Chapter 6

The next morning we ate breakfast in our room, then headed to class as usual, and had a fairly decent day of classes. We had lunch in our room, but decided that we seem to be doing well around others, and that we wanted to eat dinner with the rest of the students again. I mentally asked Bummemore if he was okay with Drago sitting at the Griffendoer table with me, and he said he was okay with it, but to be careful. We promised him that we would not kill or permanently maim any of our fellow students, and he laughed, saying that we certainly do not have to worry any.

On our way to the great hall, we once more held hands the entire way, shocking even more students. As we walked, I reminded Drago that I have anti-Dementor training this evening, and asked him to come with me, which he wholeheartedly agreed to. When we walked in the great hall, those who saw us first, nudged those who had not yet seen us, and within the breadth of three breaths, the entire great hall was as silent as a tomb, every student staring at us, except Rod and Hermoany.

I waved to them, they waved to me, and scooted down a couple seats to make room for both of us. How they could know, I have no idea, but they made more than enough room for Drago as well. So, we headed over to join them. We both sat down, and just as we were about to start speaking, Rod pointed with his chin.

“Looks like the welcoming committee is coming.” He said, for seven of the older Slitherin boys were heading our way.

Rod took out his wand and leveled it at the approaching students. I put my hand out and pushed his wand arm down.

“Good evening gentlemen.” Drago said in as friendly a tone as he was able to.

“What are you doing here, and why were you holding his hand?” The biggest one asked.

“We're boyfriends, and Headmaster Bummemore allowed us to sit together.” Drago said calmly.

“You're shaming our entire house, gay, and cavorting with the enemy.”

“No, you're shaming everyone by being so stupid. I love who I love, and I ask no one for permission or forgiveness. Now, go away, I wish to eat dinner with my friends.” He said softly.

Then big, ugly, and stupid, and no, I am talking of only one of them, not three different students, pulled out his wand, and pointed it right at Drago's face.

“That wasn't very smart.” Drago said, then whipped out his own wand, said Expelliarmus under his breath so fast it shocked the boy, and was then holding his wand.

Of course Drago was already casting the spell in his mind before he even had his wand out or speaking it, hence the reason he was so fast.

“Now, should I snap your wand in half for attacking a fellow student?” Drago asked calmly, grasping it from either end and making as if to snap it.

“No, don't, please!” He begged.

“What curse were you about to use, and directly at my face?”

“I was gonna shock you.” He said.

“You're lying. I know you're lying, and I think everyone else does as well. I think you were gonna either blast me, or maybe transfigure me, or something else a little more than just a simple shock. Now, give me one reason why I shouldn't snap your wand.”

“I could have my friends hurt you if you do.” He growled.

“Wrong answer.” He growled, and then snapped the wand in half and threw it down.

This caused him to shriek in loss, for when a wand is snapped, it is a huge blow to a wizard, and his friends all pulled theirs out.

Both Drago and I yelled out Expelliarmus at the same time, then gathered the other six wands at once.

“And why, exactly, should we not snap your wands now?” Drago asked calmly.

“You can't.” Another boy said.

Drago and I then proceeded to snap one more wand each, we have no idea whose, but two boys in particular shrieked in response, one of them bursting into tears.

“Hmm, I think that too was the wrong answer. Four more wands, two more chances, why shouldn't we do it, hmm, let's see if any of you are honest enough to give me the right answer?” Drago said softly.

And still not one teacher had left their table. They were all rather enjoying the show. The entire rest of the school too were enjoying the show. Though each and every person in the place winced as each wand was snapped.

“Our parents will make you pay for our wands.” One of the boys who just lost his said.

“Um, no, not gonna happen.” And then we snapped two more, and two more students wailed out their misery.

Finally, one of the two boys who was left, submitted.

“Fine, I'll never bother you again, I've learned my lesson.” He said meekly.

“Good, you get your wand back.” Drago said, and then I handed him his wand back.

“And you?” Drago asked the last boy.


“No, say it, mean it, swear it.”

“I'll never bother you again either, ever, just please, don't snap my wand. My parents won't replace it.”

“Just remember that, all of you, I won't hesitate to snap every wand of those who defy me.” He said, and then handed back the wand.

We then handed over the pieces of all the snapped wands to their former owners.

“Keep these as a reminder as to what happens when you cross me or my boyfriend.” Drago said more than loud enough for everyone to hear, so that everyone could understand.

