron lit another candle to join the remaining four, and the room began to be more illuminated with one candle burning for each member present. As the light grew slowly in intensity, Logan Lerman looked curiously over to the small pool at the other end of the room.

"This is the Mikvah Ritual of our Order. It is a cleansing -- though not to regain purity, but instead to purge you of sexual innocence. It is to be an immersion of indulgence where our seed shall not bear any evil," Efron said as he reached his hand to rub the bulge of Andy Samberg through the fabric of his briefs. Andy grinned slightly as he felt Zac's hand massage his growing member. Jesse Eisenberg looked over and appreciated the growing bulge, not realizing how hung the young comedian was. Zac slowly brought his hand back to his side and stood in front of them squarely.

"In Judaism, the mikvah ritual can be accomplished through immersion of Ezra after you have spilled your seed. In our Order it can only be tevilath Lilith, for it celebrates our sex acts instead of shaming them. Justin, step forward," Zac said as put out a small silver medallion in front of him.

"You must place one kiss upon it. Only then may you enter the holy water that will baptize you into being truly chosen."

Bartha took the medallion into his hand and brought to his lips, bringing a kiss upon it, and walked with bare feet over to the pool at the other side of the room. He found the entrance and stepped down the stairs into the water slowly, immersing himself in the slightly cool liquid. As he reached waist length the water began to soak into the briefs, turning the fabric semi-transparent. It began to soak into his t-shirt as well, allowing his firm body to be visible as he continued the immersion.

Efron removed a different medallion from his robe and looked over to Jesse Eisenberg. Jesse took the cue and stepped forward towards Zac without questioning. He bowed slightly downward and kissed the medallion that Zac held. Meanwhile, Logan had stared intently at Eisenberg's perfect ass through the briefs he wore. Eisenberg walked casually over to the pool and saw Justin's perfect form as he wore his soaked white clothing. He smiled slightly and began to put his feet into the water and walk down the steps into the pool.

"Remove your shirt before you become waste deep," Zac said to Eisenberg before he entered too deep. Jesse followed suit and grabbed both sides of his shirt and began to pull it over his head, with Justin eagerly becoming aroused at seeing both light coating of hair under his arms and Jesse's lean shirtless body. Eisenberg took the shirt and put it at the side of the pool as his abs flexed upon entrance to the cool water.

Zac looked over to the remaining two, and held up two medallions, one for each of them. Both of them kissed the silver.

"The two of you shall wait until the two now immersed have become aroused," Zac said in a whisper and he slowly walked over to watch the two in the pool. Justin put one hand onto Jesse's chest and rubbed it slightly with the water, touching his nipples and going over his abs. He brought it lower and touched Jesse's package under the water, rubbing it through the fabric as Jesse placed his hands on Justin's shoulders. Instinctively, Jesse grabbed the bottom of the shirt and began to peel it from Justin's torso. Justin complied and raised his hands over his head as his strong chest came into view of Eisenberg.

Justin had an excellent view of Jesse's body and began to notice that the pool began a small glow from under the water. He looked over and saw Zac's hand on a small dimmer switch. It illuminated Jesse's firm body as he reached around to grasp Jesse's bubble butt. He rubbed both cheeks and around his thighs as Eisenberg began to explore downwards to Justin's waist. He tugged the band of his underwear out slightly, moving his hand into the area of warmth surrounding Justin's package.

He felt along the stiffening member, stroking slightly as Justin moaned in excitement. Zac watched intently and signaled the two other to come watch the action in progress. Andy and Logan eagerly walked over to the side of the pool while Justin began to pull down the back of Jesse's underwear. He moved one finger to the outside of Jesse's hole and began massaging it in a circular motion.

"Strip naked," Zac said to Lerman, and the 18 year-old quickly complied, stripping off the shirt and lowering his underwear until his smooth body was perfectly nude. Samberg followed suit, showing off his light amount of chest chair and treasure trail down to his lengthy cock. Without asking, he gently reached over and stroked Lerman to full stiffness in a matter of seconds, the boy's cock sticking straight up as he watched the two in the pool kiss passionately.

Efron stepped slowly into the pool and began stripping off his shirt, his muscles flexing. He immersed into the water and approached the two already in the pool. Zac watched as Justin began pressing his finger into Eisenberg's hole, using his other hand to stroke Jesse's stiff member.

"Oh yes..." Jesse said in response to the anal stimulation.

Zac looked over to the other two outside the pool and gave them a signal to come into the water. All four boys now were fully wet in various stages of nudity, kissing and stroking as they felt each other's hard erections. Lerman ground his ass against Samberg's hard cock as Zac began to rub Andy's nipples.

Justin now had one finger completely into Eisenberg's hole as he moaned in excitement.

"Yes, keep going..." Eisenberg said.

Alongside, Samberg began to reach around and lightly stroked Lerman's cock as he continued grinding upon his young butt. He pressed his cock against the entrance of Lerman's hole, carefully positioning it and pressing forward as Logan pushed backwards upon his dick.

Justin now was able to stroke in and out of the tight hole as Eisenberg continued to receive the handjob to his throbbing hard-on. Justin carefully stroked the head as he fucked Eisenberg passionately. His pumping began to increase in speed as he felt his orgasm approaching.

"I'm going to cum...!" he said as he pumped harder into Jesse.

"Give it to me! Fuck me!" Jesse responded as he felt his own orgasm approaching.

Justin made quicker and harder thrusts as he felt his dick burst a load into Eisenberg's ass, filling it with the hot cum as Eisenberg's own member began spilling his seed into the pool.

Zac sat on the edge of the pool as Logan sucked on his 6 inch cock. While sucking, Logan braced himself on the side of the pool as Andy began to enter him, pushing his hips forward as Logan moaned in shock.

"Oh god you're huge...slow down!" he said to Andy as the stiff cock pushed on his hole. Andy pushed his dick fully to the hilt against Logan's ass, his pubes touching his butt.

Lerman stroked his own dick furiously as he felt his orgasm coming from the stimulation against his prostate from Andy's long member. With his other hand, Logan stroked Zac's stiff cock as he held the head in his mouth, moving his tongue in circles around it. He stroked his own member and began feeling his loins tingle as cum shot from his stiff dick.

During his orgasm Logan's tight butt contracted and Andy felt the hole squeeze his cock and the tightness of it made him cum, filling Logan completely with the warm liquid.

Zac began to climax into Logan's mouth, Efron's hot seed being swallowed as the salty taste touched Logan's tongue.

All of them had been exhausted from the fucking and sucking. Each leaned lazily on the side of the pool in the water, breathing heavily from the physical activity.

It had been nearly 40 minutes since they started the ritual and all five of them began to feel different. Distortions emerged in each of their minds as they began to loosen any inhibitions they may have had left, which is close to none.

"I feel different," Logan said as he began to break another sweat.

"The medallions had a high dose of LSD on them...it absorbs through the lips..." Zac said as the other men were shocked at the revelation.

All five of them had participated in a combination of sex ritual and drug ritual, and as each man recovered from his organism the waves began to grow. All five had their mind expand into the great beyond, a mixture of colors and new sensations as the ritual came to a close.

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