Prologue: In the cover of darkness the members of a New Order met in secrecy, forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and to fulfill their desires behind closed doors. With this ritual of star power they would stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as...The Order of Holy Wood.

         The sun began to set as cloaked men began to arrive at the large mansion of the Order. Both Channing Tatum and Zac Efron had been instructed to come together back to the headquarters, and also were told that something important was going to happen that night. They walked into the house and towards the main chamber. With the lights off and it being only lit by candlelight, both began to wonder what was going to happen as something about this night seemed unusual. They continued walking until they were approached by Matt Damon, who was in a brown robe with a hood on it.
"Strip down naked, and put these on," he said as he handed them similar brown robes.
Zac took his shirt off and started to take off his pants and underwear, stripping down naked right in front of Channing. Tatum couldn't help but admire the boy's features as he himself began to strip naked. Zac blushed a little bit as he noticed Channing watching his cock and ass. Zac also watched as Channing took off his boxers and expose his muscled ass. With both the robes on, they walked into the main chamber and found others waiting in similar robes to themselves. Brad walked in casually and stood in the middle of the room.
"Gentlemen, tonight's session is special. Only a select few members have been invited. I must first say, although Casey was a founding member, he has broken the rule of secrecy within the Order. As punishment for this he has agreed never to return. Matt, along with myself, are the only founders left. My time as Patriarch has been filled with excellence and I take great pride in that. However, it is now time to find a new Patriarch who can over-see that all goes right here, and to make sure the rules never get violated again. Matt and I have carefully nominated members to succeed in my stead. I will now read the list of those nominated."
"Leonardo DiCaprio...Mark Wahlberg...Colin Farrell."
As Brad stepped back, Matt stepped forward and continued the secret meeting that was happening by candlelight.
"You will be expected to initiate two new members that we have specially arranged...and also we will judge on how you interact with the members already present. Wait until our first initiate arrives. Then begins...The Rite of Succession."

Within the first minute of all of them waiting silently in the main hall, the members had each lit a candle, and there were are 11 in total. Each watched as the first to be initiated entered and stood amongst them. Zac's cock jumped a little when he saw his favorite music idol stand in front of him: Justin Timberlake. He had first heard about the Order when Brad found out he was gay a few years back and gave him an invitation to a private party. Hesitant at first, he decided to join now as he found out that Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio would be there.

The six men looked at Justin and knew that the competition amongst themselves would be tough. Justin immediately went over to Colin and brought him to one of the beds that were set up, ready to begin the ceremony. Colin opened up his robe and let his cock out, allowing Justin to take it into his mouth.

Zac knew that this was going to develop into a full orgy and decided that he should speak to Channing quietly.
"You know, I had a really great experience last time we were here...want to take a private room?"
Channing thought about it for a few moments and liked the idea.
"Yeah but we have to return soon...don't want to miss out on any of this action..."
They carefully slipped away as nobody was watching and went into one of the separate rooms. Zac's spirits rose immensely as he realized that he and Channing, though members of the Order, really had a chance to be together. Thinking back to a few years ago, this kind of thing would have never been possible. They closed the door and began to kiss wildly at the same time grinding their hard cocks together. Channing opened up his robe and Zac did the same, and now the two young men were skin on skin grinding their stiff dicks together as they continued to make out.

Zac put his hand around Channing's large erection and felt the hard shaft, moving his hand up and down. Channing's hands explored the boy's muscled chest and tight abs as he rolled his tongue around in Zac's mouth. Zac began to reposition himself so he was on top of Channing as he continued stroking the stud's cock. He pulled back a little and let Channing sit on the edge of the bed, while he gripped his hard member and jacked it off.

Channing put his arms behind him and leaned back as he enjoyed the feeling of Efron stroking his member. Channing's abs flexed as he felt the head of his cock pumped by Zac's hand, a small amount of pre-cum forming at the tip. Zac rubbed Channing's thick member as the precum lubricated his slow strokes.

Meanwhile, back in the main chamber the Rite continued uninterrupted. Justin layed on his back on one of the beds that was there, with Colin also joining. He rubbed at Justin's bulge in his pants and began to unzip them and pull them downward. Colin leaned over his cock and began to put it into his mouth. Justin was immediately hard as Colin began to tongue the head of his dick and began to lick it while stroking the shaft.

Justin spread his legs as he felt his dick go in and out of Colin's mouth. Leonardo DiCaprio walked over to Justin and took his hardening member out from his robe. He stroked it a little before placing it in front of Justin's face. Timberlake opened his mouth and sucked on Leo's dick, putting his lips around the head and tonguing the slit of it.

Timberlake began to thrust his cock in past Colin's lips and moaned when Farrell began to massage the singer's balls.
"Oh yeah Colin, suck me..." Justin said.
Colin tongued the head of Timberlake's cock as Leo continued thrusting into Justin's mouth.

