Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

          Brad Pitt stood on the set of Ocean's Eleven surrounded by countless crew members, many who were busily making changes and improvements to the set. He stood in frustration because reshooting scenes took time, and it took even more time get them right. Filming had been going along quickly for first three weeks, although now the sun beat down and the temperatures were up. It meant each take had to be tailored right with the right amount of sun and lighting. They production had been filming for nearly 4 hours now, and the heat was starting to get to him. He looked over at Casey Afflec, the brother of Ben Afflec, and quickly gave him a seductive look. This distracted Casey for just a moment, but long enough for the director to stop the take. Casey looked back at Brad strangely and then looked away quickly, making sure not to keep eye contact for long. There was nothing like working with Casey Afflec and being able to distract him at virtually any moment. It probably didn't help the filming process much that Brad could give him sexy looks and throw him off every time from his dialogue.

They had worked together for a few months now, and Casey was better off the set as a friend than he was at acting. Brad had gotten to know him quite well, ever since he and Matt Damon had began to hang out together on the set between shootings.
"That take wasn't as bad as the last one," Casey said to Brad nervously.
Brad looked over to him and chuckled a little at Casey's innocence. He gave him a wink and said nothing, instead walking over to the director. Casey admired Brad's cool demeanor as Brad walked away, and even his nice butt visible in the pair of khacki's he was wearing. Casey finally drew his eyes away and looked to see if Matt was around. By the end of the day, most of the actors had dispersed and moved on to their respective trailers, but he was lucky to spot Matt talking to one of the crew members. Casey was sweating and tired, but figured he'd go over and talk to Matt one more time before heading back to his trailer.
"Hey Matt...how's things goin?" he said while staring into Matt's bright blue eyes.
Damon looked back at him and shrugged a little.
"They could be better, but so far I think the shooting is going pretty well," Matt said while leaning on a setpiece.
Casey noticed his muscular arms and well-defined body. It had been a few months since he had seen Damon, but Casey began to have feelings for him once again as he once did on the set of Good Will Hunting. It was the last thing he wanted, but figured fighting against those feelings might make it worse.
"Yeah it's pretty nuts working with Brad and Clooney, don't ya think?"
"Nah not really," Matt said while tucking in his shirt.
Casey bit his bottom lip for a moment, and hesitated if he should mention anything to Matt about Brad.

"Hey Matt, I need to talk to you for a sec, about something ...well, its kind of odd."
"Sure, of course. It's nothing serious is it? I mean, nothing bad right?"
"No its not bad at all its just a little bizarre, really," he said while looking downwards at his shoes.
Matt said nothing until Casey put his head back up and looked him square in the eye.
"I think that Brad was giving me a look earlier,"
"A look? Well considering we're all in a movie...that might happen, Case," he said with a chuckle.
"No...I mean, like, a sexual look."
"Brad Pitt giving you a sexual look? Nice try, thats real funny."
"I'm serious, I think he was given me the sweet-eye or something; I got vibes, that's all I'll say okay?"
"Oh? Are you ...interested by that?" Matt asked Casey.
"By what?"
"The look, you idiot, you said he gave you a look, and now you told me about it. So what if he gave you a look, you wouldn't have mentioned it unless you were interested by it," Matt said. Casey began to blush slightly.
"Oh my lord you've got to be joking," Matt teased, "you mean to tell me that you have the hots for a co-star in the movie...and it's a man."
"No, I didn't say that," Casey began to say.
"Well you've certainly got a mancrush now, is he even in your league, Afflec?"
"Well, man, it's Brad Pitt, I don't even know what I could say about that! He had to be just joking around."
Matt thought about it for a second. Come to think of it, he had gotten the same vibes from Pitt earlier, but hadn't given it a second thought. Matt had once gotten drunk with Ben and screwed around, it was something he didn't think he could ever repeat. He had heard Ben talk about Casey though, and Ben seemed to think that Casey was a little too effeminate to be straight as an arrow.

"Hey don't worry about it too much about it, okay?" Matt said to Casey.
"Yeah okay," Casey said while Matt walked away.
Matt went over to Brad's trailer and knocked on the door. Brad was inside about to take a nap, but moved over to the door and opened it up.
"Hey whats goin' Matt?" Brad said with a smile.
"Can I come in?"
"Sure, come on in, I was just about to take a nap..."
Matt walked into the large movie trailer and saw Brad's hot body in his tight shirt that he was wearing. He couldn't help but stare for a moment, and then collected his thoughts once again.

