Chapter 5

The sleep that I experienced after yesterday was the most amazing and peaceful sleep that I have ever experienced. I have constantly been plagued by nightmares my entire life, the pain of which some days is nearly unbearable. Sleeping with someone always helped, but never caused them to stop. Until last night. Blessed. Uninterrupted. Peaceful. Sleep.

Not one nightmare. My scar does not hurt. I feel more and better than I ever dared hope. And Drago is right there beside me. Awake as well, for we woke at the same time, and he knows how I feel as well. We leaned in the last millimeter or two, and pressed our lips together, and kissed tenderly.

“Mmm, good morning my gorgeous baby dragon.” I whispered into Drago's mind.

“Mmm, and good morning my gorgeous golden baby.” He whispered right back.

“I always hated that name, until now.”

“I always hated being called dragon too.”

“I know.”

“I've never sucked or been sucked, as you very well know, I'd really like to try that this morning. I want every drop of everything you can give me, and I'd love to do it at the same time. I'd even love to take out our butt plugs and finger each other at the same time.” Drago asked, nearly begged. Now that he has had a taste of how good it can be, as well as feeling from me how good it is, he wants to try everything.

“Oh yes, I'd love that every bit as much, feed me all you have as well.”


All this being said, of course, as we are still kissing. Only a minute later, Drago breaks our kiss and spins around, presenting his very soggy nappy to my face. We nuzzle each other through them for only a moment, before pushing them down in the front and engulfing each other. Once again, using my experience to his benefit, Drago is sucking me perfectly, just as I am sucking him as well.

We each reached into the backs of the others nappies at the same time and pulled out our butt plugs, and then replaced them with three fingers. We started sucking and fingering as slow as we could possibly go, yet our morning cum was upon us far sooner than we would have wanted, except we know that this is not going to be our only one anyway.

As soon as we came, we each drank down all that our baby boyfriend could give to us, and then we peed as well, and we drank that down too, all while still sucking gently. Five minutes later and we came again, and then almost ten minutes after coming down, we came for our third and final time, still fingering each other with only three fingers, even though we both know I can take considerably more, in fact, I am certain Drago could slip his hand inside me.

“My god, that's almost as amazing as being made love to.” Drago sighed once we were done, though we have not yet detached, even though we are now soft in each others mouths.

“Mmmhmm, I love sucking and being sucked, it's so amazing, and even just kissing and petting can be almost as good too. You taste amazing, by the way.”

“Mmmhmm, you do too. Can't wait to try just petting as well.”

“Maybe this evening.”

“It's a date. Well Baby, we need to get breakfast, then get cleaned, nappied, and dressed, to get to class on time. We have potions this morning, and you know Snipe will already be pissed that we're gonna be late.”

“No shit. Please tell me I'm allowed to torture him, even just a tiny bit?” I grinned brightly.

“No, well, maybe just a bit. Just remember, we have a part to play still, we can't be friends outside this room.”

“I know Baby, and it could be fun.”

“Oh yeah, it will be.” He giggled.

We stumbled out of bed, held hands all the way to the bathroom, and then proceeded to get ready for the day, and we started by removing each others sodden nappies. I knew that Drago had to go to the bathroom to empty out first, so I told him to go ahead and go first, that I would take care of my teeth, as well as hair removal. Instead of using a tooth brush to brush my teeth as I normally would, I told my teeth to clean by themselves, and I will be absolutely damned, but it worked. It took several seconds, and it still felt as if my teeth were being physically brushed, and I still have the minty taste of my favorite toothpaste in my mouth.

I then proceeded to taking care of any and all hair that I did not want. It has been a few days since I last did so, so my groin and ass are starting to come in again. This time, instead of using the shaving spell, I worded a spell very precisely, and told my body to no longer grow hair in those areas that I no longer wanted hair at all. A few seconds later, I felt the spell complete, and all the hair in those areas just vanished.

“That's too cool.” Drago said in my mind. “I'm doing the exact same thing right now as I'm on the toilet.”

“Yeah, this is awesome. I'm so smooth down there again, just like I was before I started growing that blasted hair, it's like I'm a true baby again, I love it.” I said, because I am currently feeling the skin all around my groin, and it is silky smooth again.

As soon as Drago was finished on the toilet, we traded places, and as I was evacuating my bowels, Drago was busy at the shower, trying to determine which knobs he wanted to turn. I let him explore without my input, but he still managed to choose the combination that I love myself anyway.

As soon as I was emptied out, I went and climbed in the shower with my baby, and we proceeded to wash each other down, fully. We are using only our bare hands to wash each other, and I know that Drago has never felt this before, whereas I had at least, way back in my past. Sure, a few friends and I had washed each other, it can be incredibly erotic, but I have never felt being washed by someone I truly love, well, since I was a baby, but Drago has never had this, ever, by no one.

We spent far more time in the shower than we strictly needed to, or should have really, but you tell me that you would not do the same. We enjoyed our shower so much, in fact, that we both ended up spewing forth a load of cum, but fear not, we did not let each others sweet baby cum go down the drain, we caught it and drank it down. A baby must have his baby milk, you know.

Once we were finally done washing each other from head to toe, I sent a command ahead to the drying chamber, so that it could be warm already, and then we stepped from the shower to the drying chamber. I must say, getting to just put your arms up and rotate on the spot and have your body perfectly dried by perfectly warmed air is second to none. As soon as we stepped out of the dryer, we both said a spell in our minds and told our hair to style perfectly, and then another to apply our deodorant, then another for a touch of cologne.