Brad moved over to the door and opened it up to the next initiate. He leaned into his ear and whispered some instructions to him. By the time he had walked in Mark Wahlberg had his robe opened and his hard cock sticking out while he stroked it. He looked over to the young man who had entered.
"Hey, it's Anakin," he joked.
Hayden Christensen arrived with a cloudy expectations of what would happen this night. He looked over at Leo getting his member sucked by Justin and also noticed Colin sucking on Justin's long dick. Immediately, Mark walked over to Hayden and pulled him to one of the beds.
"I want to fuck you," Wahlberg said as he began to unbutton Hayden's pants.
Hayden obliged and stripped off his shirt, exposing his smooth and tan chest as Marky squeezed Hayden's butt through his underwear. Hayden turned around and layed on his front, allowing Mark to pull down his underwear and feel his smooth ass. Hayden pushed his ass up to give Mark full access as his own dick began to harden at the prospect of being fucked by Mark.

Mark gripped his cock and began to rub it in between Hayden's crack, feeling the man's muscles squeeze it as he humped forward. Hayden pushed back as Mark put the head of his cock at Hayden's hole and pushed forward, allowing it to enter the actor's tight ass.

Wahlberg pushed in a little farther, feeling his dick fully enter Hayden's hole. Hayden's dick had grown to full length as he reached down and began to stroke his 7 inch dick. Mark thurst forward until his long cock began to touch Hayden's prostate, eliciting a moan when he did.

"Oh, man, yes...take my ass," Hayden said.
By this time Hayden lay flat as Mark was fully on top of him in a push-up position. He thrust hard into Hayden as he moaned in pleasure from the deep fucking. Hayden turned his head and began to lock lips with Mark, as he pushed his butt backwards to meet Wahlberg's thrusts.
"Oh yes...fuck me hard..." Hayden said as Mark reached around to his cock.
He felt the long rod and massaged the cockhead as pre-cum began to flow out.
"Yeah you like that hard fucking..." Mark said as he thrust powerfully into Hayden's hole.
Hayden's ab and chest muscles flexed as he felt the hard member move in and out of his hole, his tan body beginning to glisten with sweat. He pumped his cock as Mark sped up this thrusts.
"Ahh...I'm coming...!!" Hayden said with one last stroke, the jets of fluid squirting out from his cock.
Mark slammed harder into Hayden's ass as he felt his own orgasm coming.
"Fuck, take my load in your ass," Mark said back.
In seconds his long knob began to shoot in Hayden's hole, the warm liquid filling Hayden's ass as he moaned from the penetration. His cock made ten shots by the time he could slow down his pumping.

The two studs looked over to the other other side of the room and remembered that the others were there, watching the action as they caught their breath from their intensive orgasms.

On the opposite bed Colin had spread Justin's legs and began to lick between his cheeks, feeling his tongue enter the singer's pucker. He pushed it in all the way until Justin moaned from the feeling.
"Let Leo fuck me first, I want you in me when I finally cum," Justin said.
Leo obliged by taking away his long cock from Justin's lips and positioning it at his wet hole. In one thrust he entered Justin's ass and pushed all the way inside, beginning to make a steady rhythm moving his cock in and out. Justin felt the thickness push on his ass as Leo's hips edged forward and touched his asscheeks.
"Yeah...fuck me stud," Justin gasped.
Leo humped quickly and was getting closer to orgasm. Colin stroked his cock while Brad and Matt walked over to him. They held their rock hard dicks in hand and Colin immediately went down to his knees, taking each cock in his mouth. He licked the head of Matt's dick and began jerking on Brad's dick at the same time.

DiCaprio had began to intensify his efforts as Justin lay on his back, taking Leo's cock in his ass while his legs were up. Leo reached down and began stroking Justin's dick, getting both of them closer to orgasm.
"I'm cumming inside you, fuck, oh....yeah...." Leo said as his long cock began to shoot spurts of jizz into Justin.
Justin flexed his ass as he felt the jizz go in and coat his insides, and began to touch his nipples from the excitement of it. Colin was still occupied sucking the two men's cock as Leo called him over. Colin had to stop sucking as he stood up and went over to Justin.

Timberlake felt Leo's cum inside him being used as lubrication when Colin lined up his cock to Justin's ass. He pushed in with ease, and began humping faster and faster. Leo got down and put Justin's cock in his mouth, feeling the man's warm thickness as he sucked.
"Oh man, I think I'm close," Justin said as he continued to be pumped hard by Colin's thick member.
Leo stroked Justin's cock as the singer began to cum, semen pumping out from his long dick and onto his abs and into Leo's open mouth. Colin thrust into Justin one final time as he began to cum in his ass. Colin's hips began to slow as his cock pumped one final time into Justin, pulling out from his hole and leaving Justin's ass filled with two loads.

As they watched the action, Brad and Matt massaged each other's cocks. They approached orgasm, both jerking in unison with pre-cum flowing out. They both shot their loads, and both Mark and Leo got down close and licked the two cocks clean.

After their orgasms had subsided Brad had begun to think to himself how odd it was that Channing and Zac had disappeared. Ignoring the absence of the two studs, he decided not to mention it. They talked very quietly for a few moments as Matt nodded and Brad smiled to himself.
"We have chosen a successor," he said.
He reached within his robe and pulled out a small golden object, and handed over to Mark.
"What is this?" he said, looking down at the object's bright shine in the candlelight.
"The Caduceus is our symbol for we are the sons of the Nephilim. The serpents upon the staff represent us and our Order...which you must now lead," Matt said.
Each member then followed Brad's lead in blowing out a candle...and with the rising smoke that came from them the Order had concluded its first Rite.


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