Chapter 3

I woke this morning to two things that shocked me. Number one, and probably the largest shock, is that Drago is cuddled right up to me, his arms wrapped around me, even one of his legs is wrapped over me, he has me pulled so tight to him, that I can feel his heartbeat through my back. Our soggy baby nappies are pressed together very intimately. I can also feel that he has morning wood, and it feels very nice. I have not opened my eyes yet, and I can feel myself smiling, the feeling of Drago pressed into me is quite nice I admit. His body is silky smooth, and he is warm. Some boys are so hot when they sleep with me that I cannot have them touch me, others are so cool that they make me cold, he seems the perfect temperature.

Then I opened my eyes and number two shock presented itself.

Dopey the house elf is standing there with his large nose nearly pressed to mine. I admit that I made a rather large squeaky gasp. As I did this, it must have shocked Drago, who scrambled away from me instantly, as if I were diseased.

“Dopey, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Sorry Master Hotter, Headmaster sent me to make sure you were okay. There was an attack in the castle last night, and I have been here since then making sure you were okay.”

“First of all, please tell me that you weren't standing there the entire night, watching me, second, who was attacked?”

“Of course I did Master Hotter, Headmaster insisted I check up on you and ensure you were in good hands. It seemed as if you were in bad hands, but you seemed to enjoy it.”

“Dopey, that's not very nice.”

“I'm sorry Master Hotter.” He said, and then went to grab the large and ornate candle stick on the end table and went to bash himself over the head with it in self punishment. Of course I grabbed it from him and told him not to do that.

“Who was attacked.”

“Master Pleaseme Sir. Twas Black it twas, tore his bed curtains and made a real fright, he ran off when Master Pleaseme screamed like a girl it sounds.”

“That I don't doubt in the least. Was anyone hurt then?”

“Other than the fat lady, no, she was pretty cut up, but she's hiding in another portrait right now, and Headmaster has a security troll patrolling your hall and guarding your entrance. Headmaster sent me to ensure you were safe and unhurt, and told me to watch you, he knew you were here, said this was the safest place for you, and to tell you to stay with your guest until he came to get you.”

“Okay. How are we supposed to eat, I'm hungry.”

“I've already put magical plates on your table, all you haveta do is tell them what you want, and they'll give you almost anything.”

“Okay. Please leave us now Dopey, return to the headmaster, we can take care of ourselves now, especially since you're the only person who can even get in here once I've locked the door.”

“Master calls Dopey a person, master's greatness knows no bounds.” He sobbed in his own special and irritating way.

“Thanks Dopey, you can go now.” I said, and thankfully, with a crack, he was gone.

“God he can be so irritating at times.” I muttered to myself.

I turned over to look at Drago, he was curled up in a ball, shaking and crying.

“What's the matter with you?”

“You probably hate me, I was cuddling you?” He said so ashamedly, that I damn near burst out laughing, but the look on his face, once again, was one of pure terror.

“Of course I don't hate you. I told you very clearly last night that I hate no one other than Moldyvort.”

“But I did something shameful and horrible.”

“What, cuddling me in your sleep is shameful and horrible?” I asked in shock.

“Yes.” He whispered, sniffling.

“No, Drago, it's not. I have no idea how horrible your parents are to you to make you think that cuddling is bad, but that actually explains a lot. I quite enjoyed it, you're the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold, you cuddle very nicely, and I love being held as I sleep. I guess it brings back the only good memories I have as a baby, both my mother and father would hold me as I slept, and it's one of the few things that I'm able to see clearly when I dream, as well when I cast a Patronus at a Dementor, that's the feeling I get again, being held by loving arms. You may not know love, but your body seemed to understand something in your sleep.”

“I don't love you.” He gasped.

“Never said you did, but still, holding someone, anyone, as you sleep peacefully, is an act of love, and I don't necessarily mean toward the person you are holding, but self love as well. I don't know if I'm making sense, but I think it's your bodies way of trying to get the closeness you crave, and desperately need I might add. You've never felt that a day in your life, I know, I at least had it for a short time before it was torn away, but my body and heart still remember it.”

“I'm still sorry. It wasn't right for me to do that to you.”

“There's nothing to be sorry for. Now, I'm getting hungry, I need food, but I need a seriously soggy nappy change here, and I could feel that you did as well.”

“Yeah.” He said ashamedly.

“It's okay. Did you wake at all to pee during the night?”

“No, I think it's part of Bummemore's spell, I never wake in the night to go when he's done this to me.”

“Mmm, no, he'd want for you to know you were doing it, trust me, it's part of the punishment. I don't pretend to understand the headmaster, but I do know him fairly well, and trust me, when he punishes you, no matter how, he wants you to know it every second, and he makes certain of it.”

“What's that mean?”

“One of two things. Either your body enjoys wearing a nappy and knows that you are, so doesn't bother waking you, since you are in fact wearing one. I don't know if I believe that. Or, and here's the option that I'm leaning toward, you're actually a bed wetter, and you already wear nappies to bed every night anyway.”

“Oh god, you know that?”

“I didn't, 'til right this second, but it makes sense. Now, why the hell would you be ashamed of that, look who's talking, I wear all day, every day.”

“It's wrong. My father beat me every day I woke up wet. I finally got sick of it and begged the house elves to get me nappies, and they did, and I hid it from my father. He stopped beating me for that, but it didn't stop the beatings.”

“Wow, no wonder you're so ashamed of it. I'll change you first, and then you can change me.”

“I don't think that's a good idea.”

“It's not, it's great.”

Still the look of fear is in Drago's eyes, but this is the one thing I just cannot allow him to deny, we will change each others nappies, and he will get used to it. I just cannot wait to see his eyes the first time I allow him to see me hard. I will wait a few days for that though.

I grab my wand, wave it, and all the nappy change supplies float to the bed. I get up on my knees and pull Drago into nappy change position, and then go ahead and do so. I wipe him gently, apply lots of lotion and cream to his nappy area, and then tape him up into a nice fresh nappy. Though he tried hard not to show it, I did see the hint of a smile on his face.

I then laid down in nappy change position, and waited for Drago to come and change me, and finally he did. He did not go quite so fast as he did last night, but he certainly did not take his time either.

“Ah, much better, thanks. I think I like having a servant who'll change my soggy nappies for me. I truly prefer someone else changing me.”

Drago said nothing to this.

“Come on, let's go get breakfast.”

We hopped out of bed, and I stuck my wand down the back of my nappy, Drago actually chuckled at this, and then did the same. When we made it to the main seating area, I pulled my wand out and waved it and all the lanterns lit instantly.

