Perry Hotter and the Vanishing Virginity

****Authors note. This story is a nod to a popular story that many of you may know, it is only a nod, all names and characters are still the property of the original author. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, yeah, like a steamy fan fic has any innocent people in them. I hope that this is steamy too. It is a gay male erotica tale, based loosely on the world of Harry Potter. It involves copious amounts of hot gay sex, and nappy usage (diaper to those who do not know), and as such, you are warned. Please note that I used an online calendar based off the book to try and get the time line correct, even they state that there are some minor inconsistencies, and so shall I, so please keep this in mind, some of the timing may not be absolutely precise, but it is as close as I can get it. Please remember that this story site is run on donations, so do your part. Also remember, this is only a story, and it belongs to me, ask before posting it please. If you would like to contact me to comment on this, or any of my other stories, feel free to do so at erich5748 at You may also find many other stories of mine in the prolific authors section of the archive under erich. I hope that you enjoy, thanks for taking the time to read.****

Chapter 1

(pre word)

Hi there, my name is Perry Hotter, and I just started my third year at Warthogs School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, hey, I read a story about a boy with a name suspiciously close to yours. Seven books, eight movies, one of the biggest and best book and movie franchises the world's ever seen. Yeah, here's the thing, the story's actually all about me, the author of that story (A one Rita Skeeter, you might have heard of her, though in your world, she's known as someone else) heard about my tale, took some of it, made a huge story about me and my fight, and she's the one that got huge rich off it, she hasn't given me a single knut for it. Oh well, I'm already pretty well off.

Some of the information that she wrote about she got correct, some stuff, hmm, not so much. All she did was change most of the names, and she didn't write anything about just how kinky the school really is. The funny thing is, she did not even change the names all that much, I mean, look at me. Then there is Rod Pleaseme, for instance, or Hermoany Groaner (though his name really should have been Hemoany, but she probably did not even know about this), Professors Allbum Bummemore and Moany McGoonagal, and then there's Rod's twin brothers Bred and Gorge, his little sister Gummy, and his older brother is Prissy. Then there's my foes, in school with me are Drago Mytoy (he says it's short for dragon) and his cronies Cranky and Ghouly, and yes, they are their names through and through, as well as as dumb as she said they are. My other foe, the one who tried to kill me as a baby (much of that is correct, and close enough to forgive her few embellishments) is Moldyvort, the most evil wizard of the last century.

How kinky the school is, you are surely wondering about that, oh yeah, I am talking kinkier than a porn movie studio. Trust me, the spell engorgio was not taught to us on fruits or things like that. Until the effects wore off after that day, every boy had a cock as big as a baseball bat, and all the girls had tits the size of watermelons, and trust me, Professor Nitwit did tell us to test it on our best friends, knowing exactly what we would do too, even had all us boys drop our pants to check out how well we all did. Funny, he never checked out the girls, not that I can blame him. He may be small of stature, but I assure you, his dick sure is not, but I will get into that later.

Now, a little about myself that She sure never wrote about. Well, the vanishing virginity in the title, that is not exactly me. I was only into school for a little over a week when I lost my virginity, so yeah, you can say I am a slut, hell, go ahead, I dare you, I will grin and nod and ask if that is a problem, and even thank you. Trust me, at this school, it is nowhere near a problem.

We are taught in our first week all the best disease warding hexes and charms to prevent sickness, and we are told that gay sex keeps babies away, so enjoy. They do have spells to prevent pregnancy as well, should anyone decide they wish to do that, but why would they, like really. So, as you can tell, I am totally, one hundred and ten percent gay, I will never marry a girl, ever, and I cannot stress that enough.

My looks are very nearly spot on to how they were described in the books, with the exception of my scar. It's not a lightning bolt, no, it's actually shaped like a dick, well, not fully, but close enough to tell. Boy did my aunt and uncle ever hate that. Also, another thing, either my bladder never formed correctly, or the curse that Moldyvort failed to kill me with killed it, but, either way, it has never worked a day in my life, so I wear nappies. Whoa, huge shame, right. Yeah, not so much. At least not at school.

All of that, though, was a huge shame to my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I guess they knew I was going to be gay, I guess they knew I was going to turn out to be a wizard too, and of course I could never hold my pee, so I made a huge mess all the time. Either way, all this made them hate me with a passion. Well, I hate them more. My mom's sister, Petulant, her horrible husband Burner Dursley, and their horribly, disgustingly, disturbingly fat son Fudley (though I call him Fugly, because he is so fucking ugly, we are talking he would win ugliest creature in the universe, with ease), my only family remaining, wow, to be saddled with that.

