Chapter 10

When Drago and I woke up this morning, it was with an incredible amount of stickiness inside our seriously sodden nappies. It seems that every time Snipe and Lupin came in our vision, so did we, and possibly even peed as well, because we seriously are more soggy than is normal, even for me, and I know how to wet a nappy well, if I do say so myself. We kissed tenderly for a few minutes before even thinking of talking, but then we slipped our hands into each others nappies and stroked each other as we did so, and stroked each other to a pair of cums, into our hands, which we of course we then pulled out and licked off, before continuing our kiss, sharing the wealth.

Finally our passion is sated, though we do not break our kiss, we start talking. In our minds as usual, so that we do not have to stop kissing.

“That was pretty hot, I wonder if that was a true vision of what happened?” I said.

“Probably was, and yeah, it was hot. Making themselves young, so that they could fuck like they should've when they were that age, that was brilliant, I never knew such a potion existed. Did you feel how at peace Snipe was by the end though?”

“I agree, and yeah, he almost seemed normal. I knew he needed to be fucked, but that much, wow, never knew anyone could need it quite that much.”

“Me neither, and I'd needed it huge myself.” Drago giggled.

“Yeah, no kidding. Should we go see them when they wake up?”

“Sure, why not. We need a bath and breakfast though, before we go anywhere ourselves. I'm starving though, so I say breakfast, and though our nappies probably won't last that long, I don't care.”

“We can make them last a little longer though.” I said, and then refreshed our nappies just enough to last until after breakfast, so that we are still gloriously sodden.

“Oh yeah, I forgot we can do that.” Drago smiled brightly at me.

“I know. Let's go get breakfast Baby.”

“Okay. Hopefully today isn't quite as interesting as the past few have been, huh Baby.”

“No kidding. I mean, I won't complain about the wonderful sex any time soon, but everything else, that's starting to get almost irritating.”


We went and sat down, ordered a large filling breakfast, and then ate. We were good and stuffed by the time we were finished, but we needed every calorie we could get, we had expended a lot of energy ourselves last night, but then we feel drained from our vision as well, as if we had had just as raw and wild sex as Lupin and Snipe had had.

We headed to our bathroom and had a nice long hot bath, and we spent almost all of it just cuddled up in the hot frothy water, relaxing and just allowing our minds to wander around inside each other, not even talking at all.

After getting ready for the day, we headed out. We probed for Snipe and Lupin, and found that they are still in Lupin's rooms, and that they are awake, but that they had only just woke up, so that is perfect. We made it there only a couple minutes later, and when we arrived, we knocked. It took a minute, but Lupin came to the door, and he is hidden behind it, peering out at us with a scowl on his face.

“What could you possibly want this early Perry and Drago?”

“It's not early Sir, it only feels that way to you, because of what you and Snipe did last night.” I smiled warmly.

“I'm almost afraid to know how you know about that.”

“We'll explain. May we come in?”

“We're not exactly presentable right now?”

“If all you're wearing are soggy nappies, then that's how I consider most their most presentable.” I grinned.

“Fair enough. Come in.” He laughed.

We entered and he closed the door behind us, and he gestured to us to take a seat. He then headed into the bedroom, and I heard Lupin urging Snipe to exit the bedroom as he was, though Snipe really did not want to. Drago and I are in only our nappies though by the time that Lupin managed to get Snipe out of the room, and he too in only a nice soggy nappy. I have to admit, he does look good like that.

“Good morning Sir, you look good, and you look happy.” Drago and I said.

“Thanks.” He said, with something closer to a smile than we had ever seen before.

They both sat down in the chairs opposite us.

“We're glad that you finally got what you needed Sir, and it seems you needed it a lot.” Drago said.

“Yeah.” He whispered.

“So, the reason we're here, we feel we must apologize to you. Without knowing how we did it, we seem to have had a Divination vision of what you two did last night. We wanna see how accurate it was though. Did you actually transform into your thirteen year old selves and fuck long and hard, cum and piss even longer and harder, and were you the only one to receive last night Professor Snipe?” Drago asked.

