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"so what are you guys up to today?" phoebe asked as i poured here a cup of coffee

"the usual boring whitelighter crap" chris replied

"paige was gonna help me get to grips with potion making and then i got another job interview this afternoon, i've been here for nearly four months and still haven't got anything"

"well i hope this one goes better for ya sweetie"

"yeah thanks, ya know companies like my CV until they get to the previous employment section, ya know the 'mutant outlaw' part" i replied, we continued chatting for a while and then someone else orbed in, he was holding a sword

"james! what are you doing here?"

"sorry to interrupt chris but we've got a major problem on our hands", just then piper and paige walked into the room

"hey we heard something.... ooh sword, sword" paige said ready to attack james

"no its ok paige, he's a whitelighter, james is considered quite high up there"

"all your charges need to know is i'm a whitelighter, this isn't a social call, i came to tell the charmed ones that a demon just killed my most powerful charge with this sword and now he has her powers of transmogrification"

"oh i'm so sorry" chris replied

"thank you, the real tragedy is this didn't have to happen, i told her to lay low but she didn't listen, she always refused to let magic interfere with her life"

"right well i'll go check the book of shadows" i said getting up from the table

"i'll come with you, i got a look at the demon, i might be able to identify him"

"ok well its in the attic"

"attic? dont you mean alter room? the rules are very clear, every witch must keep their book of shadows in a sacred and protected place"

"obviously" i replied

"maybe you should bring it down here ash?" phoebe said

"yeah i'll just run up to the alter room, which by the way is situated next to the potions lab and broomstick closet, then i'll be right back" i said walking off, i heard piper, phoebe and paige laughing a bit, i went up to the attic and brought it down to the kitchen, james was rambling on about something again, i sat sown and we started looking thru the book

"how did he get close enough to get it from such a powerful witch?" phoebe asked

"maybe he wasn't working alone"

"or maybe he possesses the power of..." chris started

"cloning i was just thinking the same thing" james finished

"the ability to duplicate ones self, but..."

"it doesn't last for long periods of time"

"that's cute, the way you guys finish each other's sentences" piper said

"its what happens when you work with someone for as long as we have"

"or.." chris started

"when you have sex with someone for three hours every night" i replied, the girls laughed but james wasn't impressed and chris started turning red, maybe that wasn't fair on him [sorry babe]

"er why dont you check the book, see if the demon stole cloning too"

"righto, cross referencing demon with cloning" i said using my telepathy to flip the pages, it soon stopped on a page "here it is, some geezer named eames, seems that ten years ago he murdered a witch in england and stole her powers of deflection"

"chris we better discuss the best way to approach this situation" james said, he looked to us "in private, if you wouldn't mind going into another room?"

"or how about this idea?" piper said freezing him, she got up and walked to the kettle

"piper what are you doing?" chris asked

"getting pissed off, who put Mr attitude in charge?"

"he aint in charge piper, he's being cautious because he just lost his most powerful charge and he doesn't want the same to happen to you guys, you cant question his heart"

"well what about everything else?" i asked

"piper would you un freeze him and give me a minute on my own with him, i'll talk to him" chris asked, we agreed and piper un froze him

"wha.. what happened" he asked

"piper froze ya" i replied as i walked passed him, we went into the parlour room and sat down, phoebe picked up the sword and got a premonition, "what did ya see?" i asked

"that eames bloke killing a male witch, he was at the Industrial District South of San Francisco"

"ok well i vote we go and stop him, ash suit us up" piper said, i changed our clothes into uniforms as we ran out to the car, the speed piper was driving it didn't take long to get there, just as we were about to arrive at the industrial district, we heard police sirens "crap not now" piper said slowing down

"keep going" i replied, i closed my eyes and got into the officer's mind [we aint speeding, leave us alone] "you'll find if legal disaster ever strikes, i'll come in useful", we found the guy phoebe saw in her premonition and ran up to him, "oh god that's no witch, he's a darklighter", just then eames appeared, he set the dark lighter on fire and absorbed his power then he shimmered out, we got back in the car and drove to the manor, we got inside and went back into the parlour room, chris and james walked in

"good you're still here" james said

"yeah er not really"

"what do you mean, you didn't go looking for eames did you?" 

"yep" i replied

"we went" piper added

"we saw" phoebe said

"we didn't quite conquer" paige finished off

"you what? you shouldn't have gone until we said" james said, man we pissed him off, good!