Then another Slitherin, a second year I think he is, stood up, fired a spell right at me that I did not recognize, and all I had time to do was put up my hand. The dark purple light of the spell hit my hand, and then my body absorbed the power.

“Hmm, that's new.” I said to Drago in my mind.

“Interesting.” Drago said to me in my mind, then turned his wand on the boy.

The boy floated up in the air, soared toward us, and Drago set him down right in front of us.

“I recognized that curse, that was a curse that my parents taught to me, a curse so bad that being caught using it against another witch or wizard can lead you to Azkaban almost as fast as the three worst curses. You dare use such a horrific curse against my boyfriend.” Drago snarled out, sounding incredibly dangerous.

“For Moldyvort and might.” He said defiantly.

“Moldyvort is dead and gone, and anyone stupid enough to still cherish him or wish him back are nothing in my books. Had that curse hit my boyfriend and done its intended job, you may have just killed him. Tell me, then, what should I do to you as punishment for trying to kill my boyfriend?”

“You can kill me, I'll die a hero to my proper lord for spreading his name.”

“No, I won't kill you, I'd never allow the likes of you to become a martyr. What I will do is this.” He said, and took the boys wand, snapped it in half, and then proceeded to burn it to a pile of ashes right in front of the boy.

“That was just the beginning. After dinner, the three of us are gonna have a meeting with the headmaster, and we'll punish you as severely as he'll allow, and I'll take no pleas from the likes of you. Now, sit, on the floor like the obedient little puppy you are, and do not move.”

He tried to run, Drago waved his wand and spoke a spell, and the boy came zooming back to us, but still trying to run forward. It looked especially funny.

“I said sit, I will not ask again. If you make me do so, I will make you do so, and I assure you, I can and will, and you will not like it.”

He gave Drago a defiant look again, and refused to sit, so Drago waved his wand and said another command, and the boy sat.

“Good boy.” He said, just like he was speaking to a dog.

Still the entire school looked on in awe, even Professor Bummemore was in awe, Professor McGoonagal even had her moth hanging open in shock.

“Now, anyone else, or can we finally eat in peace?” Drago called out.

No one said or did anything at all, no one dared to breathe in our direction.

“Good. May we eat now Headmaster?”

“Yes, yes you may.” He said, coming out of his stupor. I think this may have actually shocked him.

A second later, the food was all on the tables. My friends and us started digging in, piling our plates full, and then started eating. It was still a full two minutes later that the rest of the houses started eating as well. First was our table, then the Huffandsuck's, then the Ravenscock's, then the teachers, and finally the Slitherin's. It was still silent as a tomb as everyone ate, except the four of us, as well as a few more of our friends.

“Well, that was an interesting dinner.” Rod said as we were leaving the hall, our obedient little puppy following us, though not of his own free will, even though that is what it looked like to anyone else watching.

“Yes, we thought it might be. Was fun though. Did you see their reactions as I snapped all their wands, it was like I reached into their chests and ripped out their still beating hearts.” Drago grinned.

“Having had my wand broken, I can assure you, that's exactly what it feels like.” Rod said. “And mine wasn't even totally destroyed.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Drago said.

We broke off with Rod and Hermoany, and led our charge to the room where we knew that Bummemore was waiting for us in. As soon as we arrived, we pointed to a chair, and the young boy went and sat. We then sat down as well.

“Good evening Headmaster.” Drago said formally.

“And good evening to you as well Drago. That little performance this evening was quite an eye opener to many a student and teacher here, I assure you. Even I learned a couple things, and that's not easy for me to say any more. What would that spell have done, I've never seen it?”

“You've heard of it though Sir, it causes the recipient to go absolutely insane, quite often they kill themselves, or they go on a killing spree, usually targeting family, but they usually still end up killing themselves.”

“He tried to do that to me?” I asked in shock, because Drago had carefully hidden that from me.

“Yes, and the reason I didn't let you see it, was because of what you would've done to him had you known before cooling down some.”

“Thanks Baby. I'm glad you snapped his wand.”

“I've never seen that spell used before, though, yes, I've heard of it, magic almost as dark as the darkest of magics, and almost totally untraceable, the recipient almost always just seems to have gone berserk.” Bummemore said softly, dangerously.

“Exactly, one of Moldyvort's favorite punishments for not joining him was to cast this upon someone with family, then watch as he or she killed his or her entire family, then usually kill themselves shortly thereafter. Usually the mention of doing this was more than enough to make people do as they were told.”

“How could magic like this even be taught to anyone, let alone a child?” I asked in disgust.

