***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between footballers Lukas Podolski (Germany) and Gregory van der Wiel (Netherlands.) It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father, and this story in no way attempts to question his nor Gregory's sexuality or preferences. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

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North London football club Arsenal were treating their rivals, Paris Saint Germain to a night out on the town after a match friendly which ended in a 1-0 victory for the home team. This was the very first time Arsenal would spend some leisure time showing their rivals around to their favorite spots around the English capital. None of the guys on either team were especially close, but naturally, the Frenchmen on Arsenal felt some affinity to their fellow compatriots who were visiting their adopted land.

Lukas Podolski was another one of the guys looking forward to the night's activities. Back in Germany, he was notoriously known as a bore, a real party pooper, since he very rarely went and when he did, he never drank. Once his then-girlfriend gave birth to his son, his teammates began to cut him slack and the joking subsided; the guys just stopped asking him altogether if he wanted to go out when they had some downtime. However, since moving to London, Lukas slowly began appearing more frequently at his team's and teammates' social functions. He was in a new city and a new country, and he figured it would be a great way to make new friends and strengthen his existing friendships.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and now, there was no such thing as a party without Lukas Podolski present. He wasn't the life of the party by conventional means; after all, he was one of the few guys on the team who was officially married and had a child. There was just something about him that made him likeable. He was a big joker and always made people laugh. He was stern and assertive in serious situations, but was even more so affectionate and very physical; sometimes too physical.

Lukas was ready for tonight. They had just won a game, even though it was just a friendly, and he was in the mood for a "guys only" night. Plus, he kind of wanted to have a few hours to himself without his wife or young son around. He loved them and there was no arguing that, but like most parents and spouses, a few hours without any outside distractions was, at least to Lukas, one of the greatest luxuries he could ask for.

"Moni, I'm leaving!" Lukas shouted out to his wife in his native Polish.

"Daddy, I want a hug before you go." Lukas' son, Louis, ran and jumped into his father's chest. Lukas gave him a big hug and a kiss on the lips.

"Take care of mommy, tonight. You are the man of the house. I will see you tomorrow. We will play some more "Fifa13." Louis just smiled and nodded his head in admiration of his idol father.

Lukas put his son down and walked out of the door. He had to go pick up his fellow club and national teammate, Per Mertesacker. He started up his silver Mercedes coupe and hit the streets. What a night it would be!


"Hello Per, what's up man," Lukas asked his friend in English.

"Ha ha, your English is great, man. So much improvement! I remember after our games in the World Cup in 2006 and Euro in 2008, you always had to tell the reporters, `No, sorry, I don't speak English.' And look at you now!"

"Thanks to you, `bruddah,'" Lukas responded with his accent completely annihilating the word "brother."

"Are you ready for tonight?" Per asked his friend. In German.

"Ja!" Lukas responded. "Should be fun. How about you?"

"I'm kind of indifferent. The Paris guys seem really boring. But I guess it's better than staying home tonight and watching Netflix. How's Monika by the way?"

"Ugh, she's a woman! You know how they are," Lukas said, playfully rubbing his crotch as he sat on the red stoplight. He was close enough with Per to do this and know his teammate wouldn't be offended. Besides, he had done much crazier things with his clothes off in the team's locker room!

Per laughed. "You silly kid. Some things haven't changed with you!"


Lukas and Per, being the punctilious Germans they were, arrived precisely on time and were the first two from Arsenal to reach the venue. All of the guys from Paris Saint Germain were there already, patiently waiting for their hosts. Lukas and Per went around and introduced themselves, more informally this time, to the entire team. Per was right in the sense that the guys were pretty boring, but Lukas was just happy that he could be around some masculinity and testosterone versus his menstruating wife. Much to the surprise of Per, Lukas grabbed a beer and then pulled his teammate into a little corner.

"These guys are so boring! More boring than their game play!" Per said. Lukas laughed.

"Ha, that's a good one! I think you're right. But that one guy, Gregory, seems pretty cool. He has a lot of tattoos and he told me he does music."

"Oh my g..." Per stopped mid-sentence. His New Year's resolution was to stop being so arrogant. Even Lukas had noticed how self-righteous and sometimes downright condescending Per had become.

"I'm gonna go talk to him some more," Lukas said.

"Have fun. I'm just gonna wait for our team to get here. They need to hurry up."

"Well, it's not like you can go anywhere. I picked you up, remember?" Lukas said, as he walked away.

"There's a million cabs in this city, my friend!" Per shouted back. He knew Lukas heard him since he turned around and flashed his big trademark smile.


"So, man, where are you from again?" Lukas asked his new friend.

"Amsterdam. The Netherlands," Gregory responded. "And you're originally from Poland, right?"

