***This story is a complete work of fiction revolving around a sexual encounter between footballers Lukas Podolski (Germany), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (England), and Neymar Jr. (Brazil). It is common knowledge that Lukas Podolski is a happily married man and father, and this story in no way attempts to question his sexuality or preferences, nor those of the other footballers mentioned herein. Readers should be 18 years of age or older.***

Author's Note: This story includes elements from an earlier posting, "Lukas destroys Jack."

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The club was loud. The crowd tonight was every bit of amazing and fit perfectly the stereotype Lukas and Alex had imagined a Brazilian club to be. They had arrived in beautiful Santos earlier that morning, straight from London. Lukas needed some "me" time and wanted to get as far away as possible from cold England. But he did want some company and decided to ask fellow Arsenal teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who was more than willing to accompany his Polish-German friend.

The two teammates found themselves in an upscale, but nevertheless, tacky male strip club featuring some of the hottest men of the trade in all Santos. It was Alex's decision to come here. It was the young Brit's second time outside of Europe and the first without any chaperones, so he wanted to enjoy himself. He was confused about his sexuality; he found both girls and guys attractive, but didn't really consider himself bisexual. Surprisingly for a guy of his celebrity, he had never had any sexual experiences of any kind! This was his first time throwing himself out there to see what would happen.

Lukas didn't really care for this type of scene. He was 100% straight and a real family man, but he had just recently found out that his wife had been cheating with another Arsenal teammate, Jack Wilshere. He was only at this club to support his young, na´ve, and sexually inexperienced friend. He walked around the club gloomily with a rum and coke in hand, sifting through text messages on his phone with the other. Lots of sleazy, "dirty" old wealthy Brazilian and foreign men were catcalling him. After all, it wasn't too often that you'd find a young, fit, blue-eyed, 100% white man in this part of the country.

"Hey Lukas, I found a guy to do a private dance for us! Come on, mate!" Alex called out to his friend who seemed not at all interested but didn't want to disappoint his friend.

"Okay let's go. How much are we paying?" Lukas asked.

"200 euros," Alex responded.

"200 euros?!" Lukas asked in a tone that suggested he was unsure if that was a good deal or a complete rip-off.

Nevertheless, Lukas followed his friend back to a private room where a seemingly young, fragile, beautifully brown-skinned Brazilian boy was setting up for the private show.

"He's fucking beautiful, mate," Alex whispered in Lukas' ear. Lukas was indifferent.

The boy stripper was wearing only a pair of briefs designed with the Brazilian flag. He was very skinny, but had somewhat of a decent ass on him (another stereotype of Brazil the European guys had imagined), and funkily-styled hair in the form of a mohawk.

The stripper started his dance as Alex and Lukas sat on the couch watching intently. Alex had his mouth open; he couldn't believe he was seeing this. Lukas, for the first time, also showed some interest. He too was horny, not having once touched his cock since he pulled it out of Jack Wilshere's virgin ass days earlier back in London. Now he could feel it starting to stir in his tight jeans. He was almost tempted to pull it out and jack it off, but wasn't sure if that would be accepted in the club or not.

A few minutes into his routine, the stripper had taken off his briefs, revealing a black thong he had been wearing underneath. He spent a lot of time on his hands and knees facing away from his spectators, offering them a teasing glimpse at his brown ass and small pink hole that they could just barely make out around the string of the thong. He was definitely talented, doing all kinds of "exotic" moves with his hips and ass.

Lukas looked over at Alex, who still had his mouth open and was actually drooling. "This kid's pathetic," Lukas thought to himself, although not at all in a condescending manner. He himself was leaking precum inside his owns jeans. He wanted to give his cock one good tug to help pump out all of the clear fluid that had built up deep inside him, but before he knew it, the music stopped and the show was over.

"Brilliant, mate! Fucking awesome," Alex said clapping. Lukas followed suit and their entertainer took a bow planted a light kiss on the cheeks of each of his paying spectators.

"Lukas. Lukas," Alex whispered. "I want to fuck him! Can we take him back to the hotel?"

You've got to be fucking kidding me, Lukas thought to himself. There was no way he was going to bring back a teenage boy stripper to their five star hotel. He didn't want the looks and stares that would accompany that long walk from the door to the elevator by the hotel staff. After all, he was a first tier football player. How would that look?! But he also didn't want to let down his friend, so he reluctantly agreed.

