Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

          It was now 2002, many months after their first encounter had occurred. Matt Damon walked into the room that Brad told him to arrive at earlier in the week. Brad had already moved in tables, couches, beds, sculptures, and other various things. The entire place was decked out with expensive things and had virtually no windows. Brad had spent a hundred thousand dollars already, a drop in the bucket compared to how much money he made for each movie.
"So whats the plan here, eh?" Matt asked.
"I've rented this out for a year...it will be our headquarters."
"More like fucking zone," Matt replied.
He walked through the place and surveyed what it was like, pressing on the couches and the beds, visiting each room and eyeing up the features.
"This is pretty nice," Matt remarked.
"Yeah, not bad at all. I've got most of things worked out and...we have some guests coming tonight..."
"Really? Let me guess, actors you've worked with in the past?"
"That's right...I'm starring in this new movie called Troy, and one of my co-stars in it...well, it'll be fun for you to meet him."
"Yeah, and the mystery man from Fight Club you're bringing in, too right?"
"That's right...we're gonna have a blast tonight, but there's only one problem," Brad said.
"What's that?" Matt asked.
"Casey won't be able to make it tonight. He said he was working on something important."
"Yeah right..." Matt said.
Matt went over to one of the couches and sat down, putting his arm above one of the cushions.
"So who are the guests tonight? I'm dyin' to know now," he said.
"Have you ever seen Requiem for a Dream?" Brad asked.
"I have...aw, you mean to tell me... Jared Leto? Come to think of it, I've always seen him as a guy that'd be into this,"
"That's him...yeah, I've actually heard of many of things that he's into..." Brad replied.
Matt smiled back at Brad, and they began to make preparations for the coming night.

Jared Leto followed the directions that Brad gave him, carefully observing the rule of not being seen by any paparazzi. He walked up the flights of stairs at the building and on to the correct floor. Continuing on he began to feet nervous about what he was doing and a light layer of sweat on his palms was beginning to form. He walked over to the door with the right number on it and saw a note:

Enter, Leto
He opened up the door and walked into the dark room, closing it behind him. He continued walking into the chamber and it was almost pitch black, except for 3 candles burning. He looked more carefully and saw two men sitting, and struggled to see their faces. On the left was Damon and on the right was Pitt, the three candles sitting between them. Jared stopped walking and and stood silently in front of them.
"Take a seat," Brad said quietly.
Jared sat down slowly, and looked at both of them. Brad continued to speak.
"We have chosen you to be a part of our Order. By coming this night you have chosen to accept, and now we must make it final..."
"Is it only the two of you?" Jared asked.
"The identity of our other member shall remain secret for now..." Brad responded.
"But you will participate tonight no doubt," Matt said.
"We will first begin by having you strip down completely naked."

Leto began by slipping his t-shirt off over his head, exposing his chest. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Next, he slipped off his underwear. Matt began to harden watching the sight as Leto's cock was also visible. He stood there completely naked, with his hands gripped behind behind his back.
"You will now kneel and bend over," Brad said.
Leto complied and kneeled down, and then bent over onto all fours. Brad pulled out a paddle from behind him, and walked over to Jared as he sat on all fours.
"Do you wish, on your own free will, to be a permanent member of our Order?"
"Yes, master," Leto replied.
"You will not call me master, you will call me...Patriarch."
"Yes...Patriarch," Leto said.
Brad took the paddle and held it close to Leto's ass. He gave it a light slap, and reached down to massage Jared's exposed nutsack, playing a little with each ball. This caused Leto's dick to immediately harden in anticipation. Matt watched intently as it began to be clear that Jared enjoyed this thouroughly. Brad slapped his ass again with the paddle lightly, and then let go of Jared's sack.
"What are the oaths of the order?"
"I do not know them, Patriarch," Leto said while trying to find the right words.
"I shall tell you them, and you will repeat them," Brad said as he paddled Leto once again.
"Ahhh..." Leto screamed out in pain.
"I shall preserve the secrecy of the Order and tell not a soul!" Brad shouted at him.
"I shall preserve the secrecy of the Order and tell not a soul!"
Brad hit him hard with the paddle and Jared winced in pain. He then grabbed Jared's balls and squeezed lightly, moving his hand to Leto's rock hard dick and massaging the head with his fingertips.
"I shall maintain the integrity of the Order and value its honor!" Brad said with the paddle hitting Leto's ass once again.
"I shall maintain the integrity of the Order and value its honor!" Leto echoed.
"Finally...the last: I shall trust in the Patriarch of the Order and follow his leadership," Brad commanded.
"I shall trust in the Patriarch of the Order and follow his leadership..!" Leto said.

