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It only took about three weeks for the manor to be repaired, there wasn't as much damage as we first thought, saying bye to the girls was hard, they'd become good friends, it was alot harder to say bye to chris, i wanted to hold him and tell him to stay and be my whitelighter, i was such an ass to him, he was a nice person and i treated him like shit, now i'll probably never see him again, never be able to hug him again.

The first month or two after they left, when i didn't have classes i spent most of my time in the danger room releasing the anger inside of me, i hated myself for letting chris go, only trouble was while i was trying to make myself feel better i was letting jensen down, he'd wanted to go out and just chill, but all i wanted to do was stretch the danger room to it's limits. Despite telling chris i wasn't a witch, i kept trying spells to see how powerful my magic was, the more i practiced the stronger i become, i suppose leo knew i was doing it but i don't think he'd say anything to chris, well i hope he wouldn't, i don't want chris thinking i hate him

"leo" he immediately orbed in, its as if he was expecting me to call him

"alright mate, how's it going"

"not bad, you?"

"fine thanks, you're becoming a powerful witch"

"yeah that's what i wanted to talk to you about" i replied, we started walking out of the danger room and heading back up to the school, "chris doesn't know i've been practicing does he? ya know i told him i didn't need a whitelighter cause i aint a witch, i've put him thru enough as it "

"nah he doesn't know, neither do the girls, only i do"

"thank god, i really don't wanna hurt him anymore"

"they all miss you"

"i miss them too, and to be honest i still love chris"

"is there any chance of you seeing them again?"

"i dont think so, my feelings for chris will make it too compli....." i stopped halfway thru, i heard jensen talking to someone in the next room

"what's the matter"  

"did you hear that?" i asked, leo listen for a minute and heard the same as me "he's talking to the brotherhood"

"aren't they your enemies?"

"yes", we continued to listen for a minute, jensen said something on the lines of they don't suspect a thing, ashley is very close to telling me where magneto is being kept', i looked at leo "he's a spy, come on we better get the x men", i took leo's hand and orbed us to the rec room, all of the others including xavier where in there "we just heard jensen on the phone to mystique, he's a spy"

"right you stay here we'll sort this out" mom said to me


"no buts, stay here, leo make sure he doesn't follow", they quickly left the room, we waited around for about half an hour

"ok i'm thru with waiting, we're going down there", i took leo's hand and we orbed out, just as we appeared bobby came flying out of the room, "are you ok?" i asked helping bobby up

"this is bad ash, his powers weren't just super speed, he's got a whole load of other crazy crap going on, he said he's a warlock, even scott, aaron and logan are only just keeping up with him", we walked into the room, jensen had just thrown mom into the wall

"stop" i yelled, everyone turned around and looked at me, i slowly walked up to jensen "why?"

"i'm handling your old man fine, what are you gonna do ash, cast a spell on me?", i grabbed his hands

"actually yes i am" he tried to break free but i gripped him tighter "i take your hands in mine and with this spell i will entwine, your powers i'll forever bind, from now until the end of time", he tried to use his powers on me but nothing worked "i will vanquish you, but first i wanna have a bit of fun with my telekinesis", i waved my hand and sent him flying into the wall, i threw a chest of draws at him, sent him flying into the wall again, dropped the grandfather clock on him

"ok now you're showing off" dad said

"better than doing homework" i replied, i threw him around the room a few more times, he was laying on the floor, i walked up to him "i did love you"

"i loved you too, i'm sorry for this ash, i didn't want to hurt any of you, please forgive me" jensen replied, he was crying, i could sense he was sorry and he did love me, i helped him off the floor

"i forgive you for this" i said, i leant in and kissed him "but i'm a witch, i have to vanquish evil"

"please ash don't, you've bound my powers i cant do anymore damage, please, i love you"

"i'm sorry" i replied, i stepped back from him and took a deep breath "hell threw you from its inner core but earth wont hold you anymore, since heaven cant be you place, your flesh and blood i now erase", as with every demon or warlock, jensen screamed in pain and burst into flames, i looked around the room, blast i made a mess "let the object of objection become but a dream as i cause the scene to go unseen", once everything was repaired i orbed up to my room and fell on the bed and started crying, after about five minutes leo orbed in to the room, he sat on the bed and pulled me into a hug, "only i could be stupid enough to fall in love with a warlock" i said trying to cheer myself up

"well phoebe married a demon"

"stupid girl" i replied, leo looked as if he had one of those jingle things

"piper and paige need me, will you be ok?"