“Perry, how are you doing that. Last night, I just thought I didn't see you speak the spell, and said it so quietly I missed it, but now, and already a couple times this morning, you just waved your wand and said nothing at all and you made things happen. I was watching, you never spoke.”

“Um, so, I started being able to do most simple spells by the end of last term without speaking them.”

“Has Hermoany ever seen you do this?”

“Don't know, she doesn't usually pay attention to that I suppose. Why?”

“First, she's not actually a she, is she?”

“No, how'd you know?”

“Adams apple.”

“Ah, good catch, she usually hides it pretty well. She is still a she, even though she's actually a he inside her panties.”

“Ah, got it. As for not speaking, how many others have you seen do that?”

“Well, no one, really, except Bummemore I suppose.”

“Exactly. Most witches and wizards can't do that, fully trained, incredibly good ones, in fact. The amount of energy it takes to be able to do it just isn't worth it. Just lighting a single lantern would be hard for most people, you lit a dozen with a simple flick of your wrist.”

“What's that mean?” I asked curiously.

“Let me ask you this first, how many things can you do like that?”

“Dozens of spells now, maybe fifty. Even in class, once I get a spell verbally, I'll keep trying 'til I can do it non verbally. It helps that no one can tell what I'm casting 'til it's already done.”

“I know, that's why every wizard wants to be able to do it, but few can do it, and most can only master one or two basic spells. Only the most powerful of wizards can do more. My father's pretty strong, but I know he can only do four spells non verbally, and none of them are strong or hard spells. I still haven't even managed once, and I've been trying. I'm told most people simply don't have the power 'til at least their seventh year, if not later. I'm talking one spell, you can do dozens, now I think I'm starting to understand something.”

“What?” Though I think I am starting to understand where he is going with this.

“Bummemore feeds you this line that it was your mothers love that saved you, and maybe it helped, but I don't think so now, and I bet he knows it as well, but I think you're well on the way to becoming the most powerful wizard in the world, maybe ever, because I've never heard of anyone being able to do as many spells, no matter how simple. No one, and I mean no one, knows fifty or more spells non verbally, ask Bummemore, I bet even he can't do that many.”

“You think I'm gonna be that powerful.”

“No, I think maybe you already are.”

“But, I'm not, really. There are much smarter and better witches and wizards here.”

“Smarter, maybe, but I think you've proved time and time again, that with a wand in your hand, you're nearly unstoppable.”

“That's not true, I can be beaten, have been, I'm not unstoppable.”

“True, but you still don't know everything either, I think once you've learned more, you could be the best there is, and maybe ever was.”

“Please tell no one, I beg of you, especially your father.”

“I won't.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Drago, if you're right, I'm scared.”

“Why, why would you be scared, I wish I had just a fraction of your talent.”

“You're excellent in potions.”

“Only because Snipe likes me, Groaner's way better than I am, and the only reason she gets lower marks than I do, is because Snipe hates her.”

“True.” I had to laugh, because we all know it.

“Exactly, so what do you haveta be scared of?”

“The stronger the fighter, the more adversaries he will always encounter. People will always flock to me to prove their own strength. I don't wanna fight, I don't wanna constantly be watching my back, I just wanna live my life in peace and love, with a good boy or two to keep me happy and busy. I also never wanted to be better than anyone, I'd rather just fly under the radar, and as much as you all think that I'm Mr. Popular, the golden boy, so famous, well, guess what, I hate that too, I'm really quite shy, well, except when it comes to hot gay sex, but you already know about that, don't you?”

“Why, whatdoyoumean?” He asked all in a panic.

“Come on, you can't possibly tell me you haven't heard the rumors?” I asked slyly, letting him believe something entirely different.

“Oh, well, I suppose that's true.”

“Why, what'd you think I meant, you haven't been spying on me somehow, have you?” I asked innocently.

“No, of course not.” He said way too quickly.

“Oh good, because my shows aren't supposed to be for an audience, everyone who's there's supposed to be involved. You'd never do something like that, though, would you?”

“No, of course not.” He said, sounding both relieved and something akin to wanting.

“Oh, 'cause I'd haveta punish you for spying, and you wouldn't like what I'd come up with.”

“Oh, um, why, what would you do. Not saying I would, but let's say I did watch, what would you do if you caught me?”

“Oh, that's easy, I'd tie you to my bed, nappy you, force feed you so much water you wouldn't be able to do anything but piss yourself silly, and then I'd show you such a good time, you'd never think of another female, ever. I'd fuck you and have you fuck me no less than five times each, I'd make you cum so much and so hard, it'd take two weeks before you could cum again without screaming. I know, such a horrible punishment, huh.”

“Yikes.” He said, but I can see very clearly how much he likes the sounds of it, because he is stone hard, pushing out quite the obscene bulge out the front of his nappy now. God, the desire to hit my knees and suck him so dry he could be mummified is so strong, I have to tell myself that as much as he wants it, he is still not ready for it yet.

“Yeah, shall we get breakfast?” I said all upbeat.

“Yes, please.” He said, sounding more than a bit relieved. I do not think that he noticed just how hard he is, but out of the corner of my eye, I did watch as he turned to walk as well, and that he was limping, and having to reposition himself so that he was more comfortable.

As soon as we made it to the table, we sat down and looked at the plates.

“So, have you ever used magical plates before?” I asked curiously, because this is my first time.

“Yeah, at a rich relatives once before. The pantries haveta be very well stocked in order for it to happen, and apparently these things are super expensive, so expensive even we don't have any. From what I know of them, there's very few limitations to them, other than if you do or do not have the required ingredients, and I think it ties to the cookbooks in your own kitchen somehow, not really sure. What I can say with some authority though, it's some fancy spell work and charms that must go into making such a thing. From what I've heard, each plate costs several thousand galleons, like in the range of ten to twenty, not sure which, the price changes depending upon who you ask.”

“Wow, that's pretty snitch'n if you ask me.”

“Oh god, was that a Quidditch pun?”

“Hell yeah. My own creation and all.” I grinned.

“That was really bad.” He said, but I can tell that he is trying not to laugh.

“I know. I try. Well, what say we try these bad boys out. I think I'd like steak and eggs, so let's go rib-eye, 8 ounce, medium rare, two eggs sunny side up, pan fried potatoes with salt and pepper, and two slices of sour dough bread toasted to golden brown, with whipped butter.” It took only about a minute, and then my entire meal just appeared on my plate, looking so amazingly delicious and absolutely perfect in every way.

“Holy shit, it worked.” Drago said, and then told his plate the exact same thing. “That looks delicious, I've never had steak and eggs for breakfast before.” He said, and then only a few moments later, his breakfast also appeared in front of him.

