This story is based around my Xtreme X Men although the storyline will be different to that of Xtreme

The Main Character is scott and jean's son, ashley.

Things will make more sense if you read Xtreme first


Disclaimer: The X Men are owned and copyrighted by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Comics. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is owned by UPN and 20th Century Fox. Charmed is owned by The WB, also i have never met Delta Goodrem, Jaime Reyne or Busted and i dont know them!


[Indicates Telepathic Conversations]

(Indicates Intercom Conversations)

This Is Part 2

The next day I woke up at around 8.30, jensen was still asleep in my arms, it seemed neither of us had moved all night, I ran my fingers thru jensen's hair, yesterday it was slicked back but now it was a total mess, I preferred it this way, it made him look cuter, who am I trying to kid, not even the phoenix could make him look any cuter, to me he was perfect. Anyway I stayed like that for a few minutes when jensen woke up

 "morning, handsome" I said with a smile

 "morning, what's the time"

 "about 8.45"

 "oh shit, lessons start soon" he replied, trying to get up, I held him down to my chest

 "you may be the hottest guy in this school but you definitely aint the smartest, its Saturday doofus"

 "I knew that, I was testing you"

 "whatever" I replied pulling him into a kiss, we had been like that for a couple of minutes when there was a knock at the door, jensen started to get up

 "leave it, stay here"

 "it might be important" he replied, I let him go and he answered the door, he wasn't expecting to see delta standing there

 "hey is ashley in?"

 "oh god, you're delta goodrem, err yeah he's in" jensen replied, delta smiled at him and came over to the bed and sat down next to me, she was giving me a weird look

 "what's wrong with your face miss goodrem" I asked

 "well summers, there's two of you and only the one bed" she replied, I wasn't sure how to answer this, I mean everyone here knew I was gay but they didn't know about jensen, I was starting to panic, I didn't want to say something that would hurt him

 "well I didn't want to spend the night in a different bed to my boyfriend" jensen said sitting next to me and putting his arm around me, delta looked at us and then pulled us into a hug

 "women are so emotional" I said

 "shut up summers, I'm pleased cause I know that you definitely wont be hitting on jaime now" delta replied

 "I don't know about that, I still think jaime is fit" I replied, delta looked over to jensen with a smile

 "did you know he's ticklish?" she asked

 "we haven't got that far yet, but thanks for the info" he replied, the next thing I knew, delta was using her T.K to hold me down and they both started tickling me

 "guys stop" I said thru laughing, before they stopped, I had orbed away from them, I ended up standing next to the bed

 "Christ, that's never happened before"

 "looks like you've inherited more of aaron's powers then we realized" delta replied

 "I guess that's why I'm the only one who doesn't feel sick when he orbs us around"

 "yeah, anyway I just came to tell you guys that some of us are heading to the beach later and see if ya wanted to come" delta said, I looked over to jensen

 "that would be fun" he replied

 "ok I'll see you later" delta said walking out of the room, I flashed a smile over to jensen and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on, I let the water get hot before I hopped in, I had nearly finished when jensen came in behind me, he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him, god is touch made me ache with lust

 "are you ready for this ash?"

 "only if you are"

 "yeah, I want you to be my first" he replied, even without telepathy I could sense he was nervous, heck he was my second and I was as nervous as hell, I let out a cry as he entered me, he started slowing down

 "please, don't stop" I whispered, he carried on slowly until he was fully in, man this felt so good, I could've stayed like this forever, with each of jensen's thrusts against my prostate I could feel myself getting closer to climax, and I hadn't even done anything, god I found it hard to believe I was his first, he knew exactly what do, he gave a few more thrusts and that was it, we both climaxed at the same time, after we had calmed down I felt a tingling in my mind, it seems I wasn't the only one, jensen was feeling it too

 "ash, is that what I think it is?"

 "yeah, I'll try brake it" I replied, it seems that with our climax, our minds had established some kind of mental link, I closed my eyes and tried to dissolve it, "I'm sorry, I cant stop it"

 "I don't care, I'm yours ash, no one else's, I love you"

 "god I love you too baby" I replied, we kissed again and then got cleaned up, and dressed, it was now coming on to 10.30, we packed some clothes and towels into a backpack and went to find the others, as we walked down the hall we met dad

 "are you two going to the beach?" dad asked

 "yeah are ya coming?"

 "no, I've gotta stay here with your mom, its our turn on school protection duty" dad replied, I could tell he was a bit hacked off with it

 "I know I've just got here Mr. Summers, but if ya want I'll stay so you can go" jensen added, dad smiled at him

 "don't be daft, you go and enjoy yourself"

 "ok dad, see ya tomorrow" I said as we started walking off

 "have ya got a minute jensen?" dad asked

 "I'll catch ya up" jensen said to me, I gave him a quick kiss and then walked off, jensen turned back to dad, blast he was nervous

 "don't worry, this isn't a `you better not hurt my son' talk, before you came here I went over your personal file with the professor and I saw that you're an orphan, I just wanted to say that I was an orphan too the only difference I met my parents and if ya ever need to talk, then I'm here ok"

 "thanks Mr. Summers, I appreciate it"

 "call me scott, or even better if you're dating my son, call me dad"

 "what about jean?" jensen asked

 "I've already spoke to her and she'll be expecting you to call her mom when ya next see her, anyway you better get to the others"

 "yeah, see ya later... dad"

 "take care son" dad replied giving him a hug, jensen ran off to find us, he came straight up to me and put his arm around me 

 "he didn't have a go at you or anything, did he?" I asked

 "hell no, it was the complete opposite, we had a little chat and it ended up with him telling me to call him dad"

 "bloody hell he must think a lot of you, he's never that open with anyone, obviously I think more of you then anyone here" I replied kissing him

 "obviously, anyway why are we in the hanger, surely we aint taking a jet"

 "yeah why not?"