"yeah, i think i'm gonna cry and sleep for a while"

"ok, i'll be back later, i won't tell them i've seen you"

"thanks leo", he gave me another hug and orbed out, i fell back onto the bed and cried again, it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

I woke up about four hours later and it started to hit me, here i am, alone in our room, i'd vanquished a person i loved, i was about to change out of my uniform and take a shower when i started to glow, the room started to fade away and before i knew it i was standing in front of piper, paige and chris

"what's going on, why am i here?"

"the source has kidnapped phoebe and we need your help to get her back" piper said

"ok what is the source?"

"the source of all evil, hey are you ok, you look rough"

"i vanquished jensen today, he was a warlock and working for the brotherhood of mutants, he never loved me, he was only with me so he could find magneto"

"oh honey, i'm sorry"

"its ok, lets go get phoebe back" i replied, as i was still wearing my uniform, i changed the x on my chest to the symbol on the book of shadows

"wait, i want a uniform and we need a plan" paige said, i changed her clothes into sleeveless shirt with the symbol, a short skirt and knee high boots, all black leather, i did the same with piper but gave her trousers instead of skirt

"there ya go, now for the plan, how the hell are we gonna do this?"

"well we have to kill the source to get to phoebe, so if we do that we'll be fine but we need the power of three to kill the source"

"ok we're screwed"

"we might not be, here read this spell with us but where it's got sisters say friends instead, that should make us a power of three" piper said, i moved next to them and we started reading the spell "Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this day and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to we friends three, we want the power, give us the power."

"has it worked?" i asked

"not sure, when we did it the first time there wasn't a sign, its when we used the powers we realised it worked, oh but you will develop an active witch power, it'll most likely be one like ours but it could be completely different"

"ok lets try it out" i replied, i orbed us to the underworld, the minute we finished orbing, i got a bad pain all over my body "oh shit, the phoenix can sense all the evil down here, he's scared", piper put her hand on my stomach

"its ok little phoenix dude, we wont let anything hurt you"

"piper i aint pregnant, dont do that", we walked around the corner and found a demon guard "hi could you tell us the way to the source?"


"ok" i replied, i shot my optics at him and killed him, we continued walking until we found the source's lair, phoebe was in a cage at the back of the room

"who are you?" the source asked

"we're the new power of three, i hope"

"how can this be? the charmed ones are women"

"hey i'm gay what more do ya want?", i waved my hand and sent the source flying thru the air, "ok does anyone know a decent vanquishing spell?"

"spells dont work on the source" paige replied

"now ya tell me, we're totally boned aren't we?"

"not yet, keep saying 'the power of three will set us free' over and over" piper replied, we kept chanting and when the source threw a energy ball at us it bounced off us and flew across the room taking out a few demons with it, the source threw another one at us and again it bounced off this time it took out all the demons in the room including the source, we ran over to phoebe and i used my telekinesis to rip the door off the cage, she ran up to us and gave us hug

"man am i pleased to see you guys, thank you"

"that's ok, come on lets get outta here, i think the phoenix is about to shit himself", i orbed us back to he manor, chris look relieved to see phoebe

"thank god you're ok pheebs, i better tell leo"

"nah we'll get him down here, leo" piper said, immediately he orbed in

"oh god phoebe you're back, how did you guys pull it off?" leo asked, paige pointed to me, leo came up and hugged me "its good to see you again ash, how long you here for?"

"i better go soon, i'm leaving the x men and i gotta pack"

"why, when'd ya decide this, where are ya going?" phoebe asked

"well one, i've been with the x men all my life and i wanna change especially after this thing with jensen, two, about five minutes ago and three somewhere as far away from the x men as possible"

"that's a big change, what about you're family?"

"except dad we're all telepaths plus i've been practicing astral projection so it should be easy enough"

"paige, phoebe would you just come thru here for a minute please, i need to ask you something" piper said

"i know what you wanna ask and the answer is yes" paige replied


"ok then, ash would you like to move in with us?" piper asked, ok i wasn't expecting that, these girls no how to shock someone

"you mean me here with you guys?"


"that would be great but it isn't fair on you, i'm still attracting demons and shit"

"well you'll fit in well then wont ya, come on if you wanna move in go get your stuff and we'll sort the spare room for ya"

"thank you" i replied, i didn't want to get all soppy but i had to give them a hug, "are you guys sure about this?"

"yes now go get your stuff"

"do you wanna hand?" chris asked

"yeah thanks" i replied, i took his hand and orbed back to the school, we walked to the professor's office, but he wasn't there "cerebro" i called, she shimmered into the hall "hey do you know where the professor is?"

