Prologue: In the cover of darkness the members of a New Order met in secrecy, forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and to fulfill their desires behind closed doors. With this ritual of star power they would stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as...The Order of Holy Wood.

         Mark Wahlberg held onto his phone while surveying the mansion at the Order, preparing for the next few days. He was planning a small get-together, nothing big. The problem was, taking over the leadership involved a lot of maneuvering when it came to bringing in new members. He had been waiting for an important call back for a few hours, and was beginning to wonder whether it would even happen. Before he could finish his thought, his phone rang loudly. Picking it up, he looked at the number and realized it was not programmed into his phone, and it certainly wasn't the call he was expecting. He debated on whether or not to answer it right away or let it go to voicemail, but decided it couldn't hurt to pick up.
"Hey, this is...Ryan," he said.
"Ryan? Ryan who?"
Mark began to wonder how this person even got the number, since it was only reserved for private calls.
"Well, Zac and Channing told me to call this number. This is...Ryan Phillippe."
"Well Ryan, this is Mark Wahlberg. You'll need to show up at the address I give you, does tonight work out?"
"Yeah I'm free tonight, is it okay if I bring Zac and Channing with?"
"Yeah that's cool, I have a special surprise for them. We're having a rather small meeting tonight."
"Meeting? Alright, yeah I'll definitely be there," Ryan said.
"I'll explain the details when I call back in a few hours, I'll let you go for now," Mark said while hanging up.
Ryan wasn't quite sure exactly what kind of meeting this would be, but knowing Zac and Channing it probably involved something sexual. He wondered how they knew Mark Wahlberg so well. Gearing up for the night's future events, Ryan jumped into the shower and began to get ready, washing his hair and soaping up his muscled body.

Mark hung up from a different phone call, this time the one that he had been expecting. He had already contacted Zac and Channing and was going to bring in his first new member, surely to be one of the best. Only problem was, he had been mulling over how to deal with the six members that would be showing up tonight. Without haste, he had figured out that he would have to call up Zac and Channing and work out the details.

With the call over with Mark, Channing set down his cell phone and rolled over in the bed next to Zac. They had been sleeping especially late that day, after a long night of partying together.
"Hey that was Mark on the line, he's got something going on tonight," Channing said as he put his arm around Zac.
"Did Ryan ever call him?"
"Mmmm...I think so...he's coming tonight."
Channing's eyes were closed once again as he began to fall back asleep. Zac leaned over to him and kissed him softly on the lips. Within an hour they both had rested fully, and began to rouse themselves to show up at the mansion.

It was dusk and Tom Welling drove his Ferrari up to the mansion's front gate and pressed the button near the entrance. Two hours ago he travelled to Los Angeles to meet private with Mark and he was fully aware of the goal of the meeting. As the gates opened he drove up quickly and parked it in one of the empty spaces.

Mark had walked outside and met him as Tom stepped out of the car door.
"Hey stud, we've got a good night planned," Mark said as he put out his hand to shake.
Tom put out his hand and gripped the hot man's hand in front of him, looking into his strong muscled face and smiling widely. They walked into the doorway and Tom's eyes inspected the inside of the mansion. He whistled in amazement.
"Hey, you guys really put a lot of work in this place," Tom said.
The two men walked upstairs in the house and within a few minutes the trio of Channing, Ryan, and Zac had arrived as well. The three men showed up a little late, but saw Tom's car parked in the driveway and cracked the front door open with enthusiasm for the night's events.

Mark stepped out of the room briefly, realizing he had one more member to track down to join.
"Mark, where are you going, I thought you'd be joining us," Zac asked.
"I'll be back, don't worry."

Tom looked with desire over to the man who he had came for, his fellow actor Channing Tatum.
"I just saw the movie where you take your shirt off and play soccer, I knew I had to get to know you," Tom said while sitting down on one of the beds.
Channing looked back at him and took a brief glance at Zac, hoping he wouldn't get jealous. Zac looked equally enticed by Tom's attractive body, staring at his chest and muscles. Tom took no time in starting to take off his shirt, lifting it over his head and showing off his muscled chest and abs. Channing looked at Tom with strong desire and realized that he had never been more attracted to such a stunning body.

Zac's hardening cock began to be visible as he watched Tom unbutton his jeans. Meanwhile, Channing sat down next to Tom and put his hands on Tom's chest, feeling his smooth skin and firm pecs. He leaned in, and put his tongue onto Tom's lips, at the same time reaching down and feeling his cock through the boxers he was wearing. Tom felt Channing's hand and moaned in excitement.
"Oh yeah, that's it...feel my hard cock..."
Channing broke the kiss and instead moved downward to suck on Tom's nipples, continuing to stroke the stud's cock with his hand, feeling the man's large member between his fingertips. Tom's cock twitched as he felt Channing's hand stroke intimately, a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip.

