Chapter 9

After eating a good filling dinner, we all got dressed and headed out. I no longer need to use my map, because my mind works much the same way. I know exactly what Rod and Hermoany feel like, so I searched for and found them down in one of the courtyards, so that is where we headed.

“Hi guys, how are you?” I asked when I found my friends.

“Not too bad, considering we just received this.” Hermoany said, then handed over a letter.

It is from Hunghard, and says that the committee has decreed that Buckbeak be executed.

“Yeah, that's exactly what I told Rugged they'd do, but not to worry, because we'd never allow it to happen.”

“Oh, when did you talk to him about this?” Hermoany asked.

“After class yesterday, Drago and I talked to him, warned him that no matter what he said and or promised, that they were gonna sign the death warrant right then and there, but that he was to put on the good show, break down in tears, you know, just act like himself when it comes to monsters. I didn't think he'd have had a hard time playing the part, and from the tear stains on this letter, I'm guessing that to be true anyway. Great guy, just not very bright.” I said.

“Yeah, he probably honestly thinks we'd allow it to happen.” Rod chuckled.

“Well, we won't.” Drago and I said together.

Just as we were about to continue talking, a voice I would rather not hear spoke up behind me.

“Hotter, come here, you have some explaining to do?” Snipe said.

“I'm sorry Sir, I can explain how to be a good person a hundred or more times, but the rest really hasta be up to you.” I smiled serenely at him.

“You were spotted in Hogscum, explain to me how that can be, when I know for fact that you're not supposed to be anywhere near there?” He said, soundly ignoring my barb.

“If I was spotted in Hogscum, Sir, then you'd best be checking into the reliability of your sources, because, I assure you, I was nowhere near there. I was in my room the entire time, and I have three people who can vouch for me.”

“My source is incredibly reliable, and your eye witnesses are clearly on your payroll now, so I wouldn't put any faith in them whatsoever. Now, you're coming with me.”

“No, Sir, I most certainly am not. I do not accept this false accusation, and I insist that you bring my accuser to me and Bummemore for questioning.”

“No, I am a professor here, and you will do as I say.” He said dangerously.

“Or what?” I asked softly, dangerously.

“You may think that you're better than everyone, the great and powerful Perry Hotter, but I assure you, you're still nothing more than a stuck up little pain in my ass, just like your father.”

“Ah yes, you hated my father, and so you hate me. I pity you, Sir, and I use that loosely, so determined to make my life a misery, because my father treated you just the way you asked to be treated. Now, the answer is no, I will not submit to your punishments, I will not go with you anywhere, and if you insist on carrying this any further, I will take you directly to Bummemore.”

“Fine, one hundred points from Griffendoer.”

“No. One hundred points to Griffendoer for putting up with you.” I said, and stopped his command from being carried out.

“How dare you.”

“No, how dare you. Now, I can show you that I was in my room the entire time everyone else was in Hogscum.”

Then, before he could try and stop me, I locked his body, and forced him to watch the entire several hours, though it only took a few minutes. I made him watch in excruciating detail how both Drago and I were nappy fucked, how we were cum and piss fucked, everything. I also made him see the clock on the wall, which shows not only the time, but the date and everything as well.

“So, you see, Sir, I was not lying to you. Even you cannot possibly deny what you just witnessed.”

“If you're powerful enough to show me a vision like that, you're powerful enough to tamper with it too.” He said, seething mad now, probably because I showed him amazing gay sex, and I have still not let him go.

“Enough. Go back to your dungeon, never bother me again. I have no idea what you've done to regain Bummemore's trust, but you have none from me, if you ever challenge me again, it will be the last thing you do, I promise you that.”

“How dare you threaten a teacher of this school.”

“While it may be true that you are a teacher here, and it is even true that you do know what you're doing, I was not threatening a teacher, I was making a full blown promise. I DO NOT make idle threats. Now, be gone, or I turn you into a rodent. The first time will last only an hour, the second time I warn you it lasts a week. Third time. Well, let's put it this way, there won't be a fourth time I haveta turn you into a rodent. Am I making myself perfectly clear, Sir.” I snapped.