"Hey, I was talkin to Casey earlier. What do you think about him?"
"Well I think he needs a little work in the acting department, but other than that he's a nice kid. You guys worked together on other movies right?"
"Yeah we did. He just needs a little time to get over working with big celebrities like you...I think he gets a little nervous, thats all."
"I noticed that, the three of us oughta hang out sometime to smooth things over, you know, so he doesn't get so nervous during filming."
"Thats a great idea...I think he likes you," Matt tried to say comfortably.
"Likes me? What do you mean likes me?" Brad asked, not sure whether or not Matt was being specific or general.
"Well you'll just have to find out, what are you up to tonight?" Matt said to deflect the question.
"I've got nothing planned, what'd you have in mind?" Brad said with a broad smile.
Matt thought for a moment. If he really wanted to take advantage of this situation the best thing was to go out for drinks. Who knows what would happen, maybe there would be some action between the three of them. He became rather excited with anticipation at the prospect of it, and struggled to keep it down while Brad looked at him. Matt looked right into his eyes and smiled back at him.

"Well I'm sure we'll find something," Matt replied with a wink.
"Great!" Brad said while putting his hand on Matt's shouder, "See you some time tonight, just come over to my trailer."
"Okay," Matt said as slowly pulled away and walked out of Brad's trailer.

Matt had taken a shower and began to fix himself up for the night. He had talked to Casey for a bit earlier and was going to show up at around 7:30 to his trailer and then they would go over to Brad's. He was still unsure of what Brad was set on doing, but he figured itd be better than just sitting around. He heard a knock at the door and went over to open it.
"Hey Case, come on in," Matt said while walking back over to get his wallet and keys.
"Ready to head on over to Brad's trailer? I think he's expecting us pretty soon."
"Yeah! What are we gonna do though?" Casey asked.
"I don't know, I think we'll just have to play it by ear," Matt said.
They walked over to the trailer where Brad was staying, and Matt knocked on the door loudly. Brad came to the door and answered it, welcoming in his two guests.
"Hey this trailer is way better than mine," Casey said while looking around.
"Pretty high class," Matt said.
"You guys want a drink or something?"
They both nodded casually, and Brad went over to his personal bar and started making a few vodka-tonics.
"This filming should go pretty easy, I mean, when we were doing..." Casey started.
"Ah, lets not talk about work gentlemen," Brad interrupted.
Casey looked over at Matt for a split second, and then back at Brad. Brad handed them their vodka tonics and all three of them sat down on the sofa couches in Brad's trailer. Brad sat down close next to Casey, and Matt was a little farther away. They told stories for about a half an hour and drank a few more vodka-tonics in the process. Finally it came to a point when they had all run out of things to say. Brad decided to seize the opportunity.
"Listen I've got this idea, and I don't know if you're up for it. Remember Fight Club?"
"How could we forget?" Casey responded.
"Well its sort of like that, but, well....different," Brad said.
"Ah, alike but different, pretty neat idea," Matt joked.
"Shut up smartass," Brad hit back.
"Well how is it different?" Casey asked.
"For one, there is less fighting. We're celebrities, we can't have black eyes and bruises all the time can we?"
"Ha, no way," Casey replied to him.
"Well what would there be instead of fighting?" Matt asked Brad.
"Fucking!" Brad said without hestitation.
Both Casey and Matt started laughing at just the way that Brad had said it. He had a few drinks in him, and was maybe just playing around. Casey was sitting right next to Brad, and he put his hand on Brad's muscular leg.

"Where are we going to find girls to participate?" Casey said while stroking Brad's leg half-jokingly.
Matt saw Casey's hand touching Brad and he became a little excited at the notion. Maybe he was just kidding around, but he had mentioned that Brad was giving out sexy and distracting looks. Brad felt Casey's hand on his leg and knew right away that he could take it farther.
"Girls? Fuck, we don't need any girls...just the guys right?"
"I'm not sure that would work," Matt said while noticing that Casey's hand didn't move.
"There would have to be rules and order to it," Brad said.
Casey moved his hand up to Brad's thigh as if nothing were out of the ordinary, and kept it there, keeping eye contact with Brad the whole time. By this time the drinks were taking effect, and Brad was starting to get horny. Matt had moved himself a little closer to where Brad was, and hand his arm around Brad's strong shoulders.

