Chapter 7

We stopped watching then, and decided that we too needed to go do the same. Drago and I had had a nice long bath last night, so we do not need a shower, but we still want one anyway, and so we went and had a quick shower and cleaned off. We got a nice blow job, but not that nice, and then went and nappied each other nice and thick, before getting dressed. We ordered up breakfast, and then ate quickly before heading out to class.

First class was boring, but second class we had a double potions class, and we found Snipe already back, though his head is still considerably larger than it normally is. A few of his students giggled, until he leveled a glare at them that could have frozen hell over, three times. We all took our seats.

“Our last class ended in disaster, you all know what happens when you don't heed my warnings, the offending student is being punished by me far more severely than just having an engorged head. From this moment on, if you do not follow my explicit instructions, to the letter, said offending student shall be hung from the wall in my office, I will collect your tears for three months to power potions. Gathering child's tears for certain potions is hard to do, because you have to capture tears that are caused by pain and or humiliation, I will do both and happily collect those tears. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” Snipe yelled out at us, his voice clearly engorged as well.

“Yes Professor.”

“Good. Today we will be mixing the counter potion to the engorgement potion, the shrinking one. This potion is especially tricky, and needs twice as long as the engorgement potion, hence it must be done during a double potions class. It is almost as tricky to make, and as such, paying close attention to the instructions is of absolute necessity. Make a mistake in this potion, and shrinking body parts isn't a concern, because they'll just not be there. Finebottom, I've been told that you did admirably on your engorgement potion, and that I'm not to berate, belittle, or threaten you, that your fear of me holds you back in this class. With that being said, however, you mess this up and cause an explosion today, and you're out, no matter what the headmaster says.”

“Yes Sir.” Deville squeaked out.

So much for not berating, belittling, or threatening, because that was a squeak of pure fear. I decided to send a spell of peace and calm over to Deville to help calm his nerves and not be afraid. I saw him visibly calm down and the fear leave his eyes.

“As for the rest of you, this potion is one of the hardest that you'll encounter this year, it must be done perfectly, and you must do it in time, failure isn't an option. Start.”

We all started gathering our supplies as soon as the cupboard opened, and then got started. Even Hermoany was sweating over this one, but Drago and I were doing incredibly well. Until Snipe came up to me.

“Hotter, what are you doing?”

“Cutting up the bat spleen Sir?”

“Bat spleen, does that look like bat spleen to you. How stupid can you be to mistake bat spleen for chicken heart.”

“They look exactly the same, Sir, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, however, you'll find, the jar I grabbed says bat spleen on it, so if I was about to make a mistake, then I think you need to look elsewhere. Who bottled these bat spleens and chicken hearts?” I asked calmly.

“I did myself, and there was no mistake.”

“Look at the jar Sir, it says very clearly, bat spleen, on it.”

“Silence, are you calling me a liar.”

“Stop.” Drago yelled out.

And the entire room stopped, suspended in time completely, even the vapors coming off all the cauldrons had stopped. Only three people are not affected by this, Drago, Snipe, and me.

“Um, Drago, what'd you just do?” I asked in shock.

“Stopped time.” He grinned to me, then turned to face Snipe, and the look on his face was pure evil.

“Professor Snipe, if you ever dare talk to my boyfriend in that manner ever again, I promise you here and now, it WILL be the very last thing you ever do. Even from here I can see what that jar says, and no, even I cannot tell the difference between a fucking bat spleen or a chicken liver. If there is a mistake, and you are the one to have bottled it, then only two possible things have happened. You either did in fact make a mistake, or someone is trying to sabotage your class. Anyone who knows this potion knows exactly what'd happen if you put a chicken heart into this potion instead of bat spleen, the explosion could easily kill someone. So, did you make a mistake?”

“Mytoy, I absolutely forbid you to talk to me in that way.”

“And I forbid you to talk to my boyfriend in that way, now answer the fucking question.”

“Young man.” He said, and then froze.