“You saw all that?”

“Yes. How accurate was the vision?”

“Seemingly perfect.”

“Crap. We hoped we weren't actually seeing a true vision. Our visions are getting stronger and clearer. We're even starting to get glimpses of peoples futures when we're talking to them. Oh well, not much we can do about it though. So, how do you feel this morning Sir?” Drago asked again.

“If I said good, I'd be lying.”

“How so?”

“I feel far better than that, I don't know how to describe it.” He said, blushing.

This is something that Snipe should not do, his already pale skin looks really blotchy when he blushes.

“That's good Sir, that's how you're supposed to feel, and we're happy that we helped you to finally get what you needed. You feel more at peace too, your emotions aren't all over the place, tending more to fear, anger, angst, and, most of all, depression.”

“You can feel that?”

“Yes, we feel everyone's emotions now, whether we want to or not. The closer they are to us, the more we feel it, but with our friends, we still feel their emotions, even when we're not close. For instance, we can feel that Rod and Hermoany are having some fun with someone right now, their emotions are screaming out pleasure. Yours is radiating peace and contentment. Bummemore is also feeling contentment, as is his baby boyfriend, so we're guessing that they just finished. We can feel everyone within about ten to fifteen meters of us at all times, no matter what, but our friends, no clue what their range is. I guess once we've been in their minds, and know how they feel personally, then it makes it easier to pick them out.” Drago explained.


“And what's this about glimpsing people's futures when you talk to them now?” Lupin asked.

“Just that, really. We started getting little flashes of things almost right away once we bonded, but we didn't understand them, but now that we know what it is, it's gotten more so, and now instead of a quick flash of an image, sometimes we're getting a full picture. Like you two, for instance, we just had a picture of the two of you considerably older, still teaching here, but still together.” I said this time.

“Oh, and how accurate are these images?”

“We really don't know. Considering how clear and precise they always are, we can only assume incredibly accurate, but we simply have no idea. As you know, Divination has always been incredibly imprecise, so, as such, telling the future is nearly impossible with any truthful accuracy. Most Diviners simply see images, and the more clear they are, the more chances are that they'll come true. We've never had a cloudy image, and nor have we seen enough to know if anything came true or not. Our vision of you two last night, though, that was not only clear, but seemingly accurate as well. This does not bode well for us.” We said.

“Why do you say that?” Snipe asked curiously.

“We really don't wanna see the future, we'd rather be kept in the dark like everyone else. Seeing the future, it's not always a blessing, it can be a curse. So far we've really only seen good things, but we know that bad happens too. Though we've also got this nagging feeling that Moldyvort's getting stronger, and though we've never had a vision of him, we know that there's nothing that we can do to stop him from rising again. We know we can stop him, that we're the ones that haveta do so even, but we can't see if it ends for good or for bad. Granted, we've seen our own future, and all are happy and healthy, no darkness, but is that what truly happens, we simply don't know.”

“Ah, I see, I suppose that that makes some sense. You haven't had any visions of what'll happen when he rises, have you?”

“No, that's been maddeningly minimal. All we see are glimpses of him with his hooded followers all around him. We only ever see maybe a dozen or two at a time, but never the same ones again, so there could be hundreds more. We know that when Moldyvort was first in power, he had hundreds of followers, but that most stayed in the shadows, and many of the other followers did not even know who they all were. This is what he likes, to be in the shadows, no one truly knowing who or how much, that's how he operates, and he will do so again. The thing that scares us, the one thing we have seen clearly, they somehow use my blood to revive him. How they'd get it from me, I simply have no idea.”

“That's truly frightening. He must feel that by imbuing your blood unto himself, that he'll protect himself from your physical touch, thereby canceling out the protection that your mother gave to you.” Lupin said.

“That was the feeling we got too, only, he doesn't truly understand love, so how can he think this'll make him stronger, we don't understand.”

“There's much he doesn't know,” Snipe said, “But much more that he knows a great deal about. He feels that this'll help, and I believe that it will, but who will it help.” Snipe said softly.