“There's so much more that I was taught, magic so evil that it'd make you sick. I've hidden it from you, not because I don't trust you with it, but because it really should die.”

“I agree wholeheartedly.”

“So, what are you thinking of doing with young Zachary here then?” The headmaster asked curiously.

Said Zachary was sitting there, staring at us with absolute fear in his eyes.

“Find out all he knows, erase all bad curses from his mind, remove him from his parents, who I happen to know were almost as high up as my parents were, and punish him in the same ways I punished my parents. I think that that should work. I'm also thinking that two weeks without being allowed a new wand should loosen things up a bit.”

“May I suggest a change?”

“Of course Headmaster.” Drago said.

“He'll still need a wand for school. We have a selection that we can loan, for just such an emergency of course, so what say we make it three months, instead, and he's only allowed to have his wand in the classes in which he needs them, and at no other time.”

“I like that Sir, very well then.”

And then we all turned to Zachary. He gulped.

“You were unable to speak before, as you clearly found out, I was sick of hearing your utter nonsense, now you'll find you can speak, but this is a privilege, not a right. Abuse said privilege, and I remove it again, only I might accidentally forget to remove it for a few days or so. So, we're gonna ask you some questions, and you're gonna answer them. If you lie to us, we'll know, if you don't tell us what we need to know, we'll punish you. So, first, why did you attack my boyfriend in such a horrific manner?”

“Because it's my right and my duty to eradicate the likes of this filth.”

“That's not a lie, you firmly believe that, which is unfortunate, because I wanted to punish you for lying. That doesn't mean I'm letting you off with no punishments though, because you called my boyfriend filth, and I simply cannot allow that. What do you think would be suitable punishment for calling someone's boyfriend filth?” Drago asked softly, menacingly.

“Do what you want, I'll never bow to you. Some day soon, when the dark lord returns, I'll be his most faithful follower, I'll do everything I can to eradicate all filth from his glorious vision.”

“Wow, you were way more brainwashed than my parents ever dreamed of making me.”

“You're a disgrace.”

“You know, my parents tried to say the same thing to me, they too were punished for it.” Drago laughed loudly.

“When the dark lord returns, you two will be the first he kills, but if I get the chance to do so first, I will, again.”

“The dark lord will never return, and you will have no better luck a second time.”

“The more you punish me, the more loyal I become to the dark lord, the more he'll welcome me when he returns.”

“Wow, you truly believe that, don't you. What utter nonsense. The dark lord cared for no one, nothing except power, and no one had power enough for him. You'd be nothing more than a nuisance to him, a puppy who keeps pissing on the carpet.”

“I'll be his most loyal servant.”

“You'll be a servant alright. Now, no more, every time you say a thing about being with the dark lord or anything like that, ever again, you'll experience pain. The more you do so, the more the pain. A sliver of magic will lodge itself into your body somewhere, and the more you do so, the longer it lasts as well. Also, from here on out, you'll be unable to cast any dark spells, ever again, and trust me, even if we die, our spell will still work. If you attempt to bypass this in any way, such as with potions or some other such means, we'll take away all your magic, we'll leave you a squib. We'll also prevent you from killing yourself, or having someone else do it for you, you'll forever be tortured with what you lost. You will become good, or it'll drive you mad. Eventually you'll beg us to release the pain, and we may do so if we feel you've learned your lesson, but I wouldn't bet on it.”

“You wouldn't dare, the dark lord will....” And then he squealed in pain as the first magical sliver was inserted. This one a rather large one, for we both felt his intentions, and placed right in the heel of his left foot, so for days he will be unable to walk without severe pain.

“Hurts, doesn't it. You were about to tell us just how much your precious dark lord would make us suffer if we did anything at all to you, but now you get to suffer instead. Keep on going, I beg you, let us put an even larger sliver in your puny little dick, and I bet it's tiny, like a five year olds, isn't it.” Drago taunted.

“Fuck you, I'll never bow to you.” He said, and then started squealing again, because Drago did do it.

“That one lasts one hour. If you get hard, it'll be pure agony, peeing will even be painful, just moving will feel like a saw against your dick. It won't kill you, nothing physically is happening to you, but that's not what it feels like, does it.” Drago asked evilly.

“Careful, I think you're enjoying this.” I whispered to Drago.

“I'm not, you can feel how sick this is making me, but he's even more brainwashed than my parents were.” He said, and I can feel what he is talking about.

“Don't hurt him too much more, I don't want you feeling bad, even for someone like this.”

