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In Fuck You, the lyrics in blue are ash singing, the ones in purple are delta singing and the ones in black are ash and delta singing together



[Indicates Telepathic Conversations]

(Indicates Intercom Conversations)




I woke up to wyatt's screaming, i looked over to the clock it was only 6.30, man only about one hour of sleep! chris woke up and we walked out of the room, phoebe, jason and paige were then coming out of their rooms too, we went down stairs and into the kitchen piper was sitting there holding wyatt trying to calm him down

"is wyatt trying to wake the dead again?" phoebe asked

"i dont know what's wrong with him, he wont stop crying"

"well he hasn't got his shield up so at least it isn't evil, his he hungry?"

"nah i've tried that"

"have ya tried singing to him? he loves that song in mulan" i asked

"does he?"

"yeah chuck him here" i replied, piper passed him to me and i held him with one arm, i raised my free hand in front of him and made an image of mulan dance above my hand. i then used my telekinesis to make the wind chime play the song reflections, in a couple of minutes wyatt had fallen asleep, i used my T.K to put wyatt down in his cot

"can you all do stuff like that?" jason asked

"no, not all of us are gods like smart ass there" piper replied

"yeah but you are unstoppable forces of good, what more do ya want?"

"well mutants would be fun"

"i could probably arrange that for ya... i think" i replied


"well yeah i mean if the phoenix created time it should be able to handle a few x genes, if you guys want it i could give it a shot", they all looked at each other and agreed, even jason wanted to try it "ok i'm gonna look all flamey and phoenixy for a moment but dont worry, just keep thinking of the power you want, but make sure its not one that can ruin your life like rogue's or kurt's ok!" once they had all nodded i tapped into the phoenix's power, i let it take over me and it started to change the others, after a few minutes it was done

"has it worked?" paige asked

"well i can sense you're all mutants but i dont know what powers ya'll got, try em out", piper went first, she raised her hand and the coffee pot rose into the air

"i was always jealous of prue having that one"

"oh me next" phoebe said, she walked up to the wall and her hand went thru it "in your face kitty", paige closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them they had turned white and a small rain cloud was hovering over a plant

"now we don't have to worry about the plants not getting watered" she said as she stopped the rain

"ok so that leaves you two, what ya got?" i asked

"i've just gone for the optics" chris replied, [i wanted to be like you], "what about you jay?"

"i've gone wolverine" he replied and claws popped out of his hands "dont worry i haven't got the bad ass attitude, just the claws and healing thing"

"well now that's sorted, who's up for coffee?" i asked, chris and me went and made a pot while the others went into the parlour room, once we had made a couple of pots we joined the others, "piper do ya reckon we could get the club open tonight?"

"yeah, we can always do a spell to slow down time"

"cool just need to find someone who could perform now"

"not that i like to be the one who points out the obvious, but aren't you friends with busted?" jason asked

"ah good thinking, i'll call them later" i replied, we sat chatting for a while and then we heard mom's voice in the air [hunter, cerebro has found a young mutant in your area, her name's kirsty walker, she's a teleporter, could you bring her in please?], "sure, where is she?", [i'm sending black thunder the co-ordinates now, also i know what you just done and we'll tell xavier it was some kind of dream demon], "thanks mom, see ya in a bit", [take care ashley]

"ok this is all a little freaky" jason said

"you'll get used to it, do ya fancy coming for the ride?" i asked as i suited up in my x men uniform

"can do"

"sorted, do ya mind wearing one of the spare uniforms?"

"no, where do ya keep them?"

"in black thunder, come on", we got up and walked outside (black thunder, begin vertical descent and loose the clock), we heard a noise and the jet was making its was down to the ground

"oh man, is that yours?"

"well it belongs to the x men but it stay's here with me, xavier kinda give it to me as a leaving present" i replied, once the jet had landed we got inside and took off, it didn't take long to get there, we could've nearly walked, we went inside it was like a community hall or something, we saw a girl sitting on the floor crying, i thought she would've looked like kurt but she didn't, she was really pretty " hi, are you kirsty?"

"please keep away from me, i'm a freak" she said as she teleported away, i locked onto her mind and found her sitting on a beam in the roof, i looked up and shot it with my optics, she screamed as she fell down, just before she hit the floor i caught her "we're mutants too, i'm ash and this is jason, we're with the x men, we're here to take you to a place where you can learn about your gifts, that's if you wanna come"

"look please leave me alone, this isn't a gift it's a curse" she replied, just then mystique, avalanche and sabertooth walked in

"this one is ours hunter" mystique said, sabertooth came charging towards us, i waved my hand and sent him flying into the wall, "give us magneto and we wont kill you"

"neither is going to happen mystique" i replied, sabertooth came charging towards us again, i sent him flying again, kirsty was walking up to the brotherhood, mystique gave an evil smile and took her hand

"kirsty, you said your power is a curse, if you go with them it will be, trust me, they only want to hurt people" jason said, man he's picking this up fast, she turned to look at us then turned around again "what if they hurt your family or friends, come with us the x men help people"

"if i come, will i be safe with you?"