“We know you were once a follower yourself, Sir, so, do you think that he can come back?”

“How do you know that?” He asked pointedly.

“Ah, yeah, well, in our vision, you both sorta told a couple secrets, and that was one of them, the other, that you're a werewolf Professor Lupin. Don't worry, your secrets are safe with us, we'll tell no one.” Drago said sheepishly.

“I'd appreciate that, if most parents found out what I am, I'd be herded out of here rather quickly.” Lupin said.

“Same here, even though, and I have a suspicion that you already know this too, that I am nothing more than a spy for Bummemore now.”

“Yes, we know, and why we won't tell anyone.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

“As for your question, yes. He often boasted that he had gone further than anyone else ever to ensure that he cannot die. What he did, or what he became, we simply have no ideas. You've undoubtedly heard tales that his followers were marked, and that he could call upon us using that mark?”

“We have.”

“Yeah, well, no matter what, you cannot destroy that mark once you have it, believe me, I've tried. It's been itching a bit lately, almost like he's close, not quite there, kinda like in between worlds, neither alive nor dead, but getting stronger. Some days it feels like it's asking me to come get it, I can get a general direction, but nothing more. Sooner, rather than later, one of his faithful followers will find him, and then together, they will find a way.” Snipe said softly.

“Figures.” Drago and I said.

“We can't use your mark and find him, then kill him before he can get stronger?” Lupin asked.

“Can you kill something that's not truly alive?” I asked.

“No, no matter what, nothing we do will do any good right now I think, we need to find out how he ensured he could survive, no matter what. Bummemore's doing research on this matter, but he'll trust no one else with his findings, so I wouldn't even ask. I don't believe that he knows anything concrete yet, but I'm certain that he has ideas and clues. Of course, Bummemore's ideas and clues are often better than most others' facts.”

“Did you just compliment someone?” Drago asked.

“Yes, I don't like or trust many, but he, I do.”

“And hopefully me now as well.” Lupin said.

“It's getting there. I think we need a bit more work before I'm healed enough to say more yet.”

“Fair enough.”

“Well, thank you for seeing us this morning, we'll head out now and leave you to your morning.” Drago said, and then we stood and started getting dressed again.

“Thanks for coming this morning boys, it was informative.” Lupin said.

“And thanks, for giving me the courage to do what I needed to do.” Snipe said softly.

“You're both very welcome. Well, have a good day.”

As we left the two professors, we clasped hands and walked down the nearly deserted hall, walking nowhere in particular. We ended up on the astronomy tower, looking over the entire castle and all its grounds. We really both love this view, it is simply stunning. We cuddled into each other and just looked out over the lake for quite some time, before heading back out.

“I haven't flown since the night of the Quidditch match, and I'm itching to do so, wanna grab our brooms and head out and do some flying?” I asked.

“My broom's still in my dorm in Slitherin.”

“Mine's in our room, but it won't matter, I think we can just summon them both right to us anyway.”

“Hmm, that might work, let's give it a shot.” Drago said, seeing in my mind what spell I was meaning, and we both summoned our brooms, and about half a second later, they were in our hands.

“Well, that's rather handy, wouldn't you say.” Drago chuckled.

“No kidding. I love magic.”

“Me too. You know what, flying, that brings up something I've been wondering about, we haveta play against each other soon, how are we gonna manage that?”

“Hmm, good question. We're both seekers, and we're both gonna wanna win, but we'll both see absolutely everything that the other sees as well. Not to mention with our new found magical abilities, will it even be fair?”

“No kidding, I instantly see anything magical, whether I want to or not, the snitch won't even have a chance to escape, and you're the same.”

“We're gonna haveta break it to our teams, aren't we?”

“Either that or figure out a way to shut off our abilities, so that we can actually play.”

“We won't be able to do it, I can't feel any way in which to do it, but, remember, nothing is free, you often haveta give up something to gain something, and while losing Quidditch is a pretty large blow, at least to me, we've still gained far more from it.” I said.