"well i had a premonition of eames killing an innocent so we went stop him, only problem was it wasn't an innocent, it was a darklighter"

"that would be why the elders have instituted a lock down, all whitelighters have been re called from earth, chris you should join them" james said

"chris?" i asked

"we were talking and we've decided that james should take over as your whitelighter until this is sorted out"

"why? you're our whitelighter not him"

"ash its because of my feelings for you guys, it might cloud my judgement and end up killing you, just do as james asks and then i'll be back down here with you" chris replied, i gave him a kiss and he orbed out, we all stared at james

"i suggest you channel your anger towards the demon you're meant to vanquish, now first.."

"okay can we just have a moment to digest all of this please?" paige said

"no, its time you stopped focusing on yourselves and start focussing on eames. You must prepare for battle mentally, physically, sartorially.."

"i'm sorry do what now?" i asked

"he doesn't like our clothes" phoebe replied

"you need clothes that are loose and move, that means no fearless attire" james said

"hey i've spent my whole life fighting bad guys in tight, ass clinging leather, i aint stopping now"

"you cannot fight in those clothes, they're too restricting" james replied walking away from us

"ok maybe i show you how restricting these clothes are" i replied, i waited until he turned to face us then i done a few somersaults towards james and then done a high kick and left my foot lingering near his neck, just for added measure i had phoenix flames around my foot "now tell me again i cant fight in these clothes", the look on his face, he was scared, i stopped the flames and back flipped to the others, they were doing their best not to crack up laughing , we went out to the garden and james had us stretching and shit

"tell me again why we're doing this?" piper said

"because one bad word from general jump shit there and i aint getting a shag tonight" i replied

"ok that's a good enough reason", piper replied, james walked over to us

"alright lets get going, defeating eames will require split second timing and flawless team work, i cant tell you what you will be doing but i can tell you what you wont, you wont be winging it, you wont be hoping for the best, the will to win is the will to prepare to win, do you understand me?"

"yeah hi, i'm sorry i didn't quite get that last platitude" phoebe said

"you lot think you're so tough because you took out the source dont you? let me tell you something, you're only as good as you're next vanquish. This garden is our neutral battlefield, our challenge is to defeat eames, our primary goal is.."

"to win!" i said


"no, damn it" i replied

"to get the crossbow", james picked up a rake, "a darklighter's crossbow is dipped in poison that is deadly to whitelighters, get the crossbow and the immediate threat is over, if you have the opportunity to vanquish eames then by all means seize it but keep your eyes on the prize, any questions?"

"um yeah, do you have to shove a toothbrush up your ass?" i asked

"now lets pretend i'm the enemy" james said

"do we have to pretend?"

"talk me thru how you plan to separate me from my crossbow"

"well first i freeze you"

"i deflect that"

"of course you do honey" piper replied

"i levitate and kick you in the gob" phoebe said

"you kick a clone"

"i orb in and grab the crossbow" paige added

"i shoot you with the crossbow first and you die"

"ouch" paige replied

"alright, how about i send in astral ash to confuse you then do this to ya" i replied, i looked at the sundial and shot it with my optics

"haven't you been listening? i deflect magic" james said

"haven't you done your homework?, i'm only part witch, that was one of my mutant powers, and if that fails we get back up"

"from who?" james replied, i pointed up to the sky, they all looked up and saw the blackbird flying past, "is that?"


"and you?"

"codename hunter"


"all my life" i replied, "wait that's it, i know how we can get eames on our turf, somewhere that'll help protect us, the danger room"

"the what?" james asked

"look you dont like us and we hate you but trust us on this, the danger room is our best fighting area, if anything goes wrong it has the technology to hold eames captive" piper replied, james thought for a minute before he replied

"ok, how do we get there?"

"like this" i replied, i pulled my old com device from my back pocket and activated it (blackbird, turn around girl we need a lift), we saw the jet turn around and come roaring towards us, it landed and opened the hatch, mom, dad, aaron, and delta came out, mom came up to me and gave me hug

"its good to see you again honey, i've missed you so much"

"i've missed you too mom, could we hitch a ride please, we need to use the danger room"

"of course you can, come on lets go", we walk into the jet and set off for the school, we sat at the back with aaron and delta and started work on the vanquishing spell, we were nearly at the school the time we finished it

"ok i've got the cloning part sorted" phoebe said

"yeah and we're nearly done with the transmogrification crap" paige replied

"ok i gave up on mine, i'm gonna use my first deflection spell" i said

"oh you mean the 'rejectin your deflection' thing?" phoebe asked, i nodded, "i like that one i wanna join in with it, but you have to get it past you know who"

"this sucks, chris never had to approve of our spells, he just let us do it" piper replied

"yeah but he said he needs to hear it"

"ya know what he needs none of us can give him" i replied, james then came walking over to us

"how's that spell coming on?"

