OrdoFraternalisLignum Ilex


   Prologue: The first Order has fallen, and a new one has emerged like a phoenix. Always under the all-seeing eye of the media, members meet in secrecy - forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and fulfill their desires. With new rituals of star power the fraternity keeps the same oath of seduction, sex, and silence...

          Ryan Reynolds knocked at the door of Jesse Eisenberg's house. He tried again after a few seconds of finding no response. The lights of the house were on but no response came from his knocking.

"Come on Jesse, let me in," Ryan pleaded.

Jesse had his back to the door and closed his eyes in frustration. It had begun nearly a year ago where they worked together on the set of Adventureland. Ryan had been unceremoniously seduced by Jesse Eisenberg. Now, Jesse was paying the price for it.

Ryan quickly became emotionally involved with Jesse, and considering this came months after the failed engagement with Alanis Morissette, Jesse was reluctant to keep it going in fear that it was a "rebound." He cursed to himself quietly as Zac was not picking up. He scrolled through his phone and decided to call BR, the nondescript letters for Brad Pitt.

Zac had actually been going through a similar problem as Jesse. Years earlier on the set of Summerland Ryan Kwanten had made out with him, and Zac was prepared to let it go as merely a fling. Now that both of them were considerably more famous, Kwanten had contacted Zac in the attempts of rekindling a sexual encounter. Efron was unsure of whether it would be a good idea, since it would most likely go public. He figured that a meeting at the mansion might help preserve his secrecy.

Brad Pitt answered the call from Eisenberg and immediately understood the problem.

"Jesse, I have both Mario Lopez and Paul Walker calling me non-stop," Brad said.

Jesse gave him basic instructions over the phone as he listened carefully.

"Ok, sure thing," Brad said.

Brad clicked the phone closed and sort of thought about his situation.

Mario Lopez had gained success on Saved by the Bell, and Paul Walker had a career that never seemed to pick up beyond The Fast and the Furious. For months now both of them wanted to get into a movie with Brad Pitt, and Brad suspected they wanted even more. He knew that contacting Zac would be in order -- to help relieve the problem. It wouldn't be a solution per say, but he knew that it would at least be a sexual outlet for these men to pursue their sexual desires. He contacted Zac and discussed the situation, seeking some sort of explanation to the sexual energy he was radiating.

"It can be arranged," Zac said.

Brad Pitt drove up to the front door of Little Horn Mansion, one of the only people deep enough within the Order to know its exact location. Upon entrance he saw Zac and immediately drew him in to a hug.

"It's great to see you, man," Zac said as he embraced Brad.

"Likewise. Were you able to make the arrangements?" he asked.

"Yes, it will just be the five of you," Zac said.

"Five? I was only trying to arrange Mario and Paul," Brad said.

"Brad, you are the master here. We sort of need resolution for...um, the two Ryan's as well."

"Kwanten and...Reynolds?"


Brad sort of sighed to himself confidently.

"I guess I can handle that..."

Zac winked back at him.

"I know you can," he said with a smile.

Following the rules laid out by Efron, Brad had arranged for all of them to be brought to the mansion at different times. The first to arrive was Ryan Kwanten, and Brad was brisk with him.

"Come this way," Pitt said as he led Kwanten down the stairs into a separate wing of the mansion.

"It's really great to see you Brad, I mean, I really have looked forward to..."

Brad threw him a loose tank top and a pair of shorts and opened up the door that they were at.

"Put these on...this is our gym. Work out for a while, I have some business to attend to," Brad said quickly and walked away.

By the time Brad could jog back up to the door he saw that Mario Lopez was arriving. He greeted him at the door and once again brought him to a separate room, this time the jacuzzi room.

"I didn't really bring a ..." Mario began.

"Just go naked...we won't mind," Brad said with a wink as he turned on the jacuzzi jets. Before he left, he put a small phone next to the jacuzzi and then returned to the front door.

Paul Walker had arrived and was eyeing up the outside of the mansion. Brad quickly opened up the door and stepped out, walking up to Paul.

"Hey Paul, why don't you come inside?" he said as he put his arm around the hot actor.

The two walked inside and Brad closed the door behind them. He thought to himself how he had arranged Ryan Reynolds to show up a little bit later -- his only anxiety was that an hour later might be too late.

