OrdoFraternalisLignum Ilex


   Prologue: The first Order has fallen, and a new one has emerged like a phoenix. Always under the all-seeing eye of the media, members meet in secrecy - forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and fulfill their desires. With new rituals of star power the fraternity keeps the same oath of seduction, sex, and silence...

         Both boys were rosy cheeked as they left the room, still full of energy despite their sexual tryst. Neither had bothered to put on shirts, but managed to put on their underwear before leaving the room. As Nick opened the door and they began to walk out Justin noticed a sign in the main room up above that read Vandenburg Hall.

Before he could observe anything more about it the lights began to dim. One door on the other side of the Hall opened, and three men exited wearing white robes. A fourth was wearing nothing but a towel, and Justin thought for a moment for where he had seen him before. The three men wearing robes took off their hoods and revealed their faces. It was Zac Efron, Andy Samberg, and Justin Timberlake.

"Join the other two, Josh," Zac said and Andrew walked to the other side of the room joining Bieber and Nick.

The robed ones carried over table to the center of the room. Bieber couldn't help but stare at the beautiful boy wearing the towel, and smiled at him when the boy named Josh looked back at him.

"Josh Hutcherson, meet Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas," Zac said.

Immediately Justin's memory came back and he remembered seeing Josh in the re-make of Journey to the Center of the Earth.

"Well now that we're all acquainted, are you three prepared to take an oath to the Fraternal Order?" Timberlake asked.

Justin nodded his head "yes" while Nick and Josh said "yes" out loud.

Andy Samberg winked at Justin as he fidgeted nervously with his hands.

"Bieber, step up," Andy said.

Justin stepped up as ordered and stood right next to the table.

"Bend over it, and repeat after me," Zac said.

Justin bent over the table and Timberlake walked over to Bieber and lowered his underwear to his ankles.

"I swear a sacred oath to the Fraternal Order," Zac said and Justin repeated it.

Andy had removed a large paddle from under his robes and held it close to Bieber's ass. He drew it back quickly and hit Bieber square on his cheeks making a loud slapping sound. Justin winced in pain from the hit but at the same time his teenage cock began to harden.

"To keep all of its activities secret," Zac said, this time Justin hesitating to repeat it.

When he repeated the words, the second slap came down hard on his butt and it began to burn as he reached down to touch his cock. Nick Jonas felt a stirring as well and his cock began to tent out of his boxers at the sight of Justin's thin teenage body receiving a hard spanking.

"To protect all of its members," Zac said.

As Justin repeated it he was stroking his cock quickly and Andy prepared for the next hit. It came down hard on Justin's butt as he began to feel pain.

"You will now seal the oath and bring yourself to orgasm," Timberlake said.

As Justin was bent over the table and stroking himself Andy continued bringing the paddle hard against Justin's butt. He felt slap after slap as he approached orgasm, and the paddle landed hard while he stroked his cock.

After a minute or two Justin's dick and ass were sore as he finally reached orgasm, the cum leaking out of his dick as Andy gave him one more paddle.

Bieber pulled up his underwear over his aching ass and was embarrassed at the whole situation. The only justice of this would come when Andy put a hand on his shoulder and handed him the paddle.

"You are now a member," he said as Bieber took hold of the handle.

He looked over to Jonas, who was still stroking his large cock through his boxers. Nick immediately went over to the table and bent over it. Bieber took the waist band of his tight white briefs and pulled them down, exposing Nick's ass. He didn't bother to bring them down any further, instead leaving them at about thigh level. He took the paddle and slapped it against Nick's ass hard.

"Ahh...!" Nick shouted as he felt the sting of the paddle on his cheeks.

Bieber didn't want to do it sloppy, but at the same time enjoyed paddling Nick too much.

He slapped it against Nick's bubble butt once more.

"You heard the oath, repeat it!" he commanded to Nick.

Nick looked confused and struggled to remember it exactly.