Trust me, it is this and this alone that makes me hate Moldyvort more than anything. Of course I hate him for killing my parents, but you try not hating him more for that, I dare you. Before turning eleven and finding out all that I am, I was so miserable that the only reason I did not off myself was because I knew it would make them happy. I never got nappies, I was beaten sometimes horribly, I was treated worse than any slave ever deserved to be treated, and trust me, no one deserved what I got. Once I got home after my first year at Warthogs, and they knew I could and would turn them into leaches, it got better, only marginally so, but better. Of course, I wasn't strictly allowed, but they did not need to know that.

A little about my best friends now. We are pretty inseparable, though Rod and Hermoany are more so. We all met at the beginning of our first year, and, for the most part, was pretty well written, not perfect, but close enough. It was not even until well after Christmas that Rod and I even found out that Hermoany was not a girl, even though that is what he identifies as. Professor Bummemore even allows him to sleep in the girls quarters and everything. He never wants to change his sex, he just feels prettier as a girl, but prefers sex as a boy. Trust me, I am not even as big a slut as he is.

Rod is the same though. The second he found out Hermoany was a boy, he stripped naked and offered to be her sex slave. They have done it in probably every room of the castle, an impressive feat, considering I doubt there are less than a thousand various rooms, and they love an audience. I have also gotten them into nappies several times, so much so that they now wear full time with me. Rod is hung quite well for thirteen, Hermoany only slightly less, but they love the engorgio charm, a lot, but then, so do most of us boys.

Rod really is as poor in the money sense as was written, but trust me, where love of family plays, he is the richest person I know. Hermoany really is a Muggle born, her mom nearly had a heart attack when she found out, her dad just laughed and said he always knew there was something odd about her, and he loves the fact that she can do all that she can.

Then there is Drago, man he is an enormous pain in the ass, and not in a good way either (though I have often dreamed about him being an amazingly good pain in the ass too). Stuck up, snotty, all knowing, rich, bratty, there are not enough bad things to say about him, and he is so fucking hot, I would fuck him 'til he passed out, and then keep fucking him 'til he woke back up again, then keep on fucking him 'til he passed out again. If only he would give me half the chance. He claims to not be gay, that his father disproves of any such nonsense and that he should have sent Drago to a real school, instead of this mamby pamby sissy school like his mother insisted. Personally I think mother knew best and sent Drago here for a reason. Trust me, every time my robe was magically lifted (I never wear pants under it either), I know who was behind it. Drago is always nearby, and he is always checking out my nappied ass.

There is also Professor Snipe, he really is the most hated teacher, except by his own house, Slitherin. He hates me because he loved my father, wanted him, needed him, but my dad did not feel the same way and spurned him, now Snipe takes it out on me, at least this is my feeling on it anyway. If he was nice to me, I'd so totally offer myself to him, but not until he starts acting like a human. I know he's fully gay, because he's so bitter about it, and loves to prevent us boys from having sex. That's what he assigns everyone for detention if he has to give a boy a detention, and he never seems to lack reasons either. He has done so to me numerous times, prevented me from having sex, Rod too, though he has never done so to Hermoany, though I am not even certain Snipe knows that Hermoany is not a girl. We have no idea how many teachers know this.

Oh yes professors. I did kill Professor Squirrely in year one, and I so totally would have erased Professor Lockhead's memory myself, or just killed him too, what a fucking meat head. I get along well with McGoonagal and the rest, and I have so totally had sex with Professors Bummemore, Nitwit, and Hunghard. Trust me, Hunghard does not need the engorgio charm to make us all scream. He is half giant they say, well trust me, the half giant you see is not the fact that he is so tall, the half giant is totally all in his pants. I am talking I have seen horses that would be jealous of him. It takes at least an hour of prep work to take him, and that is using at least fifteen stretching and relaxing spells, of which we are also taught, and I took him in the second month. Took that long to convince him I could do it. Normally he won't fuck us that young, but I proved to him I could take it and not die a painful death.

Professor Nitwit is a lot of fun, he can go for hours and wears even me out, but he is so good with the energy charm it is no wonder. He is also a master of the never ending cum charm, I cannot go for more than an hour before I am burning up, and fifteen massive cums is the most I have ever managed, but he can go for three and spew out a gallon or more over thirty or more orgasms.

Professor Bummemore is almost as good, and though not as hung naturally, he is every bit as kinky as I am. He too loves nappy sex, every bit as much as I do. Oh, and if you want me, you have to wear as well. Then there is our new defense against the dark arts teacher, Professor Lupin, who is so totally an animal in bed. Fuck, I never leave without at least a hundred bite and scratch marks, he is incredibly passionate and almost brutal in his sex, and he likes doing it doggy style, and growl, my god does he growl while he fucks. He loves it when we do the same to him too though.

Back to Professor meat head for a minute, sorry Lockhead, he wanted to fuck me so bad, but talk about instant turn off, I would not have had sex with him for any amount of gold or spells, and he promised to teach me spells that would make me a god. Yeah, I never believed him. I mean, you take a class with him, the first five minutes of our very first class and we knew there was nothing in his head but air and or rotten meat.