“I won't, and thanks.” Again, all this said in our heads.

“Oh god, take it out.” Zachary wailed in agony.

“No, you were told what'd happen, that stays for an hour, the next one, though, if your deed's deemed bad enough, the punishment could be worse. Try this for a day, or a week, or a month. I wouldn't stop you from cutting your own dick off, and you might if you hadta endure this for an entire month.”

“Please, I beg you?”

“No. Not 'til I believe that you've changed, become a good person. Every time you do bad, you suffer. Every time you speak Moldyvort's name, you suffer. Every time you even think bad thoughts, you suffer. In order to make the suffering stop, you haveta do good. Was it your parents that caused this hatred?”

“You can't make me tell.” He said.

“Wrong answer, two hours.”

“No, never.”

“Fine, four hours. I double every time you refuse. Please, keep refusing.”

“Oh god, no, please, make it stop.”

“Answer the question.”

“Yes, god yes, they've raised me in his name.”

“You're being trained as a killer, aren't you?”


“How many lives have you taken?”

“So many.”

“How many?”

“I, they made me befriend a boy when I was eight, his parents had hurt mine, I was to torture and kill him. I did, I enjoyed it, it made me feel powerful.”

“How many more.”

“That was my first, twelve, maybe thirteen more. They trained me on dogs, cats, rabbits. I learned how to torture and kill them all from the time I was five, sometimes in front of kids, their pets, to teach them lessons.” He sobbed.

“My god, you're a monster.” Bummemore said in shock at having such a student in his school.

“No, you are, for running a school where mudbloods are allowed.

“Oh, really wrong answer.” I said this time, then placed another splinter, this time right in his prostate. “One of my best friends is a muggle born, you piece of shit.”

“Oh god, make it stop.” He wailed out in agony.

“What'd you do to him?” Bummemore asked, I had said nothing yet, and now Zachary was sobbing even more, writhing around on the floor in agony.

“Placed a sliver in his prostate, it'll disappear in one minute. In the meantime, I think he might be getting the idea that we're not messing around.” I said in the most loathing I have ever felt before. This time Drago had to calm me down.

“Fuck, no wonder he's making those noises. I'd wanna die.”

“I assure you, he does right now as well.” Drago said.

We waited until the sliver disappeared, and then all stared at Zachary again. The tears were rolling down his cheeks now.

“Please, make it stop.”

“No. When you become good, stop thinking, saying, doing, or acting on any evil thoughts, then it'll stop, and not a second before. You're being removed from your parents' care, during summer break, you'll go to a foster family who can take you in and continue to teach you to be good. We're gonna attempt to erase all this horrible training from your mind, though I don't know how much we can remove without taking your entire mind away.” Drago said again.

“How can you do this?”

“Quite easily, actually. You're a monster, and we don't like monsters. We were raised by monsters.” Drago said.

“Your parents are wonderful people, they're not monsters.”

“Yes, they were, though they too have been given a taste of the same punishments that you yourself are feeling, and they too will become good, or go insane.”

“You're doing this to your own parents?”

“Yes, and I will do so to a hundred more if I haveta. All I want is to live my life in peace with my boyfriend, neither of us having to watch over our shoulders every second of the way. We certainly don't want the horrible world you envision, dark magic ruling all, and it'll be a dark day if that ever happens. We'll fight to our last breath to prevent that from happening too, and my parents and you are only the start. We're gonna slowly chip away at the chains of dark magic, until it fades away completely.”

“How can you do this, no one's that powerful, not even him?”

“You're right about one thing, he's not that powerful.” I said, though I left the rest hanging.

“Are you really gonna erase his memory?” Bummemore asked.

“Only what we can and have to, we don't wanna take everything and leave him nothing.”

“Okay. Go ahead then boys.”

Drago and I then dove into Zachary's mind, it is by far the darkest mind I have ever heard of. I honestly do not think that we can do enough, but we do all that we can, short of erasing everything and making him start from scratch. Drago and I spent well over an hour in his mind, talking back and forth, examining every memory, attempting to clean it of as much darkness as we possibly could. The only problem, his entire childhood was filled with darkness.

His parents were brutally ruthless, even to him. If he shirked at killing the puppy, he was punished almost as badly. Often did they torture him right to the brink of death, then made him do so, while standing on deaths doorstep. They made him crave killing, torturing, maiming, there was nothing he would not do. His parents told him time and time again that there is no love, only hate, that there is no freedom, only servitude, and that the dark lord is who they serve for life, and that no one else could tell them what to do. We did all that we could do though. By then, Zachary had passed out.

