This story is based around my Xtreme X Men story although the storyline will be different to that of Xtreme.


The main character is scott and jean's son, ashley. The story will be told from the POV of different characters

Things will make more sense if you read Xtreme first.

Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Comics. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is owned by UPN and 20th Century Fox , also I have never met Delta Goodrem, Jaime Reyne or Busted and I don't know them (which is a bugger!)

I'm so angry and hurt it feels like i'm gonna explode, it turns out that Jensen, my boyfriend or should i say ex boyfriend was actually working for the brotherhood of mutants, mystique had sent him in to find out were magneto was being kept. In the few weeks that we were together, all the times that he said he loved me were all lies, god it hurts, the only funny thing about this was when he tried to fight dad and uncle aaron, i mean what was he thinking, I've inherited dad's optics, mom's telekinesis/telepathy and uncle aaron's healing and orbing powers and I'd never want to go head to head with them on their own let alone together. I wish mattie was here, he always makes me laugh, thank god they've finished recording the x factor album, they'll be back in a few hours.

I closed my eye's and the memories of how I met jensen all came back clearly

It was a Thursday afternoon and I had a free lesson, I was in the rec room with shadowcat and cyclone when uncle aaron came in


"ash, could you do me a favour please?"


"sure uncle aaron, what up" I replied


"professor x has got a newbie in his office and he asked me to show him around but I've got training with your mom and rogue so could you do it for me?"


"yeah course I can, do you know where dad is, I hent seen him since breakfast"


"hang on" uncle aaron closed his eyes for a moment, I wish my telepathy was as good as his "he's in the gym with logan, ooh that's scary, scott and logan working out together without arguing, anyway I'll see ya later" he replied then orbed out


"I better go show this new guy around, have fun" I said to the others, I walked up to the professor's office and knocked on the door [come in]


"alright sir, phoenix has got training with marvel girl and rogue so he asked me to stand in for him, hope ya don't mind"


"that's fine hunter, we haven't finished yet, but it shouldn't take too long" he said, I stood at the back of the room and kept quiet, I was bored so I had a telepathic conversation with mattie

[hey what you up to?] [we're in the middle of writing the next album, just having a break at the moment, what bout you mate] [I've gotta show a newbie around the school] [I thought you hate doing that] [usually I do but this guy is hot] [that's typical of you summers, you're always thinking about sex] [don't worry jay, I'll still love you when I'm married to this really cute guy with the big pecs] [what's his name?] [how the heck should I know, I've only just met him, thank god for that they've nearly finished, speak to ya later mate] [see later ash]


"it's good that you've come instead of phoenix" professor x said


"why's that sir?"


"well you and Mr Ryder here will be sharing a room over the next semester, I've spoke to your teachers and you can have the rest of the day off"


"ok sir, see ya later" I replied as we left the room, we got outside and instantly I could sense that this guy was relaxing a bit


"I'm ashley summers or hunter, which ever ya prefer"


"alright, I'm jensen ryder, why are you called hunter?" he replied


"everyone who comes here has a codename that reflects his or hers powers, I can shoot bolts of energy from my eyes, make things explode, heal people and have telekinetic/ telepathic powers, I've also got a baby phoenix in me, it isn't powerful enough to do anything yet, xavier reckons it will be another couple of weeks before it kicks in properly"


"I haven't got a codename yet but my power is super speed, according to the professor, if I had enough space I could break the sound barrier"


"cool, it wont take long for someone to come up with a name for you, anyway where's ya stuff, we can put it in the room first" I replied, we walked down to main hall to get jensen's bags, he started to pick some up but I used my telekinesis to pick them all up, he smiled at me and he looked so cute, I nearly dropped the bags, we went up to our room and I left his stuff near his bed, he opened the bags and started putting his clothes in the wardrobe, while he was doing that I decided to clear some of my crap up, there was text books and notes laying all over my bed


"before you show me around, I'm just gonna take a shower, I've been stuck on a bus all morning"


"ok, it'll give me time to finish cleaning my stuff up, as you can tell I aint used to having a room mate"


"yeah I can see, you aint one of these guys who do nothing but study are ya?"