 "duh, I don't think tourists will feel comfortable with an x jet roaring over them"

 "oh I forgot to tell you, the professor owns a private beach"

 "whatever ash, I know I thought we had classes today, but I aint that dumb" jensen replied

 "nah I'm being serious babe, there's a massive log cabin and everything, all of the rooms have double beds and open fires"

 "well that's our night planned out then", we waited for the others to arrive and then set off for the beach, it didn't take blackhawk long to get to the beach, every time jaime does work to it, it seems to get alot faster, rogue landed it behind the cabin and we started to unload all of the bags, we went to our rooms and got changed, man it was a really nice day, the only thing hotter than the weather was my boyfriend, I still cant believe that jensen wanted me, I mean there are a lot nicer guys at the school than me, we finished getting changed and met the others outside on the beach, kitty and dawn were laying down topping up tans, bobby, john and jaime were kicking a soccer ball around, rogue, delta, storm, logan and aaron were sitting down chatting, jensen joined bobby, jaime and john, and I sat with aaron and the others

 "alright kid" logan asked as I sat down next to him

 "hey I'm not a kid"

 "yes you are" they all replied together

 "I'm only three years younger than delta, leave me the hell alone bastards"

 "what's wrong with you ash?" storm asked

 "my favorite little nephew's in love, with that hottie over there" aaron said, and of course I started blushing

 "you shut your mouth, I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does" I replied

 "hey asshole, we all love ya" rogue said

 "I know and I love you too" I replied, we carried on chatting away for a while, when bobby and john came over

 "hey summers, get your hands of my girl" bobby said, rogue was laying on aaron's chest

 "nah I'm comfortable as I am" aaron replied, bobby smiled and put his arm around john's waist [lets give him something to moan about sugah, kiss me] rogue and aaron sat up and kissed, bobby was about to freeze aaron's lips or something when I sent him orbing out to the ocean, when he stopped he fell straight into the water, everyone laughed and then bobby made an ice slide and came back to us

 "you are so dead freak man"

 "hey icecube, what makes ya think it was aaron?" I asked, I orbed out and then back in again, bobby came running at me and we started having a play fight, I orbed us back to the ocean expecting bobby to fall in again but he was a step ahead and before he fell, he created a pedestal out of ice, we both landed on it and it didn't affect him but it was too cold for me

 "shit cold" I said as I fell off and in to the water, bobby started laughing but soon stopped when aaron made the pedestal explode, we both surfaced at the same time

 "don't ya reckon its unfair how we're the only ones who are wet?" bobby asked

 "yeah, shall I orb them here?" I replied, bobby nodded and I orbed the others into the ocean with us, I made sure jensen ended up next to me, we were messing about for a while and all of a sudden I started feeling really shit

 "are you ok ash?" jaime asked swimming up to me

 "I don't feel so good" I replied, there was a loud cry in the sky, we all looked up and saw the phoenix heading towards us "oh god its time, isn't it?" I asked

 "yeah it is" aaron replied

 "don't be scared ash, the phoenix wont hurt you" rogue added, god I cant believe this was about to happen, why now, why when I was so far away from home, the phoenix got closer to us before it started speaking [come to me now my son and take upon the power of the phoenix] I was lifted out of the ocean and towards her form, I tried to listen to what rogue had said but I couldn't help feeling scared, I mean its not every day you are about to be merged with the son of a creature older than time, Then I felt it, a warm energy was forming in the center of my chest and mind, I closed my eyes and the warmth was growing to a fiery strength, but surprisingly it didn't hurt, the heat spread across my whole body and I knew it was done, it seemed as if I could feel the presence of every creature in the universe, I felt so powerful, I opened my eyes and looked at the phoenix [my son you are now a great power on this planet and the entire universe, if you are ever hurt, call upon the power of the phoenix and you shall be healed, protect the people of this earth and protect life, there are no limits to your powers. I must leave now my son, but if you ever need me I shall return], in a flash of light the phoenix disappeared, only leaving a trail of flames behind her that soon dissipated, I was in my own world when I heard aaron speak

 "no fair, when the phoenix enters us we feel sick, how come you don't"

 "just lucky I suppose" I replied, I lowered myself back into the water with the others, jensen swam up to me

 "are you ok?" he asked, I nodded and hugged him, we messed around for a while longer and then left the water,

