Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

         Matt stood in the Order's lounge room, holding a crystal wine glass. He pulled his phone of his pocket and had received two text messages. Reading them, he then looked over at Brad who had just walked in through the doorway.
"You missed quite the time with our new members," Brad said.
"Well I've got two future members of my own that I, well, they might be interested..."
"Go on," Brad said.
"Well, I don't know if you're aware of it, but I was in this movie called...The Departed," Matt said jokingly.
"No way!" Brad yelled out in sarcasm. He paused for a moment and what Matt was saying really struck him.
"You mean...Leo!? King of the World himself!?"
"Not only Leo...but also Mark."
"Where's my phone, I'm going to...yes, Matt...yes. You are brilliant."
Brad got the numbers from Matt and began to speak to the two men on the phone, telling them very little, but at the same time making sure they'd be interested.

"Tonight is going to be interesting, my friend. I had figured I would be the only one bringing guests..."
"Oh yeah? Who is it?"
"Well I had an interesting event with a ...ah, I don't want to ruin the fun, we'll just wait until he gets here."
"Aw, come on tell me," Matt said.
"You're bringing Mark Wahlberg tonight, how can I ever beat that?"
"Thats true," he replied back.
"Oh yeah, Casey just called, said he won't be here tonight,"
"What the fuck is with that kid? Let me guess, busy again?"
"That's what he said," Matt replied.
"Do you have any idea what he'd be doing...?"
"Well, sort of, it's nothing to worry about though, trust me..."
Brad had talked to the members of the Order and set up the meeting for the week. It was now 6:30 PM on a Thursday night, and Adam Brody walked to the location that Brad had given him. He knocked on the door and went in, walking into the main corridor.
"Hey, is this..." Adam began to say as he walked into the room.
"Yes it is," Brad said back to him quickly.
"Matt Damon! I would have never knew that you'd..."
"Hold on a second there Adam, we need to give you some ground rules," Matt said.
"You can't talk about any of the members or the club to anybody. Ever!" Brad said strongly.
"Okay, I promise I won't. This is amazing though. How many members do you have?"
"Well including you we now have quite a number, but two more are coming tonight, I just got off the phone with them not too long ago," said Brad.
"Awesome," Adam replied back to him.
Brad and Matt prepared for the night also taking the time to brief Adam about the organization and its members. They made calls to all the members and told them tonight was going to be a special occasion for the Order. Although the groundrules were simple, Adam couldn't focus his mind where it ought to be. He continually thought back to his time with Brad and how he wanted to repeat it again. He also couldn't resist Damon for long, and hoped that he would be able to get involved in some of the action that they were preparing for.

Mark Wahlberg had gotten the phonecall from Brad and was unsure about how the night would go down. He had fooled around with Matt while filming The Departed but he never knew that Leo would be into it as well. He took his time arriving at the Order's meeting place, carefully wearing sunglasses and a hat to try and hide his identity. His fingertips touched the doorknob and he hesitated for just a moment. It was probably far too late to be making that decision as he had already gone all this way to show up. He decided to go through with it and opened up the door, slipping in as quickly as he could and looking back out to see if anyone else was following him. Walking into to the dark area, he immediately became worried that nobody was even here...that somehow it had been a set-up and he got fooled into it. Mark kept walking in the darkness and came to the main hall where he saw many men sitting around neatly in robes.

Adam Brody sat in his chair and struggled to keep his excitement down. He was naked underneith his robe and the feeling of it against his skin caused him to grow hard. His hard cock pointed upwards and struggled against the material, and he moved his hand over to lightly stroke it. They had convened there just minutes ago and told to sit in silence and wait for the new members to arrive, Adam still unaware of who it was going to be.

Mark felt his cock stir in his pants as he moved closer to them, looking at them robed and in darkness sent a chill up Mark's spine. What have I gotten into?