"yeah, but only come if you really want to, we aint forcing you to join us" i replied, she tried to come over to us but mystique held her tighter

"let go of me" she said as she teleported to us

"you've crossed me for the last time hunter, now you die" mystique said, she looked to avalanche and the building started falling apart, i raised a shield to block us from the debris, my T.K has never been strong and i was finding it hard to hold the shield up

"the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free,"

"what his he doing?" kirsty asked jason

"he's also part witch, i know it sounds strange but he's known as a charmed one, they're the most powerful witch's in the world, if he cant protect us then nothing will, we'll just be dead"

"thanks for the pep talk", after a while the building had completely collapsed, i moved the rocks above us out of the way and dropped the shield

"hold on" i said, i took jason on one side and kirsty on the other then flew us out of the demolished building and straight to the jet "do you wanna stop by your house and get anything?"

"nah my parents have probably burnt all my stuff in a voodoo ritual or something" she replied, then she realised what she said "oh god, no offence, i didn't mean it like that"

"dont worry about it, if i'm wearing an x then think of me as a mutant but if i aint then think of me as witch. So your parents didn't take it well?"

"no they hate me for it, what about yours?"

"mine were the first ever students at the school, dad is the leader of the x men and my uncle is the second leader, mom just leaves them to get on with it most of the time, but sometimes she has to intervene cause they're messing about"

"they sound great, cant wait to meet them" she replied, i rose the jet in the air and was about to leave when jason stopped me

"er ash mate, cant you do something about the building"

"let the object of objection become but a dream as i cause the scene to go unseen", the building started to be repaired, once it was complete we flew off

"that was like soooo cool!" kirsty said, i gave a smile and sent the jet into full power, it may not have the weapons like blackhawk but hell it went like shit off a shovel!, when we got closer to the school, we saw blackbird then leaving, (hey ash, what ya doing?) storm said (just bringing in a teleporter, what about you, who ya got with ya?) (rogue and me are just giving dawn, kitty and kyle a flying lesson) (who's kyle?) (he's a new telepath, you've really got to stay in touch more ashely) (yeah i know but it's not like i haven't been busy, there's a flood of demons at the moment) (i understand but a few astral visit's would be nice, we all miss you) (i miss you guys too, i'll catch ya when you get back in, are you gonna be long?) (no we'll come back now and go out again once you've left) (ok see ya in a minute storm)

"how many of these things have ya got?" kirsty asked

"there's three of them, this is blackthunder, that was blackbird and blackhawk must still be in the hanger"

"how did she know it was you?"

"well i dont actually live here anymore, i moved out to become a witch and this jet stays with me all the time in case i need it" i replied, we waited for blackbird to land and then we landed outside the mansion, aaron, john and bobby were outside and came up to us, i was a bit surprised that john hugged me first

"how's my favourite little nephew?"

"fine, what about you guys?"

"we're fine just missing you" bobby replied

"i'm missing you too icecube"

"dont start kid", we walked inside and i took kirsty to see the professor, she said she'd be ok on her own so i went to talk to the others for a while, i cant believe how much rogue has changed, now she's used to not having to worry about covering her skin she looked completely different, she seemed to look more like a confident young women instead of a scared teenager.

"hey where are busted?" i asked

"well if you'd stayed in touch better you'd know they're in england for a few weeks" aaron replied

"are you guys ever gonna forgive me for this?"

"of course we are ash but it's not just us, mattie has really missed you, he's starting to think you dont want to know him anymore now you're a witch"

"i never really thought of that, man i'm an idiot" i replied, [hey alright mate, is it ok if i astral?] [yeah go for it], "right i'm now gonna see him, wont be long", i locked on to mattie's mind and astral projected to him, once i appeared i realised there were four other guys with them "oh shit"

"hey its ok, they know you're a mutant" charlie said, mattie came up to me and we tried to hug but he just went thru me

"damn it, i'm gonna have to find a way to solidify, what you guys up to?"

"not alot, we've got a calloboration with these guys coming out soon and we're over here to promote it, oh this is danny, tom, harry and dougie" mattie replied, i said hi to them and we tried to shake hands but again they went thru me, "so anyway what ya up to ash?"

"ya know just vanquishing demons, the usual crap, plus i bought a club yesterday"

"no way man, seriously"

"yeah we're opening it tonight, well that's if i can find anyone to perform"

"well if you'd ask we'd do it for ya"

"i was thinking of asking you guys but that would be a bit selfish, ya know i haven't spoke to you for weeks and it wouldn't be right to ask"

"yeah but we'll have time to catch up then"

"if you're sure" i replied, charlie and james agreed with him

"and if ya want we could come too" tom added


"yeah if it helps you out, plus we've gotta get over to the states sometime"

"ok that would be great, i cant orb all of you so i'll bring the jet"

"see ya soon ash" mattie replied, i went back to my body and the others had left the room, i walked out and soon found them

"what's with the disappearing act?"