“Yes, that's certainly true. I can't see any way that we can possibly shut off our abilities either, they're part of us so much now, that I doubt it can happen.”

“We'll haveta talk to Bummemore and see what he thinks. We'll also wanna grab a Golden Snitch from the storage room and test our theory on that.”


As soon as we got to the Quidditch pitch, we went to the storage room and grabbed one of the used Snitches that are in there for practicing, and without even going outside to test it, I released it, and we both closed our eyes as its wings opened up. We waited a few seconds, trying our hardest to try and block it out, but no matter how hard we tried, it shone like a beacon over a dark sea.

“Nope, it's a no go, I still see it in my mind without opening my eyes.” I said, and then opened my eyes, and looked to where I could see it in my mind, and sure enough, it is exactly where I thought it would be.

“Same, it's moving so fast it's hard to believe, yet I know exactly where it is at all times.”

“Well, so be it. We can still watch and enjoy the game.”

“Yeah, I suppose, and you're right, losing the ability to play Quidditch is hard, harder for you, sure, but we did gain a lot more from it, not that I wouldn't mind giving up a couple talents that we seem to have.”

“Yeah, could do without the Divination, that's for sure.” I laughed.

We put the Snitch back and headed out onto the pitch and mounted our brooms, and then started flying. We played out there all by ourselves, for well over an hour, before anyone else joined us at all. It was Rod, Hermoany, Gummy, and the twins. All except Hermoany were carrying their brooms. Hermoany really hates flying, so this is not a shock to us.

“Hi guys, saw you out here flying, thought we'd join you, if you don't mind, of course.” Rod called out as soon as we were in range.

We landed before we started talking, but as soon as we did, I said, “No, not at all, join the fun. We have some bad news though.”

“What?” They all asked.

And then we explained what we have to do and why, our test and its results, and how bummed out I am because of it.

“Wow, that sucks, I'd never wanna give up Quidditch.” Bred said.

“Me neither, but it's not fair to anyone else, we can see the Snitch at all times, no matter what, we could far too easily control the outcome of a game, and it wouldn't be fun any more, because we don't haveta practice or have skill, we wouldn't even haveta try.” I said.

“Still, losing Quidditch, that's horrible. I suppose you got some pretty fantastic powers for it though, so it's not all bad, but still sucks.” Gorge said.

“We're still gonna talk it over with Bummemore and see what he thinks, but we think that there's nothing we can do, and we needta get this figured out soon, so that the teams can get us replaced as soon as possible.” Drago said.

“Well, our team already has an excellent backup Seeker, Gummy's damn good remember, so she'll likely take over for me.” I said.

“And Slitherin hasn't got a good player at all. Even I myself wasn't exactly the greatest Seeker, but I still had way more talent than anyone on the team. Their motto was always, beat them into submission. Oh, and let Drago catch the Snitch.”

“Well then, I guess it's gonna be Griffendoer for the cup huh.” I laughed.

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for damned sure.” Drago laughed.

From there, we just all started flying and having fun. We played for a good hour or so more, and before we knew it, we were all absolutely starving, so we went and cleaned up, and headed to the castle to have a good filling lunch, and we all went together. We sat at our table, and had a good meal. As soon as we were finished eating, I told the others that I was going to go talk to Bummemore for a minute, and so I headed up and asked to see him after lunch, and he agreed and told me where to meet and when.

Shortly after lunch, we said goodbye to our friends, and Drago and I headed to our meeting with the headmaster.

“How may I help you boys today?”

“We've run into a bit of a snag Sir, and we're afraid that we may haveta quit our respective Quidditch teams.”

“Oh my, that is a bit of a snag, isn't it. Why so?”

“We can sense all magical things, no matter how hard we try not to, if they're nearby, and it's magical, we sense it. The Snitch is a rather magical item, and even with our eyes closed, we can see it shining bright, we tested it. It's not fair to anyone if we play, and though I'm loathe to give up Quidditch, we feel we must.”

“I'm sorry, I know that this is a rather large loss for you, but you're right, if this is the case, it truly is not fair. Have you not found a way to temporarily turn off these abilities?”