“I'll tell Bummemore.”

“Please do. I'm sure he'd very much love to interview your so called eye witness.”

“I'm gonna expel you if it's the lat thing I do.”

And then he turned into a cute little Guinea Pig.

“I told you, I don't make idle threats. Now, hopefully you don't run into any snakes along the way, you look like you'd be a nice tasty treat.”

Snipe as a rodent scurried away, though I can still hear his thoughts. I did not take away his thoughts, he can tell that he is still him, but as a rodent. He is even more mad now.

“You can come out now Sir?” I called out to Bummemore.

“Ah, felt me there did you?” He asked, walking out from an alcove.

“Yes. Nice invisibility spell though, couldn't physically see you at all.”

“Thanks, I've had a rather long time to perfect it.” He grinned.

“I see. Sir, I promise you, if he pulls that sorta shit on me any more, I'm not taking it, I will do what I promised him.”

“And he'd deserve it too. I already warned him not to be messing with you and pushing you around any more, that you might not take too kindly to it, guess he didn't believe me.”

“Do you know who his source was?”

“Yes, Miss Porkington was his source. She's upset at you for taking her boyfriend.”

“Oh god, she thinks I'd ever be her boyfriend.” Drago said in shock and disgust.

“That's the way it seems.”

“Hell no, even mountain trolls find her too ugly to date, and their standards are pretty low. How she could think I'd ever date her, I have no idea. That's not even considering the fact that I'm so gay that being with a girl is nauseating to me.”

The look of pure disgust on his face is priceless, and every last one of us burst out laughing.

“Oh, you're so cute when you're thoroughly disgusted.” I giggled.

“Like you wouldn't be at that prospect. Like, ick, disgusting.”

“I know.” I laughed again, the others still are.

“So, what do you plan to do now?” Bummemore asked.

“In an hour, we'll go to Snipe's office and explain a few more things to him, and we'd like you there with us. If you'd bring Porkington as well, that'd be great.”

“Will do. I should be going here, so see you shortly.”

The rest of us continued talking for almost the next hour, and then Drago and I excused ourselves, we did not have the other four come with us.

Drago and I knocked on the door, but we already knew that Snipe could not answer, because we are coming just before he can turn back into himself. We open the door and enter, to find Snipe sitting there glaring at us. Before we can do much, Bummemore enters with a clearly upset Porkington. Seconds later, the transformation is reversed, and Snipe is standing there before us in all his greasy splendor.

“I told you, I do not make idle threats. Heed that warning, it will not be given again. Now, do you apologize, or do we continue where we left off.” I asked softly.

“You don't deserve to be apologized too. Headmaster, I'd like to formally request that Mr. Hotter be expelled from this school.” He said, and then gave his version as to what happened.

“Professor Snipe, I hate to tell you this, but not only was I there when Perry turned you into a rodent, but I was there when he tried to explain to you a few things. I already told him that what he did was well and truly warranted. You did deserve that, and I did warn you not to harass Perry any more. You need to get over your hatred of him, it's not worth it. Contrary to your own personal belief, he is not your enemy, we are all on the same side. I know the only reason you stopped him from putting that chicken heart in his potion was to save your own hide, but really, your feelings for Hotter are not healthy. Now, I believe Mr. Hotter showed you a vision, and then asked to speak to your eye witness, you refused both. I do not see this as wise. An accused has the right to speak to his accuser. So, Perry, I turn this over to you.”

“Thanks Sir.” I said, and we can all see that Snipe even even more mad now.

“Pansy, did you lie to Professor Snipe about seeing me in Hogscum?”

“No, I saw you there, you were there, I saw you in your invisibility cloak.”

“Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but if I was in my invisibility cloak, how would you be able to see me, would I not be, well, invisible?”

“It slipped off momentarily and showed your face.” She said, sweating now.

