Prologue: It was the last thing one would want in Hollywood, and yet inevitable to all of those who lived there: aging. To be once young and stunning is to be immortal: irresistible by all who partake in the plenary desires of sexual gratification. After years of being in show business, résumés are built and reputations are forged...age becomes just a number. They remain the sexual icons they once were, and their responsibility to protect their vigor is equally as vital. The youngest and hottest stars had begun to grow up, and their youthful indiscretions could not take hold like they used to. Some adapted and settled down, others simply stayed in denial of reaching adulthood. There were the select few who would embrace their new found maturity and maintain their aesthetic potency in boldness: to stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was wi t! h that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as... The Order of Holy Wood.

         Zac left the room that the boys had been in and went out to see how Leonardo and Orlando were doing.
"Hey guys, what's..." Zac stopped short seeing the two studs making out on the couch in the main hall.
Leo pulled away from the sensual kiss and looked over at Zac. He was shirtless, his smooth chest exposed as he wore only a pair of bluejeans. Before Orlando had enough time to realize why Leo pulled away they heard a very quiet knock at the door. All three immediately knew immediately who it was, and realized that their fun was about to begin. Orlando got up from the couch and opened up the door, seeing the newest member of the Order to be initiated.

Channing Tatum stood nervously, unsure of what to say or do. Orlando decided to say the first word, noticing that Channing had no idea what to say.
"Come on in...we've been waiting for you. This is Leo and Zac, you may know them."
Channing looked amazed because he saw his favorite celebrity men in front of him. He had always been bisexual but never knew it would come to this, and in response to his excitement he smiled at them shyly. Leo stood up and got close to him and put his hand on the polo shirt Tatum was wearing, feeling his muscled chest.
"I think you pretty much know the rules to our club here...this is your initiation to it..."
Leo leaned in and put his lips to Channing's, kissing him lightly while moving his hand downwards to the stud's abs. Zac began to get horny once again and looked over to Orlando. He leaned into him and kissed his lips gently, then opened his mouth and felt his tongue play with Orlando's.

In an instant the door to one of the side rooms burst open and Brad came walking out wearing nothing but a towel. His body glisted from the sexual romp with Mark, and his muscled frame flexed with each step.
"Looks like you boys found your own party here...Mark and I are going to crash it."
By the time Brad had finished his sentence Mark Wahlberg had also walked out in only a pair of tighty-whities, ready for the action. Mark looked at the men with lust filled eyes.
"Hell, you guys need to spice things up and we're just the ones to do it," Wahlberg said.
Mark went up to Zac and pushed him to the couch so he was sitting. He reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the zipper down. Zac became instantly hard at the prospect of Mark playing around near his dick. Mark pulled the waistband of Efron's boxers down and let his cock free. With both hands he pulled the underwear and the jeans off, exposing Zac's butt as he lifted his legs to let Mark finish pulling the jeans off. Zac sat naked on the couch while he noticed Wahlberg's dick was growing hard in his underwear. Mark lifted Zac's legs and exposed his hole, putting one finger near it and then touching the entrance.

Brad walked over and took off the towel, letting his stiff member get close to Zac's face. He pushed it closer and Zac opened his mouth, allowing Brad's dick to enter as he began to suck on the head of it. Brad pushed his cock even further into Zac's mouth and felt his balls get closer to his chin. The whole cock was now in Zac's mouth and he let his tongue move around the sides of it.

Mark continuing touching Zac's hole and began to push it in, feeling the tightness of Zac's virgin ass. He got down and put Zac's cock into his mouth, sucking the teenaged dick as he pushed his finger in further to Efron's butt. Zac began to moan at the feeling of Mark's tongue and lips on his cock, and edged his butt closer so Mark would push his finger in further. At the same time Brad began to pump in and out of Zac's mouth, feeling the boy's tongue massage the head of his member.

By this time, DiCaprio had taken Channing's shirt and began to strip it off of him, showing his well developed chest and arms. Leo moved his head down and licked Tatum's nipples, getting them slightly erect as he fumbled with the stud's zipper. He felt Channing's hard dick through the material of his boxers, and gripped it tightly, stroking up and down as Channing thrusted forward into Leo's hand.

He reached within the boxers and pulled out Channing's 6 inch dick, touching the head and shaft while still rubbing the stud's chest and nipples with the other hand. Channing unbuttoned Leo's pants and let them fall, having DiCaprio in his boxers. He could see the outline of Leo's dick tenting up through his boxers. Tatum put his hand on Leo's erection while he continued to pull down the stud's underwear. With Channing's dick now out, Leo put the head in his mouth and began to suck him off.

A few feet away, Mark's hard cock was still very visible in his tight underwear as he pushed two fingers in and out of Zac's hole. Zac could feel the fingers touch his prostate and precum begain to leak out of his hard dick. Mark pulled out his fingers and started to pull off his tighty-whities, letting his huge cock free. He held onto it and put the head against Zac's entrance, feeling the head of it touch Efron's tight hole.

Zac felt Mark's hard cock enter him and he enjoyed the feeling. It hurt a little at first, but he began to get used to it while he continued sucking on Brad's cock. Mark pushed in further, feeling the tightness of Efron's ass. He reached around to his front and felt the boy's hard cock still leaking precum. He massaged the head for a moment as he continued pushing into the young man's ass. Mark made another powerful thrust and found that he was now fully inside Zac. He moved his hands to Zac's chest and abs as he began to thrust in and out.

