Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

It was now 2004, and on the set of Alexander Jared Leto's mind could not be fixated upon anything else but the Order. His experiences there were some of the best of his life...and he began to think about bringing his new cast-mate Colin Farrell along with him some time. It was an exciting notion, but Jared doubted that Colin was anything but straight. He went over to the cooler of water bottles and pulled one out, opening its cap and taking a large gulp.
"You have to make it less intense, and yet not lose the emotion..." he heard Colin's voice in the background.
Jared looked over and saw that he was talking to Connor Paolo, one of the other members of the cast. Connor was young, about 14 and had black hair. He was cast to play the part of a young Alexander, and had a small resemblence to Colin, making him perfect for the part. As he talked back to his older co-star he held a kind smile and looked very interested in what Farrell had to say.
"Okay, I'll try," he said back to Colin faithfully.
Connor fidgeted with his hands and eventually leaned against the wall, standing with his arms crossed next to Colin.
"Jared, we need you back on the set here," one of the aides called.
Jared set down the bottle of water while he looked at Colin still talking to Connor quietly, and eventually went over to the main part of the set where he was needed.

Within about an hour he was finished with his scenes and noticed that Connor was still on the set.
"Hey there kid, how'd the acting lesson with Colin go?"
"It went alright," Connor replied.
"Any tips you got for me?"
"Well, I'm not sure I could even..."
"Trust me, it took 45 minutes just to shoot one scene--and then the director decided to cut it!"
"Sounds like you need all the help you can get then," Connor said.
Jared winked at him and put on hand on his shoulder.
"With that sense of humor you oughta go into comedy,"
Connor looked back at Jared and held his breath for a second, struggling on whether or not he could say anything at all.
"Okay Jared, you can't tell anyone about this...you promise?"
"I won't tell anyone, I promise, what is it?"
"I was talking to Colin and well, I really like him and he's a nice guy,"
"Yeah he sure is," Jared said back.
"Well, I started to, well I don't know how to say this, I mean, I started to come-on to him..." Connor said while biting his lip.
Jared looked at him, shocked that a kid his age would have the nerve to say anything like that, let alone actually do it.
"You did? What did he say?" Leto asked in excitement.
"He told me that I should meet him in his trailer."
"Wow...well, that's very..." Jared began to say.
"Then when I did, he started to get drunk and ...well, we sort of messed around."
Jared was struck dumbfounded by what Connor had told him, and was shocked that Colin would do it, finding no words in response. Connor knew Jared wouldn't be able to say anything and decided to continue.
"You can't tell anyone or he could get in a lot of trouble."
"No, I promised that I wouldn't, and I won't...but I have to ask, Connor, was this something that you wanted to do?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well I have to know if he did something to you that made you feel..."
"No, it's not like that."
"Well what did you do?"
"I gave him oral sex and that was it, I swear."
"Well that certainly doesn't make it any more legal..." Jared said to himself quietly while biting his lip.
Jared decided to leave it at that and go home for the day. Any type of thing he would have to deal with the next day.

Bright and early on the set the very next day Jared decided that he would mention something to Colin about what had happened. He quietly moved over to where Colin was waiting and talked very quietly.
"I know what you did with Connor," Leto said to Colin.
Colin arched an eyebrow and looked over to Leto, shocked and afraid of what would happened now that Jared found out. His body stance changed and he began to move his head in closer, avoiding any eavesdroppers who would want to listen in on the conversation.
"No, you don't understand, he was the one who started talking to me and..."
"You're going to blame a 14 year old kid for seducing you? That's pretty low."
"Look, I'm not blaming him, I'm just saying that I don't usually..."
"I've come to know one of your secrets, and now you ought to know one of mine."
"Oh yeah?" Colin said arching an eyebrow once again.
"I've got something for you that you may like. I'll have to talk to somebody first, but you'd be a shoe-in,"
Colin looked puzzled. At the same moment, Connor had seen the two of them talking and could easily tell that they were discussing the events of yesterday. He walked a few steps and leaned closer without being seen and tried to hear what was going on.
"It's a club, and from what happened yesterday, I'm not sure if you even have the honor or tact to join," Leto said.
Connor thought about it for a second and immediately knew that Leto was extending an invitation to something sexual. He stepped in casually to both their sights and the other two men changed their stance and other body language immediately.
"Hey guys, whatcha chatting about?"
Both looked at each other and struggled to come up with a phony topic.
"Sports," Colin said quickly with Leto nodding his head in agreement.
Connor leaned in closer to them and whispered quietly.
"Tell you what, you tell me about your Sport Club, and all three of us can go," he said.
Jared's face changed expression to complete horror realizing his sloppy mistake.
"Oh, I don't know if this Sports Club would be a great idea, I figure that..." Jared started to say.
"Listen, Jare-bear, if you don't take me to this sex club I'm gonna spill the beans on Colin,"
"Why would you do that? You little brat!" Jared said while losing his temper.
"You promised you wouldn't tell anyone, and you broke that promise," Connor said.
It certainly was true that he broke the promise that he said he would keep. The question was whether Connor was trustable enough to keep the secret for himself.
"I can't trust you," Jared said to Connor.
"Well tell you what, I won't rat on him if he's a good sport," Connor replied back.
"That's blackmail," Colin whispered angrily.
"Yeah well I'm good at keeping secrets when I have to," Connor said.
"We'll have to see about that...aw man this is really a bad situation," Jared said while looking at Colin.
Shooting on the set continued and Leto immediately left, realizing that he had more important things than shooting scenes that would get cut anyway.