“Well, let's not let this get cold, shall we.” I said, and we both dug in.

Ever since coming to Warthogs, I have eaten exceptionally well. I can honestly say that this puts that to shame, and there was too much, yet I finished every sinful bite of it as well. I groaned when I finished.

Drago too finished his entire breakfast, and he too groaned deeply.

“My god, I've never eaten such an amazing breakfast in my life, I think I wanna stow these plates away and keep them.” Drago laughed.

“I bet they watch for them and don't allow that to happen.”

“Too true, and I would too.”

“I suppose you haveta clean all this up, not that we left any real mess.”

“Man, I'm definitely not used to servant duty, I've always had servants.” Drago grumbled.

“It'll do you good, maybe make you understand what the rest of us deal with. Remember, I was nothing more than a servant, though slave would be closer to the truth, but I'd certainly never treat you, or anyone for that matter, how I was treated.”

“I know.” He whispered.

Drago took a few minutes to clean up our mess, and then came and sat down on the couch where I had already sat, though he took the other end. I had grabbed a book from the shelf and had been reading it, but I set it down when he sat down.

“So, tell me about you Drago, the part that you don't show to anyone.”

“Why?” He asked fearfully.

“Because, you've treated me like the shit on the bottom of you shoe since we first met, and I truly wanna get to know you, to understand you. Bummemore says that the key to understanding people and their motives is to know them. Like it or not, we're gonna be together a lot over the next month, and I really do wanna know who you are. I know probably more than you realize, but just talk to me, try and be nice for a change, tell me about you.”

“I know, I was never the nicest person to you, and I'll try harder, I promise. The problem though, I really don't know who I am. Everything I've ever been's exactly who and what my father's told me I haveta be. Creativity, uniqueness, free thinking, these were all huge no no's in my fathers book, I was never to do anything more or less than exactly what I was told to do. If I varied in any way, changed even just one tiny thing, no matter whether it was a good change or not, was absolutely frowned upon, and in some cases beaten out of me. It was his way, and there were no arguments.

“I've been nothing but a huge disappointment to him my entire life, and yes, he tells me that regularly. I don't get highest marks, Groaner does, she's just a Mudblood, how could I dare let a Mudblood beat me. I know what you're gonna say, don't ever call her that, but I'm not, I'm just saying what he says. I personally don't think there's any big deal, and she's a pretty damn good reason why. You're also half blood, and look how powerful you are. Fuck tonnes more powerful and smarter between the two of you than any so called pure blood family I know, mine included.

“You may not know it, but the Mytoy line's dying. My parents have had eight pregnancies that all ended in miscarriage, a further three that were still born, and two more that died within the first three months. I'm the only one that made it. Both kids that died after three months, one boy, one girl, were both severely mentally disabled too. My parents are just a touch too closely related I think, and I'm just lucky I'm at least somewhat normal.

“This same thing's happening all over the old houses, we're all dying off, because there's no new blood. Mental retardation and severe physical handicaps are popping up all over the place. Some are just outright killed, some are just shunted away, forgotten about in some care home, and most thankfully die at an early age. But no, I don't think my parents killed my siblings, and I was three when one of them was born and died by the way. There've been three more pregnancies since then as well.

“You'd think that I was one of the very small few that have survived, that I'd be treated better, but, oh no, not a great Mytoy, I must be perfect, or else. My father keeps telling me how I haveta marry into a strong pure blooded family and produce as many sons as I can, to carry on the line, when I truly honestly believe that if I want our family line to remain strong, I need to find as many half blood or first blood witches as I can. I've been researching it, and if things go the way they have been, the entirety of the old houses will die off in only two more generations, unless we start bringing in new blood.

“Sorry, that's not about me. I know, but if I told my father this, again, I'd probably end up dead. Best case scenario, I find a pure blooded witch from another country, and bring new blood in that way, someone who's never been anywhere near our family line. Pansy Porkington would absolutely love for me to fuck her raw and father her children, but hell no. Her face could be used as birth control, one look at her, and even the studliest of studs would lose his erection immediately.”

“Why Drago, did you just crack a joke about one of your friends?” I laughed.

“Friend, hell no, but yeah, she is a joke, a bad one at that. She tries to hang around me, but I can't stand her. She makes house elves look pretty, and mountain trolls sound eloquent. She farted in the common room the other day, sounded like a bloody bomb going off, and way worse than the stink pellets the Pleaseme twins made. Cleared the entire common room in under twenty seconds. And she just laughed. I damn near puked.

“So, yeah. My father started teaching me spell work, potion making, and broom flying by the age of five, and as per always, failure simply was not an option. Most magical kids went to a muggle school 'til they were ready to come to Warthogs, so that they could learn the basics at least, because, let's face it, the couple hours a week we get here isn't enough, but I didn't, my father never figured the spelling and math were important, reading, fuck it, for all I know, the only thing he can read are potion instructions. I hadta teach myself all that in my own spare time. I was forever having the house elves go to the library after hours and borrow books for me on all sorts of subjects.

“I learned everything that you learned in school, by myself, with absolutely no help whatsoever. I'd never even met another kid 'til I was almost eight. He was a cousin, otherwise I've only ever been around adults, but even then, I was never to speak unless spoken to, and never speak more than was necessary, answer the question as succinctly as possible, then shut the hell up, because no one wants to hear some snot nosed brat speak. It sounds like you and I were treated the same in that regard actually.

“Toys, that's laughable, the closest thing I had to a toy was my broom stick, but he never made that fun, he trained me harder on it than you train in Quidditch, from the time I was five. I actually almost hate flying now, and trust me, it sure as hell wasn't my idea to join the Slitherin Quidditch team. It's so bad some days that I almost hate the fucking game. My father made me though. If truth be told, Hermoany and I are a lot alike that way, we both hate brooms and flying, we both dislike Quidditch, though I don't think she dislikes it quite as much as I do, and we're both incredibly bookish. I'd rather read and learn. Though, by the way it seems, you and I are a lot alike like that too, though you love Quidditch, it shows when you play. I never see you smile quite so much as when you're on a broom, chasing after a golden snitch.

“Let's see, what else. Well, since I'm currently wearing a nappy, let's go there. Potty training, again, it was do and do well, there were no arguments, my nappies were taken away on my third birthday, I was told it was potty from now on, no questions, and was spanked, sometimes harshly, for any and all accidents. They were already trying to potty train me from the age of two, but on my third birthday, that was it. My father felt that one year grace period, and then after three, there were no babies in the house, period.