 "ash, use your telepathy to find the nearest pizza place" aaron said

 "the nearest town is about 200miles away, you know my telepathy cant stretch that far shit brain"

 "just try it brat" aaron replied, I closed my eyes and tried, I thought it would be a waste of time and was surprised when my mind stretched out across the whole planet, "Christ"

 "see, there's no limit to your powers now"

"come on lets go get a couple of pizzas" I replied, we changed our shorts into street clothes and orbed into the nearest city, as we were walking thru the city i felt a group of people around the corner from us, there were five of them and they all had powers, one of them was definitely a mutant but the others weren't

"aaron suit up, there's a mutant around the corner, i think he's in trouble" i said to aaron, we changed into our uniforms and ran around the corner, a young guy was laying unconscious on the ground, there was another guy and three women all around aarons age leaning over him, i waved my hand and sent them flying away from him

"chris, get us out of here" one of the women screamed, before we could do anything else they orbed out with the mutant, i used my telepathy to lock onto their trail and we orbed after them. We ended up outside a very large house, i used my T.K to hold them in place while aaron healed the mutant

"who and what are you people?" the guy asked

"aaron summers, mutant"
"ash summers, phoenix" i said, aaron gave me a strange look

"phoenix?, dont you mean mutant"

"what ever, anyway what about you lot?"

"piper halliwell, witch"

"phoebe halliwell, witch"

"paige matthews, witch"

"chris perry, angel"

"ok witch's i can deal with but angel?" aaron said
"yes i'm an angel and i was trying to heal one of my charges until you lot came along, what do you want with him?"

"we're trying to protect him, he's a mutant...." i started but the guy stopped me

"how do you know i'm a mutant, not even my parents know that"

"we're telepath's amongst other things, what's your name kid?" aaron replied


"robert boomershine, when you said amongst other things what did you mean?" he replied, aaron's eye's turned white and he created a small tornado in the middle of the garden, i used my T.K to summersault backwards into the air and let the phoenix out, i pointed my hands down towards the ground and made a jet of flames, once i had finished i landed next to aaron

"smarmy git"

"don't get all arsey with me, just because you aint the most powerful x man anymore" i replied, a shadow came over us, we all looked up and saw seven sentinels

"oh shit" i said as i started firing my optics at them, i hit one straight in the head and it started to fall towards the house, just before it hit i heard paige yell something and a strange book orbed into her hands, aaron was frying the sentinels circuits with lightning and i was finishing them off with my optics, it took us about half an hour to destroy them all, the bastards seem to be alot tougher than used too, i turned to the others and it finally dawned on me that one of the sentinels had crushed their house
"i am so sorry" i said, man what was i thinking i should have been more careful

"it's not your fault, if it wasn't for you firing those things we would probably be dead now" phoebe replied

"no its not just that, they only came here because they picked up me using my powers, i really am so sorry"

"seriously kid, its ok" piper said

"you're brave calling him kid" aaron said smiling at them "would you like to come back and stay with us for a while until you can get a new house sorted?"

"if you dont mind, that would be great" piper replied

"its the least we can do after destroying your house, how about you robert, we're staying at a private beach tonight but we live in a school for mutants, we teach young mutants how to control there powers and some end up joining an x team"

"yeah, but what's an x team?"

"an elite group of mutants sworn to protect a world that fears and hates them" i replied, aaron gave me a wicked smile "what now?"

"you sound more like your dad everyday, one cyclops is bad enough"

"this coming from his twin, anyways we better get back to the others"

"how do we get there?" chris asked

"like this" aaron replied as he orbed us back to the beach, when we reappeared the others were shocked to see people with us, logan jumped up and let his claws out

"logan! they're good guys" i said before he could kill anyone

"who are they?" he asked, he still had his claws out

"just put your claws away before you poke someone's eyes out dumbass, anyways this is piper, phoebe, paige, chris and robert"

"some almighty phoenix god you're turning out to be ash, where's the grub?" jaime asked, the others soon started complaining too

"bugger, i knew we went out for something, i'll be back soon"

"mind if i tag along?" chris asked, we orbed back into the town and started to walk to pizza place

"do you always wear those clothes?" chris asked, i realised i was still wearing my uniform, i used my powers to change into a pair of jeans and a t shirt, chris gave me a smile and we continued walking to find a takeaway joint, as we were walking we saw a guy about my age grab some lady's bag, she screamed 'someone stop him' and without thinking i used my powers to raise him into the air, i snatched the bag from his hands and levitated it back to the women, i set the guy back on the ground and he ran off, as i was turning back around i felt something smash against my head, someone had thrown a bottle at me

"get out of our town you freak" a bloke yelled

"are you serious?" chris replied

"leave it chris, it aint worth it, lets go"

"no way man, how can you people be like that? he just got that lady's bag back and you guys throw a bottle at him...." chris started but before he could finish another bloke tried to punch him, i covered my body in flames and caught the man's fist in my hand, i projected my voice into the air [leave him alone] i let out a burst of T.K energy and sent them all flying thru the air, i took chris's hand and orbed us into another city

"do ya think i can get us kicked out of this city too?"