We did not, however, use a spell to nappy each other perfectly, for we much prefer doing that for each other. We rub much more baby lotion and nappy rash cream into each other than is strictly necessary, we sprinkle on a very healthy dose of baby powder, before pulling up and taping closed each others super thick baby nappies. I do have to admit that wearing robes does help conceal the fact that I like my nappies as thick as they can possibly be, Drago agrees wholeheartedly.

“So, what should we have for breakfast this morning Baby?” I asked.

“I'd love what we had yesterday, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if we ate like that every day, we'd likely die very soon.”

“Yeah, no shit. I think I could just go for porridge and fresh fruit.”

“Sounds good to me too, come to think of it.”

And so, that is what we asked our plates, which gave us our breakfast only a few moments later, and it was perfect.

“Well, suppose we needta get dressed here and head out pretty soon, huh?” Drago said.

“Yeah, even though I'd love nothing more than to stay locked up all day here with you.”

“Yeah, there are definitely more horrible things in life, aren't there.”


We both just used magic to put our robes on, and a second later, we were dressed perfectly, our robes perfectly pressed and everything. We both summoned our wands, even though we both know now that we absolutely do not need them, but we have an act to play, and we must not falter. As soon as we were ready, we decided to turn into butterflies, and then proceeded to head out. We opened and closed the door via magic, and we took a nice flight all the way to the potions class room. We got there just as the last of the students filed in, and then the door slammed closed. We turned back to ourselves, of course after ensuring that there was no one around to see us, then Drago opened the door.

“Ah, our celebrity returns. It's not enough to be you, but you haveta get special care too, and a servant.” He snarled this last part. “I don't care who or what wants to kill you, showing up late to my class is inexcusable.”

“Sorry Sir, shall I leave and go to the headmaster?” I asked softly.

“No, you shall not, now sit down and shut up.”

“Yes Sir.” I said as meekly as I could.

“Good playing.” Drago whispered into my mind.

I went and sat down next to Rod, who was next to Hermoany, while Drago went and sat next to Ghouly, who was next to Cranky. As soon as we were seated, Professor Snipe proceeded up to the board, tapped it, and up came one of the most complex potions we have yet seen.

“This is a potion for engorgement. Note that this is a potion, not a spell, they will do the same thing, but they are not the same. A spell can be canceled, a spell can only be as powerful as the caster, and a spell fades rapidly. A potion, on the other hand, frees up your magic for other, more important things, is permanent without a counter potion, and is always strong. Depending upon the size of the item in which you are going to dose, one application will usually double its size, a second application, double again, so on and so forth. This potion will work on food, but often drastically reduces its flavor, so is not normally considered worthwhile. You'll note that this potion must be done properly, if you add the dragonfly wings at the wrong time, you'll cause the potion to explode, and anything it touches will be engorged for hours or days, there are no cures for that, except time.”

Snipe waved his wand, and the cupboard doors opened, giving us all the needed supplies, and we all went and got them, even though I just really wanted to stick my hand out and summon them to me. The funny thing is, this potion now seems sickeningly easy to me.

We all got started, Rod was muttering beside me, Hermoany was busy going as fast as she could beside him. I could see sweat drenching the back of Deville's neck he was so nervous. All the while I worked on my potion, I talked to Drago.

We are just about to start needing to add the dragonfly wings, and like Snipe said, you have to add them at the perfect time.

“Please, let me, I gotta do it.” I begged Drago.

“Fine, but don't let any get on me.” He giggled in my mind.

Just as Snipe looked down his hooked nose into Cranky's cauldron, I caused Cranky's hand to twitch and drop the dragonfly wings in scant seconds before the potion was ready, and thus caused the entire potion to explode right in Snipe's face. A massive dose got onto Cranky, and almost as much onto Ghouly, as well as Porkington to the other side. Drago was miraculously spared. Some did mange to hit other people, so they ended up with an engorged ear, or finger, or poor Seamus ended up with a nose the size of a turkey. It was really quite comical.

All we saw after the potion backfired, was Snipe stand up with a shocked look on his face, and then his entire head started to grow. He had taken so much potion to the face, that his head started growing to the size of one of Hunghard's pumpkins. Before he could even say anything, the sheer weight of his head made him start toppling backward. Cranky, Ghouly, and Porkington were all almost in the same boats though, their heads had grown to well beyond what was normal.

The entire class was in shock. Not one laugh, not one snicker, not even one gasp. That is, until one of the Slitherin students finally could not hold it, and started laughing so uproariously, the the rest of the class ended up joining in. Then chants of 'Fatty fatty fat head,' started coming up. Professor Snipe was in no fit condition to do anything, he could not yell or talk, I guess his head is just too large. Fuck he looks funny.

“Wow, didn't think it'd end up that big.” I giggled to Drago in our minds.

“Me neither, the look on his face was priceless. Then bam, his head grows the size of a bloody giant pumpkin. I suppose we should probably go and inform someone, huh.”

“Yeah. You'd better, Snipe wouldn't appreciate me coming to the rescue, no matter what.”

“You're right.” He laughed, then stood up.

“I'm gonna go get help Sir, I'll find Madam Poofy and Headmaster Bummemore.” He said, and all we can see is the look of Snipe's eyes, giving him silent permission, but the look of fury in them is palpable.

Trust me, if he ever finds out I did that, I will be dead meat, but he cannot really do anything to me, so I am not worried.

It took several minutes for all the students to calm down and for the nurse and headmaster to come, and when they did, even Bummemore burst out laughing.

“How is it every year you do this potion, some unsuspecting person ends up with extra engorged body parts. This is the first time it appears that you took the brunt of it though my good man.” He said whilst standing over Snipe.

