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After the battle, Ash and Kyle returned to their room in the Pokemon Center to dress into something warmer as it was getting colder at night. Ash still couldn't believe what had happened during the battle. He had actually lost the first round because he couldn't keep his eyes off Kyle. As Ash entered the room, Kyle was just busy taking putting on a wool jersey and Ash saw how his body stretched towards the heavens as his arms went through the clothing. Ash swallowed nervously and entered the room, opening his bag and getting a warmer jacket to put on.

"Hey Ash thanks again for the battle. I really needed it for the Sinnoh championships. Ive battled too little this past couple of days."

"Hey dude it was nothing I really enjoyed it too. Even though my Monferno slaughtered you!"

"Hey that thing is a gem, take good care of it. Speaking about Pokemon, im gonna check on Fearow and Pidgeot. See you at supper."

"Cool. Hey Kyle, hold on."

"What's up?"

Ash came closer to Kyle and swallowed nervously once more. He pointed at Kyle's jersey.

"Your sweater...it's got a little..."

Ash reached his right hand forward and brushed a little black speck off of the jersey. Kyle looked down to where the black speck was and then looked slowly up to meet Ash's face. Ash stared into those beautiful green eyes of Kyle as he struggled to breathe. Never in his fourteen years has he felt like at that moment. He didn't know what to call it. When in a Pokemon battle, he was in his comfort zone. This was unknown territory. Kyle himself was in a state of shock. He, unlike Ash, knew exactly what was going on between the two of them. Kyle was falling in love with Ash Ketchum. He had been in love before, but not like this. There was never a warm feeling spreading through his body like this. Ash trembled as he felt Kyle's hand on his chin, gently lifting up his face to look into his. Ash had taken off his hat before the battle so when Kyle saw that his hair was in his face, he gently wiped it away. There was a nervous croak in Ash's throat...slowly but surely Ash placed his hand on Kyle's shoulder. What made him do this; he would never know as they kept staring into eachother's eyes...

"Ash? You in there?"

Ash and Kyle pulled away from eachother as fast as they could, just seconds before Brock entered the room.

"Hey guys, supper's ready. Dawn and me are hungry, lets go!"

Ash and Kyle followed, averting their gaze anywhere but to eachother. Ash was dumbstruck. What the hell was going on here, man? Later that night, Kyle and Ash were fast asleep, with Dawn and Brock in the beds across them. Ash was rolling around in his bed, so much so that Pikachu woke up and sighed. Ash was probably dreaming about winning another Pokemon battle. Pikachu went to the window and looked out into the night sky. What will wait for him and his beloved Ash tomorrow? Suddenly, just as Pikachu was about to cuddle himself up infront of the window and fall asleep, he heard a noise and before he could warn Ash, a giant robot like arm smashed the glass of the window ans grabbed him. The noise woke Kyle and Dawn up though.

"What the hell is going on?" Kyle screamed.

"It's Team Rocket! They're trying to steal Pikachu as always. Hey Ash, Brock wake up!"

Kyle ran towards Ash and shook him awake.


"Ash, get up some guys stole Pikachu!"

"THEY WHAT???" Ash screamed and stormed towards the window and all that he could here was the evil laugh that belonged to Jesse.

"We've got you know, Pikachu. Try as you want, twerp, this time Pikachu is ours!"

"Who do you think you are? Give Pikachu back to Ash!" Kyle screamed.

"Don't worry, Pikachu. I'll get you back! Monferno, I choose you!"

Once more the fiery ape Pokemon with the fire blazing from its tail was ready for battle.

"Monferno, get Pikachu back! Use Poison Jab on Team Rocket!"

`We can't let you do that!" Jesse screamed. "Go...Seviper!"

The huge snake with its sharp fangs glistering in the moonlight came out, hissing with evil and poison.

"Seviper, use Poison Fang!"

Monferno and Seviper clashed with eachother with their poison attacks with Seviper coming out the better.

"Now Seviper, use Bind attack!"

Monferno was squeezed into Seviper's frim grip and seemly getting weaker at the moment.

"Monferno, try and use your Flamethrower!"