"Welcome, Mark. You have been chosen to be initiated into our organization. Do you wish to accept?"
Mark paused for a moment and thought about it in his head. He looked at the faces of Matt Damon, Adam Brody, Brad Pitt, and Colin Farrell. He looked into each of their eyes and immediate knew his decision.
Another tingle went through his cock as he anticipated what would happen next. Adam was still fully hard, his large cock bulging in his robe, and looked over at Mark, who stood with his hands in his pockets.
"We must prove your worth, and your ability to maintain secrecy," Matt said to him.
Colin got up from the place he was sitting and walked over to Mark, looking him in the eyes.
"Knees," he said to Mark, putting his hand on his shoulder to push him slightly downward.
Mark obeyed and got down to his knees, coming face level with Colin's midsection. He put out his hands felt the fabric of the robe and the outline of Colin's member. He felt further and separated the material, allowing Colin's dick to come into sight. He leaned his head forward and licked the head of his cock, making Colin moan in response. He put out his tongue and licked further, watching Colin's cock expand quickly in arousal. Mark took the head into his mouth and sucked down Colin's hard dick, also using his hands to grab Colin's dangling balls.

Adam began to salivate at the site of it, his own hard cock being dangerously ignored at this point. Matt looked over to Adam's hardness and put his hand on the young man's crotch. Adam felt the sensation and looked over, as Matt opened up the front of his robe. His young cock popped up at full mast as Matt began to stroke it. He began to pump his hips up slowly as Matt jerked him off.

Brad looked on at the two sets of men as they began their sex rituals respectively. He casually walked out of the main chambers and closer to the entrance door. He knew the next guest would be coming soon and stood near the door.

Mark continued to suck Colin's cock as he pumped his thick rod in and out of Mark's mouth.
"Fuck yeah Whalberg, suck my dick," Colin coaxed.
Colin felt himself coming close and as Mark feverishly continued sucking, licking the head of Farrell's dick like a lollipop. Mark decided to make it interesting and pushed one of his fingers near Colin's hole. He played around with the entrance and poked just the tip inside.
"Ah," Colin said, feeling slight pressure of the intrusion.
Adam was still watching the hot sight of the two other actors, at the same time feeling Matt's warm mouth still surrounding his cock. Brody couldn't help himself from reaching orgasm as he watched the two studs intently.
"Oh, I think I'm going to cum, Matt," Adam said.
He pumped his hips up one more time and thrusted into Matt's mouth. Adam felt his orgasm rising as the warm jizz began to burst out of his dick. He continued thrusting as it filled Matt's mouth. Matt struggled to swallow it all but tasted the sweet flavor it as Adam continued spurt after spurt touching Matt's tongue. He struggled to swallow it all, but managed to continue stroking Adam's throbbing rod as some of the cum stayed on his lips.
"Sexy," Matt said as he leaned up.
He moved in closer to Adam and kissed him, Adam tasting his own cum and massaging Matt's tongue with his own.

Leonardo DiCaprio got close to the door and stood in front of it. Meanwhile on the other side Brad noticed the shadows near the crack in the door. Here we go, Brad thought to himself, and at the same time Leo was putting out his hand to open the door Brad had already done so. Leo looked surprised as he still held his hand out, not expecting the door to open first. Brad grabbed Leo's hand gently and pulled himside. Brad took Leo by the shoulders and looked him straight and the eye.
"Welcome Leo, I've got something special planned for you," Brad said.
"Huh?" Leo responded in confusion.
"Let me just say that I am fully aware of some of the escorts you go out with..."
Leo blushed as he realized that Brad already knew his secrets, and thats why he had invited him to this place. Brad led DiCaprio over to one of the other rooms, unnoticed by the other members of the order.