"are you ok ash?" chris asked

"yeah i'm fine thanks, we better hurry up, wolverine isn't a pretty site when he's hungry" i replied, i felt a warm glow over my body and the wound on me head seemed to close up, i looked a chris and there was yellow/orange light coming from his hands, "what just happened?"

"what do ya think moron, i healed you"

"but how? i mean aaron and rogue can heal people but it never works on me"

"i'm an angel not a mutant, although they seem the same my powers are completely different" chris replied, he went distant for a few seconds then he spoke again "damn it the elders are calling me, i'd better go they sound pissed" he orbed out, i locked onto his mind so i could sense where he was but i wasn't sure what the place was, it felt like another dimension, i continued walking and i sensed chris getting annoyed, i decided to orb to this place

"chris that kid is not one of your charge's, you shouldn't have healed him, what if he tells someone about it"

"hey leave him alone, i asked him to heal me, if you want to be pissed at someone be pissed at me" i said as i orbed in to... where ever the hell this place was, some creepy looking guys started to gang up on me "back off, i've got some creature in me and i aint exactly sure how powerful it is, you don't want to get on the wrong side of it"

"he's possessed!" one of them yelled

"i am not possessed dip shit, its some kind of ancient force in me"

"who and what are you?"

"ash summers, i'm a mutant and phoenix, now seriously it wasn't chris's fault, please dont be pissed with him" i replied

"ok i'll let this one go but don't let it happen again"

"thanks leo" chris replied as we orbed out, we ended up back in the city, chris turned to look at me "what the hell do you think you were doing ash? you had no right to follow me"

"i wanted to help you, i didn't want you getting in trouble"

"help me? you idiot i could've had my wings clipped because of you, never do that again"

"sorry chris, i .."

"shut up i dont want to hear it ok, just leave me alone ash" chris replied as he orbed out, i could've easily followed him but what was the point, he hates me now, i dont know why but it really hurts, i know i've only just met him but i like him, yeah he's cute but i dont fancy him or anything,  i just would've liked to be friends with him, damn it why do i always fuck up like this, i finally went and bought the pizza's and orbed back to the others

"where's chris?" paige asked

"oh he got called away somewhere" i replied as i set the pizza's down, i walked over to jensen and sat down next to him, just then chris orbed back in, if looks could kill, i think i'd be in hell now, he really was pissed with me

"you're back, everything ok?"

"yeah, just got another bollockin from leo that's all"
"ah the usual stuff then" piper replied, chris sat down next to her and gave me another 'eat shit and die' look, i couldn't take this anymore, i got up and walked away from them

"hey ash, don't ya want anything mate?" jaime asked

"nah i aint hungry" i replied, as soon as i was out of sight i orbed back to the school, i walked to the rec room and found mom and dad

"ashley what are you doing here, is everything ok honey?" mom asked

"no, the phoenix came to me today, we met some witch's and an angel and i attracted some sentinels which destroyed their house and i got the angel in trouble with some weird geezer's who i think are his bosses and now he hates me" i replied, they came and hugged me and i broke down into tears, the phoenix i could handle, heck i could even cope with destroying their house, if it comes to it i know the school could pay to rebuild it but chris hating me, that i couldn't deal with, i wanted to be close to him, i wanted to be able to call him a friend. I continued to hug mom and dad for about five minutes then pulled away, mom wiped the tears from my eyes

"everything will be ok honey, you'll see"

"i suppose so, i think i'm gonna hit the danger room for a while"

"do you want me to come with you?" dad asked

"yes please" i replied, we walked down to the locker room so dad could change into his uniform, i was waiting outside for him for 10 minutes, "come on dad hurry up"

"oh shut up, ya know some of us have to get changed the old fashioned way, it takes a bit longer than your way"

"no its cause you're getting old"

"watch it boy, i dont care how powerful you are i can still give you a clip around the ear" dad replied, i orbed us to the danger room and we started off with a light hologram program, nothing but a few sentinels, then we moved on to a high intensity simulation, now that was fun, we we're dodging lasers, destroying missiles, fighting apocalypse, the brotherhood and a few demons as well. We had been going for about two hours and had really broke into a sweat, i wish all training sessions would be like this one, i suppose there must be a good reason why we dont, i mean it is intense, only dad and professor x can activate it, but hell it was worth it. A missile came straight at me as someone was orbing in, i thought it would be aaron and really wasn't expecting it to be chris, the missile was still heading for me

"chris, duck" i yelled, he dropped to the ground and i hit it with my optics "cerebro, end simulation", the room shimmered and went back to its original boring silver form, chris got up off the floor and dad walked over to us

"hunter, who's this?" dad asked

"chris perry" i replied [he's the angel i told you about]

"ok, i'll leave you alone, come see us before you go back to the cabin"

"alright dad, see ya in a bit", he gave me the 'you dont call me that in here' look "sorry, cyclops" i replied with a smile, he left the room and there was an uncomfortable silence, after a minute or two chris finally spoke

"what is this place?"

