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Pirates of the Caribbean 01

Orlando Bloom had been stuck on set all day, what made it worse was the fact that they hadn't actually achieved anything, Keira Knightley might be a great actress but she could still be a pain in the ass to work with, if she wasn't careful she would be joining Davey Jones on the Flying Dutchmen faster than she thought. Still it gave him time to view the talent, there were plenty of strong, young body's on set to keep his eye's and mind busy, behind his wrap-round sunglasses.

Having decided Keira would probably take another couple hours to primp and preen, he went into his trailer to get changed the period dress sure looked authentic but it chafed like hell, he decided on a pair of shorts, and decided against a T-shirt as he was loosing his tan, if he had been at home he wouldn't have worn any clothes, but he figured the Execs might frown on that even if everyone else approved especially the other men working on the film. Having stepped back out side he got comfortably in his lounger and watched the world go by.

"Honestly how long does it take to get ready for a scene" Orlando was rudely brought out of his day dream by the husky voice of Johnny Depp his other hot co-star.

"Jeeze Johnny, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Orlando said "I'm trying to catch some sleep till her highness is ready",

"Sure you are chuckles," Johnny said with a wide grin as he took a seat next to Orlando "you must have been having some dream to tent those shorts like that", Johnny laughed as Orlando went crimson realizing his hard on was clearly visible to anybody walking past his trailer. Johnny leaned in and whispered in Orlando's ear causing goose bumps to spring up and Orlando's nipples to harden, "Don't worry about it, Orlando, I quite like the scenery around here myself", Johnny said lightly rubbing his hand up and down the perceptible bulge in his own shorts, Orlando couldn't pull his eyes away from Johnny's crotch, what did this mean was Johnny coming on to him surely not, he couldn't be, not Johnny Depp. "Well chuckles I gotta go see yah later,"

Orlando watched Johnny's firm ass as he walked away, licking his lips he imagined Johnny without the encumber some clothes, As Orlando's cock twitched at the thought he noticed a wet spot appearing on his shorts, well, he thought, better go take care of this before I get called on. Orlando practically flew into the trailer locked the door and yanked his offending clothes of, lying back in the trailer he imagined Johnny's tight ass as he pulled on his cock, whispering Johnny's name it didn't take long before he covered his chest in thick white cum.

As Orlando was reaching orgasm, Johnny was planning on how he was going to end up getting Orlando's tight little ass into bed.

End of Chapter 1

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