"The rules would be simple...absolute secrecy is the first," Brad said, "having anybody know about it would ruin it. We have to swear to secrecy, can we all agree on that?"
"Definitely," Casey said.
"Yeah, absoutely," Matt assured.
"Good. Once we have that, I think it's easier for our secret club to continue..."
Casey's hand went up a little farther and know he had his hand on Brad's member. He used his fingers to massage it slightly, causing Brad to become aroused.
"I'll come up with other rules later...but one thought. 'Club' sounds too informal, we need something secret..." Brad said while looking at Matt.
Matt thought about it for a second. Casey's hand remained on Brad's bulge in his pants and was slightly distracted. It popped into his head within a few seconds and he blurted it out.
"Order..." Matt said.
"Order?" Casey asked.
"Yes, a secret society...an Order of..."
"...of Hollywood," Brad said, finishing Matt's thought.
"Hollywood...or...Holy Wood...more like it," said Matt.
Casey laughed a bit at the notion.
"First things first, I need to show Casey how this new Order will work..."
Brad took Casey's hand off of his crotch and pushed him down to the ground, as Matt started laughing.
"You'll be the first initiation!" said Brad.
"Where's our paddle, eh?" Matt asked jokingly.
Casey's expression changed.
"Me? Why me? Why not Matt?" Casey said.
"No, it has to be you," Brad replied.
Matt played along with what Brad was doing and set down his drink. Casey wasn't exactly sure what they were planning, but he wanted to go along with it. He had wanted to have both of them for the longest time, and finally Brad's silly fuck-club idea allowed the entrance to this goal.

Brad fell to the ground next to Casey and kissed him, moving his hands over his chest and even one down to his pants. Matt helped out, taking the liberty of undoing the buttons to Casey's jeans. Brad pulled them down until he was just in his underwear only, with two studs touching his body. Matt started to take off his pants as well, his hard-on jutting out in the front. Casey was now fully aroused, and Brad was stroking his 7 inch cock inside of his underwear. He continued kissing Casey and finally took his hand off his cock.
"We have to go to my hot-tub," Brad said in a whisper.
All three of them managed to hold on to their arousal until they could strip down and enter the warm water of Brad's hot-tub. All three studs sat naked within the bubbles, and Brad's hand was under the water stroking Casey's cock. Casey used his hand to start jerking Matt, and Matt's hand was on Brad's dick. All three were getting off very quickly, and Casey decided to stop kissing Brad.
"Whats wrong, babe?"
"I want to...well," he struggled to say while looking over at Matt.
"By all means...our Order here annot have jealousy," he said.
Casey moved over and started to kiss Matt, putting his tongue deeply into his mouth. They kissed as Casey's hand moved up and down on Matt's hard dick. He pumped his hips upward into Casey's hand as it continued stroking. After a few moments Casey tightened his grip and Matt couldn't take it any longer. He felt as though he was coming close as his cock began to tingle...
"I think I'm going to cum soon," he said to Casey between kisses.
"Let me take care of that," Brad said as he put one of his hands under Matt's ass to lift him up.
Only the head of Matt's hard cock was above the water and Brad put his mouth over it while Casey continued using his hands to jack it off. Matt began to orgasm, letting the fluid shoot out of his prick and into Brad's mouth.
"Oh yeahhh..." Matt said as Brad continued his sucking.
He swallowed every drop of Matt's cum as it shot into his mouth, letting his tongue continue to massage Matt's hard cock head.

By this time, Matt's jerking hand was still jerking Brad's large dick under the water. Brad began coming right into the hot-tub, spurt after spurt shooting out of his cock and into Matt's hand, as well as the water.

Casey was the last one to arrive, and he felt a strong orgasm coming while Brad put his finger under Casey's ass and moved his finger close to Casey's hole. Brad continued pumping Casey's dick and managed to stick his whole finger up Casey's ass, pushing into Casey's hole and allowing him to feel his prostate being massaged.
"Ah! I'm cumming!" Casey said as Brad's hand continued stroking.
He continued pushing the finger, until Casey's hot cum burst out of his dick and into the water, the many streams of the liquid hitting Brad's hand and lubricating his jerking.

Brad fell back and rested his head on the side of the hot-tub, tired from the powerful orgasm.
"That was awesome..." he said as the sweat on his body began to dry.
Casey could say nothing because he was out of breath, and simply tried to stand up from the hot-tub. Matt leaned over to Brad and kissed him deeply, tasting Casey's cum in his mouth. Brad's hot body was glistening as he got out of the tub, reaching over to his shelf of towels and robes. The other two hot men got out of the tub and put on the robes that Brad had handed to them.
"I'm gonna have to get that thing cleaned," he said as he looked over to his tub.
Brad started to smoke a cigarette as he tightened up his robe, his abs flexing slightly. Matt looked at him, hoping deeply that he would be doing this again with them in the future.
"Brad, you have to know at least one person we can bring into our holy Order here..."
"It sure is, I could even find a few members to join in our fun...whaddya think Brad?" Matt said.
"Our club...I mean, Order, ought to have a few more members for sure...I even have an idea of who..."
They both intently looked at Brad as he had garnered their attention.
"There is one friend from Fight Club who I know I could bring in...
"Ed Norton?"
"No, not Ed...the guy I'm thinking of, well...I think you might know of him,"

All three of them breathed in the night time air and plotted out the future of the Order, even giving thought to the rules they would create. In one night, the three had established themselves as the founders to a new secret society. Their meeting would take place in the weeks to come, and all three of them had enough anticipation to plan it out thoroughly...


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