"finished" paige said, he looked over the spell and to our surprise he was pleased with it, when we got to the school we walked to the danger room and got it ready, the professor wanted the x men to stay in the danger room with us in case things went tits up, we agreed as long as they didn't intervene unless we asked them to.

"so are you sure this will work?" james asked

"yeah, when we give cerebro the word the danger room will change from looking like heaven and it'll keep changing every three seconds, hopefully eames wont know where he is so he cant shimmer out"

"ok then are you guys ready?" james replied, we all nodded and he orbed out of the room and then back in again, as soon as eames appeared he shot a darklighter arrow at james but james orbed out in time

"now cerebro" i yelled, the danger room started changing form and completely threw eames out, he fell to the ground, his mind couldn't keep up with the changes, we walked up to him and looked over him

"where am i, what's going on?" he asked

"welcome to the danger room and we're vanquishing your evil ass" i said, piper, paige, phoebe and me took hands and started the spell "time for amends and a victims revenge"

"cloning power, turn sour" paige said

"power to change, turn strange" piper added

"we're rejectin your deflection" phoebe and me finished off, eames started crying in pain and then burst into flames, i got cerebro to stop the program, professor x came into the danger room

"you know ashley until now i couldn't come to terms with you being a witch, i didn't think it was true, well done"

"thanks sir" i replied, just then chris orbed in

"hey you guys have made your whitelighter proud" chris said hugging us all, then james orbed in too

"and i'm proud of you too, you've done a good job, and ash, no i dont have to shove a toothbrush up my ass"

"yeah er sorry about that, we couldn't have done this without your help, thanks", we walked up to the main school and was about to relax and catch up for a while when i realised the time "please tell me that clock's wrong"

"no its right, why?" dad asked

"shit i've got an interview in five minutes" i quickly gave mom, dad and aaron a hug "ok i'll see you guys back at the manor?"

"yeah good luck sweetie" piper said, i orbed to the place where i had the interview and only just made it as they called my name, i was stuck in the interview for well over an hour before the moron interviewing me told me that i wasn't suitable for the position and 'thanked' me for my time, i left the building and went to a quiet alley so i could orb home but changed my mind and decided to walk instead, i needed to clear my head before i saw anyone. When i got back to the manor piper was on the phone getting stressed about something, she had wyatt in her arm and was struggling, i took wyatt from her and went into the parlour room, it was about ten minutes before she came in, "hey are you ok?" i asked

"no the baby sitter cancelled and the agency cant send a replacement in time, phoebe has got dinner with jason so she cant do it and paige is... god only knows what she's doing, i was supposed to be at the club half an hour ago getting ready for tonight"

"well i hent got any plans for tonight so i could look after wyatt for ya"

"you sure? he can be a handful"

"yeah i'm sure, technically i'm only two so we'll be on the same wave length, go on get going"

"thanks honey, now be a good boy for your uncle ash" piper said to wyatt, she gave him a kiss and then kissed me on the cheek and then left, i walked into the kitchen and put wyatt in the play cot, i went over and looked in the cupboard, "so little guy, what'd ya want for dinner, we got sweet vegetable pasta, country vegetable and chicken, vegetable lasagne, and caribbean casserole with pork and apple, my god who thinks of these? ", wyatt gave a little giggle, "alright then, sweet vegetable pasta it is", i dished up wyatt's grub and then we went back into the parlour room and looked thru what videos they had, after wyatt disapproving of them all i had one option left, i picked wyatt up and orbed back to the mansion, everyone was in the dinner hall, i walked up to the teachers table

"hey honey, what ya doing?" mom asked


"what piper left wyatt looking after you?" aaron asked

"yeah funny, have you guys got any kids videos about? wyatt's being fussy"

"i think so, come on we'll have a look" aaron replied, we walked up to aaron's room and started looking thru all the old videos, when i pulled out mulan wyatt started laughing "this must be a witch thing or something"

"come again?"