"its weird when you astral, you look like a zombie sugah" rogue said

"well when i astral my mind leaves my body so i am sorta like a zombie"

"yeah now see that's just freaky, shut up"

"anyway we've gotta get going, we've gotta get the club ready and busted and mcfly said they'll perform so i gotta go pick them up"

"why dont i come with you and orb some of them back?" aaron asked

"they've gotta get ready plus i think mcfly really want a ride in blackthunder, they seemed excited when i mentioned the jet, tell mom and dad i'll talk to them later"

"no way, jean will flip that you didn't see her, i aint getting involved in that one" aaron replied, i quickly orbed to see them and then we left, i hate saying bye to them, part of me wants to stay with them. I took jason back to the manor and told piper what was going on, she said she'd go re arrange the club and chris said he'd help her, i think he was a bit nervous to be around her now she knows he's her son but he tried not to show that in front of her, i got back in the jet and set off for england, it only took just over an hour to get there, i landed the jet on the roof of the hotel and orbed into their room, the first thing i done was give mattie hug, god i'd missed this, after a couple of minutes mattie pulled away from me and smacked me around the head

"ouch, what the bloody hell was that for?"

"never leave it this long before you come see us again ok"

"i wont, i'm really sorry, i was so busy trying to be a witch that i was forgetting about my old life, forgive me?"

"of course i do you idiot, but at least once a week can ya forget about being a witch and come home"

"i will, i promise, shall we go now?" i replied, the guys picked up their bags and we walked out of the room, we got about half way down the hallway when we heard a noise behind us, mattie turned around and then back to me

"ash i know i asked you to sometimes not be a witch but now aint that time", we all turned around and saw a demon

"i've been sent to kill you charmed one" she said

"yeah how many times have i heard that one", i waved my hand and tried to make her explode but it didn't even mark her "oh crap, is there anyway i can vanquish you with out a spell?"

"ash we're used to mutants but not demons, just get on with it" james said,

"talk about spoiling my fun, i call upon the power of four, take this demon and let fire roar", she started screaming, i turned around and started walking off "five, four, three, two, one and here comes the stains on the carpet"

"ok so that was cool, in a scary way, i thought witch's had spell books and stuff" danny said

"we do but alot of the time we improvise, we add the spells to the book when we get back home, actually i better add it now before i forget it, never done a power of four spell before"

"have you got it here then?" danny replied, i gave him a smile

"book of shadows", the book orbed into my hand "i have now", i opened the book to a spare page and used my telepathy to imprint the spell on it, once i had finished i orbed it back to the manor, we walked up to the roof and the jet had its shields up, there were some kids throwing stones and stuff at it, i waved my hands and froze them "i never have liked english teenagers, filthy buggers, oh no offence"

"none taken, we aint too keen on american teenagers" tom replied

"it's ok blackthunder, you can drop the shields now", once the jet had dropped the shields we walked in, (welcome aboard hunter and busted)

"hey what about us?" harry said

"cerebro, record unrecognised dna signatures as mcfly", (dna signatures recorded, welcome aboard mcfly), i rose the jet high into the air and then unfroze the kids, they looked really shocked, i spun around and dipped the nose so they could see inside the jet, i reversed it up by about half a mile then made the jet head towards them really fast and at the last minute i pulled up, i dont know who was more scared, the kids or mcfly, we set off back for the manor, james, charlie and the mcfly boys were in the back choosing what songs to perform and mattie stayed up front with me, it was nice to be with him, i cant believe i let my magic come before him, i mean he's always been there for me, when we came back from the future he was the first person i saw, when the other kids thought i was a time travelling freak he stood up for me, when i was attacked by apocalypse and scared to sleep he stayed up with me all night, he was more than a friend, he's a brother. "i am so sorry for not staying in touch better"

"hey it's ok"

"no it isn't, all the times you've been there for me and i couldn't even be bothered to stretch my mind and astral project, i've been such an ass lately"

"yeah i've hated these past few weeks, i thought i'd lost you but i also remember why you left in the first place, you've had a shit life and if going away was gonna help then i had to let you go, no matter how much it hurt"

"well you're gonna be seeing me alot more now, i've missed you"

"i've missed you too bro" mattie replied, we'd been chatting for so long i nearly flew straight over the club, i put the jet on cloak and landed her on the roof of the club, there was no one about so we all jumped off the roof and as we got lower i used my powers to guide us down, as we walked in i saw a massive florescent sign above the door, it said 'phoenix' and had a picture of the mighty flamed one on it, we went upstairs into the main club and all of the others were rearranging the tables and chairs and stuff

"hey sorry we took so long, where did that sign come from?"

"aaron and jaime orbed in about an hour ago, jaime made that sign, a new music system, the lights and totally rewired the security system, all the doors and everything are now controlled by these cool little things" piper replied, she handed me a key ring in the shape of the symbol on the book of shadows "he's only given staff access to the tills, bar and staff room, he said if ya need anything changed just call him"

"oh this is mcfly, they're gonna perform tonight too" i replied, they all said hi to each other, "man you guys have been busy"

"yeah but we're running out of time, there's nothing in the book powerful enough to stop time completely"

"i had to vanquish a demon back in england, i made up a power of four spell and it worked, shall we try one on this?"

"yeah its worth a try, do you wanna write it?"