“It looks as if the potion wasn't completed, before it exploded Sir, I have no way to reduce the swelling, not 'til it comes down itself. With as bad as it is, it could be two, or maybe even three days before all the engorgement's are reduced to normal size.” Madam Poofy said.

“Yes, well, I'd say stretchers are in order for the four of them, it appears that their heads are currently much too large for them to be able to walk and support them.” He said, still giggling, and if anything, Snipe looks even more furious.

Bummemore conjured up the four stretchers that were needed, then levitated the four giant headed patients onto them, and then Madam Poofy took all four of them and left, whereas Bummemore stayed behind.

“Well, you may as well continue on with your potion making, there's still more than enough time to finish it off. I'll allow all of you who finish the potion, to my standards, to keep it for personal use. Depending upon need, this is a lot of engorgement. However, with that being said, it must never be used on fellow students, well, without their permission of course. Normally Professor Snipe will then teach you the counter potion the following day, but since he will be a little blown out of proportion for the next few days, that'll haveta wait, I daresay, and since I doubt that Madam Poofy has enough counter potion in her stocks, I strongly suggest that you do not try this potion 'til such time as you've created your own.”

Professor Bummemore stayed at the front of the class and talked to us the entire time that we had left, and though he did check on the progress of our potions, strangely enough, he was more than smart enough to not stick his head over any of our potions. When finally the class ended, it was with shock that Deville's potion had turned out perfectly. This is a first, but then, Deville is not scared shitless of Bummemore. He was positively glowing, showing off the bottle of his perfectly clear and shiny potion. With a teacher who actually likes to teach, instead of yell, we all did far better.

“Perry and Drago, if you'd stay here please, I may as well take you to your next classes once the halls have cleared some.”

“Thanks Sir.” We both said.

As soon as everyone was cleared out, we headed out. As soon as we are walking, the headmaster started speaking softly.

“Neither of you had a part in what happened in class today, did you?”

“No Sir, I think that Cranky just simply put his fly wings in too early, exactly like we were told not to, then blam, that was it.” Drago said softly.

“I see. Of course, should Professor Snipe find out that either of you had anything to do with it, he might try and kill you.”

“I see no reason how he could possibly find out, Sir, considering that we had nothing to do with it at all.” I said this time.

“Good, good.” He smiled serenely.

“Sir, if I may ask, why is it you keep Professor Snipe. Deville was positively glowing, he finally did a potion right, all because Professor Snipe wasn't ragging on him the entire time, killing any and all self esteem that the poor boy has at all. Then there's how he treats Perry and all the other Griffendoer's?” Drago asked curiously.

“Though you don't always see it, Snipe is an excellent teacher, and though he is certainly unfair to many of the students, he does have a tendency to create top notch students, because you haveta admit, his style sucks, but his techniques are flawless. He pushes his students to be their very best, and nothing, absolutely nothing else matters to him.”

“There's more to it Sir, we can feel it, and though you're trying to hide it, we can still tell that it's there. We're not gonna pry, but I think you need to have a serious chat with him, because if he treats Perry like he tends to do so any more, I may not allow him to survive.” Drago said, a dangerous edge to his voice.

“Yes, there's more to it, absolutely, but that's between us two, and I thank you for not prying. It'll be difficult hiding things from you two I think. While Snipe's in the infirmary, I'll go and have a heart to heart with him, I'll let him know what you said Drago, though I'm afraid that that'll likely mean that I'll haveta tell him about your relationship, and some of the finer details. I trust him fully, so have no fear that he'll spill anything.”

“Tell him what you must Sir, but, please make it after this evening, if you would.”

“Yes, and absolutely understood.” He smiled.

“Well, Perry, here's your divination class, Drago, let's go to your ancient runes class next.”

“Thanks Sir.” We both said.

“Have fun.” We both said to the other out loud, then in our heads, “Love you.”

We separated, and I headed up the long ladder to the class room. As per usual, the air is stiflingly hot, with a sickeningly sweet scent, and the curtains are shut, making it nearly impossible to see. If it were not for the fact that I felt her coming, Truyawney may have actually managed to sneak up on me and scare me. As it was, I spoke to her before she realized I had seen her, and I scared her instead.

“Good morning, Professor.” Is all I said, and she let out a small yelp.

Well, so much for being able to divine the future, if she cannot see something as simple as that coming. Then again, we all know that she's a right old fraud.

“You're late, boy.”

“Yes, I am, and I'm reasonably certain that Professor Bummemore already explained to you why that is. In fact, he was the one to have brought me to class just now. He won't have gotten far, would you like for me to go fetch him, so that he can tell you again?” I asked as innocently as I was able to.

“Yes, yes, of course, he told me, but I figured that my class would be much too important to be late to, and that he'd ensure that you were on time. We're looking at the stars today, so, find your seat, we mustn't waste any more precious time.”

“But how, it's light out, we can't possibly see the stars?” I asked innocently once more.

“You do not need the stars right in front of you to understand their meanings, we have star charts for that.” She said in an exasperated tone.

“Oh, sorry, I'll never understand this divination thing I'm afraid.”

“That much has been clear since you stepped foot in this class. You are destined for a meager living, no real power, no real money, no real friends, now, sit.”

“Then I shall change my destiny.” I grinned brightly, but went and found my seat.

“Why do you let her talk to you like that?” Drago asked me in my mind.

“Because she's a fraud, but she's scared, and she's simply using me to make herself feel more important.” I said back.

“You really should just drop that class.”

“Yeah, but really, I think by the end of a week here, we're both gonna be able to drop all classes.”

“True enough. Now, concentrate on your work.”

“Shouldn't you be doing the same thing?” I chuckled, only I accidentally did out loud at the same time.