“Same with bottles and soothers, they were gone by the age of two, but I was a thumb sucker, and had he not quite literally beaten it outta me, I might still be. If he caught me with my thumb in my mouth, it was an instantaneous smack across the mouth, and then yelled at for being a baby.

“It's funny, my whole life I was treated like you were, like nothing more than a mistake, a piece of shit, yet they told me day after day that I was better than everyone else. Talk about serious case of split personality. Oh, and everyone thinks it's my loving mother who sends those weekly care packs of home made sweets and treats, yeah right, the bitch never steps foot in the kitchen. She also couldn't be bothered to send me anything. I have the house elves do that for me.

“I sometimes wish I was never born, or that my parents had died, or something. My father promised me, though, that if I killed myself, he knew dark magic so evil that he'd bring me back to life, but that it'd be pure torture to me, every second alive would be like a hundred years in Azkaban. I'm reasonably certain that that's not even possible, now, but as a kid, I was scared shitless of that happening, so I never even thought of killing myself, but I sure dreamed of having normal parents.

“I've even snuck out an owl here and there to ministry officials, telling them exactly where in our house that they might find incredibly illegal dark magical items, things that no person has any right to have anywhere, but no one ever came to check it out. He's too fucking powerful, too rich, they won't touch him, they won't even try. Then again, there's also the possibility that he intercepted them, and he knew it was me, but he never told me, and I would assume he would have confronted me. I know I would have paid dearly for it, but I know who and what he is, and I truly fear for everyone.

“When Moldyvort was in power, my father was in his element, torturing muggles and mudbloods, that was his specialty, he loved doing it. Our dungeons are still stained with the blood, and yes, I've been trapped down there a few times myself. My father knows that Moldyvort is gonna be back, and he's eagerly anticipating his return, he cannot wait until that supposedly glorious day when his master is back and strong again, so that he can do his every bidding once more.

“My father's assured me, that the second that that happens, that he'll have me in front of the dark lord and swearing my loyalty, my life to him and his cause, that once I give up all sense of personal being, and give myself to the dark lord, that I shall be free. I will kill myself before that ever happens. I may not be the nicest person out there, but I am no mans puppet. My father thinks me his, but I've always done little things here and there, wherever and whenever I can to ensure that he doesn't absolutely control me. He's tried, oh he's tried, and I've had no choice but to bow to his wishes far more than I would've ever wanted to, but ever since coming to Warthogs and learning all that I have here, I've realized true freedom.

“What's funny, I'm shocked he sent me here. He wanted to send me to some foreign school, where absolute obedience and loyalty are taught, where dark magic is taught, where nearly every death eater has gone to school, but somehow I ended up here. Trust me, I'm so happy to be here it's not even funny. Here I feel at home, here I feel good, here I feel normal, and here I don't feel oppressed every second of my life. I know you know what that feels like, so I guess that's why I'm telling you all this, that and the fact that I know you'd never spill someones secrets, you're a good person, and I'm sorry I didn't know it sooner.” He finally finished.

Truth be told, I never expected him to tell me even half of that, but as soon as he started talking, it seemed as if he could not stop, like he truly did want someone to know and understand him, even if it is only me, his supposedly worst enemy.

“Thanks Drago, that really does go a long way in helping me to truly understand who and what you are and why you've done the things you've done.”

“Thanks for listening and not hating me for it. I'm not a nice person, but I do wanna be, I just don't know how.”

“I know. I'll help. The first thing we're gonna haveta do, I think, is somehow arrange to have you never go back to your parents. Bummemore says that I haveta at least go to my aunts for a couple weeks, says that it's important somehow that I still call that home, though he knows as well as I do that I never wanna go there ever again. He won't tell me why though, says it's only a hunch, but that his hunches do have ways of being right, and that he wants for me to still call it home. They'll hate it, but if Bummemore comes with me and tells them that they have no choice in the matter, I'd like to have you come and spend at least a couple weeks with me there, and then maybe we can arrange to spend the rest of the summer with the Pleaseme's.”

“Why, why would you even wanna offer something like that?” Drago asked in shock.

I stood up and told him to do so as well, then faced him, and stuck out my hand. At first he had no idea what I wanted, but I nodded to him, and he stuck his out as well. I grasped it and shook it.

“Hello, my name is Perry Hotter.”

“Um, I know.”

“No, now you introduce yourself.”

“Um, okay,” He said, looking at me like I have two heads. “Hello, I'm Drago Mytoy.”

“It's good to meet you Drago, I like you, would you like to be my friend?”

“Really?” He squeaked.

“Yes, it's a little later than you anticipated, but you finally stopped being an arrogant little shit, let down your barriers and let me actually know you, so now I think we can be friends.”

“I....I.....I'd really like that.” He said, and he started crying.

I pulled Drago to me and hugged him, I wrapped my arms around him and just held him, while he cried. It had to have taken a good ten to fifteen minutes of me holding him while he cried the largest most pitiful sounding sobs I have ever heard, and I had heard Fudley do this enough to get what he wanted. I said nothing, I did nothing other than hold him, and when finally he stopped crying, he tried to push away.

“No, don't pull away yet, I think you still need to be held by a friend for a minute or two more. They say boys don't hug, fuck that, boys need to learn to hug their friends more, show them that they are liked, loved even, though no, I can't say I love you yet, not like I love Rod and Hermoany, and no, I don't love them in a sexual way, I love them far deeper than that. Sure, we love to play, but we're all well and truly aware that we'll never be together, though I think Rod and Hermoany might just end up married one of these days. They're closer together in that regard. I do like you though, I always have, but I couldn't be friends with you, because of the way you acted. Now we can be though.” I said, and then released the hug.

“Thanks, that felt, nice.”

“You're welcome, you needed it. I'm betting that that was your first ever hug, wasn't it?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“And was that the first time you ever cried like that?”

“Yes, I'm sorry.”

“Why on Earth would you be sorry for that. I cried like a baby my second or third day here, I was so happy to finally be free, and I'm betting that's how you feel now too. Crying isn't bad, your parents are for never being there for you so that you could cry. How do you feel now?”

“I don't know, all messed up. I've never had a friend before, never had someone who'd let me cry and tell me I should, someone who'd just let me talk. At home, I was never to talk unless asked a question, like I said before, and here you are, making me talk. I probably haven't spoken as much as I have today in my entire life.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, I could tell, once you got started, it was like you had verbal diarrhea, you just couldn't stop.” I giggled.

“Yeah, well probably better that end than the other.” He giggled cutely.

“You have a nice laugh, you need to learn to do it more.”

“Never had a reason to laugh before, hell, don't think I have before today, certainly never remember doing so before, that's for damned sure.”