Zac moaned from the sensation of Wahlberg's thick cock entering him and hitting his prostate. Orlando went over to the boy as he was being fucked, and got down on his knees, taking Zac's stiff member into his mouth. As Mark thrust in and out, Orlando sucked Zac's cock and played with the boy's balls. Zac began to do the same thing to Brad, taking his sac into his fingertips. Wahlberg began to fuck deeper and deeper, thrusting hard against Zac's tight ass.
"Oh yeah Mark...fuck me harder," Zac gasped out as his hole was being pummeled.
Mark's dick pumped in and out as Orlando continued sucking the boy's cockhead, tonguing the slit and massaging his balls. Brad felt himself getting closer to cumming inside Zac's mouth, and he began to thrust forward more.
"Ah...yeah...keep sucking Zac...I'm gonna cum in your mouth, swallow my load boy..." Brad said.
Brad's cock began to swell as the first spurts of jizz went into Zac's mouth and he swallowed it, tonguing the head of Brad's dick and tasting the flavor of his cum. Mark began to feel his orgasm coming and he also pumped his dick faster into Zac's hole. Orlando began massaging Zac's balls faster as he continued sucking the shaft and head of the boy's dick.

Mark began to cum, his ass muscles flexing as he humped Zac and began to spurt inside the boy's hole. Zac felt the warm liquid enter him and he felt his own orgasm approaching. He felt Orlando's warm mouth still on his dick as his prostate was still being hit by Mark's dick. He began to cum...the six shots of jizz hitting Orlando's tongue while he eagerly lapped up the boy's juice as it came out of his stiff member. He continued licking until all of the cum was gone, and Zac's cock was clean, still glistening with spit.

By this time Channing had turned Leonardo around and began to finger his hole. Leo's cock was still fully hard and pointing upwards as Channing prepared his own dick and got it lubed up. Watching the sight of Leo's hard dick had started to get Zac aroused once again. Channing carefully placed it at the entrance to Leo's ass and pushed forward. Leo braced himself on the back of the couch as he felt Channing's dick penetrate him fully. He started to jerk his dick as the cock moved further inside of him. Channing's stiff member finally reached the hilt as he began to pump in and out of DiCaprio's ass.
"Yeah stud, fuck me hard..." Leo said.
Channing said nothing but increased the power of his thrusts and began to fuck Leo even harder than he was before. The other men watched in excitement as Tatum's muscular body flexed when he pumped his dick in and out of Leo's hole.

Zac decided that this was the right time to not be left out of the action. He jerked his hardening cock a little and got it up to full length as it once stood before. He stood up from his position on the couch and went up behind Channing. Even though he had just had an orgasm, his cock remained fully hard. He still had some remnant spit from Orlando's sucking and decided that would be enough to enter Channing. He aimed his dick at Channing's hole and began to go in as Channing continued thrusting in and out of Leo.

"Man, kid, you got one hell of a big dick," Channing said as he felt the prick enter him.
Zac felt his dick enter into Channing's ass and began to pump into him slowly, while at the same time Tatum's fucking of Leonardo also caused Zac's dick to go in and out faster. Leo avoiding touching his dick during the experience and he began to leak precum. Seeing this, Mark got down and took Leo's dick in his mouth, and began to jack it off with his hand. Zac continued his pumping into Channing's ass, feeling the tight hole squeeze his member.

"Leo...I'm gonna come...ah I'm close," Channing said as he continued thrusting.
Leo felt Mark's tongue and couldn't hold it any longer, his ropes of cum shot out of his cock as Mark began swallowing it as it entered his mouth. Leo's ass began to tighten around Channing's dick as he came to his own orgasm, the jizz shooting out of his cock and into Leo's tightening ass. He pumped into the hole again and again as the warm liquid filled up DiCaprio's insides.

They stopped their gyrations and caught their breath, still sweaty from the hardcore action they had just experienced. Within a minute, they had looked over and found that both Connor Paolo and Corbin Bleu had been watching intently, excited by the threesome they had just seen. Brad and Orlando went off minutes before to another room and began to make arrangements for the next meeting. They had just finished the calls and Brad walked into the main hall with a broad smile on his face. He leaned into Channing's ear and whispered quietly.
"Next meeting we will have three new members."
"Who are they?" Channing asked, whispering much like Brad did.
"Ah no, I can't reveal that my young stud friend, we'll have to convene here next week and you can find out."
All of the men assembled quietly and began to put their clothes back on, each one finding that the new members had smiles on their faces.
"So what did you think?" Orlando asked Zac.
"It was...wow, really...intense..." he replied.
Both Channing Tatum and Zac Efron were exhausted from the initiation they had received. Upon exiting the headquarters of the club both men put their sights on the future. Channing's mind thought to who the next members would be, and Zac continually thought about his experience with Channing. He hoped that Tatum would be coming back and that they could have an experience that was more intimate...more private. In keeping with the tradition as Patriarch, Brad then swore them to the oath...and it was at that moment when they both realized they would be lifelong members of the Order of Holy Wood.


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