OrdoFraternalisLignum Ilex


   Prologue: The first Order has fallen, and a new one has emerged like a phoenix. Always under the all-seeing eye of the media, members meet in secrecy - forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and fulfill their desires. With new rituals of star power the fraternity keeps the same oath of seduction, sex, and silence...

         Justin Bieber was at the height of his fame, and yet every concert became more and more a reminder of how he couldn't show his true self. Thousands of teen girls screaming for him meant nothing, and maintaining an act that it did mean something was the fuel behind his career.

It was only with the appearance on Saturday Night Live that Justin had ever considered pursuing his true sexual desires. He had formed a small crush on cast member Andy Samberg, especially since a sense of humor is a huge turn on. Now, almost a month later he was left with Andy's number and a huge gaping question of what to do with it. He was unsure of whether calling it meant that his secret could get out. At the same time, he didn't want to miss a valuable opportunity to fulfill his crush.

For the longest time he was convinced that flirting with Andy was going somewhere, but in the end it just fizzled out and he was too nervous to call him. He pulled out his phone and decided that texting might help.

         « Andy- its justin bieber- want to hang out tonight? i am in LA »

He waited nervously for a response. The anxiety came over what they would actually do. Bieber wasn't 21, so that meant a limitation on any kind of bars or clubs that Andy would probably want to go to. The age difference was kind of a bad thing, and Justin thought to himself about how Andy might think he was just a baby-faced immature kid. Maybe all the vibes he felt after flirting was Andy just trying to be nice to him, sort of like a big brother or something.

         « Biebs! 2nite might be bad- ha- u gonna flirt w me like last time? answer honestly »

Justin panicked. Was he joking? Maybe he was using the flirting as a reason why they shouldn't hang out. Giving a suggestion of honesty was not helping the situation. At this point Justin could only hope that Andy would take his response in the best light, whether that be through a sense of humor or not. He decided to take a small chance and began texting.

         « u know it! shh our little secret »

It was just vague enough to work. Justin was convinced that a good mixture of comedy and honesty would work well. Half the time straight guys act gay as a form of clowning around. Granted, it didn't help answer his burning question, but at least it wouldn't alienate too much either.

His 16-year-old dick began to harden at the thought of this actually working. He reached down to his shorts and rubbed it a little as it continued to harden. Justin thought to himself about how awkward it would be to start getting aroused, since it was neither the time nor the place. His phone buzzed with a new text message.

         « hey if u r serious i have a friend who wants to hang w u »

Justin immediately began to return the text message, it was just too good of a proposition, and curiosity got the best of him.

         « sure who is it? »

Within a few seconds the response came from Samberg.

         « its not that i dont like ya. im just too old ;) for ya »

Justin blinked wildly at the text, thinking of whether he meant too old for love or too old for friendship. He began to write a response when another text came in.

         « use your flirt skills on nick jonas tnight- i can txt you the specifics. y or n? »

Justin's heart fluttered in excitement. Despite the fact that Andy had turned him down, he was excited at the prospect that Nick Jonas could be interested in him. Justin had met the 17-year-old a few times, but never in an intimate enough context where he could flirt, like Andy suggested. Without hesitation Justin texted back to Andy.

         « y! »

It was an awful 2 hour wait and Justin was getting antsy when it approached 4:30 p.m.--Andy had yet to respond. Bieber began to think about how it might be some sort of elaborate joke, and when he showed up he may be humiliated. It would be a stretch, but stranger things have happened. He sort of paced around his house, wearing his nicest clothes and well-groomed and well-showered.

In the shower an hour earlier he had taken the time to shampoo his dick, rubbing it slightly but making sure not to get too carried away. After all, he sort of had to save his orgasm since he might be having a good time tonight. He also had taken the soap and made sure to wash his butt carefully, rubbing his soapy fingers along the hole. Justin was still a virgin that way, but figured he may as well do it anyway since he liked to be clean in the off chance that something would happen.

         « be @ 2244 westwood boulevard at 6:00 tonight »

He looked at the building and noticed its modest stature. He noticed the "G" on the front of it inside some triangles, but didn't give it a second thought. Justin got out of back seat of the driver's car and walked up to the set of two doors that were sort of a rusty salmon color. He was inches away from knocking when he heard a voice from just over his left shoulder.

"Justin!" it shouted in a rather low voice.

Bieber looked over to the direction the voice came from and saw very little, other than another car with the window partially down. He walked over to the car and peeked into the window. Inside was none other than Zac Efron, wearing aviator sunglasses and a beanie hat.

"Step inside," he said with confidence and with only his head slightly cocked in Justin's direction.

Bieber reached for the handle and opened up the door, noticing Zac was moving slightly over to make more room for the pop star to sit down. Justin stepped into the vehicle and sat down, closing the door as he looked over to Zac. The car had a separation between the back and the front and he was pretty sure that the driver was completely oblivious to the conversation.