"the danger room, its where we do all our training" i replied, starting to walk off

"where are you going, we need to talk"

"you made it perfectly clear what ya think of me"

"what do you expect, i could've got into deep shit because of you, i was angry" chris replied, the door to the danger room started to open, i waved my hand and closed it again, i was about to start speaking again when cerebro appeared

"hunter what's going on, marvel girl wants know if you're ok?"

"yeah i'm fine cerebro"

"who are you?" she asked looking to chris

"chris perry and what the hell is with all these weird names, cyclops, hunter, cerebro and marvel girl, what's it all about?"

"we have codenames to hide our identities when we're on missions, cerebro tell mom we'll be out in a little while"

"ok hunter" she replied, there was yet another uncomfortable silence

"i'm sorry for getting you in trouble chris, i swear i only wanted to help"

"i know and i'm sorry for going off on one at you, i shouldn't have done that... friends?" he asked holding his hand out

"yeah, friends" i replied, i went to take his hand and just as we touched a strange light left my arm and sent him flying across the danger room, he hit the far wall and fell to the ground, i flew over and knelt down beside him, he was unconscious and had a large gash on his head, he was losing alot of blood, i was about to orb him to the med bay but had a better idea "oh god please let this work" [LEO] i waited a few seconds and he hadn't appeared, i know he must have herd me, i sent it across every dimension i knew [leo get your ass here now, please chris is hurt], that one worked leo orbed in beside us

"what happened?" he asked as he knelt down

"i dont know, some force left my body and sent him flying thru the air, please you gotta heal him" i replied, he raised his hand and that strange glow started flowing over chris, once he opened his eyes i relaxed a bit, man could anything else go wrong between us, leo helped chris up and orbed out, chris walked over to me, he came closer and it hit me that i'd hurt him

"no dont touch me, i might hurt you again"

"its ok, dont worry about, it wasn't your fault"

"stay away from me, i dont wanna hurt you anymore" i replied backing away from him

"trust me ash, its ok you wont hurt me" he replied, he slowly walked up to me and put his arms around me, "see nothing to worry about, it was a one off", thank god nothing else happened to him, maybe we could actually start getting on now, as i pulled away chris was laughing a bit, "how long have you been down here, you stink"

"thanks alot, anyway about 2 hours" i replied, we left the danger room and made our way back to the main school, as we were walking up the stairs we met mom and dad, i introduced them to each other and we carried on up to my room, chris sat on the bed while i got showered, i walked out of the bathroom and change the towel into a pair of three quarter trousers and a t shirt, "ok what do you wanna know?" i asked

"come one your mind is screaming ' i wanna know something' and anyway it doesn't take a telepath to see it on your face"

"ok, tell me to mind my own business if you want but i was wondering, how come you're parents look so young and how the heck do you change you're clothes like that?"

"lets just say i'm from the future and i use my powers to change my clothes, i can use them to change nearly anything about my appearance"

"anything?" he asked

"yeah, here watch this" i replied, i changed my hair from short and light brown to shoulder length, black with blonde highlights and spiked up a bit, that with the clothes i was wearing, i had a total skater boy look going on, i was about to change my hair back when chris stopped me

"nah leave like that, it makes ya look cute" he replied, hell man did i blush, we left the room and went to find mom and dad, we looked all over the school but couldn't find them anywhere, "this may be obvious ash but you're a telepath, why dont ya use your powers to find them?"

"because of... some excuse i cant think of at the moment" i replied, i closed my eyes and searched the school, i soon found them but really wish i hadn't, "ah for fuck sake man that is disgusting"

"what is, did you find them?", i projected what i saw into chris's mind "ash mate i did not want to see your parents in bed"

"neither did i, it was your idea to look for them like that, its your bloody fault", i wrote a quick note for them and gave it to one of the kids, we orbed back to the cabin, the others were in the water again and hadn't seen us, "shall we join them?" i asked
"like this, you are right aint ya" chris replied, i changed his clothes into shorts and then done the same with mine

"there stop complaining", i orbed us into the water next to jensen, they weren't expecting that, we scared the shit outta them

"where have you two been?" storm asked

"i gave the danger room a thrashing, it will be a few days before it can do any real simulations again"

"and i got bored and decided to watch"

"as long as everything's ok" aaron added

"yeah we're fine, stop worrying" i replied, i decided it was time to make chris blush [you said my hair made me look cute, i think those shorts make you look cute] [thanks], ok that didn't work [i reckon you'd looked cuter without them], that got him, he soon had a come back tho [like you'll ever see it] [dont be so sure, its amazing what ya can do with telepathy] [you wouldn't dare] [oh i would.... if it wasn't for the fact that i dont use my telepathy like that on friends]

"sod it they're doing that telepathic talking thing" storm said

"i hate it when telepaths do that" logan added, he started shaking me

"damn hell logan dont scare a person like that"

"what were you guys talkin about in there" storm asked

"the weather" chris replied quickly, [they probably dont wanna know the truth], he had the distant look on his face again,

"another jingle?" phoebe asked

"yeah, leo doesn't sound pissed this time so that's gotta be a good thing, see you all later" he said as he orbed out

"so who is this leo geezer, he seems a right prick" i said

"leo would be my husband and you're right, he's a prick" piper added, note to self, do research before calling someone a prick.