“Snipe, I warn you again, I will not hesitate to turn you into something even more foul than you already are. I can hold you here like this for as long as I like. I can cause untold amounts of pain, I can make you disappear, no one would ever find you. Don't try me.”

“Bummemore said you were getting powerful, clearly I underestimated you.” He said simply.

“Answer the question.”

“It's impossible that I made a mistake, I checked, and then triple checked everything last night. They were all bat spleens. Had that chicken heart ended up in that potion, it may well have killed anyone within a meter of the blast radius. That's why I never have the chicken hearts anywhere nearby when doing this potion.”

“So, who could've gotten in and switched it out?”

“No one, I lock my doors every time I leave, no one can get in or out without my knowing.”

“So, did you try and kill Perry then, the bottle was in his spot, it was meant for him and him alone?”

“No, of course not, I may not like Perry, but I'd never kill him. Especially in that way, that'd be like putting up a huge sign, advertising the fact that I killed him. I'm not stupid.”

“The way you treat your students sometimes, Sir, and I use that honorific loosely, doesn't lend credence to that statement.”

“I treat my students the way they deserve to be treated.”

“No, you don't. Poor Finebottom is scared shitless of you, Perry had to cast a spell on him to calm him down, and he hates you with a loathing close to what Perry feels for Moldyvort. Then there's how you treat the Griffendoer's in general, like shit on your shoe. Half your own students are far worse in this class than all the Griffendoer's combined, and yet they never get treated the way you treat the Griffendoer's. That ends as of now, or we will punish you for every time you do so from here on out.” Drago said softly, dangerously.

“You wouldn't dare, I'm a professor here.”

“I don't give a damn who you think you are, if I feel you need to be brought down a peg or two, you'd better believe I'll do it in a heartbeat.”

“Can you please let me go now?”

“Are you gonna be a human?”

“Yes.” He said, gritting his teeth, and so Drago let him go, so that he could move again.

“Good, now we're getting somewhere.”

“If I didn't screw up, and you did in fact grab a jar labeled as something that it's certainly not supposed to be, then the question still remains, how'd it end up there?”

“I wish I could say.” I said, and then I thought about it. “Actually, I might be able to. Each person leaves a distinct mark on everything they touch with magic, and a powerful enough wizard can usually find those traces. What spell did you use to lock the cabinet, and unlock it for this mornings classes?” I asked.

He told me, so I headed to the cabinet, and started casting spells on it, to try and determine how and when it was tampered with. It took a few minutes, and I had to cast more than a dozen spells of detection, but I finally found out who.

“Sir, do you ever allow a seventh year student by the name of Radu to help you with your potion ingredients?”

“Yes, all the time, he's an incredible potions student, and is well on his way to becoming a potions master himself.”

“And would you say that he knows well what'd happen should a chicken heart be substituted in this potion?”

“Of course, every student in this grade is taught that?”

“So, would you say that with his knowledge of bat and chicken anatomy that there would not be any chance that this was an accident?”

“No, in order to make it into my seventh year advanced course, one must be able to accurately determine what each and every item is with absolute perfection. You will be given three tries, but if you do not do it, then I will not allow you into my course, and those two ingredients are always included.”

“So, you're saying that this was no accidental inclusion by him?”

“No. That'd be impossible.”

“And was he here helping you last night to prepare for this class?”

“No, I do these ones alone, to ensure absolute perfection, there can be no mistakes?”

“So, the fact that I can feel his magic as opening this cabinet early this morning would not be proper?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Then I very strongly recommend that you apprehend him quickly. I'm guessing that the reason you caught it so quick, is because you're always on the lookout for this sorta thing?”



“I was only trying to save my own neck.” He laughed.

“Gee, that makes me feel better.” I laughed as well.

“Shall I return the rest of the students to time?” Drago asked.

“Yes.” Both Snipe and I said as one.

As soon as the rest of the class was back with us, they were in silence from having seen what they did.

