Fic: Pieces of You

Pieces of You

Author: Aphrodite

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Rating: NC-17 for smut.

Summary: David's practice session for cheerleading tryouts before his father deemed the sport inappropriate for a boy proves to be very useful today as he cheers in the name of his lover.

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Pieces of You


"Why do you love me, David?"

David ponders over Jason's last question just before the boy closes those gorgeous blue eyes for the night. David sighs deeply, absentmindedly stroking the boy's dreadlocks of gold and bronze infused with chocolate mocha. It's a simple question really and being together with the boy romantically now for nearly half a year, David ought to know the answer to such a simple question, yet he doesn't. He never puts much thought to such a simple question as to why he loves the boy so much until lately Jason's been asking him nearly everyday why he loves him so much.

"Because you are Jason Castro." David answers the same question that's been lingering on those sweet and delectable lips of wine.

"Not good enough." Jason pouts, gliding across the hardwood floor like some ethereal figure.

The sunlight dances across the room, bathing the boy in a celestial glow as he maneuvers gracefully to hover just above David- his pretty dreadlocks hanging over his face and his long, sweeping eyelashes shielding his intense blue eyes.

"Why do you love me, David?" Jason asks, again, and pretty soon David knows he can't evade the eternal question any longer.

"Why the question, angel?" David asks. He just doesn't understand why someone as beautiful, talented, selfless and kind, and perfect as Jason Castro will ever doubt why someone loves him so much.

"Oh, I don't know." The boy shrugs his shoulders, settling next to David's supine body on the bed. "I've just been thinking about it a lot lately. I mean you're sexy, talented, and so cool. And I'm just awkward all the time. I don't make a lot of sense when I open my mouth. Everyone thinks I'm as dumb as a box of rocks and I really can't blame them because I'm always rambling incoherently about some gibberish that doesn't make sense and I'm-"

David has enough of the boy's loquacious mouth and silences him with a succulent kiss to the lips. While one hand cradles the boy's head gently, the other hand travels along the boy's body to rest between his legs, kneading roughly to elicit moans of pleasure which David swallows hungrily. He skids his hand along the boy's muscled abdomen, teasing along the electric skin, sliding the tight shirt over and off the boy's heaving chest.

"So beautiful," David murmurs, placing butterfly kisses along the boy's sternum, tracing a path down his treasure trail, past the waistband of his tight blue jeans.

He works feverishly to remove the tight jeans- his callous fingertips never once leaving the boy's ultra sensitive skin. He looks up and smiles at Jason. The boy is clutching tightly onto the wooden headboard to prevent from sliding down and onto the bed. Once the jeans are fully removed, David focuses his attention on the white boxer briefs. It doesn't take long as David rips it off the boy in one swift motion. He takes a moment to admire the view before his hazel grey eyes then starts to remove his own clothes. His eyes dance along the length of the boy's beautiful body, resting on the hardening flesh between the boy's strong legs. He smiles appreciatively at the boy's arousal and climbs on top of him, unlatching the boy's hands from the headboard.

"Why do I love you so much?" David muses. "There's no one simple answer so allow me to tell you all the reasons why I love you so much."

The boy opens his mouth to respond, but David kisses him silent. "First." David says, smiling into the boy's mouth as his hand descends down to where the boy's smooth and velvety phallus rests between his legs. The boy moans delectably into David's mouth and David smiles in pure satisfaction, abandoning those lips of wine for another set of lips.

"C is Cock." David recites; placing his lips onto Jason's pursing penile lips, teasing his tongue past the slit. "Your smooth and beautiful cock of perfectly well endowed proportion with equally impressive balls hanging on either side." David says, slipping the boy's left ball into his mouth while he plays with the other ball, rolling it gently between his fingers.

The boy purrs, clenching his fists tightly on the sheets beneath him. David lets go of the boy's ball and swallows the entire length of the boy's pulsating cock, raking his teeth along the length of the cock as he bobs up and down on the phallus. Jason is writhing on the bed, begging him with his moans to take him. David kisses the blossoming mushroom head and leaves him whimpering for more.