Zac got down on his knees and put his mouth to Tom's prick, replacing Channing's hand with his tongue action. Channing unbuckled his belt and opened up his zipper, Tom instinctively moving his hand over to Tatum's growing cock. He went under the wasteband of the underwear and felt the head of Channing's cock, massaging it as Tatum continued to pull his underwear downward across his thighs.

By this time Ryan had taken an adjacent bed and was stroking his dick quickly while watching the hot action in front of him. Channing pulled his underwear and jeans completely off until they were around his ankles, exposing his hot body and also allowing Tom full access to his hard member.

Mark walked in quietly as he saw the men in various states of action: Zac was sucking on Tom's cock, Channing was thrusting his hips upward as Tom stroked him, and Ryan was naked on the other bed furiously stroking his stiff dick.

Mark walked over Zac while he was naked and got close to him while kneeling down next to him. He put one hand on Efron's chest and began to whisper in his ear.
"You know, there is a very talented member who has shown up tonight."
"Who is it?"
"He is a musician friend of mine that I just met a few days ago, you may know him...Justin Timberlake."
Zac's eyes widened as he realized Mark had arranged one of his favorite idols to join, and it up to him to "welcome" Timberlake to the club. Zac stood up, his hardened dick poking outwards and stood closer to Mark.
"What about..."
"Don't worry about it, they'll probably be here for a while, so there's plenty of time," Mark encouraged.
Zac quickly put on a pair of shorts, and they both walked out, leaving the three men behind. Channing looked down at Tom's unattended dick and began to suck on it in place of Zac. He took the large dick into his mouth and allowed Tom to thrust forward, filling his throat with the stud's hard rod.

Ryan looked over to the doorway and once again saw Mark, back almost as soon as he left, this time wearing nothing but a pair of tight underwear. Wahlberg reached down and grabbed onto his dick and arched his eyebrow, giving Ryan the ultimate signal to come over to him. Ryan got off the bed and went over to him and knelt down, feeling Mark's soft bulge, as his fingertips and started to lower Mark's underwear. Mark's dick came into view and Ryan took the soft dick into his mouth. He felt the dick hardening in his mouth as he used his tongue to circle the rod.

Channing continued to suck on Welling's member, and used his other hand to play with Tom's balls.
"I'm getting close..." Tom said.
Channing decided to quit sucking and instead stood up. He pulled Tom slightly so that he sat on the edge of the bed and his dick was accessable. Channing then turned around, and grabbing Tom's dick he lowered himself onto it, guiding the large head to his hole. Tom moaned as he felt his dick enter Channing's tight ass. He lowered down further, feeling the shaft go in him as his own member stood straight up from the excitement of getting fucked.

He now sat fully on Tom's lap and his cock filled him completely.

Tom thrust his hips upward slightly and began to pump in and out of the actor's ass, feeling the warm tightness grip his dick. Tom put both arm's arround Channing's chest and held him closely as he continued his powerful thrusts. Minutes of fucking passed as Channing's rock hard dick still stood at full mast. Channing reached down and massaged it, still incredibly hard from Tom stimulating his prostate.
"I'm going to cum in you," Tom said as he pushed his dick into Channing.
"Yeah fuck me," Channing said back, still riding the cock.
Tom pumped into Channing's ass for a final time and then began to shoot his load.
"Ahhh..." he said as his balls tightened and his warm spunk filled into the stud's ass.
Channing panted and jerked his own member as he began to cum his load, stroking his cock as the hot jizz spurted out quickly. His cum dribbled out and coated his dick as he continued stroking, feeling Tom's warm cum go in his ass.
"Oh fuck that was great, man," Tom said as he finished slowing his thrusts to a stop.

By this time, Ryan was laying face down on the bed and Mark was rimming his butt. He licked around the hole and prepped it for the fucking he was about to do. He aimed his cock at Ryan's hole and entered him slowly.
"Oh...shit..you've got a huge dick," Ryan said as he felt Mark's dick go in him.
Mark pushed further until his large dick was fully in. He began to thrust in and out, giving a light slap to Ryan's ass.
"Yeah you like that cock?" Mark said.
Ryan's hard cock rubbed against the sheets of the bed as his hole was being well fucked by Mark's dick. The oral Mark received earlier got him close and now that his dick was being squeezed by Ryan's tight ass he was getting even closer.

He pumped harder and finally began to thrust all the way so his pelvis was slapping against Ryan's ass. His cock pushed in and out and his orgasm was approaching. He did a few hard thrusts and began to unload his cum into Ryan's hole. Ryan felt the cum go in him and he pushed his butt backwards to match Wahlberg's thrusts.