"how did i know you were gonna say that?", i walked over to the bar and picked up a piece of paper and a pen, it took a minute before i could come up with anything "ok i've got this, its a bit lame but hopefully it'll work" the girls came over to me and looked at the spell

"oh honey you've come up with lamer ones than this and they've worked" paige said with a smile

"i may be the only male charmed one but it doesn't mean my spells dont kick ass"

"we know, we just like tormenting you sweetie" phoebe replied

"ok can we just do this now?", we moved closer and started the spell "we're the greatest force, the power of four, we freeze this hour til we say no more", i looked up to the clock "oh man it worked"

"how do ya know?" danny asked

"look at the clock, it aint moving", we now worked our asses of to get the club ready, busted and mcfly set up their stuff and done sound checks, while we carried on with the other stuff, after about two hours or what would normally be two hours we'd sorta finished, "there that's ok, isn't it?" i asked

"i dont know, it seems like something's missing" jason replied, we looked around and then i realised what it was

"the dance floor, it's boring", i rose up into the air and let the phoenix out, i pointed down to the dance floor, the phoenix let out a cry and it's flames shot out towards the ground and imprinted a phoenix onto the floor, i let the flames die down then fell back to the ground

"there it's perfect" piper said, we took a little while to relax and have a couple of drinks, "ok so shall we unfreeze time now?" piper said as she got up from the seat, we moved closer and finished the spell, "no more!", just as we had said it, some women shimmered in, she threw phoebe out of the way and walked over to chris, phoebe was about to smash into the bar but phased thru it in time

"hey bitch you could've wrecked this place, do you know how long its taken us to get it ready?.... well technically only three seconds but that aint the friggin point", this bird opened some kind of portal and grabbed chris

"bianca why are you doing this?"

"you know this little wench?" phoebe asked

"he wants you back chris"

"please dont do this, not now"

"if i dont he'll kill me and then send someone else after you" she replied, she took chris and pulled him thru the portal, all of a sudden my mind snapped back into gear and i realised what was going on, i quickly orbed into the portal after them, when we stopped we were in the attic but it looked different, this was chris's future, i hid behind a stack of shelves so no one saw me

"you're the last person i thought would betray me chris"

"i only went back to save you wyatt"

"you're as bad as the charmed ones, its not about good versus evil anymore chris, its about the strongest power, and now the power of three has gone, i'm the strongest and nothing can stop me"

"i'd like to test that theory"

"how the hell did you get here summers?" wyatt asked

"i just followed that little lap dog of yours, now why dont ya just leave chris alone and let us get back?" i replied, he waved his hand and opened the portal again

"you can go back, but chris is staying here so i can kill him", he waved his hand and i went flying thru the portal, i came back into the club and piper caught me with her T.K, she set me down and i ran up to the portal but it closed before i could get thru

"shit fuck bollocks, phoenix" i screamed

"ash its ok, we'll go home and find a spell in the book" paige started

"no if we don't go now he'll kill chris, phoenix"

"who? who will kill chris?" piper asked

"wyatt will, for fucks sake phoenix get your flamey ass here now", we heard a cry and phoenix appeared, "open the portal" [i cant interfere with time] "you are time, open it" [my son there are some things we have to leave alone] "to hell with that phoenix, please open the damn portal before its too late, we're supposed to stand for pure good how can we let an innocent person die?", [ok] she flew against the wall and opened the portal again [get aaron, you're dealing with an evil that he knows] "oh god its dark phoenix isn't it?" [i'm afraid so], i walked into the portal, just before i got all the way mattie called to me

"dont do an aaron on us, please come back ash"

"i will bro, i promise" i replied, i walked all the way in and chris looked like he was only just alive "leave him alone"

"you know what summers, i'm gonna finish killing chris then i'm gonna kill you" wyatt said

"wyatt i know its not you, dont let dark phoenix win, you're stronger than her"

"i think its ironic that you want to stop me when its you who created me", what the heck was he talking about?, "that's right aaron summers managed to free this earth of the greatest evil known, then his little nephew recreated it, i still find it hard to believe, my brother in law made me the ultimate evil of this universe, oh by the way thanks for that"

"what ever it is that i done to you wyatt, we can stop it again" i replied, i closed my eyes and got inside of his mind, well what was left of it, dark phoenix had nearly erased his whole identity, i found one memory and amplified it, it was the memory of me producing mulan this morning

"get out of my head you fucking freak", he sent out a bolt of T.K energy into my mind, i screamed in pain as the force hurled me across the attic, once i got up again i had an idea [chris listen to me, you've got to do something that will hurt him and get him angry, if he releases dark phoenix i might be able to take him out] [if it doesn't work he'll kill us] [yeah but he's gonna kill us anyway, what have we got to loose?, please baby we've gotta try save him]

"hey wyatt, mom never did love you" chris said

"yes she did"

"nah it was all fake, she never wanted you and grams always hated the fact you're male she said that you'd never be a charmed one and she was right, you're pathetic"

"stop it"

"and why do you think prue would never come back to see you? she hated you too, we all did"

"stop it, stop it, stop it" wyatt screamed, all of a sudden black flames were surrounding his body, i took my cue and let the phoenix out of my body, the phoenix knew exactly what to do and he started attacking dark phoenix, he may only be young but he was alot stronger, in a matter of only a few minutes he had won, dark phoenix let out a cry and left wyatt's body, i ran over to wyatt and helped him up