“I see, and where was I at the time that this was supposed to have happened?”

“Up near the Shrieking Shack.”

“Interesting, and were Rod and Hermoany nearby?”


“Tell me, if you were invisible, would you not stay near to friends, so that your invisibility would be harder to mask in areas that may or may not be crowded.”

“How should I know how you think?”

“Well, I think you're lying.”

“No, you are.”

“Professor Bummemore, do you have a spell that can detect when people are lying. I could do it, but Snipe here might only believe that I'm controlling her.”

“No, I don't. You could do that?”

“Sure, I thought for sure you'd be able to do that. Okay, Professor Snipe, how about that truth potion you've threatened me with before.”

“It's too expensive and hard to make for such a situation, you can't have it.”

“Yet you were gonna use it on me countless times for things of far less consequence than this. So, are you lying to me now, or are and were you so hell bent on getting me into trouble, that any and all expense was worth it?”

He said nothing to this.

“You really are a petty, bitter, little man, you need to go find yourself a man to have some seriously hot sex with and unwind, or you're gonna have a heart attack.”

“How dare you.”

“What, suggest that you might go have sex, or that you're gay?” I asked softly.

“How dare you suggest anything of the sort.”

“Oh please. Fine, we'll do this the hard way, Professor Bummemore, I'd like to work the spell through you and Snipe, so that you can both see that Drago and I are not controlling this in any way. All it'll do is make her like Pinocchio, if she lies, her nose grows, when she tells the truth, it goes down.”

“I refuse to allow you to do so through me.” Snipe said.

“Yes, I get that, but I refuse to allow you to refuse it, and you will do this.” I smiled warmly to him.

I then casted the spell, routing it through the two teachers, and to Porkington. We could all feel the spell work.

“There, that should do it. Okay Porkington, did you tell the truth about seeing me in the village earlier today?”

“Yes.” She said, and then her nose doubled in length.

“I see. So you are lying. I was almost hoping that you did know it to be true, that someone else had framed me, but no, you are lying.”

“I am not.” She said, and her nose grew again.

“I see. Do you honestly think my spell doesn't know your true intentions, your every truth. Come now, you already know I'm more powerful than that.”

“You can't make me tell you anything.” The funny thing is, her nose grew again, so even she knew that was a lie.

We all laughed at that.

“Wow, stubborn and stupid.”

“I'm not stubborn or stupid.” And her nose grew even more.

Her nose is nearly thirty centimeters long now. It is pretty sad that even she knows just how stubborn and stupid she is.

“Yikes, if I were you, I'd start telling some truths, or your nose might just stay like that.”

“You can't make me stay like this.” She shrieked.

“Actually, yes, I can, and I'm reasonably certain that I could do a good enough job on the binding spell that I'd cast that'd ensure that it stays like this, permanently. Care to try me?” I asked sweetly.

“No. You'll make me a laughing stock.”

“Porkington, you already do that well enough on your own, you don't need our help.” Drago said this time.

“My thoughts exactly. Now, tell the truth, did you see me today by the Shrieking Shack?”

“No.” She said, and her nose went down half a size.

“Oops, I forgot to tell you that, you'd haveta tell two truths to cancel out one lie. That was truly boneheaded of me. And here, I don't even have any more questions.” I said, and then Drago and I turned to walk away.

“What, no, you can't leave me like this, please, please, I beg of you.” She said, actually crying.

“Oh fine, I can't stand to hear people whine. I suppose we could ask another few questions that you might not wanna answer to, to see if you're really willing to make your nose proper again.” Drago sighed, as we both turned around.

“That's evil.” Snipe growled.

“Ha, this coming from you. Now, quiet Sir. You don't need anyone to mess with your nose.” I barked at him.

And he actually bit his tongue, damn near physically in fact, because with my spell working through him as it is, I can actually feel his emotions. I am trying hard to block his thoughts though, I really do not want to see them.

Drago and I turned back to Porkington.

“So, who told you to make up a false story like this and tell Snipe here, so that he'd try and expel me?” I asked softly.