“Is it done, did it help?” Bummemore asked.

“It's done, though how much good it'll do, we simply don't know. His mind's pretty fucked up. It might be kinder to either erase his entire memory and have him start from scratch, or just kill him. If he survives the next few days with his sanity intact, he might be okay, but I'm betting he shuts down completely.” I said sadly.

“You've done all you can, the rest hasta be up to him now. If you have to, release the block and allow him to kill himself, it'll be better that way.”

“Then we're every bit as responsible for his death, I can't do that. There's only one person I wish to kill.” I said.

“No, ultimately it's his parents who are responsible for that, but in the end, you'll give him the release that he needs if he needs it. If it comes down to it, I'll ensure that there's a suitable poison to be found that'll simply allow him to go to sleep, it'll be completely painless. Remember, sometimes death is simply the most logical choice. I understand, you're both still so young, but sometimes it really is the easiest choice, even when it's the hardest, the right when it feels wrong. No, none should have to make that choice, as to when someone lives or dies, but, in the end, it'll be his choice anyway, not yours. Once he makes that choice, really, no matter what sort of magic you've placed on him, he'll find a way, so it'd truly be better to allow him to just fall asleep and not cause anyone else any undo amount of pain and suffering along the way, including you. I assume that when you give these punishments, same as when I do, that you keep your mind trained to them at all times, see everything they see, feel all that they feel, could you truly take all that yourselves if he wants to die. I assume it'd be incredibly hard to do.”

“Thanks Sir, you're right, of course, it'd be incredibly hard on us to watch him suffering like that if all he wants to do is die. I'd rather wait a few days and see what happens though, if we can get him on our side, that's another person not on their side.” Drago said.

“You boys are scary, in a good way, even I don't have the ability to do what you did today, and truly, I would've just killed him then and there, no matter what. No, at least trying to make him good, that's something huge, you should both be proud of yourselves.”

“Thanks Sir, but we feel especially dirty right now.”

“And that's good. Making someone suffer, no matter the reason, that should always be hard. Now, why not head back to your room and relax in a nice hot bath, I assure you, you'll feel a thousand percent better for it.”

“Thanks Sir, we might just do that.”

“I'll take care of Zachary, you boys go ahead.”

“Thanks Sir.”

We headed out, whereas Bummemore picked Zachary up and carried him off. I had the distinct feeling that Zachary was about to lose his virginity when he woke up. We both could very clearly tell just how gay he is, we both saw it in his mind, saw how afraid he was of it, and how much he had dreamed of Bummemore fucking him. Maybe it would be as good for him as anything.

Drago and I headed to our room, then right to our bath, and got it started right away, not saying anything. When the water was right, we stripped each other, then sank into the water. Just as we were doing this, we felt Zachary come awake. Because we are still tied to his mind, and need to be, we heard, saw, and felt everything.

“Headmaster, please make them stop this pain, it's almost unbearable.”

“I can't, and I wouldn't, you deserve it far too much anyway. Admit it.”

“I was only doing what I was made to do, I was made to torture and murder, that's why my parents had me, they bred a ruthless killer.” He sobbed.

“Yes, they did, and we've done all that we can to help ease all that and to make you a good boy.”

“Why not just kill me, it'd be easier?”

“I'd never kill a child, unless I had no other choice. However, should that choice need to be made, I'll allow you to do it yourself to ease the pain, and a poison that'll just make you fall asleep and never wake up again will be easily found.”

“Please let me have it now.”

“Sorry, no. First and foremost, you and I are gonna talk some. I'd like to know if you've ever admitted to being gay?”

“What, no, of course not, I'd never be that way.”

“Your mouth says no, but your eyes say something different. Your eyes scream in fear, you know you're gay, deep down you know it, but you can't possibly admit it.”

“No, I'm not, you're wrong.”

“So, if I were to strip naked, stroke my large member in front of you, spray your face with a massive load of man cream, that wouldn't affect you at all?” Bummemore said seductively.

“No, please don't.” Zachary whispered.

“I'd let you do anything with me you like, but, I am a nappy lover too, and if you'd like to have sex with me, I'll nappy you too. I'd love nothing more than to make you a soggy baby boy, then fuck your soggy nappied baby bum.”

“Please, no, stop talking like that.” Zachary whispered in fear.

The only problem, Drago and I can feel how much this is truly affecting him.