"Yes, it's my home country. But I grew up in Germany."

The two guys did some trivial talk about each other's backgrounds which ended up lasting several hours. Before they knew it, the entire Arsenal team had come and go as did the Paris Saint Germain team. Lukas and Gregory were the only guys left. Even Per had left and caught a ride home with Theo Walcott. Lukas was intrigued with his new friend. Plus, it was only 11 PM. He wanted to stay out some more.

"Do you want to go to a club or something," Lukas asked Gregory.

"Sure, that sounds great, man."

Lukas drove to a spot he had gone to a few times with Theo Walcott, Kieran Gibbs, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. There were a good amount of people there, although nowhere near as crowded as it was the times Lukas had previously been.

The two guys sat around and continued to drink which was completely normal for Gregory but not normal for Lukas. But Lukas was having a good time. In fact, so was Gregory. The club owners let the young Dutchman DJ a few songs. He was just a step above amateur, but put on a good enough show to where the crowd kept asking for more.

"Lukas, man, I gotta go to the bathroom."

"Yeah, me too," Lukas responded.

The two guys pulled up to adjacent urinals and began taking care of their business. When the other wasn't looking, they took curious glances at each other's equipment. Gregory was completely taken aback at how much meat Lukas was packing. He had to be at least 7 inches long and about the same in girth. To top it off, he had a lot of veins running through it, a thick foreskin, and Gregory could clearly make out a dark bush of wiry brown hair sitting at the base of the Polish man's penis. The young Dutchman was drunk and knew Lukas was to, so he was completely careless.

"Why don't you pull your foreskin back, bro?" Gregory asked inquisitively albeit as if it was a completely natural and normal question to ask.

Lukas, who was staring up at the ceiling, looked down and over at Gregory's beautiful brown shaft with its pink glans completely exposed. Gregory's cock was of normal size, but Lukas was interested as he had never seen a non-white cock before; not even among his black teammates in the locker room.

"Why should I?" Lukas asked, as if he were curious to know if he were missing out on some vital information.

"It helps with hygiene, bro. Doesn't your wife ever complain about your foreskin smelling like Lukas-piss?"

"Ha ha!" Lukas burst out laughing. "Lukas-piss? What is that? That's hilarious!"

Gregory laughed. He shook his limp 4 and a half incher and pulled his foreskin back over his glans before zipping up. He watched Lukas finishing peeing.

"Bro, seriously, pull it back!" Gregory grabbed Lukas' still pissing cock and retracted the foreskin revealing a shiny bulbous purple glans. Lukas didn't stir in the slightest. In his 27 years, he had never retracted his foreskin to pee. And since he was drunk and horny from Monika not giving him any ass for the past four days, he was just happy to have another hand besides his own on his manhood.

Gregory had taken his hand off his cock by now as the urine was finally coming to a trickle. Lukas put on a show by shaking it excessively in front of his new friend who was making his way over to the sink to wash his hands. The older Pole walked up behind Gregory.

"I want to play with you." Lukas said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"What do you mean," Gregory asked, squirting soap on to his hands without raising his head to further inquire what his new friend was trying to say.

"I mean, I want to play with you." Lukas repeated. He put both hands on Greg's hips and pulled the younger man's ass into his body. The only thing stopping the friction was the jeans both guys were wearing.

"You mean, you want my ass? As in, you want to fuck me?" Gregory asked, now looking at Lukas to see if what he was hearing was correct.

Lukas nodded.

"But bro, you're married. You can't do that. And me? I like girls too."

"Yeah, but we are bruddah's now and bruddah's help each other out, right?"

"Of course bro, but, I don'...I don't know."

"Let me at least drive you back to your hotel. We can see what happens there."

The duo hopped in Lukas' Mercedes and drove the 12 minutes over to Greg's hotel completely intoxicated. They rode the elevator up to Greg's room. Conveniently, Greg was the only guy on the Paris Saint Germain team who didn't have a roommate. He and Lukas would have the room all to themselves.

Gregory began to undress and Lukas admired the young Dutchman's tattoos and beautiful brown body. Lukas considered himself straight but did think about sex with a guy once every blue moon. He was certain that if he ever had sex with a man, the man would have to be black. Gregory, who was half-black, was good enough. He was beautiful, and that was all that mattered.

By the time Lukas came out of his thoughts, Gregory was standing stark naked in front of him. Besides the numerous tats covering his chest and arms, his body was completely smooth except for a small, perfectly trimmed patch of black pubic hair shaped like a triangle. Lukas put his hand on the patch of hair and looked up at Gregory and smiled. Gregory smiled back.

"I want you so bad, baby," Lukas whispered. Gregory leaned down and took Lukas' head into both his hands.

