Prologue: In the cover of darkness the members of a New Order met in secrecy, forever pledged to maintain their sexual potency and to fulfill their desires behind closed doors. With this ritual of star power they would stay forever young with brotherhood and fraternity by only consorting with their fellow members - and it was with that oath that they became a secret society of peers known only as...The Order of Holy Wood.


"You know, I had a really great experience last time we were here...want to take a private room?"
Channing thought about it for a few moments and liked the idea.
"Yeah but we have to return soon...don't want to miss out on any of this action..."
They carefully slipped away as nobody was watching and went into one of the separate rooms. Zac's spirits rose immensely as he realized that he and Channing, though members of the Order, really had a chance to be together. Thinking back to a few years ago, this kind of thing would have never been possible. They closed the door and began to kiss wildly at the same time grinding their hard cocks together. Channing opened up his robe and Zac did the same, and now the two young men were skin on skin grinding their stiff dicks together as they continued to make out.

Zac put his hand around Channing's large erection and felt the hard shaft, moving his hand up and down. Channing's hands explored the boy's muscled chest and tight abs as he rolled his tongue around in Zac's mouth. Zac began to reposition himself so he was on top of Channing as he continued stroking the stud's cock. He pulled back a little and let Channing sit on the edge of the bed, while he gripped his hard member and jacked it off.

Channing put his arms behind him and leaned back as he enjoyed the feeling of Efron stroking his member. Channing's abs flexed as he felt the head of his cock pumped by Zac's hand, a small amount of pre-cum forming at the tip. Zac rubbed Channing's thick member as the precum lubricated his slow strokes.

         Channing looked into Zac's eyes as he felt the boy's hand stoking his member. Zac rubbed the head of Channing's dick while holding onto his muscled thigh at the same time. Zac opened his mouth and licked the head of Tatum's dick, letting his tongue move around it while coating it with a small amount of saliva.

Channing's mind was racing from the excitement, and he couldn't get the thoughts from coming out of his head. Zac had pulled off of his cock head and come in closer to him, touching his lips with his own. They both rolled their tongues together in a kiss, feeling their warm bodies up close next to each other. Channing broke the kiss for a second and looked into Efron's eyes once again.
"Zac, I don't know how to say this..."
A look of concern fell over him.
"What is it, I mean, you can...just say it. If you don't want to do this..." Zac said.
"No, its not that..."
"Well what is it then, you can tell me," he replied.
Zac put his hand on Channing's chest and moved it up to his cheek in a soft motion. Channing tried to collect his thoughts and emotions, combining his words carefully.
"Even though I like all this, I don't know if I want to join them out there again. I didn't know it until now, and it's complicated,"
"Complicated? Why would that be complicated?" Zac asked.
"It's more than just wanting to be with you...because just a few days ago I came to this place because I came out of a bad break-up," Channing said.
Zac's facial expression changed, and didn't say anything. Channing continued.
"I was...in a relationship with a friend and it's like, he just called me yesterday to come back to him, and I don't know what to do now," he said.
"...and now you think you're in love with me...or him...?" Zac asked.
"That's the thing I don't know...but I know that I am falling for you," Channing replied.
"Well I don't know what you want out of this if you're committed to another person..."
Channing thought about it for a moment and realized he was being unfair to Zac. He had led himself into this bad situation and now was going to solve it himself.
"Listen I'm not saying that Ryan was a bad guy, but I mean, we..."
"Wait a second, are you talking about Ryan Phillippe?"
Channing swore to himself as he realized he had just given away who his former romance was. He didn't have enough time to respond before Zac began to speak again.
"I can't believe this. You just got out of a relationship after spending months on the set with him, and you're telling me this now?"
"I know you're mad, but I can sort of..."
"I'm not mad, I just want you to let me meet him and we can work it out," Zac said.
Channing was in shock because of Zac's insane notion that it could work out just by talking.
"I don't think that's a good idea, I mean..."
"Listen, so it didn't work out between you two, and now you think it might, what's so wrong about that?"
"Are you joking? This is a disaster waiting to happen, and you're just setting it up like it's no big deal..."
Zac knew that Channing was nervous about it, but decided to take it one step further.
"Yeah, so? I think he'd be amazing, and I think you're amazing...don't let your emotional baggage ruin a good situation," he said with a smile.
"Is sex all you think about?" Channing asked.
"Well when I'm naked and making out with you...do I have to really answer that?"
Zac kissed him quickly and then stood up.
"I'm going to go put my clothes back on, we can sneak out without them noticing," he said.
"Then what?" Channing asked.
"Then...you give Ryan a call..."

They moved through the darkness of the Order and found their clothes where they had put on their robes. Channing peeked into the room and saw all of the members having sex by candlelight and couldn't take his eyes off.
"Come on, let's go..." Zac said pulling on his shoulder.
Channing finished buttoning his pants and put his shirt back on. They opened the door and snuck out, walking down the hallways and out the exit path. It was still nighttime outside and they found their way out into the nighttime sky. Channing had dialed the number for Ryan and it rang quietly while he looked at Zac.
"This is such a bad idea," he said while it continued ringing.
Zac looked back at him and smiled. The ringing stopped and Ryan finally picked up.
"Hey...it's me. I...uh, wanted to know if you wanted to get, to get together tonight...with me and a friend..." Channing said, fumbling over his words.
Zac looked at Channing as he listened intently on the phone. He hung up and the conversation was over as quickly as it started.
"Did he say no?" Zac asked.
"He wants us to meet him at his condo..."
"That's awesome, I'm excited."
Within the hour the two men had traveled to Ryan Phillippe's condo. Channing went up to the door of his room and knocked. Zac bit his lip nervously, not knowing whether or not Ryan would react badly. The door opened and Ryan smiled, seeing the two of them.
"Wow, I didn't realize you'd be bringing Zac Efron," Ryan said in shock.
"Yeah we hit it off a few days ago," Channing said as Ryan motioned them inside.
Zac looked around at the condo and realized Ryan lived a really clean lifestyle, everything seemed to be right in its place.
"Hey you guys want some beers?"
"Bring 'em on...well unless Zac here wants some apple juice," Channing joked.
"Hey, I can handle my alcohol," Zac said with a small punch to Tatum's shoulder.
They sat for about 30 minutes and drank their beers while Channing was beginning to get nervous. He didn't know whether Zac was making Ryan uncomfortable or whether Ryan was making Zac uncomfortable. Zac, on the other hand, was fully ready to take advantage of the situation.
"So Ryan, Channing tells me you've played a gay character before, whats that like?" Zac said.
"That was a while ago, but it was okay I guess."
"Did you kiss any guys?"
"Haha..um no, I didn't."
"Would you ever want to?" Zac asked.
Ryan looked at Zac smiling and knew exactly what was up. He took the last sip of his beer and set it down on the table next to him.
"Depends on who it is, you man enough to try me?" Ryan coaxed.
Zac said nothing, instead going right over to Ryan and kissing him on the lips. The two began to make out as Channing watched in shock of how quickly he had done it. Ryan grabbed onto Zac's ass and held him while he sat on his lap. He reached around to the front and unbuttoned Zac's pants, his erection poking up through his underwear. Ryan immediately grabed it and felt the boy's hardness as they continued kissing.

Channing's bulge in his pants began to grow as he watched the two passionately make out. Ryan looked over at Channing pull his pants and underwear down, his hardening cock in his hand. Ryan stroked Zac quickly as they made out, and broke the kiss for a moment.
"Come on baby, join the fun," he said to Channing quickly, and then continued locking lips with Efron.
Channing went over to Ryan and started to touch his member beneath the fabric of his pants. He zipped them down and let his cock out, feeling the hardness as he pulled down the underwear. He leaned down and took Ryan's cock in his mouth while Zac continued to be jerked off by Ryan. Zac broke the kiss and decided he'd change things up.
"I want Channing to fuck me, while I fuck you," he said to Ryan.
Ryan was shocked at the boldness but excited that Zac knew exactly what he wanted. He reached over into one of the side cabinets and pulled out lube.

Squirting some in his hand he leaned to Channing's cock and gripped it, spreading the lube onto the hard cock. Channing sat on the sofa with his hard cock out, and stricking straight upwards. Ryan handed the lube to Zac and he spread some on his ass. He positioned himself directly over Channing's cock and began to sit down.
"Oh ...yeah...that's it," he said as Channing's cock entered him.
Ryan continued jerking as he watched Zac take the entire cock up his ass. He took the lube and spread some on his own hole, and waited for them to get settled. Channing began to thrust upwards into Zac, and the boy's cock was rock hard while he was being penetrated.

Channing used his hands to massage the Zac's chest and nipples while continuing his deep thrusts. Ryan moved over to Zac's cock and held onto it as he began to hover over him. He aimed the boy's cock at his hole and began to sit, the head going in easily. Channing made one hard thrust upwards and immediately Zac's dick went into Ryan.
"Fuck, you are hot," he said as Zac's dick entered him.
Zac moaned as he felt his prostate hit by Channing's dick, along with Ryan's warm hole enveloping his rod. He began to thrust his cock into Ryan's hole, moving it in and out as he continued to be fucked by Channing. Zac began to break a sweat as he moved up and down on Tatum's rod.
"Oh yeah, fuck me good," Zac said to Channing.
Zac reached his arm around to stroke Ryan's dick, feeling the head as he continued his thrusts into him.
"I think I'm going to cum," Zac said as he massaged Ryan's cock.
"Yeah give it to me, cum in my ass," Ryan said.
Zac squeezed Ryan's dick hard as he began to orgasm, the shots of cum going into Ryan's ass. He thrust upward with a fast pace as the cum continued out of his dick.

Channing felt Zac's ass begin to clench with his orgasm and felt his hole tighten and grab onto his dick as he pumped in and out. He began to cum at the same time, his large cock spurting shot after shot into Zac's hole. Zac jerked Ryan until he began his own orgasm, the warm liquid coming out of his rod and onto his chest as he still had Efron's length inside him.

All three men panted as their orgasms finished and Ryan pulled off of Zac's dick. Likewise, Zac kissed Channing as he pulled off of his dick.
"Let's go to the shower, I've got one big enough to fit all three of us," Ryan said.
The three of them washed each other's hair without saying a word, only looks of satisfaction on their faces. Ryan wasn't sure where the relationship stood, but he could tell that Zac and Channing were in love with each other.

Zac got out of the shower and put a towel around his waste below his tight abs. He walked over to his pants, his phone beeping once as he picked them up. He took it out and clicked it open.
1 new message
He looked at the missed call list and saw only one name.
Brad P
He dialed his number and listened carefully to the message. When he had his phone to his ear Channing came out of the room and stood behind him, putting his hands around Zac's waste.
"Who is it baby, anybody important?"
"It was a message about the group...and how they selected a new leader."
"Oh yeah?" he said back.
"Yeah...but it's weird because he gave me a different number than his own."
"Well who's number is it?"
"I don't know, but maybe..."
Zac took a pen from one of the tables and wrote the number on a slip of paper, leaving no name, but instead writing something short. Two hours later that Ryan found it. He picked up the paper from his table and looked at it, unaware of where it came from. He looked at the text closely and read what was written:
Tell him Zac and Channing gave you the number
Ryan got out his phone and put the number in, unsure of whether he would dial it that day, or ever. On the other end of this mysterious number, a new plan was being prepared, only to be set in motion by the members of the Order of Holy Wood.


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