"Ja, okay, you can bring him back."


The three guys got out of a taxi two blocks away from the luxury beach front hotel Lukas and Alex were staying at, and walked their way over to its palatial entrance.

"You guys go ahead. I'm going to call my son," Lukas said, saving himself the embarrassment of bringing back male trade to his hotel room with the actually legitimate excuse of wanting to talk to his son. The phone rang.

"What?" Monika answered with an attitude. The caller ID told her who it was.

"Put my son on the phone," Lukas said.

"He's sleep."

"Well wake him up!" Lukas fired back. He was about to curse her to death over the phone. He hadn't forgotten (and never would forget) her betrayal. How could the woman he love...the mother of his son...give herself up so easily? And to a fellow teammate of all people?

Lukas hung up the phone, pissed. He didn't even want to waste his time talking that harlot of a wife he had. He walked into the hotel and rode the elevator up to the luxurious duplex-style penthouse he was sharing with Alex on the 20th floor of the hotel.

When he opened the door, he heard Alex attempting small talk with the stripper. They each had a glass of wine.

"Oh, do you want some wine mate?" Alex asked his friend.

"No, it's okay, thanks." Lukas responded. "So um, what's your name," he asked the stripper.

"Neymar," the stripper responded.

"How old are you?" Lukas continued.

"I'm 19."

"You're a good dancer."

"Thank you. I train a lot and very hard," Neymar responded in a heavy Portuguese accent. His English wasn't that bad, but it was clear he had never studied the language.

He and Alex continued small petty talk with Neymar. They found out that he lived at home with his dad and he had a 10 month old son with a girl he had met in nearby Sao Paulo. He stripped in order to be able to take care of his son.

Lukas wasn't interested in having a full-blown conversation with Neymar. He was irritated with all the drama that was going on in his personal life, and for some reason...maybe because he too was a dad...he was even more annoyed that Neymar was selling his body and risking his life by going home with guys he didn't know on a regular basis. He wanted to get this all over with as quickly as possible.

"So Neymar, my friend here wants to fuck you. How much," Lukas asked, cutting to the chase. The question caught Alex off guard who looked shocked and surprised as though he had just been wrongfully accused of an accusation. Neymar, however, was unfazed.

"It will be 300."

"Okay," Lukas responded, agreeing to the amount of behalf of the still dumbstruck Alex.

"Do you have condoms," Neymar asked Alex.

"N-n-n-," Alex attempted to say.

"No, he doesn't," Lukas forcefully answered for his teammate. "But he's a virgin. He's clean."

Neymar had been with enough guys to know beginners from veterans, and liars from truth speakers. He believed Alex actually was a virgin based on his behavior throughout the night, and therefore didn't press any further.

"You do me, or I do you?" Neymar asked.

"Um, both," Alex said in the form of both a question and statement.

"Are you joining as well," Neymar asked Lukas.

The older man wanted to burst out laughing. Him? Join? What a joke! He liked women. And he was a father. He wasn't going to sell his soul like how Neymar was doing. He had something called integrity.

"No thanks. You guys have fun," Lukas said as he walked out of the living room and into his bedroom.


Lukas was lying on his bed completely naked. He had his eyes closed and was jacking his thick, meaty, uncut Polish cock off to nothing in particular. In a way, he was turned on by Neymar's dance earlier that evening, but it was more so just horniness and lust than anything else.

He could hear Alex moaning in the living room of their luxurious penthouse suite. He got off the bed, opened his door, and stepped into the common room, still completely naked and fully erect, to see what was going on.

He saw Alex on his back getting his ass rimmed by Neymar. Neymar was an expert at this. He was so good that Alex had his toes clenched together. Lukas went and sat down on the living room couch to catch a better glimpse of the action.

"Oh fuck, man, Lukas! This guy's so good," Alex said while panting heavily.

Lukas remained silent as Neymar continued the oral assault on Alex's ass. Lukas was starting to see Neymar in a new light. He really was a handsome...maybe even beautiful...young man, and in Lukas' opinion, quite effeminate with his smooth body, crazy hair, and big ass. Lukas made up his mind. He wanted to fuck the Brazilian trade.