By now I bet you are wondering who took my virginity. You might guess that it was Rod, and you would be correct, but it was a combination of him and the rest of the boys in my dorm room. I think it was our third or fourth day, we had all learned a great deal that day, and we went to bed and played hard, all night long. Granted, Rod was not a virgin, nor was Deville Finebottom, but the rest of us totally were, and I wanted Rod for my first. They all agreed to wear nappies and be soggy babies, and before dinner I nappied them all, and then we ate and drank more than enough to fill our bladders and our energy reserves, though no, I cannot hold my pee at all.

It was a pretty fantastic night I gotta say. Being that we were all only eleven at the time, and I know I was not exactly huge, and the others were not much better than me, we enjoyed the use of the engorgio charm for our first time outside of class. We knew not to start off too large, but by the end of the night, I think we were all pretty much up to stallion size. We all fucked and sucked each other, we got raunchy and rowdy, and we definitely got dirty. We learned the cleaning charm later on that helped to keep down the mess after being well and truly piss fucked, but that was okay too.

Now, you are wondering again about my reference to the vanishing virginity. Well, ever since the first day I lost mine, and found out just how incredibly amazing gay sex could be, it had been my desire to help all those less fortunate than I to find out the joys of hot gay baby boy nappy sex. First year I took the virginity of only fifteen boys, but second year, now that was a year to write home about, if only I had a home to write home to. I took the virginity of almost sixty boys, every Griffendoer, probably half the Huffandsuck, and several of the Ravenscocks. The Slitherin's though are near impossible, they only want sex if they get money, and I sure as hell will not pay money for something so amazing that I can get for free a hundred times a day if I wanted.

And now onto the story, for I know that is what you are here for. Sadly every day is not all about sex and wild times, we do actually have to study and all that, but trust me, we have more than enough free time to fill up, and I do mean fill up in the most kinky ways you can imagine. We just started our third week, today is Monday, and I am tired and still rather sore, because Rod, Hermoany, and I visited Hunghard, as well as Professor Lupin came and joined us, so yeah, I am worn out.

“Hotter, pay attention in my class, if you add those toads eyes to that shrinking potion, you'll cause an explosion that'll shrink us all into something the size of your clearly inept brain.” Professor Snipe yelled out in that tone he reserves solely for me.

“Huh, oh, sorry Professor.”

My potion is thick and yellow, nothing like Hermoany's perfect orange liquid, and when Snipe yelled at me, I realized I had grabbed toads eyes instead of newts balls, yikes, talk about horrible mistake. We all know what toads eyes and snake vomit do together, actually, it was a pretty fun experiment, only Snipe yelled at us for more than an hour and had us all in detention, where we had to look at porn but were not allowed to react, because he gave us a potion that would make us cry out in agony if we got hard, or the girls get aroused, the fucking potion lasts for more than twelve hours. Trust me, that is true punishment.

“Pay more attention or I'll give you the full strength potion, and don't for a second doubt I will.”

The potion, Snipe's favorite means of punishing those he hated, which is most of us Griffendoer's, and most especially me. He uses it on me every time, it truly is horrible, but he claims that he has a much stronger version that will last for as much as a week. I would probably kill myself if I had that happen to me. I even tasked Hermoany with finding an antidote to it, just in case, but she claims there is not one for it. She probably thinks that it would be good for me, but like I said to her, if she had to abstain for sex for a week, she would go totally insane.

“Yes Sir.” I groaned.

Well, I made it through class without blowing anything up, though Deville damn near did, again, but we all know he tries. Snipe scares him, there is no doubt about that, but he hates Snipe even more than I do. We all know he tries his best to make Snipe as mad as he can, blows up as much as he can, and secretly loves making Snipe's life as miserable as he can, though he has yet to tell us why.

“Hey Hotter, why not just quit, clearly you're not good enough to stay in Snipe's class. You're even worse than Finebottom, even worse than a troll.” Mytoy called out snidely as we left the class.

“Yeah, well at least I don't dream of visiting Snipe every night, hang on his every word, practically lick his boots. Besides, you're no better than I am, only Snipe loves you so much he never says anything.”

Well, his face, which is normally pasty white, went bright red, whether in embarrassment or anger, I never found out, because Professor Lupin came around the corner at that moment and called out to me.

“Perry, I need to see you for a few minutes please.”

“Of course Professor.”

I grinned evilly to Drago and turned and walked away while he raged in impotent fury. As we walked, I tried to ask Lupin what he wanted, asked him if he needed to drop another load already, and he said no. He told me to wait until we got to his office.

“So, what did you want Professor?” I asked as soon as we entered.