"Paul, I'll give you a choice right now. I have a little something that I have to be doing for the next 45 minutes, but I will definitely be getting back to you. Are you interested in taking a jacuzzi or maybe working out in the gym?"

Walker thought about it for a minute.

"Hey it's been a long day, I'll try out the jacuzzi," he replied.

"Good choice," Brad said as he led him to the jacuzzi room.

"You won't need any trunks or anything, within these walls we're always in the buff," Brad said.

He didn't open the door or anything and allowed Paul to enter at his own pace.

Paul held onto the handle and opened the door wide, expecting an empty room. Instead he found Mario Lopez sitting in the bubbling water up to chest eight with both arms outstretched, his head back and his eyes closed in relaxation. Paul stood there awkwardly and was immediately aroused by the sight of Mario's perfect chest and arms. Mario had attained the perfect body, and Walker was at a loss of words while looking at his smooth brown skin. Mario tilted his head up and looked at Paul staring at him.

"Do you want to join?" Mario asked.

Paul stumbled over his words but managed to respond.

"Um, yeah, I didn't, uh, well, I didn't know you were in here."

"It's okay. I had no swimsuit or anything so au naturel is the way to do it."

Paul stripped off his shirt and shed his sandals next to the jacuzzi. He nervously fidgeted with unbuttoning his shorts and eventually managed to unzip them and pull them down. He had a slight bulge in his boxer shorts as he sort of turned away to pull them down.

Mario watched as Walker lowered his boxers to reveal his perfect ass, and sort of held his hands over his cock as he walked next to the jacuzzi and stepped his foot in. The water was hot and he slowly lowered himself into the water, feeling the jets shoot water against his sensitive skin.

"I saw you on Nip/Tuck, how on earth did you get such a great body like that?" Paul asked.

Mario reached one hand under the water and adjusted his cock as it began to grow, knowing exactly where Paul was going with it. He smiled back at Paul and simply didn't answer. Paul was immediately aroused at Mario's cute dimples and wonderful smile, immediately noticing that Mario was touching himself under the water.

Mario moved himself from one side of the jacuzzi to the other, sitting right next to Paul and reaching under the water to touch his dick. He gently grabbed onto it, stroking it as he looked into Paul's bright blue eyes.

Paul couldn't help but touch the hard chest of Lopez, his hand lighting caressing one of his nipples. He moved it downwards and felt his muscled abs, pressing on them lightly while under the water. He was now fully hard as Mario's hand stroked him, the warm sensation of the jacuzzi loosening his body of all stress.

Paul's hand had ventured low enough to reach Mario's own stiff member and he rubbed it lightly while also feeling his large balls, which were smooth. Paul's face began to flush from the warmth and he felt his orgasm approaching too quickly.

"Mario...I nee...I need to stop for a second," he said.

"Why, what's wrong," Mario asked.

"You're just getting me too hot, this is too much," Paul said.

"Well here, just sit on the side and you'll cool off," Mario said. Paul reached his arms up and brought himself half out of the jacuzzi. Mario leaned forward and took Paul's long member into his mouth, sucking on the head and stroking the shaft.

Paul felt the amazing feeling of Mario on his member and the cooler air on his naked body and immediately felt better. Minutes ago the heat of the experience was becoming too much for him. Mario sucked on his cock until he was close and Paul stopped him once again.

"Let's switch," Paul said as he immersed himself back into the jacuzzi.

He watched as Mario pulled himself out of the jacuzzi and flexed most of his muscles. His smooth chest and perfect physique shined as his naked body exited the water. He sat on the side and Paul gripped his thick cock as it sat on the side of the jacuzzi. He licked along from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the tip, using his other hand to lightly massage Mario's big balls.

Mario looked down and loved what Paul was doing to his thick cock. By this time he had the large head of it in his mouth and was circling his tongue as Mario lightly pumped his hips forward.

Lopez pulled out and turned his torso around, leaning slightly over the side of the jacuzzi, exposing his ass to Paul. Paul immediately took two fingers and inserted them into Mario's hairless hole. His ass muscles flexed at the intrusion and Paul could feel Mario's tight butt squeeze his digits as he began to pump them in and out.

He grabbed his stiff rod and guided it to Mario's hole, and put the head at the entrance. Mario pushed back and the head popped inside, with Mario grabbing his own dick and pumping it while getting fucked.