Jared walked into the room alone and moved up to Brad quickly, while Matt relaxed on one of the couches.
"I need to talk to you about somthing important, okay?"
Within five minutes Brad had heard the whole story and was convinced that Jared was joking around. Finally after looking at Jared's desperation for an instant he knew it was a true thing. The story was itself bizarre and Brad struggled to find words.
"I cannot sanctify this!" he said in defiance.
"Brad I know it's illegal but, I mean, who's going to know?"
"Sex with adults...fine. Sex with a fourteen year old? Bad idea," he said.
"He's already done things with Colin," Leto said.
"Well that's fine for Colin, but I like my freedom," Matt said.
"Matt is right. I may want to do it, but there's no way I want risk going to jail over it," Brad said loudly.
"There's got to be some way..." Jared said quietly in response to Brad's indecision.
Matt looked over at the both of them arguing and indecicive. Clearly something needed to be done.
"Why don't you guys just compromise," Matt said.
They both looked over to him in frustration.
"Compromise!? Well what in the hell do you suggest, I only fuck him half as much!?"
"How about this...he can come to our meeting, but he can only watch."
They both stood in awe of Matt, not realizing how stupid they had been acting.
"Is that illegal?" Jared asked.
"Yeah maybe, but it's definitely not going to land you in jail. It's not like we're taking pictures of him or even holding him against his will," Matt said.
"That's true," Brad said to himself quietly in agreement. "He could leave anytime he got uncomfortable!" Leto said.
"Peep show for a 14 year old? My God this is awful..." Brad said while thinking about it in detail.
He composed himself back into reality and decided that as the leader he had to make a ruling on this that would stand.
"As Patriarch of this Order I must make a decision here. On one hand, we have Colin Farrell who is a hesitant possibility that is also being blackmailed into something he may or may not want to do. This could very well spoil the secrecy of the order and ruin any possibility of it's continuance. This came as a product of a moment of sexual indescretion with a cast member. I know we've all had a few of those, but certainly not with one this young. It is my belief that because of Colin's actions he will be forced to secrecy, and therefore he is safe. What do I have as a guarantee with this Connor boy? If he can blackmail Colin, would he not be able to blackmail us as well?"

"He would," Matt said in response.
Brad, in his own Socratic style worthy of Alexander, continued to give his best judgement on the matter.
"Ah, but the problem here is that he already knows about the Order, and in that case, the blackmail is still possible with not only Colin but Leto as well. If we allow him to come into the Order, it only extends further with the rest of the members, thereby putting us all at risk. So it is as simple as this: we cannot give Connor any fuel against us except for the things he already has. In that sense we must protect Jared, and even Colin for that matter, against blackmail and the subsequent revealing of our club. I rule that it is in the best interest to partially submit to his blackmail for precisely one reason: we have a better chance of protecting the secrecy and the integrity of the Order. It is better to have him close and into our midst than to be rejected and singing like a canary. Therefore, we will make a compromise as Matt suggested and is it as follows: Colin will be allowed to join under his own free-will, aware of the consequences that will occur if he doesn't. Connor will be allowed to join on a trial basis until he comes of age, and only be in the prescense of Colin and Jared, as to protect the identity of the other members. There is to be no physical contact, in order to ensure that no more laws will be broken here. That means no penetration and no physical contact under any circumstances!"
They all looked at each other and said nothing, unaware of whether a better solution was there.
"Does anyone object to these rules or think that they cannot follow them?" Brad asked.
None of them said a word, and chose to shake their heads no to the proposition.