"come on this isn't over yet" i said, i grabbed the book of shadows and we ran over to chris, i used my T.K to hold dark phoenix, i was struggling to hold her and she was slowly getting away then wyatt raised his hand and helped, now she couldn't get away "let's see if we can rewrite the history of the charmed ones", i got a blank page and imprited a new spell on it, we looked at each other and then started the spell "Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this day and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to we brothers three, we want the power, give us the power", i used my telepathy to flip thru the book until i found the next spell we needed, "drawn upon the power of three, we kill this evil entity", dark phoenix screamed and then disappeared

"has it gone?" wyatt asked, i closed my eyes and searched over every mind in every universe and dimension, nothing

"yep she's gone" i replied, wyatt raised his hand over chris and healed his wounds "er chris we better get going, i dont know if phoenix will be able to hold the portal open much longer", we were about to leave when wyatt stopped us

"chris, please dont leave me" he said with a tear running down his eye, chris looked from him to me, he didn't know what to say, i thought back to what professor x told me on my first ever mission when i was 11, 'if you sacrifice something for someone else, only then are you a true x man", that was seven years ago and it's only now happening

"stay chris"


"stay here with wyatt, he needs you"

"but... i love you ash"

"i love you too baby and i always will"

"i cant do this ash, i need you"

"it'll be ok, goodb..."

"no don't say goodbye, it hurts too much" he replied, i moved closer and kissed him "i'll never forget you baby"

"i wont forget you either, you'll always be in my heart, i'll make sure this future will always exist" i replied, i looked over to wyatt, now all three of us were crying "for both of you", i gave chris another long kiss and then made my way to the portal, i heard wyatt say thank you, [please take care of him wyatt] [i will, thank you for not giving up on me], i gave one more look and then walked thru the portal, the minute i came out the other side, it closed [well done my child] the phoenix said as she disappeared

"oh god is he...." piper started

"no he's ok, we saved wyatt, dark phoenix has gone, wyatt wanted him to stay, he wasn't going to but i told him to"

"oh ashley sweetheart" phoebe said coming and hugging me

"its ok, if you sacrifice something for someone else..." i started and then mattie, james and charlie finished with me "only then are you a true x man", i looked at the clock "man its getting late, we better go home and get ready, shall we all pile in the jet?" i asked, they agreed and we started to leave, mattie came over and walked with me, we passed by wyatt in his play pen "when this happens, if i cant save you, i swear to god i'll take you out", that was probably a bit hard for piper and leo but i had to say it, because of wyatt i've lost my life again.

Leo and me orbed everyone into the jet and then left, as we were on the way home i heard professor x in my mind [ashley is everything ok] [not really sir, wyatt had sent someone from the future for chris and i followed them, it seems somehow i made wyatt dark phoenix, chris and me managed to get it out of him and then all three of us destroyed it but chris has stayed there with him, i mean he wasn't going to but i made him stay] [ashley i'm so sorry] [it's ok professor, it's part of being a child of the atom right?, man if it wasn't for the club opening tonight i'd come back for a few hours] [why dont you leave it for tonight?] [nah we've worked our asses of all day for this and chris was looking forward to the opening, actually could you ask aaron and delta if they'd come and sing together tonight, i know we've got busted and mcfly but i'd like them to come too] [of course i will ashley, take care] [speak to ya later professor], by the time i'd finished talking to xavier, we had reached the manor, i put the jet on clock and landed it in the garden, once we were all out of the jet he flew back up into the sky, we went inside and up to our rooms to get changed, i had planned on wearing a suit but i couldn't be bothered with that, i hunted thru my wardrobe and finally settled on faded jeans, and the tight t shirt chris liked me wearing, i looked in the mirror and used my powers to restyle my hair and turned it into my natural colour, red like mom's, i sat down on the bed and cried, this was getting too much now, how can i open up the club without chris?, why did this all have to happen today?, why did it have to happen at all?, i suppose its my own fault obviously i'd done something to wyatt to make him evil but what?, well what ever it was, it sure ass hell isn't going to happen now, i'm gonna make sure that i dont do anything to bring dark phoenix back, i continued to cry for a good 20 minutes and then finally pulled it together and went back downstairs, when i got down everyone was ready and aaron and delta were standing there too, i nearly started crying again but managed to keep it together, i walked up to them and hugged them

"i'm so proud of you ashley" aaron said

"the worst thing is i'm slowly getting more like you, its scary"

"thanks alot"

"that's alright, you know i love ya"

"and i love you too ash" he replied, we hugged again for a few minutes and then we left, we all piled in the blackthunder. We'd only been there for five minutes and then the staff started turning up, piper gave them the new keys and uniforms and they got ready to open, i looked out of the window, man there were alot of people about

"where did the press come from?" i asked

"that would be me" jason replied

"thank you" we waited around for a few minutes and then piper came up to me

"ready honey?"

"yeah" i replied, piper, phoebe, paige, leo, jason and me went down stairs, we got to the door and i let the phoenix out "are you sure this is a good idea?"