Brad, still wearing his brown cloak, decided it was time to take it off. He opened up the belt of it and let it fall to the ground, his perfect adonis body exposed to the air. Leo couldn't help but salivate at Brad's perfect chest and abs. Brad took the bottom of Leo's shirt and began to pull it over his head. Leo now showed his tanned body, and slightly muscular chest.
"You must have done a lot of working out for The Departed...pretty nice bod..."
Leo quickly struggled with his jeans and unbuttoned them, pulling them down completely and stepping out of them. His dick was starting to get semi-erect as he continued staring at Brad. Pitt reached down and took the wasteband of Leo's boxers in his hand, pulling them down. Leo watched as his hardening dick popped up and Brad held onto it in his hands.
"Our Order here will see you soon enough, I have to have you first though," he said.
They kissed for the very first time, and Leo felt Brad's tongue touch the top of his mouth and all over. Brad's strong hand held Leo's dick and jacked it a little as he got more and more excited. Leo didn't want to wait around and decided to get proactive. He lowered down onto his knees and took Brad's thick cock in his mouth, sucking on it gently. Once it was wet he turned around so he was on all fours and looked backward at Brad.
"Give it to me rough," he said.
"I wouldn't want it any other way," Brad responded.
"What about the others?" Leo asked.
"You'll meet them in good time," Brad said.
He took his hard cock and lined it against Leo's hole, pushing the head inside. Leo winced in pain as he felt Brad's large member begin to penetrate him. Brad felt his cock go in another two inches and Leo's warm ass surround it. He pulled out a little and then pushed back in, and Leo let out a deep breath.
"Yeah, ah, Brad fuck me," he said.
Brad's hard dick was now fully inside Leo as he pushed it in and out. Leo moved his hand down to his hardening cock, stroking it while Brad pushed in and out. Brad began to pick up the pace and slam into Leo's ass, his pelvic thrusts becoming more aggressive.
"Ah yeah..." Brad said.
He continued his pistoning into Leo and began to get close to orgasm. Leo began to turn slightly as he looked back at Brad. Carefully repositioning himself, he pushed Brad's muscular chest and motioned for him to lay on his back. Brad complied and his hard cock stood straight up as Leo began to sit on it. DiCaprio lowered himself onto Brad's cock, feeling the length of it enter him.
"Fuck," Brad said.
"Yeah you like that?" Leo said as he began to ride Brad.
He rode faster and faster, feeling Brad's dick piston in and out, his own hardness pointing out towards Brad. Brad grabbed a hold of it and began to jerk it while Leo fucked Brad steadily. Brad pressed up further into Leo's ass, pushing as hard as he could.
"Ahh, fuck me..." Leo said as Brad pushed up further.
Brad was getting close while continued stroking Leo's length, bringing Leo waves of pleasure.
"I'm getting close...I'm gonna cum!" Leo said as Brad massaged his prick.
Rivulets of cum burst out of Leo's dick as Brad kept stroking it. Brad's hand felt the warm cum on his hand and continued pumping into Leo's ass at a feverish pace. He then felt the tingling from his balls to the tip of his dick and knew he was close. Brad's cock began to throb as he unloaded his cum into Leo, spurt after spurt coating the inside of Leo's butt, with him able to feel the warmth of Brad's load in him. Beads of sweat fell off of both of them as their orgasms subsided. Leo pulled off of Brad's dick and lay next to him, getting close and staring into his beautiful blue eyes.
"So what kind of club is this, anyway?"
"Oh man, I forgot all about it, the other members are in the main chamber..."
"How many?"
"Ah, you can meet all of them."
Brad stood up and put on his robe, moving over to one of the dressers and opening it.
"Here," he said as he handed one of the dark cloaks to Leo.
They both walked out from the bedroom and reached the main corridor.

Both Brad and Leo had quietly walked into the chamber and saw the hot men that were naked in front of them.
"Here Mark, let me," Matt said, allowing them to switch positions.
Mark went over to Adam Brody and kissed him deeply, touching his chest lightly as he stroked his hard dick with his hand. At the same time, Colin looked over to Matt and licked his lips, as he had lusted after Damon for far too long to miss this.

Mark then moved over and turned Adam around. Spreading Adam's cheeks, Mark moved his head forward and kissed his hole, sticking out his tongue and moving it closer to Adam's pucker. He continued to lick around the hole as Adam squirmed from the amazing feeling of it.