They had made the arrangements accordingly, and the collective members waited for the arrival. Colin had agreed hesitantly, realizing that he really didn't have much of a choice. Leto made sure to bring Colin with him early, and also a polaroid faceshot Connor, as none of the members would be able to see him that day.
"Gentlemen, tonight we have our first member of the Order who holds the status of Observer," Brad said while holding the picture.
"My God where did you find this kid, he can't be here!" Casey said.
"Problem is that he is currently blackmailing Colin, and well...we've worked out the details," Matt said back.
"What about..." Orlando began to say.
"Trust me, we've worked out everything, it shouldn't be a problem," Brad assured.
Within ten minutes Brad had conducted the operation perfectly. Orlando, Brad, and Casey would get their own room to conduct their sex-filled fantasies. In the other room would be Connor, Jared, and Colin. This way none of them exposed their identities, and it also allowed a resolution to the problem.

In the first room Casey sat down in one of the chairs and watched as Brad and Orlando entered.
"What do you think about this for a solution, eh?" Brad said while putting his hand on Orlando's chest.
Orlando leaned in for a kiss and felt Brad's soft lips touch his own. Orlando moved his hands to Brad's shirt and began to lift it. Brad pulled the rest of it over his head and stood shirtless. Casey began to feel the excited seeing the two students begin their ritual. Brad's pants sagged slightly, showing his treasure trail and the top of his underwear. Orlando eagerly took the top of his pants and began to unbutton them, revealing Brad's bulge in his underwear. Casey rubbed his cock through his pants as Orlando continued the exploration.

Orlando dropped his pants and turned Brad around, pulling down his underwear. He rubbed his hardening cock against his ass cheeks as Brad pushed his ass back against Orlando's dick.
"Stud, I want you to fuck me," Brad said while Orlando reached around to feel his nipples.
Casey took the liberty of standing up and moving over to Orlando, and started to take off his shirt. Orlando's thin but muscled frame was a major turn on to him, and he moved his hands over his chest. He even moved one hand down near Orli's butt and gave it a playful slap. By this time, Brad had pushed back as Orlando aimed his long prick at Brad's hole. He put it at the entrance and pushed forward, Brad pushing back at the same time to allow it to enter.
"Oh yeah, stud, fill me with your cock," Brad said as Orlando continued pushing.
Casey watched Orlando's young body as he pushed his cock into Brad's ass, also seeing Brad's dick rise very quickly as he was being penetrated. Afflec got down on his knees and began to put his mouth around Brad's cockhead, feeling its warmth and sucking lightly.
"Oh yeah Casey suck my dick," Brad said as Casey moved his tongue along Brad's dick.
They trio moved closer to one of the bed's in the room and Brad layed stomach down, ready to get the full power of Orlando's humping. With little option, Casey stopped his oral action on Brad's dick and unbuttoned his own pants. He pulled out his cock from his undies and put it in front of Brad. He eagerly licked the head of it, and finally put it all into mouth.

Orlando continued pumping into Brad's awaiting hole, feeling himself coming close to orgasm. His ass muscles flexed as Orlando's long cock went in and out, a light coat of sweat forming on his body. Orlando's ab muscles flexed as his torso laid on Brad's back and his pelvis was bumping on his ass as he continued his fucking.
"Ah, I'm gonna cum," Orlando said.
"Yes, fuck my ass, cum in my butt," Brad said between licking Casey's hard dick.
He felt Orlando's cock pulse as his orgasm approached. Orlando did one final thrust and let his cock explode and his cum hit Brad's insides. He continued pumping slowly as Brad felt the warm liquid gush into him. Brad continued sucking Casey's dick as he was filled with Orlando's spunk. Casey thrusted his cock in Brad's mouth and began to cum as well, spurting 6 shots on Brad's tongue. Brad's hard cock was left unsatisfied as the other two men had already reached orgasm.
"Turn over," Orlando said.
Brad obliged and turned over to his back, his tanned legs slightly spread. His large cock pointed upwards as Orlando grabbed ahold of it. He massaged it up and down as Brad approached a climax. His hand wrapped and felt the head of Brad's dick, and he began to use his other hand to feel his large balls as he jacked Brad's thick cock.