“I can't tell you that.” And then her nose grew again.

“Oh dear, that was another lie. You can tell me that, you just don't wanna.”

“No, I really can't, if I do, I'll be punished.”

Well, her nose stayed the same, so she is telling what she thinks to be the truth.

“Though I'm loathe to do so, you have my personal guarantee that you'll be safe from all attack in this school. I can put protections around you at all times. We have a team taking care of dark wizards and witches both in and out of school, and we will capture whoever's telling you what to do and ensure that they can't cause any more harm. We're not killing them though, oh no, don't worry about that.”

“Please don't make me do this. I'm only useful to them as long as I'm doing as I'm told.”

“Yeah, well, you're only useful to me if you do as I tell you. Trust me, Drago and I are far worse enemies than you can possibly imagine. Now, tell us, who made you do this?”

“My mother.” She said, and her nose shrunk down half a size again.

“And why would she do so?”

“Because, if you're not in school, you're less protected.”

“And why would this matter, I'm just as well protected away from here?”

“She doesn't think so, she thinks she's found a weakness.”

“And does this have anything to do with the stirrings that have been happening, dark witches and wizards all starting to congregate again, meeting in secret.?”



“I don't know, I was never told.”

Well, her nose did not grow.

“Okay. You know more than that, though, don't you?”

“Yes.” She begrudgingly said.

“Moldyvort's coming again, isn't he?”

“They think so. Almost all the loyal members have a mark, and it's started itching recently. They think it means he's getting stronger. I only accidentally heard this, and I really don't know anything more about it.”

“Okay, this falls in line with what we've already started seeing and feeling. Okay, well, your nose is almost half way back. Any more truths you care to tell us?”

“I don't care to tell you anything, but you're making me.” She grunted out, and I had to laugh as her nose actually shrank half a size from that too.

“Fair point, and true from your standpoint as well.”

“I think I wanna ask another question myself. Why do you always try and get together with me?”

“Well, not only are you hot, but my mother told me I hadta. Figures you're fucking gay. Just figures, all the hot guys are.” She said.

“I wish. Why'd she want you with me?”

“Family standing, of course. She wanted to marry into the Mytoy line and boost her line at the same time. Like you'd ever fall for me, I'm nowhere near good looking enough for someone as hot as you.” She said ashamedly.

“Figured as much, and if you actually tried to look nice once in a while, it might help. You're still definitely not my type. Now, who else are you spying on and or trying to cause trouble for?”

“Pretty near everyone. I'm to write a letter to my mother every week and tell her everything that's going on here, everything. She has other sources, so that she catches everything, and I have no idea who those sources are, so if they saw me getting dragged in here to be questioned by all of you, I'm toast, my mother might not kill me, since I'm her daughter, but I doubt I'd get that much favoritism from her. No, she's just as likely to kill me as not. Love of family isn't in her vocabulary. There's only strength and how much she can gain.”

“So, clearly you can't go home again either then. Do you have any other friends or family who won't try and kill you?”

“I have no one, no friends, no other family, nowhere to go. I may as well just kill myself now.” She said, and then started crying again.

“There's no point in crying, and there's even less point in killing yourself. Don't worry though, we told you that you'd be protected, and you will, but that'll now include when not in school. Now, you have one more size to go, so only one more question. How many other kids here that you know of that are spies?”

“Wish I knew. My mother purposefully kept us well apart, so that she ensures that we can't be found out. I can tell you a rough number, but not who. There's probably three or four more that work for my mom.”

“Okay, thanks. I'm placing a powerful protection spell on you, it'll protect you from virtually every type of attack magic there is, and it'll prevent you from killing yourself, or working to make someone else do so for you. Now, head back to your dorm, think on where your life really needs to head from here on out, and if you need to talk, come see us.”

She got up and headed right out, not saying a thing, not looking back.

“That was interesting.” Snipe said.

“Yes, it was, and now I think that you owe someone an apology.” Professor Bummemore said.