"yeah they'll think its a hologram" piper replied, we took a deep breath and then piper used her T.K to open the doors, as soon as they'd opened the phoenix flew out and let out a cry, we followed it out and the press started taking loads of photos, we were about to let people in when a massive limo pulled up

"what the hell?" i said, none of us had a clue who it could be, the doors opened and then the x men got out, it was the whole team including dawn, kitty, kirsty, robert and kyle, mom and dad came up to me first "what the hell are you guys doing here?"

"we wanted to surprise you sweetie, hope ya dont mind the young ones coming?"

"nah of course i dont, man i cant believe you're here"

"well there's more yet ash" dad replied, another limo pulled up and james marsden, famke jansen, hugh jackman and halle berry got out, "delta made a few calls, she thought it would look good", i cant believe this was happening, it was great that delta managed to get them all here but especially halle berry, i mean goddess! [thank you so much] [i thought you'd like it] [like isn't the word, how did ya get them here? i didn't realise you knew them] [well i met them at premieres and stuff, i gave them a call and told them about you and this place and they said they could do with a night out] [thanks delta], just as i finished talking to her, they all came up to me, i was ok until halle came up to me and then my gob refused to work properly, i was totally out of it until i heard rogue speaking

"close your mouth sugah, you're drooling", i was about to say something to halle when i noticed logan sniffing the air

"what is it?" i asked

"avalanche", we looked down the queue and saw him walking up

"what are you doing here lance?" professor x asked

"just checking out the new scene"

"you're not welcome..." dad started

"its ok dad he can go in" i replied, he started to walk in and then i called to him, "lance if you cause any trouble you'll have to deal with this", i opened my hand and let out an image of the phoenix, he gave a smile and carried on walking in, i turned around and saw james, hugh, famke and halle standing with their mouths open, i'd totally forgot about them being here "oh bollocks"

"oh it's ok we know you're all mutants" james said

"yeah its just we haven't seen anyone use powers before" famke added, thank god for that, i'm gonna have to be more careful, we went back into the club just as busted had started singing, man we'd only been open half an hour and the place was heaving, the dance floor was packed and there wasn't anywhere to sit down, well except the V.I.P area, i wasn't gonna bother with it but i'm glad piper forced me to have one, we ordered drinks and then went and sat down, we chatted for about ten minutes and then piper and me went and helped out behind the bar, i noticed lance coming over and prayed that he wouldn't come to me, just my fucking luck!

"hey ash do ya wanna give me free drinks all night?"

"do you want my foot up your arse?"

"nah i aint in the mood for it, thanks for the offer tho" he replied, if it wasn't for the fact he was with the brotherhood i could really get on with him, "sorry about trying to kill you earlier"

"sorry i didn't die" i replied, i went to serve another customer when i started hearing someone's thoughts but it wasn't just one person, there were loads of voices running thru my head, i was finding hard to concentrate it felt like my head was gonna explode, i quickly ran from the bar and into the back office, i leant on the desk for a minute to sort my head out

"ash are you ok?", i turned around and saw lance standing there

"i'm fine"

"so that's why half of the office is floating in the air?", i looked about and realised that the desk and chair were off the floor, i concentrated and they fell back down, "do ya want me to get jean or chris or someone", i turned away from him "what did i say?"

"chris isn't here anymore, he's gone"

"oh sorry, i didn't reali.... i'll just go now"

"its ok lance dont worry about it, still want that drink?" i asked as i walked closer to him

"are you sure you ok?"

"yeah my telepathy's just running wild, there's too much going on in my head" i tried to open the door with my powers but it exploded instead "doh wrong power, nothing to do with telepathy", we walked out into the main club and up to the bar, "what ya having?" i asked

"anything will do, i'll be back in a minute" he replied and went off somewhere, i ordered a couple of drinks and sat about waiting for him, after a few minutes rogue came and sat next to me

"alright ash?" she asked as she put her arm around me, i was about to reply when i felt my life force being drained, i quickly jumped up before i passed out

"what the hell are ya doing rogue?"

"lance told me about what happened, i was trying to take some of the pressure away from ya sugah" she replied, she looked hurt

"oh god i'm sorry rogue, i didn't mean to have a go", i pulled her into a hug, man i can be a right prick sometimes, "thank you"

"you do know i wouldn't try steal your powers for no reason don't ya?"

"yeah of course i do, thanks for helping"

"that's ok, i'm gonna go find bobby, see ya later sugah" she replied, i felt really bad for having a go at her,

"hey wanna dance?", i turned around and famke was standing there

"yeah can do" i replied, i got up and followed her onto the dance floor, i looked back over to the bar and lance had got back, we continued dancing but i kept looking over to him

"so what's with you guys?" famke asked


"you and that guy over there, who is he?"

"ever heard of the brotherhood of mutants?" i asked, she nodded her head, "well he's one of them"

"what's he doing here?"

"dont know, its strange cause this morning he tried to kill me, again, and now he's worrying cause i got a headache"

"are you here as part of the x men?"


"well maybe he isn't here as part of the brotherhood, maybe he just wants to have a good time"

"but still we're sworn enemies, why the heck would he worry about me?"