“What's so Funny?” Rod asked me as I sat down.

“Oh, nothing much.” I said, since others could hear us, but then I scooched in real close, and whispered to him and Hermoany that Drago had just said something funny to me.

“You can still talk to each other in your minds, but he's in ancient runes, isn't he, that's nearly on the other side of the castle.” Rod whispered back.

“Yes, and yes, and no, we have no idea what our limit is. We're gonna try and find that out at some time.”

“Wow. Well, wanna get started on our star charts, he with no destiny.” He giggled.

“Keep it up and you won't have a future.” I grinned, Hermoany just shook her head at us.

“If I get in trouble with my mother once more, I might not anyway.”

“Man, that's so true. Scariest damn woman I've ever met, and she's absolutely devoted to you kids.”

“Yeah, and we love her dearly for it. Course, we're still scared shitless of her, but that's only prudent, really.”

“Ain't that the truth.”

We got down to our incredibly boring work after that, Rod and I trying to have as much fun as we possibly could. Hermoany was working off to the side at another table with one of the other Griffendoer girls.

“Hey, haven't seen your rat around in a while Rod, you haven't mentioned him either.”

“Yeah, I think something happened to him, I found a small spot of blood actually not all that long ago.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“It's okay, he was pretty sick looking lately, that's for sure. Asked Hermoany if by chance her cat came in with a large rat, felt that I should at least bury him properly, given he was my pet for so long and all. She didn't think so, but asked if I thought it was him, and that if it was, she offered to buy me a new pet. I told her no, that if it was Crookedshanks, that it was better in the end, a nice quick death, instead of how sickly he's been looking lately.”

“Oh, you never said anything to me, were you upset?”

“Sure, a little at first, and I think I accidentally hurt Hermoany's feelings a bit, but I apologized right away, said it didn't matter either way, like I said, it was better a nice quick death. I never said anything though, because it was the night you got your Firebolt, which was a bit exciting and all.”

“Oh. Maybe we'll haveta find you a new pet in Hogscum.”

“No, not yet, I don't know what I want.”


“Wait, you can't go to Hogscum, McGoonagal won't let you, no permission slip, and the Dementors.”

“I know.” I grinned brightly.

“Oh, I see.”

“I'll meet you there, somewhere.”

We continued talking as we somewhat pretended to work, though I can honestly say, I do not care in the least about this course. As Rod and I worked, I paid close attention to Drago and what he is doing.

“Is that class always that bloody boring?” Drago asked me.

“No, usually worse.”

“Yikes, glad I skipped it then.”

“Yeah, wish I had've, that's for sure.”

Finally it is lunch time, and I waited at the bottom of the stairs, told Rod that I was going to eat in my room as I am supposed to, but that I had to wait for everyone to shove off, so told him to head out. As soon as they are all gone, I turned into an owl and headed to my room. Drago met me about half way there, though we had been talking the entire time anyway. We opened the door and flew through, then landed and changed back at the same time.

We met in a nice kiss.

“I haveta say, having class apart sucks.” Drago sighed deeply once our kiss ended.

“Mmmhmm. Might haveta see what we can do about that, huh.”

“For sure.”

We ordered our lunch, then ate up, changed each other, and then headed back out, this time going as bats.

The rest of the day went amazingly, yeah, amazingly slow and boring. Finally Drago and I are back in our room and eating dinner. We entered, same as before, and met in a kiss just as we turned back to ourselves.

“So, how you feeling about meeting your parents after dinner?” I asked.

“Nervous, but excited too. I can finally give them some of what they deserve.”

“Good. I never want you to feel bad for what we share.”

“Never will, never could.” He smiled warmly.

“Good, and I love you too.”

“Good.” He grinned.

We ate our dinner, and then as soon as we are done, we head out. There is a meeting room just off the great hall that we are going to use, it is where Drago's parents had been instructed to go. We make it there first, and then wait. Only a minute later, we are joined by the two of them, though I am hidden so that they do not see me.

“Hello Mother, hello Father.”

“What's the meaning of this Drago, you told us that this is important, that you're being horribly abused?”

“Yes, I am Father, I'm not allowed to do anything at all, I have to follow every instruction perfectly or suffer consequences, and I am never allowed to talk unless spoken to first.”

“Who's treating you like this?”

“You. It's you two that are abusing me. I'm nothing to you, and I'm tired of it.”

“You waste our time for this. We're raising you to follow in our footsteps, to follow the dark lord.”

“The dark lord is dead and gone, and I pray every day that he never returns, because I'll never follow you or that thrice blasted hater.”

“Drago Mytoy, you will never speak words like that again, or so....”

“So, so what, you'll hit me more, beat me, abuse me, make me fear you, cower to your power. No. No more, I'm no one's dog, and that's exactly what you've treated me as ever since I was a baby.” He spat at them.

“I knew I should've sent you to a better school than this, this mamby pamby sissy school. Come, you're coming with me now.”

“No, actually, I'm not. If you try and touch me, my boyfriend might have something to say to you, and he probably won't be as nice as me.” Drago grinned evilly.

“You'd better not have a boyfriend, the horrendous shame that'd bring upon our entire family, you'd never dare shame me in such a way.” Mr. Mytoy said, looking to have gone even more pale, which is nearly impossible.

“Well, guess what, Father, though I use that term loosely, and only because you were supposedly the one to have sired me, I am gay, I'm a proud gay baby boy nappy lover.”

Then Drago's father went to hit him. Drago held up his hand, and his father froze.

“Unh unh unh, that's not how we're playing this game. If you weren't shamed enough before, I'd like you to meet my gorgeous baby boyfriend.” Drago smiled sweetly, still holding his father mid swing.