Monferno tried as hard as it could, but Seviper wasn't letting go.

"Can't you see your fighting a losing battle?" James said slyly.

"Just try James! Piplup, lets get them!" Dawn screamed as the Water type came out of its Pokeball.

"Piplup, help Monferno, use Aqua Jet!"

Seviper spat Acid as the water hit it and released Monferno, who dropped to the ground from exhaustion.

"Monferno, return!"

"Okay, just stop everything!"

Ash, Dawn, Brock aswell as Jesse, Meowth and James was snapped silent and started at Kyle. He was shaking, clearly getting more angry by the second. His face was bright red and his eyes was spitting fire.

"Listen here, you stupid clown freaks, these guys are my friends. Now I don't know who you are and I really don't care but im not gonna let you rob people of their Pokemon! You messed with the wrong person this time! Let's go, Salamence!"

The other couldn't believe their eyes as the beautiful, majestic Dragon Pokemon appeared before their eyes. It was truly beautiful and at a really high level.

"Im giving you one last chance. Give Pikachu back to Ash. Now."

"James, you actually think this kid has the guts to do anything?"

"I don't know, Jesse that Salamence looks pretty strong."


"Fine, have it your way then...Salamence, Dragon Rage!

Salamance flew high up into the night sky, decended again and let out a fierce red blaze towards Team Rocket who suddenly didn't seem that confidant anymore. The beam hit the robot they were in, making it explode.

"Quick Salamence, catch Pikachu!"

The cage holding Pikachu was falling rapidly towards the ground, but Salamence caught it in time.

"Jesse, this thing...its getting hot!"

"No thanks to you James!"


Ash ran to Pikachu as Salamence landed with Pikachu on its back.

"Salamence, break that cage open, use Dragon Claw!"

One swipe and Pikachu was free and jumped straight into Ash's arms. Kyle stood opposite Ash and looked at him, his love growing for ths guy who cared so much for his Pokemon. Ash stood up, Pikachu still in his arms and walked towards Kyle.

"Dude...thank you."

With that Ash turned around and walked towards the Pokemon Center, to make sure Pikachu was okay and to treat Monferno.

"What did I say?" Kyle asked Dawn and Brock, not understanding Ash's attitude.

"Kyle, there is something you need to understand. Pikachu was the first Pokemon that Ash ever had. Not to neglect his other Pokemon, but still, there is a bond between them that no one can ever break. He gets like this everything that Team Rocket tries something like this and believe me they have almost suceeded at times."

Kyle fully understood. As he recalled Salamence, he remembered when he first chose and got his Bulbasaur. He traded it for a Pidgey. That same Pidgey which was now a Pidgeot.

Later that night, as Brock and Dawn was asleep once more, Kyle was still sitting outside, watching the stars as he needed to think about his feelings for Ash. A boy having romantic feelings for another boy? That just didn't seem possible. But he was falling for Ash and falling fast. It didn't help that Ash was drop dead georgeous aswell. He heard movement behind him and turned around.

"Want some company?"

"Sure, Ash."

They sat in silence for a moment when Ash turned towards him.

"Dude, thanks again for saving Pikachu. Sorry if I was a little rude back there."

"It's cool, Ash. Forget about it."

Something snapped within both of them. Kyle just could not stand it longer. He slowly reached for Ash's hand that was beside him. Ash felt Kyle's hand on his and laced his together with Kyle's. Poor Ash, who never had anything but Pokemon ever rule his life...felt this incredible warmth in the touch. He nervously looked at Kyle. Kyle looked at him. With his free hand Kyle gently wiped Ash's hair away from his face once more and placed his hand on Ash's cheek.

"Dude...you're beautiful..."

Slowly Kyle leaned forward and allowed his lips to linger on Ash's for a moment. Ash was so frightned, he couldn't move. He was numb. But as Kyle let his hand run through Ash's shiny black hair, he could feel Ash relax as he closed his eyes. Their lips came together in a passion that seemed like the birth of a new born. Ash and Kyle gently kissed eachother, wrapping their hands around eachother, the one never wanting to let the other go, and they both knew that this was the start of something very, very special.

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