"he's visiting magneto with phoenix at the moment, he said he'll be back up at six"

"what are we supposed to do for three hours?" chris asked

"well we definitely aint waiting around for him, have you got any metal on?"

"just my belt, why"

"take it off, we're going down there", chris took his belt off and i orbed us to the plastic prison, aaron and the professor weren't expecting to see chris again

"ashley its so nice to see you again, how's jensen?" magneto asked with an evil grin on his face, i didn't know whether to orb out, kill him or cry

"hey you've ruined ash's life as it is without rubbing it in, why dont you do us all a favour and just shut the fuck up?" chris said, he raised his hands and froze magneto

"how'd ya do that?" i asked

"remember who my parents are"

"who are they?" aaron asked

"can that wait?" i asked, "ok there's no easy way to tell you this so i'm just gonna blurt it out, i've decided to leave the team and mansion", the room went quiet for a few minutes before aaron spoke

"i take it from the uniform, you're going with chris and the others?"

"yeah, i need to get away from here and its time i come to terms with being a witch, i mean there's no changing it and who better to help me with it than the girls, please dont be angry with me or them"

"we're not angry ashley, its just we'll miss you" professor x replied

"so you'll let me go?"

"yes of course i will, have you told jean and scott?"

"not yet, i wanted to tell you first"

"ok, come see us before you go" aaron replied, chris un froze magneto then orbed us back up to the school

"if you use telepathy to find your parents, please dont show me what you find" chris said, i had to laugh, i'd forgotten about that one

"dont worry, i'm gonna try give my mutant powers a rest now, ya know clean slate and all that"

"so back to the old fashioned way of finding someone"

"to hell with that, Locate" i said, a blue light started flying above our heads, i told it to find mom and dad and we followed it around the school, they were in the main hall with the rest of the team and some students, the light was flying above their heads, "dissipate" i said, in an instant the light faded away

"nice party trick" dad said smiling, he soon stopped when he saw the look on my face, "you're leaving aren't you?"

"scott, dont be so daft" mom said quickly

"dad's right, i am leaving mom, i need to get away from here, i'm sorry" i replied, a few of the younger students had been throwing a tennis ball around, somehow it strayed and came flying towards to me, i raised my hands and it froze in mid air, "what the hell happened?" i asked surprised

"that's probably your active witch power, you've got the same as piper, the first few times you use it, it'll only work if you're scared or something but then  it'll become more powerful and you'll be able to use it when you like" chris replied

"active witch power? what are you guys talking about?" storm asked

"i helped piper and paige rescue phoebe and now i'm a charmed one", i raised my hands again and the ball exploded, definately the same as piper, the kids looked sad now "dont worry guys, i'm a witch, i can sort it out, let the object of objection become but a dream as i cause the scene to go unseen", the ball was instantly repaired, i picked it up and threw it back to the kids, "anyway i've just gotta pack and then i'm going", we went up to my room and started to pack, i was cleaning out my desk and found a photo of jensen and me, i threw it up into the air and made it explode, chris turned around shocked

"what was that?"

"that was a photo of him and me"

"are you ok?" he asked, i shook my head, i didn't want to look weak but i couldn't help crying, chris came up to me and put his arms around me "its alright ash", his voice was full of concern and love, i thought back to the day we met, when he stopped me from going back to the future, he told me he loved me and deep down i loved him too, i still do and i know he wouldn't hurt me like jensen did, i aint sure if this was the right thing to do, but i pulled back and kissed him, god it was so powerful, he still loved me, "ash this isn't right, you've just vanquished jensen, its too soon"

"you're the life i believe, the air that i need when you touch me i breathe again" he pulled me into another kiss, this one lasted alot longer and i wanted it to go on forever, but there was a knock at the door, damn it

"come in" i said, the door opened and mattie walked in "hey, alright?"

"hey ash, whats going on?" he asked looking at all the bags

"i'm leaving, i'm going to stay with chris and the others"

"please dont go"

"i have too matt, i need to get away from here"

"the manor is big so you can come stay when ever you want" chris replied

"when are you going?"

"once i've finished packing"

"ok, i'll see you in the hall later" he replied, he left the room and we continued packing, once we had finished i turned to look at chris, just him being here was making me feel happy, i was starting to forget about what jensen had done to me, well to all of us, i pushed chris on to the bed, i fell on top of him and kissed him, after a while i pulled back

"thank you"

"for what?"

"for being here, i love you chris, i have since we met, i'm so sorry for what i done to you, as soon as we get back i'll get leo to make me your charge again"


"yeah, if i'm turning witch i need a whitelighter and i need you"

"are you ready to go?"