I stepped out of my hiding place, walked serenely toward my baby boyfriend, and then kissed him soundly in front of his parents. His mother fainted and crashed to the ground, and his father squeaked in impotent rage. Though Drago's father could not do anything more than just make a sound, because Drago had even prevented him from talking. As soon as we broke our kiss, Drago smiled to his father.

“Seems the shock caused the bitch to faint. Shame. I have so much to say still.” Drago said, and then waved his hand, and his mother woke back up. The shock of this, amongst all the other shocks so far this evening caused Drago's father's eyes to nearly bulge out.

“Now, sit, both of you.” Drago said, releasing his father.

“Don't you dare tell us what to do, you freak.”

“Oh, aren't you cute. I said sit, and I meant it, now sit, be the good obedient doggies you always are. You have no fucking back bones, you can't do anything on your own unless you have someone powerful commanding you. Well, we're the most powerful people you'll ever meet, now do as you're told.” We both said in perfect unison.

They still stood, so Drago moved two chairs forward, and made them sit.

“How are you doing that.” His mother squeaked, truly afraid, for she knew the implications.

“We told you, we're the most powerful people you'll ever meet. Moldyvort is dead and gone, and if we have our way, he'll stay that way too.”

“You didn't use a wand, you didn't speak a spell, how?” She said again.

“Wow, dense much.” We said together again. “We already told you, we're the most powerful people you'll ever meet, though person might not be far from the truth either, for now we are one mind, two bodies. You'll never know everything, well, that much is clear, but even this much you don't truly need to know. We don't wanna Obliviate your minds though, we actually want you to live with this knowledge, we want it to torture you, we want it to eat away at you, and we want you to suffer. So, instead, what we're gonna do is, leave you with this knowledge, but place in your minds something that'll prevent you from ever whispering even the tiniest of secrets again. That means any secret, to any person, because you're rats, you squeal all secrets, as long as it gets you something of course. So, here goes.” Drago said, and then cast the spell that he had been working on all day to do just this.

“What'd you just do?” His father gasped.

“Weren't you listening?” Drago asked his father sweetly.

“Yes, of course I was, you horrible disgrace.” He spat out, and then I made a flicking motion at him, and I swear I saw his nose vibrate from the invisible flick.

“Ouch, that fucking hurt.”

“Yes, I'm sure it did. I don't think my boyfriend liked you insulting me, I think I'd refrain from doing so again. You see, you can use your wand to cause untold amounts of pain. We don't need to, and your pain could be life long. We could mentally drive a small sliver under a toenail, let's say, it would be nearly excruciating, but because it's only magic, no one would be able to cure it, and I assure you, no one will be able to break our spells.”

“You wouldn't dare.” His father said.

“Yes, I would, in a heartbeat, don't even dare trying me. Now, as for what my spell did, short of not allowing you to tell secrets, I've made you both infertile, I never want a brother or sister, you are to never breed again, you are unfit to be parents, and much too closely related if you ask me. Now, for what happens if you do try and tell a secret, remember the magical splinter, one gets placed somewhere in your body. The bigger the secret, the bigger the splinter, and the more painful place it goes. Two or even three secrets won't kill you, but I assure you, you'll wish you were dead. Which brings up something else, I've placed in my spell something that prevents you from killing yourselves, or purposely doing something that'll make someone else kill you. If you cross me, I'll also prevent you from performing any harmful spells, cross me more, and I make you into squibs. Now, care to try me, go ahead, tell me a secret, any secret.”

“No.” They both said, smartly, they can both feel the spell working in them.

“Good, you're getting smarter, I'd say somewhere around the level of a dog. Now, cross me, like I said, and I make you into squibs, I can and will remove any and all magical abilities from you, but I won't take your memories, oh, I'm not that nice, you did at least breed into me a good mean streak, but I'm using it for a good reason now. Next, sever all ties with any and all former death eaters. You're to have nothing to do with the dark arts, at all, ever. I'll be watching, and heed my warning, I will know.

“If they've renounced dark magic and your supposed dark lord, then they may stay friends, if not, you may have nothing to do with them. I will not have my family name besmirched by such filth any longer. I wish to cleanse our long and proud history of any further meddling with the dark arts. As an added bonus, you'll find a pleasant surprise when you arrive home. We've arranged a visit by an old friend of yours, he's cleaning our house for you, if I knew of it, every dark object is now being removed, if there are more, then you are to turn them all over to Mr. Pleaseme yourselves. I will not have that filth in my house, period, and it is my house, you are not allowed to do anything to it.

“When it comes time for me to move back home, you will find a place of your own. Yes, I do know of the will, your father gave it to me, not you, so, you may stay living there until I see fit to remove you. However, you no longer have any servants, because the house elves are also technically mine, not yours, I have requested that they all be moved here, where they will all get a far better life. You are to take care of all your own cooking and cleaning from now on, you are not even allowed to have paid servants. At least for the first year, you need to learn a few things, and humility and humanity are tops amongst them.

“If, after a year, I believe you've learned at least a little, I will allow you to hire people to come and do your work, should you so desire, however, with that being said, Gringotts has already been sent an owl, declaring that my inheritance is to be closed to you. You may only use your own money from now on, not mine, as I also know you have been, because you were pissed at your father for giving it to me, not you, as you felt he should have, but he knew who and what you are, and he didn't want you to tarnish our name either, but you have. It'll take me more work to repair your damage than you did to cause it.

“I have no idea how much money you have, but you get nothing from me, same as you gave me growing up, and from here on out, you either rise or fall on your own merits. You need to get yourselves jobs, and they may not be working for your patsy Pudge, because you are to sever all ties with him as well. His actions are being closely monitored, if and when we get proof that he's working for the enemy, as in your ex friends, he will be removed. I suggest you get good jobs, such as working for other witches and wizards, cleaning their mansions and whatnot.” Drago grinned.

“You can't?” His father said pitifully. “You'll break us.”

“Exactly. You tried to break me, but I'm gonna break you. I've always been smarter, stronger, more powerful than you, but I was also always afraid of you. Now, no, now I'm not. You see, the problem with treating a child like you treated me, is that if you don't break your child, if he maintains his free will, and grows up, then he can and will retaliate, and I am. You will be decent humans, I will make sure of that, or I'll take away all shreds of your magic, plain and simple, and there's simply nothing you can do to stop me, so you may as well accept it?”

“What if the dark lord comes back, he could protect us from you?” His father said spitefully.

“Oh, if only he could. You see, even he's not powerful enough for us. And just as a taste of what that tiny amount of defiance will get you, here's just a tiny sliver of magic under your little toe nail.”

“Fuck that hurts.” His dad groaned.

“Yes, it does. I could make that last your entire life if I wanted, I could make it larger, I could put it in a more sensitive area, I can do anything I want to you, and no one will complain, well, except you. How do you think it'd feel to have a sliver five, or even ten times that size, jabbed just under the skin of your useless dick head.”

His dad went ash white with that, even more pale than normal, and I thought that would be nearly impossible.

“You'd kill me.” He gasped.

“Oh, it wouldn't kill you, and my magic will prevent you from killing yourself. You'd learn a valuable lesson though, I assure you. Now, this sliver stays in for one week, and if you're good, it comes out, if not, well, I think you know how long it stays. As an added incentive, though, if that sliver is deemed appropriate to stay, it gets joined by an exact replica in your opposite toe. Be good, no pain, be bad, constant pain. The more bad, the more pain, it's pretty simple, and personally I think that it's not much of a question, it should be easy for you to do, yet I know it won't.

“I know you're both bad, rotten right to the core, and remaking yourselves will likely take years and be excruciating, but I'm sure with the right persuasion, you can make good choices. As a bonus for you though, once I feel that you've learned your lessons, some of these restrictions may get lifted, except having children, that'll never be lifted. The more good you do, the better your life can be, the more help you give to your fellow man, the better, and I mean muggle and magical alike.

“Contrary to your ex lords ideals, there is nothing at all wrong with muggle born witches and wizards. One of the single most powerful people in this school hasn't a drop of magical blood anywhere in her family line, until her that is, yet, one of the oldest magical family lines in the school, other than mine and Perry's, belongs to a student that has serious difficulties with performing magic, yet even he's a lot stronger than he believes. No, blood means nothing, you are either magical or not, powerful or not, and you both need to learn this. You're fucking cousins for Griffendoer's sake, sure, a few times removed, but still a little too close for comfort. But it was so important to you to marry strong blood. Fuck that noise, Perry and I both already know that though we're gay as can be, that we're gonna bang as many muggles as we possibly can, and add as much new blood to the magical community as possible.”

“That's wrong.” He mother said.

“And that earned you a sliver too.” Drago grinned to his mother, and she screeched out as well.

“What, I just said it was wrong to do that, why'd you do that, that fucking hurts.”

“Why, what's so wrong about adding a whole bunch of new blood? Weren't you listening, blood doesn't matter, your precious blood lines don't matter. You either have magic, or you don't. It's true that magic tends to run in families, but it's also true that magical families are known to produce non magical children, and non magical parents are known to produce magical children. It's also true, that half breed children are every bit as strong on average as fully magical children. Hermoany's been doing a huge amount of research into this, and compiling list upon list, trying to prove this without question, and she's so close already, that it's very nearly a given.

“So, like I already said, Perry and I are gonna have sex with as many women as we can possibly stand, to help increase our numbers. We're also gonna urge all our friends and classmates to do the same, hence Hermoany's research to prove all this. You both know as well as I, that our numbers are crumbling. How many families have been lost just in the last couple generations, squib birth rates are higher than they ever have been, and student rates in this very school have almost dropped by half in the last century. We used to number in the hundreds of thousands across Europe, now we're down to fifty or sixty thousand magical people. I have no idea the numbers in the Americas, or Australia, or Asia, but our numbers can't continue to fall like this, magic is dying, and so we must spread our seed, as it were, and Perry and I plan to do as much seed spreading as we can. We won't like it, but it's necessary.”

Drago and I had talked about this today while we were in class, usually while apart. We had both admitted that we do want children, and that this is what we would need to do. Drago had admitted that before he was forced to admit that he was gay, he felt that he would be forced to marry and have kids, and he had told me that he dreamed of naming his first son Scorpius. I admit, that had shocked me, because I have never dreamed of such a thing, and had not figured that with as gay as Drago is, that he would have either. Then again, I know how he had lived before, so this should not come as such a shock.

“Of course, having such a huge house will help, and both Perry and I are insanely rich, Perry more so than I, so we can certainly afford to have twenty children, if we so desire, and can actually manage to keep it up that long, and I do mean in both ways.” He giggled.

“Dirty pig.” I giggled back to him.

“Yep.” He said, and then kissed me in front of his parents again.

“Mmm, I like you being a dirty pig.”

“Mmmhmm, me too.” He smiled to me, then turned back to his parents. “You, however, will likely never be in any of our children's lives, a lot will depend upon how you behave, whether or not you get to know your future grandchildren. I will not have my children scarred the way you scarred me. Being with Perry has eased many of those scars, as have I for him, we both grew up in many ways the same way, and we are learning and growing, healing, but there are simply some scars that will never disappear, so we'll proudly wear those scars and allow them make us better people.