“Zachary, you're not wearing any underwear under your robe, are you, because your erection is poking out the front and pulsing a lot from hearing me speak of fucking you.”

“Oh god.” He said, and tried to cover himself.

“If you let yourself go, allow yourself to feel the pleasure that I'm capable of filling you with, I can guarantee you something.” Bummemore whispered softly.

“What Sir.”

“You were taught hatred, never love, but love is the single most powerful force on the planet. I can make you feel love, I can make you feel wanted, I can make you feel good. Let me nappy you Baby, let me love you, let me fill you with all that is good and wholesome in life.”

“No, I can't.” He sobbed, whimpering now.

We felt Bummemore pick Zachary up once again, and this time he held and hugged Zachary tight, rubbed his back tenderly and whispered insistently how good he could be, if only he let go all the pain and fear in his body. For more than an hour, Zachary cried huge pitiful sobs as Bummemore held him and showed him love.

“Please let me nappy you Zachary, I promise you you'll love every second of it.”

Zachary said nothing more, just nodded his head, and so Bummemore laid the scared and scarred young boy on his bed, stripped off his robe and exposed all that he has, and he really is not that big for twelve, nearly thirteen. Bummemore then grabbed all that he would need to nappy the very scared young boy. He spent nearly half an hour rubbing lotion, cream, and powder into the boys groin, before pulling up and taping closed the nice thick nappy.

Bummemore then slipped off his robe, and proceeded to change himself in front of Zachary, and as much as Zachary tried not to do so, he could not help himself, and watched intently as the old man changed.

“You couldn't stop yourself from watching me change my nappy I noticed.”

“Sorry.” He whispered.

“Nothing to be sorry about. Now, peepee your baby nappy like I am. I have no doubt that you must need to go by now, then I'll make nappy love to you, and I guarantee you'll feel better.”

“I can't.”

“Sure you can. Would you like me to cast a spell that'll make you peepee your nappies fully for the next twenty four hours, so that you don't haveta feel it happening?”

Zachary just nodded his head, so Bummemore did so, and then he peed, a lot. Even we felt relief from it. By now Drago and I are out of our bath, dried off, and just getting into our nappies as well. Then we laid down and continued watching the scene play out for us.

“There you go Baby, how'd that feel?”

“Weird, wrong, but good.”

“Very good, possibly weird for the first time I suppose, but so far from wrong it's not even funny. Now, will you allow me to make nappy love to you?”

“Please don't hurt me.”

“I'm not in the business of hurting people, it's my goal to make everyone feel as good as I possibly can. It might be a touch uncomfortable at first, since I'm certain I'm your first and all, but I assure you, I've made love to many young boys, and I've never hurt one.”

“You are.” He whispered fearfully again.

Bummemore then proceeded to poke a hole in Zachary's nappy, then he pulled down the front, cleaned his dick off, cast the spell on his bum, and then proceeded to suck and finger Zachary.

Zachary moaned out lowly at first, nothing had ever felt good before, ever, not even when he killed something, he never felt good. And his parents taught him that the only good is when you kill something that deserves it. Bummemore fingered him slowly, sucked him tenderly, and then Zachary had his first ever orgasm. He squealed out in bliss, fired off his first ever load of cum, and then slumped down.

Bummemore was not finished yet, though, not by a long shot, and continued going, but slipping a second finger into the very nearly virginal boy bum. Zachary gasped out, but not in pain, it felt better than before, and he liked it. He reached down and grabbed the headmasters head, and made the master head giver suck him even more, as he fingered him.

Zachary's second ever cum was larger and stronger than his first, and still Bummemore did not let up. He slipped a third finger in, and continued sucking. Zachary grunted out this time, this hurts a little, but the good feelings are still far outweighing the bad ones by a considerable margin. It took almost ten minutes for Zachary to cum this time, and when he did, the power of it damn near made him pass out, but we sent him some energy and allowed him to stay awake, so that he could feel what he truly needed to feel.

“You're ready for me Baby, will you let me make gay baby nappy love to you?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Good. Enjoy.”

And so Bummemore got up onto his knees, poked a hole in the front of his nappy, pulled out his erection, and then proceeded to feed every last centimeter of it to Zachary, who took it all without complaint and one long low continuous sigh. As soon as he was ready to do so, Bummemore started making love to the scarred boy, and came shortly after starting, filled him with a simply massive load of cum, and then a nice large load of pee as well. He then proceeded to piss fuck Zachary long and slow, making love to him, filling him with everything that he had ever needed in his life. Five orgasms total is what Bummemore pumped into Zachary, and by the time he was finished, Zachary was nearly passing out.