Mark pulled his softening dick from Ryan's ass, and turned him so he was on his back. Phillippe's cock stood straight up and Mark took it into his mouth, jacking it as he licked the head, tasting the precum that had formed on Ryan's dick while he was being fucked. Ryan thrust his hips forward and began to cum into Mark's mouth, his cum hitting Mark's tongue as he swallowed each load. Mark licked up what was left as Ryan's heaving breathing began to slow back to normal.

Zac opened the door that Mark had showed him to, revealing Justin Timberlake sitting in a chair. Zac's dick was still slightly hard from the session with Tom, but also remained hard in anticipation of encountering his favorite singer.

"Hey Justin," Zac managed to say as he walked near him.
"Zac, you're just about the hottest guy out there," Justin said as took the initiative, pushing a shirtless Zac Efron down so he was on the bed.
Justin kissed Zac on the lips and put his hand to his crotch, feeling the hardness of his dick pushing against the boy's shorts. Zac did the same, slowly feeling the fabric of Justin's pants, and when he rubbed he felt Timberlake's dick begin to harden.
"I've been looking forward to this..." Justin said.
Justin unzipped Zac's shorts and immediately got his hands on the teen's hardened cock. He kissed downwards to Zac's abs and finally reached his prick, taking the whole length in his mouth. He licked one finger and put it near Zac's hole, pushing slightly. He felt Zac's hole loosen slightly as he got his whole finger inside, while still maintaining his tongue action on the boy's dick.

Justin could tell everytime he hit Zac's prostate by the way the teen's cock would jump and Zac would moan. After a few minutes, Justin took off his pants and leaned over to Zac's ear, whispering to him.
"Are you ready to fuck me now?"
"Hell yeah..." Zac responded.
Zac pushed up Justin's legs and positioned his cock at right angle to enter Justin. He could tell Justin was having trouble keeping his legs back this far, so Zac put his hands on them to hold them in place. Zac pushed the head of his throbbing hard dick slowly into Justin's hole until it was fully inside.
"I'm a dirty slut who needs to be fucked," Justin said.
Zac wasn't sure what to think but pushed in a little farther.
"Oh yess...fuck my dirty hole, I want your thrusting cock in me," Justin continued.
Zac knew it must have been some sort fetish for Justin to get fucked like this. He pushed in hard and felt Justin quiver in response.
"Ohhh Zac, dominate me..."
"Oh you're a kinky little bitch you want me to fuck you hard?"
"Yes...fuck me," Justin said as he felt the cock go fully in him.
The stinging pain of his ass increased as he felt Zac's dick go in and out of him.
"Breed my ass, I'm a slut who needs to be pounded."
Zac pumped his cock in harder and faster and began to get extremely turned on by the singer's need to talk dirty. He humped Justin's ass hard until Justin began to cum without even touching his dick. The cum landed on his chest and Zac continued fucking his ass, pumping in harder and harder with each thrust. Justin grabbed onto Zac's firm muscular butt with both his hands, helping him to push harder with his fucking.
"Fill me with your sperm, I want your hot jizz," Justin said.
Zac was getting turned on with the dirty talk and began to kiss him. As he felt Justin's tongue circling inside his mouth, Zac began cum inside Justin's ass, his teen dick shooting the liquid deep inside the singer's hole. He continued thrusting until his orgasm subsided and his thrusts slowed. Zac was covered in a light coating of sweat as he continued to kiss Justin.

Later that evening, Zac approached Mark to talk to him.
"I didn't realize that Justin...had the hots for me that much..."
"That was the only way he would show up tonight, actually," Mark said.
"Wow, well I'm glad he did, it was really a great time," Zac replied.
"You did an excellent job tonight as well, and talking to Tom, he can't wait to finish what you guys had going."
Zac was excited to explore the opportunity, and thought about it intently while Mark continued to look at the teen's attractive features. Zac broke from his reverie, and looked back at Mark, deciding to cut into the silence.
"At this point, Mark, you've brought in some great friends that I'm sure we'll get to know well."
"And we'll find more," Mark said.
"How though? It seems like we've found almost every Hollywood idol...how could there possibly be..."
"Don't worry Zac. We're going to continue our reign of Hollywood, by the golden serpent given to me, I pledge it," Mark said.
Zac stared intently at him and was inspired by his tenacity, but perplexed by the strange symbology of the gold snake he carried with him.
"What does it mean Mark? Why would you be given a gold snake like that? Where did it come from?"
"You will find out in time. Our Order has rich origins, with not only the power, but also the means to keep our cause going," Mark said.
Zach arched an eyebrow in curiousity as he secretely told himself that he'd get to the bottom of this...whatever it was. Mark spoke of power, but at the same time Zach wondered whether digging deeper would bring him closer to something risky---or at worst bring him an illumination upon matters he may not want to be revealed...


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