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I have watched Pokemon ever since I was twelve years old. Don't get me wrong, and in saying this I don't know if there are others out there who feels just I did, but I always found the character of Ash Ketchum to be a massive turn on. Now, looking back, I can kinda understand since he is kinda hot for an animation character. That's why im about to do what I have never done, post a story about an animation character of my favorite cartoon show. Please excuse the heavy disclaimer but this was how I felt when writing this. Something I wanted to do for a while now.

So please, if you liked it and want more, please email me at larenzaprince@yahoo.com as I planned to write a semi series concerning this topic.

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!Also please note that I went on Wikipedia to check what pokemon Ash currently has on him so if what Pokemon mentioned in this story are not co-enciding with the version that you are watching, please forgive me AND DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS. THE STORY STARTS RIGHT AFTER ASH DEFEATS CANDICE, THE 7TH GYM LEADER OF SINNOH.

I really hope that you enjoy it.

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Ash Ketchum woke up in the glorious Monday morning, getting ready to take on another day of Pokemon training. He walked over to the lake which they had seen when he, Brock and Dawn had set up camp and put his hands in the water and splashed his face. He sighed. He didn't know how he was going to defeat Candice and her Ice type Pokemon but he did. He was going to make a treat today for his Pokemon who battled so bravely. He heard a noise behind him and saw Pikachu outside the tent, rubbing its eyes.

"Hey buddy, have a nice sleep?" he asked.

"Pika, Pikachu!" Pikachu said, smiling at Ash. Ash closed his eyes and thought back of all the stuff that he and Pikachu and gotten up with in the past. But know Pikachu was a lot of levels stronger than when they had first met and it was undoubtedly his strongest Pokemon. Once he returned to the tent and put on some fresh clothes, he, Dawn and Brack made their way to the next town. They entered a forest like path on their way. Ash felt Dawn shiver next to him.

"What's wrong, Dawn?" he asked.

"Im cold and I don't like this place...whatever it is."

"Guys, just relax I think it's just a few more minutes until we get out of here," Brock said.

They walked further in silence until they saw a piece of light infront of them and Dawn stopped.

"That looks like a flashlight, doesn't it?"

Ash stopped and looked infront of him. It was a guy, coming towards them with a flashlight that he held in his hand.

"Sorry, anyone there?"

Brock moved over to Dawn and held her at her shoulders.

"Yeah, who are you?" he called.

The face of the guy became clearer and once he could see them, he switched the flashlight off. He was a young guy that had long brown hair that he wore in a ponytail along with a green t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Hey, sorry if I scared you, but it was so dark I couldn't see where I was going."

Ash came forward, extending his hand.

"No problem man, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and these are my friends Dawn, Brock and ofcourse Pikachu."

"Hey you guys, Im Kyle from Viridian City. Hey I know Pallet Town, it's like our neighbours. Glad to meet you, dude."

"Same here. Any idea how we're going to get out of here?"

"Well I can see clearer from here, so I thought I would use my Pokemon. Let's go, Pidgeot!"

The Pokeball clapped and a powerfull looking Pidgeot came flying out towards the heavens. Ash immediately became sad as he thought of his Pidgeot that he left in Viridian City so long ago.

"Hey I can help you there. I choose you, Staraptor!"

Another clap and Ash's mighty fully evolved bird Pokemon was gracing the skies along with Kyle's Pidgeot.

"Staraptor, help Pidgeot get us out of here!"

Kyle turned towards Ash.

"So you also love Flying type Pokemon? I love them and they are the only Pokemon that I catch."

"That's cool, dude! I've had a Pidgeot of my own, long ago. I also had a Charizard, a Noctowl and a Swellow. Except for Charizard and Pidgeot, the others are all at Professor Oak's lab in Pallet."

Just then Staraptor landed next to Ash and Pidgeot next to Kyle.

"Looks like they want us to climb aboard," Brock said. They did just that, Brock and Ash on Staraptor and Dawn and Kyle on Pidgeot and they flew out of the forest. They landed infront of a Pokemon Center, much to their relief.

"Great job, Staraptor. Return!"

They settled in for the night, but it was still a little while before dinner was served. Brock released his Toxicroak and fed it while Dawn went for a little training with her Piplup. Kyle saw that Ash was alone in their room and went to keep him company.

"So it seems like you guys are long time friends, hey?"

"Yeah me and Brock, we come a long way. He is my best friend and will always be. I met Dawn when I came to Sinnoh and started battling for the badges. I have recently got the Relic badge after I beat Fantina. It wasn't easy, believe me."

"Wow, dude you must be very good. You know what; I challenge you to a battle. Come on, what you say?"

"You're on Kyle! I never say no to a battle!"

"Two on two alright with you?"

"Fine with me."

Brock saw the two teenagers walk out and returned Toxicroak to his Pokeball and walked over to them.

"Dinner not ready yet?"

"No but you can be the referee, we're gonna battle."

"No problem. Okay, this is a match between Ash from Pallet Town and Kyle from Viridian City. Two on two, I presume? Let the battle begin!"

Paul got a smile on his face as he looked at Ash. His heart had been beating all afternoon since he met Ash. Something about Ash Ketchum made him feel all fuzzy and warm inside. He didn't know what to call it.

"Let's go, Fearow!"

Kyle's Fearow blasted out of it Pokeball with alarming speed. Clearly it was at a high level.

"A Fearow. This will be good. I choose you, Gliscor!"

The bat like evolved form of Gligar leaped into the air, ready for battle.

"Fearow, use Wing Attack!"

"Gliscor, counter with Fire Fang!"

Ash watched as the two Pokemon went at it and then his eyes suddenly, yet unexpectedly, fell on Kyle. He watched Kyle's eyes gleaming in the red and yellow rays of the sunset. Ash suddenly felt a tug at his heart strings. Kyle looked so...beautiful standing there and watching their two Pokemon battle. Ash Ketchum had always been a gentle, caring kind of boy, but he always thought that he had toughned up since Misty left. Except Brock and does'nt have any close guy friends. Something about Kyle...made him feel so good and he honestly didn't know what the hell it was.

"Fearow, use Close Combat!"

Gliscor was thrown to the ground as Ash was daydreaming about Kyle and he felt very guilty since this was the first time that it had happened in a match.

"Gliscor, return!"

"Ready to give up, Ash?"

Once more, there was a glimmer that the one saw in the other's eyes. They couldn't ignore it.

"No way, dude! I choose you, Monferno!"

The fiery ape like Pokemon came out of the Pokeball, looking ready and ampt.

"Monferno, use Fire Spin!"

"Fearow, Aerial Ace, now!"

This time it was Kyle who couldn't keep his mind on the battle. A slight wind was beginning to come up and Kyle just couldn't tear his eyes away from Ash. The way his hari gently swayed with the wind. The sheer determination in his eyes, just as fiery as his Monferno. As the battle ended in a draw, as Monferno defeated Fearow aswell as Kyle's Staraptor, both young trainers knew that something had happened tonight, something that never happened in a Pokemon battle before. They would never admit it, but they couldn't take their eyes of one another.

Good place for a cliffhanger! Sorry, no sex this time, but I wanted to set the storyline and where the series will be placed. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did in writing it. Please send me a little note with suggestions, crits or ideas at larenzaprince@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading.