***This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter between German footballers Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker of the London based club, Arsenal. It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father, and this story in no way attempts to question his or Per Mertesacker's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***


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"Fuck, Arne! Man, I don't know what to do!"

"I dunno, man, this is a tough one. You know he's married."

"I know man, I jus...I want to tell him, but I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Per had been nervous almost since the minute he stepped off the airplane at the Chicago airport four days earlier. He had flown over to visit his former national teammate, Arne Friedrich, who had been playing in the US for little over a year. His Arsenal buddy Lukas joined him, and at the last minute, had to bring along his four year old son Louis, as Lukas' wife had to go back to their native Poland to take care of some legal work.

For the first time, Per was coming out and confessing his "admiration" for his Polish-born teammate. He had always liked Lukas as a person, but had never really found him attractive due to what he thought was his somewhat immature attitude (he had always been a notorious prankster). But now that the two were in London together and saw each other virtually every day, Per began to see his friend in a new light.

"Honestly, Per, I love you guys like brothers. I don't want to see anything come between you guys. I don't think you should say anything," Arne told his distressed friend.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. I mean, I'm a grown man; I can keep my feelings to myself, right. Lukas...oh wait, here he comes." Per stopped in the middle of his sentence.

"So guys, we're done. Are you ready to go," Lukas asked his friends in English, trying to practice his new adoptive language. He had just come back from the bathroom with his son.

"Let's do it," Arne responded.

The trio of friends (plus little Louis) left the food court at the mall and drove back to Arne's modest, but luxurious apartment that offered commanding views Lake Michigan. The guys would be going for a night out on the town in a few hours, and Lukas wanted to take his son back to play some PlayStation and Wii so he would be exhausted and sleep through the night; he didn't want the babysitter to have too much to do.

"Hey Arne," Per whispered, almost unintelligibly to his host in the kitchen.

"Yeah man, what's up," Arne whispered back.

"I think I realized why I like Lukas so much."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"Well, just look at him. I mean, he's a great father! Look at how he's playing with his son. And you saw how he cut up his food for him when we were out eating earlier today! Wasn't that just...amazing?"

Arne remained silent and left Per to bask in own euphoria.


"Guys, we're gonna get drunk," Lukas exclaimed.

"Ha ha, shut up clown, you don't even drink," Arne fired back.

The three friends were walking down the street to a nearby club that attracted a low key, yet hip clientele. Lukas was completely carefree knowing that his little Louis was sound asleep back in the security of Arne's apartment. The wife of one of Arne's teammates offered to baby-sit in order to give the guys a chance to go out and have some grown man fun.

They arrived at the club which had a smaller than usual crowd. It was perfect for them, as all three were not big party animals and certainly wanted to go unnoticed. Lukas, who almost never drank, had some apple juice (which his friends continued to laugh about all night), while Arne and Per drank whiskey.

"We're doing tequila shots, tonight guys," Arne said. "I haven't seen my two German brothers in over a year. We gotta make this a memorable night!"

"Ha ha, okay, maybe one for me," Lukas said.

Lukas was unusually lively tonight. He had made friends with virtually everyone at the club within an hour, and everyone was offering to buy him drinks. Per just watched his handsome friend. He was lusting after Lukas especially hard tonight.

"Yo Per, what's up man," Lukas called out. The young Pole beamed his trademark charismatic smile and toasted his giant friend.

"Nothing much man, just enjoying the crowd. This is a pretty cool spot Arne brought us to!"

"Yeah, I agree. This place is really cool. This makes me want to go out more back home. Maybe we need to find somewhere like this in London. I'm sure it exists somewhere."

"He guys, it's time for shot number one," Arne said interrupting the conversation his friends were having. He was holding three shots of tequila with a sliced lemon on top and handed one to each of his friends.

"Eins, zwei, drei," the guys said in unison in German before throwing the tequila back into their mouths.

Lukas jumped up and down shaking his head while his two friends grimaced at the taste of the strong tequila.

"I want another one! I want another one," Lukas said.


After about four hours at the club, Arne and Lukas were completed wasted. It was the first time Per had ever seen his friends this hammered.

"Are you gonna be able to get those fellas home," the club manager asked Per.

"Yes sir, it shouldn't be a problem."

Although Arne's apartment was just three blocks away, there was no way Per, as big as he was, would be able to balance both of his teammates down the long Chicago blocks. It sucked, but he had to call a cab.

The trio arrived back at Arne's apartment. Arne stumbled back to his bedroom and managed to fall straight on to the bed. Unbeknownst to Per, this was quite typical for Arne, and he actually wasn't that drunk. Lukas was a different story, though. Per had to balance his friend down the hallway to one of the guest bedrooms he was sharing with his son.

"Shit, your son," Per thought out loud. He didn't want Louis to wake up and see his dad like this. Lukas was mumbling all kinds of crazy talk.

"Lukas, shut up! You don't want to wake your son," Per barked.

"Looks like you boys had fun," the babysitter said as she was coming out of the living room. "You guys gonna be alright?"

"Yes, looks like I will have to baby-sit this guy tonight, though" Per said as he pointed to his inebriated teammate while laughing.

"Ha ha, well okay, I'll be going. You call me if you need anything."

"Okay thanks," Per said.

The 6-foot-6 giant was still balancing his friend when he decided to take Lukas to his room. He would just have to sleep there tonight, and hopefully tomorrow morning, he wouldn't remember how foolish he was acting. Per didn't like this side of Lukas. He thought it was irresponsible for Lukas to have gotten as drunk as he did when he had a young son back at home.

He sat Lukas down on the bed and started to undress him. In no time, Lukas was down to a pair of bright yellow briefs and pair of white socks as Per hovered over him.

"Lay down," he ordered his teammate, and Lukas did as he was told. Per pulled the bed comforter over his friend and took a step back. "Fuck," Per thought out loud. He was quickly reminded of how sexy he thought his friend was. It was wrong and unethical, but he contemplated taking advantage of his friend who would probably be too hung over to remember what happened the next morning. He leaned down and kissed his friend on the cheek.

Per stepped out of the room and went to the bathroom. His mind was racing. This was the one time he could finally play with Lukas, although it would be against his friend's will.

Fuck it, it's his fault he's this drunk, Per thought to himself. "He has to suffer the consequences," he said aloud. An almost sinister smirk formed on his lips.


Per had stripped completely naked and was once again hovering over his friend who looked like a sleeping angel. He pulled the cover back slowly. Lukas didn't stir. He reached down and pushed Lukas over on to his back; still no movement from the Polish man. Per stuck his hands on either of Lukas' hips and pulled the yellow briefs down. A long, thick Polish sausage plopped out and landed with an audible "thump" on its owner's torso.

"FUCK," Per said out loud. "Daddy's gonna feast tonight."

The tall German placed Lukas' yellow briefs up to his nose and inhaled. The smell was intoxicating. He loved it. Lukas had been wearing this underwear all day, and the sweaty and musky odor awaked Per's 8 inch cock. He buried his head in Lukas hairy crotch. Per had seen Lukas grow, both mentally and physically since they first played together back in 2004. He remembered seeing Lukas in the locker room so many years ago, and remembered the many phases and changes his body went through. Back then, teenage Lukas shaved his entire body. Fast forward eight years (and a marriage and baby later), and Lukas was a full fledged man. He had a thick bush of curly brown pubic hair that reeked of sweat caused by the friction from his crazy dance moves at the club just a few hours before.

Per retracted Lukas' long, thick foreskin, revealing a shiny purplish-bulb glans. The sight before him was beautiful. He opened his mouth and took Lukas inside him, not ignoring the strong scent of Lukas' foreskin (Lukas was the only guy on the team that never retracted his foreskin, not even to pee, so now there was a strong, albeit euphoric, odor of musk mixed with all the dried urine from Lukas' multiple trips to the bathroom throughout the day.) He gently sucked on Lukas who still asleep. He cupped the sleeping Pole's hairy scrotum in his hand and played with the two balls being kept warm inside it. Before long, he had completely deep throated Lukas, who was finally beginning to moan slightly.

Per didn't want to waste too much time, so he grabbed each of Lukas' legs underneath the knee and pushed them back, sending his strong muscular legs into his chest. The position gave Per an unobstructed view of Lukas' plump ass. This was the ass that all the guys used to make fun of in the locker room back in Germany. Lukas was always on the tail end of joking cat calls, whistles, and slaps on his ass as the guys made jokes about how his ass was bigger than all of their girlfriends and wives, and how they would fuck him if he were a girl.

The tall German licked Lukas' virginal pink opening. Lukas began talking in his sleep.

"No Basti, I just want to sleep. I don't want to have sex tonight."

Basti? Bastian? "Bastian Schweinsteiger," Per thought to himself.

"You little fucker, you've been fucking Schweinsteiger," Per said aloud to his sleep teammate. He was enraged now. So it was true. Lukas and Bastian were playing around off the pitch.

Per continued his oral assault on Lukas asshole (turns out there was nothing "virginal" about it at all, even though it looked really tight.) He wanted to make sure Lukas was as lubricated as possible so he wouldn't be limping around the apartment in the morning.

Per pushed Lukas's legs back even further to the point where his ankles were virtually behind his ears. He lowered himself down, and in one quick thrust, all eight inches of him were inside the warmth of Lukas Podolski.

Lukas was moaning loudly now and continued talking.

"Basti, baby, no. Take it out. I don't want to."

"You little bitch," Per said. He slapped his friend hard in the face and then leaned down and shoved his tongue in Lukas' mouth. Finally, the Polish father peered his eyes open.

"Per, man, why are you fucking me," Lukas asked incredulously, still half asleep. The question was completely bizarre and caused Per to literally laugh out loud. It was ridiculous Lukas was this drunk; so drunk that he was asking his friend why he was inside him!

"Because you're my bitch! Your ass his mine," Per shot back. He pulled himself out of the warmth of Lukas' hole and rolled his friend over on his stomach. Somehow, he managed to get Lukas in the doggy position and continued to fuck Lukas.

Per was in heaven. Lukas himself had just admitted in his drunken stupor that he wasn't a virgin to anal sex, but it certainly felt like he was. Per's skinny 8 inch cock fit snuggly inside Lukas' slightly moist hole. This felt better than all three girls Per had fucked in his whole life combined. He was in love with everything about Lukas' ass: the size, the shape, the smell; all intoxicating. All kinds of dirty thoughts were crossing his mind. After all, he had completely taken charge of the most private part of his friend's body. And the fact that they were not alone in the apartment was all the more exciting; Lukas was getting fucked with his son sound asleep right next door! That thought alone was the dirtiest and most sadistic for Per, which excited him even more. He began to fuck Lukas even harder, hoping Lukas' moans and whining and would awaken young Louis and cause him to call out for father. Hell, at this point, he was even hoping Arne would wake up and walk in to his pale, veiny uncircumcised sausage sliding in and out of the rosy pink anus of their friend.

Per pulled out once again to change positions, but not before shoving his cock in Lukas' mouth. Lukas was fully awake now, although not at all in his right sober mind. He did not fully comprehend what was taking place. Per needed more lubrication and it excited him to know that Lukas was technically eating his own ass by sucking on the dirty cock that was just inside him a few seconds earlier.

Per placed Lukas on to his side and the commanding German scooted up behind his teammate, lifted his right leg to get better access, and pushed himself back inside Lukas. Per wanted to make love now. He whispered affectionate words in Lukas' ear: "I love you," "You're my king," "I want you to be mine," and "Will you have my baby" were among some of the compliments Per showered Lukas with. He didn't hesitate to lick Lukas' ear or suck on his neck, either. Oh yes, he certainly wanted to leave a love mark behind for his friend.

Surprisingly, almost an hour had passed since Per first pulled Lukas' underwear down. Now he was reaching his climax. He playfully bit Lukas' ear and exploded inside his friend. Lukas could feel Per's baby-making fluid racing to his nonexistent ovaries deep inside him. A minute or two passed, and Per's now limp six inch sausage plopped out of Lukas with his cum quickly flowing out of the now unblocked exit. Per smiled. If Lukas were a girl, he would've definitely been pregnant. They would be having a baby together in nine month's time.

As his last final act, Per crawled back between Lukas' legs and licked up the remainder of his own cum still flowing from Lukas' now loose and damaged anus. He had succeeded in bedding his teammate, although he did wish Lukas were fully sober; that would've been far more fun.

Lukas had fallen back asleep as though nothing had ever happened. Per picked the yellow briefs up from the floor and traced them up Lukas' thick legs until his modesty was completely covered. He crawled on to the bed with his back to his friend, and also fell asleep wondering how Lukas would feel when he woke up later that morning. What would he think when he realized his underwear was literally sticking to his anus? Surely he wouldn't know it was the now dried up, crusty leftovers of the Per's masculine fluids, would he?

-The End-


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