Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

          Five weeks before filming, Brad looked over the worn pages of the copy of his script for the film script "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." It had been months since his latest project, and he was greatly anticipating this one. Reading over the text, he found himself always getting turned on when his character interrogates a young agent. His mind dwelled on it further when he found out that the person cast was a young guy by the name of Adam Brody. At first he was unaware of who Brody was, but later found out through some friends that the was a teen on a television show. In the next week he would finally have the chance to meet him. It had only been a few weeks since Brad had gone full swing into the business of the Order, and sought new members every chance he could. As leader, it was his main job to find Hollywood stars and to bring them in. That way, the secrecy was kept, and the quality of the members was guaranteed.

Brad casually walked the hallway of the studio talking with the casting director.
"So when do I get to meet Adam Brody? I'm sure you picked the right guy for the part, I'd like to see how our chemistry is," Brad asked.
"We can set up a meeting right away--he might even be in today, I think," the casting director said.
"That'll be great, I know this project is going to go well," he replied.
Brad continued walking down the halls of set, and finally reached some of the studio sets that would be used during filming. A few minutes later Adam walked onto the set and walked right up to Brad with his hand out.
"Oh my gosh, it's totally sweet to finally meet you," Adam said to Brad.
Brad looked over at his young co-star and immediately thought he was attractive. He hadn't seen "The O.C." because he didn't watch television much. Adam showed his enthusiasm by continuing the conversation.
"Seven is one of my favorite movies, and so is Fight Club," he continued.
"Well I'm glad to hear that. We ought to rehearse some of our lines," Brad said in order to stop Adam from drooling all over him.
"Oh, definitely," Adam said.
They practiced their lines intimately for the short scene and it only took about 15 minutes.
"After we're done shooting today I want you to meet me in my trailer, I've got something special for you," Brad said to Adam.
Adam looked a little confused.
"For me? Really, what is it?"
"I can't tell you until you get there. See you then."
Within three hours of filming all of the takes were finished and Adam walked over to Brad's trailer and opened the door. Inside he saw Brad shirtless and sitting at the table.
"I'm sorry, I should have knocked," he began to say, but Brad quickly interrupted.
"No, its all quite all right," he said as he got up and stood in front of Adam.
"So you've been on television for ...how long now?"
"Well a couple of years," Adam said with a smile.
"I've never seen you before, but I think you've got talent."
Adam gleamed at receiving a compliment from such a celebrity.
"Take off your shirt," Brad said without missing a beat.
"My shirt? What do you, I mean, what..." Adam stammered. He began to get excited, but had no idea what Brad had in mind.
"We're going to practice some of the rougher parts of the movie. You know I'm supposed to lightly torture you in the movie right?"
"Oh..! Yeah, what am I thinking? Of course...I kind of liked it when I read it in the script," Adam said to Brad as he pulled his shirt over his head.
"Did you think I was coming on to you sexually?" Brad asked with a light tone.
"Oh I didn't know, I mean, it, uh, well what's the surprise?"
"The surprise is that I am," Brad said as he leaned down and licked one of Adam's nipples.
Adam stood in shock as Brad looked back at him. Adam had assumed Brad to be entirely straight before tonight, and now he began to wonder what was going on here. He liked the sensation, and couldn't help but get erect at the idea of fooling around with Brad. They both stood shirtless, and Brad admired Adam's fair toned body. Brad had worked out for a long time to get his shape and it was much more rigid. By this time Adam was still blushing and had trouble looking Brad square in the eyes.
"I'm going to get tough with you, because its good practice...but also because its good fun," Brad said casually.
Brad took it one step further and put his hand on Adam's ass and pulled him closer.
"By the end of our session here we're going to be ready to shoot these scenes, and shoot them well."
He kissed Adam with full tongue, and Adam was still in shock. His cock started to harden in his pants, and he felt Brad's naked chest rub against his own. Brad pulled off from the kiss on the mouth and instead kissed Adam on the neck as well. Adam felt the sensual feeling and knew that Brad had the full intentions of taking this all the way. Brad stopped the kissing and put his hand on Adam's chest, feeling one of his nipples.
"So you really were excited to meet me, huh? Well I want you to get on your knees and show me."
Adam got down on his knees and touched Brad's pants where his cock was. He opened up the button and pulled down the zipper, revealing Brad's 8 inch cock.
"Go on, suck it," Brad said.
Adam began to put the large head in his mouth, his tongue touching the tip. He couldn't believe that he had one of his favorite actors' cock in his mouth. He moved his tongue around the tip and grabbed the rock hard shaft with his hand. Brad's balls hung below and Adam instinctively started massaging them with his other free hand.

