Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

         It was now the end of October 2007, and Orlando Bloom sat uncomfortably at the Teen Choice Awards. Though he was nominated, he knew Johnny Depp would win over him, and probably deserved it because Johnny was an amazing actor. Come to think of it, he hadn't even looked at who else was even nominated to win the award.

He walked casually past all the screaming teens and got into the backstage area, avoiding the paparazzi and other media jackals that were at the event.
"Hey good luck tonight," a man behind him said.
Orlando turned around and saw it was Leo DiCaprio, one of his favorite friends ever since the Order previously convened. Orlando was sort of surprised to see him there, but figured he was probably nominated for his role in The Departed
"Oh thanks, you too," Orlando said casually, making sure not to arouse too much suspicion.
He stared at Leo's features and held a small smile back. In the time that he was able to turn back around, Orlando soon realized that he hadn't been paying attention at all. By that time it was too late, and he ran into a guy that was in front of him. The young, but well defined man turned around and had a nice smile on his face, as if he didn't mind it at all. In front of Orlando was the hottest guy he'd ever seen, and he couldn't come up with any words in time to save himself from looking stupid.
"Sorry about that," the mysterious guy said.
"Oh no, its completely my fault," Orlando said.
"Hey we're both nominated tonight, good luck to ya..." the young man said.
Orlando's hands were fumbling strangely with his pockets, and he smiled lightly, wondering who the mystery man was and how he could have done something so foolish in front of him.
"Oh, thanks..." he said, trying not to look too nervous.
Orlando continued walking until he found his seat at the reserved location and continued watching the show. Within forty five minutes he had began to grow unpatient sitting there. He made eye contact with Leo and a few minutes even received a text message from him:
Whats up stud
He clicked on the keypad and began decided to send one back:
Meet me where you saw me backstage.
Leo got up from his seat and began to find the entrance to the back stage area, showing a security guard his pass along the way. By the time he got there Orlando was already standing with his arms crossed.
"What is it, man?"
Orlando didn't answer but was instead focused on the stage. He watched as the next award was being presented. Finally he realized it was him, and the mystery man was coming onto the stage. Orlando realized it was the award for best Dance in a movie, and he needed to ask Leo about it.
"Leo, that's the same guy I bumped into here back stage, who is he?"
Leo looked at Orlando with a smirk of disbelief.
"That's Channing Tatum, nominated in the same category. Bad actor, but can't take my eyes off him."
"He's amazing...man, I'd like to see him at Suite 223 with us. Should I try to invite him? I got vibes earlier."
"Vibes? Well hey if you think its a good idea, I guess we could try. Rumor is that he plays on both sides of the team."
Leo leaned down a little to avoid anyone else overhearing.
"Oh...!" Bloom said realizing his obvious misunderstanding.
Leo shifted his weight and remembered he'd come back stage for another reason besides Orlando.
"I've got my own friends that I need to talk to tonight, and I know how things are going to go down tonight."
"Huh?" Bloom asked, still wondering what he meant.
"You yourself are nominated with a hottie, and I'm going to go talk to him right now. Oh...and good luck with Channing. He's about 10 seconds away from being right next to you."
Orlando paused and then felt the strange feeling of anticipation and looked behind quickly, seeing Channing Tatum coming towards him after winning the award. Leo walked away and left Orlando standing by himself.
"Congratulations," Orlando managed to say as Channing walked close to him.
"Hey, you bumped in to me earlier...you're Orlando, right?"
"That's right," Orlando said with a nervous tone.
"Well hey if you ever want to party sometime, here's my number," Channing said as he handed him a small piece of paper.
"Thanks...I'll call..." Bloom said, unsure of what else he could say.
Meanwhile, backstage, Leo had tapped the young lad on the shoulder and he turned around.
"Holy! How's it going?" the young man said quickly.
"Hi, there, I was wondering if I could talk to you for sec," Leo said.
"Sure, of course, I mean...yeah."
The two young men kept walking and Leo put out his hand as they separated from the hoards of people.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Leo." "Well yeah...I mean, I know you from your movies,"
The young man pushed his hair back a little and then put his hands in his back pockets. Leo stared into his bright eyes and resumed the blossoming conversation, deciding there was no need to beat around the bush, and he may as well get to the point.
"I've got sort of an exclusive after-party I'd like to have you attend."
"I'd love to, I mean, I'm not 21 or anything..."
"That doesn't matter, you're a real talent in this town,"
"You really think so?" the young man responded.
"This way you can meet some of my friends as well," Leo said back.
By this time the young Zac Efron was star-struck in meeting Leonardo DiCaprio. He was practically drooling over him as he looked into his bluish green eyes.
"One question though, Zac," Leo said with a small grin.
"Yeah, anything...!" Zac replied.
Leo paused for a moment and came in very close to Zac and touched his cheek with his hand, turned his head slightly. Leo leaned in and whispered into Zac's ear. Within seconds Zac's facial expression changed and his crotch tingled from the dirtyness of what Leo had said. Leo smiled as he began to walk away, putting his number into the front pocket of Zac's shirt. Orlando spotted Leo and was watching the encounter as it went down, finally catching up to Leo as he walked away.
"What on earth did you whisper into his ear?"
"Oh nothing too important, just a proposition..."
They had gotten about 20 feet away when they heard Zac shout out behind them.
"Yeah!" he said simply, with a large smile still remaining on his youthful face.
Leo and Orlando both paused to look back for a moment and then continued walking as Zac fumbled to get the paper from his pocket.
"Well you seemed to get your answer there," Orlando said.
"What about you, how did your chat with Channing go?"
"Oh its amazing, he gave me his number!" Bloom said while beaming with pride.
"We'll have to pass that along to Brad, since he likes to handle the invitations."
"What about with Zac?"
"I've got my own little test of confidence for him," Leo said.
They continued walking and decided to leave, as time was of the essence.
"We'll have to get to the limo and wait for Zac,"
"You're kidding right, you mean, he's going to be coming with us back to the Order?"
"Oh I told him to call me in a half hour, and if he wants to suck me--I'd let him."
"Wow, you're quite the gentleman."
"He'll be calling soon," Leo said with confidence.