“Well, go get a proper bottle and continue with your potion, if there was a mistake, I must find out how and where.” Snipe said, trying to seem to the others as if nothing happened.

I hopped up and grabbed a spare bottle of bat spleen, asked Snipe if it was correct, and he said it was, and I continued on with my potion.

By the end of the class, Snipe was actually in a good mood, he even smiled, which may have frightened a couple of the students, and even Deville did such a wonderful job on his potion that Snipe was shocked. I think I will have to say that spell a few more times for him, until he gets his confidence.

As soon as we left, I felt Snipe go right to Bummemore to tell him of what happened.

“Wow, interesting things always seem to happen around you, don't they?” Drago chuckled as we were heading to lunch.

“Yeah, interesting. That's putting it politely. People trying to kill me, injure me, harass me, tease me, yeah, interesting.” I said with no small amount of frustration.

“No kidding. I'm just glad Snipe caught it when he did, because, like I said, even I don't know how to tell the difference between the two, at least once they're in small pieces. I mean, had they been full, it would've been easy to tell the difference, but bat spleens are already tiny, and chopped up chicken heart looks way too much like it for comfort. No wonder he makes sure to do it himself.”

“No kidding, because I haveta wonder if my magic could've protected me from that, not to mention however many other students it would've hurt or killed at the same time.”

“Let's hope we never haveta find out.”

“Yeah, but I have a feeling that this won't be the last attack either. I think you've already felt it too, but you can feel Moldyvort getting stronger too, can't you?”

“Yes, and it scares me as much as it does you, but one thing that I know, when and if it happens, we'll face it together, and if one of us dies, so too shall the other, but we won't, I can feel that our lives are long and prosperous.”

“I had no idea you were a Star Trek fan?” I giggled.

“Huh, what the hell are you talking about?”

“TV show called Star Trek, one the characters, a Vulcan by the name of Spock, always says, 'Live long and prosper.'” I said.

“You know full well I've never even seen a television in my life, so how could I know that?” He asked.

“I know, I was teasing you. The only reason I know it at all, is because my uncle liked to watch it sometimes, though he always called out, preposterous, or fake, but I'd try and listen to it, since it's one of the few things I could do when I was in my room under the stairs.”

When we made it to the great hall for lunch, no one bothered us this time, and we ate lunch in peace, talking to the few friends who would talk to Drago. Most of my friends are warming to the idea, but still, there are a few holdouts. We had a good lunch, and then we headed back out for classes, and worked until we were released for the day.

After dinner, which we ate in the great hall again, Bummemore asked Drago and I to his study, so we headed there with he and Zachary. As soon as we were there and seated, I started things off.

“So, I should warn you, we heard and felt everything you two shared last night and this morning, being tied to your mind as we are Zachary, means that everything you hear, see, and feel, we also experience. We know how much you enjoyed it, and I'm glad that you did. Your mind's well on the path to recovery, and I don't feel that Bummemore will have to give you the potion. Can you tell us how you're feeling though?”

“Well, a little embarrassed to know you know.” He said.

“Understandable, but not necessary. How else.”

“I'm feeling good. Not better, but good. I've never felt love before, it feels new, foreign, different.”

“Good, that's what we hoped for. How do you feel now about the punishments that we gave you yesterday?”

“Still upset, but I think I'm starting to understand how necessary they were. Are.”

“Good. And yes, we will remove your bladder function permanently if you want us to.”

He only nodded his head eagerly, so we did so, and he sighed as he felt it take hold.

“So, Headmaster, what'd you wanna see us for?”

“To tell you that Professor Snipe and I detained a young man who tried to kill you today. Believe it or not, but he was working for none other than Zachary's parents. Apparently they've got a bit of a network of right little assassins here, and we're well on our way to rooting them all out. The problem, none of them seem to know each other.”

“Ah, how very interesting.” I said dryly.