“Well, as you know, Black's after you, the Dementors are here to protect you, as well as the rest of us, but I've already had reports of you going out on your own after dark in the castle. Professor McGoonagal's asked me to talk to you about this. Look, I know what you want and need, I can't blame you in the least. I've very much enjoyed our times together, as have several of the others, but the rules are there for a reason. You must not be out on your own, wandering the castle after dark all by yourself. We have no idea what Black's up to or where he is, Minister Pudge is screwing up left, right, and centre, he hasn't a clue what to do, and even though he says that the Black situation is under control, it's nowhere near in control. You must promise me this Perry, please.”

“I can't Sir, and you know it. You couldn't possibly go without sex, well, I'm a teen, I'm in worse condition than you are.”

“I know, but our hands are tied. You don't want Professor Bummemore to make it so that you can't leave Griffendoer tower at all do you.”

“No. What am I supposed to do though?”

“What do you think we should do?”

“What if I had a teacher or a prefect take me to where I wanted to go, then said teacher or prefect could even join in on the fun should he so desire. If everything was arranged before dark, then there would be no problems at all, right Sir?”

“I think that could work. Let me talk it over with the headmaster.”

“You just wanna go visit him and test out his master head skills again, don't you.” I laughed.

“Hell yeah, like you haven't been a visitor to his lounge several times, and don't try and deny it.”

“I'd never deny the truth.”

“No, I'll get back to you at dinner time with the answer, but for now you should probably go do some studying during your free period.”

“Thanks Sir.”

We headed out together and then turned our separate ways once we reached the main hall, and I headed up to our common room. On the way, Colin Creepy called out to me.

“Hey, Perry, wait up.” I paused and waited for him to catch up. “I developed the pictures from our last session. Wanna come see?”

“Sure, why not.”

Now, Colin is not exactly my favorite person, he is much too fascinated with the fact that I am pretty much famous for doing nothing more than surviving, and he likes to take too many pictures, but I did find a way to temper his enthusiasm a bit. Sex, and lots of hot kinky gay baby sex. He loves putting the auto follow and click charm on his camera while we have sex, and he has taken hundreds of pics of us now.

I should also note that when Colin first came to school, he was a virgin, he had never worn a nappy, and he did not even know what gay was. His overly protective and religious muggle parents sheltered and shielded him far too much for his own good, well, in his first week I took his virginity. It was the only way to calm him down. He is quite the little hotty in bed too I might add, and definitely pleasing to look at, but unless you wear him out sexually, he'll talk your ear off. I guess it comes from having parents who never talk or allowed him to talk, now he talks incessantly.

When we got to our tower, Colin took me up to his dorm room and pulled out the newest stack of pictures. They are as good as usual, Colin is a great photographer, though even I have no idea how he can keep concentration and take pictures while he is having sex, because the charm still has to be controlled. I loved the rapid fire pictures that he took of me leaning back, just as I pulled my dick out of his sloppy nappied ass, not even touching myself, and my engorged dick poking out the front of my super soggy nappy and spewing forth twelve good strong shots that painted Colin from face to nappy. He had been lying on his back, legs wrapped around me, heels digging into my nappied ass, back arched up, head thrown back, and letting out a growl that damn near rivaled Lupin's. It had been a hot night, but the pictures did it justice very nicely, especially considering that we actually moved in them as well, which added a whole lot to them.

“Very nice Colin, mind if I take one of them?”

“Of course, take whichever one you want.”

“Thanks. I'm gonna slip it into someone's bag when he isn't looking, I think he'll appreciate it a lot.” I grinned evilly.

“I sure wouldn't have minded. You have time for a quickie before next class though?”

“Are you nappied?”

“Of course. I've hardly been outta them since you got me in them, you know that.”

“Good. I suppose we have time for a quick sixty nine. Have you been practicing the cumming spell, so that you can cum, even though you probably can't yet still?”

“Oh yeah. Painted one of the first years faces so much earlier it looked like I threw a bucket of white paint on him instead. Was fucking hot.”

“No shit. Well, we better make it fast. You have Snipe next, don't you?”

“Oh yeah, if I'm late to his class again he says he'll give me the full strength potion.”

“Then we better hurry.”

We dove onto his bed, flipping up our robes as we went, and we pulled down the front of each others nappies to expose our hardness. Neither of us used the engorgio charm to increase our size this time. Not only did we not need to, just to suck each other, but it would have meant that we had to waste a few seconds in doing so, when neither of us has the time to do so anyway. And really, we are only sucking.

We latched onto each other right away and started sucking madly. I have not had a decent orgasm since this morning, so at least two hours already, and that is far too long to go without an amazing orgasm if you ask me. Of course, after emptying my balls sufficiently earlier, I had cast the spell on my balls to make them go back into full production, I do that probably five or ten times a day, so that I always have a couple good loads ready to go. It seems Colin had done the same, because we both exploded after only a minute, and he fed me his nice sweet tasty cum, and he enjoyed mine as well. We broke apart, because we really did not have the time to continue.

“Mmm, so good, thanks Perry.”

“And thank you too Colin. You're pretty soggy, would you like me to change you?”