"as ready as i'll ever be" i replied, we picked up my bags and walked down to the hall, as soon as mom saw me she started crying, i think the bags made her realise i was going, i put the bags down and gave her hug "i love you mom"

"i love you too ashley" she replied hugging me tighter, now she had me crying too! "you will keep in touch won't you honey?"

"of course i will mom, i'll astral project at least once a week, promise"

"you bloody better son" dad replied, mom let go of me and i hugged dad, after hugging dad for a few minutes i went to uncle aaron

"love you"

"i love you too ash, never be afraid to come home ok?"

"i wont" i replied, i said goodbye to the others and got to mattie last, man why is it harder to say bye to him? "i'm sorry"

"dont be, i know you wouldn't leave if you didn't think its best"

"ok if i dont go now, i'll never go", i walked back to chris and picked up my bags, just then cerebro came in

"is everything set cerebro?" jaime asked

"yes forge, it's outside waiting"

"what's going on?" i asked

"well i've been working on something and i want you to have it, call it a leaving present"


"come on its outside" jaime replied, it seems i'm not the only one confused, the others didn't know what he was up to either, we followed him outside and there was a new jet sitting there "this is new x wing technology, the xbb 8, blackthunder"

"its nice" i said

"its yours"

"come again?"

"its yours, take it with you in case you ever need it"

"no i cant, i mean its cool but you guys need it more than me"

"ash we already have blackbird and blackhawk, we dont need it"

"but what about fuelling it? i wont be able to"

"like i said it's new x wing technology, it's powered by thoughts, as long as someone is within a mile of it, he'll have power and its got everything you'll ever need for away missions, there's beds, showers and everything, now take it before i kick your ass"

"thank you" i replied hugging him, ok this is it, i've gotta go now before i cry even more, i said bye to everyone again and we walked aboard the jet, man this thing is nice, i sat at the pilots seat and chris sat next to me, i started the engine and we raised into the sky [bye], i looked over to chris and we set off "fuck this thing is fast"

"yeah i think i'm gonna spew" chris replied smiling, i reduced the speed considerably

"blackthunder, how long will it take to get the manor at this speed?" (approximately one hour) "engage autopilot" (autopilot engaged), i got up and pulled chris along

"where are we going?"

"you'll see" i replied, we walked down into the lower deck, here's the beds, i pulled chris down onto one of them and started kissing him, oh god i'm in heaven! i started to unbutton his shirt, man is this too fast? no it cant be it feels so right, chris had now lifted my t shirt over my head, "i love you chris"

"i love you too" he started undoing my jeans, it didn't take long for us to both be fully naked, man i cant believe we're doing this, i lifted my legs up and felt chris's cock against my ass "are you ready for this ash?"

"god yes, i want you", slowly chris entered me, oh god am i ready? i've just vanquished jensen, is this too soon? maybe i need more time? no of course i dont, i love chris i have since we first met, why did i let him go? i cant live without him, this is so right even tho there's no lube, it doesn't hurt, yeah i'm definately meant to be with him, oh man what is he doing to me? i'm about to cum already, he thrust a few more times and that was it, i blew all over his chest, it wasn't long until chris reached braking point too, after a minute or two he pulled out and lied on the bed, he pulled me over on top of him and we engaged in another passionate kiss "that was.... that was" i couldn't finish, no words can describe how that felt

"yeah, god i love you baby", we just lay their in each other's arms, i couldn't nor did i want to move (now approaching the manor) "damn it!"

"it's half eight, we could go straight to bed"

"i like that idea" chris replied, he got up and helped me up, we quickly got dressed and walked back up to the main deck

"blackthunder stay about half a mile up from the manor with cloak on, if anything is heading towards you just move out of the way and come back", we picked up the bags and orbed into the manor, we walked into the parlour room and the girls and leo were watching a movie

"hey sorry we took so long"

"that's ok honey, do you want me to fix you something to eat?" piper asked

"nah that's ok, we're heading off to bed"


"yeah we" chris replied, the others smiled and said night and then we headed off to bed

"do you think they'll mind us sharing a bed?"

"oh please, paige has a different guy in bed nearly every night, of course they wont mind" chris replied, we got undressed and got into bed, chris pulled me into a hug "night"

"night, love you"

"love you too" he replied, it didn't take long for him to fall asleep, i opened my mind and stretched back to the school, as always mom, dad and uncle aaron were all together [night guys, love you] [love you too sweetie, night].