"well you loved mulan when you were wyatt's age", we went back down to the hall, i was saying bye to everyone when the book of shadows orbed onto the table

"did you do this?" i said to wyatt, he giggled and i put him down on the table "what the hell would i want this for?"

"er ash mate" logan said pointing behind me, i turned around and saw a skeletal demon coming towards me

"wyatt, danger" i said, wyatt put his force field up, "man why do you lot always come after me? go annoy phoebe", the demon picked me up and threw me against the wall

"i want your power charmed one"

"oh in that case go annoy piper" he came up to me again and rammed his fist into my chest, i screamed in pain, it felt like my life force was being sucked out of me, "the power of three will set us free", the demon was thrown away from me, i ran over to the book of shadows and started hunting thru the pages, just as i found the page i felt the demon inside me again "the power of three will set us free", he was thrown away from me again, i turned around and faced him "never mess with a charmed one" i said before starting the spell, "tide of evil washed ashore, to bring its darkness ever more, with all our strength we fight this fate, make this evil obliterate", nothing happened "stupid book, oh wait that's a power of three spell, duh"

"still here charmed one, and now i have your power" the demon said, oh god this wasn't good, i waved  my hand and tried to send him flying with my telekinesis, nothing happened, i tried again but still nothing, he waved his hand and sent me flying, i got up and looked at him, i then realised what happened, he hadn't got my charmed power, he'd took my telekinesis

"wrong power moron, now i'll show you what the charmed ones are made of, beast of legend myth and lore, give my words the power to soar and kill this evil ever more", he started screaming and burst into flames, i walked over to wyatt and he let his force field down, i picked him up and looked at the book of shadows and tried picking it up with my mind, it didn't matter how hard i tried the book wouldn't move, "well that's a bugger"

"are you ok ashley?" professor x asked me

"yeah i never really use my telekinesis anymore, anyway i better get going, if the girls come home and we aint there they'll freak", i said bye to everyone and orbed back to the manor, i placed wyatt in the play pen and put mulan on, i got bored of it but it kept wyatt quiet so it was worth it, after it had finished i put wyatt to bed and after him orbing downstairs about ten times, he finally fell asleep. I went to the kitchen and sat at the table, i tried moving a pen but nothing worked, then phoebe and paige came in

"hey are you alright, you look stressed"

"no i aint, i've lost my teleki... hi jason how's it going?"

"alright ash"

"ash honey come over here a minute" paige said, we walked away from jason, "what do you mean you've lost your telekinesis?"

"a demon came after me wanting my charmed power but he stole my telekinesis instead, i cant move anything with my mind anymore"

"are you sure?"

"yes i've been trying all night, i cant even move that sodden pen" i replied pointing to the table, then the pen orbed into my hands, jason jumped from his seat and looked at us

"what the hell just happened?"

"yeah what just happened?, ok i'll be honest with you, i'm a mutant"

"as in, powers?"

"yeah" i replied, god could this day get any worse

"i thought you were gonna say you're a witch or something"

"dont be daft witch's aint real, i'm just a boring mutant and phoenix god"

"i don't know, there's alot of evidence to suggest witch's are real, i mean come on that would be cool, hang on did you say god?"

"yep, powerful enough to take out an entire universe"

"anything else?"

"well i can shoot lasers out of my eyes, read minds, orb or teleport what ever you wanna call it and until three hours ago i could move things with my mind"

"what happened?" jason asked

"some thieving, evil mutant fucker stole it from me.. bastard"

"ok ash sweetie, calm down" phoebe said, we walked thru to the parlour room and sat down, chris then orbed in but luckily he was behind jason, he orbed out again and then came thru the front door, he came and sat down next to me

"how'd the interview go?" he asked

"well after about an hour i got the 'i'm sorry Mr Summers but i don't think you'd be suitable for the job' line"

"oh i heard that frontline people are looking for male models, you should give them a call" jason said

"me a model?, i dont think so"

"why not? you'd be good at it" paige replied

"come on guys can you honestly see me as the next drew fuller?"

"who?" chris asked

"exactly, nah it just aint me" i replied, we continued chatting for a while and then piper came home, she looked tired and pissed off

"you're home early is everything ok" phoebe asked

"i left jenny to close up and the bronze is up for sale"

"what's wrong with that?"