“Well, we're gonna haveta change that. Let's sit back down.” I said, because we are still standing.

We sat back down, though this time we are far closer, and facing each other a bit more.

“So, about what I asked earlier, would you like me to arrange it?”

“What, staying with you for the summer?”


“I don't know. If I don't go home, my father's just gonna come and get me.”

“He won't be able to, there's no way he'll be able to enter. You'd be far safer.”

“Probably. What about Rod though, he hates me, and you can't deny that?”

“Mmm, he'll come around, but you haveta admit, he has pretty good reason to hate you.”

“Yeah, I know. They're so poor though, could they afford to take me?”

“The thing you haveta know about the Pleaseme's is this, they don't give a flying fuck about money. Every knut they earn is spent helping those in need. Mr. Pleaseme works a good job and makes a good salary, so they're not as poor as you think they are. Also, they're not poor in the way that truly counts. Where love of family, and loyalty count, they're amongst the richest people you'll ever meet. They live sparse and meager lives, not because they have to, but because they want to. Sure, sometimes Rod grumbles about the fact that he has second hand robes and books and whatnot, he sometimes dreams of having new and better, but even when he has the money to do so, he can't, he'll buy the used one, and then buy the homeless person on the street a cloak and a bun. No, they're not poor, and yes, they will help you out as well. I'm not the only stray they've brought home and helped, as I understand it, they often foster wayward youth, and or help anyone that they can.”

“Oh, I never knew that, kinda makes me feel guilty about teasing him all the time then.”

“Yeah, when you know why people act the way they act, do what they do, it makes it easier to understand who they truly are. Rod never told you this, not because he was ashamed, but because you weren't ready to know. You wouldn't have listened anyway really.”

“No, you're probably right. I've done a lot of learning today.”

“That's good.”

“What about him though, he hates me, we both know it, would he accept me being at his house?”

“It'll take him time, and in a week or two, we're gonna haveta get him and Hermoany together with us and explain some things, and you're probably gonna haveta tell them much of what you told me today. You can condense it, you don't necessarily haveta tell them everything, but you should let your guard down with them as well and let them know who you are and why you acted the way you did. Rod's slow to change, but he will, he'll accept you, but it'll take time.”

“Okay, but what about the rest of my house though. If my father finds out I'm friends with you or him, I'll be toast. They'll tell him, I know they're constantly spying.”

“Well then, I guess we just make a show of it then.” I grinned.

“Pretend we're still enemies?”

“Frienemies I think you'd call it, friends who pretend they're enemies.” I laughed.

“I like that. Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course, tell me anything and everything you wanna, and I promise I'll never spill a single one.”

“Thanks, I think I can trust you with that too.”

“You can, I never tell secrets, ever.”

“I like this, it feels nice, just getting to sit and talk to someone like this, having a friend, I feel good.”

“Why would that be a secret Drago, that's the entire secret to life, yet no one realizes it. It's our friends that make the world a worthwhile place to be. Lovers too once you get one.”

“Thanks, but it does haveta be a secret though, that's the thing, and you know why just as much as I do. Especially you.”

“Yes, I do, which is sad. Can I tell you a secret now?”

“Yes, of course, I promise I'd never tell anyone either.”

“Good. I know you say you aren't gay, and I'll accept that, but ever since we met all the way back in our first year on the train, I've wanted to kiss you.”

“Really.” He whispered.

“Oh yeah. You may not know it, or accept it, but you are gorgeous, and before I truly understood that I was gay, I wanted to kiss you. I wasn't even outta my first week before I knew exactly who and what I was. Sure, I'd suspected things, maybe even known them deep down, but not truly. When I first saw you, though, no, that's the first time I ever truly desired to kiss someone. The funny thing was, I thought you were the same. Hearing you say you're not, now that's quite a blow, but I can accept that.”

“Oh.” He said, blushing more and more the more I spoke.

“Sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you, but I thought you should know. I hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable, and you need to know, I'll never do anything to you, unless you ask it of course, so you have nothing to fear.”

“It's okay.” He whispered. “I've never kissed or been kissed. Would it be, you know, weird, if I asked you to kiss me, I'd really like to know what it's like?”

“I don't think it would be.” I grinned brightly.

Drago is blushing so fiercely I have a hard time not laughing, but as we stood and stepped forth, I snuck a quick peak down, and sure enough, he is painfully hard in his nappy too, but then, I am not sure how the hell I have not yet poked out the front of mine.

When we made it to within kissing distance, he was hesitant at first, incredibly nervous, but he leaned forward, closed his eyes, and pressed his lips to mine, and kissed me. It was nothing more than just a quick peck on the lips, really, but I do not know what the hell happened, but it felt like an electrical surge just flowed through me, yet it was not painful.

The same thing must have happened to Drago, because he gasped slightly, and then melted, and pressed his lips to mine again, only this time he was the one to open his mouth and start pressing his tongue forth. Well, I do not mean to blow my own horn here, but I have become quite the accomplished snogger, if I do say so myself, though I am not the only one, everyone seems to really enjoy snogging me.

I wrapped my arms around Drago, pulled him in tighter, but most especially so our nappies and incredibly hard nappied dicks are pressed together, and I taught Drago the fine art of kissing. For at least five minutes, we snogged like lovers. Finally it was Drago that pushed us apart.

“Oh my god, I kissed a boy, and I....I...I really liked it. My god, you kiss amazingly.”

I burst out laughing.

“What?” He said, sounding crushed.

“You kiss amazingly as well, it's just, there's this American singer girl, Katy Perry I think it is, she sings a song called I kissed a girl and I liked it, you just reminded me of that is all, it was too funny. My cousin Fugly listened to that song a lot, at full volume, probably dreaming of the time a girl would kiss him, but he'll never get a girl, unless it's one equally as ugly, like Porkington.”

“Oh, that's pretty funny, actually, and is he really that ugly?”

“Oh yeah, why do you think I call him Fugly.”

“No idea what that means.”

“Fucking ugly.”

“Oh, that's funny. Perry, what happened, and why do I feel like I can feel you, like, here?” He asked, looking a little shaken still, pointing at his head.

“Not sure, sure as hell never felt that before while snogging with any boy before, and now that you mention it, I seem to be able to feel you as well. Oh shit, I think I know what it means, the prophecy. Oh god, I finally understand. He knew.”

“Um, I don't mean to be rude, but you're scaring me, and I have no idea what you're talking about. All of a sudden I felt a burst of understanding, fear, and anger flow off you like the heat waves of a fire.”

