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The bright sunshine of a glorious morning in South Africa was dawning, as if to know that the country was to welcome the best football team in the world. Manchester United was on their way to South Africa for their pre-season tour and the players were very excited. For some of them it was their very first time leaving Europe. Gary Neville was probably the most happy that this tour was coming now. He was just getting ready to play again the coming season and this was really handy to prepare for the season opener against Newcastle United.

They were given a hero's reception at the Cape Town international airport as numerous fans saw their favorite footballers. Even though that some were sad that the ever great Cristiano Ronaldo did not make the flight, people went really wild when they saw the likes of Rooney, Vidic, Evra and Carrick.

At long last they had reached the hotel, where they were told that they could have a two hour rest, before training for the next day's match against Kaizer Chiefs wouls begin. Gary Neville had always had an interesting blend of roomies. The sexy David Beckham was always his roomie, but when he left, Ronaldo was given that honour. When Rooney came into the team, Ronaldo was switched to him and Louis Saha roomed with Gary. Then Michael Carrick had the chance, and now it was going to be Nani. Nani had a dream first season with United, ofcourse winning the Prem and Champions League.

As they put their suitcases on the beds and started packing out, Gary saw at once that Nani was not his usual self. He was silent, very unlike him. Gary was concerned as he was the team captain and cared deeply about the team and the players.

"You okay, little man?"

"Yeah man it's just that I have never been away such a long distance. It's my first time in Africa. I just don't know what to expect here."

"You can relax. I've played here before and it's a great country. Don't worry; just show your stuff on the pitch tomorrow."

"Sure, I will. Thanks Gary."

Gary gave Nani a little hug and then went back to unpacking. He didn't notice that Nani hadn't moved from where he had released him from the hug. Nani had not spent too much time with Gary because of his injury, but he had always admired him from way back. Gary was Man United through and through and Nani had the world's respect for him. Nani blinked again as he saw Gary come out of the bathroom, bare chested. Nani gulped in some air. Gary looked at him, and came over to Nani.

"Hey, still okay?"

"Eh...yeah don't worry about me."

"If you say so. Remember; feel free to talk to me anytime."

Gary walked back to the bathroom and Nani watched him with envy. Nani himself had nothing to be shy of, but Gary was georgeous. Nani watched the back muscles flex as Gary walked. Nani felt his cock growing to its full seven inch monster. He heard the shower beginning to run. Gary was in that shower, he was naked with the drops of water dripping down that sexy body, wetting his cock and cum filled balls...

Nani took of his clothes as fast as he can. While Gary was in the shower, he could have a little wank. His cock sprung from his crotch and Nani layed on the bed, turning on his stomach. He started to pump his cock by grinding it on the bed and by so doing creating the heavenly feeling on his cock, sliding it up and down. He turned on his back and grabbed his cock that was sticking straight up and started to wank it up and down. He watched as his cock head as it appeared and dissapeared from his foreskin and sucked in his breath when he thought of Gary sucking his cock. His hand felt like silk as he caressed his cock and he decided to try his old trick. Nani's body was so lanky and tall that he could so numerous summersaults in a row. He turned his body by pushing his legs up and over his head. He pushed and bended his head forward and took his own cock in his mouth and started to suck it. As his lips was sliding over his cock, Nani thought about Gary again. Oh man, Gary was so sexy and so good looking...Nani started so suck harder and faster over and over until his cock leaked of his pre cum and saliva. With his eyes closed, he stimulated his cock with his mouth while his hand crept closer to his hole. Nani was close already and once he stuck his finger in there, he felt the cum literally fly out of his cock. There was so many, it landed on the bed, the couch, the walls and on the bathroon door. Nani breathed deeply and fisted out the last drops of cum from his still hard cock.

Finally he came to his sences and realised that he bathroom was now quiet. He turned his head to the bathroom.

Gary Neville was watching him with a big smile on his face.

Should I carry on with the series? I plan to take it right till the Premier League starts. Any comments on who you want to read about please let me know at larenzaprince@yahoo.com