"i wonder why they've called him up there again" paige said

"i have no idea but one thing i do know is i need a drink, ash could you just orb me somewhere please?" piper asked

"sure, take my hand i'll  transfer my powers to you"

"you can do that" she asked taking my hand

"yeah just think of where ya want to be" i replied, we orbed to some office or something, there was music playing in the building  "where are we?"

"welcome to P3, its my club, do that clothes changing trick thingy so we can head in there" she replied, i changed our clothes and we walked out of the office and into the main club, it was completely packed, we made our way to the bar, the barmaid looked surprised to see piper

"piper where have you been, i tried calling you like god knows how many times, i heard what happened to your house, i was worried about you and the others"

"yeah, my phone was in the house, sorry i didn't call you but we were trying to find somewhere to stay"

"as long as you guys are ok, i cant believe mutants destroyed your house, the evil bastards, the government want to kill the lot of them"

"hey not all mutants are evil ya know" i yelled, piper gave me a weird look and i realised that wasn't the best thing to say to someone like this barmaid, i tried to cover it up quickly, "or that's what i heard anyway, i haven't met one so i wouldn't really know"

"piper who is this kid?" she asked

"er this ash, he's my er brother"

"is he?" she asked surprised, [yeah am i?]

"well half brother, anyway we just came to grab a crate of beer then we'll be off" piper replied, we took a couple of crates from behind the bar, and started to leave

"hey piper if you get anymore hassle from mutant scum, give the authorities a call, they might send down some of the sentinel things"

"i'll give her mutant scum, lets see what she's gotta say after i close her mind down" i said spinning around, piper grabbed my arm and pulled me back

"ash no"

"come on piper it will only be for a few minutes"


"well what about a major headache?"

"no, come on lets get back to the others" piper replied, we walked out of the club and found a quiet alley and orbed back to the others, we placed the beer on the coffee table and took a seat, i was well fucked off now

"what's wrong ash, you got a face on like a depressed donkey" paige said

"he's pissed cause of jenny's opinions of mutants"

"yeah well i still reckon you should've let me fry her brain"

"come on honey you know that wouldn't achieve anything"

"well it would've made me feel better"

"you guys got a bottle opener anywhere" piper asked, i focused on the bottles and blew the lids off with my optics, everyone went silent and gave me a shocked look


"we've been witches for years now and not once have i ever thought about using my powers to open a bottle" piper said

"i like your style ash" phoebe added

"yeah classy with all kinds of attitude" paige finished, its easy to see that they're sisters, see called for a bottle and one orbed in her hands, she took a swig from it "yuk, warm" she said

"oh this is where i come in useful" bobby said, he got up from his seat and crouched next to the table, he blew over all of the bottles and gave them a nice chill, he sat back in his seat

"hey iceboy my beer's still warm" paige said, we started laughing a bit, "what'd i say?"

"my codename is iceman but this lot call me iceboy to annoy me, dont take any notice of them and they might go away" bobby replied he walked over to paige and chilled her beer for her, just then chris orbed back in

"girls you have about 30 seconds to come up with a vanquishing spell"

"what kind of demon are we dealing with?" paige asked, the cabin door blew off its hinges and a large demon came in "oh crap"

"that kind of demon" chris replied, the demon mumbled something about charmed ones then raised its hand and let some energy out, i fired my optics at the stream of energy and counteracted it, once it stopped the energy i fired at its head but it waved its hand and deflected my powers, i tried again but it deflected my optics again

"you guys may wanna hurry" i yelled back to them

"ash they need more time, try a spell to get rid of its deflection powers" chris said

"what are you crazy, i 'm a mutant not a witch i cant do it, i dont know any spells, you guys are the professionals, you do it"

"they've gotta come up with a vanquishing spell, as long as it rhymes you should be ok, give it a try, just make sure you're firing you're optics when you say it", i thought for a minute and then gave it a go, man bring back apocalypse

"here goes nothing, er i'm rejecting you're deflection", i dont believe it, that bastard worked, my optics hit him straight on and sent him flying out of the cabin, he came charging back in but storm held him back with strong winds, just then paige, phoebe and piper started talking together

"evil wind that blows, that which forms below, no longer may you dwell, death takes you with this spell", the demon started to grow about three times his original size, he waved his hand and sent them flying towards a wall

"ouch what happened?" phoebe asked rubbing her head

"well it serves you right what kind of vanquishing spell was that?" chris said

"oh vanquishing, right got it"

"ash try another spell to undo it" chris replied

"oh shit man, i'm gonna charge ya for this er, a crap spell they cast now make it pass, remove it now, dont ask me how", the demon returned to its original size, "oh god it worked, screw the x men i'm turning witch"

"ok we've got it this time, everyone stand back" piper said, we cleared out of the way and piper, phoebe and paige started speaking together again, "prudence, penelope, patricia, melinda, astrid, helena, laura and grace, halliwell witches stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space"  the demon started moaning in pain then he exploded into flames, we fell back down into our seats

"bloody hell, who'd have thought it, my little nephew performing a spell, where'd ya think of that first one ash?" aaron asked
"its part of the lyrics to that country and western song emma would have playing over and over"

"oh god yeah that, she drove us all crazy with that one"

"guys timeout, who's emma?" john asked

"doh shit, we cant tell yeah, she was in the future"

"oh come on aaron, what were her powers" jaime asked

"i dont think anyone really knew, it was probably to wear the skimpiest clothes possible" i said

"yeah most of the boys followed her around the school like lost puppies, anyway enough we cant tell ya anymore than that"
"oh come on please"

"no way it might change what happens in the future"

"dont worry about it guys, chris came back from the future to save wyatt but he wont tell us what happens to him, oh wyatt being my son" piper said

"you've got a kid, where is he?" i asked

"he's up there with leo"

"can we see him?"