“Must I?”

“Yes, you must.”

“Fine. I'm sorry for not believing you and trying to expel you.”


“Yes, again.”

“I'm sorry Sir, I can't accept your apology, I don't feel that it's heartfelt or genuine. I know you tried, but it's not what you feel. You hate me, I know that, and yes, the feeling's mutual, but can you blame me. Now, I do wanna know why?”

“Figures.” He uttered about the first part. “As for why, that's my business.”

“Did you like your hour as a rodent Sir, I won't hesitate to cast the spell.”

Snipe ground his teeth together so hard I swear they were going to shatter under the pressure. The vein in his forehead that pulses whenever I am near is going nearly spastic.

“I really don't have the time or the inclination to deal with every persons petty hate around here, I wanna know the reasoning behind it and work to fixing it, because we're gonna be starting another war here soon, and I don't need any more enemies than I already have. Professor Bummemore swears that you're on our side, well, I trust him, but I don't trust you. Now, I can cast so many spells on you it's not even funny, I can make you tell me your every secret, don't even think of saying I can't. Everything you know, I can find out.

“Hell, we don't even haveta do that, Drago and I can just dive into your mind and find it all ourselves. You have a stronger than average shield protecting your mind, but don't think for a second that it'll even slow us down a bit. In order to send that truth spell through you for Porkington, we had to bypass your shields, as you probably already know, and they did not even slow us at all. So, what is it Sir, what's eating you up, why do you hate me so.”

“Fine. I was in love with your father, if you must know.” He growled.

“Yeah, but he wasn't gay.”

“No, he was bi. I was nothing to him. He spurned me.” He said, even a tear leaked out.

“Were you as mean to him as you are to me?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“You were horribly abused as a child as well, weren't you, and much like Drago, you simply had no way of showing someone love, did you?” I asked softly.

“Yes, I was abused, I never knew love, and no, but I tried.”

“Did you ever think of just writing a letter to him, take a few weeks and write it out and explain everything to him?”

“Yes, I still have it. I finished it the day before he was murdered.”

“Oh Snipe, I'm so sorry.”

“What do you care?”

“I care an awful lot, probably too much. Call it a flaw if you will, but I often care far too much about people that logic and reason say I shouldn't give a damn about.”

“Yeah, that godforsaken Griffendoer blood of yours.”

“Did you know that the sorting hat wanted to put me into Slitherin?”

“Really. Now that would've been a shock, a Hotter in Slitherin.” He chuckled.

“You know, we're not all good and pure, even the most Griffendoer of us has a real Slitherin streak too, and even some of you dreadful Slitherin's can have good in you too.”

“Careful or I'll show you dreadful later.” Drago growled sexily into my ear.

“Promises promises.” I giggled.

Snipe looked shocked.

“Even Drago and I, clearly we're both distantly descended from Griffendoer himself, so how could Drago end up in Slitherin? Easy. We all have traits that the different houses cherish, but it means nothing really. Now, how about you, were there any other boys you fancied?”

“Your dad was the only real one, he was so hot, which I hate to say, you look a lot alike. I hated Spermius Black with a passion though, and their young friend Pettigrew was nasty, but I did have a crush on Lupin. Then I found out some things, and that was it, I never asked him.”

“What things?” I asked.

“I'm afraid I haveta ask you not to ask that question Perry, that's a private issue between us. Sorry.” Bummemore said suddenly. “If he ever decides to tell you, then that's up to him, but we can't spill his secrets.”

“Okay Sir, I won't even ask him then.” I said to the headmaster, then turned back to Snipe. “So, if you still have a crush on him, why not go after him. I assure you, he's as gay as they come, and a great deal of fun in the sack. A real animal you might say.”

“That I don't doubt.” Snipe muttered.