“And I can feel panic and uncertainty coming from you. I don't know what's happening, but I think I have a pretty good idea. When I first found this room, Bummemore said that only a true Griffendoer could enter, and the same thing when I pulled the sword from the hat, I just thought that it was my fears of being sorted into the wrong house that he was talking about. You probably didn't know this, but the sorting hat wanted to put me in Slitherin. Also, when I first found this room, I started reading some of the books.” I said, and started moving toward the book case.

“You're really starting to worry me here.” Drago said.

“I know, I can feel it, and it's getting stronger, and are you also starting to see my thoughts?”

“Um, no, are you seeing mine?”

“Flashes, wisps, things that I can tell aren't coming from me, and from the things I'm catching, I know they're coming from you. But here, this is one of the books I read, it's by Griffendoer himself, a book of his thoughts, and some of his prophecies, he was apparently a brilliant diviner. Give me a second, let me find the correct page.”

“Um, what are you seeing.”

“Enough to know that that kiss awakened something inside you, something that you hoped no one would ever find out. I think you know as well as I do, but hold off on the panic attack 'til you read this. Here I found it.” I said and passed him the book. The page I had it turned to was filled with only the one prophecy.

The Prophecy of two becoming one:

When two boys, both sons removed a hundred or more times from myself, meet, they will first be mortal enemies, but they will come to a begrudging understanding, then quickly work toward peace and friend ship. When said two boys trust enough to kiss, they will share true loves first kiss, and their minds and souls shall unite. Both will already be incredibly powerful in their own rights, brilliant beyond measure in many ways, but once merged, they will become more, when one plus one does not equal two, but many times more shall be the power that these two share.

Drago finished reading the prophecy, and looked up to me, abject fear written all over his face. I can feel the fear and the questioning coming off him, and even the wisps and flashes of his mind have stopped.

“Does this really say what I think it says?” Drago whispered.

“I think it does. I think we're both very distantly descended from Godly Griffendoer, I think we just shared true loves first kiss, and I think we were already both very smart and powerful, but that we've merged and will become one in two bodies, and even more. I already knew you were gay Drago, there's no point denying that now, I feel it from you, and yes, I feel how you feel for me as well, and I hope and think you feel the same from me too. I can also feel that you're a full on nappy lover, same as me, and that you've worn nappies every chance you could for years. I think I finally understand some things that have plagued me for a long time.”

“Oh god, my father's gonna kill me.” Drago said, then crumpled to the ground and started bawling his heart out.

I got right down there with him and pulled him to me, hugging him tenderly, and kept whispering to him that he would be alright. It took almost ten minutes for him to come down. I had no idea if I could do so or not, but I kept pushing calm thoughts on him. Finally he sat back up and wiped his eyes.

“What'll I do, if he finds out, he'll try and kill me.”

“Yeah, well, I'm not gonna let that happen. From here on out, no matter what, you're not going home, and if he wants to see you, he can come here, and we'll meet him together. If he attacks you, I won't even turn him into a harmless animal, I'll turn him into a grease spot that the house elves will take weeks to clean off.” I said, and I meant it.

“You'd do that for me?”

“Yes, of course. It's gonna take time before we truly fall in as deep a love as I already think we will, but you'd do the same for me. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that you're gonna be every bit as good as me with a wand very soon, and I'll be every bit as smart and good with potions as you are now, and by the way I read it, better not long after for both of us. No, if you face him, we face him, if he duels us, we don't play nice. We won't kill him if he doesn't try the same to us, but the second we hear the killing curse, because we know he'll use it, we both strike like snakes.”

“Thanks. I'm starting to feel you more and hear your thoughts more, and I think I understand what you mean.”

“Good, I'm starting to hear and feel you even more now as well. So, tell me, you know a shit load more about magical abilities and all that, but is this sorta thing common?”

“About as common as wordless magic. Or wandless for that matter. Many can do a tiny bit, but rarely ever do you see the ability to do more than one or two simple tasks. A powerful wizard might be able to do, let's say, a dozen of one or the other, rarely both, in fact, I've never heard of someone who could cast magic with neither word nor wand. The reason I mention this, I think you can. It bothered me that you did the spells without speaking, but then as I was thinking about it, I don't think I saw you do the correct wand motions either. In most cases, I saw you just wave your wand, but to light a lantern requires that finicky little twist then slash motion, and I sure as hell don't recall seeing you do that either. No, there are lots of witches and wizards who can sense emotions and feelings, some who even claim to be able to see limited thoughts, usually only in someone close to them, but it's not a very common trait either.”

“Interesting, and if you're right, if I can do it, then so will you be able to. Maybe not right away, but probably soon. Let's try it.” I said, and then I pointed at a candle on the desk and thought the command, and I'll be damned, but it actually burst into flame.

“Holy shit, it worked. Never, never before have I heard of such a thing. Did you say the command in your head, or just think about it?” Drago gasped in shock.

“Thought the command.”

“Try just thinking about it lighting then.” He said, pointing to another candle.

I looked at the candle, and thought about it lighting, but I could not do it.

“Nope, I can almost feel it wanting to, I can feel my magic..... Actually, that's weird, I can feel my magic, I've never felt it before. Hmm, interesting. Anyway, I can feel my magic wanting to do it, but it needs something in order for it to happen. I wonder if I just thought light the candle, if that'd work, instead of the spell.” I said, and then tried that. This time it worked.

“Holy shit. I felt you, you just said light the candle in your mind and the bloody thing lit.” Drago yelled out.

“I know. Now I never haveta worry if I'm disarmed. It takes a little longer to do without the wand, but I can. You try it now.” I said after extinguishing both the candles.

After a few seconds of trying, Drago too was able to do so.

“Wow, I did it, no wand, no words, I just thought light the candle, and it worked. Holy shit, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be able to do something like that.” He said happily.

“This is awesome. Now your dad wouldn't have a chance against even you. Can you feel your magic now as well?”

“Yeah, I can, it feels like I'm holding an ocean of magic inside me.”

“Me too. Is it normal to be able to feel your magic?” I asked, because, of course being muggle raised, I was blessed with absolutely no magical knowledge before the age of eleven, so there is a huge amount of stuff that Drago just instinctively knows that I would never even think of.

“Yes, I'm pretty sure that once you reach a certain age, and your magic and your body finish growing, that you're supposed to be able to feel your magic flows and levels, and it's supposedly a great thing in a witch or wizards life the day they finally start feeling it, because it apparently makes doing magic that much easier. It's also supposed to make a lot of tasks far easier, because you can more easily direct your flows of magic toward a particular task. Kinda like Bummemore being able to hold this punishment on me and the others all at the same time without having to constantly think about it. Whereas we, at least before now, couldn't even hope to be able to hold any sort of spell for any length of time without continuing to power the spell and point our wands at it. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but you get the idea. This is awesome. This isn't supposed to happen 'til we're at least eighteen.”