As if by clockwork, Zac picked his phone out of his pocket and dialed the number that Leo had given him. He paused as the phone rang and then Leo picked up.
"Hi is this...Leo?"
"Yes it is, are you ready to go Zac?"
"Okay well then you'll have to find the limo...let me give you the location of where it's at."
Leo gave him the location and within 15 minutes Zac had found it without a problem. The door swung open and he looked in to see Leo. DiCaprio moved over a little and allowed plenty of space for Zac to sit down. By this time Efron had noticed that Orlando Bloom, one of the other nominees at the award ceremony sat alongside Leo, texting something with his cell phone.
"It's okay, hes coming along for the ride," Leo said.
Orlando clicked one of the buttons that put up the limo divider, allowing them privacy from the driver watching. Zac noticed this and immediately became nervous on how to fulfill on what Leo had proposed earlier. He reached over and touched the top of Leo's pants, feeling DiCaprio's crotch. Finding the button to his pants, Zac opened them up and lowered the zipper. Seeing Leo's underwear, Zac touched him and felt Leo's cock as it began to expand. Orlando eagerly watched as Zac, began to lift up the band of Leo's underwear and reach inside, feeling Leo's dick. Zac looked up at Leo as if to ask if it were okay to continue.
"Go ahead," Leo said.
Efron got down from the seat and onto his knees in front of Leonardo. Zac touched Leo's cock as it was still hardening, feeling the tip and the shaft in his hand. By this time Leo had helped out a bit and lifted his butt of the limo seat and lowered his underwear a little. Zac massaged leo's cock as it grew fully hard, and began to jerk it slowly while looking at Leo's reaction. He felt the tip of Leo's cock with his fingertips, and massaged the shaft with the other hand.

Orlando watched as Zac pumped the head and shaft of the dick, moving his other hand down to Leo's balls, feeling each one of them inside his sack. Zac leaned down and took the head of Leo's cock in his mouth, feeling the warmness of it and licking the head with his tongue. By this time Orlando took out his own raging member and began to jack it. He worked his stiffy quickly as Zac continued licking DiCaprio's hardened rod.

Leo thrust his hips up slightly to get his whole cock into Zac's mouth as he struggled not to gag on the large member. Zac used his hand to massage the shaft and stroke it as he kept the head of Leo's dick in his mouth, the area right below the head being squeezed by Efron's lips. At that moment Leo thrust up one more time and felt his tingling orgasm begin, with Zac kept his lips around the head of Leo's cock, DiCaprio let his jizz shoot into Zac's mouth. Zac felt the warm liquid on his tongue and swallowed it, continuing to stroke the shaft of Leo's prick. He licked the head as droplets continued to come out, Leo finding himself out of breath and the strength of his orgasm.