Brad's abs flexed with intensity as Adam's mouth continued salivating over Brad's prick. He pushed in and out of Adam's mouth, letting Adam adjust to the size in his throat. Adam sucked and licked Brad's prick, and forgot about his own, letting it point upwards as hard as it has ever been. He sucked on the head of Brad's member until Brad felt himself getting a little too close to have it end there.

Brad grabbed Adam lightly by the arm and pulled him back up. They stood close together, hardness to hardness, and Brad moved his hands to Adam's belt and started to unbuckle his pants. He zipped down the zipper and felt the outline of Adam's hard cock pointing outwards through the fabric of his underwear.
"Oh yeah," Adam said as he felt Brad's strong hand touch it.
Brad gripped it a little tighter and then moved lower to feel Adam's balls feeling each one through his underwear. He squeezed a little, and Adam's 7 inch prick twitched in anticipation. Brad turned Adam around and pushed him to lean over one of his couches. He quickly pulled down Adam's underwear so his ass was in full view, and put his hand near Adam's crack. Brad moved his finger close to the hole and began to press lightly onto Adam's bud.
"Oh man," Adam said while Brad's fingertip touched his hole.
Brad pushed a little farther and got his fingertip past the ring of Adam's tight hole. He pushed in a little farther and within a few more pushes was fingering his butt completely, with Adam's hard cock against he cushions of the couch. Adam felt Brad's finger go in and out and touch his prostate. By this time pre-cum had formed on his dick and started leaking out onto the couch. Waves of pleasure were going through him, and he couldn't help but moan.
"Oh yeah, Brad, keep going," he said.
With that Brad grabbed his hard cock and guided it to Adam's hole. He put in against Adam's well sphincter and began to press so the head would pop in. He pushed a little farther and Adam winced from the pressure.

By this time Brad's cock was about 2 inches inside Adam's tight butt and Adam began to leak more pre-cum.
"You like that, eh?" Brad said as he pushed farther.
Adam's rock hard cock begged for attention, and he had no choice but to begin stroking it. Brad pushed as hard as he could and got the final few inches of his cock inside Adam. His pelvis was against Adam's butt and he could even feel Adam's balls on his own.

He pulled out slightly and began to go back in, fucking his young co-star while he was leaning over a couch. Brad pushed in and out, feeling Adam's tight ass squeeze his hard cock. With his hands he moved them up and down Adam's young chest, feeling his nipples and abdominal muscles as he fucked in and out of Adam's butt.

Adam's heavy breathing increased as he stroked his own dick. Brad's large dickhead hit against his prostate again and again, and he felt himself getting close.
"I think I'm gonna come," Adam said as his ass was pummeled by the large member.
With one hand Brad reached around and grabbed onto Adam's dick and began stroking. He continued pushing his own dick inside Adam, and fucking him harder and harder. With his other hand he grabbed Adam's balls and squeezed.
"Oh..oh...Brad," Adam said, not expecting Brad to squeeze so hard.
Adam's hard cock began to splooge out ropes of cum all over. One shot, and then a second as Brad continued his fucking. After three or four shots Brad began to cum as well, shooting his wad to coat the insides of Adam's ass. His large dick shot out again and again and his rhythm slowed and he continued gripping Adam's balls. Adam turned his head over his shoulder and Brad began to kiss him, moving his tongue into Adam's mouth. Brad's dick shot the last of his cum, and he slowed his stroking of Adam's dick. They both stood exhausted, and Brad's hand had a nice coat of Adam's ejaculate.

Brad pulled his dick out of Adam's well fucked ass and he turned Adam around and kissed him once again. Adam moved his hands over Brad's well defined chest, and went around to feel his ass as well. He pulled off the kiss and looked into Brad's blue eyes.
"That was pretty...wow," he said to Brad, squeezing his muscled ass slightly.
"Next time, I'll how you something even better..."
"Better than that, I don't even know how that could happen," he replied.
Brad paused for a minute and decided he ought to enlighten Adam to the organization. Surely he could not break the vow of secrecy, only unless he was sure Adam would join as a member.
"As we keep shooting this movie, I'll show you a...well, lets just say it's a private club I belong to..."
"Really?" Adam said in shock, not expecting that as something Brad would say.
"You might have some fun with it," Brad said before he went in to kiss Adam again, their lips touching briefly.
Adam's brain struggled to think of what Brad was talking about. What kind of private club could this be? He would certainly find out in the next coming weeks. Adam found that as time went on he anticipated hearing about what it was from Brad...and became even more excited at the mystery...


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