“Yes, we thought so too, so I've sent Mr. and and Mrs. Pleaseme after Zachary's parents. They'll weed everything out, and his parents will likely not survive the interrogation, especially once they find out that they're trying to kill you.”

“Tell them not to kill them Sir, tell them we want them to suffer as well, and if need be, bring them here to allow us to work our magic on them.” Drago grinned brightly.

“Understood, and I think Zachary would love to be there to witness that as well.”

“Very much so.” He said.

“Good. So, how many others have you caught so far then Sir?”

“Only two. Zachary, tell them what you told me earlier.”

“Okay. My parents told me that I shouldn't outright attack you, but that should the chance arise that I could make it look like an accident, or someone elses fault, that I was to take it. I almost took that chance more than a dozen times this year and last.”

“Yes, we saw that already, no worries.” Drago said.

“I thought you might've. You saw everything in my head, didn't you?”

“You have no secrets from us, and though you did not know of the other assassins your parents were training, you did assume as much, because of the amount they always had others there, even other kids. You knew what they were making you into, so you were curious enough to think you weren't their only asset.” Drago said again.

“Yes, and you already have all those faces, don't you?”

“Yes, and two more students are already on our watch list, no worries. We've ensured that they can't fire off any spells that can harm anyone, nor can they hurt anyone in most manners.” I said this time.

“Oh, good.”

“Why didn't you inform me of this yourselves?”

“Had to be sure, but we haven't dug into their minds, because they haven't given us reason to, but we're also not taking chances. We've assumed that they've thought that because Drago and I've gotten together, as well we seem to have boosted our powers, that I, or more than likely both of us, need to be taken out.”

“Ah, understandable.” He said, pondering something. “Without prying into their minds, is there any way to find our what they're doing?”

“Short of having a tail on them twenty four seven, no, not really.” Drago said.

“Unless we put a magical tag on them that records every person they meet, and if we can somehow work it so that it records their conversations as well, that'd be helpful.” I said.

“Could such a thing be done?” Bummemore asked.

“In theory, yes, we'll haveta think on it though and see if we can form a spell that'd do it. We'd probably haveta cast it on them in person though, but we can do that without them knowing, but some spells you can feel, so they might know it right away too, hard to say.” Drago said.

“But, if we created a magical distraction at the exact same moment, they might not notice it either.” I added.

“That might be difficult.” Drago said.

“Yeah, especially since none of them are in our year, and we don't share any classes with them.” I said.

“We'll haveta think on it more Sir.” Drago said.

“Do what you need to do boys.”

“Thanks Sir. We'll keep you in the loop, and we'll also take our twenty four seven monitoring off of Zachary, so that you two may have your privacy.”

“Much appreciated, for both.” Bummemore said, though I know him well enough to know that he would not mind us watching anyway.

We separated shortly after, then headed out. We now have to hoof it to make it to my anti-Dementor lessons. Drago and I made it only seconds late, and Lupin was just setting up as we entered.

“Ah, so good of you boys to join me this evening. Professor Bummemore's already informed me of your situation, and he's asked me to go ahead and test you in a few forms of magic that are rather well outside the area that's normally taught here. Bummemore may be far more powerful, but I have a broader range, and as such, I can teach you far more, hence the reason for him asking me to do so.”

“Oh, okay. Are you still gonna teach me the Patronus charm though?”

“Of course, and that's where we're gonna start today, though, I daresay, you clearly don't need it. That Patronus you cast the other day was spectacular. The more you cast it now, though, the better it'll be and longer it'll last, as well, eventually it'll take the shape of what animal form suits you.”

“Oh good, because there's still an awful lot of Dementors around here.”

“Too many for my liking, though I think one is too many.”

“Agreed Sir. In the cupboard as usual?”

“It is, and waiting. So, without further ado, go ahead and think up your most happy thought.”