“So are you, but no thanks, I wanna leave it 'til I'm pretty much leaking again, same as you usually do.”

“Okay, same here anyway, and you remember the spell to refresh your nappy if you need to?”

This had been a spell that Professor Bummemore had taught me. It does not change your nappy for you, nor does it make it brand new and fresh again, but what it does do is remove some of the pee from it, so that you can go for longer. The most I have ever done that before is twelve times, but by then my nappy was pretty much in ruins.


“Good. Well, should we head out, I have Divination next, and as much as I'd love to skip it, I really can't.”

“Yeah, well I have Potions, as you know, so I absolutely have to get going.”

“Then let's go.”

We headed out then and walked almost half the way together before separating. I climbed the ladder up to Professor Truyawney's tower with the rest of my class, enjoying seeing Hermoany's hard dick in his sheer panties as I climbed up underneath him, or her, whichever you prefer. I have really come to hate this class, every bit as much as Hermoany does, because every time I come, the fraud says how I am going to die. Yeah, we know, you do not need to keep saying it. Personally I think she is almost as large a fraud as Professor Lockhead had been, and that is saying a huge amount. Once we were finally released from class, we headed out.

Finally it is dinner time, so we headed there and ate. You gotta love dinner at Warthogs, so much good food even Fudley would enjoy himself. Granted, he probably eats as much himself as our entire table does, oh, and he is way uglier than Pansy Porkington and the troll Rod and I defeated in our first year, probably together they do not equal his ugliness, and trust me, the troll looked good compared to Pansy. Speaking of whom, she was walking up with Drago, Cranky, and Ghouly just as we were finishing up our dessert.

“Oh what in soggy nappies could you possibly want, you've just totally made me lose my appetite?” I asked when they came to our table.

“Oh, nothing really, just wondering if you've fainted for any Dementors lately?” Drago asked, mimicking a faint.

“Oh ha ha Drago, you think you're so funny. At least I have a reason to have pissed myself, I hear you had a pretty good wet spot when they inspected your compartment. You laugh because I passed out, I laugh because you're too fucking stupid for your own good. Now, do the world a favor and fuck off, or fuck yourself, I daresay you need it.” I said, and then got up and started to walk away.

I heard the call of wand and spun with mine already drawn, but Professor Bummemore was too fast and was holding Drago's wand in his hand before I was even facing Drago.

“You pulled your wand on me when my back was turned. I should turn you into a toad, but that's mean to toads everywhere.” I growled, I could feel the entire great halls eyes on me. Professor Bummemore was already halfway to us, keeping his wand at the ready, probably just in case I decided to retaliate, but I know his wand skills, and I know he would have my wand before I even started to mutter a curse. I also do not wish to piss him off, so I smiled at Drago.

“Young man, come with me. The rest of you, you're to go to your rooms, you are not to leave there until tomorrow morning, you are not allowed any fun at all, and remember, I WILL know.” He said to first Drago, then to Drago's pets.

Just as Drago turned to follow the headmaster I used the opportunity to slip the picture I got from Colin into Drago's bag. Then the headmaster paused and turned.

“Hotter, you're with me too.”

I followed without saying anything, even though I have no idea why I would have to go as well. I did nothing wrong as far as I know. As much as I wanted to turn Drago into a grease spot on the floor, I would never cause the house elves that much work. We made it all the way to his private lounge.

“Hotter, please say nothing for the next few moments, this part is all about Mytoy, you are not to get involved.”

“Yes Sir.”

He nodded, and then rounded on Drago.

“Young man, have you any idea the seriousness of what you just did there?” Professor Bummemore said softly.

“I did nothing wrong, and if you lay one finger on me, my father will hear of this.” He said snottily.

“Oh really. You were about to attack a fellow student while his back was turned. Everyone saw it, you cannot hope to deny it. Go ahead and lie to me, I dare you. Professor Snipe may have potions that will ensure you tell the truth, but I assure you, I have spells that could be used to make you spill your every secret to me. I will do so in front of Hotter if you make me. As for your arm. I think your charade has gone on long enough. Madam Poofy has assured me that there is nothing wrong with it. You may lie to your father all you want, I daresay you do every day of your life, and I know your every lie too, but you may not do so to me.

“The only reason Buckbeak is in any trouble at all, is because your father owns the committee for the disposal of magical creatures, and even though I told them that you are a foul little lying spoiled rotten brat who thinks his shit doesn't stink, they're still gonna do exactly what your father tells them to. That sort of shit doesn't fly here. You can either shape up or ship out. Your dad wanted to send you to another school, and I will do it, because that will be the worst possible punishment for a boy like you that I can think of. Now, have you anything more to say?”

“I'm gonna tell my father?”

“Oh, you think I'm scared of him. Give him my best. He only thinks that he controls things around here, but nothing happens here that I don't allow.”

“He got you kicked out last year.” Drago said snottily.

“Yeah, and you know why?”