"hell no, its just my parents and uncle are teachers so they bollock into me if I don't keep up with homework"


"I don't envy you, anyway I wont be long" jensen replied, as he walked to the bathroom, he was thinking so loud I couldn't block him out [god ashley has gotta be the hottest guy in this school, maybe staying here wont be too bad after all], I let out a small cry and he turned around and looked at me


"are you ok?" he asked


"err yeah, its just that I have a psychic link with my best mate and he often thinks stuff so loud that it feels like me head's gonna explode"


"that's all foreign to me so I'll have to take your word for it, as long as your ok"


"yeah I'm fine thanks, like I said its just my mate being a dick, you probably know him, he's mattie jay from busted" I replied


"I didn't realise he's a mutant"


"oh he aint, busted just stay here when they need to be in America, it saves hotel fees"


"true" he said walking back to the bathroom, it didn't take long before jensen came out of the shower and he only had a towel on, in the space of 10 minutes my room had turned from a boring place to heaven, and my room mate was god


"so how old are you, I'm 17" jensen asked as he got dressed


"this will confuse ya, I'm 18 but technically I was only born two years ago"


"you're right, I'm confused"


"it's a long story but, this evil mutant wanted me as host and as he couldn't kidnap me and raise me for evil, he made life speed up for mom, dad, uncle aaron and me, when I'd reached 16 he returned us to the present and they all went back to the age they were when we left but I stayed at 16, it was a waste of time for him tho cause the phoenix destroyed him the minute he came after me again"


"how old are your parents and uncle then?"


"dad and aaron are twins and they're 27 and mom is 26" I replied, jensen had got dressed and we left the room, I took him to the danger room first and we stood just inside the door so that mom, aaron and rogue could carry on training, rogue had picked up a crate and threw it at aaron, he orbed out of the way and the crate was heading for us, I was about to use my optics to blow it up but jensen grabbed me and ran out of the way, god he was really fast


"thanks" I said


"that's ok" he replied, he still had hold of me, his arms were around my waist and it seemed like he wasn't gonna let go, to be honest I didn't want him to, we stood there gazing into each others eye's and were totally out of it until we realised the program had ended


"ashley you know never to stand in the danger room while its running a program without letting the user know you're here"


"sorry mom, I wasn't thinking" I replied, mom was about to continue having a go at me when uncle aaron froze her and rogue in time


"its only cause she cares about ya ash, its dangerous in here you could have been killed"


"I know, next time I'll let cerebro know I'm here"


"ok then, I'll tell jeannie I put you in a psychic detention or something" he said


"thanks aaron, you're the best" 


"go on fuck off and annoy your dad" he replied, we started to leave the danger room [I want to know all about the hottie later] [I'll tell john you said that] [you cant tell him anything he hasn't already heard].


"so where is your dad?" jensen asked


"I think he's in the gym but there's something I gotta show you first" I replied, we walked to the hanger doors (please state your full name) came the computer's voice


"ashley john summers" after a couple of seconds the doors started to open (voice recognised access granted, welcome back hunter)


"these are the x jets, blackbird and blackhawk"


"ah man these are quality, can you fly them?" jensen asked


"sorta, forge has been training me but I haven't gone out on my own yet",  I took jensen into the blackbird and he sat in the pilots chair, he was like a kid on Christmas day, damn he was cute.

We continued to look around the school, for the rest of the afternoon and then went to have dinner,  we were half way thru the meal when uncle aaron came up to us


"hey I've gotta go pick up a mutant after dinner, do you guys wanna come?"


"sure that would be fun" jensen replied, we finished the meal and then waited in the hanger for aaron while he went to change into his uniform, I decided to get the engines warmed up while we waited


"nice one ash" aaron said as he walked into the hanger, it didn't take long for us to get there and aaron landed the jet on the roof of the police station, he orbed us down to the entrance


"ok I'm new at this, how the hell are you gonna get this guy out of here" jensen asked


"its easy when you're one of the most powerful telepaths in the world" aaron replied, we walked up to the front desk and there was a very attractive female officer sitting there


"excuse me officer have you got a moment?" aaron asked


"heck, for a cutie like you I've got all day, what's up" she replied


"well despite the fact that I'm an attractive 6ft4, 27 year old guy build like a brick shit house and powerful enough to take out an entire universe , what your brain is actually registering at the moment is a short middle aged balding federal agent with all the relevant identification, now stop wasting my time and take me to this mutant you lot reckon you picked up"


"yes sir, sorry sir, I don't know what came over me. Thanks for coming down at such short notice"


"that's alright gal, ordinary Joe's like you and me cant be too careful with all these radioactive freaks on the loose"


"I know what you mean sir, this little thieve for example looks as ordinary as you and me, but those playing cards he threw at us are deadly when they explode, lucky for us Mr Lebeau here hasn't mastered his aim yet"


"thank the phoenix for small mercies, deputy" aaron replied, jensen and me couldn't stop laughing, none of the cops knew that we were mutants, it was so funny, the officer unlocked the cell and we walked in