"I ...I...swear the oath to ..." Nick struggled.

Bieber brought the paddle down once again on his ass, Nick putting his hands back in front of his butt to try to stop him.

"Go on!" Bieber said as he pushed Nick's hands out of the way.

"To the Fraternal Order, and I will keep it all secret...and...and..." he said as Bieber once again slapped it against his butt.

"Ahh! And I will protect all of the members!" Nick said while reaching down with his hands to his hard cock.

He began to stroke it as Bieber continued slapping it Nick's ass every few seconds. Nick could feel his whole body move forward each time he was hit with the paddle and he finally felt his orgasm come and the jizz shot out of his dick at incredible speeds while being paddled by Justin.

When Nick had finished cumming Justin gave a little slap with his hand on Nick's butt and pulled up the underwear. Nick's face was red from the pain and the intensity of the experience.

Nick got up stiffly from the table and was handed the paddle by Bieber. A few feet away he saw Josh Hutcherson completely white from the events that had happened and he could tell that he held a look of dread. Hutcherson sort of shook his head no, not wanting to take part.

"Josh...are you reluctant to take part in our initiation?"

At first he didn't speak, but after a few seconds of watching the members stare at him he finally managed to respond.

"Yea..." Josh said in a small voice.

Bieber walked over and undid the top of his towel, opening it up and throwing it a few feet away. Josh shivered as the open air touched his body as he was completely naked. Bieber looked him straight in the eyes and put one hand on each shoulder, his broad chest still breathing in and out heavily in anxiety.

"Let's do this," Bieber said as he moved his hand down from Josh's shoulder to his butt, squeezing it slightly.

He brought Josh over to the table and Josh reluctantly bent over it. Justin dropped to his knees and maneuvered his way to sit under the table, taking Josh's flaccid member into his mouth. He moved his tongue around the head of it and Josh's cock immediately began to grow in response. Josh grabbed the sides of the table as he began to thrust slightly in and out of Bieber's mouth.

"Do you take the oath of the order, swear to protect its secrecy and its members?" Nick asked.

"Yes, I do," Josh said as he continued to feel Justin's mouth on his member.

Efron handed something over to Nick while Josh remained oblivious to anything outside of Justin's blowjob. Nick walked up to Josh Hutcherson and bent down, pulling his cheeks apart and licking the hole.

"Ohh!" Josh said at the unexpected entrance.

After a few minutes of rimming out Hutcherson, Nick took the small butt plug and put it at the entrance to Josh's hole. He pushed in as Josh attempted to react, but was too turned on by the oral he was receiving from Justin Bieber.

Within a few seconds Nick had pushed it in all the way and Josh felt his orgasm brewing as the ass stimulation and the oral brought him closer.

Nick took the paddle in his hand and slapped Josh lightly on the ass.

"Do you like it?"

"Yes!" Josh responded as his ass twitched from the butt plug.

Nick brought the paddle close and brought it down on Josh's butt once again.

"OW!" he exclaimed as his ass burned from both the paddle and the stretching that the butt plug was doing.

Josh gripped the table as he felt close to coming. The third slap on his ass brought him to the edge as he exploded rivulets of cum into Bieber's mouth. Justin eagerly swallowed and stroked Josh's dick as he came multiple shots into Bieber's awaiting mouth. Nick massaged Josh's ballsac as he was finishing his orgasm, palming each one as Josh's cute butt was thrusting forward while his hard cock was Bieber's mouth.

Josh panted as his intense orgasm faded and his ass felt tingling from the intrusion. Nick carefully held onto the butt plug and pulled it out slowly, just as Bieber was getting up from his position under Josh. All three boys stood up in front of the other men, with Josh still fully naked.

"You are now full members of the Order," Zac spoke.

He handed each of them a small circular pin with a golden serpent on it, very much similar to the one that had once been handed to him years ago. Just as this was happening his phone was ringing in the other room with a call that would not be answered.

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