As Neymar was still down on his knees servicing Alex, Lukas walked up behind him, squatted down, and stuck his face between the Brazilian ass cheeks. It caught Neymar off guard, and the young Brazilian raised his body up before Lukas forcefully pushed him back down.

Lukas was busy sniffing around Neymar's small, pink opening. He was definitely an ass man and loved eating it, especially his wife's. Neymar's ass reminded him of his wife's too, since it was completely smooth and hairless, and his hole was pinkish-brown in color. It was somewhat rank and musky in nature, mostly due to the sweat that had built up from his dance routine. But Lukas liked it; it was euphoric to him.

After a few minutes, Lukas got off his knees, picked Neymar up, and carried him over to the kitchen counter. He placed the young Brazilian on the counter's edge, leaving his ass just barely hanging over it, retracted his thick white foreskin, spat on his swollen purplish glans, and gently placed it inside the 19 year old boy-man. Neymar whimpered. He wasn't a fan of anal sex at all (in fact, he had only done it with two other clients before), but was willing to take it since it meant he could buy more diapers for his young son.

The feeling was great for Lukas. His oversized Polish cock fit perfectly into Neymar's hole. The young Brazilian was even tighter than his wife, which gave him even more pleasure. Although he wasn't completely sexually attracted to Neymar, he did want to make love to him rather than just fuck. That's why he took long, slow, deep thrusts inside the young, barely deflowered hole. He would pull his cock out almost completely before slowly pushing it back in. He maintained eye contact with the guy he was paying to fuck, and even forced his tongue inside his mouth, passionately kissing another man for the very first time in his 27 years.

Alex didn't want to be left out of the fun and walked over to kitchen, got down on his knees, and started licking Lukas' hairy scrotum. The sight of Lukas' thick, manly cock thrusting in and out of Neymar's brown ass nearly sent him over the edge. He worked his way back to his teammate's ass and spread Lukas' big, hairy cheeks, revealing a small, tight pink anus.

"Fuck," Alex said under his breath but loud enough to hear.

He stuck his pink tongue out until it made contact with the hole. Lukas stopped thrusting to pick up on this new sensation occurring on his backside. As much as he liked eating ass, he had never had his own rimmed before, mostly because he was unsure as to whether or not he would be clean enough. But based on the way Alex was completely unhesitant about licking around his manly opening, he concluded he was probably clean enough.

Lukas pulled out of Neymar and walked over to the couch.

"Come sit your black ass on this dick," Lukas commanded his teammate.

Alex walked over to his friend and straddled him hesitantly.

"Lukas, I'm a virgin," he said shyly.

"I know. Can I take it from you," Lukas asked caringly but also in a tone that suggested that answering with a negative wouldn't be an option.

Alex placed his hands on either of the white man's shoulders and lowered himself onto the veiny erect pole. He winced as Lukas pushed his thick glans past his young sphincter.

"You're not a virgin anymore," Lukas said, flashing his trademark handsome smile at his young teammate. Alex attempted to kiss him on the lips, a kiss that Lukas rejected. He wasn't trying to be rude, but he didn't just go around kissing men for no reason. The only reason he even kissed Neymar was because he looked like a girl to Lukas.

Lukas had his eyes closed as he slowly pumped in and out of the young Englishman. Alex was moaning loudly as the initial pain turned to intense pleasure. Neymar had walked over and started jerking Alex's small, still teenagerish brown cock, curiously licking the thick brownish black circumcision scar on it. He had never seen a "foreskin-less" cock before and was definitely intrigued.

Lukas stood up while still remaining inside Alex, and put the biracial man on his back on the sofa, continuing his assault in the missionary position. He grabbed Neymar and managed to maneuver him in a likewise position with just one hand until the young Brazilian was also on his back with his legs in the air. The position enabled Lukas to easily pull out of Alex and push himself right into Neymar. This time, he fucked the young Brazilian mercilessly, taking out his frustration with his wife and home life on him. After a few minutes, he switched back to Alex's hole, but not before licking around the perimeter of the blackish-brown, semi-hairy and very stinky anus of his teammate.