Well, that was an easy one, and so I thought of the first time Drago and I made love to each other, the feelings permeated me so fully, that I do not feel as if an entire army of Dementors could hurt me. Professor Lupin opened the cupboard door magically, and out sprang the Bogart Dementor. I decided to try using no wand, and not speaking the spell, and cast the Patronus at the Bogart Dementor. The spell went off without the tiniest hint of a problem, my Patronus took on the shape of a rather large stag, and then it charged down the Dementor, hooked it in its antlers, and tossed it, the Bogart Dementor disappeared with a pop. The stag came sauntering back to me, nuzzled my cheek for a moment, and then disappeared.

I looked over to Lupin, to find him with a shocked look on his face. His mouth was hanging open, though I could see that he was trying hard to form some words, his jaw was trying to move. It took a full minute for him to be able to speak.

“You just destroyed a Bogart with a Patronus, that's unheard of.”

“We've been getting that response a fair bit lately.” Drago said dryly.

“And your Patronus, it was fully formed, and far brighter and more solid than I've ever even heard of, even more so than Bummemore's is.”

“He's told us that we're stronger than he is Sir, so that stands to reason.” I said softly.

“Well, okay then. I guess anti-Dementor lessons are done with, I doubt I'll find another Bogart, and you clearly don't seem to need it anymore anyway. So, does Bummemore know about the fact that you seem to be able to perform powerful magic with neither wand nor word?”

“Yes.” We both said.

“You both can, interesting. Bummemore told me that you two have fully melded minds, and that both your power's increased because of it, but this he never mentioned. Just how strong are you two, may I see your auras?”

“You mean drop our shields?”

“Yes, Bummemore told me that he had to teach you that, so as not to scare us teachers. I admit, I thought he was being facetious, now I have a tiniest hint of a clue as to what I'm gonna find.”

“Okay Sir.” We both said, and then removed our shields from our minds.

Lupin looked for only a minute, and then looked away.

“My goodness boys, the fact that you seem to have more magical resources within you than half the witches and wizards in the country is actually secondary to what else I see.”

“What do you mean Sir?” We both asked.

“You have every form of magic known about, as well as a few that I've only heard about. You have complete control over all wand magic, there are no limitations that I can see, it seems you both also have full ability to do so without wand or word, which I know you both know is exceptionally rare. So rare, in fact, that you are the first people that I've ever heard of being able to do both, at the same time, and have command over more than just a few simple spells. Then there's the fact that you both have a full grasp of divination, anamorphic and metamorphic magics, time control, mind magics, healing, and so many more I can't even begin to tell you it all.”

“So, is there nothing that we can't do then?”

“Magically, no, by the looks of it. However, with that being said, there's natural limitations. Divination, for instance, as you know is an incredibly imprecise art, because the future is forever changing, there is no is or is not when it comes to telling the future. Some of the best diviners in history have been able to pick up things a bit more clearly, but even then, it's never perfect.

“Then there's time control, which is nearly all but unheard of, in fact, I've never had reports of a witch or wizard actually having the ability. My assumption on this matter, however, is that you'd still have the same limitations as any time traveling or meddling. If you go back, the furthest you can go back without doing irreparable damage is an hour or two. If you went back, let's say, twenty years, even the slightest interference could cause the entire world you knew to be changed. Going forward, to the best of my knowledge, simply can't happen, because it hasn't happened yet.

“You already know about anamorphic magic, the ability to change into an animal, but metamorphic magic is the same but in human form, in other words, you can change your own appearance. This is a rare but not uncommon trait that some are born with. Your anamorphic magic though is far more than most. Most can change to only one animal, and it can take years and years of practice to be able to do even that, I can feel that you've already tried this out. These are both incredibly useful magics, because you can slip in and out of nearly anywhere undetected, but it can also be dangerous, as well as be used for nefarious purposes.