"Fuck me hard," he said as Paul's dick slipped in further.

Paul obliged, and began to pound Mario's hole hard and felt his hard pecs and abs as he fucked him from behind. Paul held on closely to Mario's muscled body as he pumped his cock in and out of the man's hole.

"Cum in me now," Mario pleaded as he felt himself close.

His orgasm came and his thick cock began to spray jizz outwards. Paul's own orgasm came quickly as he pumped quickly into Mario's hole and continued holding on to his muscled chest.

"Yes...oh yeah..." Paul said as he pumped his hot jizz into Mario.

Paul slowed his pumping as his orgasm ended, and he noticed that both he and Mario were still out of breath.

Both men were flushed with heat by the time they could recover and the water in the jacuzzi continued to bubble as both men were exhausted from the hot fucking action.

By this time Efron had received a text message on his cellphone from Brad.

         « visit kwanten in the gym »

He made his way over to the western section of the mansion that had the gym. He stopped himself before opening the door and instead looked into the room through the window. Ryan had been in there for nearly a half an hour working out and Zac watched him intently as he continued working his muscles and sweating into the tank top he was wearing.

Zac watched Kwanten intently as he worked his muscles and sweat into the tank-top. He watched as each part of Kwanten's body was in motion to lift the weights. It was too hot for him to resist, and he walked into the room. Kwanten's face immediately lit up.

"Hey Zac," he said as he was finishing up a rep.

Zac didn't say anything and instead walked over to Kwanten and lifted the tank top off of him. He crouched down and licked Ryan's nipple, moving outward and lifting his arm to lick his armpit. Kwanten was slightly ticklish and laughed lightly as Zac's tongue was in his sweaty pit. Zac's hand rubbed Ryan's bulge through the shorts and continued his tongue action down Ryan's smooth body until he reached the belly button. "Come this way," Zac said as he got up.

They went down a short hallway until they came to a shower room.

Zac grabbed two towels and walked into the shower room with Ryan, and turned on the hot water in the shower. Ryan stepped in first and Zac followed closely behind. He took the shower head and adjusted it, making sure the stream could hit them both. Ryan felt the warm water hit his sweaty skin and allowed his hair to get wet, washing in the water fully with his fingertips.

Zac did likewise but put his hands on Ryan's chest, feeling the smooth skin and also enjoying the sight. He took the bottle of shampoo and put some on his hands and began rubbing it into Ryan's hair. Ryan grabbed the soap and began to lather it onto his hands as well, and then directly onto Zac's muscular chest. Ryan moved his head under the faucet to wash off the shampoo in his hair, and kept his circling motions on Zac going.

Zac turned around while Ryan continued lathering up his back, using the soap judiciously and moving down lower to Zac's ass. He moved his left hand down to Zac's sexy butt and began to wash between the cheeks.

"Yeah...keep going, man," Zac said to encourage Ryan.

Ryan enjoyed the slick feeling of the hot water and the soap on Zac's crack. He touched Zac's pucker a little and massaged it. Zac reached down with his hand to his growing cock and jerked it a little. He was at full hardness when Ryan started pressing a little on his hole, pushing one finger just a little inside his hole in between his well muscled cheeks. Zac felt the finger touch his prostate, and moaned in excitement.

By this time Ryan's cock had grown to full length as well, and he pushed it a little forward, barely touching Zac. He pushed in another finger, stretching Zac's ass a little more.

"Oh man, that feels great," Zac said breathlessly.

"Just relax," Ryan said back to him.

Zac felt the two fingers going in and out of his ass, and moved his hands back to hold on to Ryan's butt. Ryan used his other hand to go up to Zac's soapy chest and play with his nipples. Ryan pushed his fingers in deeper, getting both of them up Zac's pucker, bringing them in and out easily now. Zac's rock hard cock stood almost straight up; it began to dribble out pre-cum while Ryan was fingering up his hole, with no trouble reaching his prostate.

"I want you to fuck me Ryan," Zac said while in the height of pleasure.

They both stood dripping and horny, their wet hair and slippery bodies touching. Ryan took his cock with his free hand and put some soap along its full length. He then slowly took out his fingers from Zac's ass. To replace them he put the head of his engorged cock at Zac's tight entrance, pushing slightly in.