In the other room Connor had sat down in one of the chairs as Colin and Jared had been making out on the bed. He was relatively inexperienced outside of his encounter with Colin and watched intently as the two rolled each other tongues in their mouth. His teenage cock had grown hard in his pants, pressing outwards and showing a bulge. He began to become slightly embarassed that he was not a part of the action and only watching. He reached down inside his pants, feeling his 5 inch cock the hardest it had ever been in the white briefs that he was wearing.

Colin got off the bed and stripped down to his underwear, showing off his tough body to Jared. Jared held his dick in his hand and jacked it slowly as he admired Colin's naked form. Colin layed back on the bed next to Leto and took his cock into his hand. Colin jacked it slowly as they both kissed once again. Jared took his finger and put it in his mouth, wetting it thoroughly.
"Here, open your legs a bit," Jared said as Colin spread his legs apart.
He put his finger near Colin's hole and rubbed around, feeling the man's pucker and pushing slightly on it.
"Ah, yeah," Colin said as he felt Jared's finger enter his hole.
Jared's finger went farther up into Colin's ass as he moaned in ecstasy. He pushed in another finger and continued pumping both of them in and out of Colin's butt.

By this time Connor had stripped down until he was just in his tighty whities and jerking his hard 5 inch dick. He looked on intently as Jared was pushing in a third finger into Colin behind. Colin watched Connor's young yet muscular body while he jerked his dick the whole time he got fingered by Jared. Colin's rock hard member bobbed up and down and leaked pre-cum as Jared fingered him. By this time Jared had repositioned himself so he was on his back and Farrel sat over his torso. He held Leto's dick in his hand and put it near his hole, and pushed downwards.
"Ohh yeah put my dick in your hole," Leto said, encouraging Colin.
Colin started to sit on his dick, feeling the full width enter him, as Leto held on to Colin's muscular legs. They fucked for almost fifteen minutes and Colin's hard dick bounced up and down as he rode Jared's dick. Jared reached forward and grabbed Colin's dick, jacking it furiously as he fucked him. Colin had began to cum, it spilling all over Jared's torso.
"Oh yeah, fuck yeah," Colin said as he continued jizzing.
Jared felt Colin's ass tighten on his cock and began to cum as well, pumping load after load into Colin's butt. Colin had finished his orgasm and looked over to Connor, who was still jacking his teenage dick. Jared panted in relaxment as he looked over to Connor as well, as he had not reached orgasm yet. Jared got up from underneith Colin and looked more intently at the young stud.
"You want this?" Connor said seductively.
He touched the head of his young cock and jerked it a little bit as Jared continued watching.
"I want your cum..."
"Alright Leto, I'll give it to you," Connor said.
Jared layed on the floor and Connor stood over him completely nude, fisting his teenage prick quickly. Leto loved the sight, seeing Connor's balls and dick as he jerked. His young abs flexed and his pec muscles moved as his hand moved quick on his teenage member, feeling the head and stiff shaft on his fingertips.

Connor's facial expression changed as he felt he was close, and Jared opened his mouth near the head of Connor's cock, being careful not to touch it. Connor leaned in and continued stroking as his teen cum burst out of his dick. The first spirt landed right in Jared's mouth and he eagerly began to swallow the teen's spunk. Connor blasted another wad onto Jared's face and had never came so much in his life. Colin watched eagerly as Jared licked the cum off his lips and enjoyed the taste.

Connor sighed in relief and sat back down on the chair as Colin was still laying on the bed. He looked over to Connor and smiled at him.
"So are we fine then, you're not going to tell anyone about this, right lad?" Colin asked.
"I swear I won't," Connor said.
Colin chuckled a bit in relief. Jared began to lust after Connor, but could not give in to the temptation quite yet.
"You're membership in this club will be sealed when you get a little older..." Jared said to him.
"I can't wait," Connor replied back as he held his underwear in his hands.
The three men sat in the room until a warning from a knock on the door, signifying that it was clear to leave. They had preserved the secrecy of the members of the Order and at the same time kept Colin out of trouble. Brad smiled to himself as he thought about the events of the day, and how well it had worked out. One thing still hadn't been explained though...
"Hey, where did Matt go?" Brad asked Casey.
Casey paused for a moment.
"I'm not sure actually, he kind of just disappeared..." Casey said.
"Well I'm sure we'll find out eventually what kind of trouble he's getting himself into," Brad said with a smile.
He picked up the last of the things and left the main hall dark, excited at the prospect that within the next year he would be able to continue bringing new members into the Order of Holy Wood.


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