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Chapter 5


Ash sighed as he felt Kyle's hands underneath his shirt, moving them gently up and down his chest and stomach. For the first time in his fourteen years he has experienced this and it as worth the wait. Kyle was working wonders on his neck, kissing from his ear down to his neck, leaving little pecks of tender love, giving Kyle give emotions runnin through him that even he at seventeen didn't know the name of. This little man was waking feelings in him. Kyle slowly placed his hands on Ash's slender waist and looked into his eyes.

"Oh gosh I love you so much," he said, taking Ash's hands into his and leaning in to kiss his neck once more.

"Ohhhh damn dude you're making my knees weak..." Ash moaned, new to all these happenings.

"You ain't seen anything yet," Kyle whispered in his ear and kissed Ash again, his tongue searching and finding Ash's. The kiss was so deep and passionate it took both their breaths totally away. Kyle released from the kiss and looked Ash in the eye.

"Are you sure you're okay with this?"

Ash grabbed Kyle's hand and held it to his heart, after which giving it a kiss.

"Ready as I'll ever be dude."

Kyle took Ash's hands and gave them a kiss before giving Ash a final kiss. Then he slowly placed his hands on Ash's chest, rubbing it gently and moved it towards Ash's shoulder, leaning in to kiss his shoulderblades softly, one by one. Ash's eyes were closed the entire time while Kyle performed his magic. He felt Kyle's hands tugging at his shirt and he automatically, as if in some form of dream, lifted his arms for Kyle to pull his black shirt off and he took the first look at Ash's firm stomach. Kyle ran his fingers lightly over the ribs, the muscles and the small six pack that he found there. Ash breathed in and for the first time in his life he knew what being sexual really meant.

"Look at this six pack, Ash. I don't think you know how sexy you really are."

Kyle leaned down and started to plant little firm kisses on each and every one of the six pecks on Ash's stomach while running his hands up and down Ash's back, trying to show Ash his love in more ways than one. He kneeled down on his knees and kissed his way down Ash's stomach while licking the soft, yet hard and firm skin down towards Ash's blue jeans. He stood up and held Ash in his arms for a while, the one putting his head on the other's shoulder. Ash lovingly placed his arms around Kyle, leaning into him and pressing his body against him. Kyle gently pulled away from Ash, taking his hand and pulling him towards the bed.

"Lay down, beautiful. Let me love you."

Ash obeyed and layed down on the bed, his sexy chest facing Kyle. Kyle sat down on the bed, placing his hand on Ash's stomach, rubbing the sexy rippled abs slowly up and down, reaching his shoulders. Then he turned around and layed on top of Ash with his full body weight. Ash placed his hands on Kyle's back, as to pull him closer to him. Kyle leaned down and kissed Ash for the millionth time, grabbing his hair to pull Ash closer to him. Both were feeling the exact same emotion running through them, their adrenalin was pumping and their blood was hot for eachother. Kyle moved down Ash's body once more and kissed his left nipple.

"Dude! Shitting hell! What are you doing to me, duuuude! Please don't stop, man! Don't stop!"

Kyle kissed and licked Ash's nipples, taking extra care woth both, while sucking the one nipple; he gently rubbed Ash's shoulder in a hugging sort of way. Peck after peck was placed on Ash's stomach until he reached the privacy and off limits spot that was by now a huge bulge hiding within Ash's jeans. Carefully, Kyle placed his hand on the bulge and he heard Ash gasp, pulling his head up and looking lovingly at Kyle.

"Dude, this...I mean if we do this...dude there is no turning back from there...I love you so much man I just want to show you how much. Please Ash, Im asking you again...please make me love you."

"Kyle, I love you so much. And if you want to do this, Im all yours."

Kyle held Ash by the waist as he kissed his belly button and licked at his love handles. As he pulled Ash's jeans down a teeny bit, he could see that Ash had a perfect V shape going and that made his cock oh so fucking hard. He kissed his way down as he pulled the jeans down further until he couldn't handle the pressure of nervousness and pulled the jeans off totally. At that moment, Ash was reminded of his mother always telling him to wear clean underwear. But he felt no guilt as in the past couple of days. This felt so right...so pure and meant to be. How on earth can something so good be wrong?