By this time Orlando was getting very close and looked over at Efron. Without saying a word Zac moved over to Bloom's cock and let him insert it into his mouth. Zac felt the head grow in size slightly and felt the cum of Orlando also enter his mouth. Zac once again began to swallow spurt after spurt of semen as he played with Orlando's balls slightly. He licked off the final remnants of cum from Orlando's dick and once again to a seat on the limo.

"Zac, I didn't realize you would be..." "What...able to do that?" Zac replied before Leo could finish.
Both men had pulled up their underwear and pants by the time the limo reached the destination, a somewhat secluded area with a large fence protecting the entrance. The limo was immediately allowed access by the gate opening, and soon after shutting rather abruptly.

The three of them got out of the limo and began walking up the paved entrance to the building, where to Zac it almost looked like a castle. The entire estate was bought by Brad and Matt, each paying half of the $4 million dollar pricetag. It was easily affordable, and they had taken no problems making it absolutely perfect in order to protect their privacy. Zac looked in amazement as they walked up to the main door and went inside. Reaching the second floor took less than a minute, and the three men came up Suite 223. Orlando instinctively remembered the things that Brad had taught him, and hesitated before opening the door. He pushed Zac off to the side and held onto his shoulders.
"By choosing to enter this door you affirm that you swear to uphold 3 rules. The first is that you swear to preserve the secrecy of the Order and tell not a soul. The second is that you will maintain the integrity of the Order and value its honor. The third is that you will trust in the Patriarch of the Order and follow his leadership."
"I swear," Zac said.
Leo paused for a moment.
"You're 18 right?"
"Yeah, I turned earlier this month."
"Good, very good...whew dodged a bullet on that one," Leo replied back to him.
"So, I have just one question. Who is...the Patriarch?"
By this time Brad got impatient and opened up the door, not realizing they were outside. He poked his head out and saw Zac against the wall with Orlando in front of him. Zac turned his head and looked at Pitt, getting that same awestruck look in his eyes once again.
"You're lookin' at him," Leo said with a chuckle.
Brad looked back at the young fellow and smiled at him. Brad looked back at Orlando and stepped outside the door.
"You're lucky I got your text, Bloom, otherwise this impromptu initiation wouldn't be possible."
Orlando remembered that he had texted Brad on the limo earlier, before all the fireworks with Efron had began.
"And what about Cha..." Bloom began to say, when Brad interrupted him. "Ah, I'll get to him in a moment, but first we have to sit down with Zac, here."
Brad put one hand on Zac's shoulder and brought him inside Suite 223, and inside the main corridor.
"You see Zac, this is where our meetings take place, and surely you know by now how we operate...in perfect secrecy. I had this room built, and I even took to making it soundproof. Staff works outside, and we don't allow any of them in here for any reason. What goes on in this room is private, and we take it very seriously."
"Boy I can tell," Zac said as he noticed some of the obsure artwork on the walls of the main room.
"There are also offshoots of this main room--side rooms, for sleeping and whatever else," Brad said.
"Wow, this is all really amazing..." Zac said while still glancing around.
>From one of the side rooms emerged Mark Wahlberg, who had been in there for the last hour.
"Hey who's the pint size?" he asked while scoping Zac's body.
"This is Mr. Zac Efron...Zac, meet Mark Wahlberg."
"Yeah, I've seen you in Boogie Nights, I like your work."
"Brad, you coming back soon?"
"I'll be in within the hour, hang tight."
"Alrighty," he said, and went back in the side room.
"So can I bring another person here?" Zac whispered to Leo.
"That depends on who it is," he responded.
Brad overheard the question and decided it would probably be okay for Zac to bring a friend as long as Orlando was overseeing what was going on.
"Since you're knew here I suppose we can do a double-initiation, is he a young hot celeb friend of yours?"
"Connor is making his triumphant return, I figured you and him would hit it off with some good legal fun."
"Well Zac is over 18," Leo said quickly.
"The law is 3 years difference with minors...Connor may not be fair game, for us, but Zac certainly is within the law. Hell, Zac here is fair game of all of us tonight. Hope you got enough energy in ya when Mark and I finish our fun in Room B. Bring your friend, too. Oh, and one more thing I almost forgot Orli...Channing will be here in half an hour. Now boys, I've got things to attend to...Bloom, you're in charge, you know the rules."
Brad followed his way after Mark and when into Room B, leaving only Leo, Orlando, and Zac anxiously awaiting their guests to arrive. Zac had meanwhile gotten out his cell phone and made a quick call to invite his friend to arrive. It would take about 15 minutes for him to get to the house.