"go find out, talk to the guy"

"nah i don't think so, i mean none of the others trust him, it wouldn't be fair on them if talk to him much"

"and what about what you want?" she replied

"i.. well... it..."

"exactly go"


"just go before its too late" she said pointing to the door, i turned around and saw lance leaving, i turned back too her, man she was great, i gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and ran off to catch up to him, i was getting closer to the door when a group of girls stopped me

"hey great club"


"have ya got a girlfriend?" she asked, man i hent had this one for a while


"cool do ya wanna meet up someti..."

"but i have got a boyfriend, would you excuse me for a minute" i replied, i continued heading for the door but i couldn't see lance anywhere, i turned around and started to make my way back in when i heard famke [he couldn't have gone far, find him], man why are women always right?, i ran outside and used my telepathy to find which way he went, i ran around the corner and saw him, he was walking slowly and kicking a can about, i got closer and he was talking to himself, i had to stop for a minute, his words were full of sadness

"way to go lance, screw something else up like ya have all your life, you're 21 and ya cant even go out to a club and make friends", oh man he was crying now

"lance are you ok?"

"just leave me alone ash"

"why don't ya come back to the club?"

"i dont think its a good idea"

"why not?"

"what's the point in trying to get on tonight, we'll only be fighting each other in the morning, like we always do"

"hey its nothing personal, its just we've chosen our sides"

"ever wonder if you've chosen the wrong team?" he asked

"sorta, i mean sometimes i think the professors dream isn't going to happen, that humans and mutants wont ever live in peace together but i would never hurt an innocent, what about you?"

"everyday nearly, like tonight just seeing you guys getting on with each other all the time makes me jealous, we never hang out, mystique is either hatching plans to get magneto back or planning attacks on humans and you guys, sometimes i wish we could just forget about all that for a while and have fun, man its times like this when i wish i could switch sides"

"you can join the x men anytime you like"

"as if xavier is gonna have that, he wouldn't trust me"

"trust is something you have to earn"

"but even if he let me in, scott and aaron wouldn't have it"

"they would, if i asked them too"

"you'd do that for me?"

"yeah, i dont know if its some kind of witch sense but i know i can trust you" i replied

"witch?" he replied smiling

"dont laugh, seriously i'm a witch, part of the power of three, why do ya think ya haven't seen me for a while?"

"can ya show me something?" he asked, i was trying to think of something i could do when a demon shimmered in

"you had to talk it up didn't ya" i replied smiling

"don't blame me, i still dont believe ya" he said, i waved my hand and tried to make it explode but it only stopped him for a minute

"crap, chris, crap, leo" i yelled, in a minute he orbed in "get the others"

"what do we do while we wait?" lance asked

"you stay behind me while i fight", i tried to explode the demon again but again it had no affect, "idiot"


"i may not need the others, drawn upon the power of four take this demon and let fires roar", surely enough it worked the demon exploded, just then leo and the others orbed in

"ok the vanquishing squad are ready for..." paige started "where's the friggin demon?"

"he got a little warm and left" i replied pointing to the scorch marks on the path [hunter we need you] "oh god that was xavier, it sounded important", we quickly ran back to the club, when we got back we saw the x men fighting juggernaut, i was about to start fighting when i heard jaime in my mind, [ash people aren't ready for us, we cant let them leave] [how can we stop them tho?] [the security system is powered by cerebro, it has a lock down feature but it only responds to your voice] "cerebro, lockdown phoenix", instantly thick metal shutters came across all the doors and windows, this was quality stuff [adamantium] [oh yes, that was logan's input], i noticed, piper, phoebe, paige and jason about to start fighting "guys this a mutant thing, it isn't safe"

"ash, we are mutants now" jason replied as he let his claws out, we all dove in and started fighting him, even lance, we were trying to protect the innocents as well as fighting juggernaut which was almost pointless no matter what we threw at him nothing had any affect, juggernaut threw a broken table had me, before i had a chance to raise a shield it went straight thru my leg, i was in so much pain that i couldn't even scream, my gob opened but nout came out, i fell on the floor, i braced my self and pulled the wood out, man i screamed then, i've been thru shit but this has to be the worst, i tried calling for leo but again my gob done nothing, it felt like i was gonna pass out, i looked up and saw juggernaut throw rogue, she was heading straight for the lights, she may have super strength but the electricity would've killed her, i let the phoenix out and flew up and caught her, i set her on the ground, i flew over to juggernaut and enclosed him in my wings, i rose into the air and phased thru the club, i kept flying higher and higher until i'd reached the moon, i dropped juggernaut onto the surface [try hurt my friends up here you bastard], i turned around and flew back down to the club, i let the phoenix back in and fell to the ground "chris, damn it, leo", it was a few seconds before i got anything "dont jingle me, i need more than a friggin jingle" this time he orbed in

"what up?"