“No Sir, and would anyone trust us anyway, the second we caught the Snitch, they could claim we used our enhanced magical abilities, and how could we prove them wrong. No, as much as we hate to do so, we feel we must.”

“Fair point, because you're right, no one would trust that. Who'll replace you then?”

“Gummy for me, and Drago has no idea who might even be capable in their house.”

“Zachary is an excellent flier, he was taught young, and I know he enjoys the game, so maybe I'll encourage him to try out.”

“Would you make the announcement at dinner tonight Sir. We won't be there, we don't wanna see the angry glares or hear the comments.”

“Of course, and I can't blame you boys at all for that.” He chuckled. “Griffendoer will be just fine, they already have an excellent backup, but Slitherin will be pissed, they already have one of the worst teams in history, and their captain is a colossal boob, who seems to have no idea what he's doing. Sorry, I shouldn't speak so poorly about students, but that kid is barely even qualified to be a student here at all.”

“I agree Sir.” Drago said.

“We'll leave you to the rest of your day now Sir, thanks, and have a good day.”

“Thanks for letting me know, and for taking the initiative on this, it's appreciated. You boys have yourselves a good day as well.”

“Thanks Sir.” We both said, and then headed out.

For the rest of the day, we really did not much else. After dinner, we headed down to see Hunghard, he had sent us an owl, asking us to do so, and we ended up meeting Rod and Hermoany there, and we talked about the hearing. I asked Rugged if he had played his part well, and he puffed up his chest and said that he played it perfectly. I damn near laughed, yeah, perfectly, he truly did convince them that he was crushed, because he was. Once more we assured him that we would ensure that nothing bad happens, and in that moment, Drago and I saw a quick vision.

Buckbeak was there, so were Drago and I, as well as another man, we told him that he would be okay, and to take Buckbeak and save two lives tonight, he smiled, hugged me, and then hopped on Buckbeak, and headed off into the sky.

We said nothing of this vision to the others, and did not even speak of it until we were back in our room for the night.

“Was that who I think it was hugging and thanking me?” I asked nervously.

“I think so, but how can it be, he's a convicted murderer, insane, why would we let him go, why would we let him take Buckbeak?”

“I don't know. Wish we had more information on that.” I said, and this is one time I hoped that we would get a vision during our sleep and answer some serious questions.

It would just figure that we do not though. We had had a nice quiet evening in, just laid back and read for a bit before bed, then headed to bed and made tender love to each other, and then fell fast asleep, all in love and peace. Instead of the vision we wanted, we ended up with something else. Instead of seeing a scene, as we normally do, all we ended up with were hundreds of disjointed images, none of them making any sense at all, we did not even recognize anyone or anything really. We saw pictures of houses that we had never seen, a giant snake, a cave with a large lake inside it, a large cauldron on a fire in a graveyard, a frighteningly ugly witch wearing all pink, none of it made any sense whatsoever, but we know that with Divination, sometimes this is all you get.

We tried talking it out when we woke up, but it still did not make any sense to us. We know that we have seen some of those images before, but now we think that they are all connected somehow. How though is what concerns both of us.

Instead of worrying about what may or may not be though, we just got up to start our day and do whatever we need to do. We started right in bed, because why not, expended a fair bit of energy for a Monday morning, then went and had a really nice shower and got ready for the day, then had breakfast, and finally off to classes for the day.

The funny thing is, a bit more than two weeks has gone by with nothing truly out of the ordinary happening, and in a school like Warthogs, that is a strange thing to say. What I mean is; no one tried to kill me or Drago, nor did anyone attack or harass us or anything like that, nothing bad at all happened. In fact, it was a pretty laid back and tame couple weeks. Sure, school is still exciting, we still do lots and lots, and even Drago and I are learning lots, so that is good. Professors Lupin and Snipe are still together, and Snipe is doing really well, he seems to be exceptionally happy, which has in fact caused many of the students much shock when they encountered him smiling.