“How do you feel?” Bummemore asked softly.

“Good, real good.”

“That's good. Now, let me slip a nice big butt plug into your sloppy baby boy pussy, and then I think baby deserves to be double nappied for his first time, and then we should get to sleep.”

“Okay.” Was all Zachary said, and then promptly passed out.

Clearly our show is now over, because Zachary's mind stopped recording, but we can only assume that Bummemore did as he said he was going to. Drago and I reached into each other, kissed tenderly for only a minute, while stroking each others hardness, somehow we had not cum once while watching the show, but now we desperately need to, and exploded hard inside our nappies. We inserted our hands, scooped up as much as we could, and then proceeded to feed each other. We changed each other, and then headed into blissful slumber.

Both Drago and I had weird dreams all night, just lots of different pictures if you will, faces, places, few that we recognized, nothing good or bad, just images.

When Drago and I woke up, we had a whispered mind conversation, before feeling Zachary wake up, and so we stayed where we were and watched as his morning unfolded.

“Good morning Zachary, how do you feel this morning?”

“All mixed up.”

“I can believe that. How does your baby bum feel?”

“Full, but good.”

“And your nappy?”

“Very full, but very good.”

“Excellent. Would you like to make baby nappy love to me this morning?”

“I'm not very big, in fact, I'm kinda tiny.”

“You're not tiny, you're okay for your age, considering that you've only just barely started puberty I'm guessing. Many boys your age will be the same size, so don't worry so much. If it'll make you feel better, we can engorge you?”

“You mean it?” He asked fearfully.


“Could we try it naturally first?”

“I'd like that. I like a boys first time to be with what he was granted from birth. It's more special that way.”

“Thanks Sir. I kinda don't know what I'm doing, though.”

“Just do what I did to you last night, do what feels right, do what feels good, and I'm sure you'll be okay.”

Zachary urged the headmaster onto his back, and then climbed down his headmasters body, until his face was pressed into the mans sodden nappy. He groaned deeply from this, never before had he felt such feelings, and he is so hard it hurts. He pulled down Bummemore's nappy and sucked him in, while his fingers started poking a hole in his nappy and finding the entrance to the man he was starting to love. He slipped his fingers in tentatively, just two to start, and found that Bummemore has already opened and lubed his hole.

The feeling of a dick finally filling his mouth was almost overwhelming, feeling inside the headmaster was almost as overwhelming, but both combined caused Zachary to actually cum, because he had been nappy humping the bed beneath him. I whispered a spell to Zachary that would cause his balls to go into full production, so that he could fire as many times as he needed to this morning. We both felt him sigh when this spell took hold.

He did not stop doing what he was doing though, until after one more of his own orgasms, he felt his headmaster unload his cum in his mouth. Zachary had forever wanted to taste a mans cream, he had no idea why, or when he started dreaming it, but now that he has, he knows he can never go back.

Zachary looked up, and Bummemore nodded his head to the unasked question, and so he crawled up until his nappy was pressed to the headmaster's, then he realized he had forgotten to do something, and proceeded to poke a hole in his nappy and pull out his erection, every bit as large and hard as he possibly could be. Then he slipped it inside, and came instantly.

As soon as he was able to start making love to the headmaster, he started jack rabbit fucking, and so Bummemore grabbed hold of his soggy nappied bum, and slowed his pace, so that they could both enjoy it a great deal more. Then the headmaster decided to teach Zachary all about kissing. Zachary melted into the kiss, and actually forgot to continue making love for several moments, but this did not bother either.

Cums two, three, four, and five all lasted roughly three to four minutes each, and still they were not done. Cums six and seven were close to ten minutes each, and then his last cum, came almost half an hour later. As soon as Zachary finished firing, he passed out.

Our show now over again for at least a few minutes, Drago and I decided that we too needed to cum, and bad, and so we sucked each other at the same time, and lasted exactly three seconds. Cums two, three, four, and five for us lasted close to five minutes each, though we had added a pair of fingers to each other and fingered each other well as we sucked.

We could have gone on for longer, but Zachary woke back up, and so we rolled back over to continue watching.

“How do you feel now Baby?” Bummemore asked softly.

We can now feel that Zachary is in a fresh nappy, and his entire body is still tingling in pleasure.

“So good.” He sighs deeply.

“Do you still wanna die?”

“I don't know. If I got to feel that every day, it might help, but if my parents find out about me, I'm dead anyway.”