"well when its sold, it'll be revamped which means people will go there instead of p3"

"good point, hopefully it wont last too long tho"

"damn it, i meant to bring some beer home, we're out"

"i'll orb back to the club and get some then" i replied, chris and piper gave me a scared look "its ok jason knows i'm a mutant, see ya'll in a bit", i orbed to one of those cash in cheque places and then to the bronze, i soon found the owner and we went to his office

"i've heard that the club is for sale, i wanna buy it"

"ok if you get your lawyer to..."

"nah i mean now, i've got the cash here, this aint dodgy or anything, its my trust fund"

"i've already had the contracts drawn up so if you let me check the money we can sign now" he replied, i gave him the cash and he checked it, once he was happy we both signed the contracts, "well Mr Summers you're the new owner of the bronze", he gave me the keys, alarm passwords and all that crap and i went and took a crate of beer from the store and orbed back home

"how on earth did you manage to take an hour grabbing a crate of beer?" jason asked

"i done a detour and made an investment"

"what kind?" piper asked

"well i need a job so i went and bought the bronze" i replied, they all went quiet for a while

"are you serious?" piper asked, i handed her the contracts and keys

"i was thinking maybe we should call it p4 or something"

"what do you mean we? its your club you idiot"

"nah its our club, i bought it for all of us"

"honey" paige replied, they came up and hugged me, i swear women have some kind of dramatic emotions gene

"well why dont ya call it phoenix?"

"yeah that's a good one..." jason started, i waved my hands and froze him

"why have you frozen my boyfriend?" phoebe asked

"i think we should tell him we're witch's"

"no we cant ash, if he takes it the wrong way we'll be exposed"

"but i dont think he will take it the wrong way, i mean he did say that would be cool and would you like it if he was hiding something like that from you?"

"good point, what do you guys reckon?"

"well if you think he'd be ok with it then yes, we should tell him" piper replied

"ditto" paige added

"i dunno guys, its against all whitelighter rules, i know they're a bit lame sometimes but they are there for your protection"

"and siding with us is for your own protection babe" i replied, i waved my hand and unfroze jason

"honey we've got something to tell you or should i say show you" phoebe said, she levitated into the air, piper made a vase explode, i lit a fireball in my hand, paige called for it and threw it towards me and then i froze it "we're witch's"

"ah man this is so cool, i'm dating a witch, what about you chris?"

"i'm an angel" he replied, "actually i'm gonna come clean, i'm part witch too"

"are you?" paige asked

"yeah, sorry i haven't told you before but i didn't want to in case it changes the future, oh by the way jason i'm from the future"

"same here" i replied

"what are your witch powers chris?" phoebe asked

"telekinesis, exploding and freezing"

"oh good god" piper said, "you're wyatt aren't you?", chris was lost, he hadn't planned on this [tell them babe] [i cant, what if they dont except me?] [they will, come on you have to now] [i'm scared ash] [i know but i'm here for you, it'll be ok]

"no piper i'm not wyatt, i'm..... i'm chris halliwell, your other son", the room went completely quiet, chris started crying "i'm sorry" he said as he orbed out

"chris dont.... go, oh god i dont hate him, why did he leave?"

"i'll go get him" i replied

"how? we cant scry for whitelighters, there's no way of tracking them"

"i know but i'm phoenix, i can find any mind in all dimensions, especially my boyfriends"

"please bring him home ash"

"i will" i replied as i locked on to chris's mind and orbed out, chris was sitting on a rock crying, i walked up to him, he looked so lost and hurt "chris", he got up and hugged me, he started crying even harder "its ok baby, they dont hate you, piper wants you to go home"

"are you sure?"

"have i ever lied to you before?", he shook his head, i gave him a kiss and orbed us back to the manor, piper looked so relieved to see him, "jason, do ya wanna check out the new club?"

"yeah?" he replied, i took his hand and orbed us to the club, i walked over to the bar and got us a drink, "you said someone stole your power, have ya tried a spell to get it back?"

"no, i never thought of that one"

"well why dont ya try it"

"ok, Powers of the witches rise come to me across the skies, return my powers give me back all that was taken from the attack!"

"has it worked?"

"not sure, only one way to find out" i replied, i looked at a table and waved my hand, it flew off the ground and smashed into a wall "oh good it worked and i've already started destroying my club, that aint so good", we took a look around the club and we came across a locked door, "hey i hent got a key for this one. wanna orb in and take a look?"