Alex was in heaven. In fact, he had completely fallen in love with Lukas as a result of this experience. He had just lost his virginity to one of the hottest and best football players in the world. Moreover, Lukas was "straight" and married. Fuck, he made his son like this, Alex thought to himself, wondering how Lukas had fucked his wife when they became intimate. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Luk-Lukas, I-I love..."

"Shhh," Lukas said. He put his right hand over Alex's mouth to stop him before he could complete his sentence. He didn't want to hear those words. He didn't want to upset Alex with blatant rejection.

Alex wanted to cry were it not for the fact that he was still feeling better than he had ever felt in his whole life thanks to Lukas. Once Lukas removed his hand from his mouth, Alex leaned forward and licked the swollen pink nipples and sniffed the hairy armpits of his teammate. He loved everything about Lukas' body. Everything about him reflected a real man, a man's man. He wanted to ask Lukas to come inside him. He wanted to feel the volleys of cum pump from Lukas' cock and land deep inside his bowels. He wanted to have Lukas' baby.

But there would be none of that. Lukas pulled out for the final time, grabbed Neymar by the back of the head, and forced his cock inside the young Brazilian's mouth. It would be his duty to suck off all the anal juices of the two asses, including his own, that Lukas had just fucked.

Without warning, Lukas pulled his cock out and shot his young children all over Neymar's innocent face. His brown skin had now completely become covered in a thick, white cream. Jealous Alex jumped off the couch and licked some of the still warm baby-making goo up before it turned cold. If he couldn't physically have Lukas' baby, then he would at least eat Lukas' babies.

Exhausted Lukas plopped back down on the couch and told Alex and Neymar to kiss, which they did for a few minutes. Neymar eventually got up and helped himself to the bathroom, taking his backpack with him to freshen up. While he was showering, the two Arsenal teammates sat silently in the living room. Lukas was tired and exhausted from the day's events, while Alex reflected on everything that had just happened.

After about ten minutes, Neymar came out of the bathroom, dressed in a Brazilian national team jersey, some black shorts, and sandals (complete with knee-high soccer socks). Lukas looked him over. He was an interesting, almost enigmatic, figure. He hadn't seemed concerned or nervous at all about what had just happened. It was business as usual for him, and he'd probably be doing the exact same thing tomorrow evening with another foreign client.

"What are you going to do now," Lukas asked the young Brazilian.

"I'm going to go over the house of the mother of my son. I haven't spent a night with him in over a week and just want to sleep next to him. I want to hear him breathe," he responded with a hint of melancholy in his voice.

Lukas felt bad for him, almost guilty actually. He was genuinely disgusted that Neymar was literally selling his body like this, even if he took up on this vice of his himself, but he also saw that Neymar seemed to be a genuinely hard working guy who would do anything to support his family.

"Get my wallet out of my pocket," he commanded his trade. Neymar did as he was told and handed the monogrammed Louis Vuitton wallet over to its owner. Lukas pulled out two crisp purple 500 euro banknotes and handed them to Neymar.

"This is for you. Well, actually for your son," the Polish man said. Neymar stuck his hand out hesitantly, maintaining eye contact with Lukas to see whether or not this was some kind of trick. But it wasn't. Neymar took the banknotes wearing a huge smile, said thank you in his native Brazilian Portuguese, and walked out the door. Lukas hoped he would be alright and that the money would go far.

"That was a good thing you did, mate," Alex said to Lukas as he patted Lukas' still exposed, muscular hairy thigh. The young Englishman was even more fascinated with his new teammate by this nice gesture. Lukas remained silent.

"Umm, do you want to play some FIFA 13," Alex asked trying to break the silence.

"No, not tonight, man. It's been a long day. I should get some sleep," Lukas responded, as he got off the couch and walked back to his room.

Alex watched him walk away, paying careful attention to how the muscles moved in his back, his glutes, and beautifully shaped calf muscles. What a man, he thought to himself. What a man!

-The End-

Thanks for all the continued feedback I keep receiving! Keep it coming (hamburgonelbe@yahoo.com)! This story was written for "Jimmy" who requested I use Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain; I added my own flair by including Neymar in this escapade. The next Podolski story I write will be another threesome including Wayne Rooney and David de Gea (by request from "Ryan"). However, I may push out another story featuring American basketball player Blake Griffin and Brazilian/Chelsea footballer Lucas Piazon first. It's in the works, so stay tuned and keep that feedback coming!