“You tried your hardest to make me like you, you failed, but in your failure, you actually helped me to become someone far stronger. I will never say thank you for that, for what you did to me was inexcusable, no child should ever be treated the way you treated me, nor how Perry was treated by his family, made to believe that we were nothing. Coming here was the single best thing to ever happen to us, until just the other day, when we finally found each other.

“Now, you are to get up and leave here, do not owl me, do not come and talk to me, do not ask me for anything, you are dead to me right now, and I will not allow you to bring me down. If you are needed for something, I will let you know, and you will come running, no matter what you are doing, you will get here, or wherever I am, at all haste possible, even if it means breaking into or out of Azkaban. You are to go home, and remember all that we spoke of today, but also, remember, nothing that was said here today is allowed to be repeated. I could physically make it impossible for you to speak or write a secret, but I won't, I want you to try me, I want you to tell a secret, I want to be able to punish you. Please, by all means, make me punish you, I look forward to it in fact. Now, go, and may you become good people, because there are far too few of them.” Drago said, and then we both stood and turned our backs on them and clasped hands, then walked from the room.

Drago was almost hoping one or both of them would raise their wands against us, but unfortunately they did not. No, he would not have killed them, but the slivers he gave them may have driven them mad within just a few days.

As we walked, we kept our hands clasped, and more than a few students saw, then gasped, then hurried off to tell all as to what they had seen. At first no one will believe them, but we have decided not to hide who we are. I sent a mental request to Rod and Hermoany to meet us at our room, and though they were shocked at first that we could do that, they both agreed. Thankfully they were not in the middle of anyone at that time.

We all met in our room a few minutes later, Drago and I had just taken a nice leisurely stroll there, taking the long way, since we knew that Rod and Hermoany would be a few minutes anyway. Other than in class, when we did not have time to truly talk, this is the first time we are seeing them since they left us yesterday afternoon. We all smiled and greeted each other happily when we met.

“So, how'd it go?” Rod and Hermoany asked at the same time.

“Really well. We wanna find out how it went for your parents as well, and we need to gather my house elves and give them to the school.” Drago said.

“Let's get the elves taken care of first, then we can contact Rod's parents and see how it went.” I suggested.

“Okay, that works.” Drago said, and then called out and asked all seven house elves to join us.

Seconds later, and seven almost synchronized pops happened, and joining us are seven house elves. They all bowed low to Drago.

“Thank you for coming this evening. I'm sorry for taking you from my home, but you've been removed from my parent's horrible care. From this day forth, you work for Warthogs, you are to help out here. Should you wish to do so, you may ask for a wage and vacation time and all that, but it's not a demand, I will not give you clothes, unless you want them. I want you to be happy, doing only that which you want, not being horribly abused all day every day by the likes of my parents. No matter what, however, any secrets that you may have come across while living in our home must stay in your heads. I'm working on those secrets, trying to make them no more, but I don't want everyone to know everything either, because it is none of their business. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask your former friend and helper, Dopey, I assure you, he knows this castle well, as well as who to talk to for whatever you need to make you happy. Please have a wonderful life here.” He said, and then dismissed them again, and they all popped as they disappeared.

“That was a nice thing you did Drago.” Hermoany said.

“Thanks, it's who I am, don't you know?” He grinned.

“Actually, no, and before the other day, I wouldn't have believed it either.” She grinned right back.

“Me neither.” He said. He then turned to Rod. “Can you contact your parents please?”

“No need, they're on their way here.” I said, because as soon as he said that, I searched for and found them, and found them to be walking up the front lawn to the school.

“They are?” Rod said.

“Yep, they're just reaching the front entrance right now. I'm sending them a message as to where to come and how to get here.” I said, and I did.

“Hi there, it's me Perry, don't worry, you're not being attacked. I have a new room, and we'd like you to come right here, here's how to get here.” I said into their minds.

“Perry, how are you doing this?” Mrs. Pleaseme asked in shock.

“All will be revealed shortly, have no fear.”

They joined us a few minutes later.

“Nice room. I read a rumor once about just such a room existing.” Mr. Pleaseme said.

“Not a rumor any more, but it is the room of legend.” I said.

“Wicked.” Mr. Pleaseme said, sounding just like his son.

We then spent approximately half an hour telling them even more than we did the day before, bringing them fully up to speed on everything.

“So, how'd the raid go?” Drago finally asked.

“Very well indeed. We subdued and transported the elves to here as told, then we found all that you told us, as well a few other things that had been hidden in the same places. Your parents had some pretty dangerous things, some class 'A' non tradeable items, items so dark and dangerous, that to be caught with them is usually a five year stint in Azkaban, for each item. Trust me, if we could do so, your parents would never get out of prison for the items we found in their house. Of course, Pudge would never allow that.”

“My parents are being suitably punished, we'll tell you all about that in a few minutes. Please continue though.” Drago said.

“Excellent. Good to hear. Considering much of the expensive items in the house technically will belong to you, some day anyway, we did not take anything that would be considered yours. We did, however, take any and all items that appear to have been stolen from other families. It seems every item that has been stolen, your parents bought, or nearly at any rate. We're returning them, but we're not telling where they were found, though we were gonna, but if you're already punishing them, then that's good enough for us. All dangerous items, that may not have technically been illegal, were also removed, so that they can't possibly use them. If they're useful to our cause, we're keeping and distributing them, if not, then we're destroying them.