"yeah hang on, leo" she said, the others wondered what she was doing "dont jingle me, bring wyatt down here", it was a minute or two before leo appeared with a baby in his arms, he gave the baby to piper and walked over to chris, he said something to chris and they were both looking at me in a strange way, i was about to go see wyatt when leo called me over,

"we've got something to tell you, is there anywhere private we can talk?" leo asked

"er yeah, in the blackhawk" i orbed us into the jet

"heck its dark, where are we?"

"hang on a second" i replied, i orbed my com device into my hand and put it on "blackhawk power up girl", there was a low noise as the jet turned all the lights on, then we heard the jet speak (welcome aboard hunter, all systems are fully operational), "that's a new one, jaime must have played about with the computer again, anyway what did ya wanna tell me?"

"right there's good news and bad news, good news is that you're on of chris's charges"

"cool i think, and what would be the bad news?" i asked

"well it may not actually be bad news it depends really on how you look at it, i dont think its bad but...."
"leo you're rambling, rambling bad, rambling very bad, please dont ramble, i get nervous"

"right ok, we've done some research and we believe that, well we're sure that, you... you're part witch" leo said, i've been thru some strange things in my life, but no way was i prepared for this, shock isn't the word describe how i was feeling, i fell down into one of the seats

"ash are you ok mate?" chris asked

"and by witch you mean witch?"

"yeah, i understand its alot take in but we're sure that you're part witch, how else could you have done those spells just now, we aren't telling ya that you've gotta start placing candles everywhere or anything like that, we just think its only fair that you know"

"yeah thanks, we better get back inside to the others" i replied, i powered down the jet and leo orbed us back inside

"where have you been?" piper asked

"we just had to speak to ash about something, is it ok to tell them?" leo asked me, i nodded, "well the elders believe that ash is part witch, that's why chris asked him to do those spells", everyone went silent for a while, no one really knew what to say, after a few minutes paige broke the silence

"talking of spells i better think of something to clear up all this mess"

"its ok paige i'll give it a try" i said

"ash you dont have to, it doesn't matter" chris said putting his arm around me

"nah i don't mind, i mean i'm not ashamed of being a mutant so why should i be ashamed of being a witch", i took a second to think about it "let the object of objection become but a dream, as i cause the scene to be unseen", the cabin returned to normal,

"i've gotta get going, ash if you need anything just call me ok"

"yeah, thanks leo" i replied, leo orbed out and everyone went back to what they were doing except for me, i didn't really feel in the mood for socialising so i just stayed towards the back of the room, i was lost in thought when phoebe came up to me, she took a seat next me and put her arm around me

"hey are you ok?"

"yeah thanks"

"ash you can talk to me, i know you're scared"

"no seriously i'm fine"

"i'm an empath, i know you're not ok so talk kid" she replied smiling, she really was pretty

"its just ever since i was a kid i've had power, ya know with being a mutant all that but those powers were limited, and today i have the son of a force older than time enter me making me one of the most powerful beings in the universe and then i found out i'm part witch and from what i know about witch's, their powers can be limitless, you're right phoebe i am scared, what if i turn all evil and psycho?"

"well that wont happen, you're a good guy and being a witch wont change that, trust me"

"maybe being a witch wont change that but the phoenix might, i mean aaron's a good guy too but a couple of years ago he turned into dark phoenix, if it wasn't for john's love he would've destroyed the whole universe"

"hell how did he stop it?"

"i'm not completely sure because this happened before i was born, but apparently he killed himself to destroy dark phoenix and the true phoenix saved him and brought him back to life, it kept him a secret and gave him a different identity for a year until his mind had healed then returned him to normal, and that's when they found out that aaron and dad were twins"

"well surely if aaron destroyed this dark phoenix thing, you cant turn into?"

"i guess not but it doesn't stop me from worrying about it, man things were alot simpler before we got brought back here, i didn't have to worry about being a phoenix or witch, plus i didn't have any of apocalypse's followers trying to kill me all the time, what i'd give to go back to the future"

"well ya never know, now you're a witch nearly anything's possible, come on lets have a drink" she replied, we got up and walked to the others, we spent the next few hours drinking and getting know each other better, the girls also explained the book of shadows to me and about whitelighters like chris and leo, after a while paige ended up getting us all to play charades, strange girl anyway at about 2am we decided to go to bed, just before we went the girls said a spell to protect the book of shadows. When i got in bed i pulled jensen into my arms, he fell asleep almost instantly but i just couldn't, i had too much on my mind, after a while i got up and went into the kitchen and made a coffee, i walked back into the living room and looked at the book of shadows, surely that spell i did earlier would work again, well its worth a try.