Within five minutes of Zac getting off the phone, a different lad named Connor Paolo opened up the door to the main hall and walked in confidently. He expected to see the usual folk, mainly Colin and Brad, but was shocked to see Leonardo and Zac Efron.

"Hey whats up guys...Brad told me that I would meet somebody that was in my own age range..." he said while looking at Zac.
He immediately recognized him from the kiddie musicals that he starred in, not realizing he would be just as attractive in person.
"You kids can have fun, I'm going to wait until Channing gets here," Orlando said.
"Yeah why don't we wait in Room A until my friend gets here," Zac said.
"Okay," Connor said, not realizing it would be this easy.
They both walked over to the room and Connor began to become instantly infatuated with Zac. He moved in closer to him when Zac was shutting the door and planted a small kiss on his lips, looking into his eyes.
"You know, I've never been here before, I'm not exactly sure how, I mean..."
"Don't worry about it, we'll just take it slow and wait for your friend to arrive," Connor replied.
Zac decided this was probably the greatest thing that had ever happened to him. He had not really known Connor but was instantly attracted to his dark hair and prominant eyes. He put his hand on Connor's chest, and moved in closer, kissing him on the lips. Connor leaned back slightly and sat on the bed that was in the room, allowing Zac to continue the kiss. He leaned over onto his side and Zac sat next to him, moving his hands lower to Connor's flat stomach. By this time Zac began to feel himself growing hard in his pants, feeling Connor's tongue enter his mouth and massage his own tongue.

Connor reached down and touched Zac's bulge, squeezing it slightly through the material of his pants. Zac returned the favor and moved down to Connor's pants and felt his cock through the material, holding onto Connor's balls as they both began to lie down on the bed. Each began to accelerate the kiss further, finally until they were deeply making out, Connor on top of Zac as both of their bulges touched and rubbed together through the material. Zac's 6 inch teenage cock had grown to full mast and when he rubbed his bulge against Connor felt the surge of pleasure. Connor loved to be on top of Zac and felt his muscled pecs as they continued to make out, thrusting passionately into each other.

The time began to pass when they heard a knock at the door, and it cracked open slightly.
"Hey they out there told me that I..." the youth paused for a moment.
He looked at the sight of Connor on top of Zac, and immediately felt a little jealousy burn up inside him.
"I guess I can come back, I didn't realize that you..." he began to say when Connor chimed in.
"Oh come on stud, stay for a bit," Connor said, still unaware of who he was talking to.
Zac immediately felt embarassed he had not waited, since it was only about 10 minutes. He immediately patted the bed and motioned for his friend to come over and sit down.
"Connor, this is my friend...Corbin," Zac said as politely as he could, given the situation.
"Corbin Bleu," he young lad said as he pushed out his hand for a handshake.
Connor immediately felt a burst of confidence and moved over to Corbin, ignoring his outstretched hand and immediate getting close to his face, putting his lips on Corbins. Bleu was taken off guard but enjoyed the young boys lips on his own, soonafter feeling Connor's tongue go into his mouth. Zac sort of laughed to himself at the introduction, but apparently Connor was a tenacious one.
"Corbin here was in a movie with me, he's not eighteen yet, thats why I invited him. Ya know, so you wouldn't be the only one," Zac said with a smile on his face.
The three boys sat on the bed and stared at each other with lust filled eyes. Zac was still hard in his pants and wanted Corbin to join in the fun.
"Hey Corb, help me out here, eh?" Zac said.
Corbin had fooled around with Zac a lot on the set of High School Musical, but he had never gotten into a 3-way situation like the one he was in now. He nervously moved over to Zac's pants and unbuttoned them, pulling the zipper down slightly. The head of Zac's boner was visible through his underwear, and Connor immediately started making out with Corbin once again while Corbin attempted to pull down Zac's pants. Corbin felt the outline of Zac's hardened dick and began to pull down the wasteband of his underwear, allowing Zac's free. Connor watched as Corbin wrapped his hand around Zac's dick, feeling the shaft and head as he moved his hand up and down Zac's dick.
"Ahh," Zac said while feeling his dick stroked.
Connor unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, laying on the bed in his underwear with his boner popping outwards in his underwear. Corbin himself had a raging hardon, but decided it could wait, as he was focused on jerking Zac's cock. He looked over to Connor and noticed his hard dick in his undies, and reached over with his other hand, pulling down his underwear and grabbing onto his stiff rod. Corbin now held both boys' cocks in his hand, jerking each one up and down and feeling the cockheads, as he massaged each member. Zac felt closet to orgasm and decided to change positions.