“I know enough.”

“No, you know nothing young man. Your father paid people off, bribed and blackmailed them, or tried to, but he never forced me to leave. Truth of the matter is, they all took all his money, told me what he had done and what he was looking for, and so I played right into his hand. I left, though that was only what you saw, because I never left at all. I know everything that goes on in this castle, and your father controls nothing more than his own mind. Keep on the same path, and you're gonna be as useless as your father, only thinking that money is the only thing out there and that it solves everything. If you'd like proof that I know everything about this school, I'd be happy to tell you your secrets and what you do every night.”

Well, I was rather enjoying watching Drago's face as Bummemore verbally bashed Drago while never even raising his voice once. Now I seriously want to know what Drago's secrets are and what he does every night.

“Now, you are grounded to your dorm room for the next week, you are to do all your homework and eat all your meals in your room and your room alone. You are not to have any visitors, you go to class, then you go straight to your room. You will find a surprise on your bed when you arrive, you are to use them, for not even that is permitted. You talk to no one, you do nothing at all fun. And please, do write a letter to your father, I would very much like to have him come for another of his pleasant visits, although you may find it difficult over the next week, since you are not even allowed to go to the owlry. Now, to ensure that you behave and do exactly as you have been instructed.” He said, and then, before Drago could even react, Professor Bummemore extracted his wand and cast a spell on Drago.

“Wh....what did you do to me?” He asked fearfully.

“Taught you a valuable lesson, I hope. This spell will break in exactly one hundred and sixty eight hours, so, exactly seven days from now. If you were to turn and talk to Perry right now, you'd find you have no voice. You can talk to your teachers, but to no one else. It'll also prevent you from doing anything at all that you consider to be fun. Professor Snipe can give a potion that makes it incredibly painful to get aroused, well, I can prevent even the thought of it with one simple spell. Remember this. I could make this spell last your entire life if I wanted to. Now, off you go, and remember, do as you're told, and never ever try to curse someone while their backs are turned, it's a cowardly and weak thing to do, though, it's exactly the sort of thing your father does, as well as his lord, he who should be called stupid.”

Drago said nothing more, just turned and walked away without even looking at me. As soon as he was gone, Professor Bummemore turned to me.

“Can you really prevent him from doing anything fun for his entire life?” I asked curiously.

“Well, 'til I died at any rate, then the spell might wear off. It's incredibly draining though, I'm gonna be worn out the entire week while maintaining the spell. Granted, you'd never be able to tell anyway. I do rather have a lot of power to spare. Longest I've ever held that spell on someone was two years, and I daresay he deserved it a great deal. Only wish I had've casted it on Tim Marvolo Ryddol, or Moldyvort as he prefers, I would've happily cast it on him and kept it on him. Since he enjoys torturing and killing, it would've prevented him from ever hurting anyone. Sadly I have to be very close, and he never gave me a real reason while in school to do so. I could never prove anything, but I also couldn't read him, he managed a very good shield at all times, which would also prevent me from casting that particular spell.”

“Wow, hope I never deserve that, I'd wanna kill myself.”

“Yeah, but I prevent that in the spell too.” He laughed.

“That's cruel.”

“I know, sometimes I surprise even myself with my genius.”

“You surprise me every day. What'd you wanna see me for anyway Sir?”

“I thought you might enjoy watching Drago squirm, first of all, but also to tell you that I can agree with your terms to Professor Lupin. He informed me as to what you asked, and it's as good a compromise as anything.”

“Oh, thank you Sir, that's great. Would you like to have a little fun?”

“Sadly I must decline, though the offer is much appreciated. I've already invited a hot little first year, and he'll be here soon. He's home sick and needs a more personal touch, if you know what I mean. Seems his dad and his uncles all make him feel very good at home, so he's missing it a great deal.”

“Then I say he's a very lucky boy. Will you nappy him?”

“He's already nappied.”

“Good. Oh, and what's the secret that Drago's hiding, and what was the surprise you said would be on his bed?”

“Can't tell you the first one, he has to, I'd never tell someone elses secret, no matter how much they deserve it, but the surprise is nappies. He's not allowed to leave his room, at all, period, unless to class, so he has to wear and use nappies fully for the entire week. Every morning after he changes himself, he'll find that he'll be fully cleaned, it's part of the spell, so he won't have to even go to the bathroom at all.”

“Wow, that's amazing that you can do all that.”

“Yeah, it's a spell I devised many years ago myself to help deal with you kids, you can be quite the handful at times.”

“You didn't seem to mind having your hands full the other night Sir.” I grinned, because just the other night he had his two hands full of my soggy nappied ass as he was sucking my dick perfectly.

“Yes, well, one must enjoy the benefits of his job whenever the opportunity presents itself.” He grinned, his eyes sparkling.

“Very true Sir. Well, I'll let you get on your way then, you have a boy who needs your help, and I wouldn't wanna deprive a cute little first year of the loving he needs.”

