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Nemanja Vidic couldn't believe what he had just heard. Nani, the Portuguese footballer had just told Gary Neville, the captain of Manchester United that he loved him. Okay, this could mean one of two things. Either, he meant that he loved Gary as a friend or like as some kind of mentor, or, heaven forbid, maybe Nani had meant that he loved, really loved Gary. Nemanja was stunned. He had come to know Nani very well over the season and he wasn't the gay type at all. Neither was Gary! What the hell was going on here? None of the two denied that Nani had said anything so Vidic turned away in disgust. Nani and Gary looked at eachother before Nani ran towards the changing rooms. Gary followed him inside and saw Nani sitting on one of the benches. He was crying. Gary sat beside him and put his arm around Nani.

"Hey, it will be okay. You hear me? Let Vidic tell the whole squad, but that doesn't mean that this will go away of that we will forget what we had discovered in eachother these past couple of days. I love you too, okay?"

Nani looked up at him through his tears and felt this intense, incredible love for Gary. He never thought that he could love anyone, letterlone a guy, a fellow footballer, a teammate, as much as he loved Gary at that moment and time. Nani placed the palm of his hand softly on Gary's cheek and slid it down to his neck where he held it. Gary in return grabbed Nani at the waist and pulled him towards him. The two footballers hugged eachother tightly. Nani buried his fingers in Gary's soft hair which was turning him on greatly and gently kissed Gary's neck. Gary let out a soft cry of emotion as he could actually feel the love being carried from Nani's mouth onto his neck.

"What a pity that you're rooming with Gibson. I wanted you with me tonight," Gary said.

"Let's try and room together when we go to Pretoria over the weekend. Then I'll really show you how much I love you," Nani said with a sparkle in his eyes.

As much fun and wild as football training could be, the players enjoyed having free reign on their final night in Durban. They would leave for the airport the following day where they would play Kaizer Chiefs in Pretoria, which would also be their final game of their tour of South Africa. For Gary Neville and Nani, they would go on many more tours through out their career, but they would always fondly remember this one.

Meanwhile Wayne Rooney was packing his bags for the next day as he wanted to have some fun tonight before fully concentrating on football again. After winning two Premiership medals aswell as the Champions League and getting married in the summer, life couldn't be better. Rooney was rooming with the young Lee Martin, which was a pleasure as they had so much in common. He was so proud of the youngster that reminded him so much of himself from when he first ran out for Everton. And then Lee went on scoring the winner against Orlando Pirates on Tuesday evening! Wayne smiled as he packed. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door and Darren Gibson came in.

"Hey...sorry to be a bother but is Lee here?"

"No, unfortunately he isn't, Darren. He quickly went to speak to the gaffer about Saturday's game. You're welcome to wait."

"You sure? I don't want to be in the way."

"Yeah, mate! Sit down."

Darren cursed himself for being this nervous around Wayne. That was just it! He was alone in a hotel room with his biggest idol, Wayne Rooney! Any footballer like Darren that was just starting out would have been nervous. Wayne was so nice though. Wayne senced that that might have been the reason that Darren was so nervous around him. He so clearly remembered when he had first come into the United team and when he had met Roy Keane face to face. He smiled, thinking that this kid was looking up to him. Wayne was really a good guy, even if his temper sometimes got out of hand.

Suddenly Wayne's mobile rang from somewhere in the room, but the bed was so covered with clothes and toiletries that he couldn't find it. It was there somewhere though and Darren jumped up to help him. Both of them saw Wayne's mobile at the same time and they both reached for it.

The mobile stopped ringing. Wayne's hand was right on top of Darren's as they both reached for it at the same time. This whole time Darren was thinking: "Take it off, just fucking take it off!" The only reason that he did this was because of the fact that his cock was shit hard in his boxers. He had actually been turned on by Wayne putting his hand on his.

Wayne himself was feeling a little strange. The hand that was underneath him was shaking. It also felt very warm, even in the cold winter of South Africa. Not realising of just what had come over him, Wayne looked at Darren. The poor kid was a nervous wreck! Suddenly, just because it felt like the right thing to do, Wayne put his arm around Darren and pulled the younger kid towards himself. Darren was in heaven! He couldn't believe what was happening!

He was in Wayne Rooney's arms. Until now he was nervous of this great footballer for what he had achieved with United, but this feeling was something totally else.

"Oh shit..." Darren whispered as he felt Wayne kissing him on his forehead. He looked up at Wayne and saw him smiling. How anyone could call this beautiful, warm and caring guy `Shrek' was beyond him. Wayne was rubbing his arms to get try and get rid of the cold and Darren leaned into him some more. He shyly and very slowly put his hand on Wayne's chest, gliding it down to his stomach. Wayne sighed loudly.

"Get in the bed," he whispered to Darren.

"Anything for you..." Darren said and climed into the bed that was still packed with Wayne's clothes and stuff. Wayne got in himself and turned towards Darren. The two couldn't tear their eyes away from eachother, but in truth they weren't trying very hard. Wayne decided to make the first move as he leaned over and kissed Darren's neck. The youngster was stunned; he simply could not make a move as he felt Wayne Rooney make love to his neck and swiftly moving towards his Adam's apple and giving him gentle kisses to his collarbone. Finally Wayne came up and kissed Darren on his ever so soft lips. When Darren was snapped out of his trance, it hit him like lightning. He was kissing Wayne Rooney! He kissed his hero with everything that he had within him and he still felt like it wasn't enough. What was more was that Wayne's hand was rapidly traveling towards his...

"Holy crap!" Darren cried out and he closed his eyes as he felt Wayne massage his stiff dick. His cum was quickly builiding up due to lack of sex this past week and he felt so horny and turned on by this sexy footballer wanking him off.  When he finally opened his eyes, he saw that Wayne was gone and that he was nowhere to be seen. When he felt the warm feeling of lips and tongue surrounding his stiff cock, he knew where Wayne was. Darren moaned and layed back because this was unreal. Wayne Rooney was sucking him off. Wayne went up and down Darren's cock at a furious pace, wanting a taste of young youth cum. Darren couldn't possibly keep it in any longer and he grabbed Wayne's head, running it through his soft hair.

"Wayne, get off! Wayne please, im gonna...WAYNE! SHIT, OH FUCK!"

It was like an avalanche raining into Wayne's throat. Globs and globs of white protein entered Wayne's mouth before he swallowed it. Ever so gently, Wayne still sucked the still hard flesh and licked it clean before releasing it. Darren gasped for breath as his most powerful orgasm to date had literally drained him. Wayne was sitting up in the bed and Darren could see that he didn't have a boner. Confused, Darren felt the wetness on the blanket. Wayne had cum without touching himself. Suddenly there was nothing to say. Both of them just sat there, still naked, with the access cum and the aftermath running down their dicks. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it swung open.

"Hey Wazza, how about a drink in the...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"

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