He grabs the boy's bony hips and flips him over roughly onto his stomach to admire the boy's perfect mounds of ass. He fondles the boy's tight and pert ass and whispers into the boy's ear, "A is for Ass. So hard. So tight. So perfect." David says, raising his hand in the air and then smacking the dimpled ass cheeks with his open palm.

Jason yelps at the contact, but moans later when David slips his hand between his legs and underneath his body to grope him between his legs.

"S is for skin, soft, silky, and supple skin. Skin so flawless it's like a blank canvas waiting to be painted upon."

David spoons his body against the boy's heaving body. He collapses his teeth on the boy's bare shoulder, leaving bite marks there as he continues his assault on the boy's back before moving up to his neck to suck diligently until bruises painted the boy's exposed neck.

"T is for Tongue." David sings, whipping the boy's head backward so he can shove his tongue down the boy's throat.

He massages the boy's tongue with his own, enjoying the taste of sweet ripening strawberries in a summer's field.

"Your tongue tastes like ripening strawberries in a summer's field. Tastes so good to me." David tells him after he takes a bite of the pink flesh of the boy's tongue. Jason whimpers into David's mouth.

"R is for Rectum." David grunts, thrusting roughly into the boy. "So fuckin' tight." David withdraws and then thrust back in. "Just like the virgin that you are."

Jason buries his face into the pillow to stifle his screams of pain as David pounds into him, plunging deeper and deeper each time until he strikes the boy's prostate deep within. Jason moans in pleasure against the pillowcase at the contact.

"So fuckin' beautiful you are." David keeps on repeating until he finally spasms and shatters into the boy's wanton body, tightening his fist around the boy's engorging cock.

After a few forceful pumping actions, the boy screams a litany of God's name as he orgasms into David's fist, shooting out his loveseeds across the bedsheets. Jason closes his eyes for a brief second and shyly turns his face away from David's lovestruck gaze. David holds the boy a moment longer, still buried deep inside the boy's body. One arm wraps around the boy's chest while the other hand wraps around the boy's now flaccid genitals. He kisses the boy's neck while he continues to play with the boy's genitals, squeezing and tugging along until the boy yelps in pain at David's rough manhandling.

"You okay, babe?"

Jason doesn't respond. Rather he nods his head and rests his head on the pillow. David follows his lover's lead and rests on top of the boy's shoulder, closing his eyes to revel in the boy's scent. He drifts away into slumber when the boy finally speaks for the first time in what seems like an eternity.

"What does O stand for?" He turns his head and asks, bashfully, looking up from his curtain of thick, long, sweeping eyelashes.

David smiles, caressing the boy's flawless face. His skin glistens with glittery sweat. He slips a loose dread behind the boy's ear and kisses his lips tenderly.

"O is for ojos." David smiles wider upon seeing Jason's mesmerizing blue eyes brighten further. The three years of Spanish didn't go to waste after all, David muses. "Su ojos son mismo el Oceano de Pacifico. So calm. So peaceful. So serene as you are. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and it is beautiful, Jason. More beautiful than your blessed cock, magnificent ass, flawless skin, delicious tongue, tight rectum-"

"Actually, David, I think the more appropriate anatomical part is anus."

"Shut up, Mr. I got 1340 on my SAT smarty pants." David smiles, silencing the boy with another kiss to the lips. "I'm trying to be romantic here and you just have to ruin the mood."

"'M sorry."

"And where was I? Oh. Yes. More beautiful than any other physical traits are your eyes because when I look into them, I see your soul and if it's even possible, you're more beautiful inside than this pretty face and body of perfection. And that is why I love you so much." David nods his head in approval at his declaration of love. His practice session for cheerleading tryouts before his father deemed the sport inappropriate for a boy proves to be very useful today as he cheers in the name of his lover.


He expects some of kind of response. A simple thank you. A seductive smile. A delectable kiss. He receives none of those as he finds his young lover already fast asleep underneath him. He finally slips out of the boy's body and rolls him on his back to admire one last time every perfect piece that comprise of the world's most beautiful boy, Jason Castro, less those oceanic blue orbs that David has embedded deeply in his memory bank.

"C-A-S-T-R-O. What does that spell? Castro." He whispers, sliding down next to the boy's body, wrapping his arms and legs around the boy's body then closing his eyes to dream of those mesmerizing blue eyes that won his heart at first glance.

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