"You talked to Andy earlier today yes?" Zac asked calmly as the car began to speed off.

"Yyyeah I did..." Justin barely managed to say in his gravel voice, breaking slightly.

"Good, and you know why you're coming with me right?"

"To meet Nick Jonas, I thought," Justin replied.

"I want you to know that whenever you're around me your secret is safe. Do you know what I mean by that?" Zac asked.

"Yeah," Justin replied.

"Good, well you know that just as I'd keep things quiet for you, it is expected that you keep things quiet for me as well. You see how that's fair, right?"

Despite his rational and fair words, Zac was sort of intimidating in a strange way.

"Yeah that's fair," Justin parroted back, feeling that the more he'd say the more he'd probably stumble.

The car had been driving now for at least a few miles and Justin was sort of looking out the window trying to figure out where it was going.

"Don't worry about where we're headed, it's somewhere that out to be sort of private" Zac said and removed his aviators.

Justin looked into his blue eyes and sort of smiled, his heart sort of melting like a girl's would. Justin hated that he found Efron so dreamy but couldn't resist his instincts. "If we go any further you have to trust me, and I have to trust you," Zac said as he firmly grasped Justin's shoulder.

"You can," Justin said in his own defense.

"You may see some things that are shocked, or you may be tempted to talk about this with another person. This has happened before, and I'll be honest with you Justin, it never ends well. You are on-route to a private address, a club, kept secret to the press. It is kept secret to everyone who is not a member. Andy is a member of this club and he has invited you for membership. It comes with expectations. You must maintain secrecy at all times, and you are expected to participate in its activities when present."

"What kind of activities?" Justin asked.

Zac reached over and put his hand on Justin's left thigh.

"I think you know," Zac said, without removing the hand.

Justin's crotch began to stir as he felt the warm touch of Efron so close to him. It also meant that he may be able to have sex with both Zac Efron and Nick Jonas in the same night. This was too much for him, and his aching boner pressed against his boxers and shorts. Zac noticed the bulge and sort of chuckled to himself.

"I think we've confirmed that you're a good choice for tonight. You have no problem participating in our initiation right?" Zac asked.

"No, no, not at all...!" Justin said while blushing. He had no idea what it would entail, but at this point he was so enamored with the intrigue of the whole situation that he was prepared for anything. His mind began to wonder about who else was a member of this club. So far he had 4 downright hot celebrity guys involved somehow, and was thrilled to become a part of it.

Nearly an hour had passed before they pulled up to a mansion with no visible address. Zac exited the car and Justin followed suit, walking up the stoned path and up the steps to the mansion. Zac opened up a side panel at the front entrance and entered a fairly long code. The door lock clicked and he used his shoulder to open up the door, holding it open for Justin.

"This is our headquarters, Little Horn Mansion. It's technically owned by the Albrecht brothers of Germany and leased exclusively to a private cover organization under a 99 year lease. Outside of these walls, the Fraternal Order of Hollywood does not exist," Zac said as he pointed to a plaque on the wall, embossed with Greek letters.

"So it's a frat?" Justin asked plainly.

"In a way, yes. As leader of it, I am the only member who knows the complete membership list. We had a precursor Order that was compromised by both members and the press, but I have since reformed it with certain steps to protect security and privacy. Many members are still unaware of the exact location of headquarters," Zac said.

Efron led him downstairs and carefully locked the heavy door behind him. Justin expected to see sort of a dark and dingy basement but was surprised that the downstairs underground was even more elegant and decorated than the upstairs.

Zac swiped a card and another door opened, leading to a huge room with black and white checkerboard floor. It looked like 9 or 10 doors connected to this room and Justin assumed it was sort of a main hall, though it was sort of an odd room since it had no windows.

Efron walked over to one of the doors and pressed a button, unlocking it. He opened it up and Justin peered inside. He saw Nick Jonas laying face down receiving a massage from none other than Mark Wahlberg. Nick was shirtless but with a towel wrapped around his waist. He glanced over and immediately got up, a smile coming onto his face as he walked over to Bieber.

"Bustin Jieber!" Nick said enthusiastically as he put his arm around Justin.

Bieber loved how Nick's armpit was so close to him and how his cheeks were rosy. He stared at his shirtless figure and was surprised at how muscular Nick was.

"Two minors, one sixteen and one seventeen," Zac said to Mark.

"Yeah, I was beginning to get frustrated that Nicky here has only received massages from our Order," Mark replied.

"We have a long-standing policy that despite our debauchery we try to avoid breaking the law. Well, at least not...too much..." Zac said with a twinkle in his eye.

Mark leaned over and whispered something into Zac's ear and they both smiled and left abruptly, with Mark closing the door behind them.