Brad moved the paddle around Jared's ass and paddled it once more.
"Ahh! I trust your judgement Patriarch!" Jared said as his ass burned in pain.
"Good. You have taken the oath, and now you are a member. As your reward you will assist in bringing in our next member. He will be arriving shortly."
Matt stood up and walked over to Leto, who was still on all fours. He unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants and underwear, revealing his 6 inch dick.
"Until he arrives, you may kneel, and receive this," Matt said while putting his cock in Leto's face.
Leto gladly put it into his mouth and began to prove his talent of oral stimulation. Matt pumped his hips into Jared's mouth as Brad stood closely by, and fisted his own rock hard shaft. Leto sucked harder and Matt's large dick head went in and out between Jared's soft lips.
"Mmm.." he hummed as he repeatedly tongued and sucked the rod.
Matt felt as though he was close to cumming and he decided that he would cum right into Jared's mouth.
"You ready?" Matt said as he was right on the edge.
Jared gladly kept sucking as Matt's ass began to tighten and he felt his stiff prick burst cum into Jared's waiting mouth. The salty warm liquid filled passed his lips and began to dribble out. Matt's orgasm was powerful and stream after stream of cum landed on Leto's tongue. He licked off the final amount from Matt's dick and Matt began to step back a little. Brad moved in and held his waiting dick near Leto's mouth, stroking it as Leto held his tongue out. Jacking off as fast as he could, Brad began to cum into Jared's mouth, the hot burning jizz hitting his lips and tongue. Jared stuck out his tongue farther and accepted the warm liquid fill his palette, swallowing it completely.

Matt motioned for Leto to stand up, and he did. Moving in, Matt kissed him on the lips and tasted his own jizz as well as Brad's. Meanwhile, Brad posted a new note on the door:
Enter, Bloom

Brad had convinced Orlando Bloom, a cast-member with him on the set of Troy, to join their organization. It wasn't difficult, and Brad had told him very few of the details. Within minutes of Brad posting the note on the door, Orlando was walking down the hallway. 318...320...ah!...322.. He saw the note pinned there, and took it down, opening up the door to enter. He closed it behind him just as Leto did, and continued walking until he reached the main room. There were now three men there, all with candles lit. Things would go differently for Bloom, as Brad knew that Orlando didn't care much for the domination but instead preferred less of an aggressive feel to things.
"Have a seat," Matt said. He continued,
"We have invited you and you have shown up to join our Order. Do you wish to accept?"
He looked over at Brad and also Jared, noticing that he was hard as a rock and his erection was bulging in his black pants, pointing upwards.

"What are the conditions of joining?" Bloom asked.

"You must take the oath to secrecy, the oath to honor, and the oath to obey our Patriarch," Matt said as motioned towards Brad.
"I will take those oaths," Orlando replied.
Brad handed to him a small card of paper with the oaths along with a rose. He grabbed Orlando's crotch and held onto his member tightly.
"You must say the oath as written, and then we shall test you as a member," Brad said.
Orlando began to get hard as he felt Brad's hand squeeze his dick. No matter, he looked at the card and said the oaths as written:
I shall preserve the secrecy of the Order and tell not a soul.
I shall maintain the integrity of the Order and value its honor.
I shall trust in the Patriarch of the Order and follow his leadership.
Brad felt Orlando's dick in his hand, and it was fully hard, about six and a half inches.
"I now tell you to strip, for our newest member will allow you the honor," Brad said.
With that Orlando started taking of his pants, his hard dick pointing outwards through his boxers. He peeled off his shirt and threw it to the ground. At the same time Jared stood up and moved over to one of the beds. He bent over it and showed his ass for Orlando. Orlando insinctively moved over and held his hard dick in his hand, aiming it towards Leto's still-reddened ass. He pushed forwards and the head of his dick touched Jared's puckered ass. He thrusted forward until his cock had reached the hilt, and Jared began to moan.

Brad took his cue and knelt down behind Orlando. He put his hands on Bloom's cheeks and spread them wide. He saw Orlando's hole in plain sight and began to lick around the edges.
"Oh...!" Bloom said, not expecting Brad's tongue to be back there.
Brad continued licking until he got his tongue all the way inside Orlando's hole, feeling its tight walls surround his tongue. He could feel each time it tightened as Bloom continued fucking Leto.
"Oh yeah, fuck me hard," Jared said while Orlando pushed harder into his ass.
Matt stood on the side and jerked his dick and it grew hard as it was before. By this time Orlando has been pistoning in to Jared's tight ass for long enough, and his thin body was beginning to have a small coat of sweat. Matt got down and started to lick Orlando's balls as his dick went in and out of Leto's hole.

Orlando began to really get into it, humping Jared as hard as he could. He slammed his cock in and out of the man below him, feeling Leto's ass grip his rock hard dick. Within a minute the sensation of having Brad Pitt's tongue flicking in his ass and his cock within Jared Leto, Orlando began to cum the biggest load of his life. The hot juice squeezed into Jared as Brad's tongue was going in and out of his hole.
"Oh yeahh..." Orlando said as his orgasm overtook him.
The uncontrolable waves of pleasure kept going as Matt's tongue played with his balls. Spurt after spurt of cum had hit Leto's insides, and Jared moaned as he felt the warm liquid enter him. Orlando took a few deep breaths as his orgasm subsided.

"That was incredible," he said to his fellow brothers.
Brad got up and put on a black robe over his sculpted body, holding one candle and standing still in front of them.
"Our members have been chosen and tested. We have grown to five members, and as one of our members is absent tonight, we will continue to grow. As Patriarch, I warn you to keep your sacred oaths, and only to funnel prospective members through me, as I must protect the secrecy of the Order. Remain faithful to it, and only come here to serve your needs," he said as the remaining members put on their robes.
Orlando looked over at Jared and Matt, who were kissing. He looked at Brad and decided to do the same. His tongue went inside Brad's mouth and he put his hands on Brad's strong chest.
"When will we have another meeting?" Orlando asked.
"Soon..." Brad replied.
They gathered their things and one by one they left, holding their secrecy and honor to themselves, all of them to eventually return...


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