"little help" i replied pointing to my leg

"ouch", he knelt down and healed me, instantly the pain stopped, man i didn't realise how much it felt good when they healed us, leo helped me off the ground and i walked over to the bar and started writing a spell, the people in the club were really scared now

"you....you lot are mutants?" a girl said,

"that's the last thing you should worry about" i replied, i picked the paper up walked to piper, pheebs and paige we took hands and started the spell "hear these words, hear the rhyme, heed the hope within our minds, send this club back to where it'll find, what we wish in place and time", a load of lights started flying about the club repairing all the damage juggernaut had caused and after a few minutes the club was restored

"yo uncle aaron, wanna finish the rest?"

"yep, just give me a minute and they'll forget it all", he closed his eyes and placed his hand on his head, delta came over to me and gave me hug

"well done ash", we continued hugging for a while and then she pulled back "this is your club so are ya gonna sing a couple of songs?"

"do i have to?"



"dont argue with the falcon, ya bitch"

"ok but you'll have to play the keyboard, i'll just grab the music" i replied, i walked back into the office and grabbed the music from the desk, i went back to the club and gave it to delta, "ok its a slow one so we'll have to double the speed" [ready when you are ash], we walked onto the stage and delta went to the keyboard and i moved to the mic, "ready", uncle aaron unfroze everyone and we started the song


Notice me
Take my hand
Now we'll be
Strangers when
Our love was strong

Please carry on without me

Everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby
And everytime, I close my eyes
I see your face, it's haunting me
I guess I need you baby

I make believe
That you are here
It's the only way, I see clear
What have I done
I hope you move on easier than me

And everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby
And everytime, I close my eyes
I see your face, you're haunting me
I guess I need my baby

I may have made it rain
Please forgive me
I hope my weakness doesn't cause you pain

Baby this song is my sorry

And now I pray
That soon your face Will fade away

And everytime I try to fly
I fall without my wings
I feel so small
I guess I need you baby
And everytime I close my eyes
I see your face, you're haunting me
Please come back baby


[ash, are you ok honey?] delta asked me, [sorta, hey do you wanna do that song we wrote last year] [hell yeah], i looked over to busted [delta and me are gonna do dont want you back] [man its about time, that's pukka], delta got up and walked to the mic next to me then busted started the music


Ok here we go

Whoa oh oh
Ooh hooh

It's the x crew replayed
No No No


Ya know there are two sides to every story

See, I dont know why I liked you so much
I gave you all, of my trust
I told you, I loved you, now thats all down the drain
Ya put me through pain, I wanna let you know how I feel

Fuck what I said it dont mean shit now
Fuck the presents might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses, they didn't mean jack
Fuck you, you hoe, I dont want you back

Fuck what I did, it was your fault somehow
Fuck the presents, i threw all that shit out
Fuck all the crying it didn't mean jack
Well guess what ash, fuck you right back


Hey you thought, you could really make me moan

I had better sex all alone, i had to, turn to your friend

Now you want me to come back, you must be smoking crack

I'm going elsewhere and thats a fact


Fuck all those nights, I moaned real loud
Fuck it, I faked it, aren't you proud
Fuck all those nights you thought you broke my back
Well guess what yo, your sex was wack


Fuck all those nights i made you moan loud

Fuck it, i hated it, i wasn't proud

Fuck all those nights that we broke the bed

Well guess what girl, your sex was crap


Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah


You questioned, did I care
Maybe i would have, if you would've gone down there

Now its over, but i do admit i'm glad, i didn't catch your crabs

I cant sweat that cuz you're gone for good

Fuck what I said it dont mean shit now
Fuck the presents they were shit anyhow

Fuck all those kisses, they didn't mean jack

Fuck you, you cunt, i dont want you back

Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah
Oh oh
Uh huh yeah

Fuck you, you hoe, Fuck you right back


That went down well the audience loved it, i left the stage and went back down to the others, there was someone else standing there, she looked liked see knew me but i've never seen her before

"that was great honey" piper said


"but do you really kiss your mom with that mouth?"

"yeah i must say i'm impressed i didn't think it was possible to swear 27 times in three minutes" the new women said

"oh ash this is prue" phoebe replied, oh my god prue halliwell is in my club!

"its nice to finally meet you"

"you too, i've been waiting for months for these three to call me back so i could see you"

"when'd you do that?"

"oh they still didn't, leo came for me, anyway how you holding up without chris?"

"prue!" phoebe said smacking her

"its ok you're just as bad"

"am not"

"yeah you are, anyhow i'm ok i wish he was here but wyatt needs him, it'll be hard for him to get over dark phoenix, what with her and his powers their world was a real mess, from what i saw just smiling could get you killed"

"that sounds bad"

"if they cant sort the world out we'll do it for them, now we know what happened to wyatt he cant turn into dark phoenix, so their world wont get fucked in the first place", we went and sat down and continued chatting, before we knew it, it was time to close the club, once everyone had gone we all orbed up to blackthunder, as there was alot of us we'd decided to go to the mansion for the night, we got there and after a few coffees everyone went to bed leaving lance and me, the poor sod was really nervous about being here

"you sure this is a good idea, i mean me being here"

"stop worrying, we want you here"

"ash it doesn't take a telepath to know that they dont trust me"

"they will in time, it'll be ok"


"anytime, fancy another beer?"

"yeah go on", we got more beer and continued chatting for the rest of the night.