“Wicked. And how much magic does the average person have, do you figure?”

“I imagine that every person's different, of course, the amount of raw power they have probably depends on a lot of factors, and each persons powers are of course unique to them, some are better at different types of spells, some at potions, some at Animagi, so on and so forth, but you already know that. As to how much each person has, no, I doubt anyone truly knows that. I'm starting to think that ours is a lot more broad though, I can see every field of magic in my reserves, and yours too. Here, think about turning into a cat, I'll do the same, so just like McGoonagal, she can transform into a cat or a person at will, but she'd be able to only do the one animal.”

“How do we turn back?”

“Think about being a human again.” He shrugged.

“I'd rather do it one at a time, just in case.”

“Okay, me first then.” He said excitedly, and then a few seconds later, and he was a bloody cat. Drago, in cat form, is a large cat with beautiful eyes, and pure white fur.

Then a few seconds later, he was back to himself.

“Holy shit, it worked. Now you try.”

So I did, I thought about being a cat, and then my field of vision changed drastically, and I was far closer to the floor than I was a second ago. My hearing changed, I could hear way more, my sense of smell increased at least a hundred fold it felt like, and I could see colours the likes of which I had never imagined, yet other colours were more muted. I thought about being myself again, and a few seconds later, I was standing there, looking into Drago's shocked eyes.

“Clearly it worked, that was cool.”

“Yeah, you were a pure black cat, with two markings on your face, one in the shape of your eye glasses, and the other the shape of your scar. It was pretty cool. Wanna try dogs next?”


So, we did, and then a few seconds later, we are both dogs, then back again, then we tried bears, and then back again, moose, then back again. We tried several animals, and they all worked, even a couple insects.

“Holy shit, I can't believe that. We could go anywhere, do anything, no one would ever know.” Drago grinned brightly.

“Yeah, except I bet we're still visible on the Marauders map.”

“Go get it and let's check it out.”

So I went and grabbed it, and as soon as I had it and activated it, I told Drago to go ahead and try something, so he changed to a cat again and he showed still on the map. He changed back right away.

“Nope, no go, you still showed up, and I guarantee that Bummemore doesn't need no stinkin' map to be able to see where everyone is at any given time. I'm sure he has something. He always seems to be able to be right where the action is, no matter the action.” I said.

“You got that right.” He chuckled.

“So, did you feel your magic reserves fade any with all that magic that we just did?”

“No, not in the least, and after all that, we should both be incredibly tired. Remember how exhausted McGoonagal says that shape shifting always leaves her, and that she can't do so very often, but that once in form, it takes no magic to hold it?”

“I know, that's why I asked, because I don't either, and we just did so at least a couple dozen times total.”

“Exactly. Hey, do you feel that, someone's coming?” Drago said, and then I looked to where he was looking in his mind as well, and we both caught him, Professor Bummemore is heading right for us.

“Wondered when he was gonna come. Well, I for one won't get dressed more than I am, and you shouldn't either.”

“Okay.” He said simply, which actually shocked me.

A few seconds later, and we heard a gentle knock at the door, and I looked to the door and told it to open, since both our wands are currently on the desk, while we decided to go sit on the couch, where we would be more comfortable.

“Good Morning Professor Bummemore, I hear you had a stressful night last night.”

“Yes, that would be as apt a description as I could care to come up with. You boys appear to have weathered the storm well, as well you both look exceptionally comfortable. May I?” He asked, pointing to a comfortable arm chair.

“Please do Sir.” I said, and he sat down.

“So, what do we owe the honour of your visit this morning Sir?”

“Few things. First, to ensure that you're safe here. Second, to inform you of a change that we now feel is necessary to make. Third, to come and see how you two are getting along, and how Drago's punishment's coming along.”

“Then let me answer the first and the third, and then we can talk about the second, as well as a couple other things that we'd like cleared up. First, we're perfectly safe and happy and healthy. Then third, we're getting along well, and I think that I'm gonna remove all compulsions to Drago's punishment, though to anyone else looking, we'll ensure that it doesn't appear so. As to the reasoning for that, Sir, first get to topic number two, then we'll get into that.”

“Okay, that sounds fair. I talked it over with Professor McGoonagal, and we both feel that after last nights attack, that it'd be far safer to move you to a much safer and secret location. We're not sure how or why Black attacked Pleaseme's bed instead of yours, maybe he simply had no idea which one was yours, or something else, we can't know. Since this room's already here, and the magic of the school's already determined that you're fit to use it, and I doubt that there's a safer place for you to be, I'd like for you to start calling this your own private room. Clearly we'd like to keep it a secret, but I understand that you're gonna haveta tell your closest friends, and that's okay. Swear them to secrecy, of course.”

“Thanks Sir, but now for the rest of the information, as well a couple requests. The first thing I'd like to know, how long have you known about me?”

“I've known many things, many of them even about you, I've also suspected many a thing, and again, many of them about you, but without giving me a solid piece of information, I'm afraid that I cannot possibly answer that my boy.” He smiled serenely at me.

“Ah, but you know exactly what I'm asking, don't you?”

“I have a pretty good idea, yes, and as for when I knew, I didn't, really, until this very moment that you asked me, which leads me to believe that you too already know it to be true. I admit, pulling the sword from the hat was a pretty big clue, never before had I heard of such a feat, so I did much research on the issue. Nothing suggested that you had to be of Griffendoer blood, all research said you just had to be a true Griffendoer, but that didn't necessarily mean by blood.

“No, it was this room that sent a spike into my brain, so to speak of course. That was a huge clue. There were rumors that this room existed, but 'til the day you entered it, it was but a myth. No, the legend of this room was pretty clear, only an heir could access this room. I've had your friend Groaner trying to trace your lineage, but there's a lot of gaps, so while I was almost a hundred percent certain, because you entered this room, I simply wasn't a hundred percent certain. I too have been trying to research everything I could on this issue, amongst all my other educational pursuits, but I too cannot find when or how Griffendoer ties to your line. His line was not a prolific producer, there was only ever one male heir, never a female, at least that we found, but clearly there were somewhere along the line, because his line did die out, so it should've been relatively easy to follow, but like I said, there were too many breaks in the line to see where you came in.”

“Why didn't you ever tell me?”

“Didn't wanna bother you with such trivial information 'til I was certain.”

“But you were already Sir, you had unequivocal proof of it when I entered this room, you said so yourself, so what reason could you possibly have had to keep it from me then?”