“Then there's healing, sure, almost all witches and wizards can be taught how to heal wounds with magic, but that magic seems to be within you, as in I think you might have full magical healing properties. How much this works, I simply don't know. Again, this is an incredibly rare gift, and most that have it just simply heal incredibly fast, live incredibly long, and can sometimes even heal others just by touch. Of course, someone who's already dead, or so close to it, is out of the question. You may have the ability to drag a person right from the very cusp of death's door, cure nearly any ailment or injury, in others as well as yourself, and possibly much more. Again, I simply don't know enough about this magic. Bummemore might know more, since he was graced with that ability, hence his exceedingly long life and great health, but, even still, he only has a tiny measure of it in comparison to you two.

“Then there's mind magic. Clearly you've already experienced much of this, it's pretty hard to ignore being there, especially when it's as strong as you two seem to have it. Again, this is not an uncommon gift, many have had the ability to glean other peoples thoughts or emotions, however, none have done both as far as I know, and nor have they ever had the strength that you two possess. Normally students are taught how to shield their minds once they start to mature enough that they can feel their own magic, and when this happens, they can usually start to feel others with magic around them as well, this is why witches and wizards always seem to know each other, because they can feel each other, at least a bit. Your ability exceeds this by a wide margin. You can see into any mind you want, can feel every emotion, examine every memory, can't you?”

“Yes Sir, though we actively try not to, for people's privacy.” We both said together.

“That, I'm happy to say, is a relief. With as strong as your abilities feel, I have my doubts that even the strongest mental shields could keep you out for more than a minute or two. In fact, I'd like you to try it please. I have a great many secrets, though, I'd really rather keep them, so, should you breach my shields, please respect that privacy and do not snoop. I'm trusting you a great deal to do this though.”

“Understood Sir, and unless we absolutely had no choice but to do so, we'd never snoop anyway.” We both said together again.

“Thanks. Okay, I'm fortifying my shields even more than normal to try and block you. If you'd go one at a time please.”

I nodded to Drago, and so he went at it, and ten seconds later, he was in.

“That was my strongest shield possible, and you breached it far faster than anyone's ever been able to. Bummemore takes at least a few minutes. Okay, now you Perry.”

I tried as well, and broke it in ten seconds as well.

“As I suspected, you're both the same. Okay, now together.”

And so we did, and broke it in two seconds.

“It was too much, trying to keep the two of you out together, was like trying to hold back a tsunami with an umbrella.”

“Did we hurt you Sir?”

“No, exhausted me, and I can certainly feel it, but not hurt.”

“Sorry Sir.”

“No need to be sorry, it's what I'm here to do, teach you and find out your strengths. I can't do that while sitting on the sidelines, now can I. Don't worry about me, I'm stronger than I seem.”

“We can feed you energy if you need it!”

“Really, can you now. Interesting. That'll be your healing abilities, whatever a person needs to survive, you can give to them, and for witches and wizards, we need our magic to survive, so, of course, you'd be able to feed people magic.” He said more to himself than to us. “Have you done this before?”

“Yes, couple times now, but I burned Rod a little by accidentally feeding him too much.”

“Yes, I'm sure you could. Receiving magical energy from you would be a lot like using lava to heat a thimble full of water, and I can honestly say I would not want to feel that unless necessary.”

“We can temper it though, so that it doesn't hurt.”

“That's good. Now, another thing that most witches and wizards can do is something called apparition, Drago knows this already, and you may have heard about it Perry, but the ability to disappear from one place, and almost instantly appear in another. Normally such a thing is not able to be done at Warthogs at all, there's anti-apparition magic all over, to prevent magical attacks and whatnot.”

“But, Sir, the house elves do it all the time?” I said.

“Ah, yes, but you see, house elves have magic all their own, and in many cases, it is far better than our own. They can get in and out of places that normal wizards only dream of. I'd like both of you to try and Apparate right now and go to the other side of this room. Normally this is a very dangerous thing to do without training, but again, you seem to have the ability in full measure, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it's more in line with what the house elves themselves can do, they can do it naturally, without training or anything, they just can. I wanna know if you just can as well.”