"Oh man," Zac said in a voice of heightened pleasure.

"Just relax, it's okay," Ryan said while pushing a little farther into Zac's butt. The soap helped, but Zac had to relax in order to become fully accustomed to Ryan's long prick. Zac's hard-on remained at full length and leaking pre-cum as Ryan pushed his dick all the way in.

Ryan brought his rod back out slowly and then pushed it back in. Zac had started to get used to the feeling and enjoyed the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Ryan sped up his rhythm and brought his hands up to Zac's muscled torso, rubbing up and down while he fucked Zac in the ass. He rubbed Zac's nipples and attempted to bring him into a higher plane of sexuality. Zac felt his dick leak more and more pre-cum and liked the feeling of Ryan's hard prick pistoning in and out of his butt.

They fucked in a sweet rhythm and Ryan felt his orgasm beginning to come.

"Oh yeah...yeah..." Ryan said almost reaching his climax.

His hard rod continued to be massaged by Zac's tight ass and he began to cum up Zac's hole.

"Fuck me...yes...fuck..." Zac shouted out.

Pushing in and out, Ryan's rod began spraying Zac's insides, filling up the stud's ass. Zac felt the warm liquid enter his ass and couldn't contain his own orgasm, his cock began to jerk and he his engorged head burst liquid out, hitting the shower wall. Ryan wrapped his hand around Zac's dick and jerked out the rest of the gushing semen.

Zac's cock dripped the last of its load onto the shower floor. Ryan pulled out his cock from Zac's ass and washed off the rest of his body. Afterwards, they both stood under the stream of water and washed each other's muscled torsos and admiring each other's sexy bodies. The water began to run cold and they both stepped out of the shower.

Brad had finally arranged all of the pieces of the puzzle and only one remained. He stepped outside the front door for the last time and waited. It took almost ten minutes before a car pulled up and he saw Ryan Reynolds get out from the back seat and the car drove away. Brad walked up to him and put out his hand for a handshake. Ryan gripped Brad's hand and began to ask the usual questions.

"What is this place..? Is Jesse here?"

"Don't worry about that right now, come on in. Jesse probably won't be here today," Brad said.

"I want to talk to him though," Reynolds said.

Brad walked inside and downstairs, making sure that Ryan Reynolds followed him.

Pitt went to one of the rooms and shut the door as Ryan followed him inside.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I know that you've been chasing after Jesse, but you're just desperate right now," Brad said as he sat down on the one of the chairs. Brad began to undo the fly of his pants.

"What are you doing?" Reynolds asked.

"Here's what's going to happen. You're going to sit on my cock and I'm going to fuck you."

Reynolds was shocked by the bravado that Brad held but had to admit he was turned on that Brad would be offering himself up so leisurely.

"Come on now, take off those pants," Brad said as he tapped on Reynold's crotch.

Ryan hesitated for a minute and then sort of started to take off his pants. Brad reached for his boxers and pulled them down. Ryan moved forward facing Brad and sat on his thighs. Brad took his cock and aimed it at Ryan's hole, pushing it in with one thrust.

"Wait, slow down Brad!" he said as he felt the pain.

Brad didn't slow down and instead cupped Ryan's balls in his hand.

"So...you want to get fucked by Jesse huh? Well now you're getting fucked by me," Brad said as he squeezed Ryan's balls slightly.

Ryan felt Brad's huge cock go in and out of his hole as he bounced up and down on it, looking Brad straight in the eyes.

Without touching his cock Ryan felt his dick spurt out multiple shots of cum onto Brad's chest. Brad began cumming into Ryan's hole as he pumped upwards into it faster and faster. He finished filling Ryan and pulled out, barely breaking a sweat. He kissed Reynolds passionately as the stud remained on his lap. Brad felt like a jerk for breeding Reynolds so quickly, but couldn't help it because he found him incredibly hot and was anticipating it for hours.

Both men dressed and Reynolds wrote out a note for Brad to give to Jesse. Pitt reluctantly agreed, figuring it was probably something Jesse at least deserved to read. He put the note into his pocket and sent one more text for the day to Jesse. He felt good, since he had managed to arrange all of the day's activities and it went down luckily without a hitch. Finishing up the text message he pressed the send button on his phone.

         « Jesse- reynolds left a note for you, other than that- mission accomplished »

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