Adam felt Mark begin to lick into his hole further, getting it loosened and ready. Mark pushed his dick into Adam's cute butt, feeling the warmth of his ass as he began to push in and out.
"Oh yeah...keep going Marky..." Adam said.
He was still in disbelief that one of his childhood idols had begun to fuck him. Adam felt the head of Mark's thick cock enter him deeply, and pushed his ass back to allow Mark better access. Mark's balls slapped against Adam's butt as he pushed in farther to Adam's ass.
"Oh man you're tight," Mark said to Adam.
A few feet away, Matt and Colin had started to find their own rhythm as well. Matt had gotten the full length of his dick into Colin's ass, pumping heartily while Colin moaned in pleasure. Colin's hard dick bobbed up and down as he got fucked hard by Matt's dick.

The studs had gotten into a rhythm as Orlando Bloom walked in, surprised to see that everybody had already started. He looked over to Leo and gave him a wink, grabbing his crotch slightly as Leo got a slight grin on his face. Orlando walked over to Leo and noticed his hard-on, reaching down to touch in with his hand. He massaged the head and Leo gasped in excitement.

Orlando stripped off his shirt and began to fumble with his jeans, undoing the button and lowering the zipper. Leo helped him by pulling the jeans down, and feeling Orlando's cock through the material of his underwear.

Colin felt his orgasm coming as he watched the other men fuck, Matt's dick still pumping in and out of his hole. Colin reached down and grabbed his cock as it sprayed out shots of cum all over.
"Oh yeahhhh..." Colin said as he pumped his cock.
Matt felt Colin's ass squeeze his cock as it pushed into his hole further, and began to feel his orgasm coming soon. Brad watched the three sets of men intently, realizing everybody had found their place. He licked his lips as he noticed Adam Brody getting pummelled by Wahlberg's stiffy. Brad decided to get down on his knees and grab Adam's cock, which was leaking pre-cum. He licked the head, and Adam shivered in pleasure as he felt Brad's warm tongue. Brad tasted the sweet taste of Adam's pre-cum and cupped his balls in his hand.

Matt watched the sight as he began to shoot in Colin's ass, filling the stud with his hot cum. He pumped in the last few times as the tingling went through his loins. Mark's muscular ass was still flexing as he pumped hard into Adam's butt. Brad grabbed onto Adam's cock once again and put the head of it in his mouth and began blowing him.
"Oh, man!" Adam said as he was being serviced by both sides.
Brad pumped up and down on the cock as Adam came closer to cumming, feeling Mark's thick cock hit his prostate.
"Oh yeah, I'm gonna cum..." Mark said as he made one final push.
Adam felt the thickness enter him one last time as the warm fluid filled his hole. Brad kept sucking as Adam's cock began to switch and release his load into Brad's mouth. Brad licked the head of Adam's cock as he shot his first spurt onto Brad's tongue. Brad swallowed the warm juice as Adam continued cumming into his mouth. Adam shot his final spurt as Mark began to pull his thickness out of Adam's hole.

Matt and Colin had watched the sex trio as they reached their powerful orgasms. Brad licked the rest of the cum off of Adam's dick and stood back up. The studs were all naked, and the only couple who had continued their sex romp was Leo and Orlando.

Leo licked the head of Orlando's dick and put the tip in his mouth. He tongued carefully the slit and used his hand to massage Bloom's balls. Orlando looked down and watched as Leo put the length of his dick in his mouth. They continued sucking in a 69 position until Leo felt as though he was close to coming for the 2nd time that night.

"Yeah keep sucking," Orlando said as he began to get close to orgasm.
Leo used his hands to jerk Orlando's cock as he began to cum, the ropes of semen hitting Leo's lips and tongue. Leo himself felt Bloom's tongue on his prick and continued his thrusts up into his mouth. DiCaprio began to cum as Bloom continued sucking on the head, tasting the salty liquid touch his tongue.

The group of several men relaxed as their sex filled night was over. The initiation of new members was a sacred rite, and the future would only show what direction the Order would take.

Brad felt as though he should say one more thing before they all departed.
"Once again, Welcome to our Order, Mark and Leo. Our membership has now grown strong. We must work to bring in new members in great secrecy, and we must never become consumed with jealousy or pride. This will work if we maintain our pledge and oaths to the Order. I look forward to our next meeting...a member is returning after a long wait...we will see him next week..."
They exited the chambers of the Order and returned to their public lives, awaiting the next steamy encounter to begin.


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