“I think you already know the reason for this Perry, I was trying to protect you. It has always been said that the Griffendoer line was destined for greatness, that they are always amongst the most powerful of wizards. I didn't wanna burden you with that knowledge 'til you were ready for it. You're getting powerful, and far more so than most realize, maybe even yourself, but ready for that sorta responsibility, I hoped not. I think maybe now you are. I can sense your magic now, I was never able to before, I could always feel it bubbling under the surface, strong, bold, powerful, but now I can feel it. You can feel it too though, can't you?”

“I can, and can you sense Drago's as well?”

“One moment.” He said, and then concentrated on Drago, and then got a shocked look on his face.

“My god, you've both got the same amount and range of power, the two of you have more raw magical talent in total than the entire ministry has combined.” He looked truly shocked by this.

“We can feel your magic as well Sir.” Drago said softly.

“Really, how very intriguing, considering I actively protect that information, so's not to let people know what I'm carrying with me. Tell me, what do your feelings tell you?”

“That most witches and wizards should be scared.” Drago smiled.

“Good feelings, but you each have far more than even I, yet that shouldn't be possible.”

“There's lots more that you need to know yet Sir. First of all, Drago will be moving in with me, permanently.”

“Snipe isn't gonna like that, hell, most aren't gonna like that.”

“Yeah, well, you're gonna understand in a few moments why this isn't negotiable.” I said, and then stuck out my hand and willed the book I wanted to fly to me. Bummemore gave me a look that said volumes when he saw this happen.

“Very intriguing, no wand, no words, yet you summoned a book from across the room. By all rights, that's not even possible.”

“Yeah, well, neither should this be possible.” I said, and then turned from a cat, to a dog, then to a bee. Drago too did the same things.

“Holy fuck.” Bummemore said, and he never swears, well except, perhaps, during sex.

“Exactly. Please flip to page eighty eight Sir, and read what it says.”

He did so and proceeded to read the prophecy. I saw him go back and read it a few times before finally closing the book.

“Well, now that I can honestly say I never even suspected. Nowhere, and I do mean nowhere at all, have I seen the Mytoy line merge with either the Hotter or the Griffendoer lines. Clearly long in the past you two are related, there's simply no other way to explain it. What else can you do?”

“Absolute secrecy, right Sir?” I asked.

“Absolute, this can't leak, even your friends haveta be kept mostly in the dark, and you mustn't do magic without wand and word in front of anyone either, unless in an emergency.”

“We know already, we haveta be very careful.” Drago said.

“We can see each others thoughts, though not as clear as our own, but it's getting stronger, we can feel each other, and we can sorta see your thoughts, and we can feel you as well. In fact we felt you coming before you got here this morning.”

“Interesting, anything else?”

“We haven't been playing too much yet, so we don't know.”

“Okay. I'd like to start working with you boys personally every evening to see what skills you can master, and just how strong you really are. The first thing I want you to do is to learn how to hide your magic like I usually do. Even the other students will feel that much magic around them, but you'll scare the living shit outta all the professors if you don't.”

“Okay, not a bad idea Sir.” I said.

It took only a few minutes for him to teach us how to place a barrier around our minds that would not only shield our minds, but block our magic from showing to others who might be able to use that information against us.

“Very good boys, that took me months of training to get right, but then, even now I'm nowhere near as powerful as you are.” He said with grudging admiration.

“And can you see us at all Sir?”

“Only with my eyes.”

“Good.” Both Drago and I said together.

“So, yeah, I agree, you boys clearly must stay together from here on out. To separate you could do irreparable damage. You must first finish bonding, and once you do, I have a feeling that you'll be incredibly powerful. I know you both have good hearts and heads, though I know your struggles Drago, but you are good. You're gonna haveta be incredibly careful though, with great power comes great responsibility. I am powerful, always was, but I made mistakes in my past, I am not proud of who I was when I was young, but I have tried with every breath I've taken since then to atone for those mistakes. I'll never tell you either, there's some things that people just don't need to know, and while I have a feeling that you could find out if you really wanted to, I ask that you do not. Don't make my mistakes and do bad things for good reasons, never tell yourselves that the end outweighs the means, because trust me, that still makes you a monster, and I know you well enough Perry to know that you'd never be able to live with yourself if you truly hurt someone, no matter the reason. Except maybe for Moldyvort of course.”

“Thanks Sir, we promise never to pry, and we do truly understand, and it scares us both.”

“And so it should, keep that fear, it keeps you grounded. I felt like I was a god, but I was nothing more than a gnat. Now, may I suggest making love to each other, if anything will cause your minds to fully bind, I'd be willing to bet that that'd do the trick.” He smiled warmly to us, then stood and made to leave.

“Thanks Sir, but that's gonna haveta wait, we needta find Rod and Hermoany and explain a few things to them.”

Drago blushed with that, but I can feel the arousal in him from that suggestion. We are able to block ourselves from the headmaster, but not from each other, as time goes by, we can feel each other more and more, and already a few times we have started to say the exact same thing at the exact same time.

“I know where they are, how about I tell them where to come, I have a feeling that over the next couple days that you're not gonna wanna leave this room too much anyway.”

“Why?” We both asked.

“People who have the ability to read minds and emotions, often find it's hard to concentrate when amongst others. There are hundreds of students and teachers here, and you can't just get little glimpses like they can, you're starting to see and feel all, aren't you?”

“We don't know Sir, we're trying to keep ourselves from looking at you too closely.”

“But you think you could if you wanted to, don't you?”

“Yes.” We both admitted.

“If I'm right, few will be able to protect themselves from your gaze, and if you truly wanted, you could peer into any and all minds. Please don't do this without explicit permission, a persons mind is his castle, the only thing that is truly his and his alone, and no one has the right to breach that privacy without incredibly good reason or permission.”

“We understand Sir, hence the reason we're actively trying not to see your mind.”

“Thanks. 'Til you get more used to it though, going out and being slammed with all those thoughts and emotions could cause brutal headaches. You're gonna haveta learn how to block all that out, because you can't stay here forever. Play with your shields in your minds once your friends arrive, and make it so that it's automatic, that you don't even feel them any more without trying, and then start working up from there slowly, 'til you can do it in crowds without even thinking.”

“Ah, good points Sir. Send them up, we'll watch for them and train with them. Whenever you're free, also feel free to come up, we'd be more than happy to learn from your more than ample experience.” We both said, this time alternating words, me relying on Drago's more experienced tongue for this.

“Do you see exactly what the other's about to say, and could speak together as one?”

“We're starting to.” We both said together, in perfect unison and harmony.

“Wow. Never.....Very intriguing indeed.”

“Good day Sir.” We both said, both grinning, and showed the headmaster out.