"grab your things and start running remy" aaron said


"you aren't one of those brotherhood lackies are you mon amie, gambit already told mystique he aint interested in enslaving the human race"


"relax, my name's phoenix and this is hunter and jet, we work for the opposition welcome to the x men kid" aaron replied, we ran out of the station and aaron orbed us back to the jet, jensen stayed in the back with gambit while I co piloted the blackbird with aaron, the trip home was un eventful and when we got back aaron took gambit to the professors office, jensen went back to our room and I went outside to find dawn and kitty, we had been lazing around for an hour or so when the schools alarms started going off, I looked up and saw something I really didn't want to, there was three of apocalypse's followers, one of them threw a bolt of energy at me, sending me hurling against the wall


"you will pay for what you have done" one of them said, I started firing my optics at them, but all it done was slow them down a bit, the only thing that could stop them was the phoenix, I had taken a several blows and was praying for mom or aaron to come out, I made sure that kitty and dawn had gone inside, I didn't want them to get hurt it wasn't their fault that people wanted me dead, it was about five minutes before rogue came out but it felt like a lifetime, she let the phoenix out and it destroyed apocalypse's followers instantly


"come on sugah, you better get to the med bay" rogue said as she walked up to me and helped me off the ground


"yeah, yeah I know, I've spent half of my life in there" I replied, it was strange being able to touch her skin now, the professor and mom had found a way to control rogues powers, she was still a bit nervous now and again, what do you expect when you've spend a big part of your life wearing gloves so you don't kill people.


"we're gonna have to move you're stuff in there soon and charge ya rent"


"only if you let jensen move in with me"


"oh yeah I forgot you've got a room mate now, he's cute" rogue said with her mischievous smile


"tell me about, I'm not sure if this is gonna be heaven or hell", we got to the med bay and mom was waiting for us, she ran up and hugged me


"steady on mom" I cried, I was in so much pain, each attack is getting worse


"sorry honey, get on the bed so we can check you out" she replied


"I know, me on bed, you check me out, I leave and spend the next few days in total agony, while every one else treats me like a kid"


"that's cause you are a kid sweetie"


"whatever makes ya happy mom" I replied, it didn't take long for mom and professor x to run tests on me, I put my shirt back on and left the med bay, when I got outside jensen was waiting


"what are you doing here?" I asked


"some girl with white stripes in her hair told me you'd been attacked, I wanted to see if you're ok"


"that's rogue and yeah I'm fine thanks, just a little sore" I replied


"ash, do you want to go to the cinema or something later?, ya know as friends" jensen asked


"yeah can do, that would be great, do you mind if I hit the gym for a little while first?"


"it doesn't bother me but is that a good idea, I mean you're covered in bruises and stuff"


"I'll be fine mate, shall we meet back at the room about 8.30 ish?"


"sorted, see ya later" jensen replied, I went to the locker room and got changed into shorts and t-shirt, when I got to the gym dad and gambit were spotting each other, I waved to them and hit a treadmill, I had only been on there for five minutes when dad came over


"are you sure that's a good idea ash?"


"not you too dad, I'm fine so stop worrying, anyway jensen has already given me the is it a good idea speech"


"who the hell is jensen when he's up and dressed" dad asked


"he's my new room mate, and I wish he wasn't dressed" I replied with a smile


"oh god you're as bad as aaron, I'm gonna have to have words with him, anyway I'm off to the danger room, see ya later ash"


"dad you know I really love you and all that"


"yes you can borrow the car, you'll have to get the keys from your uncle"


"thanks dad" I replied, I stayed on the tread mill for 20 minutes or so and then decided to spot for gambit


"what do ya think of this place then?"


"it better then living on the street, how long you been here mon amie" gambit replied


"since I was born, cyclops and marvel girl are my parents"


"they don't look old enough to be parents"


"it's a long story, I'm 18 but was only born two years ago" I replied, I was starting to get fed up with explaining my age all the time


"sounds like gambit is gonna fit in well here"


"as long as you've got an x gene, you'll be ok" I replied, we carried on for a while and then I realised the time


"sorry remy, I gotta go, I was supposed to meet someone 15 minutes ago"


"that's ok, gambit now finishing anyway" he replied, I got into the shower and tried to clean up really quick, but when you're bruised all over it's hard, I tried to reach around to my back but it hurt too much


"do you want gambit to do you're back mon amie?"


"thanks mate" I replied, he came behind me and started scrubbing


"what happen to you anyway, you wasn't like this before"


"I had a visit from some people earlier, they want me dead"


"gambit knows that feeling" he replied, pressing up to me, I was about to say something when he started kissing my neck, I let him continue for a while, blast I was enjoying it, its when I felt him get hard that I came to my senses


"sorry remy, I cant do this" I said feeling guilty for leading him on


"I understand, its cause of young jet, no?"