“Heard that. Why not give it a try. Maybe you haven't burned all your bridges. Just so you know, I'm told that I'm a lot like my father, mostly by you, so I haveta believe that if he were still alive, if you explained yourself and your feelings, that even still, he'd be your friend. I don't know what kinda relationship he and my mom had, if he was bi, maybe he and she had an open relationship. I don't know if it could've ever been more than a fling here and there for you, but I'm certain that he'd forgive you, because, as you can plainly see, I did.”

Drago and I got up then and walked out, without letting Snipe say anything further.

“What an interesting place this is, huh Baby?” Drago said.

“No shit. Are all the Slitherin's spying on me?”

“I have a hard time believing that.”

“It's starting to feel like that though, isn't it?”

“Yeah, but it won't just be Slitherin students either.”

“No, probably not. So, we pretty much nailed it with Snipe though, didn't we. Gay and had a crush on my dad, but no social skills, so couldn't show him that.”

“Yeah, but our ability to read emotions is getting to be pretty good, and we can't shut that off, so he had no way of really hiding it from us.”

“True. Wonder how many scratch and bite marks he has tomorrow, and just how much he'll be limping. Maybe he'll even shock half the school and crack a smile. Granted, the other half might die.”

“No shit, it might kill some people, but I hope he does. Maybe we should send Lupin a note telling him to go see Snipe.”

“No, I think that Snipe hasta do it himself, otherwise he'll never grow.”

“Mmm, you're probably right about that. Hopefully he does though.”

“Yeah, no kidding, but with it being his first time, he might even wear out Lupin.” I giggled.

“I'd almost like to watch that match, could be interesting.”

“No shit, but no thanks. I'd rather we made our own private show.”

“Mmm, now that sounds like a good time to me.”

And so we headed all the way to our room. Once there, we did head to bed, with plenty of good ideas on how to spend the rest of the evening. We made love to each other four times, alternating back and forth after every session, cumming and pissing in each other as much as we could, and by the time we are done making love to each other, we are getting exceptionally tired.

We proceed to change each others sodden and ruined nappies, and then curl up and kiss a bit before going to sleep.

Tonight, our minds, as they seem to have been doing a lot lately, stretched out and found something interesting to watch, only this time it is not the future.

We hear a knock on the door, and Lupin enters the room, opens the door, and exposes an incredibly nervous looking Snipe on the other side.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit this evening Snivelus?”

“May I come in?”

“Um, sure.” He said, and then stepped in and out of the way, and gestured to one of the seats available.

They both sat down.

“Um, I don't know how to say this, so I think I'm just gonna come out and say it. Please don't interrupt 'til I'm done.”

“Okay, feel free to tell me anything you care to.”

“I'm gay, I think I've always known. I had a huge crush on James, and I wanted him so bad. The only problem, well, as you probably noticed, I was less than stellar at dealing with others. Still aren't, really. I think we can both agree to that.

“No matter how hard I tried to show James how much I wanted him, it always came out wrong. I knew he was bi, the rumors of what he and his friends all did were wide and varied, but they all agreed, James would fuck nearly anything that moved, or be fucked, he was totally versatile. All girls, all boys, or a good mix is what he preferred is what I heard. I tried so hard, but, to no avail.

“I even tried writing a letter, since I have always been better at writing than talking, but no matter what I wrote, it never felt right, so I kept revising and revising, and then, the day after I finally felt that it was ready, and I was going to give it to him, he was murdered. He'd already gotten married, of course, he'd already had a child, but still, I hoped that maybe he'd give me at least some of what I needed. Maybe not all, but maybe, just maybe, enough.

“As you well know, my hatred led me right to Moldyvort's door, I was one of his, yet, still I loved James, he who hated dark magic above all else, and here I was playing with something so foul as that. I heard that Moldyvort was gonna go and kill Perry, so I begged the dark lord to spare James, as a favor to me, and he did not agree. I went to Bummemore and begged him to hide them, do what he could, and he did, but, well, they placed their trust in the wrong friend, and I was crushed that day.

“I came here, bared my soul to Bummemore, begged forgiveness, promised that that was all behind me, and here I sit, even now. And the worst part is, I've treated James' son no better than I treated him. Perry knows some of this, he made me spill some of my secrets, but not all.