“Thanks. It's almost dark, so head straight to your common room, and you may as well stay in tonight and have some fun with your housemates.”

“Okay Sir.”

I headed out right away and went right to the Griffendoer common room. As soon as I walked in, a right little hottie, a first year cutie named Steven came up to me grinning.

“Perry, I'm wearing a super soggy baby nappy, and my little gay baby boy pussy is empty, would you like to fill it up?”

“Sure, why not, I have no other plans this evening anyway. Let's go to my room, I can pull the curtains and cast the spells to give us privacy. I'd just like a little one on one action tonight anyway.”

“Wicked, thanks Perry. Ever since you took my virginity, I've craved being fucked like I never thought. It's so amazing here, I never wanna leave.”

“Know how you feel, unfortunately we do all have to go home for summer.”

“Yeah, but I have to go to a foster family.”

“I know, but I bet Bummemore will have new arrangements for you, probably a wizarding family who can take you in. Maybe I'll ask Rod if his family could take you, it's only for the summer, you could sleep in a tent in the Pleaseme's yard, hell, maybe I'll join you, and I bet Bummemore could arrange to give them some money to care for you.”

“That'd be so fucking awesome. Anyone who knows who and what I am would be better than where I was living.”

“Trust me, I know where you're coming from, but at least you weren't treated like a bad mold outbreak like I was. I'm nothing more than a disease to my family, and I use the term family very loosely.”

“Yeah, I suppose, you've only told me a bit, but it sounds like you had it way worse than I did. At least they know you're a wizard, I can't tell them at all or I'll be hauled away, I know it.”

“They know, and they hate me more for it. Like I said, Bummemore will likely be able to figure something out for you, so don't worry so much. Now, hop into bed Steven, let's have some fun.” I said as we reached my bed.

As soon as we were both on my bed, I pulled the curtains, cast the charms that made it so that no one could hear us, so we would hear no one else, eavesdropping protection (everyone loves listening to sex, and normally I do not mind), another spell that would prevent the curtains from being opened, and a few more good ones that we had been taught. We then shucked our robes, and Steven, like me, is wearing nothing but his soggy nappy under his robe.

“Mmm, now you're wearing your robes properly. Just a nice thick soggy baby nappy underneath.” I groaned.

“Oh yeah, and I think that's all I'm gonna wear from now on too. It's so much better, especially during class, now I don't have to pay attention to my bladder and try and get up to go to the washroom during class, which Snipe absolutely refuses to allow, now I just pee pee my baby nappy instead.”

“Know how you feel. Actually, I guess I don't, 'cause I've never had the feeling to need to pee, well, except when I've been hard for too long. But I mean I don't have to get up to go to the washroom, I just go where I am, it's the best.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Would you like to fuck me first?”

“Oh please.”

“Have you been using the spell I taught you on your baby balls to make lots and lots of sweet baby cum?”

“Fucking rights I have. Did it three times today already, but I haven't cum once, my balls are so sore right now it's not even funny.”

“Good baby, you and I are gonna get along famously.” I smiled, I love nice full balls.

“Good, and my baby bladder's about as full as it can be too.”

“Mine probably is too, I've been so hard for the last hour it's not even funny, when I cum, it's likely to be huge too.”

“Oh, then I won't get to feel you filling me up, you always cum while I fuck you, and you always pee after your first cum you said.”

“True, but I can try and hold it.”

“Or you could fuck me first.”

“Yes, but then I won't get as much of your cum in my bum either. I'll just try really hard to not pee, and trust me, I am really hard.”

“I believe you, don't worry.” He grinned, while patting my hot baby dick through my soggy baby nappy.

I got into position on my back, and Steven pulled his dick out a hole in the front of his nappy and told me to engorge his hot little erection until it was the size I wanted. Considering the workout I had the day before, I made him big, but not too big, big enough to feel full, but small enough to be comfortable. I made him a bit longer, but not as fat, then, once satisfied with his size, I spoke another spell that would make sure he stayed hard until he was finished, or he passed out, whichever came last.

Steven then spoke the spell, while aiming his wand at my ass, that would lube and open me up perfectly. Once we were both ready, he slipped in and buried himself fully. A hot little stud, Steven started pounding me for all his worth, but tonight I want something a little more relaxed, so I reach down and pull him to me, press my lips to his and kiss him deeply, then grab his hot soggy nappied ass, and slow his motions right down. Steven sighed deeply, taking the hint loud and clear, and proceeded to make tender baby love to me.

Steven was right though, his balls are full, and he is very horny, because he lasted not even a whole minute before exploding deep inside me. Fifteen good sized shots of cum filled me up perfectly, and then, with a grunt and a push, he started pissing in me as well. It was way too fast for me though, over the past couple years I have learned well how to prolong my baby boygasms, so I no longer cum quite so fast, which means that I did not cum at the same time.