"go for it" jason replied, i took his hand and tried to orb in, but we returned outside "what happened?"

"the room's protected by magic, i cant orb in, i might have a spell to break it tho"

"will it work?"

"it's worked on the girls magic so it should work on this, spell they cast now let it pass, remove it now, dont ask me how", the wall shimmered, "ok lets try it out, stand back" i said to jason, he stepped behind me and i made the door explode, we walked in and the room was like a massive shrine, there were candles, spells, pictures of demons and a whole load of crazy crap about, just then piper, paige, phoebe, chris and leo orbed in "hey what are you doing here?"

"i was looking at the contracts and realised who owned this place, we're in alot of danger" piper said

"how come?"

"he's a very powerful demon, we thought we took him out but obviously not"

"who is he?" i asked

"he's belthazor, come on we need to get outta here", just then the old owner of the club shimmered in "oh crap!"

"hello girls, nice to see you again"

"how did you come back cole?" phoebe asked

"forget about that phoebe, we have to vanquish him...again" paige said, they took hands "prudence, patricia, penelope, melinda, helena, astrid, laura and grace, halliwell witches stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space", nothing happened,

"haven't you learnt, that doesn't work on me"

"we're boned, that's our most powerful spell" piper said, this is the first time i've ever seen them scared

"spells dont have to rhyme do they?" i asked

"no why?" piper replied, i thought for a minute "ash?"

"i'll re word it for the phoenix"

"if the charmed ones can't defeat me, then no one can"

"i am a charmed one moron, please let this work, jean, aaron, rogue and rachel, phoenix gods stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space", nothing happened for a minute and then images of mom, aaron, rogue and rachel appeared in front of me, they then turned into phoenix's and flew into the air, i took my cue and let the phoenix out, i rose into the air and the others flew into my chest, the phoenix cried and spread it's wings enclosing belthazor, with a final cry, the phoenix destroyed him, i came back down to the ground, the others came out of me and disappeared, i had to make sure this worked "phoenix, did it work? has he gone?", after a few seconds the phoenix spoke thru the air [yes my child, well done charmed ones]

"who's rachel?" leo asked

"my sister"

"i didn't realise you had a sister, can we meet her?"

"yeah, when she's born, let the object of objection become but a dream, as i cause the scene to be unseen", instantly all the damage in the club was repaired "how about we raid the bar?"

"hell yeah" phoebe replied, we went back into the bar and got absolutely pissed, i told jason about all of the x men and their powers, after three hours of drinking and talking we decided to head home, everyone went to bed straight away but piper and me stayed up and talked a little longer

"so are you guys ok with chris?" i asked

"yeah i mean leo and me have always wondered if there was some connection so it wasn't much of a surprise"

"but i thought leo didn't trust him to begin with?"

"oh honey leo doesn't trust anyone to begin with, well except you, he's always liked you, he sees you as a little brother, we all do, man i need coffee, want one?"

"i'll get it, you look shattered", i went and made a coffee and came back to the room

"thinking about it, you're like my son in law"

"hey we aint married yet"

"yet? you mean you might?"

"maybe, i really love him, i mean i did love jensen too but with chris there's just..."

"a spark?"


"same here with leo, i've tried to move on but i cant, my heart belongs to him, i love him so much"

"so are you two gonna get back together?"

"i dont see how we can with him up there and me down here"

"if the love's there anything is possible" i replied, we sat in silence for a few minutes before i spoke again "thanks again for helping me out when all that shit with jensen came about"

"that's ok its nice to have you here, this is your home for as long as you want"

"i dont intend on going anywhere for a very long time, unless you want me to go?", piper came over to me and pulled me into a hug

"no honey, you're part of this family and i love you, i want you to stay forever"

"thank you, i love you too, well i think i'm gonna go to bed"

"same here" piper replied, we got up and walked upstairs

"oh i've still got about $10 thousand left to refurbish the club, could ya help me with that tomorrow?"

"of course i can, night ash"

"night piper" i gave her a kiss on the cheek and went into my room, chris was still awake, i got undressed and hopped into bed, i pulled him into a hug "i love you"

"i love you too, why did you buy the bronze?"

"i told you i need a job"

"that's a nice story baby, now tell the truth"

"ok i bought it so piper doesn't have to worry about losing business, its the least i could do for her"

"you're one of a kind ash, i love you so much" he replied kissing me, we continued to kiss for a while then we fell asleep in each others arms.