Justin stood with Nick and they both had an awkward silence between them. It seemed to last forever but in reality it was only a few seconds. Nick got back onto the massage bed he was on and turned his head back to Bieber.

"You know Mark never really finished it," he said.

Justin instinctively walked over and touched Nick's back, beginning a massage that he had dreamed of. He rubbed Nick's shoulders and stared at his butt, still covered by the towel. He lusted after Nick ever since he first met him and now his fantasy was in full motion. He looked over and saw a few bottles of massage oil and carefully picked one of them up. He opened the cap and began to put a small amount on Nick's back, rubbing it downwards to his lower back and up around his shoulders.

Nick had both arms crossed and his chin on them.

"You know, it's really great that you made it tonight. I didn't think you would," Nick said.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Justin said as he kneaded into Nick's muscles.

Justin loved the feeling of making Nick feel good and his boner once again pressed against his shorts. He carefully took one hand and reached down his pants, flipping it upward to rest against his belt. He wanted to make this massage last for a while and didn't want to have an uncomfortable bulge the whole time.

"That feels great," Nick said as he enjoyed the touch of Justin's warm hands.

Justin felt emboldened by Nick's compliment and began to work his way lower. He focused on the lower back until he got up enough courage to move far enough down and slightly tug on the towel. Nick lifted his butt up in the air so his midsection was off of the massage table and Justin was able to pull the towel off completely, exposing Nick's beautiful ass to the open air.

It was milky white and rather muscled, but not to the point of being too firm to massage properly. Justin's boner pulsed in his pants and his heart raced in the excitement of seeing his bubble butt and crack. He quickly grabbed the bottle of oil and again popped the cap. Nick smiled at the sound and knew what was to come. He felt the oil touch both cheeks of his butt, and Justin's hands begin to rub it into both mounds of flesh.

Bieber moved his hands up and down Nick's ass and began to move them closer to Nick's crack. He was patient with it, working his hands up and down closer and closer.

"Keep going..." Nick said in anticipation of where Justin was heading.

Justin finally let his fingers find Nick's hole and he massaged the outside of it, eliciting a visible shiver from Nick. He pressed a little on the hole and felt his finger go slightly in, the massage oil still acting as a lubricant. Justin felt the ring of his hole expand a little as he pressed further. The massage had transitioned into Justin Bieber fingering a Jonas brother!

Bieber pressed still further and Nick quickly took a sharp intake of air in response. Justin had reached his first knuckle and was determined to push it farther in. Nick pressed his butt up in the air once more and reached his hand to his throbbing member. He stroked it slowly as Bieber pushed farther into his butt and reached his magic spot. Bieber now had it in as far as it would go and began to pull it in and out, fingering Nick as he the boy stroked himself.

With his other hand Justin gripped Nick's sac, massaging it as he thrust his finger in and out of the boy's ass. Justin pressed a second finger at the hole and began to push it in as Nick increased the speed of his jack.

"I'm going to cum!" Nick said as he felt the two fingers go in and out of his hole.

Justin continued the fingering until Nick began to shoot is load onto the massage table, moaning as the oiled fingers pumped in and out. Bieber could feel the contractions of Nick's hole as he kept his fingers inside of it.

"Yess!" Nick said in a weak voice as his orgasm subsided and he slowed his jacking.

The whole time Justin's erection was aching and throbbing up and outwards against his belt, leaking pre-cum.

"Justin, I want you to fuck me," Nick said, still partially out of breath.

Without hesitation Justin quickly undid his belt and completely pulled down his boxers and shorts. His erection bobbed a little but still pointed upwards. Still wearing his shirt and socks, he climbed up onto the table and aligned his throbbing dick to Nick's hole. He put each arm to Nick's side and held himself up by his hands. He thrust his hips inwards, mounting the Jonas brother with excitement. He pushed it in and Nick moaned.

"Oh that feels good," he said as he felt Justin's dick enter him.

Just began pumping, slowly at first, but then increasing in speed as he felt Nick's hole tighten around his cock. Nick reached back with his arms and put his hands on Justin's cute ass and pushed along with his thrusts, feeling Justin's smooth skin as he was fucked by the young star. It only took a few minutes of quick fucking before Justin was ready to burst.

He increased the power of his thrusts felt his orgasm coming soon.

"Yeahhhh...I'm cumming in you," Justin said as he bust his load into Nick, his thrusts slowing as the warm jizz was inside Nick.

Justin panted as his orgasm finished and he slowly pulled out of Nick, still exhausted from the intense fucking. Nick loved the feeling of his favorite young pop star banging him and felt a little empty as Justin pulled out.

"That was fantastic, I love it, and I love this place," Bieber said.

"Wait until you find out what's next..." Nick said.

"What? What's next?" Justin asked.

"For new members, there is always an initiation..."

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