“Okay.” We both said, and then thought of ourselves as being on the other side of the room, and sure enough, one second we were standing in front of Professor Lupin, the next we were on the opposite side of the room.

“How very intriguing, even in the castle we can't stop you.”

We walked back.

“Sir, are you afraid of us?”

“Everyone should be afraid of you, if they're smart. Fortunately, I do know you, and you both have very good hearts and strong minds. When I was in your minds, searching around, I saw much, but no, I too did not snoop. You both have no inclination at all to hurt people, the only thing I see in you is goodness, you just wanna help people.”

“That's not entirely true, Sir, and you know it. I wanna be the one to kill Moldyvort, and I will if he ever comes back, I promise you that.” I said strongly.

“I'd expect nothing less, to tell you the truth. You'd see it as doing the ultimate act of good, sacrificing yourself to save hundreds. I doubt you'd die in the process, you're too strong for that now, but you'd sacrifice some of your goodness in order to kill something so vile and evil.”

“In a heartbeat.” Both Drago and I said together again.

“Good. So, anyway, back to apparition, if you can do so inside the castle, then your range should be every bit as good as a house elves. They have nearly no limitations as to where they can go. The average witch or wizard might only have a few hundred kilometer range, but house elves have been known to travel a thousand or more. The obvious limitations are, you can't Apparate inside something solid, and you shouldn't do so into the sky or water. Pretty self explanatory, really.”

“Do we haveta be able to see the place where we wanna go?”

“Knowing it is somewhat useful, and apparition is sometimes funny that way, you don't always haveta know exactly where it is you're going, just that you wanna go there. It always seems to place us in an out of the way area, so that muggles don't see us, and they rarely, if ever, hear the popping noise it makes. Then again, muggles are funny that way, even when they see magic right in front of their eyes, they rarely ever see it for what it is anyway. When Apparating, to someone's house or place of business, it is always considered good manners to do so outside their property, and then walk in and knock at the door. Most homes have anti-apparition protection surrounding them anyway, so this is normally not a concern. It's still good manners though.”

“Is there no way to stop the noise that it makes?”

“None that we're aware of.”

“Seems an odd thing, but I suppose that it prevents witches and wizards from sneaking up on each other, so maybe it's for the best.”

“Definitely for the best.”

“So, what else do you have to teach us Sir?”

“So much more, but I'm afraid that that'll be all for another night. We've used up all our time, and I need to get you back to your room.”

“Oh, okay Sir. Thanks.” We both said.

We walked back to our room, chatting amiably with Lupin the whole way there. Once we were safely inside, Lupin headed back to his room.

“Well Baby, it's been a long and interesting day, once again, I need a soggy bum change, and then I very much wanna curl up in our bed and kiss and cuddle and pet each other very much.” Drago whispered to me.

“And I too would love that very much.”

We ended up in our bed only a few seconds later, already stripped of our robes and socks and shoes, but leaving our soggy nappies as they are for now. We met in a tender embrace, kissing deeply, tenderly, while starting to pet each others nappied dicks. Just before we were about to cum, we slipped our hands inside each others nappies and collected all the cum we could, and then proceeded to lick it off each others hands, then continued kissing. We slipped our hands back inside each others nappies this time, and proceeded to very slowly stroke each other while kissing.

We managed a further three good sized cums, slurping each other up after each orgasm, kissing and sharing the wealth, before we were finally sated for the night. We changed each other, then curled up and fell asleep.

As we slept, we both dreamed, only this time it was not a nightmare. I can honestly say that I have never had a dream like this before.

Both Drago and I look a lot older, I would say somewhere around the age of thirty five or so, and we are in what I know to be his living room, though the way it feels, it is now our living room. It is Christmas morning, and we are surrounded by fourteen children, nine boys and five girls, ranging in age from as young as three, to as old as about fourteen. All of us are sitting around our beautifully decorated tree in nothing but our sodden night nappies, all the kids excited as can possibly be, being Christmas morning and all.