"spell they cast now let it past, remove it now, dont ask me how", the force field around the book disappeared and i picked it up, man there were some strange looking demons in it, i flicked thru the pages until i found what i was looking for, at the top of the page it said 'to return to the future', i took a deep breath and then started reading the spell "a time for everything and everything in its place, return what has been moved through time and sp..."

"ash what are you doing?" chris asked grabbing the book from me, he looked at the spell "please dont do it, stay here, its where you belong"

"its too much chris, i want to go back to my old life, before i was phoenix and a witch"

"it doesn't matter where you are you'll always be a witch"

"a time for everything..."

"i'll stop you ash, i cant let you go"

"and everything in it's place, return what has been moved", chris pulled me into his arms and kissed me, it only lasted a couple of minutes before i pulled away from him "ya know you could've just put your hand over my gob"

"sorry i panicked, i couldn't stand losing you, believe me now is better than the future"

"why, i mean we hardly know each other, why would it matter if i went to the future again and just because you want to be here instead of the future doesn't mean i do"

"yeah i want to stay here but i've also got no choice, if i dont stay wyatt will turn evil, i've gotta stop that from happening"

"there a loads of witch's who turn evil, why is wyatt so important?"

"because he's my brother and you really wanna know why i dont want you to go, its cause i'm starting to fall in love with you" chris replied, hell how do i reply to that, he's piper's son and he loves me

"i wont tell anyone that your Wyatt's brother"

"thanks and what about the other thing?"

"i'm with jensen and i love him, i'm sorry"
"i understand" he replied, as he started to orb out

"chris wait", he stopped orbing, he looked like he was gonna cry "i cant love you the way you want me to but it doesn't mean we cant be friends"

"you're right and i'm sorry for telling you"

"dont be" i replied, we sat on the couch, i pulled him into my arms and we chatted for a while, once he had fallen asleep i got up and went back into the kitchen "leo",

"hey whats up?"

"can we walk and talk?" i asked, we left the cabin and went down to the beach

"are you ok ash?"

"sort of, i dont want to be chris's charge, is there anyway you could change that?"

"i can but every witch has a whitelighter"

"well i dont want to be a witch and i definitely dont want chris"

"why? he's a good guy"

"because he loves me leo that's the reason why, my whitelighter loves me"

"it doesn't change anything, i fell in love with piper and we got thru it but if you really want me to change it i will"

"yeah i think it'll be for the best"

"ok i'll change it, are you gonna be ok" he asked, i nodded and he orbed out, i stayed out on the beach for the rest of the night, the morning is gonna be interesting, i left two guys that love me thinking they would wake up in my arms, at about half six chris appeared

"why did you ask leo to not make me your whitelighter, i thought we were friends", he wasn't pissed off about it, he was crying, he was hurt, oh god i didn't want him to be hurt

"its easier for you that way, you love me and i cant love you back at least if you're not my whitelighter once the house gets repaired you wont have to see me anymore"

"ok i can cope with you not loving me but to not see you anymore, ash i cant do that i want to be part of your life, please dont do this, get leo to make me your whitelighter again"

"i'm sorry" i replied, i started to walk off, now i was crying too, i didn't get too far before leo orbed in

"you two have got to sort this out, you both want to be part of each other's life's and i can help you with that, but ash, you've gotta tell me you want it otherwise there's nothing i can do", i was about to reply when yet another one of apocalypse's demons shimmered in, he grabbed me and threw me into a rock [phoenix help me]

"leo get piper" chris screamed, leo was about to go when i stopped him

"no leo dont", i got up and looked at the demon "if you want to kill me then go ahead, i wont try stop you", the demon came charging at me and the phoenix flew down and landed in front of me [but i will stop you], she let out a cry and enclosed the demon in her wings, instantly he was killed, she raised up in the sky and started flying off "thank you phoenix", [take care my son], i looked back at leo and chris, they looked relieved, scared and shocked at the same time "dont look so shocked guys, the phoenix is older than time, she can take out an entire universe"

"what do you want to do?" leo asked

"i'm sorry chris, i'm not a witch, i don't need a whitelighter, i'm so sorry"

"it's ok, i love you" chris replied as he orbed out
"i love you too", leo came up to me and hugged "i do love him leo, it's just i dont wanna hurt jensen"

"chris knows that and he'll always be there if you need him"

"i'm sorry for calling you a prick" i replied, he pulled away from me, he looked confused

"you didn't"

"well not when you could hear, sorry i didn't mean it, forgive me?"

"yeah of course i do ash", after about an hour leo orbed out and i went back to the cabin, everyone was then starting to pack to go home, it didn't take me long to pack as i hadn't really used anything anyway, once we were ready we loaded the jet up and set off for the school, i went and told the professor about piper and the others staying for a while and about me being a witch, i don't think he believed me tho, then i went and found four spare rooms for them.

Man what an eventful weekend!