"Fuck me harder than you fuck your wife," Gregory whispered back before gently kissing Lukas' ear.

That was more than enough to get Lukas' blood flowing. He quickly undressed and stood up facing the younger Gregory. The two kissed for what seemed like hours. Lukas had become completely erect; in fact, harder than he had ever been before. He was also leaking precum as if there were no tomorrow.

Gregory got down on his hands and knees and retracted the thick, long foreskin from Lukas' glans. He took the glans in his mouth, tasting both Lukas' exterior and the juices that came from deep inside his interior. Lukas closed his eyes and leaned back, moaning in ecstasy with hand firmly on Gregory's mohawk haircut.

Gregory continued to suck until his mouth began to hurt. He stood up and kissed the older Polish man on the lips. Lukas forced his tongue inside the younger man's mouth and began rubbing his hands on his ass. He turned Gregory around pushed him onto his stomach on the bed. He got down on knees and stared on the beautifully proportional brown globes that formed Gregory's ass. He took a cheek in each hand and played with them. "His ass is so much better than Monika's," he thought to himself.

Lukas planted a gentle kiss on both of Gregory's ass cheeks before pulling them apart to reveal the most private part of every man's body.

"Fuck," Lukas audibly whispered.

Lukas found himself staring at Gregory's completely hairless pink anus. He had to put this into perspective: this part of Gregory's body was either the most disgusting or most beautiful depending on how one looked at it. Lukas found it to be on the beautiful side of that argument, although in a more sober state, he would probably consider it to be disgusting considering what came out of this part of Gregory's body.

The Polish man leaned forward and gently sniffed, taking in the intoxicating smell of Gregory's opening. The young Dutchman was clean, but he was also slightly sweaty from all the dancing he had been doing back at the club.

Lukas flicked his tongue across the hole. Gregory flinched and moaned with pleasure. Without hesitating, Lukas began making out with Gregory's hole, sending the receiver into uncontrollable shaking and moaning. Gregory had never felt anything like this before. Despite how easily he was giving himself up to Lukas, he had never been with a man before. He was enjoying Lukas' oral assault on his asshole, and loved feeling his strong, callused hands rubbing his back.

Before long, Gregory felt a slight pressure on his opening and soon realized that Lukas had worked one of his fingers inside him. He clenched his hole around the finger, trying to get used to this new feeling. He let out a loud moan.

"Shhh!" Lukas hissed.

The Polish man worked another finger inside the virgin anus of Gregory van der Wiel and began rubbing the young man's prostate. Gregory started moaning even louder and leaking his own precum on the hotel bedding. Lukas pulled his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth with the double intention of tasting Gregory's insides and re-lubricating them. He spat a big glob of saliva onto the pink Dutch hole.

Lukas rolled Gregory onto his back and climbed on top of him. He really was a beautiful sight to behold. Lukas loved his personality, and that only made him the complete package when he factored how his body was a perfect 10. Lukas leaned down and kissed him passionately. Gregory simply opened his mouth and let Lukas do all the work. Unbeknownst to him, Lukas was trying to distract him as he lined his Polish sausage up with the small opening. He pushed himself in.

"Oh man...you're so fucking big," Gregory screamed.

Lukas put a hand over his mouth. "Shhh, you cannot be so loud. I'm not going to hurt you," he whispered.

Gregory began to relax as Lukas pushed his thickness in further and further deep inside his body. Pain quickly turned to pleasure for him and he began moving his hips to Lukas' gentle thrusts. Lukas would almost completely pull himself out of Gregory, leaving only the very tip of his purple glans inside, before pushing the full length of himself back in the warm hole. Occasionally, Gregory would clench his anus together, creating an intense amount of pleasure for Lukas.

Lukas was treating Gregory better than he did his wife. He was making passionate love to the biracial Dutchman, rather than just fucking his brains out like he did with Monika. What he was doing with Gregory was already inappropriate, but the words that were coming out of his mouth made this encounter an even more serious matter. Between his whispering of German and Polish words in his ear, Gregory heard Lukas tell him: that he loved him; that he wanted to get him pregnant; that he wanted to marry him; that he was tighter and more beautiful than his wife; and how he hoped this encounter would never end.

Gregory just listened. He was not in love with Lukas at all. He did think he was handsome, but that was it. After all, if he was going to let a guy take his anal virginity, who better than a handsome guy, right? There was one thing Gregory wanted to do, however, before Lukas ejaculated and they went their separate ways.

"Can I lick your ass?" he asked the Polish man.

Lukas looked quizzically at him. "Why does he want to do that," he thought to himself? But he couldn't question it because after all, he had destroyed Gregory's asshole with his tongue only minutes before.

