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Gary Neville looked straight at Nani with a quite amused look on his face. Here was the Portuguese international, laying on his bed with the cum dripping from his cock and his lips aswell as on certain other places in the room, and what's more, he was't moving an inch. Gary smiled and walked back into the bathroom.

Nani cursed himself for not listening and therefore not hearing that Gary was finished in the shower. He wondered what Gary had seen and just how long he was watching. Still, the feeling and the knowing that the sexy Gary Neville was watching him suck his own cock and letting his cum fly across the room was a fucking huge turn on. If only he could see the cum dripping from Gary's cock... Yeah right like that would ever happen!

After the 1 1 draw with Kaizer Chiefs in Cape Town, the Man Utd squad once more packed their bags and set towards the airport from where they would be flying to Durban, to play Orlando Pirates. Nani made sure that he sat far away from Gary and found himself sitting next to Michael Carrick. The two talked about nothing in particular during the two hour flight and when they landed, Nani and Carrick agreed to have a drink at the bar once they got at the hotel. Once again they were getting a really warm reception in Durban. Once they reached the hotel, someone was there to take their bags up to their rooms and the players sat at the bat to enjoy a drink. Nani caught Gary looking at him a couple of times but made nothing of it. This time Nani would be rooming with the young Darren Gibson and he knew that he had to be more careful and rather give his cock a workout when showering.

After a good training session Nani when up to his room to take a shower. Nani first took off his top. He smiled slyly to himself. He knew what happened when he took off his shirt after the Portsmouth game earliar in the season. The woman and the girls were all over him. He was rather proud of his tight six pack stomach muscles and the overall build of his body. He turned on the shower, giving it time to warm up and then took off his trousers. He rubbed his cock through his boxers and he was getting horny as fuck. The image of Gary once more flashed through hs brain. It wasn't just Gary's personality that he respected, it was his presence. The sheer feeling that Gary was there, looking after the younger players such as himself made Nani's seven inch cock stand proudly erect. While the shower was running, Nani pulled down his boxers and enjoyed the feeling of letting his cock slipping beneeth his fingers. He sighed. Thinking about Gary made him so fucking horny.

Nani couldn't stand this erotic torture that his cock and hormones was giving him and he climbed in the shower. The warm water on his sexy body made him experience emotions that he had never felt. His hand was gliding over his cock. He pulled the foreskin down and allowed the warm water to splash on decorate his stiff dick. Nani wasn't thinking anymore and he turned towards the shower wall. He began to push and grind his body and his rock hard dick against it. He grabbed the shower lotion and spread it all over his body and dick. He kept on grinding his dick onto the wall and moaning at the same time.

Nani screamed as he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He turned around only to see Gary Neville's mouth coming towards his own. Nani accepted Gary's tongue in his mouth and the two footballers kissed lovingly as their hands kept gliding over eachother's smooth bodies. Gary stopped kissing Nani and turned him around so that Nani's backside was facing him. Gary let his hands roam all over Nani's super hard globes and once more glided his right hand over Nani's stomach. The stimulation made Nani's cock harder and longer than it had ever been.

"Gary, come on just fucking put it in me!"

Gary grabbed the shower lotion and took Nani's hand. He slowly let some of it dribble on to Nani's hand and then kissed the Portuguese's knuckles.

"You know what to do," Gary said in that sexy English accent.

Nani's eyes went wide as the realised what Gary was asking of him. Slowly he kneeled down until he was face to face with Gary Neville's ten inch rock-hard-as-steel dick. He kissed the head lovingly while exicting a huge moan from the United captain. Slowly he started to work the lotion onto Gary's huge and hard dick, covering the head completely and strokig it into the hard flesh. Gary was scared that he would shoot his cum within seconds with Nani continued this and he pulled him up.

"Ready?" he asked.

"I was born ready," laughed Nani.

Nani turned around and waited for the ever great feeling of a hard cock as it penetrated you.

"Ohhhh fuck!"

Nani bit his lip as Gary pushed his big dick into him. Without knowing, Nani leaned his back onto Gary's sexy body and pushed his neck into Gary's. Gary hugged Nani against him and started to push in and out of the young Portuguese. Gary felt his balls slap against Nani's asshole and he groaned as he felt the latter's ass muscles squeeze his aching dick tightly. Gary pounded in and out of Nani so fucking fast his wet dick was a blur to him and Nani almost collapsed of the intense feeling that Gary Neville's dick was bringing him. Nani was getting close to cumming as he slowly wanked his dick. Gary's dick rammed into the young player and Nani felt his cum building and warming up in his balls.

"God, Gary! Im gonna cum like crazy man, let me cum on your chest! Let me cum on those great abs of yours!"

Gary let go of Nani with his cock glistering of sweat, pre cum and bum juice. Nani grabbed his cock and pumped it up and down while Gary kneeled down, exposing his sexy muscled chest. Nani groaned with pleasure as his cum blasted and flew from his cock right onto Gary's chest, which dribbled down his fabulous stomach. Nani opened his eyes to see his cum dribbling down Gary's stomach and he nearly came again. Suddenly his eyes closed again as he felt Gary kiss his neck. Nani kneeled down and rolled the foreskin off Gary's cock. He slowly put his mouth over the huge erection and started to suck. Gary Neville crunched his stomach in and pushed his cock even further into Nani's mouth. Gary's cock exploded and the cum flew across Nani's face. The cum was spread in globs all over Nani's face and Gary sighed in relief. Gary kissed Nani once more, licking his own cum off in the process. They hugged and kissed again.

The following day, Nani and Gary were training on the Durban soil when Gary's arm slightly touched Nani's in passing. Nani turned around and looked Gary straight in the eye.

"I love you." He said.

"You what?"


Nani and Gary swung around only to see Nemanja Vidic staring at them in disbelief.

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