Drago and I have been getting in plenty of loving, we make love to each other in some way at least once per day, usually twice though, and only a few times have we been joined by anyone, mostly old friends who wanted to have some good old fun, but we did find another young virginal boy, and taught him all sorts of kinky things, poor boy, could not even walk properly for the entire day after, and his smile was infectious.

Mine and Drago's dream visions have also continued, sometimes we get a full vision of something, and when this happens, it is always good, and sometimes we just get disjointed images, which we think might mean that they could be bad omens, but that they're not complete, because there is still much we can do about them, at least this is what we hope anyway.

Oh, and about Quidditch. Understandably the entire school was shocked that I had had to drop out of Quidditch for undisclosed reasons, and to a lesser extent that so did Drago. Bummemore did not go into specifics, but let everyone know that our unique connection made it unsporting for us to compete. Gummy did take my place, and Zachary did take Drago's. Gummy, we already know, is an excellent Seeker, and as it turns out, so is Zachary, mostly because his broom handling skills are impeccable. Bummemore had had to order a good broom for him though, and thankfully it did arrive quickly, so that he could practice with his new team.

It is Rod's fourteenth birthday coming up on the first of March, so in just a couple days, and I know exactly what he would like, and so Drago and I made some arrangements. We told all our friends to pretty much ignore the fact that it was Rod's birthday, gave them directions to a room that we are going to use for a party, told everyone the dress code for said party, and then we would give Rod a most amazing surprise birthday party.

All the plans went off without a hitch, and Drago and I tried to make ourselves as scarce as we could on that day, we even came down with something and had to stay in all day, we got Bummemore's permission of course, and all our friends promptly ignored the fact that it was his birthday, and changed the subject any time he tried to steer the topic toward that. We were all gathered in the room that we wanted shortly after last class, we had asked the house elves to supply our party with everything we would need for the entire night, and they were only too happy to do so, and the only person not there who is supposed to be, is Rod. I planted into his moping mind the idea that he should just wander the castle, and then accidentally come across this room, and he did. He never suspected a thing.

As soon as Rod opened the door and entered, we are all there in nothing but soggy nappies, we yelled out surprise. And I am sure that it is a surprise, because there are thirteen of us there, all of us in nothing but soggy nappies, and our erections pushing the fronts out sexily.

“You fuckers didn't forget, you just, wow, you guys are amazing.” He grinned brightly.

“Happy Birthday Rod, as you can see, this party has a strict dress code, so, may I make you party ready?”

“Oh, yes please.” He said happily.

I went and removed his robe, shoes, and socks, the only clothes he was wearing, leaving him in nothing more than his soggy nappy. He is already hard, we can very clearly see that, and it looks mighty fine pushing out the front of said soggy nappy as well.

“So, as you can see, everyone here's ready for a good time. We have plenty of food, drink, and comfortable places, so, how do you wanna start?”

“Fuck me, every last one of you, fuck me. Fill me so full I'm gonna piss and shit your cum and piss for an entire month after. Double stuff my gay baby boy pussy, and stuff my mouth as well. Not one load of cum or piss goes anywhere but in me.” He groaned.

“You got it. Natural, or as much as you can take?”

“I think you know the answer to that, fucking stuff me.”

“You got it. We've all been using the spells all day long, we're all so fucking full we're nearly burning up, and we're gonna recharge good and fast too. So, let me lay down, and then we'll get you party prepared.”

I laid down on one of the thick soft mats and poked a hole in the front of my nappy and pulled out my erection, while Hermoany was preparing Rod's nappy, and Drago was preparing his, because we are going to double stuff him first. Both Drago and I increased our sizes to the same, Rod grinned at this, liking what he is seeing, and very nearly jumped onto my erection. As soon as he is in place, Drago inserted as well, and then Hermoany slipped his erection into Rod's mouth, while the rest of our party guests lined up, half on either end of the line, awaiting their turns.