"Ja, I guess that's okay." Lukas pulled himself out and stood up.

"Sit on my face," Gregory instructed.

Lukas did as he was told and Gregory paid close attention as the older man squatted down and his hairy ass pulled apart to reveal an even hairier pink hole. Gregory didn't waste anytime and shoved his tongue into Lukas' musky smelling opening. He was definitely smellier, as all the hair had trapped extra scents; freaky Gregory liked it, though. He had eaten girls' pussies many times, but this was a new experience altogether. Now he was beginning to wonder how it must feel to fuck a man. But those thoughts would have to wait. Lukas had had enough of the rimming and was ready to blow his load.

He pinned Gregory's weaker arms down above his head and pushed his girth back inside and began pumping harder. Lukas grunted and sweat from his face and hair began to rain down on the brown Dutch body. Lukas kissed him one last time before Gregory felt the cock inside his body become stiffer and jet after jet propel itself deep into his bowels. To make it even more pleasurable for Lukas, he clenched his hole together. This pleasure was more intense for Lukas than his first orgasm as a teenager or the very first time he had sex.

Gregory counted 11 volleys of cum impregnate his insides before Lukas collapsed on him, completely out of breath. The Dutchman simply rubbed and caressed his back, trying to soothe him and help him recover. Lukas let his cock slip out of Gregory's ass naturally rather than pull it out himself. Gregory pushed, and Lukas' thick, creamy cum came flowing out of his deflowered hole.

"Are you okay," Gregory asked after what seemed like an eternity had passed.

"Ha ha, yes I am." Lukas laughed. "That was amazing."

Gregory stared back at Lukas and smiled.

"I'm completely in love with you," Lukas admitted to Gregory. "I love you," he said, flashing that big, beautiful smile that millions of his fans across the world admire.

Gregory smiled too but remained silent. Lukas' smile faded.

"Did that not mean anything to you," he asked, feeling somewhat hurt. He began to think to himself: "Was I not good enough? Did I not last long enough? Does he hate me?"

Gregory was unsure of what this was supposed to mean. He had no feelings whatsoever for Lukas. This was just sex to him, albeit sex with a man. It definitely felt good, that was for sure. Lukas would definitely hold a special place in his heart for the rest of his life as the guy who took his virginity. He might even try sex with a man again if he could find a special guy. Lukas should be happy that he awakened those feelings in him. But it was very hard for him to think about more when Lukas was married and had a son waiting at home for him.

"It meant a lot to me. Danke." Gregory responded. "You're a very special man."

"Tell me you love me. I will hate myself until you tell me you love me," Lukas pleaded.

"I-I-I love you...bro. I love you, bro!" Gregory said, flashing a beautiful smile of his own.

That wasn't good enough for Lukas. But he didn't want to make this even more weird. He would have to work on it a little more once they were cleaned up.

"Let's take a shower together," Lukas suggested.

"Ha ha, okay, bro."

"Stop saying that!" Lukas said, quite forcefully, causing Gregory's bright smile to fade quickly. "Stop calling me bro! I want to be more than your `bro'! I want to be...I want to be...come on, Gregory, I just fucked you! You're only the second person I've fucked in my whole life besides my wife. I love everything about you!"

"But Lukas, I love you too! Honestly! It's just I don't know about all this. It was fun and a new experience for me, but I still like girls. You see I am open minded. What more do you want from me? Why should I give you my heart when I know that you're married? You can't completely please both me and your wife, and I don't expect you to."

Lukas was heartbroken. Gregory was right. What did he want? What was he looking for? It seemed as though an hour had passed.

"Um, if you want, you can spend the night," Gregory proposed. Lukas was recovering from being completely wasted and was now an emotional wreck. He didn't need to be out on the road.

"Yes, I want to do that. I want to spend more time with you since you never want to see me again after this."

"What? Why are you doing this? Of course I want to see you again! If I didn't like you, do you think I would let you fuck me? Do you think I'd offer to sleep in the same bed with you until you sober up in the morning? Fuck, man, I licked your fucking asshole! I bet even your wife hasn't done that! So if I can do all that, why wouldn't I want to see you again?"

Lukas began to cry. He was embarrassed with how he was acting, but had already dug a hole too deep. Gregory rubbed his back and kissed him on the cheek.

"Everything will be fine. We will be friends forever. You will sleep here tonight with me and keep me warm with your big, strong body, and tomorrow, you will go home knowing that I love you and you are special to not only me, but your family at home," Gregory said. He was a true gentleman. "Does that sound okay?"

Lukas nodded. He grabbed Gregory by the hand and led him to the shower. He was happy he would get to spend a few more hours with this beautiful Dutch prince.



-The End-

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