Kyle leaned upwards with his body once more to kiss at Ash's lips. Then he kissed Ash's forehead and moved down again. Gently, not wanting to rush, the slowly removed Ash's underwear. Ash moaned as his five inch cock slapped onto his stomach, proudly standing erect for action. Kyle was breathless; Ash had a beautiful cock, just waiting to be pampered. It was rather wet, and that just made Kyle's mouth drool more and more by the minute.

"Fuck dude..." was all that Kyle could say.

"Kyle, I've never done this...please man...oh I love you so much. Kiss me..."

"Anytime, beautiful," Kyle said as he placed his body on top of Ash's once more and kissed him so gently and deeply and he almost cried. He held Ash's head in his hands, holding Ash's face against his strong, muscular chest.

"I think this little guy needs some training of a different sort, or what?" he said to Ash, smiling.

"I think so...it's up to you though, Kyle."

Kyle got down towards Ash's cock as fast as he possibly could and held it carefully in his right hand. He held it at the base, carefully weighing it up and then gave Ash's cock a full stroke. Ash groaned as this first time feeling ran though his throbbing cock. Kyle could not stop himself. If Ash was groaning like this at the feeling of having his cock jerked off, how would he feel if...

"OH MY FUCKING SHIT!!!!" Ash screamed, not even caring that he had just sworn for the first time in his life, when Kyle's soft lips curled around his hissing cock. Kyle was in heaven, as was Ash. Kyle held the cock at the base while traveling up and down the cock of Ash Ketchum. He felt his hair being grabbed by Ash and that turned him on even more. Carefully he lifted his hand on the base of Ash's cock and allowed both hands to roam Ash's six pack. The sheer feeling of the ripped abs and the hard cock in his mouth drove Kyle over the edge. Soon Ash's entire five inches was in his mouth and tasting the pre cum that was freely flowing from the cock. A cock being stimulated for the first time...wonderful taste and flavour. Kyle released the wet and throbbing cock from his mouth, licking the tip once more and then grabbing Ash's balls. Ash, by this time in a state of emotional shock, moaned as Kyle inserted his balls inside his mouth, sucking at the tender flesh of the young guns. When sure that he had given Ash's balls a bathing to remember, he moved back to the now shaking and trembling cock, that was rock hard underneath his fingers. Kyle dove onto the cock, sucking and wanking Ash's cock at a furious pace.

"Shit!!! Dude, you better stop, something is happening! Dude, please it's gonna break off!!"

"Shut up and enjoy it," Kyle said as he quickly pulled off the cock to blow Ash a kiss.

"Dude, im serious, you're gonna break...OH FUCK!!!!"

Kyle knew very well that Ash didn't know what was happening to him but he wanted to keep it a surprise. He sucked and licked at the head, wanting the gems within. The felt Ash's balls draw up in the cases and knew that he was about to taste the nectar from the boy that he loved. A sudden upwards movement from Ash's body prepared Kyle and the sudden spurt of rich, white, fourteen year old cum blasted into his mouth. There was so much, for a cock that was cumming for the first time. It leaked out of his mouth, but Kyle kept on sucking the thick protein, licking at the piss slit and tasting the afterflow of cum that was pouring out of the head opening. Ash was stiff with shock as his head was pressed firmly down onto the pillow. Kyle, rather worried, pressed his body against his and held him in his arms. Ash slowly turned his head and body towards Kyle and gently, still in a state of shock and sexual exhaustion, pressed his head on Kyle's chest. Kyle kissed the top of Ash's head and held him closer.

Softly, as if a light breeze, he heard Ash whisper.

"I love you"

Kyle's eyes were filling with tears. Ths boy that came so unexpectedly into his life, the boy that totally stole his heart and gave new meaning to his life...

"I'll love you forever, dude. So very much."

With that the two exhausted boys fell asleep.


"Dawn! Dawn!"

"What? Brock, you look so pale, what's wrong?"

"Ash is gone! He is not in his room!"

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