“Then there was one other boy in school that I also had a crush on, but he was nearly as untouchable as James himself. He was so small, so shy, so timid, and I thought he was so cute. Then I found out that he had a terrible curse, and it scared me. So bad did it scare me that you were a werewolf, that I never even tried to pursue you again.

“Both boys that I secretly loved, beyond my reach. One by death, the other by curse.

“Now, here you are again, only now I know better. I'm happy that my potions have been helping to keep things easy for you. What I wanna know is, even after all this time, is there still a chance you could ever forgive me?” He said so softly and painfully it was palpable, even in our dreams

“Snivelus, I never hated you, I pitied you, I felt for you, I even longed for you. James and Spermius were by far my best friends, and even Pittier was a good friend, we had a lot of great times, but I never wanted any of them as boyfriends. Both James and Spermius were bi, they wanted wives and children, but not me, I wanted boys and lots of them. I wanted a boyfriend, and I think that I wanted you even then. I knew you were gay, and I knew what you wanted and needed, just that you had no clue how to go about getting it.

“Yes, I'd very much like to start anew, but, you haveta know a few things first.”


“When James first got me into nappies, it was just a game for me, I didn't need them like he did, and he needed them all day as well, but slowly I started to love them, to the point that I'm rarely without them now. I'm a full on nappy lover, and as such, I'll only have hot gay baby nappy sex with other nappy lovers.”

“I knew that, and I secretly wanted what you wanted, and so I've been wearing them just as long as you have. I prayed that it'd help me to get James, or you, but I grew to love them as well.”

“Good. Next, I love cum and piss, and I love being piss fucked, a lot, and I'll wanna piss fuck you as well.”

“I'd love to try it as well, I always have.”

“Good. Next, I'm all about love, not hate, so you haveta be nice around me from now on. Now, I will work with you on this to help you out, but you haveta try as well.”

“Okay, I can agree to that.”

“Excellent, I think that's about it then. I haven't had sex in a couple days, I'd very much like to do so now, if you'd like.”

“I've never, so yes. Now, I always dreamed about having you when we were like thirteen or so. I mixed up a potion for each of us that should make us exactly as we were then, plus or minus a year of course, it'll last for roughly four hours. Would you make my first time be when we were still kids?”

“That sounds kinky as fuck, hell yeah.” Lupin grinned.

“Thanks.” Snipe said and then pulled out two small flasks and handed one over.

They each popped the top of their flask, and toasted each others good health, and downed the potions. It took less than two minutes for them to be standing there as they were when they were about thirteen years old.

“God, I forgot how hot you were.” Snipe sighed.

“You're not so bad yourself, you know. You need to work more on making sure your hair isn't quite as stringy and greasy, but even at this age, you were real cute.”

“Thanks. Will you help me out?”

“Of course I will. I really haveta go pee now, I only just had to a little before, so I guess the amount my bladder can hold shrank, but the amount in it didn't. Is this your first time using this potion?”

“Yes, I've dreamed a long time of doing this, so I've kept the potion for a while. Would you make love to me first please?” Snipe asked.


They shucked off their robes, showing off that they are both nice and soggy, and then they headed to the bedroom to do something that they really should have done when they were the age they are now portraying.

Snipe was incredibly nervous, he has never had sex, ever, and, in fact, he has hardly ever even jacked off. No one taught him how to do so properly, so he rarely does even that. His sole sexual release has always been while dreaming. Lupin had Snipe lay in the centre of the bed with his legs spread and his knees up, to open him up.

Once Snipe was in place, Lupin laid down and pressed his face into Snipe's sodden nappy, inhaled deeply, and then started massaging Snipes thirteen year old erection through all the wet material.

Snipe was making sounds that would not have been out of place in a cheesy porno, it felt so good already, that he was moaning and sighing, grunting and groaning, whimpering and wailing. And still, Lupin had not even lowered his nappy.