He got off the bed and moved behind Corbin, while the boy began to put Connor's rod in his mouth. He licked the head eagerly and put the tip of Paolo's cock in his mouth, while still gripping the shaft with his hand. Connor reached down at Corbin's shirt, and peeled it off, exposing Corbin's muscled chest and tight abs.

Corbin began to suck once again at Connor's dick, and massaged the boy's sac with his hands. Connor began to wonder what Zac was planning, and realized it soon enough when he saw Zac get down on his knees behind Corbin. Zac spread Corbin's bubble butt, seeing his pucker between his brown cheeks. He leaned in and licked at the edges of Corbin's hole, making Bleu moan from the sensation.

Zac's tongue forced its way into Corbin's pucker and he had now penetrated, as Corbin's dick began to stiffen and twitch more in his pants. Zac took one of his fingers and licked it, pressing it against Bleu's hole and pushing in.

Corbin moaned while Connor's cockhead was between his lips, and felt Zac's finger go in further to his hole, now coming close to touching his prostate. Zac pushed until his whole finger was inside Corbin. Connor stopped Bleu from his sucking and moved down to undo his pants. Corbin's rock hard dick tented his boxers as Connor pulled it down and began to suck on it. Corbin stood while Zac was fingering his ass and Connor sucked his dick, taking his brown sac in his hands and feeling Bleu's balls.

Zac reached down and took his hardened cock and put it between Corbin's cheeks, pushing the head of his dick inside Corbin's pucker.
"Zac..." Corbin said.
Connor kept sucking as Corbin was penetrated by Zac's teenaged cock, feeling the length of it enter his rectum and fill his hole. Connor continued stroking Corbin's dick with his hand and keeping the head of it in his mouth. By this time Zac had gotten his cock fully into Corbin and pumped it in and out. Zac moved his hands around to Corbin's chest and held onto his pecs. He moved his hands lower and felt Corbin's tight abs, continually pushing into the boy's butt. Corbin felt Zac's pelvis thrust onto his ass while Zac's dick was all the way inside him. He felt the tip of Zac's dick hit his prostate as Connor sucked and stroked his own cock.
"I'm going to cum...oh man...oh!" Corbin said as Zac thrusted a final time.
Pushing his dick all the way into Connor's mouth, he began to spurt as Zac continued to pound his ass. Zac felt Corbin's pucker squeeze his dick and he thrust in while his own orgasm came. The warm liquid rushed out of his rod and into Corbin's butt, and the boy pushed his butt back to meet with Zac's thrusts.

Connor swallowed Corbin's load of cum as he massaged his balls and sucked the tip of his cock. Zac finished pumping and pulled out of Corbin's butt, moving over to Connor. He took Paolo's cock and put in his mouth, sucking off the boy as he moaned in pleasure.
"Oh yea..." Paolo said as Zac licked the head of his rod.
Connor moved so he was alongside Zac and put Connor's balls in his mouth, feeling the boy's testicles with his tongue. Zac licked and sucked while Connor began to come close to his orgasm. He thrust his hips into Zac's mouth and held onto Efron's head as he bobbed up and down on the teenage boy's cock. Connor began to make a steady rhythm, pumping between Zac's lips and feeling Corbin's tongue on his balls.

Connor began to cum into Zac's mouth, with Zac swallowing the boy's juice as he continued thrusting. Zac stroked the last liquid out of Connor's cock and licked the head of his dick, sending tingles up the boy's spine.

The three boys relaxed on the bed as they recovered from the energetic sex romp.
"This club is...amazing..." Corbin said as the two other boys put their clothes back on.
"Well you're welcome to return," Connor said.
"I'm glad you came, Corb," Zac said.
"Zac...you have to get initiated by the other members now..."
"Well what about you guys?"
"Don't worry about us, we'll be fine."
Zac didn't even bother to put a shirt on, choosing only to put on his pants that he was wearing earlier. He took the door handle and turned it, opening it slowly. He looked out into the main chamber and took his first steps into joining some of the other men that were there...


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