Cum number one, probably not so surprising, happened within fifteen seconds, and we all pissed inside Rod as well, and then a new pair took up the top positions, and we continued fucking away merrily. Fifteen or so seconds later, and the top two boys came and pissed, and then were traded out again, and this pair lasted not even ten seconds, before feeding Rod all their cum and piss. Each pair lasted even less time after that, they are just to fucking hot, they are boiling, and it is taking everything in them to not explode from the sight that is happening in front of them.

I have not yet cum again, though I am starting to get close again by the time the last pair gets their first loads out of the way, and I manage to hold off until Drago, who is now in Rod's mouth, explodes again. Given that he and I are so closely tied together, what one does, so does the other, nearly no matter what, so we always cum at the exact same moment.

We go through the entire rotation a total of three times, and by then, even our magically enhanced balls are starting to ache. We decide that we really need a break and a lot of food. We quadruple nappy Rod, because he definitely needs it now, as well we all change our nappies, because they are very much ruined, and then we go and get lots and lots of food. I am talking indecent amounts of food. The house elves took it to heart when I told Dopey that there would be fourteen boys, all expending a huge amount of energy over several hours, and that we would need lots and lots of food and drink.

We ended up resting for well over an hour, before we told Rod that his birthday was not over yet, and asked how he wanted it this time, and he asked for the same way again, and so I offered Drago bottom position this time, and he happily took it, and I happily engorged his erection, this time even larger than before, and he did the same to me, Rod only smiled brightly, saying that he was going to be well and truly fucked. Everyone engorged themselves the same amount.

This time we only managed two rotations, though it took even longer than our first round had, and yes, we made ourselves more than long enough to fuck Rod silly through his quadruple thick nappy, why would we not, I mean, really. By the time we are done our second round, even his quadruple thick nappy is saturated, and so we are forced to change him again, and we go the same thicknesses, and then go for more food again.

We rested for almost two hours this time, all talking and having a good time, until we are recharged and ready to go again. This time I had another present in mind for Rod, and so, I told him to lay down, and then I waved my hand, and he was lashed to the floor well.

“Uh oh, what are you gonna do to me now?” He giggled.

“Just you wait and feel.” I smiled.

I waved my hand again and caused his balls to go into maximum production, but also made them not explode until he was in agony. I then poked a hole in the front of his nappy and pulled out his erection, and then I sat down upon his dick, because Drago had already prepared my nappy and bum. Rod is still in a quadruple thick nappy, and so when I engorged his bone, I too made him more than long enough to go through it all and really give me all that I needed.

I only rode Rod for a count of ten long slow strokes, and then I got off. Drago was next, but he waited ten seconds, then got on, and rode Rod for another ten long slow strokes, and then Hermoany did the same thing.

The entire line did the same thing, and after an hour, Rod was nearly wailing. He wanted to cum so bad, his balls were aching, but he could not cum. It got so bad, I conjured up a ball gag and fit it in place. I just grinned to him, he grunted at me.

When finally I could feel that he was going to cum, I latched on with my hand and slowly stroked his incredibly hard erection, and waited. In only four strokes, he had the most amazingly massive ejaculation that I have ever heard of. Fifteen large thick shots of teen baby cream exploded with such force that it made Rod cry out, and they all landed on his heaving chest and stomach. As soon as he finished cumming, we all got in there and licked off every incredible drop that he had.

And then we started all over again, and did the exact same thing to him, and made him cum like this a total of three times. By the end, though, Rod was in pure agony, and his last cum, which was every bit as copious as his first, was all that he could take, and half way through shooting, Rod's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he passed out, eyes still open and everything. If it were not for the fact that we can still see him breathing rapidly, and the fact that I can of course feel him alive, we might be afraid that we had killed him. Granted, tomorrow, he may wish we had have. I already arranged with Bummemore to allow Rod to take tomorrow off, I told him that there will be no way that Rod will be of any use in class tomorrow, and he laughed and agreed, once I told him what our plans were. He had wanted to ask to join us, but he had not. I would not have minded, nor would Rod, but this was for friends anyway.

I closed Rod's eyes, canceled all spells on him, double nappied him, and then covered him up. The rest of us changed our nappies, went and got the last of the food and drink, and then we too curled up and fell fast asleep.