"yeah, I'm sorry remy" I replied, I didn't realise that jensen was standing there and watching us, by the time I turned around he had gone, I got dressed and went to get the car keys from aaron, when I finally got to our room I was about 45 minutes late


"sorry, I lost track of time"


"don't worry about it, life's a bitch then ya marry one" he replied, god he sounded really off, we got into the car and made our way to the city, jensen was really quiet, when ever I said something he just grunted or replied `sure whatever', we got to the cinema and had a look to see what's on


"what do you wanna see?" I asked


"I don't care, its up to you"


"what about lord of the rings?"


"sure whatever" he replied, I bought the tickets and we got a large popcorn to share, it was half way thru the movie and we both went to get a handful of popcorn at the same time, I looked at jensen and smiled


"good film hey"


"its ok" he replied, I was starting to worry now, he'd been off all night, the person in front of us turned around


"do you two wanna be quiet" she said


"do you wanna get bent" I replied, I really wasn't in the mood for any shit from a stuck up tart like her, [what's up mate?} {nothing, I'm fine} {if we're gonna be sharing a room for the next semester, we're gonna have to trust each other], it was a couple of seconds before jensen replied, I don't think he was used to thought speaking, [I came to the gym to see where you'd got to earlier and saw you with gambit in the showers] [is that why you've been off with me tonight, because I'm gay] [its got nothing to do with you being gay] [what the hell is it then, we've been getting on fine all day but now you cant even talk to me properly] [it's because seeing you with gambit hurt, I think I love you ash], that was something I wasn't expecting to hear, I didn't know what to say or do, jensen was calling me thru thought but I couldn't say anything, I thought I was dreaming [ASH, TALK TO ME PLEASE}, that one got me, he had thought it so loud that my telepathy started to affect the cinema screen, it was flickering a bit [bloody hell jensen, not so loud, my telepathy aint in control yet] [ sorry] [what happened with gambit, I swear it didn't mean anything, please believe me] [I do believe you ash] [shall we get outta here?] [how, we're gonna look like right pricks if we leave half way thru], I closed my eyes and concentrated, the other people and the film froze


"like that" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him up from the seat, once we were out of the screen I set everyone back to normal, jensen smiled at me


"you're one of a kind ash"


"and if you want I can be yours, I love you too"


"you mean that?" jensen asked, he had a tear running down his cheek


"yeah, come on lets get home" I replied rubbing the tear from his face, it didn't take us long to get back to the mansion, I made sure of that.

I parked the car in the garage, and we ran upstairs, we got to our bedroom and I gave jensen a kiss


"I just gotta take the keys to dad, I'll be back soon"


"don't take too long" jensen replied kissing me, I gave him a smile and quickly ran to mom and dad's room, I knocked on the door and waited for a reply [come in honey], I walked in and put the keys on the table, uncle aaron was sitting on the bed next to dad and mom was hanging her uniform up


"what's up with you ash, ya look like you've won the lottery or something"


"nah its better than that uncle aaron, I got a boyfriend"


"this is you're fault" dad said to aaron smacking him


"hey I cant help it if your son prefers to be like me instead of you" aaron replied smacking dad back


"boys, stop fighting" mom said, she turned around and hugged me " congratulations honey"


"mom, still sore"


"come here, I'll try heal ya again" aaron said, I walked over to him and he tried healing me, we all knew it was a waste of time, for some reason aaron and rogue could never heal me, it just never worked, after a couple of minutes he stopped trying


"I'm sorry ash"


"don't worry about it, anyway I'm now going to bed, see ya in the morning" I replied, I tried escaping another hug from mom but it didn't work, when she finally let go of me I ran to my bedroom, jensen was then coming out of the bathroom


"sorry I took so long"


"that's ok" he replied, there was two single beds in our room and it was too late to replace them with a double so I used my powers to push them together


"oh, that is ok, isn't it?" I asked


"of course it is you idiot" jensen said pulling me into a kiss, I don't know why but it caught me of guard, eventually I pulled away, he tried to pull me back but I wouldn't let him


"hey, if you let me get changed we can keep this up all night"


"ok hurry up" he replied, I went into the bathroom and quickly got undressed, when I came out jensen was already in bed, I got in with him and pulled him into my arms, we had another kiss and soon fell asleep.

That was the day we met, I thought we'd spend the rest of our lives together, every night holding each other in our arms. How wrong I was.

Well that's the first part of this story, I hope ya like it.

Let me know what you think of it

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