“Next are your dungeons. It appears that they've had some seriously evil uses in the past, and some of them not so distant. There were still two prisoners, they've been released and sent back home, where hopefully they can recover. The dungeons themselves have been sealed, so that they may never again be able to be used, unless someone with more power can release the powerful protections on them, which I'll tell you how. I think that that's it, so tell us how you're punishing your parents, please?” he finished off.

“I think it'd be easier if we just showed all four of you at the same time.” Drago said, and then we gathered all four of them in our minds, and then just replayed the entire conversation with Drago's parents.

“Wow, I've heard of people being able to do that, but that was amazing.” Mrs. Pleaseme said when we were done.

“No kidding.” Hermoany said in even more awe.

“I love the punishments that you laid out for your parents Drago, very fitting, very suitable.” Mrs. Pleaseme said.

“Thanks, I felt that punishing them in this way was more fitting a punishment than anything else. Making bad people do good things, even if against their will and or nature, is the best way to punish them. Sending them to prison, they'd only be heroes to their kind there, and we can't be having that, now can we.”

“I like your style kid, you've got moxy.” Mr. Pleaseme said.

“Thanks.” Drago grinned.

“Now, tell me boys, last night, we felt an orgasmic wave crash over us, we're not the only ones to have felt it. Most didn't know what it was or where it came from, but we did. We felt it come from here, and we were even able to feel who it was. What the hell caused that?” Mr. Pleaseme asked with a smirk.

“When our minds totally joined after making love, it caused that. I'd say we were sorry, but really, we're not.” I grinned brightly.

“Fuck, we both came so hard, our underwear were dripping.”

“That's nothing Dad, I'd used the spell to cause my balls to go into full production, I'd been planning a good time with a few friends, I'd made them make more than enough for twelve to fourteen cums, I wanted a really good time you see, I was already nappied, because we wanted to have lotsa dirty kinky sex, then that bloody wave hit, and I came so fucking hard I passed out, and when I came to, nearly half an hour later, it was to find my nappy was already nearly saturated in all the cum I shot.” Rod said. “Totally ruined my night.” He tried, giving us a crushed look.

“If by totally ruined, you mean had the greatest fucking cum of your life, then I agree.” His dad grinned.

“Was it ever. Fuck it hurt so bad, but felt so good. Twelve to fourteen cums, all at once, felt like a fucking fire hose going off in my nappy.”

“Yeah, that's how I felt too, and I didn't increase my levels at all.” His dad laughed again.

“You guys talk like this to each other?” Drago asked in awe.

“Why the hell not, we're both guys, we know what it's like, besides, we're family, why wouldn't we.” Rod shrugged.

“I never imagined having such a conversation with my parents.”

“Yeah, but you also never thought you'd kiss a boy in front of them either, and you did that tonight too.” I grinned.

“Mmmhmm, and it was so nice, especially seeing the look of shock on both their faces.”

“No kidding.”

“Well Kids, we have an appointment to see your headmaster as well, so we should be going.” Mrs. Pleaseme said, and then stood.

“And we also had plans for tonight, so we too should be heading out.” Hermoany said.

“We'll walk with you.” Mr. Pleaseme said.

“Thanks.” They both said.

“You all have a good night, thanks for coming.” Drago and I said together.

Within a few seconds they were gone and we are alone again.

“I'd love to go lay back in the bath and have a nice hot steamy bath, if you catch my meaning?” I said.

“Mmm, yeah, loud and clear.” Drago said, going instantly hard in his soggy nappy.

We headed to the bathroom and I started the tub with the four spouts that I wanted, and then we slowly stripped each other of our robes and nappies as we kissed tenderly. Once naked, we slipped into our bath, I led Drago by his erection, and then when the water was at the proper level, we turned off the water and turned on the jets and air bubbles, and the water started going crazy.

We pressed our lips together once again, and reached into each others groins and started stroking each other. We were mind silent as we kissed and stroked, only allowing our feelings to wash over each other, and it was amazingly intense. We felt so good that we were unable to last more than a minute before exploding in our first cum, but we did not stop either.

Continuing on how we were, kissing and stroking, slow and gentle, for nearly half an hour, this is all we did, cumming a further three times. We actually started going soft in each others hands we were so worn and happy, yet we still did not break our kiss. For almost half an hour more, we just tenderly tickled each others dicks and balls as we kissed, neither of us getting hard, it just felt so amazing, that neither of us wanted to stop. Finally we broke apart, and Drago leaned, nearly melting, right into me, and we stayed like that for almost another half an hour more. Still we have said nothing, only allowed our feelings to mingle and meld even more. The more we do this, the more we seem to know and understand each other.

Our minds are now becoming so bonded, so tightly enmeshed with each other, that it is actually becoming harder and harder to think as two separate people. Trust me, we are not complaining about this, our minds are so compatible that this is easy for us.

“I've never felt better in my entire life.” I finally whisper to my baby, only in our minds.

“Mmm, me neither.” He sighed deeply.

“I can't believe that we've only been together a couple days, it already feels like we've been together an entire lifetime.”

“I know, same here. Must be because we now share absolutely everything.”

“Must be. Well, I suppose we should get washed up, dried off, and then nappied nice and thick, huh Baby.”

“Yeah, we probably should.”

And so that is what we did. By the time we were properly nappied, with an extra large dose of baby lotion and nappy rash cream, it was almost half an hour later. Neither of us had gotten hard, but we still massaged each other very well, it was so very soothing and loving.

We had a nice relaxing evening before bed, just cuddled up on our couch, reading quietly, both again paying close attention to what the other is reading as well, essentially both reading two books at the same time. Hermoany would be so jealous, she would probably give anything to be able to read two books at once.