Steven kept on thrusting as he emptied both his balls and bladder into me, cumming long and strong, and then, as soon as his orgasm let him go, he slumped down, gasping for breath.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Steven panted.

“It was, but you went off too fast for me to even get close to cumming, which just so happens to be perfect, because I feel really full, and not in my balls, somewhere in my stomach, which means I really have to go pee I think. Trade places with me, so that I can fill you up. You get to make me whatever size you want as well.”

Steven rolled onto his back, I got up onto my knees, poked a hole in the front of my nappy and pulled out my erection, fuck am I ever hard, and Steven spoke the spell to make me the size he wants. I am not overly large, naturally, yet, but Steven almost doubled my size. Naturally I am somewhere around eleven centimeters long and seven or eight around. If I had to guess, I would say that Steven made me a good solid twenty centimeters long and probably twelve to fourteen around. I grinned, guessing that he really wanted to feel full, well who am I to complain, right.

I poked the hole in Steven's nappy and then spoke the spell while aiming my wand at his hot little asshole, to prepare him for entrance. I held the spell for just a couple seconds longer, to make sure that he is very well stretched and lubed, because with as large as he has made me, he would be in a great deal of pain if I had not done so.

Once both ready, I got into position, placed my large dick head to his little entrance, and slipped all the way in, in one long slow push. Steven gasped as my very well engorged head slipped in, and then sighed as I slipped all the way inside him. Once I started, I did not stop until our soggy baby nappies were pressed together, then I pressed our lips together again.

As we kissed, I went at Steven with an incredibly long slow motion, I wanted to make this last. I am pulling all the way out, until my head is just barely kissing his asshole, then slipping all the way back inside, until I can go no further. Every stroke, both in and out, I am trying to make last at least twenty seconds, to ensure that we both get the most out of this.

This is what I really enjoy, making long slow love. Sure, Lupin is great for rough and dirty sex, Hunghard is great to fill you so fucking full you feel like you are going to split in half, but neither of them have lasting power. Bummemore is soft and loving, and he can go for almost as long as I can, but I really do not feel for him the way I do for some of the boys, he is just too powerful and old. Nitwit can be a great deal of fun, but considering that he is half my height, and I am not exactly tall here, it makes it difficult to make love, because we cannot kiss.

Besides, I really do prefer the boys, kids my age and younger, maybe older too, just not too old. Of course I love my raw kinky sex, who would not, really, but I really have been looking for a boyfriend. Rod and I are not ever going to be boyfriends though, we both admitted that neither of us want that at all, we are much better friends, just friends with benefits, because, trust me, we still fuck like mad whenever we get the chance. Hermoany is the same, I just do not care for girls, and even though I know he is a boy, and we have even had some pretty wild sex, every time I look at her, I see a girl, and that turns me off. That is fine though, I even admitted that to her, and that we would always be friends, but could never be more than that. Not to mention, the way Rod and Hermoany are together, I think they are going to end up a couple. If they are not already though, I would be surprised, though they have never said.

Fifteen minutes I managed to last before I came huge, deep inside Steven. Steven had already cum once while I was fucking him, I slipped my hand inside his nappy to collect his cum, then fed it to him, then shared it with him in a nice cum kiss. He came again as I filled him up, so, as soon as I was able to, I reached in and got as much of his cum as I could, fed it to him, and then managed to relax enough to start peeing inside Steven.

This has to be my largest load of piss to date. I peed for whet felt like a good solid two minutes, and Steven sighed deeply almost the entire time. I am nowhere near finished though, so, as soon as I felt myself stop peeing, I started thrusting deeply once again. This time I am going even slower still, taking easily thirty seconds per stroke now, going for the longest and slowest lovemaking session I have ever done.

After yesterday's marathon sex session, this is exactly what I need, and Steven sure does not seem to mind in the least. Though he did cum again almost half way through. Once again I collected all the sweet cream and we slurped it up. When finally I came again, I pulled out and slipped a butt plug into Steven, then laid on my back, because I wanted at least one more go round myself.

Steven already looks dazed, but with only a half a seconds worth of coaxing, he slipped right back inside me and proceeded to make slow passionate love to me. He adopted the same slow pace as I had been using on him, though he is unable to keep it as slow and steady as I did, and before too long, he came again, filling me up as full as he could, though I think that officially drained him too, because he made a sound that I had never heard before, it sounded painful. Then he passed out cold. Steven slumped down on me, still panting, so I rolled him off, grabbed my other butt plug and slipped it in myself this time, and then used my wand to cancel all the spells around us, then retrieved all the nappy change supplies to change us both, because, for some strange reason, our nappies are completely unusable now.

Leaving Steven where he was after changing his nappy, I curled up to him and fell fast asleep myself. There is nothing better than the sleep you have after having amazing gay baby nappy sex, especially if you get to cuddle up all night long to the one who wore you out.