They are all ours, half are mine, half are Drago's, but we are raising them all as ours. Each child, we know, has a different muggle mother, we have paid fourteen women to carry our children and give birth to them, then sign them over to us, we know this, and so do most of the children. So far every last one of them, but the youngest, has already either started school at Warthogs, or has already started displaying magical abilities, so we know they too will receive their letters some day.

Drago and I are passing out the gifts to all our children, there is not a lot, since we simply do not need a lot, and they are all excited. Our youngest, just barely three years old, is so excited to get his very first toy broom, that he starts levitating off the floor, and we all cheer for him, his first magical display.

Drago and I pick him up and hug him tightly, he is such a little cutie, so young, so innocent, and looking so like Drago it is uncanny, so I know that he is his. Half the kids look a lot like me, the other half like Drago. The rest of the kids cheer on their youngest brother, and he is so proud, and so he should be.

Only moments later, our youngest is zooming around on his toy broom, and already I can see a large vase by the roaring fireplace teetering as he brushes past it, and so I put out a hand and steady it. I am not worried if he breaks anything, we can repair it, and he is having fun, so why should we care about such a silly thing. All his brothers and sisters are cheering him on, telling him that he will be the most famous Quidditch player of all time with moves like those. Of course they are only trying to boost his confidence, and it is working, because he tried to take the broom far higher than it is intended to go, his toes are supposed to be still touching the ground, then did a barrel roll, and promptly crashed into the couch.

All we hear from him is the most infectious giggling imaginable, and we go and un-bury him from the cushions that have nearly swallowed him whole, and he says, “Daddy, daddy, did you see that, I really flew.”

“Yes baby boy, you sure did.” We both say and hug him tightly again.

His brothers and sisters all cheer him again.

The rest of the kids we can also feel are powerful, much stronger than most of the kids were when we went to school, even the youngest of them, the five, six, and seven year olds, feel to have more raw magical talent than most of the eleven year olds did when they started. We have several in school now, two of them in year one, one in two, and two in three. They are all doing especially well in school, and we are so proud of them. Sure, there is still teasing and bullying, sure there is still some of the pure blood bullshit, but, over all, McGoonagal has done an amazing job.

Our children too, whether mine or Drago's, are in a mix of houses, but only ever Slitherin or Griffendoer, at least so far.

Drago and I go and sit on the couch and happily watch our children play with their new toys, until finally I stand up, hold out my hand for my baby, and lead him somewhere, whispering to him that I have a Christmas gift for him, and he grins and says he has one for me as well. We had not given each other a gift yet, really, what could we get for each other that we do not already have anyway. Still, there is one thing.

Shortly after we went back to school and fully graduated, we got married in a simple service, yeah simple, we had just a little over five hundred in attendance, Drago gave me a wedding gift that actually made me cry, and I had not cried all throughout the ceremony, but this made me cry. Somehow my family tree was still intact in the house I was born in and my parents died in, and Drago managed to go and get it, took it to several specialists to have it all repaired, and had had it restored to its once former glory. Magical family family trees are incredibly special, showing every witch and wizard born, they do so automatically, they grow by themselves, and mine goes back over twelve generations.

Drago also has his, and ours are side by side now, with a nice little ribbon leading from him to me, and then all our kids branch out from both of us on our separate trees. As we reached my tree, I pointed to a new little acorn on it.

“Really?” He said, his eyes glowing with tears.

And then he pointed to his tree, and his too has another little acorn on it. These acorns are as they seem, babies that have not yet been born, and when they are, the acorns will turn to leaves.


“Yeah, just got word yesterday. You?”

“Four days ago. Boy or girl?”

“Girl. You?”

“Boy. So, two more babies. Are we fucking mental or what?” I grinned brightly.

“Absolutely, totally, out of this world, mental for each other.” And we embraced and kissed like the lovers we are.

After seeing this vision in my sleep, I slept a sleep so peaceful it is hard to compare. Even I can feel myself smiling in my sleep.