Lupin proceeded to poke a hole in the back of Snipe's nappy, and then he pulled down the front, he whispered the spell, one of the few that he can do wandless himself, and Snipe's ass lubed and opened up. At the same time, Lupin engulfed the entire nine or so centimeter long erection facing him, as well as his nice tight hairless sack, and slipped two of his slender fingers deep inside Snipe's ass. The sound that Snipe made now was nearly out of this world. Never before had he felt pleasure the likes of which he is feeling now. Hell, never before had he truly felt pleasure at all. Good feelings were a bit of a rarity for Snipe. Now he felt good, though.

Lupin was doing everything in his power to make this the best possible feeling that he could possibly do, to make Snipe so overloaded, that he would eventually pass out. He knew that this is what Snipe needed most of all, so his own needs would come later he felt, maybe not even tonight. He did want as much cum as he could get though, and he did want them to last as long as they possibly could, so he did grab his wand and cast a couple spells to ensure that this would not end too soon.

Not even thirty seconds is all that Snipe managed to last for, and as hoped, Lupin was fed a very good sized load of hot sweet young boy cream. When Snipe came, he howled out his immense pleasure, sounding a lot like Lupin on a full moon night. His hands that had been playing gently in Lupin's soft brown hair, had gripped it almost painfully, but Lupin did not mind, he is part wolf, getting a little rough during sex is what he likes.

Lupin did not stop though, he just kept on sucking, licking, humming, and making Snipe make all the noises that he is making, trying to make him feel very good. When Snipe had came, Lupin had slipped a third finger inside Snipe, and is now truly finger fucking him good and proper, making sure to get all the best places inside his friend.

When Snipe came again, Lupin pulled off and out, got up on his knees and poked a hole in the front of his nappy, and pulled out his impressively large thirteen year old dick. He is twelve to thirteen centimeters long, and nearly ten around, his dick head is shiny and bright purple, his foreskin pulled all the way back, and he looks very good. Snipe's mouth started watering even.

Lupin grinned to Snipe, Snipe nodded his head, and so Lupin got into position, and slipped himself all the way inside the hot sloppy ass he had just prepared, and he went all in with ease. Snipe growled deeply, Lupin growled deeper. Then he started fucking.

Snipe wrapped his legs around Lupin, locked his feet, and dug his heels into Lupin's soggy nappied bum, and pulled Lupin in as tight as he could, and then made Lupin well and truly fuck him, something that Lupin was more than happy to do, and so they fucked hard and raw.

Lupin exploded first this time, he had built up a fair bit of pressure already, but as soon as Snipe felt the cum flowing inside him, it caused him to cum as well. Lupin felt this, and slipped his hand inside Snipe's nappy, collected all the baby cream, and then promptly fed it to Snipe, just as he was pissing inside Snipe.

Snipe sighed so deeply at tasting cum and feeling being pissed inside, that it shocked even him. He finally felt what he had needed to feel almost his entire life.

Lupin started piss fucking Snipe's cummy pissy nappied bum now really good and hard, they are both sweating profusely, and they are now kissing as passionately as they are fucking, it is raw, it is powerful, it is animalistic, and it is exactly what Snipe needs.

Six more orgasms they lasted for, Lupin never once stopping, or even slowing down, and every cum he dumped inside Snipe, making him just that much more sloppy, as well he slipped his hand into Snipe's nappy each time to collect his cum, then fed it right back to him again, then shared it in even more cum kisses.

After their last cum, Snipe's eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and he passed out. The sound that he made when he came, though, was shocking, to say the least, even to Lupin, who himself often makes incredibly animal like sounds during sex.

Lupin extracted himself fully, grabbed all the nappy change things, and brought it back to the bed, and then used his wand to see if he could cancel the effects of the potion, but it was no good, Snipe's potions usually cannot be reversed by magic. He shrugged his shoulders, and proceeded to change Snipe's ruined nappy, and then his own, and then he curled up to Snipe and fell fast asleep as well.