“I know, which is why you won't be going back with them anyway. You may not believe it, but you and I aren't all that different. My upbringing wasn't quite so severe, but my past too is sullied by some of the trauma you yourself received. It was love that saved me, and so shall it be for you. I've made love to hundreds of boys now, I've even had many boyfriends, but you're the only one that I've felt an honest connection with, one that I feel I could spend a long time with.”

“Really, but I'm damaged goods.”

“And so am I. So are Drago and Perry, so are most people. In some way, every person feels that they're damaged goods. Some it's more true than others, sure, but true none the less. I've always felt that it's not your past actions that determine how you live your life, it's what you do moving forward that truly counts. If you'd like, I'd very much like to help you move forward and be good, and I'd like for you to stay living here with me.”

“I...I'd really like that. Can you, you know, keep that spell on me, to keep me peepeeing my nappies?”

“No, I can't, but maybe if you asked Perry and Drago to, they'd do it for you?”

“They're really more powerful than you Sir?”


“I thought no one was more powerful than you. It's said that you know who only ever feared one person, and that's you.”

“Yes, but was it me that caused him to disappear, or was it Perry?”

“Fair enough. No one knows what truly happened, do they?”

“Perry probably does, if he looks back hard enough, he might see it, but maybe not, he was only just over a year old when it happened. I think that it was a combination of a couple things though. The fact that his mother died to protect him did, I'm sure, cast a powerful protection over him, but the fact that Perry's incredibly powerful himself I'm sure came to the rescue as well. Plenty of parents died to protect their children, and yet Perry's the only one that survived when Moldyvort tried to kill him. No others ever did before. Moldyvort also didn't die that day, of that too I'm certain, I don't think he had enough humanity left in him to truly die, but what truly happened, even I can only guess.”

“What's your guess Sir?”

“That his soul was broken apart, scattered to the wind, clinging to life in some misbegotten way. There was no body, it vaporized, so the spell backfiring, or Perry's magic coming to his defense, we're still not sure which, blew him apart totally.”

“How's that even possible Sir, no one's that powerful?”

“Really. I'm incredibly powerful, and yet, even I'm not the most powerful wizard that's ever lived. In all life, there is great diversity, where you have weak, you must also have strong, where you have life, so too must you have death, where there is darkness, light always follows. You see, you've met incredibly weak witches and wizards, those who struggle to do even the simplest of spells, which means that you must also have someone on the opposite end of the scale, someone who's incredibly powerful. A squib, one born to two incredibly powerful parents is said to have some magic in them, yet not enough to use magic themselves, yet they can see that which is magical. This, to me, is the weakest form of magic. Barely even there, not even detectable, which means, that someone must have immense power to balance him or her out. You also have to understand, it's not just Perry, it's also Drago.”

“What do you mean Sir?”

“They were destined for each other, they've always shared a bond, this I'm becoming more and more certain of. So it's wholly possible that they even shared power back then, and some of Drago's power came to the rescue. Now that they've merged and become one, their power's even more immense. Two bodies sharing an immense ocean of power.”

“Oh. Why would you tell me all this Sir?”

“So that you know what love can do, mostly, but also so that you understand the depths of their relationship, and possibly even ours some day. It's said that when two magical people are joined together and have bonded, that they can often share things, power and thoughts, but only if they're meant for each other. Next, don't call me Sir when we're together, you and I are baby boyfriends now, it's Allbum to you.”

“Okay, but that's gonna feel weird for a while.”

“That I'm certain of.”

“Sir, I mean Allbum, do you think I'll be alright?”

“I don't know. You have about two to three days in you where your mind will either heal or shut down. If it shuts down, I'll let you slip away into a nice peaceful slumber, so that you no longer haveta feel anything. If, however, you survive, then I think you'll be okay. I also promise, that if you give yourself the will to live, to accept what was and what is, that I'll make every moment from this moment on as good as I can possibly make it.”

“Then I'll try, really hard, for you and for me. I wouldn't want you to feel bad about letting me die.”

“Thank you, I admit that with how I'm feeling for you, that that'd be hard, but I'd gladly accept it if it meant that you got to finally be at peace. Sometimes it's not a sin to want to die, but most often there is far too much to live for. I can happily show you that, teach you all that which you should have been taught from a young age. I'd really rather you not die, but I'll be fine if your mind just can't cope with what your parents did to it.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“It's getting close to breakfast time, we both need a shower and fresh nappies, then breakfast and then work, so come on Baby, up and at em.”